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3-18 and 3-19

LESSON: Part 2 of Metamorphosis- Circle of Viewpoints & Family Meeting

What to look for: Time management on reading vs. project, small group facilitation

SWBAT analyze a text
SWBAT determine events, emotions, and character development that occur in the novella
SWBAT create a visual piece of thinking
SWBAT develop an understanding of part 2 of Metamorphosis
SWBAT make connections to the text
SWBAT note redundant phrases


At the start of class today, students will take notes on redundant phrases. At the start of class
yesterday I had three pieces of paper up for a KWL chart. One piece of chart paper had what do you
know about Gregor, his life, and his situation. The second piece of paper had what are you still
confused about/want to know? On the third piece of paper, students wrote what they learned for the
day. It was their exit ticket. During class yesterday, we began reading part 2 of The Metamorphosis.
Mrs. Cooper and myself took turns on reading parts. I paused at key parts of the text and had students
take notes. Several questions were written on the board for them to log in their reading log section of
their writers notebook. For todays class, students will be reading the second half of part 2 in groups. I
will assign groups with the use of notecards. On the notecards will be names of characters in the
novella. I will put all like characters in a group. Students will be asked to read the pages of
Metamorphosis from the perspective of the character that they were randomly assigned. Each person
in the group needs to participate with putting one of the following on a piece of computer paper (all
need to be on the paper):
- A quote that you came up with of what you think your character would say (not directly from the
- A picture expressing/ describing the environment that surrounds your character
- Emotions that you think your character is feeling
- What you think your character expects to happen further on in the book (prediction)
- A question that you think your character has
Students will put this all on computer paper in a creative/ visual way. I will put the responses up on
the walls in a circle to show the circle of viewpoints. If time permits and students are able to
accomplish this in one class period, I will have students discuss as a whole class what theyre
characters viewpoint is. I will also ask students to write down vocabulary words that they are
confused on that they come across in the text.

Sessions 3-18 and 3-19

Tomorrow students will be put back in groups. I will randomly pass out Gregor, Grete, Mom,
and Dad notecards, and the bottom of each notecard there will be a number. Students will receive
the same character that they became on day 1, but this time I will split groups off into families. The
number is on the bottom of the notecard is the group that each student will be in. Students jobs are
to become the character on their notecard. Students are role-playing the characters from the text. It
is intended to feel like a therapy or counseling session. The class will be brought back to a whole-class
discussion where students still remain the part. There will be a grade on discussion.

Learner Factors
I change the form of reading from reading aloud as a whole class, reading in small groups, and reading
alone. This gives all students an option to read a way that he or she feels comfortable. However,
tomorrow is going to be a small group day. This will help a struggling reader with difficult words that
are throughout the text. Students are aware that I am available after school everyday if he or she
wants further understanding or help on anything.

1. English skills
2. Circle of viewpoints introduction
3. Group determination
4. Read in small groups pgs 32-38
5. Work on activity
6. Write down vocabulary terms that are confusing
1. Redundant/wordiness
2. Family Meeting
3. Read pages 35-38
4. Part two 6 questions

- Computer/ Overhead/ Whiteboard/ Expo Marker
- Notecards
- Writing Utensil
- Computer Paper
- Art Supplies
- Writers Notebook

- Assessing students understanding of the text
- Assessing students ability to work in a small group
- Assessing students thought process