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The circular cities

The circle, a form more perfect of the Universe; it is curved; the Nature don´t have
straight lines, so, the cities must be organized in form of semi ellipsis.. So are the Indian

With this disposition we can make two things: Facility of access of any point on the city.

And , the more important –to permit the acquaintanceship both the inhabitants.

A city, an organism alive; who make the projection may to propose the basic diretrix,
organize, don´t be a false powerful person and create a artificial scenario where the
persons don´t to be sociable or living circumscribed in compartments impervious.What
we are see in the great projects? Beautifuls in the maquette , but once places were don´t
the people can living; structures how boxes; great distances between the blocks of
houses; the car, absolute lord.

In this city the human people will be the protagonist. . Don´t will be largest; the greats
agglomerations are impraticables and factories of sicks, but don’t will be a fishermen
village. (fig. 2)

Forest streets, maintaining a healthy distance between the blocks. Here, nothing to
accumulate, but the circular disposition, make easy the access to the commercial and
services center, avoiding long stretch and traffic jam.

The building of the streets system will be to facilitate: building streets binding the blocks
and a big street spilling the city.. The subway will be favour . (fig3)

Two lines that to cross in the center; will be to prolong until other cities, working how a
urban transport and for the other cities..

The central lake and the fountains are of very importants: to refresh the city and increase
the humidity of the air.

The construction don´t may be in a plane form , but with a light declivity, in the direction
for the central lake. (fig.4)

This construction to serve for to drain the water for the lake, that will be too a reservoir
and hinder too the inundation.

The habitation : Don´t will be that’s blocks standardized and impersonals , here to have
the basics norms to guide; the proprietor will building in accordance with some
standards to choose, maintaining the harmony and, in the same time, the individuality.
The resident can feeling happy , free in your habitation, that can be a ambient ventilate,
healthy , ample and illuminated, with options of recreations in the neighbour.(fig5.)

The tropical weather demand ample windows for the light comes in the bedrooms, with
big balcony for favour the ventilation. The use of materials how wood , big arborization
and fountains to promove humidity and a temperature more bland.

The size of the habitations doen´t are bigger or narrows ; don´t have in the city workers
districts segregated and others nobles enclosed for walls ; the more riches bying more of a
terrain and join them , don´t will be exaggeration , so to avoid social conflicts, making
easy the cohabit commonness., promote for publics clubs , maintained for the
community.. (fig.6)

If the person build your house, your community , the society is organic , united, the
public possessions are planning according to the necessity and pleasure of the
community .If the construction will be on serial , will be the participation of the pleasure
of the people. ; the sectors will have different colors, although the white color deflect
The light and economize energy

The matters used can be prefabricated , but no standardized . (fig.7)

The cars will stay in a common place , don´t in garages; so the people are stimulated
to walk, reserved the space to the circulation, recreation, cyclists. In the raining days , the
cars can be on the doors.. (fig.8)

But will be used for carry the people on the terminals and subway stations. Where will
be parked. . So will be avoid the chaos of the center of the city.. a large cycle way will be
around the city.

The sectors of flats , no bigger , neither aggressing the landscape , will be building that
suspended gardens- element that humanize and adorn the landscape. (fig. 9)

If the urban plan will be amplify , the lots may obey the standard , maintaining the
harmony and the basic structure. (fig.10)

A Tropical Architecture : The Indians know the place , the clime; the taba is build
harmoniously ; don’t agree the nature , the survivals means : water , food, are near; the
house is simply , with naturals elements . The circle approach the persons ; building a
community ; all working together , singing and celebrating .

The Portuguese adapting the Iberian architecture on the place; accepted the sleeping net
, used naturals materials : clay, buffoon , conchs ; whiten greats verandas were the air
comes- houses of two stories.- and the air circulate. .
What we seen in the actual architecture? Adoption of strangers models , unfavourable
for the clime ; great area whit glass , goods for the regions with few light, but boil on
the tropics ; asphalt and cement in all the places, that make waterproof the solo and
reflected the heat .

Our ideal is a architecture that permit for the persons resides near of the work ,
walking whit facilities ; the right of go and come; don’t reside on sad s houses,
isolated and bad building . That avoid the great part of the social conflicts on the
actuality .One of the causes is the life on the unhealthy houses. (fig.11)

The cities can be near , tied for a train line or roads, possibility contact , variety ,
recreation . A green or industrial belt furnish the products necessary for the survival,
creating rent.. The cities will have a function..

The urban facilities :

Our architecture can make the life too easy, don’t complicated with false solutions.
How are our cities? A business build a drain net; other asphalt the streets; if we have a
trouble , break all and bad patch are making. The same on the flats: the neighbor have a
leak, and we listen the bore hammer, breaking all.
Our solution : Streets and avenues larges; greens sidewalks – the tabulation an the
drain and telephone net bury on the solo . Simple ? But obvious. On the house and edifices
the same : the piping inserted , covered with aluminium plates incase or screw, facility
the life of all. (Fig.12 )

And the interior; our clime wants , there ventilation , ceramic floors, cools, that
refreshing the ambiance and are simple for the clean. Don’t use curtains that are
difficult for the clean , use wood Persian blinds ; the same in the movables , on the rustic
wood , durable , according with our clime, tht wants light, bright colors , simplicity on the
dressing. (fig.13)

The canalization of water , with inclined form will be the drainage for the lock , that may
be joint for the drain with a channel ; to avoid overflow , to used canal locks . (fig.. 14)

So, our architecture wish a life more human, avoiding agglomerations , but permit too
the contact, the public spaces may be public in fact , but no imposes for the people; so is
not necessary so much bridges and viaducts, making a poor landscape. How all are
near, its not necessary semaphores and the traffic are no intense traffic with public
transport using subway an trains.

This are just advices, no norms ; the city is a organism ; the authority control yours
functions , generously in greens areas and landscape , so the ambient are human and


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