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A. Gods creation and ordering of heaven and
earth (1:1 2:3)
B. Earths first people (2:4 4:26)
C. Adams descendants (5:1 6:8)
D. Noahs descendants (6:9 9:29)
E. The descendants of Noahs sons (10:1 11:9)
F. Shems descendants (11:10 26)
A. Terahs descendants (11:27 25:18)
B. Isaacs descendants (25:19 37:1)
C. Jacobs descendants (37:2 50:26)


A. Terahs descendants (11:27 25:18)

Lot Abrahams nephew

Theyre from the pagan city of Ur

Chapter 12
The Call of Abraham

Abram, Sarai and Lot set out to go to Canaan

They settled between Bethel and Ai

Because of famine, they detoured to Egypt

Abram lied that Sarai was her sister

Chapter 13
Abram and Lot separate

They went back to Bethel and Ai where they first

put up an altar

There was strife between Lots and Abrams

herdsmen so they decided to separate for the
sake of Kinship

Lot East (Valley of Jordan, as far as Sodom)

Abram Canaan
Chapter 14
Abram Rescues Lot

Enemies of Sodom took Lot and his possessions

Abram blessed by Melchizedek

Melchizedek was a priest

Chapter 15
Gods covenant with Abram

Heifer, ram, turtledove, young pigeon cut them

in half

When the sun had gone down, and it was dark, a

smoking fire pot and a flaming torch passed
between these pieces
Chapter 16
Sarai and Hagar

Egypt was a female Egyptian servant

Hagars son is Ishmael (which means God

Chapter 17
Abraham and the covenant of circumcision

Abram Abraham (which means father of a


Circumcision is a sign of Gods covenant (v.11)

Isaacs birth promised

Sarai Sarah (which means princess)

Abraham questioned the LORD on his promise of

an offspring

Ishmael will father 12 princes

Chapter 18

vv. 10, 18: theophany

3 men: 1 the LORD, 2 angels
Abraham intercedes for Sodom

Chapter 19
God rescues Lot

Do not stop or look back from the valley

Lot lived in Zoar

God destroys Sodom

V.26: Lots wife looked back and became a pillar of

Lot and his daughters

Lot got drunk, his daughters laid with him

Daughter 1 Son: Moab (Moabites)

Daughter 2 Son: Ben-ammi (Ammorites)

Chapter 20
Abraham and Abimelech

Abraham said Sarah was his sister

King Abimelech took Sarah

God warned Abimelech in his dream to return

Sarah to Abraham
Chapter 21
The Birth of Isaac

Isaac means he laughs

God protects Hagar and Ishmael

Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away to be on

their own

Ishmael married an Egyptian

Chapter 22
The Sacrifice of Isaac

Offer up Isaac as a burnt offering

vv. 7 to 8: God will provide for himself the lamb

for a burn offering, my son Jesus the Lamb of

God provided Abraham with a ram caught in the

Chapter 23
Sarahs death and burial

Abraham picked the choicest of tombs

Chapter 24
Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham sent his servant to look for a woman (of

his kindred) for Isaac

Rebekah is Isaacs nephew (22:20-23; 24:15)

The woman who gives the servant water and will

draw water for his camels will be THE woman

V.67: Love and romance from your partner can

comfort you from lifes troubles and pain.
Chapter 25
Abrahams death and his descendants

Abraham remarried

He was buried with Sarah when he died

B. Isaacs descendants (25:19 37:1)

Chapter 25
The Birth of Esau and Jacob

Esau red and hairy
Jacob he takes by the heel or he

Esau sold his birth right for lentil soup and bread
Chapter 26
Gods promise to Isaac

Same promise God gave to Abraham

Isaac and Abimelech

Isaac lied that Rebekah was his sister

Isaac prospered and became wealthy

Chapter 27
Isaac blesses Jacob

Isaacs eyes were dim of old age

Rebekah heared Isaac and Esaus conversation

(Isaac was supposed to bless Esau)

Jacob tricked Isaac; Isaac thought it was Esau

whom he blessed.

Rebekah sent Jacob away because Esau plans to

kill him
Chapter 28
Jacobs dream

In his dream: ladder to heaven and angels were

ascending and descending on it.

In his dream: The LORD spoke to Jacob of his

promise to Abraham and Isaac
Chapter 29
Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

Rachel Jacobs cousin; a shepherdess

Jacob worked 7 years for Laban (Rebekahs

brother) to get Rachel

V.20: So Jacob served seven years for Rachel,

and they seemed to him but a few days because
of the love he had for her. How romantic.

Laban tricked Jacob and gave her Leah

After one week, Laban gave Rachel to Jacob and

he worked another 7 years
Chapter 30

Rachel envied Leah because she bore children

Jacobs prosperity

Livestock from Laban

Chapter 31
Jacob flees Laban

Jacob fled because Laban was not treating him as

well as before

Laban pursued Jacob

Chapter 32
Jacob fears Esau

V.10: Gods blessing and favor upon Jacob

V.9, 12: Jacob recalls/quotes the word of God. It is

important that Gods words retain in believers
Jacob wrestles with God

Jacob Israel He strives with God or God

Chapter 33
Jacob meets Esau
Chapter 34
The Defiling of Dinah (The Rape of Dinah)

Shechem wishes to marry Dinah

Dinah cannot marry Shechem because he is


Dinah was defiled because Shechem laid with her

Chapter 35
God blesses and renames Jacob

V.3: who answers me in the day of my distress

and has been with me wherever I have gone.

but Israel shall be your name. (v.10)

El Shaddai God Almighty (v.11)

The Deaths of Rachel and Isaac

Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin

Chapter 36
Esaus descendants

Esaus descendants are the Edomites

C. Jacob's Descendants (37:2 50:26)

Primarily about Joseph
Chapter 37
Josephs Dream

Jacobs favorite is Joseph

This caused Josephs brothers to hate him

Dream: Josephs sheaf (cereal grass?) stood

upright while his brothers sheaves gathered
around it and bowed
Another dream: Sun, moon, eleven stars bow
down to Joseph

The dreams caused his brothers to hate him more

Joseph sold by his brothers

Brothers plotted to kill him

Reuben insisted to spare Josephs life; throw him

to a pit

Judah insisted to sell him to the Ishmaelites (slave


The brothers dipped Josephs robe in goats blood

and showed it to Jacob. They said a wild animal
devoured Joseph.

The Midianites sold Joseph to Potiphar (Pharaohs

Chapter 38
Judah and Tamar

Tamar was Ers wife; Er was Judahs firstborn

V.8: Coitus interruptus / Withdrawal

Tamar wore a veil and Judah laid with her; Judah

did not recognize her. He thought he was a
Chapter 39
Joseph and Potiphars wife

V.2: The LORD was with Joseph and he became

a successful man

Joseph became overseer of the house

Potiphars wife kept seducing Joseph but he

refused all the time

Joseph was framed by Potiphars wife

V.23: Whatever Joseph did, he succeeded. Why?

Because the LORD was with him.
Chapter 40
Joseph interprets two prisoners dreams

Cupbearer and baker in the prison were troubled

because there was no one to interpret their

Joseph interpreted their dreams

Chapter 41
Joseph interprets Pharaohs dreams

Dream interpretation: 7 years abundance, 7 years


Joseph rises to power

Joseph became governor (2nd only to the pharaoh)

Josephs children: Manasseh and Ephraim

Chapter 42
Josephs brothers go to Egypt

Joseph thought his brothers were spies so he

asked them to bring their brother left at Canaan
(referring to Benjamin)
Chapter 43
Josephs brothers return to Egypt

Joseph recognizes Benjamin, his brother

Chapter 44
Joseph tests his brothers

Joseph put a silver cup in Josephs sack

Benjamin was accused of theft by Joseph

Joseph will hold on to Benjamin because of his


Judah pleaded that he would be a slave in place of

Benjamin because he promised their father that
Benjamin would return
Chapter 45
Joseph provides for his brothers and family

Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers

Joseph urged them to move to Egypt because

there is still 5 years of famine (2 years have
passed since the prophecy of the 7-year famine)

Chapter 46
Joseph brings his family to Egypt
Joseph and Jacob reunited
Chapter 47
Jacobs family settles in Goshen
Joseph and the famine

The famine became severe

Egyptians sold everything they have for food

Chapter 48
Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh
Chapter 49
Jacob blesses his sons
Jacobs death and burial
Chapter 50
Gods good purposes:
V.20: As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant
it for good

Josephs brothers thought he would hate them for

the evil theyve done. But Joseph said v.20 in

Had not Joseph been sold to the Egyptians, his

brothers and family would have starved to death
in Canaan because of the famine.