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Year 10 Response to Novel

Describe at least one character or individual you enjoyed reading

about in the text. Explain what you learned from reading about
M.T. Andersons Feed presents an alarming vision of a dystopian world where
technology has evolved to a point making everything and everyone dumber. In
this world, human beings are thought of as humans first, and second, people, if
at all. The teenagers in this world are equipped with computers in their brains
called feeds. Titus is one of these people. First person narrator Titus is a
typical teenaged boy who always tries to fit-in; he goes to parties, takes drugs,
and all the other labels we as a society label teenagers nowadays. Fortunately,
Titus character changes, and we see the beautiful, intelligent Violet, who proves
to be catalyst for his change. This is the view Anderson wants us to see. In
putting Titus as main character and narrator, he wants us to see the change in
Violet; he wants us to see that someone who was initially sucked in by the feed
changes, under the influence of Violet.
The narrator of Feed, Titus, is an egocentric, bored, illiterate teenager who
comes from a wealthy family. Being influenced under the feed, him and friends
are fairly callous, not giving a damn about anything, living a life of naivety;
gullibly being lured under the feed, he is attuned to the mainstream world, not
stopping to think and discover the real truth. As we can see, Titus is fairly
careless he takes advantage of the feed, misuses it, and is happy about it, full
stop. And we could hear the feed pouring in on us now, all of it, all of the feed
net, and we could feel our favourites. Furthermore, we see this as an epitome
of our teenaged boys nowadays; we imagine todays teenagers to illustrate this.
But we are getting side-tracked; for they (the people in Feed) chose to make this
change; and we can always change this in our world. Anderson carefully placed
this sense of hopelessness in Titus character; he wants us to see Titus as the
image of the futuristic downfall of America.
Fortunately there is hope, and the arrogant, ignorant character of Titus changes.
This is spurred by his meeting with a beautiful young girl about his age, who
proves to be the catalyst for the change. Violet, having received her feed later
in life, views the world rather guilelessly, differing from Titus. For Titus believes
that the feed is a technological improvement made for the good of mankind;
whereas, Violet believes the feed is a manipulative force, controlling all aspects
of society, and is potentially harmful. Due to this, she resists the feed,
relegating all reliance upon it; for as she says, When you have the feed all your
life, youre brought up to not think thingsBecause of the feed were raising a
nation of idiots. Ignorant, self-centred idiots. Right from the beginning, Violet
was seen to Titus as smart she has a much larger vocabulary, thinks outside
the box, and just generally makes Titus and his friends feel dumb. Shes always
like looking for evidence of the decline of civilisation. However, over time, Titus
becomes more selfless and more accepting of Titus. I am messaging you to say
that I love youI always thought you could teach me thingsYoure someone

people could learn from By the end of the novel, Violet has completely
changed Titus, and he has matured in every way.
Titus role as narrator is important to the novel, because it hooks its readers and
teaches us all a lesson to learn from. For Anderson initially wants us to see the
teenagers of this world as imprudent, snobbish beings. Whereas, later on, he
wants us to see this change. We, as readers, always like a change in a novel
were reading to cause us to critique it. Anderson, in response, uses someone
like Violet, to drive the novel, to give the novel its forward movement. Due to
this, we see someone as contrasting as Titus change; for near the end of the
novel Violet starts deteriorating due to the feed; the feed literally sucks the life
out of her; and its not until the very last minute Titus understands the powerful
impact of feed on humanity; this is where he pours his heart out in response,
We both said mean things, dumb things, things we didnt mean. But theres
always time for a change. Theres always time. Until theres not. This is what
clarifies in the readers mind how important Violet was to Titus character; for
without Violet, Titus character wouldnt really have any meaning to the novel.
Titus character may not be entirely likable, but I enjoyed reading about him.
Ive learnt that authors such as M.T. Anderson can hook you into a story and
teach us all a lesson. From reading about Titus, Ive come to realise that its not
only the sensible, intelligent characters that can show a change, but also the
credulous, illiterate characters. Titus character was significant because
Anderson moulds Titus in a way which teenagers can relate to. I could relate to
the ups-and-downs of any teenager; What do I say to her? we yearn. But its
how we control these thoughts is the defining moment.