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Carole Mortimer - SCARS OF SOUL

Carole Mortimer
The Infamous Italian's Secret Baby

One night, a baby, a marriage.

The Italian millionaire Gabriel Danti was famous for his prowess in the
bedroom ... and Bella Scott was unable to resist the temptation of the
night that offered ...
Five years later, Bella lived alone, carving out a life for your little one
and her. He never thought he would see Gabriel!
He had changed. His body was scarred. But the desire he felt for Bella
had not waned. And knowing he had a son, he wanted more than ever ...

THE fiest a is outside by the pool.
Bella froze in the doorway, peering into the shadows unlit room which had
entered by mistake ... a studio or room, judging by the libraries and desktop. He
pressed his hand on the doorknob when I finally saw the silhouette of the big
imposing figure sitting behind the desk.
The man was completely still, and that same stillness represented an eco
challenge and danger in the tone of his voice. By the light coming from the
hallway behind him, he could glimpse the black hair on broad shoulders and
powerful chest covered by a sort of dark pole.
He swallowed before speaking.
- I was looking for the bathroom ...
- As you can see, this is not - he replied with something funny voice and
accent. When speaking, the tension disappeared and leaned back in his chair, with
his head cocked as he studied the threshold silhouette -. Or maybe you can not see
Bella barely had time to notice that the raspy voice sounded vaguely familiar
when he heard the click of a switch and a light lit desk with a soft, warm glow.
And immediately he recognized the man sitting behind.
Gabriel Danti!
He felt his heart skipped a beat when looking so attractive man before her.
The thick dark hair and chocolate eyes were almost black in its intensity. The
sallow skin exhibited a straight, aristocratic nose, high cheekbones, a fleshy,
sensual mouth and a square chin and arrogant, softened only by the slight dimple in
the center looked.

It was the face by the thousands, no, millions of women the world sighed.
They dreamed. Drooling!
Italian by birth, Gabriel Danti was twenty-eight years, the current champion of
Formula One and was on the fifth month of the new season. Apart from being a
favorite of the rich and famous on both sides of the Atlantic, was the only son and
heir of Christ Danti, president of business and the wine empire Danti, with
vineyards in Italy and the United States.
While passing through his mind all these things, he was also aware that this
house in the countryside of Surrey was the English home of Gabriel and in fact he
was the host of the noisy party that took place poolside. So what was sitting there
in the dark?
She licked her lips.
- I'm terribly sorry to have bothered.

He walked really looking for the

bathroom - smiled shyly. How terrible that the first and probably only time I could
talk to Gabriel Danti, it was because I needed to find the bathroom!
Gabriel made a careful study ele small and dark hair standing on the threshold
d wife and his studio. A young woman at all like high long-legged blonde who
used to go out with ... "or the treacherous Janine," he said grimly to himself.
She had long straight hair, black as ebony and fell gently on her shoulders.
The forehead bangs covered her face with protruding heart-shaped, pale and
smooth as alabaster ... dominated by a pair of eyes of an unusual violet tone as he
had ever seen. Resulted sensual full lips and inviting.
He looked down at the soft wool sweater wearing the same violet shade his
eyes. The top two buttons were open and revealed the beginning of a surprisingly
full breasts ... and if not wrong, naked under the thin wool, which made her slender
waist seem even more so compared. Narrow hips and legs were perfectly defined
by a pair of tight jeans.

That long, leisurely scrutiny told him he did not know.

But I wanted to correct that!
Bella took an involuntary step back when Gabriel Danti rose and revealed that
he wore a black silk shirt that fell smoothly over hard muscles of his shoulders and
chest. His cuffs rolled up below the elbows, forearms showing a slightly shaded
by a black hair.
Measuring at least a foot above his five feet five and immediately dominated
the space around it. With some alarm, Bella realized that he could not move while
the tall Italian across the room with feline steps and he stopped a few inches from
her. Immediately the noise of the party disappeared and could only hear Gabriel.
Discovering that was like a fog, unable to look away from the dark beauty of
her face, thought he was wrong. Gabriel Danti was not attractive; It was simply
He could feel the heat emanating from his body, smell the aftershave lotion,
masculine fragrance that invaded and claimed his senses, filling it with warm
lethargy and necessity of approaching that heady masculinity.
At the last moment he had to raise his hand to prevent your body from sticking
to Gabriel. He closed his fingers on the black silk of his shirt and felt the regular
heart beat against his fingertips.
What was happening?
Never reacted that way with men. At least, never before had done ... I had to
She froze when Gabriel Danti lifted one of those smart and as skilled in
handling a flyer at dizzying speeds hands and caught her chin while his thumb
stroked her lower lip.
The heat experienced tingling down her body and settled with burning between
her thighs.

- You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my life.
The voice was hoarse and low, as if aware that anything would break the spell
around them.
- You too - Bella muttered; had chest heaving with the effort required him
The issued a husky laugh before your eyes will turn more intense and
- Are you here with anyone?
She blinked, trying to think.
- I ... I'm with a group of friends - nodded shyly while his eyes was forced to
respond -. Sean is the nephew of one of your mechanics.
- Is your boyfriend - her voice projected a slight curtly away moments before.
- Heavens, no! - Denied with a smile and her hair fell over her breasts -. We're
just going to college together. I hope you do not mind that Sean brought some of
his friends - frowned -. His uncle said ...
- I do not care - cut him reassuringly -. I see you have advantage because you
know my name ... - smiled, waiting.
She blushed slightly.
- Soy Bella - I replied hoarsely.
- Bella?
- Isabella. But everyone calls me Bella.
Gabriel did not know if I wanted to be part of "everyone" in regard to this
woman so fascinating. He raised an eyebrow.
- Are you Italian?
- Not - laughed softly, showing small white teeth -. My mother allowed my
father, a doctor, choose the names of my little sister and mine, and chose the names
of two of his favorite actresses and models: Isabella and Claudia. When my

brother was born six years ago, he had to choose my mother. He chose Liam. For
the actor. A senior Irish mother described as a man with a "very sexy blue eyes" ...
- I know - he acknowledged.
- Do you know him personally - was aware that he talked too much about
things that should not have any interest for a man like Gabriel Danti. He blamed
nerves. The inability to think coherently feeling his fingers on his chin.
- That's right - smiled -. Of course, I can not confirm that your eyes are sexy,
but ...
- Now you are you mocking me - reproached him shyly.
- Just a little - he murmured -. Did you say you're going to college?
- I was - he corrected with regret -. I ended last month.
That revealed she was about twenty or twenty-two.
- What were studying.
- Art and History.
- In order to teach, perhaps?
- The truth is I'm not sure.

Hopefully something that covers both - he

With its superior height, movement Gabriel gave him a glimpse of the fullness
of those breasts.
He did not remember having felt so instantly attracted ever by a woman. He
was aware of every muscle and sinew of his own body and what s it. Potentiated a
need and appetite interior claiming that these slender curves are flattened against
the hard planes of his body. Intimately.
She gave a nervous to see how his eyes had darkened laughter.
- If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go in search of the bathroom ...

- It's the next room to it, right - he interrupted still holding her chin -. In your
absence, I suggest going to get a bottle of champagne and a few drinks and then we
locate a more comfortable place to continue this conversation, do you think?
What conversation? I was sure that Gabriel Danti not want to hear more about
his Bachelor of Arts in History or your family!
- Should not you go back to your guests - frowned.
He laughed with mild perversity.
- Sounds like I miss her?
The party sounded louder and more rampant than ever, which was hard to
believe, as several guests had stripped naked and thrown into the pool before she
went in search of a bathroom. The party seemed to be out of control in a way that
made her uncomfortable.
It had seemed funny when Sean Davies had invited some of his former
classmates at the party in Surrey, home of Gabriel Danti. He had represented an
opportunity to mingle with the rich and famous.
The fact that most of these "rich and famous" is were behaving in a way she
had never imagined he was surprised. It was to be a prude, but puzzled watch a
man the last time he had seen had been presenting the evening news, a respected
middle-aged man, jump naked in the pool Gabriel Danti.
- Come on, Bella - removed his hand from her chin and landed on her waist -.
Do you have a preference of champagne?
- Preference - repeated. The champagne was bubbly, right?
- White or Pink - he explained.
- Eh ... Pink will be perfect - as a student he had given his choice of wines was
not cost that much -. Sure you do not prefer that we meet with the guests - he
hesitated in the hallway, puzzled by who would spend time with her ...

- I'm pretty sure, Bella - spun in the crook of his arm until she faced him -. But
maybe you prefer to return with friends ...
He swallowed when Gabriel made no effort to hide the intense sensuality that
burned in his eyes.
- No, I ... - he paused, realizing that he sounded several higher than normal
octaves -. No, I think I'd rather drink champagne with you.
The dark eyes sparkled with satisfaction as he raised his hands to his face
enmarcarle before lowering his head slowly and take possession of her mouth. She
gave a low moan when Bella yielded to temptation, lips parted and invited him to
Bella felt a slight dizziness due to the fiery torrent of desire through her. Her
breasts got firmer and pounded him and instinctively tried to rub against the
hardness of the torso of Gabriel friction I contribute some relief as he felt that the
focused desire between her thighs.
How he wished. He never thought that could be desired both a man ... and
burning kiss, the hardness of his thighs against his, he indicated that the need was
Gabriel had never tasted anything so sweet as Bella's mouth. I had never felt
anything so lush and perfect stroking her hips and then crowned the back to stick to
it and accommodate the erection against her flat stomach.
He broke the kiss to her. These beautiful violet eyes were almost purple and
could barely pupils. Her flushed cheeks and lips swollen from the kiss ... was even
more tempting. I felt firm breasts against his chest and hard nipples against the
thin fabric of his shirt.
- Ve. Before you lose your little common sense I have left and I make love
right here in the hall - swung in the direction of the bathroom he had been looking
for -. I'll be back in two minutes with champagne and glasses.

Bella felt completely dazed and disoriented when entering the bathroom, close
the door and lean against it.
He was twenty years and in the last five or six years had gone with dozens of
guys, but I had never known anything so lethal or powerful as Gabriel kisses!
He stood up to look in the mirror over the sink. Her cheeks glowed with the
warmth of arousal. Her swollen mouth ajar and as a gesture of invitation! The
eyes had an intense violet shade and the pupils were immense.
As for her breasts ... If I had any sense he would leave immediately! If I had
any desire, would be obliged to leave.
But I knew he would not go anywhere other than back into the arms of Gabriel
Danti ...
- Do you like it?
- Mmm.
- Do you want more?
- Please.
- Come a little, then. Now reaching out.
He raised the hand holding the cup to let Gabriel will serve more champagne
while sitting on the couch beside her, noticing while he had not tried the sparkling
since he deposited his glass on the table they had before them. They were in the
living room at the front of the house on the first floor, well away from the noisy
party that continued below.
- You do not drink - said in an effort to hide the trembling of his hand to retake the cup to his lips and took a sip of delicious pink champagne.
He shook his head, his arm on the back of the sofa while playing with the silky
strands of her hair.
- Tomorrow I have a test session and never drink if I will lead the next day.
- I You should not have bothered to open a tella bo just for me.

- Not just for you - you said Gabriel, introdu - i ii nor finger in her glass
slightly before passing the ear and jaw line Bella -. I said I do not drink before
driving, no you do not intend enjoy the taste - he mused on his earlobe while his
lips followed the trail marked by champagne and tongue burned sensitive skin.
The combination of Bella and sparkling found it more intoxicating for the
senses to drink a whole bottle. Her skin felt smooth and sweet heat transmitted to
the body until everything he throbbed with the need to touch her more intimately.
He looked into her eyes as he turned to enter the finger in the liquid before
opening another path through the chin, the delicate curve of her neck, birth
exposed breasts, almost immediately following it with his lips.
Bella writhed in pleasure when the warmth of her mouth lingered on her
- Gabriel ...
- Let me, Bella - he asked hoarsely -. Let me bathe in champagne to drink
from your body - laid the palm of his hand on her cheek and moved his thumb over
his mouth half open -. Will you let me do it?
Bella knew she had accepted exactly the direction that was the situation as
Gabriel had agreed to accompany the attached private room to your bedroom.
While thanking the bedroom door had been closed because otherwise might have
panicked earlier.
Although I had to admit that more than panic, what embargaba was a delicious
shiver of anticipation. The thought of Gabriel pouring champagne over her fully
nude body before slowly lick every drop was enough to make every inch of her
body tingle with a perception that suddenly made what little clothes she wore
seemed that tighten and limited.

- As long as I can do the same - she dipped her finger in the champagne before
passing with sexy gesture by his lips slightly parted -. Can I - he stopped with his
mouth a few inches from Gabriel, searching brown eyes.
- Please do it - he encouraged,
What he lacked in experience expected compensate with joy that will provide
the freedom to explore the sculpted perfection of Gabriel's mouth just as he had
done. He noticed that held his breath when he nibbled her lip and tongue slowly
licked the intoxicating champagne. The buried his fingers in her hair and, when
closed, he knew that he was giving caress his lip excited him as deeply as her.
With every lick Gabriel's body stiffened more and throbbing that dominated
her thighs became an urgent requirement. In fact, he was not sure he could get to
the bedroom before taking her clothes to delightfully responsive body and
penetrate Bella!
He retired abruptly and rose with an outstretched hand.
- Come with me, Bella - invited to receive an insecure expression.
He kept looking at her while she rested her hand on his and incorporated The
fluent; agitlos breasts under her sweater.
It was tiny. Delicate. Absolutely desirable.
He felt the abdominal muscles contracted him with the power of that desire.
Still holding fingers, picked up the bottle of champagne with the other hand and
silently marched into the bedroom.
- Please, no ... - she protested shyly when Gabriel made the move to turn on
the bedside light.
It had a four poster bed, a true antique, gold brocade curtains.
It was said that no matter how old they were, remained a bed ... he does not
doubt that in a short time would be sharing with Gabriel Danti.
It was crazy. An absolute madness and delicious!

- I want to watch you as you make love, Bella - he explained standing very
close to it but not touching -. Can I have it wilt - encouraged her hoarsely -. I
undress first if you feel more comfortable ...
God knew she wanted to look in all their naked glory!
- Please do it - begged breathlessly.
Gabriel turned on the bedside lamp and the room was bathed in a golden glow;
then began to unbutton his black shirt.
She was staring view the movements of the long, elegant hands as they cast
buttons and silk opened and revealed hardness Gabriel chest, covered with black
hair that was thickened to reach the navel and disappear under waist tailored pants.
It was instinct, compulsion, which made lengthen his hand and touched the
torso, he felt the tension of his skin beneath her fingertips. That skin was on,
almost feverish, and the muscles contracted when it raised hands to take his shirt
shoulders before dropping to the carpeted floor.
Gabriel was as beautiful as the angel who had been baptized.

His eyes

watched with greedy fire.

I wanted to see more. I wanted to see it all!
Her hands trembled slightly to slowly lower your pants zipper. The fingers
brushed his erection over the black briefs and heard him hold his breath.
His hand pressed against hers that masculinity.
- Feel how much you desire, Bella - released with intensity -. Feel it!
Never felt more sure of anything in life while with slow, deliberate movement
down the last piece and released his throbbing erection.
When he touched it, he felt it was incredibly hard.
Gabriel felt that control was slipping and moaned softly. He closed his eyes
and clenched his jaw as his pleasure was focused entirely on the fingers caress

Bella. Selfishness prompted him to wish that caresses prosiguieran to the pleasant
conclusion. But on top of that, he longed to see it, touch it with the same intimacy.
He kept his eyes on her as she stepped back to fasten under the thin sweater
and slowly lift it above her breasts and then head before adding to the pile of
clothes that were on the floor. She gasped when observing firmness those breasts,
nipples deep pink and so slender waist sensed that could encompass hands.
He leaned slowly to kiss those upright breasts and licked her nipple before you
insert it into the mouth.
Bella was lost. Totally and completely lost while hands beat Gabriel's head
against his chest and could feel the pleasure created by that language and those lips
broke over her dark and sensual waves and then accumulated at the junction of her
thighs. A longing that Gabriel helped mitigate to pose the palm there with light
pressure. She gasped weakly when he found the center of her arousal.
He did not know how she lost her jeans and panties, and neither could
remember how they ended up in bed with glued bodies and legs intertwined as they
kissed with passion, ferocity and intensity.
He stopped breathing when Gabriel's hand parted her thighs to touch with your
thumb, caressing the hard cocoon that nested there. His senses were saturated with
the depth of his excitement, making reaching up her hips to meet the thrusts of his
fingers as they moved rhythmically inside and Bella burst into a spasm after
another unimagined pleasure and seemingly endless.
Gabriel stood over her and penetrated her body still trembling to claim her
completely. He began to move inside her with leisurely steps lunges and then
increased in depth. Bella went to meet while, to his amazement, felt a new release
grow in it for the second time in a few minutes.

His eyes widened as said release increased, the pleasure so deep as he was
almost painful as he purposely slowed the onslaught of the invading erection
completely and retained on the precipice, refusing to let go watching her pleasure .
- Please - she gasped as her body burned and longed orgasm -. Oh, God,
He continued to stare while the attacks deepened and became more hard and
fast, the heated face for his own pleasure, before the second orgasm Bella also
dragged into the abyss.
Gabriel closed his eyes by the force of her orgasm and her hips moving against
Bella continued long after discharge completely while remaining within it and
delight even broke over him.
In the end, when he could no longer bear when it seemed like to die by the
intensity of the act if not stop, collapsed gently on Bella's breasts. He turned only
to cover both the comforter before falling into a deep sleep with bodies still

- It's time for alarm clock r, Bella.

This had awakened a few minutes ago and tried to reconcile aba who was
G abriel Danti ...
S nly think his name conjured images of the night that had just passed. He had
awakened at dawn and had discovered once again within her, watching in silence.
Bella had responded with a slow, languid thighs mouths move while melted into a
The second time they made love was stronger even than the former.

But waking up alone in the huge bed moments before, with the sound of the
shower in the adjacent room telling you where Gabriel was made that instead of
feeling happy euphoria that should be experienced after such a night of pure
pleasure, feel filled with a sense of uncertainty.
Last night he had made love with Gabriel Danti. The best Formula One driver
and champion of that category. Playboy, son and heir of the business and the wine
empire Danti.
While she was the eldest daughter of an English country doctor degree in Art
and History.
Not only that, but he knew that was far to look like the models or actresses tall,
blonde and leggy with Gabriel seen it used at parties or premieres. The tabloids
constantly showed pictures of him with these women, most recently with Janine
They had nothing in common!
Outside the bedroom, of course ...
In the cold light of dawn, she blushed to the roots of tangled hair as she relived
each petting last night.
- Bella ... - Gabriel repeated to sit on the edge of the bed -. Wake up, face, so
you can say goodbye good.
Saying goodbye?
She opened her eyes as she turned her head to look. He thanked his nakedness
he was protected by the sheet to see him dressed in a black polo that emphasized
the breadth of his shoulders and his torso and low hip jeans, her hair still wet from
the shower she had just given.
He smiled quizzically as he watched, fascinated by its beauty again. It was
small and voluptuous. Delivered at ...

He felt his body was shaking as she remembered how well she had answered
over and over again during the previous evening.
He reached out and brushed her dark hair from his forehead while leaning to
give a slow kiss, regretting having to end it there.
- I really do I have to go now, Bella, or be late at Silverstone - he whispered
hoarsely -. But I'll call you later, okay?
- Okay - she whispered.
Gabriel stood up reluctantly, as aware of the passage of the minutes of nudity
Bella under the sheet, knowing he must distance himself from the temptation he
- My housekeeper will ask a taxi when you're ready to go. Since I can not take
myself home, I left you some money on the dresser so you pay - he added lightly,
recalling that she had only recently ceased to be a student.
Bella frowned slightly.
- That will not be necessary.
- Bella ... - he frowned unable to read any thought behind those violet eyes.
- Okay, Gabriel - said inadvertently revealing that the seized sadness at the
sudden departure of him.
- I'll call you later - he repeated firmly Gabriel He leaned over to kiss her
before turning to leave.. But paused at the door -. Take your time ... no rush for
you to leave.

Five years later ...

- It's a surprise party ... I do not think so - Claudia whispered incredulously.

- What do not you think - Bella asked patiently?; his sister had not stopped
throwing exclamations about one thing or another since his family came to San
Francisco for two days.
Although he had to admit that the view of the night skyline of San Francisco
from the lounge where the private party held on top of one of the most prestigious
hotels in the city was spectacular. You could see the Golden Gate Bridge lit up in
all its glory.
But Claudia was not looking for a window, but toward the crowded room
where the party to present to the families of his cousin Brian and his American
girlfriend Dahlia Fabrizzi held on the eve of the wedding.
- But it can not be him, right? - Asked Claudia -. I know Aunt Gloria has not
stopped talking in recent days about how good it was related Dahlia's mother,
however, I can not believe ...
- Claudia, for heaven's sake, stop drinking champagne and ... - He stopped
abruptly when he turned to see who had such charm your sister.
I had not seen in five years. Five years! Although no trouble recognizing him.
But he said that Claudia was probably right, it could not be him. Especially
not at that party. It had to be an optical illusion.
Or maybe a walking nightmare!
- He is - Claudia excited exclaimed, clutching the arm of her sister -. Is
Gabriel Danti, Bella! Can you believing it?

I could not believe it and mean it!

Maybe it was not him, but someone very like.
The height was the same, but had shorter hair. The eyes seemed cold and
distant despite the smile that had exhibited while other guests. The dimple in his
chin was the same, but the man had a scar that ran from his left eye to jaw, altering
the beauty of her face.
He recalled that Gabriel had photographed with a scar on the left side of his
face when he was discharged from the hospital, three months after the horrific car
accident that ended his flying career and had killed two of his colleagues.
Months after the accident, he had returned to Italy in the family jet, had been
photographed upon entering the hospital and later to board the plane, but since then
seldom I had seen in public. Finished his career pilot, had focused on Danti
wineries and apparently had left the playboy lifestyle which both had enjoyed in
the past.
- Do you remember those posters that had it all over my room when I was
younger? - Claudia laughed.
Of course Bella remembered ... he had caused chills for months after the night
she had spent with him. Had greatly relieved her sister remove them and replace
them with those of young actors in Hollywood.
- It's great, right? - Claudia murmured dreamily voice.
- Lovely - Bella lied, watching Gabriel, who then spoke with his uncle Simon.
He had a wicked-looking, agile and evidently shaped body under the black
tuxedo, white shirt as snow and black bow tie.
You really could be Gabriel?
By the way his mere presence had caught the attention of all the guests, Bella
believed itself. Just did not want it to be!

- Take shorter hair, of course ... Oh, look, relies more on his left leg ... - Claudia
said with evident sympathy in his voice when his cousin Brian continued
presenting it to other family members who had performed the trip to the wedding
the next day.
- Do not forget that his legs were shattered in the accident five years ago - Bella
muttered grimly. It suddenly out of the lethargy in which it had fallen, linked her
arm through her sister -. We're looking for more champagne.
- Are not you curious to know if is it? - Claudia looked at her quizzically.
They were of similar heights, but Claudia had short hair and blue dress matched
perfectly with her eyes.
- Not at all - Bella ruled firmly, deliberately going to the far end of the bar and
away from where the man like Gabriel at the time was the center of attention.
Claudia issued a chuckle of affection while waiting for refills their glasses of
- My sister, the woman who hates men!
Bella raised her eyebrows.
- I do not hate all men ... only those who have passed puberty!
- Accurate - Claudia smiled -. I wonder if I should go say hello to Brian and see
if I presented ... No, wait a minute ... - she looked over her shoulder -. I think our
beloved cousin brings it to me to know! - His face brightened.
Do Not!
Bella could not believe it was happening!
He would not even look at the man who looked like Gabriel Danti, and unless
otherwise submit ...
- And last but not least, I would like to introduce you to the two most beautiful
women after Dahlia - Brian said with affection behind her -. Bella, Claudi, allow

me to introduce Dahlia's cousin, Gabriel Danti. Gabriel, my cousins, Claudia and

Isabella Scott.
With this confirmation of identity, Bella could not breathe. The mind had
completely left it blank. The knees were jelly. In fact, nowhere seemed to work
Luckily for her, Claudia had taken the presentation to tell how Gabriel had
enjoyed seeing in Formula One racing, giving a slight breath as Bella heard the
familiar voice hoarse from him muttering a polite response.
He longed to come true the possibility that he did not remember.
They said it was impossible to remember her!
Why would this be a student of art and history who on one occasion had shared
the bed?
As he had never called, could assume he had forgotten instantly.
- Bella ...? - Urged Brian to see continued back to his guest and himself.
This took a deep breath, knowing he had no choice but to turn and face the man
she longed to forget, as he had done it.
Gabriel's expression was complimentary when Isabella Scott turned and looked
at him.
- Miss Scott - greeted by briefly shaking hands -. Or can I call Isabella?
- I ...
- Everyone calls Bella - contributed Claudia.
- Dekirukana
The coldness in the eyes of Gabriel held her captive.
He blinked before suddenly breaking the intensity of his gaze to focus on one
point of the room.
- Bella's fine - he replied with equanimity.

Isabella Scott seemed safe and was incredibly beautiful dress shoulders with
the exact color of your eyes.
She lifted her chin defiantly to restore a curious look at his intensity ...
- I greet more guests - Brian apologized Kingston -. Will you excuse me,
Gabriel? I'm sure Bella and Claudi will be glad to keep you company - gave him a
mocking the youngest of their premiums before crossing the crowded room to
return next to his bride look.
Gabriel continued to watch Bella with veiled look.
- Is that so?
A frown of irritation appeared between her eyes.
- Is that why? - He snapped.
- Will you be happy to keep me company? - Explained with distant mockingly.
- Is that what you need, sir Danti? - He released sparks in his eyes.
- The truth is that I doubt I stay long enough for that to be necessary - granted
In fact, neither had I thought of attending this event, but at the last moment his
father had asked him to represent the Danti family, as it did not feel right to go to
the party of his niece or wedding day following . Gabriel had accepted reluctantly,
with the intention of staying the time required to comply with the protocol.
At least that was his intention.
Bella was relieved to know that he would not stay long.
- I'm sure Claudia and I can keep minutes of polite conversation.
l gave him a mocking bow before looking at her sister.
- Do you enjoy your visit to San Francisco, Claudia?
Bella sighed to feel liberated from the intense gaze of Gabriel and those
moments of respite was taken for study.

The man she had known five years ago had possessed a magnetic attraction.
Along with security and an innate charm, added a warm sensuality in chocolaty
eyes undress a woman from a distance.
The man who spoke with such cordiality with Claudia still had that magnetic
appeal, pale scar on the left side of his face only added danger to the attractions,
but the eyes were not warm and sensual like melted chocolate, but a brown cold
cast a distance.
As Bella knew, he had never married, but had acknowledged that he had never
worked hard to keep abreast of his life in the five years since they had parted so
What sense would it have? They had only shared a night of passion inimagin
reliable and unrepeatable.
- Would you like a drink?
Bella looked startled eyes to the cup he offered. Champagne. It had to be
- Thanks - accepted.
Gabriel watched blush to accept the elongated glass with a skill that prevented
the fingers come into contact.
- It's your first visit to San Francisco, Bella? - He asked sarcastically.
- Yup.
- Like the city?
- A Lot Of.
- Have you done mu cho tourism since you arrived?
- Somewhat, yes.
He squinted at the economics of their responses.
- Maybe ...

- Sorry for the interruption, Gabriel - her cousin, Dahlia, intervened to join
them - but my brother Benito is eager to resume contact with Claudia - added
- Really? - The youngest of the Scott sisters looked where Benito was at the
other end of the room.
Bella felt a sense of impending doom. If Claudia completely left alone with ...
- You do not mind, do you, Bella? - Claudia's eyes radiated enthusiasm. Before
he had confessed to her sister that after you submit Benito last night, he had
desired to know better the older brother of Dahlia.
It was obvious that the attraction was mutual ... what did nothing to Bella, not
wanting to stay with Gabriel.
- I assure you, Claudia, your sister will be perfectly safe with me - he spoke
with cheerful tone before Bella had a chance to intervene.
This looked. I still had no idea whether he remembered the night they had spent
five years ago ... and I did not want to know.
It was bad enough that she remembered it!
At that moment Claudia squeezed his arm.
- Thank you, Bella - whispered before leaving with Dahlia to where the
expected attractiveness Benito.
The sudden silence that both left Bella seemed deafening.
In the room there were at least a hundred of the guests who attend the day after
the wedding, all chatting and laughing while renewing old friendships or
established new. But as far as Bella was concerned, Gabriel and she might have
been alone on an island in the Arctic.
- There is ... a quieter area to sit next to this room where we could talk - let him
He looked apprehensive eyes and a suddenly dry lips licked.

- I feel perfectly comfortable here, thanks.

His eyes became even colder as he closed his hand around her arm.
- It was a statement, Bella, not a question - he said grimly as he led her toward
the exit.
- But ...
- Do you really want to have this conversation here in front of the guests of
Dahlia and Brian? - He asked gruffly to stop in the middle of the crowded room
and look through narrowed lids.
Bella swallowed to perceive clearly the fury burning in the dark look.
- I have no idea what you mean conversation ...
- Oh, I think so - threatening voice replied.
She also believed it, but wished otherwise. But the behavior of Gabriel since
they were alone indicated yes remembered ...

R EALMENTE I have no idea what we need to talk prune - sesentaba said as
he relaxed in a chair opposite her in the small desert reception room.
Gabriel narrowed eyes l os studying its rigidity.
- Considering ... say that our relationship last ...
- Last relationship ...? - He cut her with raised eyebrows.
Gabriel pursed his lips.
- Do not play with me, Bella.
Ell to look away from his face.
- I was not sure you'd remember me ...
- Be sure that yes - he growled.
He swallowed before speaking.
- And I ... Gabriel - he pronounced his name with tension.
- You had no idea that would present me here tonight, right? - He asked,
smiling without humor.
- Why would I know? Dahlia surname is Fabrizzi.
- Your mother, my Aunt Teresa, is the younger sister of my father - provided
Bella grimaced.
- What kind that will fly from Italy to attend the wedding of your cousin.
- I will not live in Italy, Bella - responded with derision.
She seemed surprised.
- Do Not?
He shook his head.

- I spend most of my time in the vineyards Danti an hour's drive from here, but
I also have a house in San Francisco.
He could guess what part of town did.
She and her family had made a tour of the city that day and had passed through
an area called Pacific Heights, where houses were large and elegant ... and worth
millions of dollars!
He could not help wondering if the reason for me to live in the United States
had something to do with the fact that Janine Childe, the woman he had once been
in love, and perhaps still was, also in then living in California.
- What do you want from me, Gabriel? - He asked bluntly.
Until he came to the party and saw Bella chatting with the girl who at that time
knew it was his sister, he liked to think that there was eradicated from his mind
after that one night. But seeing her knew she could no longer consider the veracity
of that illusion ...
At that time Isabella Scott was more beautiful than five years ago and maturity
had added a touch of security to a beauty that already had indeed been sweeping.
Neither her eyes and her hair in long layers that moment had changed, and the
wrap dress highlighted the delicate waist and perfect breasts ...
What did it? Do not have noticed all those things! Her mouth took the form of
an uncompromising line.
- What do you have to give, Bella?
She looked at him with suspicion and Gabriel wondered if it would feel
repelled by the livid scar ugliness, as happened to himself.
- What do I have to give yourself in particular? - He repeated incredulously -.
Absolutely nothing! - Responded with disdain his own question.
Gabriel's hand moved instinctively to irregular wound that marked the cheek.
- That, at least, has not changed - he muttered coldly.

Bella watched him frowning. Why watched with such contempt? It was he who
had just seduced because the woman he really had wanted, the beautiful
supermodel Janine Childe, had told her that the relationship was over and had a
relationship with one of his fellow Formula One.
That man was the pilot Paulo Descari, died in the accident that took place just
hours after Gabriel had left her in bed.
So Janine Childe had said in a tearful voice that Gabriel had caused the
accident moved by jealousy purpose.
Although he had never believed such an atrocity, five years later still bothered
to think that the only reason that Gabriel had to spend the night with her was the
So how dare then to observe with such contempt?
- I changed, Gabriel - he said flatly.
- What better?
She frowned.
- What ...?
- Have you come to marry, Bella? - Cut him coldly as dark eyes rested on her
left hand naked -. I see none. Maybe it's the best - he added with insulting tone.
She was indignant.
- May also be better than you what you've never done! - Snapped just as curtly.
Le dedic or humorless smile.
- Maybe.
- I do not think the fact trade insults here is harmonious for the wedding of
Brian and Dahlia, are you? - Challenged.
His heart contracted every time he thought attend the wedding.

For weeks I had been hoping that trip to San Francisco. But again see Gabriel,
knowing he would attend the ceremony the next day, he had become an ordeal that
not even know if I wanted to beat.
But did not know how to get rid ...
Gabriel watched the emotions that appeared in Bella's beautiful face and
guessed the reason for the expression of hesitation.
- Have also come your parents and your brother? - He asked.
- Yes - she confirmed.
He gave a relentless smile.
- And like your sister not know that you and I already knew - he said.
- Not - sighed.
He incl Ino head quizzically.
- And pr efieres continue that way.
Bella looked at him with narrowed eyes s.
- Yup!
- Do not you understand that we spent the night together five years ago?
- If I do not get it, how they would do it! - He said -. That night I did something
completely out of my personality - he repeated, as if remembering how naive I had
It almost felt sympathy for her to notice how his hands trembled as he closed
his fingers around the cup before him. Almost.
He shrugged, forgotten sympathy.
- I'm sure we all have things in our past we wish that had not happened.
He saw his hard stare and sneer on his lips.
He swallowed before speaking.
- So we both agreed that it would be better for everyone ... both to forget our
past relationship? - Deliberately employed the description used by him.

The smile he gave her showed no humor.

- I wish it were that simple, Bella ...
But it was not. She, better than anyone knew.
Despite how much I hated to see Gabriel that way, also gave thanks to God that
the first meeting had taken place that night. It could have been much more
disastrous if it had happened at the wedding the next day ...
He stood up and left the glass of champagne to not risk him slip away from
your fingers.
- Let's make it simple, Gabriel - offered -. Agree to stay away during my stay in
San Francisco - thankfully would only be three days, as his father had to go back to
your query.
- A dance together, Bella, and may take into consideration your suggestion - he
whispered hoarsely.
She opened her eyes.
- A dance?
- Yes, it has already started dancing - he said dryly.
She looked confused.
- You wanna dance with me?
- Why not? - He asked sincerely.
She paled.
- Because ... well, because ... Can you dance? I mean ...
- You mean my obvious disability? - He released rasped and grim.
Although your disability and how he approached been five years ago. After the
crash I had spent several months in a wheelchair, and after several painful months
learning to walk again. Which at that time had the scar and a slight limp as unique
visible signs car accident was a miracle.

Bella shook her head impatiently.

- You're so disabled as a tiger on the prowl!
- I am glad you understand - growled ... and had the satisfaction of seeing the
blush that invaded her cheeks -. I can dance, Bella, while a slow music - concluded
"Slow!" He groaned inwardly.
- Actually, I thought about saying goodbye to the hosts and go to bed ...
- Has been an invitation? - He said softly.
- Do not, under any circumstances! - He snapped, outraged by the suggestion,
realizing it was an excessive reaction to this temptation ...
l shrugged.
- So I think once you've left you back to the party and I'll ask Brian to introduce
myself to your parents.
He looked furious.
- Miserable! You are a ...
- I just tolerate insults once, Bella - cut with steely tone -. Only one - he warned
-. You choose - then softened his voice when resting on the couch and watch again
with mocking eyes -. Accepts a dance with me or ask me submit your parents.
- Why? - Protested with a groan -. Do not even know why you want to dance
with me.
- Curious, maybe ...?
- Curious what? - He asked, expressing bewilderment.
l slowly glanced to lay her dark eyes on her breasts.
Bella could barely breathe while suffering the slow scrutiny, and when he could
no longer tolerate the insult, stood.
- A dance, Gabriel - gave sharply - And once completed, would prefer not to
come back to ever address me!

He smiled before joining quietly.

- I will show you what I think about it once we've finished dancing.
He left to take her by the arm to return to the room where the party was held.
However, he was aware of everything that emanated from him, from the sly
look and smile of satisfaction to the feline grace of his body that made up the
injury in the accident five years ago.
According to then appeared in media reports, the injuries sustained by Gabriel
had been horrible. The two crushed legs and pelvis. Burns around the torso.
Numerous cuts in the body, the worse the left cheek. But as far as she was
concerned, those scars air only increased the danger he had possessed in
- Perfect - he murmured with satisfaction when he started playing a ballad by
the time they reached the crowded room. They had dimmed the lights and several
couples and dancing in the clear space in the center, including Claudia Scott and
his cousin Benito. He took her hand to enter the space of the track.
- Rather than formally Bailaramos - I purposely exposed stiffly when he circled
her waist with his arms to stick to your body and crushed her hands against his
- Has anyone ever told you that life is full of disappointments? - She
murmured, one hand on her back to attach to it while slowly started moving to the
beat of the music.
She pulled away as he could and glared at him.
- Oh, yes - snapped with disdain -. Someone taught me that lesson well!
Gabriel raised his dark eyebrows.
- So do not be surprised that prefer to continue dancing as well.
Bella does not surprise me what happened that evening.

In fact, he was too busy fighting do with the perception of lea hard po Gabriel
stuck to his, cheek resting lightly on her hair, the warmth of his hand on her back,
the other he held his against his chest like to concentrate on something else.
Although I wish it were otherwise, knew all about Gabriel while dancing. His
warmth. Its odor. The warmth of his breath on her temple. The sensuality of her
And it was also very conscious of his own reaction to all these things. Its
irregular breathing, sensitized skin, swollen breasts, hard nipples and a deep
tingling on between her thighs.
It was torture.
Neither helped alleviate his discomfort when Claudia saw dancing so close,
encourage her with a smile.
He stepped back slightly from him and struck the hand that held to establish a
distance between them.
- I think we've already danced a lot, do not you think? - He said stiffly, staring
at the third button of his shirt.
Gabriel pursed his lips and his expression turned icy acknowledging to himself
that he had danced "fairly" with Isabella Scott. Long enough to confirm that your
body still responded to the voluptuousness of Bella's breasts and thighs hot glued
to hers. Actually, it was all he had wanted to find out ...
- Maybe you're right - he immediately pulled away from her in the middle of
the track.
Bella felt uncomfortable with this sudden withdrawal, and looked around
sheepishly while some who danced around them engaged curious glances.
- Are you trying to embarrass you purposely - irritated muttered before turning
and leaving the track with flushed cheeks.

- You expressed the wish that we stop dancing - Gabriel followed at a more
measured pace.
- Go away, Gabriel. Just go away - repeated tired.
He watched carefully and shine in those purple eyes and he seemed not caused
by anger.
- Are you crying, Bella?
- Of course I'm not crying - released her chin raised in defiance as she looked
into his eyes -. I would need more than the misfortune to have seen you again to
make me mourn! - Scorned -. Now if you'll excuse me, I would go to my room.
- You're staying here at the hotel? - He asked curiously. It was a possibility that
had not crossed his mind.
- What if it is? - He squinted.
- I was just curious, Bella - exposed.
- Yup? - Gave him a grin -. I do not remember five years ago to feel curious
about someone you were not yourself.
Gabriel pursed his lips in warning.
- You accuse me of being a selfish lover? - Sounded indignant.
- No, of course not! - Bella's cheeks came back on -. We are keeping a
ridiculous conversation! - Added resentful -. It's time for me to go. I will not say
it's been a pleasure to see you again ... because we both know that's not true - he
said before turning and walking away with your head.
Gabriel stared across the room to go apologize to his uncles before leaving with
a twisting movement of the hips under the purple dress and seemingly endless legs
with high heels.
"No," he agreed mentally, certainly had not been a pleasure to see Isabella
But it had been something ...

Bella is forced to move slowly, calmly, as he had apologized to the hosts, Teresa
and Paul Fabrizzi, and out into the hallway leading to the elevators, refusing to
give Gabriel Danti the satisfaction of seeing her rush to escape that intense look.
It was unfortunate that he was the bride's family of his cousin.
And yet he had no way to avoid attending the ceremony the next day occurred.
But would have to come up with something. Should.
- You come back soon - Angela, the younger sister of Dahlia, he received
warmly when Bella came into the room of the suite he shared with his sisters.
This left the overnight bag on a small table at the entrance.
- I was a little sore head - was justified.
- It's a shame - Angela rose. She was as tall and beautiful as her older sister.
- He thought I'd done babysitting too long tonight and maybe you like to go to
join the party - said warmly as Angela had kindly offered to take half a dozen
younger members of the English part of the traditional family dinner at a pizza
before returning to the hotel and make sure they all got into bed.
- You sure you do not mind? - Angela smiled.
- Of course - he said Bella -. The dance has just begun - he said encouragingly.
When left alone, he sighed and spent several minutes to calm down before
going to the next room, where his little brother was lying with lamp still on bedside
table while reading a book.
- Is everything all right, Liam? - He asked gently to a stop beside her.
E l girl of twelve he smiled.
- Okay asleep, you see.
Bella's expression softened as he looked to the occupant of the second bed.

His son Toby, four years old. Her dark curls stood out on the pillow and her
lips parted as she breathed deeply, with a delicious dimple in the center of the chin.
Same as his father.

NOT feel the usual need for women to mourn at weddings?
Bella's back stiffened at the voice of Gabriel right behind her, standing with the
rest of the guests at the entrance of the church looking at the bride and groom pose
for photographs.
Despite how much I had labored to find an excuse to allow them to Toby and
she did not attend, including a migraine for her and a fever for your child,
ultimately had not been forced to admit defeat when his father had said he did not
pass anything. The only alternative was left Gabriel had been expected to follow
the advice given him the night before to stay away from her.
The fact have him back at that time he showed he was not!
I had seen when she and her family had come to the wedding was about an
hour, sitting on a bench in the company of a gray-haired man whose stature and
facial resemblance told him that he was the father of Gabriel, Christ Danti almost
The heart had skipped a beat at the sight of the two Italians without their
knowing look down before the child sitting next to her on the bench, instantly
recognizing how much he looked like his father and grandfather.
As he had innocently Claudia noticed the night before commenting that Gabriel
reminded him of someone ...
Luckily Toby had disappeared with her beloved Uncle Liam as he ended the
ceremony and then played under an oak tree in the yard, with the group of children
who the night before had gone to dinner pizza.
Slowly, he turned to face Gabriel and check how attractive she was with a dark
tailored suit and a white shirt.

- I'm afraid cry of pity! - Sarcastically replied to question him about that
women tended to mourn at weddings.
He gave her a smile of appreciation as to look admired evening dress knee was
still perfectly curves that slender body. She wore a silk flower attached to your ear
left and stayed away from his face dark hair.
It was elegant and beautiful ... and very confident.
A security that would demolish perversion.
- Perhaps because so far no one has asked that you were his girlfriend? Provoked.
A delicate color looked out her cheeks to hear this alleged insult.
- What makes you assume such a thing, Gabriel? - He replied -. Is it not
possible that may have chosen not to marry for being too aware of the vagaries
which can become the interest of a man? - She said sweetly.
- Is not it possible you've known men who will not suit?
- It is possible - agreed with defiant look.
Despite how pleasant it was, Gabriel had to admit that these constant fights
with Bella could not continue. It was the day of the wedding of his cousin, a
moment completely inappropriate for an open confrontation between two guests.
It was obvious that Bella had come to the same conclusion ..
- If you'll excuse me, Gabriel, I have to meet my family ... - she looked steadily
when the fingers that had surrounded his arm prevented him from leaving.
- We need to talk, Bella.
- We talked last night, Gabriel ... for what served us! - Exclaimed.
- Accurate - agreed -. We can not continue this fight, except when our families
have been together ...
The bitter laugh she cut him off.

- My cousin is married to your cousin ... that does not make our families to be
together! - He said impatiently -. In fact, I can not think of another time when we
have to meet again.
At least it was what I expected with fervor. At that time would be considered
lucky if I could finish the day without the whole situation exploded in his face.
The headache I had wanted to pretend to not attend the wedding was becoming
a reality.
I still had no idea how to prevent Toby and Gabriel were in some point during
the reception. If that happened, did not know what could be the reaction of Gabriel
... After having rejected it, under no circumstances would allow Toby to happen
the same, and the menacing expression he did nothing to dispel their fears .
He looked past Gabriel to easily recognize your child's laugh, knowing that the
reason was that Liam was tickling her.
Toby was a happy, completely safe in the worship of his mother and his
grandparents complacent, as in the mimes who devoted his two uncles child.
Beautiful craved that continue.
The last three days had shown him how close they were members Danti family
and how much they valued and wanted their children.
He literally became depressed at the thought of what he might do if he ever
Gabriel discovering that Toby was the result of last night together only five years
ago, and how much had already lost the life of his son ...
- I really have to go - at that time he avoided meeting his eyes turning away
from him and released his hand.
Gabriel watched intently as he walked away and frowned upon hearing her
laugh when she was surrounded by a group of children laughing, some of them
children of cousins from him; the resemblance to Bella's tallest group made it easy
to recognize as his brother Liam.

Was strange that the people I had spoken with such affection for five years ...
his parents, his sister Claudia and her brother Liam, at that time they were a reality
for him.
- A friend of yours ...?
The smile never left his face as he turned to his father, revealing nothing of
concern inside that overwhelmed him at the pale and haggard tone in the face of
elderly man.
- I doubt that Bella thought the same thing - he joked.
- Bella? - Christ lifted a silver eyebrows before looking towards the path that
then she fell, chatting with his brother and other children.
- Isabella Scott. I saw yesterday in the party Dahlia - he explained.
"Again," he might have added, but did not because I knew that this would
arouse the insatiable curiosity of his father.
Christ was the patriarch of the family Danti and sixty-five and poor health, had
begun to pressure him into marrying and having children to continue the dynasty
that his grandfather had started a hundred years with vineyards in Italy. Seventy
years ago, was his grandfather who had decided to expand the business in the
United States.
Four years ago, after his father suffered a mild heart attack, Gabriel had taken
the lead in the vineyards of California. But thirty-three, and misery of Christ, did
not intend to marry and have heirs necessary to continue the dynasty.

Bella began to breathe a little more relaxed once the bridal luncheon and speeches
are over and the guests began to move to the adjacent room, where he would start
dancing and social rituals continue. Hoped it would give the ideal medium for
Toby and she could excuse chance.

So far he had been lucky to keep his son away from Gabriel. There were many
children present and the happy couple had chosen to place all small to separate
from the parent table, allowing children will enjoy the freedom to appear as they
were already parents to enjoy peaceful lunch and adult conversation . This
distribution was also impossible to know of whom were children.
Taking quick mental note of the presence of Gabriel at the other end of the
reception hall, Bella said goodbye to his family before heading slowly haca the
door where Dahlia and Brian greeted the last guests of the evening. His intention
was to pick up where Toby was playing with other children before leaving with
- Are you going so soon, Bella?
With the sunken heart, was said to have claimed victory too soon to see the
defiant expression of Gabriel Danti at the door, blocking his way.
- My head hurts - he excused himself dryly.
He raised an eyebrow.
- The weddings are not going with you, right?
- I just allergenic the possibility of having to attend someday my own - he said
Gabriel smiled.
He had watched Bella had crossed slowly but given the room as he went
bouncing off other guests, easily guessing his intention to leave early.
It amused him to stop his departure.
- I hope that my presence has not been added to your ... discomfort?
- Not at all - it looked unblinkingly -. The headache is probably due to the time
- Of course - he agreed -. My father expressed his desire to meet - added partial

He had no doubt that his father would enjoy the presentation and would bring
erroneous conclusions, but had not requested the meeting.
- Your father? - He was surprised by the suggestion -. Oh, do not think so,
Gabriel ... I mean ... what would? - Conc luyo obviously agitated.
He studied her through narrowed lids.
- Courtesy, perhaps? - Suggested -. After all, now it's your cousin's uncle.
Bella was not convinced that argument.
- Like I said before, it is very unlikely that we will meet again after today.
- Not even in the baptism of the firstborn of Brian and Dahlia? - He raised his
I had not thought of that! Actually, the situation began to become increasingly
difficult. So much so that she was not sure of the time it would remain in ignorance
Gabriel that she had a son ... or such child was hers!
However, he did not feel qualified to give an explanation at the time ...
- That sure is years - dismissed -. Who knows what everyone is doing then? Personally, began to consider the idea of emigrating to Tasmania! He tried again -.
Seriously, I have to go, Gabriel ...
- Since it is obvious that tonight you do not feel inclined to meet my father,
perhaps you and your family could you visit the vineyards Danti morning.
Bella froze and looked between grim and uncertain.
- Why do you do this? - He asked.
- As I said to you and your family podais get to know the vineyards Danti
morning - he repeated.
- Has not been a simple offering, Gabriel, you know - he argued -. As you
know you're the last man I want to spend more time - trying to maintain rhythmic
breathing to conceal the turmoil that embargaba.

- The last man? - He mumbled with his eyes narrowed in suspicion -. Why,
Bella? What have I done to deserve that? Could be because my scars will appear
repulsive? - He said gruffly.
- I consider insulting to me as superficial - he snapped to hide the fact that he
had committed another error.
But when had done nothing with regard to this man ...?
Toby was not a mistake! Five years ago, he had been stunned, and quite
frightened, realizing that she was pregnant. But that was quickly given way to the
wonder of new life growing inside her. He had also helped support their parents,
like that of Claudia and Liam. In particular during the first months that had
questioned what he would do, how he would fix and, in particular, how he would
earn a living when he had to deal with a baby.
Again his parents had been wonderful to insist that continue living with them
during pregnancy and some time after birth Toby; by then he had already earned
enough to keep the baby and her money.
The attitude of their parents had been twice admirable when taking into account
that they had done all this without ever telling them, nor they insist on knowing the
name of the father of the baby ...
However, how long the ignorance of the identity of Gabriel would extend the
invitation he had just done that visit their vineyards?
She looked at him curiously, recognizing the resemblance to Toby: black hair,
the same facial structure, those dark eyes, cleft chin. Although I did not know if he
saw similarities because he knew he was the father of Toby or his parents and
siblings also would notice.
Claudia had noticed the resemblance Toby had "someone", so he could not risk

- Okay, Gabriel, I'll stay long enough for me to present to your father suddenly capitulated before turning around and go past him into the room where
Christ Danti talking to his sister.
Frowning as he followed, Gabriel noticed that Bella had not responded
completely to the question of whether he was repulsed by his scars. But there was
harboring some of the vehemence of the claim that he was the last man she wanted
to spend some time doubt.
The interesting thing was that once he had felt the same way about her ...
When they approached, her father interrupted the conversation he was having.
It was clear that the long flight from Italy earlier that day week and attend the
wedding of Dahlia had taken its toll.
As the presentations were completed, would also suggest you to leave.
- Dad, can you let me introduce you to Isabella Scott? Bella, my father, Christ
She gasped when looking at the severe and aristocratic, so like Gabriel face.
And to Toby ...
- Mr Danti - greeted with an equanimity that was far from feeling when the
older man took her hand before taking her gallantly to his lips.
- His name does it justice, Miss Scott - muttered Cr isto Danti to holding her
Bella gave him an awkward smile.
- Thank You.
- Are you enjoying your stay in San Francisco?
- Much, thank you.
He nodded.
- It is a city that has always liked.

- Of course it is an interesting city - said she is aware of the silence of Gabriel

at his side.
Definitely enjoying his discomfort, as he had enjoyed the veiled threat implicit
in the invitation to your family to the Danti vineyards.
- It was a lovely wedding - Danti continued Christ.
- A Bella does not like weddings - Gabriel said, speaking for the first time. A l
get a frown from her, he gave her a quizzical expression.
- Dahlia is beautiful - replied the old man.
- It's true - Christ Danti watched curiously Bella first and then his son -. Will
you stay some time in San Francisco, Miss Scott?
- Just a couple of days. And please, you call me Bella - invited.
The older man nodded.
- Perhaps before leaving want ...
- Mom, Grandpa and Grandma say we leave now! - Toby angry to appear
suddenly at his side complained.
It was clear that all the excitement of last week and last night had slept later
made him feel tired and somewhat whiny.
Bella froze at the sound of his son, as a nocturnal animal caught in the
headlights of a car.
They said it could not be happening. Not there! Not now!
He could not breathe. He could not move or speak.
It was worse than anything I could have imagined. Worse than any nightmare
that had plagued his dreams since I saw Gabriel again yesterday.
- Mom? - He repeated it to his side with obvious disbelief.
Bella is forced to move and turned slowly to look at him; paled by observing
the intensity with which he watched Toby.

But Danti was Christ who broke the stillness of the scene and slowly began to
collapse as his eyes unbelieving not deviated from Toby.
The child who was unmistakably his grandson ...

NOT talk! Not a word! - Gabriel warned gruffly as he moved from side to side
of the hallway where Bella and he expected to hear news of his father.
He'd managed to avoid the collapse of his father before he hit the ground. Bella
had reminded him that her father was a doctor and had run to look for while
Gabriel pulled his father in the room with the utmost discretion that circumstances
Still, several guests, including boyfriends, had followed up outside the small
room without taking that Gabriel had found down the corridor.
Henry Scott, Bella's father, had dealt firmly with those viewers to join them a
couple of minutes later, ordering them to return to the reception and Gabriel and
his daughter to wait in the hallway as he examined Christ.
And that Gabriel had provided an opportunity to reflect!
That little boy ... the son of Bella ... was also his son ...?
He stopped walking and looked at her accusingly and she knew there was no
point denying what Christ Danti had been so obvious.
He breathed deeply.
- His name is Toby. Tobias - said in a trembling voice -. He has four years.
Gabriel closed the year m tackles sides.
- Four years and four months to be precise!
Bella swallowed.
- Yup.
Those black eyes flashed menacingly.
- Where is he now?
Bella stood on the defensive.

- I took him to wait with my mother and Liam. It ... was frightened when your
father passed that way.
He looked coldly.
- The shock can cause that to a man who in the past four years has already
suffered three mild heart attacks!
Bella had unknown status Danti Christ. Not that it would have been very useful
to know. Neither Gabriel nor the father of it were part of his life or that of Toby.
At least they had not been until that day ...
Gabriel certainly want ... no, would demand some answers. Like the look on his
father's first look at Christ Danti and then Gabriel, had left it clear that he also
wanted some answers as finished examining the patient.
She sighed.
- I do not think this is the time or place to talk about, Gabriel ...
- The time to discuss it would have been five years ago, when you found out
you had gotten pregnant!
- If I remember correctly, five years ago you were gone with me to talk!
He pursed his lips.
- He went in all the media at that time I was in Italy in the vineyards Danti,
recovering from injuries sustained in the car accident!
Bella's eyes flashed.
- And no doubt you think I was going to go up there to tell the news!
- You had no right to keep hidden the existence of my son! - A nerve twitched
in his jaw set.
She shook her head.
- You gave up any right to know anything about me to not call as promised!
Only you slept with me that night out of spite, because the relationship he had with
Paulo Descari your girlfriend!

Gabriel's face darkened dangerously.

- I ...
- Could you keep you from your ... discussions ... and then? - Henry Scott had
opened the door of the room where Christ Danti was lying on one of the sofas - I
think your father has just suffered a severe concussion and not another heart attack,
but for sure, I would like him to hospital and subjected to a complete checkup.
- Dad ...? - Bella looked at her father with a look of uncertainty.
He reassured her with a smile.
- Okay, Bella - said gently -. For now, let's focus on bringing Mr. Danti the
hospital, right?
Bella did not need his father to explain more clearly than had guessed Toby's
relationship with both men Danti.
What does your father think of it?
Moreover, what would he think of the fact that Gabriel Danti, of all possible
men, was the father of her grandson?

- I would see my son.

Bella had stayed at the hotel for bed when Gabriel Toby and his father had
accompanied Christ Danti the hospital. But she had not even tried bedtime. He had
been sure he would return as Gabriel was certain that his father had recovered.
It was nearly two o'clock, and still been waiting the call to the classroom door
connecting the room he shared with Claudia and Liam shared with Toby. He had
removed his dress reception and was wearing jeans and a black shirt.
Gabriel was angry, and the scar across his left cheek was more noticeable in his
harsh features. He looked almost angrily.
Opened the door for him to go.

- Toby is asleep - he informed him calmly as he closed behind him and turned
to face him.
l clenched his jaw and gave the impression that the scar throbbed.
- However, I want to see.
- How is your father?
- Tests have confirmed the initial diagnosis of your father was right. It was the
shock which caused the blackout and not a heart attack. You will spend the night in
hospital under observation, but expect to discharge in the morning. Isabella ...
- My father has returned to you in the hospital? - That night had already had a
long and uncomfortable conversation with his mother, and was not sure of being
ready for another as Gabriel left.
He nodded curtly.
- He asked me to tell you to talk to you in the morning.
She opened her eyes.
- Did you know you were coming over here? - Even to ask the question he
knew the answer: what otherwise could have known what Gabriel suite were
- Yes, she realized she wanted to see my son again.
Bella felt terrible every time I said "my son". No matter what the biological
heritage of the small, Toby was still his son, not Gabriel.
He shook his head firmly.
- Do not think it's a good idea ...
The scornful laugh he cut her off.
- Any consideration which she would be killed by your desires to discover that
for four years I have hidden the existence of my son.
He had a son!

It was still amazing that such a little person there. That had a child with wild
hair in the adjoining bedroom with her eyes and her hair and a small dimple in the
center of your chin ...
After being denied such knowledge for four years, had no intention of allowing
this to continue for another minute.
- Where is Isabella? - Insisted, and the look of panic that she went to the right
of the lounge made to advance towards it with determination.
- Where are you going?
Gabriel avoided the protest and gently opened the door, recognizing the child
sleeping in the bed like Liam Scott first before turning his attention to the smallest
occupying the second bed.
She gasped when looking at small.
Sadly acknowledged he was handsome.
And that kid so handsome was her blood!
Bella could only helplessly witness when Gabriel knelt beside the bed of Toby,
and protest ever passed his lips to see how stretched out a hand to caress her cheek
so little gentleness and tenderness that Toby was unfazed.
He felt his heart was breaking to see the wave of love that softened the harsh
features of Gabriel, the glow of that love in the dark look while still looking
amazed her son.
And no doubt he knew were over the age of Toby share only with your family

- I need a drink - Gabriel said a while later, after leaving reluctantly bed of his
son and returned to the classroom.

Without waiting for an answer from Bella, went straight to the minibar to pour
a bottle of whiskey and drink it almost all in one gulp.
- Well, Isabella - he looked - what do you suggest we do in this situation?
- What situation - she questioned defensive.
Gabriel watched with narrowed eyelids. He had made love to this woman about
five years ago. The result of this act was a child ... whose existence she had hidden
on purpose. That alone deserved no mercy.
He pursed his lips.
- The situation in which Toby, whatever you've decided otherwise, should
know his father and not only his mother.
She kept the defensive posture.
- As I have explained ...
- As you said, I abandoned my right to know my son because you thought that
only slept with you because of jealousy and spite for the relationship that my ex
girlfriend had with Paulo Descari - repeated coldly accusation that she had exposed
him -. Or jealousy or pique were part of my emotions that night, Isabella - added
dryly -. And certainly not the feeling when I had the accident the next day.
Bella suddenly parched lips perceiving it licked controlled violence.
- It was not me who suggested that, Gabriel. It was you.
He snorted.
- It was impossible not to considering what Janine said after the accident - he
growled -. The official interrogation proved my innocence. But maybe you prefer
to think that I am responsible for the accident that killed two men rather than take
my word on what happened that day.
Bella felt paled at him. No, of course not preferred to think that Gabriel had
deliberately caused the accident that killed two other men. Do not believe!

He could be guilty of many things, but under no circumstances considered him

guilty of that.
He looked coldly.
- No I caused the accident, Isabella - repeated firmly -. That was just hysterical
accusation of a woman who took advantage of the fact that I remained unconscious
for several days and, therefore, was unable to deny the allegations.
Nor that accusation had been the cause that Bella had not tried to contact
Gabriel after the accident ...
How could have come to the hospital and ask to be allowed to see him when
they had only spent a night together?
If Gabriel had wanted to see her again, she had reasoned at the time, then the
call as he had said he would. Until I decided that, if they chose to do so, he would
have no choice but to continue his life in the best way possible.
Pregnancy was something I had not considered when it took that decision.
Weeks later, after which he confirmed, had been forced to make decisions, both
for herself and her baby. Gabriel did not call had reinforced his suspicion that
wanted no part of them. Or if not, he had the power to snatch his son. Something
was not going to let that happen. It was too late to explain or reverse some of those
choices ...
Gabriel studied her expressive face, but the emotions that went through him
were too fleeting to discern.
- I did not cause the accident, Isabella, but that does not mean I have not
brought with me the guilt for the deaths of Paul and Jason every day since.
- But why? - Asked puzzled.
Gabriel turned to look out the window the San Francisco skyline.

How could he ever explain how he had felt on waking five years ago and
discover the deaths of Paulo Descari and Jason Miller and learn hysterical
accusations of Janine?
And why he had joined the utter despair and helplessness he had felt at his own
injuries and wounds, ant and the possibility that might never walk again.
Worst of all, even worse than the deaths of Paul and Jason and deception of
Janine, was knowing that the night they had spent together had sig cance so little to
Bella ...
Do Not!
He refused to back down that road. He wore almost five years without thinking
of abandoning her. I could not do it now.
Only think Toby. In your child. And in the second betrayal of Bella ...
He looked at her, his expression was implacable.
- Toby's all that matters now - he said coldly -. Tomorrow I will be back at ten,
at which Toby and you will be ready to accompany ...
- I'm not going anywhere with you, Gabriel, nor Toby - cut immediately.
- Momento - repeated with even more coldly, if possible - where Toby and you
will be ready to accompany me to visit my father. The grandfather of small - added
The second negative was going to ask Bella died on his lips.
Before he had spoken to his mother. Or rather, his mother had spoken to her. A
conversation in which his mother had assured him that the relationship between
Gabriel and she was exclusive of both matter and only two of them were solved.
However, speaking as a grandmother, had added that he felt Danti Christ would
have had to learn so that I had a grandson. It was obvious that such knowledge had
been so emotionally intense as to cause fainting.
An irrefutable fact against which he had no defense.

Before or at the time.

She felt his shoulders rigid with tension.
- First, let me expose it bothers me that you resort to emotional blackmail to get
it to do what you want ...
- Would you rather resort to the courts? - Challenged with disdain.
She swallowed.
- That would take months, and then I would be safe in England.
- I'll have my lawyers requested an immediate injunction that prevents Toby or
you may be able to leave this country - warned -. It'm a Danti, Isabella - reminded.
- Second - she continued, resuming the previous conversation - despite the fact
that I dislike your methods, I am well aware of the rights of your father and
grandfather Toby ...
- But not from me as a parent! - Was so furious that his body is stiffened by
emotion contained.
He looked sadly, knowing the conversation between just could widen the gap
between them.
Seeing Gabriel yesterday, had known it was not the same man towards which
so attracted had felt five years prior to forget, or set aside, all vestiges of caution to
spend the night in his arms .
The Gabriel in front of it showed scars inside and outside and the coldness of
his fury about what would have concealed the existence of Toby was worse than
any accusation.
She sighed.
- Did you say at ten?
He watched with narrowed eyes searching for any sign of deception, but could
not see any. Only acceptance tired of a situation that could not do anything to

He relaxed a little tension in his shoulders.

- First we will sit together with Toby and explain the relationship that my father
and I have with him.
- Is not that a bit premature? - She protested.
- In my opinion it is four and a half years later! - Gabriel snapped.
- It will only serve to make you feel more confused by not having you an active
role in your life ...
Another contemptuous laughter cut the protest.
Do you really think that's going to continue?
Bella looked at him and not hosted any doubt that he intended to maintain in
the future an active role in the life of Toby.
And I had no idea where did that leave it.

THE grandfather saw seen in one of the great houses?
- Of course yes, Toby - said Gabriel.
Bella never cease to be amazed at the flexibility of children, and his own son in
After being sleepless, debating how to tell Gabriel Danti was his father and
Christ Danti his grandfather had left do totally surprised by the ease with which
Toby had accepted.
His early to introduce your father shyness had become enthu siasm to climb the
back of the roadster of Gabriel to go to the house where his grandfather was
looking forward to meet you, after that morning had been discharged from
Her emotions were much less simple while watching the scenery without
capture any of the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.
His life, and therefore Toby, was in England. In the small town where he
arranged as financial means had bought a house to live both, after staying with
their parents the first two years of the existence of his son. He liked living in a
village, and Toby, who in September was to start attending the local school. That
situation Gabriel, coupled with threats evenings that had thrown the night before,
made him wonder when you might expect to return to that life.
But this morning sunglasses he wore prevented him from reading his eyes.
When he arrived at the hotel to look, he was encouraged by Toby and a tense
courtesy to her. But he was obviously still angry.
A fury that will probably always feel for denying knowledge of the existence of
his son and the first four years of life for this ...

- We have arrived, Toby - told his son to take the path of the house and wait for
electronically operated doors were opened to lead to the entrance.
Even twelve hours after Gabriel could not believe he had a son. A bright, happy
and natural child who had taken the news that he was her father in a more
pragmatic manner as shown by him to learn that he had a son.
He looked at Bella hidden behind dark glasses to sunglasses and noticed the
pallor of her cheeks and power lines around the mouth and eyes.
He deserved it!
The statements were made five years ago Janine Childe did not change the fact
that Bella would not even have tried to inform you that she was pregnant.
- Your whole family is aware now of the identity of the father of Toby?
Bella was pleased wear sunglasses to hide the sudden tears that had
accumulated in his eyes, remembering the breakfast that had previously shared
with his parents and siblings.
His parents did not utter one word of rejection or disapproval, just had your
kind understanding as she explained to them the situation five years ago.
And to be alone, his sister Claudia had only wanted details of that night.
Details, of course, did not give him.
- Yes - confirmed hoarsely.
Gabriel nodded in satisfaction as he sped athletic black to the house that was so
terrible as Bella would have expected that such a prestigious area of San Francisco.
It was big and gabled, showed a slight Victorian structure with exposed brick and
white frames around the windows tinted windows.
- Are you sure ... this visit ... it will not make your father falls? - Bella pulled
into the gravel path as everyone got out.
Gabriel had left his glasses in the car and looked at her quizzically.
- Quite the contrary.

Bella looked puzzled by the cryptic comment.

- Excuse me?
He pursed his lips.
- Then Isabella - cut dryly -. You and I are going back to talk later.
He did not like the sound of that comment.
And began to dislike the way he called "Isabella" of that cold and
contemptuous manner.
He shook his head.
- Do not think we left anything by talking, Gabriel - said firmly.
He laughed shortly, without humor.
- We have not yet begun to do, Isabella.
The father was waiting for him in the greenhouse. Gabriel knew that such an
informal setting was what was needed to achieve a four year old to relax.
Christ's husky voice betrayed his feelings when Toby met him and allowed the
small watering orchids lar.
- I'm neglecting your mother, Toby - man apologized more minutes later,
standing - You can keep watering the plants if you wish, Toby, or you can come sit
with us while your mother and I chatted.
He knew exactly what would be the election of his son; like most young
children, showed no interest in adult conversations.
- Bella - Danti Christ's voice was deep emotion across the greenhouse to where
she was sitting in one of the wicker chairs arranged there. He took her hand and
held it to her lips as she sat up -. Thank you for bringing Toby to see me - he said
with some moist eyes.
Bella felt a lump in my throat when observing Gabriel's father, unable to
discern if there was some criticism in the direct gaze brown eyes; she saw only the
moisture was not trying to hide tears.

He was well aware of the silent and menacing presence of Gabriel standing
beside her.
- I ... - lips nervously licked - the truth is I do not know what to say stammered, aware of comment as inappropriate but so true.
- Gabriel has explained me everything I had to explain - the older man smiled
reassuringly -. All that matters is that Toby and you're here now.
Bella apart to feel the burden of guilt to the full acceptance of Christ Danti of
the situation that night had caused him to faint, also wondered what would have
explained exactly Gabriel ...
- That's very kind - will the older man said as he squeezed her hand before
- Clearly Isabella and I still have a lot to talk about, Dad - suddenly intervened
Gabriel -. If Toby and you excuse us for a few minutes ...
The suggestion provoked Bella sudden sense of panic, unsure if it was ready for
another confrontation with him at that moment. He had not slept much the night
before and the morning had been very traumatic and family conversation, followed
by the arrival of Gabriel to the hotel and the explanation offered him Toby, not to
mention the meeting at that time with Christ Danti.
But a glance at the grim determination of the expression of Gabriel was enough
to indicate that he had no choice in the matter.
- Toby ...? - Called for the attention of his son, who was watering the plants -.
Will you be okay as long as I keep a little chat with ... with ... your father? - It was
not easy to say it aloud.
- Yes - the small smiled happy and carefree. At that time, Bella wished his son
was not so sociable; was clearly not going to offer any help to avoid confrontation
with Gabriel.

He knew that for the little that was a great adventure; I had no idea of the
underlying tensions caused found at his father and grandfather ... or the potential
Bella wanted to make it that way ...
- I'm sure that Toby and I'll have fun together, Bella - assured Christ.
She gave him a grateful smile that vanished as Gabriel stepped back courtesy to
let precede him into the main house. Although he did not believe that courtesy find
continued when completely alone.
l went ahead to open a door at the far end of the hall before departing to
allow him to enter.
It was a room with walls lined with books; appalled noticed that resembled the
home study of Danti in Surrey, where she met Gabriel.
He also was aware of the irony of the environment as he closed the door before
going to sit behind the desk. He looked at her with narrowed eyes to see that she
chose not to sit in the armchair at the table, but was directed to the large window,
and turned his back.
That day had pulled her hair and neck exposed looked fragile in its thinness. He
wore a cream-colored blouse and tight black pants.
She looked small, delicate, but Gabriel knew that this appearance was
deceptive. Isabella Scott was more than capable of defending herself and Toby
should the need arise. In the case of small, and as far as he was concerned, it would
not arise. However, Bella was a separate issue ...
- Ignore not make it go away, Isabella! - He said with exasperation.
She turned rueful smile.
- If only it were so!
He looked coldly.
- During the last five years you've done your way ...

- What do you mean it? - He replied dryly, body tense -. He was twenty years
old then, Gabriel. Only twenty! - Stressed -. At that time was not on my immediate
plans to have a baby, and less of a father who did not even live in the same country
I was born when small.
- There is no point getting angry, Isabella ...
- To me it does serve me! - Vehemently contradicted -. You have made it clear
that my actions disapprove five years ago, so I try to explain that I did what I
considered the best ...
- Who? - He leaned back in his chair and watched intently.
- For everyone!
Gabriel's jaw tightened.
- In what way is good for Toby had not been aware of the existence of a parent
or family this? In what way is better for him that did not enjoy the amenities that
you could have made Danti be a ...?
- A Toby has not lacked anything ...
- He has missed a father! - He snapped coldly.
His accusation was indisputable.
Bella took a deep breath to steady herself. He knew very well that convert the
conversation at an angry dispute would not fix anything that stood between Gabriel
and her.
He shook his head.
- I assure you that my parents have been wonderful - he explained -. Claudia
and Liam too. And as I got to work, I made sure that Toby did not lack anything.
- What have you been working on? - He asked.
Bella grimaced.
- As soon as I discovered I was pregnant, I felt lost about work could play. But
he wrote my college thesis on the life of Leonardo da Vinci. My tutor thought it

was good enough to be published, so that during the months of pregnancy I got in
touch with a publisher to see if he was interested. With hard work and fifty
thousand more words, they accepted. I was lucky that its publication coincided
with a novel about a similar topic then became very popular - he shrugged -. In the
last three years I've had two books on the bestseller list for nonfiction - he said
Gabriel then realized where it came from security and that air of quiet
satisfaction that emanated from Bella. Despite her unexpected pregnancy and
implicit difficulty in being a single mother, had managed to succeed in what I had
chosen to study.
- That's ... admirable.
- But unexpected?
He could not deny that the apparent independence economic Bella was
something I had not counted when contemplating a solution to the problem they
faced at the time.
Although maybe I should have.
- Maybe - granted after a pause -. But ultimately, nothing changes.
Bella puzzled brow furrowed.
- Sorry ... I do not understand.
- Toby is my son ...
- I think I've already acknowledged that fact - snapped.
He looked at her quizzically.
- It is undeniable, right? - He murmured contentedly. The resemblance to his
father and he was so evident that his father had fainted. He pursed his lips -. The
only solution is for us to get married as soon as possible.
- Do Not! - She protested horrified -. No, Gabriel - repeated resolute expression
-. I have no intention of marrying you, now or in the future.

The suggestion of marriage Gabriel had left completely stunned. Any

suggestion? He had not suggested anything ... I had exposed as immutable!
Five years ago she had considered all options, including going to tell her
pregnancy, despite the complication that represented the feelings of Gabriel by
Janine Childe.
One benefit would certainly have been offering financial help from him and
had refused on principle; no matter how hard you had to be a struggle to get on
your own, and would not owe anything to Gabriel Danti.
Who would have thought of marrying her for the sake of the baby had been a
less feasible option, given that theirs had only been the adventure of a night, and
had rejected even more strongly to the idea of financial aid I could give.
I did not want to marry someone for the sole fact of having a child.
- Do not you want to marry me because lied about my scars do not repugnant? He released Gabriel sharply and narrowed eyes.
Bella shook her head.
- I do not repugnant at all - he insisted calmly.
- Most women would not say the same thing - he explained coolly.
- Well, I'm not the "most women" - he snapped angrily -. Gabriel, recognizes
Toby as your son, of course, but please, let me out of the equation - he pleaded.
- That could be tricky yet thou the mother of Toby.
She shook her head.
- I'm sure we can establish visits ... - he paused to see that Gabriel was setting
suddenly standing.
- Is that what you want for Toby? - He released -. Want to become a mere
bundle passing from one to another of their parents?
- Does not have to be that way - she protested.
- If married, is exactly that - he insisted impatiently.

Bella swallowed.
- Do you think that Toby will do better being the only link between two people
who love each other but who are married?
- You said my most obvious scars are not you ... unacceptable - enough to see
the faint blush appeared on her cheeks and the rapid rise and fall of her breasts
beneath the cream blouse approached.
- And so - frowned -. But that does not mean I like the idea of marrying you!
He could not think clearly with Gabriel so close. I could not concentrate on
anything except the heat of his dark gaze slowly coursing through the body to stop
at perky breasts, which responded with a tingling perception and whose nipples
were suddenly hard against the soft fabric of her bra and blouse. A warm and
throbbing pulse between her thighs did that moved uncomfortable.
Suddenly parched lips licked.
- Physical attraction is not the basis for a marriage - even to hear his own
words, he realized that lacked strength.
- But you'll agree that's a start, right? - He whispered huskily and deep
satisfaction at the bottom of your eyes.
I could hardly breathe under the gaze that allowed him to see the warmth that
burned in their depths. Then he came to make it aware of the hard pressure of his
erection against her while he lowered his head with the obvious intention of
claiming his mouth ...
When these hit was like a dam bursting. Bella put his fingers into the thick
black hair while Gabriel bodies demanded the maximum proximity to the other.
The kiss deepened with passion and got out his tongue when provoked to claim
him as he was doing.

Bella was so eager that ... The aching emptiness lurking inside was completely
filled when Gabriel opened her blouse and held her breast while moving the tip of
the thumb on the hard nipple to excite him even more.
He was about to rip his shirt when he had to satisfy their own need to touch the
skin. The hard muscles ... The softness of hair that covered his torso ... With
fingers stroked the fine lines of the scars left by the accident five years ago and he
responded to these caresses with a hoarse moan.
He offered no resistance when Gabriel released her bra and freed her breasts to
acaricirselos. He gasped when he broke the kiss and pressed his lips on a hard
nipple, exerting suction hot and moist tongue while his hand stroked her other
The throbbing between her thighs Bella went on and lubricated, becoming a
void that needed to be filled with the erection of Gabriel, which throbbed with the
same need as she began to rub against him. He offered no resistance when he
capped his ass with hands and rose to leave sitting on the desk, spreading her legs
so as to be between them, with the erection centered at that time in her sensitized
She moaned with satisfaction as he lay on the table to suck her bare breasts at
the same rate that moved on with the erection against her thighs. His breathing
became ragged as his release began to burn, explode, taking it to the edge of sanity
In the study door rang a faint call before Christ Danti inform them:
- Toby and I will be in the garden when you have finished speaking.
Gabriel had departed sharply from it in the moment he heard the call and
pressed her lips to see Bella's horrified expression before it joined the desk, give
him back and fix clothes.

- Isabella and I will meet with you soon - he answered his father distracted
while buttoning his shirt.
- No rush - he assured the older man before leaving the hall.
Gabriel frowned Isabella's back as he tried unsuccessfully to re-fasten the bra
with trembling fingers too.
- Let me - he released before approaching and strap themselves.
- Thanks - said stiffly, without turning as he buttoned blouse -. No ... I do not
know what to say! That was ... I do not know what happened ...
- Oh, I think you're well aware of what has been ready to go, Bella - he said -. I
am pleased that not lied about my scars - he said hoarsely.
She had not lied about their external scars; but internal were something else ...
He shook his head.
- I usually do not behave in that way ....
- Maybe time has passed since the last time you were with a man - he said
Bella turned and looked at him with twinkling eyes.
What kind of woman thought she was?
The kind of woman that almost let you make love on the surface of a desk!
The kind of woman who had been about to break Gabriel's shirt in his need to
He closed his eyes disgusted with herself while trying to recover certainly was
not that kind of woman! Gabriel sure would not believe him if he told him ...
something not intended to do; and humiliated quite know how out of place it was
his behavior to tell that there had been a man in her life since that night she had
spent with him for five years.

For nine months she had been pregnant, and since the birth of his son, had
focused all their attention on him. He had not wanted to add more confusion to this
new life by providing a succession of "uncles"!
He took a deep breath before opening your eyes and look indignant. Through
the still open shirt he could see the fine pattern of scars that broke the softness of
that sallow skin. With wild hair, looked like a pirate. Indeed, so attractive that
disturbed his peace.
He raised his eyebrows quizzically.
- I'm sure that for me has spent much more time than the last time you "you
had" a woman!
Gabriel followed her in silence for a few tense seconds, then smiled without
- Not all women are so ... understanding about physical imperfection as you
seem to be you - he said curtly.
Bella could not believe it. If Gabriel were a little more perfect, the would
- I think what just happened has shown that not lack physical gratification in
our marriage - he added with perversion.
Bella pursed her lips.
- We will not marry - he repeated firmly.
He was unmoved by his vehemence.
- Oh, I think so.
- Really? - Frowned at all happy with the security that showed Gabriel tone.
- Seriously - corroborated -. I'm sure you must be aware of the benefits that
such a marriage ...
- If you mean what just happened between us, forget it! - Exclaimed angrily -. I
find that kind of "benefits" with any man!

- There will be no other man in your life as we marry, Isabella - she pressed her
lips -. Now I know what your reaction, we will be married in the fullest sense.
Being an only child, I hope it's a marriage that allows us to have more children.
Many brothers Toby.
He was momentarily taken aback by that statement. Then he shook his head
- I can not imagine you want to spend the rest of your life in the company of a
woman who does not love you ...
- As you either like being married to a man she did not love - acknowledged -.
But the alternative is less appetizing. A long, and certainly public, legal battle for
custody of Toby - explained grimly.
Bella gasped when his greatest fear became a possibility.
- Would you do that to Toby?
Gabriel shrugged.
- If you leave me no alternative, yes.
She looked and implacable expression revealed that he was serious.
He breathed deeply.
- Okay, Gabriel, think of marrying you ...
- Free thinking is not enough, Isabella - cut -. Not when I suspect you want to
delay the inevitable to Toby and you may be able to return to England tomorrow,
as you had planned at first, right?
It was exactly what I think of o!
She bit her lower lip.
- Do not think it's inevitable that we're married to ...
- I hate to disagree. I want your answer before you leave here today.
- The'll receive when you are ready to give it! - Exclaimed in exasperation.
Although I had the impression that he knew what it was.

See you in the morning, Daddy?
Bella felt a lump in my throat as expected response Gabriel. It was at the
bedside of his son and watched. Toby and he was clothed, sitting next to small.
As the day had advanced with a tour of the vineyards Danti and lunch on the
terrace of the magnificent villa, then a wonderful seafood dinner at Pier 39, found
it impossible to deny herself that Gabriel was wonderful with Toby .
Already wanted to Toby with the same intensity as herself.
And that affection was mutual! Looking at them at that time, so similar
physically, he could not help concluding that waged a battle that I had lost. Try to
oppose this harder and arrogant Gabriel was a waste of time and emotional
exhaustion. He looked at her inscrutable eyes.
- I think that depends on Mom, do not you think? - He murmured.
- Mommy? - Urged anxious Toby.
Bella re Spir deep breath before answering:
- We'll see - replied without committing to anything.
- Usually, that means yes - Toby whispered to Gabriel tone of conspiracy.
- Yup? - Gabriel looked at her quizzically.
- It means we'll see - she insisted -. And it's time for you to sleep, young man he told his son as he approached -. Ga ... Dad and I will be in the next room if you
need us, Toby - I said before leaning in to kiss her.
The small circled his neck and hugged her.
- It was a beautiful day, is not it, Mommy?
Bella felt a thrill to look radiant and happy child face.

Could jeopardize that by subjecting the trauma happiness that would cause
legal battle with Gabriel? Could put Toby in a position where almost be forced to
choose between mother with whom he had lived all his young life or the parent
who just met? Could he do that?
He knew the answer to all those questions was not ...
- Beautiful - he confirmed his son with joy before returning to kiss -. See you in
the morning, honey - ruffled his hair and pulled away from the bed.
- Sleep well, little - Gabriel wished him after embracing.
- Do you promise to come in the morning? - Toby's eyes were anxious.
Gabriel doubted that little had heard the groaning of his mother, but he did
what he had heard.
- I will come in the morning - he assured. Whatever it took, pretending to be in
the life of Toby every morning.
- Do you mind not want to marry you? - She asked when they returned to the
Should, and did, but Gabriel knew from the previous reaction Bella that day
that at least in one plane did want to be with him ...
He had no doubt that other couples had begun with less.
- Not particularly - ruled briefly.
She glared at him a moment longer before issuing a sigh of defeat.
- Okay, Gabriel, I agree to marry you ...
- I thought you would - he murmured to go sit in an armchair.
- Will you let me finish? - It raised some eyebrows expressionless standing at
the other end of the room.
- Of course - he leaned back, relaxed. He had won the first battle, and hoped
that the hardest, so he could afford to be gracious in victory.

- Thanks - acknowledged wryly -. I accept to marry you - before continuing

repeated more firmly - but only under certain conditions.
He studied her, and her expression knew that those conditions were not going
to like.
- What?
- First, if we got married, I would like to live in England ...
- I'm sure that can be arranged.
I had already considered that problem when he decided that marriage to
Isabella was the only solution for the welfare of Toby. It would be easy to put
someone in charge of the vineyards of San Francisco, would visit occasionally to
check that everything goes well.
- The commercial interests of Danti you are international, Isabella - informed -.
I'll take care of running the London office. Your second condition ...?
- Toby I attended ra to schools of my choice ...
- As long as that choice include Eton and then Cambridge, not foresee that this
could be a problem - said.
- Eton and Cambridge? - She repeated in credulity.
- The Danti take several generations ucndose ed in these institutions.
Bella shook her head.
- Toby begin to attend the local school in early September. Then he will go as
an external student to another school.
- Then - Gabriel said - I suggest that we make sure that time we are living in a
house next to Eton enough so that you can study there as an external student.
He looked so damn sure unleashed his fury.
As if he had not had any doubt what would be the answer would receive a
marriage proposal. Proposition? Gabriel did not ask, ordered. It was the arrogance

But while Toby had enjoyed being the center of attention of Christ and Gabriel
Danti, she had devoted the day to consider your options. And he had quickly
realize that these were very limited options.
The Danti were a family rich and powerful, both in the US and Europe. What
chance would ensure that Toby and she came out unscathed from a legal battle?
The answer was very clear. None.
But if she was forced to accept the marriage, then it was determined that their
opinions count for something.
- Third - continued - marriage is only nominal - looked defiant and surprised
him stand up.
Gabriel shook his head slowly.
- I'm sure you're already aware that it will be impossible.
By mutual reaction had shown before!
Never respond to men of that unbridled and lascivious manner. At least ... not
what I had never done until Gabriel appeared. Both five years ago as that day ...
Reason for establishing this last condition for marriage. Not imagine anything
worse than become a slave of desire Gabriel seemed so easily turn into it.
Even then, feeling angry and trapped, remained fully conscious of it, how he
had removed his shirt to touch his warm, muscular torso. Unfortunately, even more
clearly remembered how Gabriel had touched ...
He would not let emotions could turn their life, that govern the desire Gabriel
woke in it!
He straightened his shoulders.
- Without your acceptance of this last condition, not even take into
consideration the idea that married.
Gabriel watched and was sure that Bella thought seriously believed in what he
said. But after how they reacted to each other, I could not believe it. Or accept.

She had come to life in his arms. Without barriers or restraints. How could he
imagine that they could live together day after day, night after night !, and not
bring that desire to the end?
He pursed his lips.
- Want Toby is an only child?
He shrugged.
- Anyway, I was going to be.
He studied carefully.
- You're a beautiful woman, Isabella; if we had not returned to find
undoubtedly someday you'd have married you would have had any children.
- No - replied with certainty -. I decided long ago never submit to Toby to a
stepfather who might or might not accept as his own son - Gabriel explained to a
The simple idea that Toby or Bella once belonged to another man filled with an
uncontrollable rage. Toby was his. Beautiful too!
He closed his hands at his sides.
- I agree with your last condition, Bella ...
- I thought you would - dryly repeated the words he had uttered before.
- Like you, Bella, I have not finished - Gabriel replied -. I agree with your last
condition whenever possible void by you at any time.
She looked at him suspiciously.
- What does that mean exactly?
He flashed a grin.
- It means that I reserve the right to ... persuade, say, to change your mind.
I knew that comment meant reserved the right to try to seduce her to change her
mind whenever she felt like it!

Could you resist the temptation? Living with Gabriel the clock, would you be
able to not fall under the spell of his seduction?
Did he have any choice other than to try?
- Before surprised me, Gabriel - stated value -. In the future I will be on guard
against ... well, against any attempt to resume like yours attentions.
It sounded so serious and so firm in his decision that j could not help but
- I will not allow qu e has no other man in your life, Isabella - warned him
- And this rule applies to you? - He released.
He looked funny.
- My own tastes do not go in that particular direction ...
- You know very well what I meant! - Exclaimed in exasperation.
He shrugged.
- There will be no other woman in my bed than yourself, Isabella.
- I do not be in your bed!
For Gabriel, the fact that she did not believe it did not mean he was not going to
- You set your own conditions for our marriage - he said -. Now I want to
expose my own.
- You also have conditions? - He asked puzzled.
- Of course - he smiled -. Is that you thought was going to let it all out the way
you wanted?
- Making me marry you does not fit into that category! - Scorned.
He shrugged his shoulders.
- You have choice, Isabella.
- It is not feasible!

- Not - recognized simply -. However, it is still a choice.

Bella sighed frustrated; I just wanted that conversation was over once and for
all. She was tired, emotionally and physically, and needed time and space to sit
alone to lick their wounds. To reconcile with the idea that he was going to marry
Gabriel Danti!
How different would have been if had happened five years ago. How different
would it make sense if the night together would have represented the beginning of
something that had ended with Gabriel asking her to marry him.
But the proposition that time was only a tr ansaccin business. A marriage of
convenience because both wanted to ensure that at least the life of Toby continue
with happiness and harmony.
- What is your condition, Gabriel? - He asked.
He walked slowly toward her and stopped just inches away.
Bella dug her nails into the palms of your hands, fully aware of the warmth and
fragrance emanating from his body.
- What do you want? - He snapped defensively, getting a slow, seductive smile
-. I meant your condition, Gabriel - he hastened to explain.
By the look of him he could see clearly what he wanted!
- Ah, yes. My condition is that, in order to ensure harmony in our two families,
I suggest everyone to believe that our marriage is love.
Disbelief left speechless.
- Would you f inja I'm in love with you?
- Only in public - he explained.
He looked furious.
- And in private?
- Oh, by the time I only wish it - replied softly. - Arrogant son ...

- Insulting my mother will achieve nothing but annoy me greatly, Isabella warned.
- I'm so sorry - I replied sarcastically -. My intention was to insult you, not your
Gabriel was excited, not insulted. The marriage to Isabella promised to be a
feast for the senses.
He smiled.
- I do not feel insulted - he said hoarsely - Intrigued, perhaps, but not insulted.
- It's a shame.
His smile widened.
- Do you accept my condition, then?
- I assure you I would not worry my parents and siblings about the choice I am
making more than you to your father.
- And so ...?
- Then - he conceded grudgingly - in public I will try to make sure seems that
our marriage is something I want.
- Well - - satisfied him raise his hand and put it down on the delicate curve of
Bella's jaw, feeling it stiffen before that slight contact before departing said.
Neither family nor mine will be convinced of our mutual love ... if you react that
way when I touch - grunted disapprovingly to hand down the side.
She snorted.
- I promise I'll try to do better when we're in public!
- With a try is not enough - Gabriel said coldly.
- It's the only answer I can give you now - told him tired.
Gabriel studied and could feel the air of defeat that she no longer tried to hide.
Yes, he had won the battle to force acceptance of Isabella on the issue of
marriage and claim as his son Toby.

But he felt little success in that victory as he felt that with her, could have
jeopardized the success of the entire war raging.

You are a dazzling bride, Bella! - Claudia smiled excitedly as he gave the
finishing touches to veil before stepping back to admire the look of your sister.
This could only see their reflection dull, wearing a beautiful wedding gown of
white satin and beautiful lace veil, in the full length mirror in the bedroom closet
door that had been his girl.
Who could imagine that just five weeks after accepting the marriage proposal
of Gabriel, would be preparing to go to church with his father to become the wife
of Gabriel?
The wife of Gabriel Danti. Oh my God!
- Do they have any doubts about marrying such a fine man like Gabriel, Bella?
- Claudia joked at his obvious nervousness.
- No, I can not, right? - Agreed with forced lightness -. Want to go tell Dad I'm
ready to leave? - Asked, hoping her sister left the room to go back to look in the
What was regret marrying Gabriel when he had been lawfully claimed to Toby
as his son? Toby Scott Tobias at the time was Danti.
As she herself would soon become Isabella Danti.
Even that name sounded strange, alien. Which described exactly how she had
felt during the last five weeks.
The woman reflected in mirror certainly looked like her, but felt no joy at the
thought of becoming the wife of Gabriel.
It was five weeks they had shared the news of their engagement with their
excited families. Then Toby and she had stayed in San Francisco two days to give
Gabriel time to fix things before flying to England with them.

Since then, he had stayed in the home of Surrey where Bella saw him for the
first time, but every day going home to spend time with Toby.
When they were in the presence of one of the two families, they seemed, as
they had agreed, feeling very happy together.
Complicated by Bella, because the longer she stayed with him, became more
aware of his physical presence. And to think she had said it would only be a
nominal marriage ...
Troubled thought it was the day of your wedding and could not feel more
- Where are we going?
- On our honeymoon, of course - he replied with satisfaction while driving the
sport black to private track where the jet of Danti waiting after the guests offer
them a warm farewell.
- What honeymoon? - He turned in his seat to look grim; still wearing the
wedding dress and veil -. At no time in the last five weeks we talk about go on
- Do not talk because I did knew this would be your reaction - he confessed
The foiled his despotism.
- If you knew then, why ...?
- It was supposed to be a surprise - he growled.
- Of course it was.
- Is Toby's surprise, Bella - said Gabriel.
- How Toby? - Stared at him.
He nodded.
- Our son told me several weeks ago that newly married people go on
honeymoon after the wedding.

It's cheeks.
- You should have explained ...
- What is exactly what it should have explained, Isabella? - Cut sharply -. What
if their parents are now married, are not in love? That his mother has no desire to
spend time alone with her father?
Bella winced inwardly. When you put it that way ...
They had spent the last few weeks, separately and together, Toby convincing
that they would be happy as a real family. They had succeeded in relation to the
small, why he had decided that his parents were on honeymoon was what made the
"families of truth" ...
- I have no clothes with me ...
- Claudia was kind enough to prepare a suitcase - he said -. It is in the car with
mine. Toby also arranged for staying with your parents during the week we're out he added -. My father will stay in England and visit often.
- Since then he has been busy, right? - He sighed, unveiled carefully and put it
in the back of the car -. That's better.
It was the hardest day of his life. Beginning with the conversation that his
father had insisted on sticking with it first thing in the morning ...
Getting off at half past six, he had found alone in the kitchen drinking coffee.
He kept light conversation while she was preparing another coffee. But as he sat at
table with him, everything changed.
Gently he had exposed the concern that he and his mother felt about
precipitation wedding with Gabriel. Did he do the right thing and was sure that was
what I really wanted? There was no doubt about what was Toby, but could she be
Lying to her father was probably the hardest thing he'd ever done.
Even the memory felt his eyes watering.

- Well, where have you decided that we will go on honeymoon? - Asked for
Gabriel pressed his lips at the tone of fatigue Bella, who made no effort to hide
that day had been an ordeal he had been through.
It had seemed stunningly beautiful as we move down the aisle toward him, a
vision in white satin and lace.
But she had avoided him. The voice had trembled with uncertainty to the vows,
like hand to allow him to introduce the alliance finger. When he kissed to seal
those votes, his mouth had remained rigid and indifferent, though he had made the
effort to smile at the guests as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.
- Let's go to your island in the Caribbean - he informed her.
- Do not you mean your island in the Caribbean? - Corrected Bella.
- No, I mean yours - corroborated Gabriel -. It's my wedding regajo - he had not
wanted to tell him that way; I had intended to be a surprise when they got there.
And I would have to not feel so frustrated with the behavior so distant from her.
Bella was stunned and incredulous. Is this the Gabriel gave an entire island in
the Caribbean as a wedding gift?
He smiled wryly to capture their expression.
- Do not worry, Isabella. It's just a small island.
- Even a small island is no exaggeration when I just bought you twins? - Asked
And he had done at the last moment because Claudia, her maid of honor, told
him to do so; until then, had entered his head to give her something for the
wedding. What could give a man who had everything?
Although the church had noticed that he had worn the diamond and onyx
cufflinks in the cuffs of his crisp shirt.
- You've given me much more than that, Isabella - he said hoarsely.

She looked at him suspiciously, but his expression revealed nothing.

- I do not know what you mean - he mumbled uncertainly.
- I speak of Toby, Isabella. You've given you a child - he explained.
A man who had everything ... except that ...
She looked at him. It seemed as tense as she felt, wrinkled eyes and mouth
grim; his skin was somewhat pale under the naturally sallow tone.
How different everything would have been if five years before Gabriel had not
been in love with another woman. How different that day could have been if they
had married because they were in love.
But they were two strangers who had married for protecting and maintaining
the happiness of your child.
He swallowed.
- If you do not mind, I think I'd be sitting here in silence for a while - he closed
his eyes.
A Gabriel care. If Bella thought the last five weeks had been less stressful for
him, he was wrong.
As they had agreed, being with people she had managed to maintain an air of
serene happiness, but as soon as they were alone, everything was different. He had
shown a complete lack of interest if he had tried to talk to her about the wedding
plans. It had been uncommunicative three Sunday morning who had attended
church together to hear the reading of the banns.
And worst of all, when they were alone, had avoided to touch it ...
If Bella wanted to punish him for forcing her to marry, then he could not have
found better way to do that with this icy silence and apparent aversion showed the
slightest touch.

The jet of Danti was the ultimate in luxury. Only six extremely comfortable seating
in the spacious, carpeted master cabin with a bar at the end where the cockpit and a
door leading to a private compartment on the other end was.
Gabriel had instructed the captain to take off in when they and baggage were on
board. A flight attendant had placed two tall glasses of champagne in front of
them, then serve the bubbling liquid and leave the bottle in ice bucket with Gabriel
before disappearing into the kitchen behind the bar and closing the door quietly
behind her.
Bella was imposed not look the cup, and it reminded too that intensity Gabriel
last night with five years ago. Remember last thing he needed at that moment!
- Your father and you certainly know how to travel in style - said lightly.
He nodded.
- As Toby and you will do now that you are Danti.
The reminder of experienced change gripped her insides
Isabella Danti. Gabriel wife.
- Toby certainly be impressed - I replied.
- But you do not?
More nervous than she felt impressed. Really nervous about being alone with
Gabriel for the first time in five years, terrified spend a week with him on a
Caribbean island.
He shook his head.
- I'm not a little girl of four years, Gabriel.
- No, you're not.
He had to turn his head to break contact with this intense look before they can
stand up abruptly.
- I think ... I think I'd go to another room to take off my wedding dress.
- An excellent idea, Isabella - he murmured.

He frowned when he saw who was standing too slowly; height and width of
your shoulders at once dominated the cabin.
- I think I'm quite able to change my own, thanks - said shrilly.
Gabriel nodded quizzically.
- Thought you might need some help with back zipper.
Bella realized that I was not misguided. Before he had not been aware of this
obstacle because Claudia had helped to dress, but now was not comfortable with
the idea that Gabriel help her undress ...
Comfortable? The idea that his touch was enough to break him finish nerves!
They said it would never wear that dress. So what was the problem if tore the
- I'm sure I can fix me, thanks - I replied with a distant voice as he turned.
- I need to change - Gabriel insisted on reaching the back door before she and
abrrsela compartment.
Bella looked insecure, knowing the challenge radiating from his eyes that he
hoped to continue arguing with her. He experienced the perverse desire to not give
him the satisfaction.
- Well - accepted lightly and passed him to enter the adjoining cabin.
And I froze to be found not in another room as he had supposed, but in a room
whose center was dominated by a huge bed.
Gabriel's eyes twinkled funny to see the stunned expression Bella to see the
luxurious room, the locker room, the soft carpet and bedding golden silk that
covered the bed with several cushions upholstered on similar fluffy pillows.
Unfortunately, it did not remain stunned long before turning and looking at him
- I hope not shelter any idea about add my name to the list of women you've
seduced here! - He snapped.

Gabriel's humor evaporated at the insult deliberate.

- Have the tongue of a snake.
Bella raised an amused eyebrow.
- It's a little late to repent, do not you, Gabriel? Hope you have not forgotten
that we have married today.
- Oh, I remember, Isabella - stressed -. Maybe it's time for me to remind you! Closed the door softly.
She stepped back to know his intention.
- He was serious, Gabriel ... do not think becoming another notch in your bed
The stepped forward with a clenched jaw.
- I also talked seriously about five weeks ago you had the right to change your
mind in our marriage was only nominal!
The alarm made Bella opened her eyes.
- Not here!
- Where you want, anytime - promised.
She moved away from him.
- I told you I will not become another showing ...
- If you ever look at the bed, Isabella, you'll see that no post - exposed to
dangerous softness -. And we are about five thousand feet.
- To your club of five thousand meters, then - persisted, plantndole face with
courage and toiling to hide the nervousness he felt.
Something that did not escape the penetrating gaze of Gabriel.
He took another step and stopped just inches from Bella, those trembling lips.
Full lips, slightly parted, representing a temptation, like the tip of the tongue
that Bella took to humedecrselos.
An invitation had no intention to decline!

- Turn around, Isabella, so you can you get off the rack dress - suggested
She swallowed.
- I do not ... - stopped with a gasp when Gabriel sidestepped his protest and
stood behind her. He felt the touch of his fingers as he began to slowly pull down
the zipper.
Her back arched involuntarily as he felt a shudder through her body as the
zipper down her back and held her breath as Gabriel parted her satin dress and
stroked her bare shoulder with his lips.
Instantly he felt a burning desire throughout the body when wet tongue on her
skin burning did not stop licking and test.
Despite how much she refused and opposed, he knew he wanted to Gabriel.
He wore five weeks fighting the desire and the need, afraid to even touch him if
he lost control. With the result that every minute spent with him had been torture.
And the icy facade projected to defend that passion had melted with the force
of an avalanche at the time that his mouth had touched her bare skin!
Threw back neck and rested her head on his shoulder while he introduced
Gabriel hands on the dress and rose to crown the breasts; with their own the
tightened it up, longing those caresses.
She screamed when desire is freed from between her thighs in the moment
thumbs Gabriel played with her nipples, her body tense with anticipation, unable to
breathe while awaiting the second stroke; almost sobbed as his lips moved over her
swollen throat and took these summits between the fingers and squeezed
- Gabriel? - Moaned while moving back against the hardness of his erection -.
Gabriel, please ...!

- Not yet, Bella - denied huskily while his body throbbed with the same need
for liberation.
We waited for hours of flight to get to the island, and before that happened, he
intended to discover and meet all the fantasies of Bella as hoped she would meet
Take away satin bridal gown was only the first of the fantasies that had kept
him awake night after night for the past five weeks!
She slowly slid her shoulders and arms before undress to the waist and then let
it fall and be deployed on the ground around her feet.
Bella's eyes were closed and Gabriel noted how beautiful she was only with
white lace panties and stockings of the same color.
Showed the slightly parted lips and wet when wrapped her arms and returned to
crown him before stroking her breasts with nipples thumbs intense pink color.
- Yup! - She said - Oh, God, yes, Gabriel ...
The hit against him. He ran free and erotically throat lips and finished nibbling
earlobe while still playing a hand with perfect nipple and the other down.
Bella's skin was like velvet beneath his fingers splayed on the waist and hips.
Still chewing on his ear, he looked down below where the fingers sought silk
panties dark curls clearly perceived through the thin fabric, we separated those
curls and sought the sensitive bud that nested there. When found, he began to
stroke it.
It was hot and wet, the delicate folds swollen with need, a need that Gabriel
aimed to increase until Bella scream and beg him to provide him orgasm her body
To feel the touch of the fingers, she moaned and spread her legs to allow
greater access, he accepted an invitation to enter a long finger inside Bella,

followed by another while continuing his thumb stroking the clitoris and with the
other hand he massaging the chest at the same devastating pace.
Again and again.
With the most intense, profound and rapid strokes.
The heat rose unbearably as Bella moved her hips to meet the thrusts Gabriel
finger inside her.
- Please do not stop! - She gasped breathlessly -. Please do not stop!
- Let yourself go, Bella! - He mused over his throat -. Surrender, face !
- Yes ... - accepted haltingly -. Oh yeah! Oh, God, yes ...! - Twisted against
Gabriel's hand to half her orgasm became uncontrolled and ran a wave after
another of a devastating pleasure.
He held her captive as he continued to pleasure her with his fingers and Bella
felt an orgasm after another, his body a quivering mass under the slightest contact
of Gabriel.
- Enough! - Sobbed bloodless end to collapse into his arms.

BELLA slowly awoke somewhat disoriented as he looked around the room
And then he remembered.
Not only where it was, but everything that had happened since he came into the
He turned his head on the pillow, and the protest of your body to curl up in a
fetal position clearly reminded how Gabriel had fondled and touched.
His determination that was only a nominal marriage had taken little blow ...
They had not even left the British airspace before succumbing to his touch!
Was ...
He looked toward the door opened gently hear his expression became defensive
to see Gabriel standing in the doorway.
The cream-colored polo and jeans she wore showed that he had been in the
bedroom enough time to change after she ... After she do? Are collapse in ecstasy
had given him over and over again until, simply could not get any more?
Oh, God ...!
He pursed his lips.
- If you come to gloat ...
- I came to see if you've already aroused - corrected coldly -. Be landing soon
and you need time to get dressed before.
Which reminded him that apart from the panties and stockings, was completely
naked under the sheet.
Also that as she had been almost naked, Gabriel had been wearing all his
previous ... Previous what? Is it sexual encounter?

Do not sounded horrible?

- Thanks - accepted indifferent politeness.
He frowned for a moment. Knowing her as I knew, had not expected to fall
madly in love in her arms on awakening, but the coldness and the accusation that
had been presented to gloat by the previous surrender proved unforgivable.
Grimly, crossed the room in three strides, stood beside the bed and looked at
- It is not me you're angry, Isabella ...
- Do not presume to be able to say what I feel - let resentful, looking at him
with twinkling eyes.
Gabriel sat on the bed and caught under the sheet to put a hand on each side of
it to lean.
- We are husband and wife, Isabella; there is no reason to be embarrassed by
what happened before between us ...
- I'm not ashamed, Gabriel ... I'm upset. Both myself like you! - He said with a
look of defiance while looking at him straight in the eye.
He knew that as the play at that time, even angry, not be able to refrain from
making love to her.
Just looking at her, I had to move uncomfortable as he felt excited. His lack of
release before had become a painful throb of which had been fully aware as Bella
I stood up suddenly to establish some distance between them before speaking
again, but she stepped forward.
- I do not count on a repeat, Gabriel - snapped.
Regarding Bella, Gabriel gave nothing for granted. Not one thing.
- Be landing in ten minutes, Isabella, so I suggest that before you do, get
dressed - said dryly.

He held the sheet to her chest when sitting; silky hair fell over her shoulders.
- I thought you said it was a small Caribbean island.
- What is - confirmed it -. We will complete the rest of the trip by helicopter.

Bella had never been on a helicopter and was not sure how to respond in such a
small device.
He felt even more uncomfortable to learn that it was Gabriel who intended to
fly it!
He looked hesitant when he took the seat beside him after storing suitcases in
the back.
- Are you sure that you know wear one of these things?
- Very safe - confirmed -. Isabella, I guarantee you will be perfectly safe in my
hands - he said mockingly to the nagging doubt it.
Bella watched with narrowed eyes before turning his head to look out the
window at the bright sun reflected in the blue-green ocean beyond a golden white
sand beach.
A relaxed pose that only lasted as Gabriel took to start and move the controls to
lift the helicopter off the ground.
When the unit ranged in the air, grabbed the arm.
- I think I'm going to puke! - He shouted.
- Do not vomit if you posas view at sea and not on the floor - Gabriel
It was easy to say, but his stomach churning continued in protest for several
long minutes, and only settled slightly when the chopper stabilized and was finally
able to appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

The sea was so blue and clear that he could see the sandy bottom in several
places, even when they began to approach a small island surrounded by a pristine
and beautiful beaches and lush green foliage and many trees.
Gabriel flew over the beach and Bella watched in amazement that went to a
white villa on top of a hill located slightly inland and surrounded by huge trees and
more colorful flowers.
- The house - he said in the sight of her curiosity as she descended the
appliance in a green and flat adjacent to the villa -. What did you expect, Bella? As soon as they landed he turned to her - Did you think I brought to a shed in the
middle of nowhere?
The truth was that I had not thought much about where they would stay once
they got to the island. The fact that Gabriel would have given an island had seemed
too fantastic.
- It's a bit primitive in the sense that no servants who serve us - he warned.
Bella smiled wryly.
- Do not cast hacks I've ever had.
- The island was a Frenchman who built the villa several years before - he told
her as he walked down the helicopter -. Of course, if you want to change the decor,
you must.
- It is beautiful as is - she muttered to remove his sunglasses and follow him
The floors were marble and terracotta cream, cream-colored furniture salon was
minimal, with several tables with glass tops conveniently located next to the chairs
and sofa. The kitchen was even more surprising, yet white, including stove,
refrigerator and freezer.

- We have our own generator and water supply - Gabriel explained as she
walked slowly stay -. Or rather, you have your own generator and water supply corrected wryly.
Bella blinked, totally overwhelmed once already in the island.
- Really all this is mine?
Gabriel nodded.
- Do you like it? - His face showed nothing.
- I love him! - He said vehemently -. I ... Thank you, Gabriel! - He said
breathlessly -. How Come Devils brought everything? The materials to build the
villa, furniture - asked.
He shrugged.
- Similarly when the food arrived there in the fridge and freezer - opened the
refrigerator door to show the food stored there -. By boat - contributed fun at the
look still puzzled her.
Bella's eyes narrowed.
- You're telling me you did not need to have suffered the helicopter ride? What
could have come by boat?
Gabriel suppressed a smile at her mild indignation.
- I thought it would be ... awesome ... arriving by helicopter - recognized.
- Oh, that thought, is not it ...? - He muttered, leaving the bag on one of the
- Yes - Gabriel admitted cautiously, unable to analyze the mood of Bella while
she went to open the fridge and pulled out a bucket before heading to the sink -. Of
course, you must be thirsty - I meant -. A selection of drinks ... What are you
doing? - He frowned at her go to him with a handful of cubes that introduced
below - pole. Bella! - Protested at first uncomfortable contact ice cubes from the
heat of your skin.

- I thought you looked something hot, Gabriel - he scoffed when he retreated to

remove the cubes, several of which fell on the marble floor.
- Damn, Bella ... - stopped when she laughed.
That it was the first time he heard her laugh without cynicism or sarcasm since
they had seen each other for five weeks.
He stared, mesmerized by these beautiful violet eyes that sparkled with good
It was the most beautiful woman he had ever met!
- Maybe I deserved it - he admitted reluctantly.
- Maybe yes - she confirmed at all sorry -. Next time we will come by boat,
right? - Said to collect soil cubes.
Gabriel remained silent stooping to help, unwilling to break the sudden truce
with any comments you might not like it and satisfied that there were to be a next
time moment ...

- What are you doing, Gabriel?

He threw the cigarette to the ground and put it out with his shoe before turning
slowly to watch Bella in the light of the moon.
The truce had continued as they walked along the beach and at dinner they had
prepared together and taken on the terrace overlooking the ocean. They were back
out after clearing the table. In a friendly and relaxed silence had finished the bottle
of red wine that Gabriel had opened to accompany dinner.
Bella had excused had half an hour to go to the master bedroom to prepare the
bed, but he had chosen to stay out a little longer, still reluctant to say or do
something that would break the illusion of camaraderie they had encountered since
the incident of cubes.

They were going to stay on the island a week, and would prefer not to devote
all the time to fight.
Gazing at the time, with a pale lilac gown, silky fabric sticking to her breasts
and molding the gentle curve of her hips, she knew she wanted to take even that
outfit before making love.
Something that, after comments on the plane, certainly shatter the illusion of
camaraderie they had shared so far.
He put his hands in the pockets of black pants she had worn for dinner.
- I thought you'd rather enjoy intimacy after a long and tiring day.
Bella studied, but was unable to read his mood.
- Are not you coming to bed? - He asked uncertainly end.
- Then, perhaps - he replied -. I'm still not tired.
Bella had not exactly had in mind the idea of sleeping to ask you the question.
While walking with Gabriel barefoot along the beach, had discovered that the
island was beautiful and completely unspoilt.
Everything from the landscape, water breaking on their feet or the warm
breeze, had joined the atmosphere of seduction night, perception hidden even in
the minimal look they shared.
At least that's what I thought.
Gabriel showed reluctance at the time of going to bed seemed to imply that
only she had felt the throbbing perception.
Because when earlier he had made love, had he only been a way of showing
that he could really make him wherever and whenever he pleased, as he had
exposed him so so raw, and once I made that clear, and no I felt the urge to repeat
the experience?

Which was ridiculous to imagine that as they had not discussed in the last
hours, could have reached some kind of understanding in your relationship. Gabriel
had never kept secret why he married her: Toby.
He felt the flush of humiliation burned cheeks.
- You're right, I prefer intimacy - said -. Therefore it would be better if you
used one of the other bedrooms and you stay away from mine during our stay here.
Gabriel narrowed his eyes and watched his defiant pose.
- Stay away! - Warned the view he took a step toward her.
Notice that chose to ignore the stand inches from Bella hands clenched at his
She felt her own fury began to fade to be fascinated by the nerve that throbbed
with the livid scar on his left cheek Gabriel tense.
It was so attractive with long disheveled hair over her shoulders, black silk shirt
and tailored pants ... to the eyes gave the impression of blacks to the moonlight
Bella had never met a man with the grace and poise of Gabriel. Never had such
a profound physical perception of another man but him. I had never desired to
another as constantly seemed to want to Gabriel.
What God help her, but even wanted now ...!
He swallowed.
- You're right, Gabriel, has been a long and tiring day. So much for this
conversation - he said -. I ... I want you to spend a good evening.
E l cracked a smirk.
- I doubt that is!
She shook her head.
- I really must find a way to stop insulting us, Gabriel.

- The only time we get is when we make love, but ... - he shrugged -. Good
night, Isabella. I'll try not to wake you when you go to bed.
Scowling, she turned and walked slowly inside, too exhausted to fight him on
the distribution of the rooms. Especially when Gabriel had made it clear he would
He doubted he could get to fall asleep knowing that at any moment he would
present to share which at the time was their bed.
He doubted he could get to sleep with him at her side ...

KNOW diving, Isabella?
- Not - looked eating toast over breakfast on the terrace -. Do you?
As I had guessed well, it was not a peaceful night and was still awake,
pretending it was not half an hour later when Gabriel met her in the bedroom. Him
to stay asleep within five minutes of having supported his head on the pillow she
had not changed at all the tension I felt, and had stayed awake for hours, even after
the rhythmic breathing he indicated he was still asleep in his side.
The only consolation I had was that Gabriel was already up and making
breakfast when she awoke shortly after nine o'clock. But still felt gritty eyes from
lack of sleep and all I really wanted was to go back to bed.
- If I knew, I would not get asked - he said before taking a sip of coffee -.
Would you like to learn?
He wore a short-sleeved shirt and white trousers and seems much more relaxed
than he had a right to be.
- I guess I could try - agreed irritated. - As long as you're not one of those
teachers who are angry with their students.
- I have no doubt that you will be a very attentive pupil, Isabella - teased him,
recognizing his eyes and face in general who had not slept well.
When the night before lay beside her, he had known that was still awake,
offering firmly back in their quest to pretend to be asleep. A deception that had
allowed him to maintain; for the moment was enough to accept that they would
share a bed in the future.
She stared at him.
- I sincerely hope that you refer to dive!

- What else could it be? - The led.

He kept watching him suspiciously for several seconds, then shrugged.
- Why not? It is clear that I have nothing else to do today - stood up suddenly.
Gabriel looked at her curiously.
- Perhaps you'd rather go to a place more ... fun ... on our honeymoon?
She gave him a sour look.
- Oh, I think this is pretty funny, do not you?
He laughed softly.
- Hope so.
Bella refused aa o accept the challenge of his gaze.
- I'll go change.
Although he was not very sure of it when he saw the tiny pieces Claudia
obviously aware of the secret honeymoon, had kept him in the suitcase.
There were two bikinis. One black which consisted of two meager pieces of
cloth that barely covered anything, and one pink, they did have more fabric in the
lower half, but unfortunately the bra was a deep neckline, which meant that as soon
as you put it asomaran breasts everywhere.
Bella forgot his own shyness with pink bikini at the moment he stepped onto
the balcony and looked at Gabriel with the smallest black swimsuit and sexy, I had
ever seen.
Low hips, fabric barely covered this revealing frontal protuberance. A lump of
that cost him his eyes ...
Gabriel stood dive team and his expression hardened to realize that Bella was
- Does my scars bother you, after all? - He dropped sharply.
- Scars? - Repeated bewildered, trying to focus on anything but the minimum
swimsuit -. Oh. Those scars - nodded, realizing interlaced lines that marked his

chest and back; in his left leg, both below and above the knee, had some deeper
that seemed surgical incisions -. Like I said I do not speak deagradables, Gabriel said grimly.
- That was before I saw the extent that reached - he said dryly -. Some women
bother them.
Do some women? Or had already happened ... maybe with Janine Childe, for
example? Bella went to the terrace.
- We all have scars. What happens is that some we carry inside and not outside.
Moreover - he added - what you care what inspires me?
Ga briel eyes were like slits.
- You're the woman who will have to look at them the rest of their lives.
The rest of your life?
He breathed deeply to realize that actually had not thought that their marriage
would last a lifetime.
Suddenly realized he had not said anything and Gabriel expected ...
- I would not worry about it. All men are equal in the dark ... - he paused to feel
the hands of Gabriel closing on his arms -. Let me go! - She gasped.
She paid no attention.
- I am not interested to know what you think of other men, Isabella. In the dark
or in another situation!
He looked and could only see the anger boiling in it.
- Your scars will not bother me, Gabriel, and that's the truth - finally answered.
After a few seconds, let go abruptly.
- I will spend a few minutes checking the equipment, so maybe you feel like
going for a swim while you wait - he suggested.
Bella turned and headed for the beach.
Another day in paradise ...

- It was the most wonderful experience of my life! - He exclaimed as he left the

sea and took off his mask.
- The most wonderful? - Gabriel raised his eyebrows quizzically as the team
took off before sitting on the blanket spread on the golden sand.
- Well ... one of them - was quick to correct her -. Toby hold her up seconds
after birth probably was the most wonderful - he said tenderly.
He frowned.
- I would have liked to share that experience with you.
- It was a lovely day, Gabriel, do not spoil it with another argument - he sighed
as he sat next to him on the blanket before taking the dive team and leave in the
sand. Wet hair away from her face, he put his knees with his arms and rested her
chin on them -. Besides, I doubt they would let you in in the delivery room despite
being who you are.
He raised an eyebrow.
- Despite being me ...?
Bella nodded.
- Even the name you have gained access Danti - joked -. There was a little
scared at the last minute - he said -. My blood pressure soared, Toby was distressed
and had to move at full speed to the operating room for a cesarean.
He stiffened.
- Is your life was in danger?
- I think our two lives were in danger for a while - recognized her -. Luckily in
the end everything went well.
- Is it feasible that the same applies in a second pregnancy?
She looked surprised.

- I do not know. He never entered my head I ask. Is this the Gabriel? - He

suddenly rose to approach the edge of water -. Gabriel, what happens? - Saw hands
tightly closed -. As I see it, you and I were about to die and have scars that prove ...
He stopped when he turned with a fierce expression.
- He was just trying to play the matter - he reasoned.
- Do you think the risk that your life is ran laughing matter?
She grimaced.
- I think it's something that happened four and a half years ago. Now there is
more than history. All still here, after all.
Gabriel knew she was right, but learning that both Bella and Toby could have
died during childbirth made her wonder, and feared that a second pregnancy would
be just as dangerous.
- Can I see your scar?
She looked cautiously standing before her, blocking the sun, the intense face.
Did see her Caesarean scar? He swallowed.
- Can you take my word that I have there? - Just below the bikini line brief. Part
of the tension evaporated ng face him.
- Do Not.
- Oh - the lower lip -. Rather not - on the defensive, hugged her knees tighter.
- Why not?
"Because it is too intimate place, for that!"
Because she already felt too exposed, vulnerable, with that minimum bikini to
show more skin!
- Maybe later - said, turning her face.
- Now.
Her brow furrowed irritated when she looked at him.

- Gabriel, we do not have to literally undress each other during our first days of
He offered a hard smile.
- You've seen my scars, now I'd like to see yours.
- I'd rather not - he snapped.
- Men and women are also equal to the light of day, Isabella - he murmured.
Of course they were not!
Simply, there was another man like Gabriel. No man who had the power to turn
him into jelly knees at a glance. No other that made her feel so desirable. He
managed to lose control with a simple touch of the hand ...
As far as she was concerned, there was no other man.
Oh, God!
He felt paled him with helplessness. She loved him. Gabriel loved.
Do we ever had ceased to love him?
With close to panic feeling, recognized that probably not. She had fallen in love
with him that night five years ago, and although I had not seen him, had continued
That was the reason I had not even shown interest in dating other men during
that time.
Why it had never been attracted to another.
Because I was already in love with Gabriel Danti and always will be!
And then they were married. She was married to the man she loved, who
always love, and he could not speak of that love because it was not what he wanted
from her. All that Gabriel wanted his son; she just went with the package.
I stood up.
- I think not, Gabriel - he said stiffly -. I'm tired. I will return to the village and
take a nap before dinner.

He stayed on the beach, watching her walk among the trees in his ascent toward
the house, with silky hair over her shoulders and an enticing sway of her hips.
What just happened?
At one point, she had been challenging as he always did, something that he
always enjoyed, and the next thought was completely closed their emotions.
Perhaps it was the best, knowing he would not dare to risk leaving Bella
pregnant until we have the certainty that she would be safe ...

- Tell me what happened five years ago, Gabriel.

- In reference to ...? - He looked at her reserved from the other side of the table.
- By accident, of course - he said impatiently.
- Ah - sat back and sipped white wine that had opened to accompany the lobster
salad they had prepared together and had just finished.
Bella frowned.
- What did you think I meant?
He looked at her with narrowed eyelids admiring how wonderful she was with
the simple black dress to the knees. Thin strips naked shoulders and arms revealed
the light tan he had acquired earlier in the beach; wore makeup free face except for
a little lip gloss and her hair cascaded over her shoulders.
I had never been more beautiful. O desirable.
- What thought you meant? - He repeated slowly -. Maybe the night together?
- I think both are aware of what happened that night! - Noted dryly -.
Impressionable student meets a sexy racing driver - explained to the inquisitive
eyes of Gabriel -. And the rest is history, as they say.
- What you say, Bella?
What should I say?

Could say that he had behaved like an idiot. I should have had more sense and
have not fallen much charm made before. That should never have committed the
absolute folly of falling in love with a man like Gabriel Danti!
- Oh, no, Gabriel - smiled humorless -. You will not deviate from my original
question irritating me.
- Do Not?
- Do Not!
- I'm curious to know the reason that talk about the night together five years
ago this may cause irritation.
- Gabriel! - Protested.
- Bella ...?
Maybe if I had followed that calling Isabella cold and distant way, then he
would have refused to answer. Maybe. But when pronounced his name that husky
and sexy way, I had no one possibility. She sighed.
- I want to discuss another v ez you tonight, Gabriel.
He nodded.
- Well, then we will not discuss.
- We seem unable to do anything else!
He shrugged.
- We will be here together one week, Bella, without other distractions. We need
to talk about something.
- I've already said what happened that night. I'm more interested what happened
next - she said.
Gabriel pursed his lips.
- Once again you mean the car accident in which two people died.
The sudden coldness that showed he had revealed a reluctance to talk about the

- I assure you I will not feel hurt by anything you can say about your feelings
for Janine Childe.
- Do Not?
- No - confirmed Bella -. You're not the first man to go to bed with a woman
when you're in love with someone. And I doubt that you are the last - he added
rueful smile.
Gabriel's jaw tightened.
- Do you consider me as rogue?
- I think you were a man surrounded by women who follow Formula One
happy to sleep with the champion no matter who is in love with another woman she explained pragmatically -. Women love that macho image, and you know it.
- To you? - At that time it sounded fun.
- Did not talk about me ...
- Why did you sleep with me tonight, Bella?
Bella was returning a call! And right after he realized he was in love with him
- Because you were damn sexy, of course - he said lightly -. And now, would
you ...?
- What happened, Bella? - Cut it out gently and hoarse voice -. Already not find
me sexy?
If you find sexier, it would literally drooling ... would rip that shirt silk to touch
bare skin.
I'd knees, begging him to come back to make love!
And another ...
Just think of them made her harden the breasts and nipples be marked against
the soft fabric of her dress.

She gave him an irritated look.

- You should carry a warning label on the front that are dangerous to health! He frowned when he began to smile -. I'm glad you find it funny - mused.
He did not lose his smile as he watched. Without noticing Bella increasingly
felt more relaxed in each other's company.
Torso slightly forward.
- You should carry a warning about the breasts.
The cheeks blush invaded.
- Are my breasts ...? - Choked.
Gabriel nodded.
- They are beautiful, Bella. Firm. Round. They fit perfectly in my hand. And
your nipples are ...
- I'm not sure that's a conversation for the desktop, Gabriel! - Cried when she
could catch her breath.
The let his gaze down to the part of the anatomy of Bella in question that then
tighten the bodice of the dress. A clear indication that the conversation had excited
much as him.
However, he could not, or dare, to make love. The fear of another loss in her
life made her determination not to risk the lives of Bella with a possible second
pregnancy was firm.
He pressed his lips to understand the predicament that had gotten them both.
- You're right, Isabella, it is not - I stood.
- I ... Where are you going? - Frowned at him go to the beach.
Gabriel turned on the path and the moonlight was reflected in his eyes.
- Will need some time for me - said distantly.
Could not have said more clearly that after only two days together was already
bored with your company!

- Well - he nodded -. See you in the morning then - he said meekly, still
somewhat dazed by the sudden change as Gabriel. After spending many weeks to
resist him, he was also surprised by the intense desire that embargaba be seduced.
- No doubt it - confirmed brief manner.
And Bella realized with pain that did not look happy about that possibility ...
The two days that Gabriel had needed to sen ti rse bored in his company were
the same as it was required to understand that she loved him more than ever!

THE breakfast, Bella.
He felt as if struggling through layers of mist out of a deep and troubled sleep.
He grimaced as he remembered where he was.
Once again the night before had pretended sleeping when Gabriel finally went
to bed two hours after her. And the restless movements had indicated he was not
able to sleep.
However, they had not spoken. They had not touched. They had simply
remained side by side, awake but not communicate.
- It is getting cold coffee, Bella - Gabriel told him. He could smell the coffee
and the delicious smell of croissants, and finally opened his eyes and frowned to
see that Gabriel was standing by the bed holding a tray. Since he was dressed, with
wet hair from the shower.
- Why is breakfast in bed, Gabriel? - He sat down, leaning against the fluffy
pillows, deciding that the attack was the best defense after the way they had parted
the night before. He shrugged.
- I found something that a husband should do for his wife - he set the tray on
his knees and stepped back.
- No one had brought me breakfast in bed - uncomfortable and mumbled
without looking.
- As we left this morning, I thought it best you ate something ...
- Leave? - Cut disbelief, staring -. You mean to return to England?
- Yes - confirmed with a nod. She was absolutely stunned as she watched him
take his clothes closet, preparing to put in the bags.

He had decided that they were leaving. After only two days of honeymoon! His
brow furrowed in confusion.
- It's something sudden, do not you think? What the hell would think your
family if trimmed honeymoon that? Especially Toby!
Gabriel saw the doubts that passed through Bella's face and shook his head.
- You're not happy, Isabella.
- And neither do you! - R eplic it. He pursed his lips.
- Did not talk about me.
- No, right? Why, Gabriel? Why you can never give a clear and direct answer
to a direct question also clear?
- Perhaps because the questions you formulas have no direct answer.
She sighed in disgust.
- Do you going back to!
Gabriel was well aware of what he did. But he could not talk to Bella about
their fears, their need to leave the island again before putting his life in danger if
conceived a second time.
- If you think your family can become preoccupied with our early return from
the honeymoon, I suggest you go directly to your home. That way no one has to
know that we have become.
Bella frowned.
- What is the difference in us to hide here five days to do it in my house?
Gabriel issued a humorless laugh.
- I said you were at your house, Isabella, not that I think meet you there.
She paled.
- I see ...
- Yup? - He asked him grimly.

- Oh, yes - replied to place the tray on the bedside table before standing -. I can
be ready in half an hour if that's okay.
I had thought that Bella would feel happy to leave the island that day. And
more to be rid of his company as return to England. But exhibited an expression of
- No rush - he reported -. I radioed to ask that the plane was ready for takeoff us
upon arrival.
- Now I know where he gets his ability to Toby organization! - Snorted -. I
would like some privacy to take a shower and get dressed, if you do not mind,
Gabriel - looked defiant.
- Would count for something I care? - Growled.
- Not at all! - Snapped with twinkling eyes.
- It was what I thought. Some breakfast, Isabella - advised -. You'll feel less
dizzy in the helicopter if you've eaten - was so beautiful angry with clear
nightgown sticking to the exuberance of her curvaceous figure. It took restrain take
in arms. In return, he went to the door -. I'll be outside if you need me.
- Do not you need - he said flatly.

- Did not you say you were going to leave? - Reminded Bella hours later, after
Gabriel had taken her to his house and sat in the lounge delayed.
The long flight jet of Danti had been free of incidents ... probably because
neither had suggested approaching the bedroom on the back of the plane.
He wanted to leave, because as soon as I did, I knew I would yield to the tears
all day had threatened to fall.
- Are not you going to give me at least a cup of coffee? - He asked.
- It's late, Gabriel, and I thought you had to go somewhere else.

He frowned.
- I did not say that.
- You gave it to understand.
He knew exactly what he had implied. But once when separated from Bella
arrived, he was reluctant to do so.
- I'm not ax or to leave you here alone is the right thing.
She laughed.
- I have two years living alone, Gabriel ...
- Have you lived here with Toby - firmly fixed -. No es lo mismo.
Regretfully, Bella took to himself that it was not. In fact, it was aware of the
silent and the house seemed empty without the presence of his young son.
- I am already a big girl, Gabriel; sure I'll manage - he said wryly.
- I am well aware of the fact that you're a big girl.
- So, I suggest you stop treating me like a six year old girl and give me the
treatment of a woman of twenty.
His mouth reflected disapproval.
- Show concern for your well-being is to treat you like a child?
Bella shook her head impatiently.
- You've been treating me like a child! Punto.
- How would you have treated you, Isabella? - He released frustrated with that
Bella stood very still and felt the sudden tension in the room. I could almost
hear the crackle of electricity flowing between Gabriel and her ...
He swallowed.
- I think you should leave.
He thought so too. In fact, I knew it! Before you do something that later regret.
Both may come to regret.

But ...
Bella looked tired after the long journey, with a pale face dark circles by
exhaustion. However, there was a seductive stubborn determination in the angle of
the chin, the same challenge in his eyes and the proud posture of the body.
He felt the throb of his erection just by looking.
Leaving it clear that it was time to leave!
- Yes, should it go - recognized hoarsely.
- Yup.
- Now.
- Yup.
- Bella ...
- Gabriel ...?
He breathed deeply.
- I need to go!
- Do it.
But instead of away he crossed the room in two strides and hit his chest as he
lowered his head and claimed her mouth with such a primitive and old as time
So wild and primitive as his fiery and uncontrolled desire to possess again
Bella ...
He put his fingers in his hair as he kissed her hungry on, parting her lips and
allowing his tongue plunged into the heat of his mouth. Bella tasted like honey,
and was also very excited.
He molded his body against him and continued kissing her and claiming it. He
reached over her back and pressed his erection, so powerful need to possess that
could not think of anything or feel anything but Bella.

He pulled his mouth from hers and landed on the satiny smoothness of her
throat, licking, tasting, nibbling.
- We should for now, Bella!
- Yes - agreed she quavered.
- I can not be gentle with you! - He groaned, knowing it was true. He had
waited too long. He had wanted too long!
Bella already knew, had felt the urgency of the moment when he took her in his
arms. An urgency that she too experienced and had unleashed as touched. No, even
before! This physical perception had been present all day including burning just
below the surface even in the most superficial conversations.
- I will not break, Gabriel - encouraged him with arched neck erotic heat of his
mouth -. Just do not stop. Please do not stop ...
He trembled with longing. Several buttons of her blouse flew at the time he
separated her breasts to undress and begin to lick and kiss them, introducing a
swollen nipple in the heat of his mouth with one hand while he massaged the other.
He gave a grunt to feel traversed by pleasure, which eventually accumulate as a
volcanic throb between her thighs sob. It was so swollen, so needed to stick against
the erection of Gabriel, who was barely able to think coherently.
He moved against her, a promise of an even greater pleasure. A pleasure he had
no intention of allowing Gabriel deny them either. She wanted him inside. I wanted
to watch her face as he thrust hard. He wanted to hear her moans of pleasure mixed
with hers. Hearing their cries when they reached the summit together.
- This time, no, Gabriel - departed when his hand was unbuttoning jeans -. I
want to touch first. Besarte. All - added hoarsely start unbuttoning his shirt,
bajrsela arms and let it fall to the carpeted floor -. You're so beautiful, Gabriel ...!
- Whispered before starting to kiss each and every one of your scars, licking the
skin, testing.

Gabriel knew his scarred body was far from beautiful, but stopped worrying
especially as lips and tongue Bella walked freely while supporting the palm of her
hand on his erection, which responded immediately to the rhythmic movement and
slow imposed by it.
It had been five weeks together before the wedding and two days alone in a
romantic Caribbean island. And yet it was in the small house of Bella, knowing
they would be separated several hours, when he lost control.
- I need ... Bella, I need ... - fell with a groan as she unbuttoned his jeans and
out of the way to meet that need.
His mouth was hot to take and fingers closed around the extension of erection
to stroke.
Gabriel was lost in the pleasure of that dual attack your senses.
He struggled to maintain control. A little more. I wanted ... needed to enjoy that
moment a little more, and vowed to himself that then leave. Bella pushed him
gently back until it dropped into a chair, with her hair over her thighs as she knelt
before him.
Only a few minutes of being in the heat of Bella's mouth. That delicious tongue
licked penis extension. Fingers around as instinctively began to move at the same
pace demon.
Bella lifted his eyelids to look at it and purposely kept his eyes as he ran his
tongue around the glans challenge the throbbing erection. Licking. Exciting.
Gabriel's face was flushed with passion, feverish eyes, jaw clenched as she
struggled not to lose control.
- Enough! - Growled at her away, gripping her by the arms to incorporate
power to capture him with his mouth.
She straddled him and kissed wildly.

I stood with the still stuck necked crowned the back of Bella's hands to lift it
with him before her down on the carpet, lifting his head to sever her blouse and
broken and feast on those bare breasts.
First he kissed one nipple and then the other. She moaned softly as he looked
and he continued squeezing and massaging her nipples with his fingers, watching
her eyes darken and arched into the caress.
Still looking at her, he released his jeans and pulled them down her thighs to
remove them completely, spreading her legs to stand between them. He stroked her
stomach with slow circular motion and downward toward the soft, dark curls
visible through the cream-colored lace panties.
Bella gasped as she watched him touch her warm, delicate fingers. He groaned
when those fingers rested on her sex. She lifted her hips to meet such tantalizing
The finger moved and she followed. Again.
And another.
The tempting. It gave him pleasure. The tortured.
- Yes, Gabriel ...! - Begged the end, moving against him dominated by
He removed her panties and watched with intense eyes for a moment before
lowering his head. First he touched it with his hands, then his lips tenderly kissed
the scar she had not had for five years.
But Bella did not have time to think about it when Gabriel fingers separated
black curls and her mouth dropped ...
Good heavens!
A pleasure like never before known radiated from his body at the moment
when his tongue licked the throbbing bud and threw the edge moments before the
climax broke over her with wave after wave of such intensity seemed pain.

The pleasure had emptied his mind and let out his breath in a kind of sob as she
felt Gabriel separated the tender folds and penetrated, first with one finger, then
two. While the tongue was caressing the yearning heart, his head moved from side
to side and closed his hands when he took her to another even more intense than
the first orgasm.
It was not enough.
Never enough!
Bella sat up and stretched out on the carpet to remove the rest of the clothes
before rising above it, resting his hands on the powerful shoulders as the heat
between her legs became a hot caress against the hardness of erection.
- No, Bella ... - he groaned when he led his interior, inch by inch, to tuck him
completely and be enveloped in its warmth and tightness -. We should not do ...
- Yes - he insisted.
Gabriel stopped breathing when she started moving with agonizing slowness.
She felt herself harder and bigger, longer able to endure the torment of those
breasts on top of it. He lifted his head and mouth captured one of those pink peaks.
Bella took it in its entirety before getting up and leaving only the glans remain
within it. Then he came back down and up, so again and again. By then Gabriel
was so excited it was as if he touched the very core.
The he grabbed her hips with his hands and guided his movements to perceive
the imminent release, and heard the cry of Bella when she reached orgasm at the
same time as him.

NO should have done! Bella had collapsed on wet torso of Gabriel when the
last wave of pleasure through her body, but then raised his head and looked at him
- What did you just say?
He will return a grim look.
- No of Beriah have done that, Bella ...
She looked stunned, suddenly separated from him and covered his nakedness
with a broken blus before standing.
- Go, Gabriel - snapped.
- Bella ...
- Go Away! - He repeated in a trembling voice, turning in search of panties that
managed to get in precarious balance.
Gabriel wondered how he could do that. How Come?
What she had seen something beautiful, absolutely unique, it had become
something he wanted to forget.
They wished never happened!
- Would you like to dress up and leave, Gabriel? - He sat up slowly,
magnificent in its powerful nudity. Bella would not look so much masculinity -. I
do not want to say anything. I do not want to do anything. I just want to get dressed
and go home. Now - he insisted.
- Bella ...
- Now!
- You misunderstood my argument, Bella ...
- Do not touch me! - He turned abruptly hands he had leaned on his shoulders.

Gabriel frowned at his expression.

- My contact no thought resultarte so unpleasant moments ago - mused.
- Same as you mine - replied -. I guess we both get carried away at the moment
and forget the rest.
- And what else? - He squinted.
- You want to put some clothes on? - Repeated impatiently -. I find it
disconcerting to talk to a man who is completely naked.
- I'm not any man, Isabella, I am your husband - he said gruffly as he bustled
- I know exactly who and what you are, Gabriel - he said -. What I meant is that
the only reason you married me was Toby ...
- Isabella ...
- Can you have crossed his mind propose marriage in the absence Toby? Challenged.
- I neither know what would have happened after meeting in San Francisco ...
- I do - replied dismissively -. I doubt we would have seen after San Francisco
if you had not discovered the existence of Toby!
Gabriel took a deep breath.
- Maybe now is not the time to have this conversation. You are disturbed ...
- I am angry, Gabriel, undisturbed. Myself - he added -. For once again fall into
your routine seduction!
- My routine seduction? - He repeated incredulously.
Bella nodded.
- Do not try to deny it - he said -. I still remember the skill with which seduced
me five years ago!
He frowned.
- That was five years ago, Isabella ...

- Then you should feel satisfied to know that you have not lost any of your
skills! - He snapped.
He studied it carefully, wishing hold her, tell her fears for her ...
- Insulting only worsens the situation, Bella - he said softly.
- It worse? Can it get worse? - Shouted -. We just boot clothes in a sexual
frenzy ... and in my case, literally - looked down at her open blouse, whose buttons
were scattered at his feet -. I do not want to talk about this, Gabriel - cut -. The
only thing I wish is that you leave.
- I'll be back tomorrow ...
- For me not you hurry! - She exclaimed.
- We need to talk.
- I doubt you have something to say I want to hear - replied tired.
He clenched his jaw. She was so beautiful ... I just wanted to take her in his
arms and make love again and again.
- But I'll be back tomorrow - he said with grim determination.
She raised a mocking to see that effort did not go eyebrows.
- I hope not aguardes to tell you that I will be waiting with open arms!
- No, do not expect it - gave him a humorless smile -. Sincerity is one of the
things I like about you, Bella.
- One of the few, I have no doubt - clarified -. If you excuse me now, I would
take a shower and go to bed - "only" had wanted to add. But no sense to state the
obvious. She lifted her chin -. Goodbye, Gabriel.
- Never be a goodbye between us, Isabella - he said calmly.
"No," she agreed sorry when he finally left. Continue with this farce of a
marriage as long as necessary. The time Toby needed it.

- Where have you been?

- Where do you think you? - Bella replied sarcastically as he pulled the
shopping bags from the car trunk -. Do not even expected - he said when he took
them off hand -. Thanks - accepted coldly as he carried the half dozen bags in the
kitchen -. Want some coffee or something? - Commented without looking at him
as he started to pull the cart.
Gabriel looked at her curiously and noticed dark circles in their eyes and pale
Dressed in a pink shirt that marked the fullness of her breasts and jeans that
emphasized the slenderness of her hips and legs, her face without makeup, looked
ten years younger than twenty-six years had.
He pursed his lips at the thought of what happened four hours before.
- I'll make coffee. Then wish us to talk.
She stiffened.
- I hope not about last night.
He nodded.
- Among other things.
Bella shook her head.
- There is nothing left to say to us about last night ...
- We have everything to say about last night! - Contradicted furious, visibly
trying to control -. I will not let you put more barriers between us, Bella. If you
prefer, I'll talk and you just have to listen ...
She looked at him suspiciously.
- What if I do not like what you have to say? - Challenged.
- Then I will have to respect it - replied.
He kept watching him in silence for a few seconds before nodding sharply.
- Well - accepted -. But first make coffee, right?

What should have been a relaxed domestic scene, was anything but, as it was
very aware of him in every way as to relax.
After saving all purchase and two coffee cups on the kitchen table, he had no
choice but to sit and listen.
- Well? - Urged.
Gabriel put pained expression.
- I understand you're still mad at me, Bella, but I have done nothing to deserve
your scorn.
The night before, as he turned in bed unable to sleep, she had come to the
conclusion that he was as responsible as what happened. She wanted him as much
as he had seemed to desire. She sighed.
- I'm not angry, Gabriel - admitted with regret -. At least not with you. He
- Are you angry with yourself because yesterday we made love?
- Yesterday we had sex, Gabriel ...
- We made love ...
- Call it what you want, but we both know what it really was! - Her eyes
l took a deep breath control.
- Are not you going to talk me and you you were going to devote to listen?
- Not if you're going to say things that I do not agree! - He snapped.
- I will strive to not be the case - he taunted.
- You can not guarantee it.
Gabriel shrugged.
- It is not always possible to know what you will be angry.
- Well, while not talk about what happened yesterday or whatever happened
five years ago, you're on safe ground.

He grimaced.
- Ah.
She opened her eyes.
- Do you think me about what happened five years ago ...?
- Yes, that was my intention.
- But ... you never wanted to talk about it!
- The situation has changed ... Bella? - Asked when she was abruptly stood and
turned away to look out the kitchen window -. Please Bella ... - he whispered.
Gentleness in the tone of Gabriel was as if he crumple up the heart.
While on the island, had asked her to tell him what happened five years ago. At
that time I had really wanted to know the answer. But at that moment ... it felt so
vulnerable for the love that he recognized he felt for him, he did not know if I
could bear to tell her about his feelings for another woman.
"Coward," he said in a barely audible voice, mocking inside. She had always
known that Gabriel had never loved and never love her, then what mattered to tell
him about what happened five years ago?
It should not matter!
But he did ...
He straightened his shoulders and deliberately impassive expression turned to
him. A defensive posture was about to crumble to see the kindness he had heard
the voice of Gabriel was reflected in his eyes.
He cursed to himself. He did not want his pity!
He wanted his love. He had wanted five years ago and at that moment I wanted
more. But if he could not have it, certainly did not want his pity!
She lifted her chin.
- Forward - invited the end tensely.
He followed her in silence for several seconds, then nodded firmly.

- First I need to tell you where I've been since we parted yesterday evening ...
- You said you were going to talk about what happened five years ago! - Cut
Gabriel sighed for the interruption.
- My actions since we parted yesterday are relevant to that past. Do you sit with
me, Bella? - He asked to see his face was paler than ever and that pallor
emphasized even more dark circles.
The fact that she accept him said how much he had disturbed his presence and
conversation. The last thing he wanted was to hurt him more than he had already
caused him; however, their presence had done.
Eyes wearily rubbed.
- I'll leave you when you ask me, Bella.
She laughed.
- Is that a promise?
- If you want it to be, yes - he said ruefully.
He puzzled his docility.
- Are you sure you have not hit your head des last time we met?
- Very funny.
- I try - joked lightly.
Not for a moment he tricked her attempt to establish a superficial atmosphere.
The tension around his lips revealed that he was a facade.
As was his own serenity.
- Bella, when we were on the island I wonder what really happened five years
ago when three cars collided Formula One and as a result two men were killed. Do
you still want that answer?
- Yes, of course!
- And you believe me if I tell the truth?

- Of course I believe, Gabriel - irritated him hesitate.

He smiled briefly.
- The official investigation said it was an accident, but I knew, and I've always
known it was Paulo Descari, not I, responsible for the collision of three cars.
- But ... - she gasped -. Was it deliberate?
Gabriel's jaw tightened.
- I think so, yes.
She stared at him. Why the hell would do that Paulo Descari? Unless ...
- Why Janine Childe had decided that he had made a mistake? What do you
correspond? - Realized sorry -. Had he told Paulo Descari was going to end the
relationship they had to come back to you?
Gabriel stood grimly.
- I fear none of these things were possible, Bella - replied -. First, because I did
not love Janine. Secondly, because it was I who ended the brief relationship we
had, and not vice versa, as stated so publicly Janine hours after the accident. But I
think it could have provoked Paulo with our relationship - he continued -. That
morning he tried to strike up a discussion between the two and was so blinded by
jealousy did not believe me when I said I did not harbor any feelings for Janine sighed -. I was not physically responsible for the accident, Bella, but nevertheless, I
have always felt some guilt, not only for my complete indifference to Janine, but
because I survived and the other two men.
- But that's ... You have no reason to feel guilty, Gabriel - expressed
astonishment -. You also could have died!
- But I'm here. Contigo - he murmured.
How long would it take Bella to understand and question, after things had just
told the night they had spent together five years ago?
He saw her frown few seconds, then looked curious.

He took a deep breath.

- I was unconscious for several days after the accident, so at the time was not
able to confirm or deny the claim Janine that I caused the accident because he still
loved her - sneered -. When I was recovered enough to deny his accusations, and
do not interest me - he said nonchalantly.
- Why not? - He asked incredulously -. Surely you should realize that her words
gave reasons people continue to have doubts despite the findings of the official
- Do you also have reasons to continue doubting, Bella? - She asked with
narrowed eyes.
She shook her head vehemently.
- Not on your innocence.
Gabriel had thought and hoped that it would be easier than what was being. But
it was not. Bare his soul in that way, having no idea of the end result was painful.
- I do not understand why you did not talk, Gabriel - insisted Bella -. As you
said, you were supposed to be you who died that day!
- Jason was dead. As Paulo. When someone dies, Bella, the only thing left are
the memories that people that have tried them. What good would have done,
especially to the families of Jason and Paul, I claimed that one had been
responsible for the death of another?
Understand the logic behind the words of Gabriel ... but no sense!
- That was ... very selfless of you - muttered.
- More than even I realized - recognized sharply.
She stared to understand.
- That night I did not love because you were upset about losing Janine, right?
- Not - smiled ruefully.
- So ... this morning ... - licked his lips -. You said I'd call q ue. Was he serious?

- Yup.
- For real? - The beating of his heart sounded very loud in his ears as his
thoughts ... and his hopes desbocaban.
- Really - it troubled confirmed -. Our night together was ... surprising.
- Really?
- Yes - he sighed -. Unfortunately, that altercation with Paulo meant that I had a
chance to call before the practice session, and obviously could not do it later. And
when I recovered and I knew I had not heard from you, I thought you did not want
to know anything about me.
Beautiful hands tightly clenched. Gabriel had not loved Janine Childe, then or
in the present. It had been sincere five years ago when he said he would call in the
Tears blurred her vision.
- I thought ... After that night I did not think we'd see you.
- Belief that became reality - said Gabriel.
- But not because you wanted it that maneara! - She protested.
- Do Not.
- Gabriel, I ... do not know what to say! - I stood restless -. When the night the
accident was announced on the news, I was home. I saw two bodies lying on the
ground. To you that you got into an ambulance. It was the worst moment of my life
- he nodded -. Or so I thought until Janine Childe appeared immediately on
television to say that you still love her.
- It never occurred to me ... I never imagined that his lies have convinced
someone, but I guess I knew the true Janine and you do not - frowned.
- The one thought was me you were in love with her - admitted Bella -. Do not
know well, Gabriel, but I assure you ever considered able to purposely hurt another

- Bella, what would you have done that day if you had not believed he was still
in love with Janine?
- It would have gone with you, of course! - He said -. I would actually love who
could stop me. The would have forced me to see you!
- Why?
She looked suspiciously expression.
- Why ...?
- Why, Bella? - He repeated with surly tone.
Because that night was in love with him for that! For still in love with him!
He squinted to see the uncertainty in her face. The suspicion. The desire not to
return to injure.
Gabriel felt the same.
He breathed deeply and accepted that one should break the deadlock in which
they found themselves.
- Maybe if I told you why I felt no interest in what people might think
happened that day ...?
Bella swallowed before speaking.
- Why did not care, Gabriel?
- For the same reason that nothing mattered to me when I regained
consciousness two days after the accident - he shrugged -. Because you were not
there, Bella - admitted bluntly -. You were not there. You had not gone to see me.
Despite how much I wanted the three months I spent in the hospital, you went
She was puzzled.
- I do not understand ...

- No, I guess not - agreed to give the two steps that separated to pose a hand on
his cheek. - My beautiful Bella. My brave and beautiful Bella - smiled -. After all
this time, all you've been through, you deserve to know the truth.
- The truth ...?
- That I fell for you that night five years ago ...
- Do Not ...! - Cried in agony.
- Yes, Bella - wrapped her arms and stuck to his chest -. Impossible as it may
seem, that night I fell in love with you. I've always loved. Just you. So much so
that in the last five years not been another woman in my life or in my bed - he
Bella clung to him as he took in the words. That was more shocking than what I
had told him about the accident.
He loved her. He had always loved.
He felt the tears on her cheeks ...
She cried for all the pain and disappointment had inadvertently caused each
other for so many misunderstandings. For all the time they had lost ...
He pulled away slightly from him to look into his eyes.
- Gabriel, despite how impossible it should look like, I too fell in love with you
that night - and purposely repeated his words -. I've always loved. Just you. So
much so that in the last five years there have been no other man in my life or in my
His expression did not change. She did not blink. He did not speak. He simply
continued to stare.
- Gabriel? - It studied worried -. Gabriel, I love you. I love you! - Repeated
desperate -. It was never my intention to disappoint after the accident, I just
thought that you had been the one-night stand. Gabriel, please ...

- You did not let me down, Bella - cut sharply -. You've never disappointed me.
It was I who you disappointed when you did not even occur to me that you could
believe he was in love with Janine. It was I who disappoint you by not even think
you could get pregnant after our night together. How can you love me after you
have suffered because of my pride kept me find you again? How can you love me
when my arrogance and my intolerance meant you had to go through pregnancy,
birth Toby, for the first four and a half years of his life, all alone? And to make
matters worse, when I see you, I force you to marry me - shook his head -. I should
not have done that.
- You're the father of Toby ...
- He was not the cause for which I set myself this marriage, Bella. It was ... - he
sighed -. To see you again, as I realized I still love you, I could not bear to let you
come back to get away from me!
Can not you had married her only for Toby?
He looked puzzled.
- But if you felt that ... if you still love me ...
- Now I love you more than ever - he said earnestly.
- Then, why we left the island so hastily?
- For the same reason you should have not allowed that last night we made love
- cut with gloomy tone -. You almost died giving birth to Toby. Do not want to
jeopardize your life with another unplanned pregnancy, so I decided I had to leave
the island before yielding to the temptation posed to be there alone with you. I
needed to consult with an obstetrician before returning to lovemaking. And in
return, upon arriving here I left ...! - Shook his head -. Today I had an appointment
with a specialist. I needed to know that a second pregnancy would endanger your
life. It was of little help - added disgusted - and said he could not make any
judgment before examining you.

- You talked me an obstetrician ...? - Repeated stunned.

- What if you are pregnant now, Bella? - The thought made blanch -. What if
the time spent together last night results in another child?
Bella smiled slowly and beatific to understand that the sudden departure of the
island and the gloomy mood that seized Gabriel yesterday after lovemaking had
been for one reason smile.
- In that case, at least I'll be happy - he assured her happy -. You wanted a
bunch of brothers to Toby? - Tempted as he still looked troubled.
- No risk of losing you - he said flatly.
- We do not know that there is no risk - she joked, undaunted as to the
seriousness of Gabriel. He loved her. They loved. Together they could overcome
any obstacles that appear along the way.
- Until we see to that obstetrician, we will not know that there is - he persisted.
- Have a little faith, Gabriel. Remember that you are a Danti!
Some of the tension left him.
- You're teasing me, Bella?
- Just a little - chuckled -. I am in favor of taking risks. In fact, I think if we run
one now, it might be good for both ... - he said hoarsely, taking his hand and
leading him toward the stairs.
He followed like a man bewitched, unable to deny anything.
Once he had found, knowing that Bella so much as he loved her, he always had
been, intended to spend the rest of my life loving and protecting.

His daughter, Clara Louisa was born healthy and uncomplicated exactly a year
later, followed two years later by birth also uneventful her twin sons, Henry and
Peter Simon Christ ...


2009 Carole Mortimer.
SCARS OF THE SOUL, Bianca # 1982 - 3.3.10
Original title: The Infamous Italian's Secret Baby
Originally published by Mills & Boon, Ltd., London.
ISBN: 978-84-671-7804-3