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List of Human Qualities

The human brain is capable of higher order activities. We experience a
range of emotions and possess self-awareness in addition to
consciousness. Take a look at the following list of human qualities and see
which ones describe you the best.

There are no greater treasures than the highest human qualities such as
compassion, courage and hope. Not even tragic accident or disaster can
destroy such treasures of the heart.
Daisaku Ikeda
Right from childhood, our parents and teachers try to instill various good
qualities in us. These qualities are known to be the true mark of a good
human being. It is up to the individual to imbibe these in order to become
a good person and to lead a happy life.
In today's fast-paced world, many of these human qualities are either low
on priority or are forgotten by some people. When was the last time you
actually helped a person by making an extra effort from your side? Do you
have more friends on your social networking site rather than in reality?
Here is a concise list of qualities to help you reach out to people on a
personal level and be a good human being.
List of Positive Traits

List of Negative Traits
These are just some of the traits, positive as well as negative, that human
beings exhibit. An individual can learn to develop positive qualities over a
period of time. However, traces of negative traits are commonly observed
in human beings and cannot be ignored. What is important is that one
should learn to strike a balance and constantly strive to instill positive
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8 Characteristics of True Humanity
Philosophy Forum
8 Characteristics of True Humanity
Well hello and good day to all! This topic is another idea in the realm of
spiritual philosophical thought. Based on philosophy and theology in
harmony that gives us spiritual philosophy. The religious related topic here
is "True Humanity." How does that apply to spirituality? Easy for a human
to be a human we have souls which is the real you. Now our soul is our

real selves and our spirit is the inner man. To really be a human you have
to be in touch with your self (soul) and develop your spirit (spiritual) and
have characteristics that are compatable with our intended nature. Our
intended nature or our intended state was demonstrated by the biblical
Yeshua/JC. He set the bar for humanity and was truly human. Now this is
no doctrine or even a principle in the world of religion. This is just a
spiritual philosophy of what true humanity is based on his character with
These 8 characteristics are what we should ideally want to have and
resemble in everday life. They are in no particular significance.

1. Humility (humility builds character pride detriments it, where as when

you are humble you are tamed and lowly to others pride you rely on
other's opinion to be better than them or find yourself a person of strife
who argues alot or always trying to prove others wrong and superficiality
inside since pride is sometimes a inaccurate opinion of one self.)
Remember the more humble you are the stronger you become (spiritually)
Why? Pride rely's on others opinions or thoughts. Humility rely's on doing
the right thing without effect from peoples' opinion or thoughts. That's
strength! This does not mean you hurt others it means you don't rely on
2. Equality Treat others how you want to be treated, no better no less. It is
writen not to be a respecter of persons which we should do because
regardless of status,fame, and money we are all just the same
black.white..yellow..we are all human and deserve equality in humanity
3. Nobility This one is truly human. In the face of horror some people can
be so noble. It's defined as morally and or mentally excellant. This would
mean you don't stoop to people's level at making harsh comments when
they strike you you turn the other cheek again this is what the Lord
taught. Nobility is something humans are most notable for in times of
horror. See 9/11 how common people rushed to the scene of diaster and
not away to try and save others this is just one example.
4. Integrity This is defined as adherence to moral and ethical principles.
Integrity by far is the most rare quality in people of fame and fortune. The
reason for this is because these people place fame and fortune above
values and principles and some even compromise their character to get it.
See pornography as one example. Integrity is something that is

becomming more and more rare in televangelists for example as they are
popping up in the news with some of the things that are morally
outrageous and ethically wrong. See televangelists who commit to
5. Companionship The word says there is no greater love has no one than
this, that he lay down his life for his friends. A man's best friend is usually
a dog because the dog is always loyal to him even to the point of death!
Loyalty to your friends and complete strangers is true companionship.
When someone is stranded at the side of the road you give them a ride
into town. When someone is in trouble you risk your life to save them.
When someone is $1 short you pay it forward. When you talk about your
friends it is not gossip or hate speech it is positive and encouraging that is
true companionship and being loyal to your fellow man even to the point
6. Compliant One that should not be common among religious advents
sadly it is. Few people have I met that are compliant with God's Laws,
their parents rules, or the legal system. Most people are
insteadcomplacent instead of compliant and this is not a good state of
humanity to be in folks. Complacency is commonplace in religious society
this should not be! Complacency is satisfying oneself with
consumerism,indulgence,etc. It is being satisfied with one's situation
unaware of potential danger. This is especially true in individuals who are
scholars',rabbis',preachors', and pastors'. They rationalize their works will
get them into heaven or their ministry but what they need to realize is
they are being spiritually complacent and should be spiritually compliant.
Compliant is complying with GOD's Law and standards while not relying on
it for salvation or redemption. Many people do that but there is a balance
that you are compliant for the sake of obeying and rely on other factors
7. Heroism is defined as the qualities or attributes of a hero.
A hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave
deeds and noble qualities. This quality is very popular in hollywood for
puffing it up with superheros and whatnot you have all seen them.
However a true hero is not a superhero. A true hero is someone who has
conquered all fear of man,death,horror,pain, etc. They're only fear is fear
of GOD that is a true hero. Have you ever heard of champions of faith?
Take the biblical story of David he killed a Giant probably twice his size
because he feared GOD and not a mere man. Remember Hercules? He
was the size of a human with super strength. Remember it's not the size
of the hero that matters it's the size of his GOD. Believe it or not Humility

gives us great strength some people often see pride as strength but that
is a lie! The reason why humility gives us great strength is because when
you are humble you will do the right thing regardless of whether you are
pleasing others. Pride you are concerned with other's opinions and rely's
on them! So many people are fearful of man and man's action whether
they have power means nothing. What matters is again who their GOD is.
If their GOD is themself they are certainly no hero if others view them as a
hero their strength can only be measured by others but if they're strength
is in the Living GOD and they are humble they have what it takes to be a
8. Truthfulness This is one is huge! Can I say how huge! To be a true
human one must be truthful! Honest, sincere, not fake or a make-believer
but a true individual. A seeker of truth or a student of truth. Truthfullness
is so crucial to being truly human because to be truly human one must
I hope this has been helpful folks. What do you think 8 characteristics of
humanity are? I am not saying this is set in stone there is many
characteristics to humanity but I believe these are necessary to be truly
human. Why 8? Well 8 is the number of the new man as Dustin said so
being as out with the old and in with the new the number of 8 seems to

REPLYWed 19 Mar, 2008 03:38 pm

Sounds like a good list of ideals, though my fundamental disagreement
with you (as always) is that I don't feel God is necessary for any of these.
I've asked you many times and you've never really answered, so I'll ask
again -- how do you account for good, kind, noble, heroic people who don't
believe in God? If it's possible to do ALL of the actions and live ALL the
ideals you espouse, and yet actvely and self-consciously NOT believe in
Anyway, don't you think that, in a way, all 8 of these can stem from the

Speaking of groups of 8, how do you feel about the noble eightfold path,


REPLYWed 19 Mar, 2008 04:22 pm

Israelite, please read the 5 Laws of Success. You'll find it most interesting.
Question... Why do people think they have to fear God? Is that something
that Jesus taught? I'm asking because I've heard it before and it is really
puzzling. We may just as well fear ourselves and our neighbor too if
Fearing God is means being a hero.
A true hero is someone who has conquered all fear of
man,death,horror,pain, etc. They're only fear is fear of GOD that is a true
hero. Have you ever heard of champions of faith? Take the biblical story of
David he killed a Giant probably twice his size because he feared GOD and
not a mere man.
Nothing good comes out of fear... NOTHING. Why would we want to fear
God?... as I understand it's a desire of some to actually fear creation. If
God is Love, then why then would we make heros out of those that fear
LOVE. Does this make sense? Sometimes I can be rather logical but it
would seem a religious man would embrace God rather than fear God.
Read the 5 Laws of Success and tell me what you think.


REPLYWed 19 Mar, 2008 05:09 pm










I think fear should be embraced. Fear, in a way, is what allows us to take

things seriously and do things well.

Didymos Thomas

REPLYWed 19 Mar, 2008 05:38 pm

I think fear should be embraced. Fear, in a way, is what allows us to take
things seriously and do things well.

Sometimes fear can produce these results, but I'm not sure we should
conclude that fear should be embraced. If we only act out of fear, we miss
any positive motivation in acting. For example, if I work really hard at my
job because I'm afraid of my boss, this added productivity will ultimately
cause me harm because I only acted out of fear. If I work hard at my job
because I want to provide well for my family, I can be proud of my hard
As for the 8 characteristics, I would object to "Compliant". Do not get me
wrong, I'm all about the Confucian value of respect for the family and all
of that. But I do not think that simply following the rules because they are
the rules is appropriate. What if the law is unjust, or unjustly applied?

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