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Course Orientation

HYBRID description: A course with an H in the section.

Hybrid courses are a combination of face-to-face and online work. Hybrid students meet at least one day
a week for 50-75minutes. In the classes, I will answer any questions that you may have about the
material and I will discuss any difficult topics that you may not understand.

You must have access to a computer with internet to participate in the course.

You will need to purchase iclicker2 from the bookstore. We will use this for in class quizzes.

You will need to log on to Blackboard and DCC email account regularly to retrieve
important announcements, updates, your notes, powerpoints, quizzes, and activities.

If you experience computer problems during the semester, Computer Lab and Library
Locations and Hours can be found at the following link:

For the semester, you will need to purchase five 882-e scantrons 4 for chapter exams and 1
for the final. All may be purchased at the bookstore or at chimes.
I do not provide scantrons for the tests and you may not take a test without one so please
come prepared.

All grades will be posted on Blackboard. The grades will not be averaged. JUST POSTED.
Do not be concerned with total points.
I am unable to discuss grades over emails or the phone. ONLY IN

All tests must be taken in person on City Park campus in our classroom. Test dates are
posted in your schedule.

You will be able to contact me during office hours or by appointment. Hours are posted on
Blackboard under the tab Staff Information. When you do contact me, it is very
important that the subject line state the class and section you are in. I do not respond to
empty subject lines.
Getting Started

Log on to the course on Blackboard.


You need to read the announcements. All new information will be posted through
announcements and emails. It will be wise to check announcements and email daily.

Click on the Start Here tab, it contains the syllabus, the schedule (subject to
change) and your first mandatory assignments (otherwise known as WEEK ZERO).

Week Zero assignments are due by Friday, August 29th at 11:59pm. Failure to
complete these assignments may cause you to be blocked / withdrawn from
the course. Please read the directions carefully and turn it in on time.

Click on the Course Documents tab, it contains your lecture notes, PowerPoint
presentations, study guides, etc (each class is a little different)

Click on the following link to register for this course on the Connect Website. Each
set of assignments will close the day before the corresponding exam. There will
be NO extension to the due dates. You will need to purchase the Connect Access
Code separately if it did not come with your book. It can be purchased after logging
into the class page below.

Good Studying,
Danelle Guillory, MD, MPA, MT-ASCP