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Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Moldova

Academy of Sciences of Moldova

PI SUMPh Nicolae Testemitanu
Public Medico-Sanitary Institution
of Institute of Oncology
The Scientific and Practical Society of Oncologists from the RM
Dear Colleague!
We have the pleasure to invite you to the 4rd National Congress of Oncology
"Improving oncology service in the context of European integration." which will take
place on October, 8-9, 2015 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
The Scientific forum is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Institute
of Oncology of the Republic of Moldova.
Organizing committee
Honorary President- Buga Mircea, RM Health Minister
President - Cernat Victor, professor
Vice president - brn Gheorghe, academician of ASM
Vice president Mereu Ion, Dr.Dr., professor
Executive secretary - Blba Valeriu, PhD
1. Cancer-control, organization of oncological screening. Problems and achievements.
2. Tumors of the region: head, neck and orbit - new particularities in the diagnostic, treatment,
rehabilitation and prosthetic surgery.
3. Lung cancer and mediastinal tumors.
4. Esophageal, gastric and hepatopancreatoduodenale area tumors.
5. Breast cancer.
6. Malignant neoplasms of the locomotor system and skin.
7. Oncourology.
8. Oncogynecology.
9. Cancer of the colon and rectum.
10. Endoscopic surgery in oncology.
11. Pediatric Oncology.
12. The malignant neoplasms of the lymphatic and hematopoietic system.
13. Target therapy and chemotherapy in oncology.
14. Radiotherapy and radiogynecology.
15. Palliative care, rehabilitation, quality of life of cancer patients.
16. Actualities in bio molecular and immunogenetic investigations in oncology.
17. Education and training in oncology.
18. The satellite conference of young oncologists.
19. The exhibition "Oncology 2015," 55 years of the Institute of Oncology.
Congress languages: Romanian, Russian, English.

The forms of participation: oral presentations, abstracts, posters, articles, courses.

Congress program will be formed on the basis of submitted abstracts and displayed on the
website of Oncology Institute ( after May 1, 2015
Congress program will be placed on the website of the Institute of Oncology
( after May 1st, 2015.
Abstract and articles submission:
For participation in the congress, please:
fill in the registration form (please, visit the website of Institute of Oncology on and send it by e-mail to or by post to the
Institute of Oncology address before May 1st, 2015
pay the registration fee and confirm your payment via e-mail to
send abstracts or full papers as required by email to
Requirements for publications
Abstract content should be in MS WORD 2010, font size 12 (Times New Roman), singlespaced, up to 300 words without the authors and title.
Title CAPITAL AND BOLD; authors name, name of the institution, e-mail - italic and
bold, in a new row - the author's e-mail address. Abstracts should not contain tables, graphs,
and list of literature. All abbreviations should be explained in the text at first use.
Articles accordingly to requirements of Academy of Sciences of Moldova (please, visit Stiinta si cercetare Congresul IV Oncologic 2015).
Poster size A0 (84,1 x 118,9 cm)
Structure of materials must comply with the Requirements for publications.
Authors name, Authors name , degree and scientific title
, name of the institution,
Resume: in English
The purpose:
Materials and methods:
Abstracts containing previously presented data are not eligible for submission.
The Scientific Committee has the authority to accept or deny the submitted abstracts and to
categorize the presentation format: oral or poster.
Abstracts containing previously presented data are not eligible for submission.
The Scientific Committee has the authority to accept or deny the submitted abstracts and to
categorize the presentation format: oral or poster.

ATTENTION! Abstracts are accepted for publication after registration of at least one of the
authors and payment of the participation fee.
Congress registration fees Early bird registration (before May 1 2015) - 50 , after 1 May
Registration fee includes the following activities:
access to all working sessions
access to coffee - breaks and cocktail welcome party
certificate of participation
delegate materials and badge
Bank account: The Scientific and Practical Society of oncologists from the RM account:
2251309718 Moldindconbank,
Bank code MOLDMD2X309, tax code 1011620000784
Congress address: Institute of Oncology, N.Testemianu 30 str., Chisinau 2025, Republic of
Organising Committee contact: Valeriu Bilba, tel.: (+373) 069510490; 069218326;
(+373 22) 852 303, 852 388, 852 443, 852 487
Fax: (+373 22) 733363, 727880
May 1st,2015 abstract submission
May 1st,2015 early - bird registration