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CLARiiON Provisioning

1. Type the IP address in the browser to login to the Navisphere Manager Console of
CLARiiON. Enter the username and the password to get access to the main window.

2. The main window lists the CLARiiONs which are a part of one domain. Expand the
+ sign in front of the CLARiiON to display its objects.

3. First step is to bind the Lun. Right click the desired CLARiiON as shown below and
click the Bind Lun option.

4. Choose the RAID type, LUN number, Size & Number of Luns to bind as shown
below. Leave other fields as it is with the default values. The below example creates
LUN 96 of RAID5 and the size is 50GB owned by SPA.

5. Once the LUN is created, it has to be presented to the host. The Storage group has to
be created to do Lun masking so that LUN is visible to the desired Server. Right click
the array and click the Option Create Storage Group as shown in the below

This example creates a storage group named fintwapp1p as shown below

6. The next step is to add the LUN created in earlier step to be added to the Storage
group as shown. Expand the Storage Group and right click on the Storage group. In
this example it is fintwapp1p. Click the option Select Luns from drop down list.

7. Select the Lun (in this example it is LUN 96) from the Available Luns pane to add
into the Storage Group as shown below.

8. Choose the Host Lun number from the Host ID tab of Selected Luns pane as shown
below. In this example the Host Lun number would be 2 and is visible to the host as
Lun number 2.

The storage group will have the LUN number visible in that as shown below.

9. The next Step is to register the Host in the CLARiiON database. This is an optional
step if the Navisphere agent is installed in the server. Right click the CLARiiON array
and select the Connectivity Status option from the drop down list as shown.

10. Before registration the Servers WWN should be logged in to the respective SP. This
is done by Switch Zoning. Make sure the zoning is correct and is done as desired.
Once Zoning is done the HBAs WWN will login to the SP port as shown below. The
logged in column in Connectivity Status will show as Yes In this example the
highlighted HBA WWN is zoned with SPA0 and SPB0 ports of CLARiiON.

11. To register the WWN highlight the WWN entry and click register as shown below.

Enter the IP address and the Host Name. Leave every other value as default as shown
above. In this case fintwapp1p HBA WWN is getting registered with IP address as shown below.

12. After registration add the host into the storage group as shown. Right click the
Storage group and select Connect Host option (in this case fintwapp1p).

Add the host to the storage group as shown below.

13. Click Apply and OK buttons and the host is added to the storage group. Expand the
storage group to check if the Lun and the hosts are visible under the storage group
tree as shown below.

With this the LUN 96 is presented to the Host fintwapp1p from CLARiiON Side.
14. Do necessary changes from the Host side to make the LUN visible to the Server.