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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA DEPARTMENT OF FACTORIES & BOILERS BOILER OPERATION ENGINEER’S EXAMINATION-NOVEMBER 2013 PAPER-III DRAWING ‘Vime:Throe Howes Miniimums:100Markes Answerall questions Missing dimensions, ifany, may be assumed 1. Answer the following (a) Sketch the elevation of @ Lewis type founeation bolt. (b) Draw the two views ofa single riveted single sirap but joint, Take thickness of plate a5 lomm, Mark proportions in the drawing. x (2X10-2omarks) 2.Fig. shows the details of'a Lever safety valve, Assemble the parts and draw the following views. (2) Elevation, right halfin section % (50) (b) Top View (20) 10 cm ; Talis. 2 cat ae Aes a ancl FBT cy) o> fy 255 | @>/ Ey |@ =| PH al Hi | St {axl | lew tery LEVER SAFETY VALVE GOVERNMENT OF KERALA DEPARTMENT OF FACTORIES & BOILERS BOILER OPERATION ENGINEER’S EXAMINATION-NOVEMBER 2013 PAPER Time :3 Hrs Maximum:100Marks Part-A (Anower all cuestions) Bach question carries 5 marks |. Define dryness fraction of steam, How itis measured? 2. Whot isthe fianetion of chimney in natural and artifical draught system? 3, What are the differences between Boiler mountings and accessories? Give 3 examples of each 4 What are the merits and demerits of fire tube boilers over water tube boilers? 5. Define boiler horsepower and equivalent evaporation, 6, What is packaged boiler? Explain its features. 1. Determine the difference in Pressure between two points [km apart in a 150mm bore ~~ horizontal pipe work system The water flow rates 45m'/hr at 15°C and the friction factor for this pipe is taken as 0.0032 8.Write notes on Boiler blow down. Why it is needed? Part-B (Answer any five) Each question earries 12 marks 9. ln a feetory line shalt is 4.5m Jong ard is to tansmit 75KW at 200 rpm The allowable stess in shear is 49 MPa and maximum allowable wvist is a length of 20 diameters Determine the required shaft diameter. GOVERNMENT OF KERALA DEPARTMENT OF FACTORIES & BOILERS BOILER OPERATION ENGINEER’S EXAMINATION- NOVEMBER 2013 PAPERAL Time :3 hours ‘Maximum: 100Markss Part-A (Answer all questions) Each question carries 5 marks 1. What are the troubles caused by impurities in water’ _2.What are the advantages of CFB boilers? ~3..ive the advantages and disadvantages of stocker firing. 4.Discuss the basic process of water soning, 5.What you mean by priming and foaming? \6.What is a super critical boiler? (7. Explain three stages of pre treatment of water < S.List some of the defects found in a boiler. (axS=40) Part-B (Answerany five) Bach question eauries 12 marks _/ 9. Explain the eoncept of a fluidized bed combustion boiler with a sketch? What are the major benefits of using a FBC boiler? AO. Explain various encrgy conservation opportunities of in a Boiler system? 1.With the help of a neat diagram explain overfeed and underfeed stoker firing 12. Explain various extemal water treatment methods, 13, Explain cold start up-and Shutdown Procedure for # boiter 14, With a neat sketch explain the working of a travelling grate stoke. in case of a water tube puncture in-a running boiler what are all the observations you will make to confiem this from eontrol room and operation floor? Explain different steps taken to ‘avoid damages to the boiler, 16. Write notes on a) Pulverised fuel burner b) Indian boilers act ©) Waste heat recovery (sx12=00)