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Training Anne

By amwbound
Anne was a writer, but not exactly in the mainstream of literature!
She was a bondage fiction writer who catered to a specialized clientele that paid her
very well to write them into fictionalized accounts of fantasies that they wouldn't dare
do in real life.
She had a vivid imagination and a mind filled with the same fantasies her clients had.
She could describe in vibrant words and sexually charged phrases, activities that
invariably transported her readers to the places they wanted to go.
Unfortunately, when you deal with the type of reader who wants to tie or be tied; rape
or be raped, you are bound (no pun intended) to encounter some unsavory characters
including stalkers and worse, those who actually wanted to harm her. They had been
clients who had somehow figured out who she was and tracked her down. One guy
showed up on her doorstep and after the police hauled him away, she decided to
move. Several others had harassed her with phone calls and unwanted mail and e-mail
And in a way who could blame them? She was young, attractive and seemingly
worldly in a way that their wives, girlfriends and significant others weren't and would
never be. Whether she practiced in real life what she wrote about was irrelevant to
them. She was their bondage ideal and, sooner or later, one of them would get to her.
Therefore, Anne had to continually change her e-mail address and phone numbers,
keep a post office box in the next town on the theory that distance would discourage
someone from staking out both places or easily following her. On one or two
occasions, she was forced to move to escape the stalkers that wanted to bring their
fantasies to life at her expense.
It seemed like a lot to go through but Anne was confident that she'd taken every
precaution possible to preserve her anonymity and privacy But as Anne was soon to
discover, the best laid plans of mice and men
This is the story of the one who did!

Part One
It began on another bright, sunny and warm southern California day. Anne had just
finished an assignment and sent a .pdf of it off to the client. Sometimes she wanted to
take a bath after writing some of these things, butthe money was good and there
was no heavy lifting.
She shut down her computer and tidied up her workspace. She did her work in a small
room in her condo that she had made into an office. Her neighbors knew she worked

from home and assumed she was a tech writer or software geek. Very few people
knew what she actually did for a living and she liked it that way.
She was expecting a few checks for past assignments and needed to do some other
errands so she headed outside. It was mid-morning and lunch with a friend
somewhere also sounded good. Anne showered and, as always, checked her image in
the mirror looking for signs of the inevitable descent into middle age! What she saw
was a slender woman of thirty some odd years holding her own in the fight. She was
pretty in a girl-next-door way with laugh lines around her mouth and eyes. She had
small breasts that had, to date, defied gravity and a slender waist that swelled into
shapely hips that were, so far, cellulite free. Her shoulder length red hair was really
dyed blonde hair, but it looked good on her. She did her best to keep in shape by
working out and eating well and staying out of the sun. When she was satisfied that
she had staved off the aging process for another day, she put her red hair into a short
ponytail and dressed in a white t-shirt, khaki shorts and running shoes. She collected
the things she needed for her errands and grabbed her keys and bag.
A quick look in the mirror near the door caused her to go back into her bedroom to put
on a medium wide black leather collar. She was not only a writer of fantasies, but she
also had a full complement of her own. She was particularly fond of bondage and
often indulged in self-bondage. She was between guys right now so the opportunity
for real life bondage was not very promising. She liked to drop little hints about her
wants and needs and the collar was one.
You never know!
One of her few indulgences was her car. She owned a new AMG V-12 Mercedes
600SL roadster and she treated it like a baby. It cost a small fortune, but was worth it
for the sheer experience of driving it and for the attention it brought.
She got to the post office in record time and retrieved her mail. Several pieces were
checks and she headed to the bank to deposit them. She thought she would call
Chelsea and meet her for lunch somewhere. They hadn't seen each other for a while.
She slid her car into a space in the pubic lot behind the bank. The only spaces were
way back in the corner next to a windowless building backing onto the park. She
chose the one closest to the wall on the theory that she could only get a door dent on
one side. As she was putting up the roof, a van slipped into the next space, tight to her
car. She looked up in annoyance at this affront. The door opened and slammed shut on
the other side of the van and the electric lock beeped. Jerk, she thought, as she slid
along the narrow opening left between the two vehicles.
She had to side step to pass between the vehicles. They were so close and she was
glad that no one had gotten out of the van on her side. She was sure that he would
have dented her door. "Asshole," she muttered aloud.
As she passed the van's side door, it suddenly slid open and a pair of hands grasped
her and yanked her off her feet into the back of the vehicle. Her papers and bag went
flying and as quickly as the door had opened it was shut. A tobacco tasting hand was
clamped over her mouth and she was pushed to the floor of the van, the man's full

weight on her. Her screams muffled by the hand gag and her ability to struggle
hampered by the man on her back didn't stop her from fighting fiercely for her
freedom. The van was filled with muffled sounds and the scraping and scuffing of the
two of them as they fought.
The van became hotter and both of them were sweating profusely, but Anne was
slowly losing the fight. The man was just too big and too strong!
He managed to place a cloth or rag over her mouth and stuffed it firmly into her oral
cavity. A second cloth harshly tied at the back of her neck, shoved the rag farther in
and effectively silenced Anne.
This freed up the man's hands to begin to bind her. Still lying on her and with his legs
wrapped around hers, he managed to leverage himself up and twist her arms behind
her. She fought strenuously to avoid this knowing that if he got her hands tied, it was
over. She was trying her best, but again his superior strength wore her down. As the
cuffs clicked shut on her wrists, Anne stopped her struggling and experienced a flood
of fear that paralyzed her.
The man took advantage of this and spun around and cuffed her ankles and pulled
them up behind her. A third set of cuffs connected her wrists and ankles and the
struggle was over.
Anne lay on the dirty floor of the van hyperventilating and trying to control her panic.
She was in a bad situation, but it would be worse if she gave in to hysteria.
The man dragged her towards the front of the van and pushed her cheek down hard
against the rug. He placed a steel u-shaped bar around her neck and quickly spun on
nuts for the bolts protruding from the floor. The collar tightened down and pinned
Anne's head to the floor.
The man sat back against the door of the van, panting.
"Ya a tough one, bitch, but ya mine now!" Anne tried to place the voice but it was
unfamiliar to her. 'Well, we better get goin' 'fore someone comes along!"
He opened the side door and quickly picked up her bag and papers that had fallen on
the ground and threw them into the back of the van. The door slammed shut and
moments later she felt and heard him climb into the driver's seat. The motor started
and he backed out and drove off.
Anne's heart was pounding and adrenaline was flooding her body, but she willed
herself to stay calm and in control.
She knew it was the only chance she had to survive.

Part Two
The man drove slowly through the parking lot, stopping several times. She felt the
vehicle turning as it crossed the gutter at the entrance before entering the stream of

traffic on the street. She felt the vibration as the vehicle accelerated. With the side of
her head pressed against the floor and the metal hoop attached to floor, she was
almost a part of the vehicle.
Anne lay in the back trying to find a position that afforded her some comfort. Her
neck, though, was turned at an awkward angle and she couldn't move enough to
relieve the strain. At least she could breathe. She was thankful for that.
She moved her wrist and ankles and found them securely in the embrace of the cuffs.
She tried to stretch and separate the distance between her wrist and ankles, but only
succeeded in chafing the skin under her cuffs.
Her view of the interior was limited. One eye was too close to the floor and her hair
had flopped over the other. What she saw wasn't encouraging. The floor was dirty and
stained. She could see crumpled up fast food wrappers and other debris. She knew she
would soon start sneezing from the accumulation of dust and god knows what in the
musty carpet.
They rode for several minutes at slow speeds and then she felt the vehicle accelerate.
Probably getting on the freeway, she thought. At highway speeds, her discomfort
increased. The whole thing seemed to vibrate alarmingly, which was transmitted to
her through the neck loop. She had the beginnings of a major headache, but that was a
minor annoyance compared to the larger questions. Where was he taking her and what
would he do to her? She tried to push those concerns aside and concentrate on being
positive, but she was thoroughly frightened and near panic.
The vehicle slowed and the vibrations lessened. They came to a stop and then drove a
short distance before the vehicle lurched and began to pitch and roll. From the way
she was being jostled around, Anne assumed they had left the freeway and main roads
and were on a side or dirt road.
After several minutes, they stopped. She heard the man open the door and felt the
thing bounce as he got out. After he slammed the door shut, all she heard was the
vehicle groaning as it settled in place and the cooling engine ticking.
She lay there for what seemed like a long time, but which was probably only several
minutes. Suddenly, the side door scraped open and the back of the van was flooded
with light. She blinked and squinted and could make out the silhouette of her captor
framed by the door. He was heavyset and had a smooth shaped head as if it was
shaved, but she couldn't see his facial features.
She shrunk back reflexively as he climbed into the van, grunting from the effort. The
smell of unwashed perspiration and tobacco smoke wafted over her.
He knelt beside her and with thick, stubby fingers, removed the nuts and the collar.
She felt a wave of relief at being able to move her head again. He shifted around and
his weight caused the vehicle to roll with him. Rough hands undid the cuffs
connecting her wrists and ankles and the cuffs on her ankles.

"Sit up, bitch!" His voice was rough, a smokers voice, but it wasn't familiar at all. She
managed to do as told and saw that the reason for the smooth silhouette of his head
was a ski mask that covered his face. Cold pig-like eyes stared out of the eyeholes and
yellowed teeth were visible behind thick, chapped lips. That was all she could see of
her captor's face. He wore a soiled, non-descript jumpsuit like a mechanic would
"Ya quite the piece, missy! Wish I had more time to play with ya! We'd have ourselves
a real party!"
He reached out and squeezed her right breast. She yelped and pulled back, but he held
on and painfully twisted it.
"OK! Over to the door and get out!" When she hesitated, he grabbed her by the
ponytail and, as he backed ponderously out the door, pulled her along. She tumbled
out and landed in a heap in the dust of a gravel road.
He pulled her to her feet. She looked around in panic. They were on a gravel road in
the middle of nowhere. All she could see in all direction were trees and scrub brush.
She could hear the whining sound of vehicles in the distance, but the only sound
nearby was the chirping of birds and the wheezing of her kidnapper.
He laughed, a chilling sound, and grabbed her around the neck.
"I like ya collar, bitch! Heh! Heh! That's pretty good! Just like a dog!"
He pulled a length of rope from a pocket and looped it through her collar leash
connection and knotted it. Damn it, she thought, why did I wear this collar today?
"OK. We're taking a little walk!" He held the leash in one hand and pulled a small
valise from the passenger side floor. Jerking on her make shift leash, he set off
towards a high point of land about a hundred yards off the road.
He called over his shoulder, "Oh, yeah, watch out fa snakes!" She jumped aside and
swept her eyes around the ground beneath her. He laughed and almost pulled her off
her feet with a hard pull on the leash.
For a big, out-of-shape man, he moved at a good clip. Anne had to concentrate on her
footing and hurry along to keep up. Even traveling up hill, they covered the distance
in a minute of so.
At the top, Anne could only see more trees. The source of the vehicle sound was a
high way about a mile away, but what road it was couldn't be identified.
The man dropped the bag and grabbed Anne by the shoulders. He turned her and
pushed her backwards until she bumped up against a tree. Taking up the leash rope, he
wound it tightly around the trunk and her neck, pinning her in place.
He reached for the neck of her t-shirt, shredded it and pulled it off. A knife appeared
and he cut the straps of her bra and tossed it aside. He dropped the knife and grabbed

both of her breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples. She screamed through her gag
and tried to turn away and only succeeded in almost choking herself with the neck
The man chuckled and undid her belt and shorts snap and zipper. He tugged her shorts
down and over her sneakers. Rough fingers invaded her crotch and probed her sex.
Anne steeled herself for the inevitable sexual assault as he tore away her panties. He
was grunting and was obviously aroused. For several minutes he pawed at her breasts
and pussy and then stopped.
"Bitch, I'd so like to do ya, but that ain't part a the deal, damn it!"
Deal? What deal, she thought! A spark of an idea kindled in her mind! This guy was
hired to do this! She remembered a fantasy she had written that was very familiar to
this situation she found herself in. Chillingly familiar! Who was that for? She racked
her brain trying to remember, but came up with nothing. None of these revelations did
anything to relieve her escalating fear. Her captor had backed away from her and was
emptying the bag. Multiple coils of rough hemp rope piled up on the ground.
She flashed back to the story she had written and remembered that it had included a
scenario of a gal kidnapped and left tied to a tree. She panicked then and began to
scream and struggle, trying to pull herself free of the neck rope. The man looked up
and grinned.
"Oh, ya ain't gettin' away, sweetheart! Don't even think ya can!"
He rose and grabbed her face, painfully squeezing her cheeks. He pushed her against
the trunk.
"Stay put!" Anne, shaking with dread, did as she was told. The man fished a key out
of a pocket and unlocked the wrist cuffs. He pulled her arms around the tree trunk and
tied her wrists together and then to the tree. He tied her elbows together. The trunk
diameter was small enough that he was able to get them to touch. The rough bark
scraped at the insides of her arms.
Anne stood weeping in frustration and scared almost to the point of paralysis as the
man continued to bind her to the tree.
Ropes were passed and tightened around her chest and arms above and below her
He pulled off her shoes leaving her barefoot in the dirt. and bound her ankles and
above and below her knees. He looped a rope around her waist, knotted it over her
stomach and threaded it between her legs. Leering at her as he did it, he nestled the
rope into her pussy and pulled it tight. The intrusion of the rough rope into her sex
was unwanted which further agitated her. It scratched unpleasantly against her clit as
he maneuvered and tied the loose end up behind her to her chest ropes.
He bound her waist to the trunk and bound her ankles and above and below her knees
including the tree in the wrappings. He cinched off all the leg ropes and the waist rope

with tight horizontal wraps between her body and the tree. With those ropes tightened,
even slight movement was difficult.
"Almost done, missy!"
He undid the neck rope and untied the leash, leaving the collar in place. He bent her
head forward and untied the knotted cloth and pulled the rag form her mouth. She
coughed and worked her jaw. Her mouth and throat were dry.
She managed to rasp out, "May I have some water!"
He glared at her then retrieved the water bottle that was in the bag and poured some
into her mouth. She swirled it around and swallowed it. "More, please?" He carelessly
poured more into her mouth, the majority of it running out and onto her chest. She
spluttered and coughed, but it was a welcome relief.
She spoke to him. "Why are you doing this? Who are you?"
He laughed and puffed out his chest. "I'm the best 'napper in the business, that's all
you need ta know! I got paid to do this and I'm done! That's all I need ta know!
Although I would like ta have some time with ya; not in the deal though!"
"OK, missy, open up!" He produced a large red ball gag with straps piercing the
"Nooo! Please don't gag me!" she whined. He clamped his hand over her mouth with
one hand and pinched her nose shut with the other. Held thus, she could not breathe.
She struggled to free herself from his grasp and to breathe, her eyes bulging. He held
her like that for thirty or forty seconds and let go. She sucked in air when he released
"Open up?" She sighed in resignation and opened her mouth. The ball was sponge and
huge. Forced into her mouth, it filled it. He tightened the strap at the back of her neck.
With one last pinch of her nipple, he said, "Well, I'm done and outta here! Have fun!"
He picked up all the loose gear and stuffed it into the bag. Without a backward glance,
he trudged down the hill. She heard the van start up in a cloud of blue smoke. It
backed and turned and drove off down the dusty road trailing a plume of smoke and
The silence descended around Anne. There was no movement anywhere she could see
and no sign of civilization. She fought against the ropes binding her and found them
Her head sagged and she began to sob, giving in to the flood of fear and desperation.
The sun was high in the sky, but went behind a cloud in the darkening sky, bringing
her some relief from its strong rays.

She looked down from her hill top prison through tear-filled eyes and waited.

Part Three
The day wore on slowly. Anne had no idea how long she had been there. The sunny
day had turned cloudy and rain was threatening to fall although it was still warm. She
was thankful that the harsh sun had faded, at least.
Anne had cried herself out and now slumped in her bonds her head bent forward. She
was sore and thirsty and more or less in shock. She had no idea why she had been
kidnapped and had given up trying to work it out. She had blocked out the possibility
that she wouldn't be found. She has reasoned that someone had paid that disgusting
man to grab her, so they must have had a purpose. It was a slim hope, but her only
one, so she clung to it like it was a life raft in a sea of uncertainty.
Absolutely no one had come along the gravel road. If they did, she knew she would be
visible to anyone not blind. That was her only other hope. She nurtured that
possibility carefully, not relying too much on that. But it was still possible.
She assumed her mind was playing tricks on her when she thought she heard the
sound of a motor. The sound faded and she didn't even raise her head to look. The
sound returned moments later, this time a little louder. She slowly raised her head and
squinted in the direction from which it came. Was that dust she saw? Her entire body
tensed, all senses alert.
It was a dust trail! And the sound was louder! She willed herself to stay calm.
On a small knoll to her right she saw a flash of light.
Someone was coming!
Despite her resolve to stay calm, she began to scream, emitting muffled sounds that
no one on the road could ever hear. She strained against the ropes trying to make
herself visible by even the most imperceptible movement.
The vehicle came into view, moving slowly along the road. It was some kind of offroad vehicle. She could see the oversized tires and the door less cab. She strained and
yelled, even as she knew it would do no good. She had to do something!
Her heart soared when the vehicle stopped at the base of the hill. They had seen her!
The vehicle began to move again and started up the hill towards her. She could see
two men in the cab. In seconds they were at the crest of the hill. The motor was shut
off and the two men sat in the truck, while one of them talked quietly on a cell phone.
Anne's elation deflated and her fear skyrocketed. These guys should be running to her
rescue, not talking on the phone. The man closed his phone and climbed down from
the cab. He sauntered over and stared at her. She twisted and writhed in her bindings,
shouting at him to release her.

Anne was incensed and screamed obscenities at him, some of which could be clearly
understood even with the gag in place. He turned around and looked at his companion
and then gestured towards Anne as if to say how about that? The other man laughed
and then got down out of the truck. He joined his companion in staring at Anne.
Finally one of them spoke to Anne, "Having fun yet?" then to his companion, "Let's
get her out of here."
Anne flashed to a terrifying conclusion. These guys weren't going to set her free!
They were going to take her with them. She slumped again in her bonds, a numbness
spread through her.
One of the men went back to the truck and returned with a small bow saw. Anne
stared at it in confusion. God, what are they going to do! The man went behind her
and out of sight. The other man, the boss she thought, spoke, "I'll pull on the tree
while you cut."
She felt and heard the saw tear into the wood of the tree. The man in front reached
over her head and pulled the tree and her towards him. He was very close to her and
leered at her, raking his eyes over her breasts.
She turned away from his frank gaze and then suddenly realized neither of these men
wore masks! A new wave of concern shot through her. She wanted to cry or strike out
at whoever was responsible for this and most of all she wanted to be out of here and
back in her safe apartment! She wondered if that would ever happen?
The sawing continued and then she heard a crack as the trunk broke. She pitched
forward slightly and the man holding the tree staggered under the unwieldy weight
and size of the tree. The second man joined him and they lowered the tree to the
ground. She ended up leaned to the side and because the crown of the tree held it up
off the ground, she was suspended at angle above the ground. She had shifted some in
her bonds, but they were tight and well placed. It was a weird feeling to say the least.
She felt like a part of the tree.
The boss spoke to the helper. "How much of the trunk do we need? It's a damn good
thing he picked a small tree!"
"I'll check."
He walked to the truck and then returned several minutes later. The boss flicked aside
his cigarette and asked, "Well?"
"We need about seven feet top to bottom."
"OK. Cut it about here."
Anne watched in confusion, not having a clue what they were doing. Why didn't they
just untie her and put her in the truck? Neither of them spoke to her and after the boss
had checked her out, neither really paid her any attention to her. She felt the saw and
looked up to see the helper cutting the trunk a foot or so above her head. She felt

sawdust sprinkle onto her. The trunk was only three inches or so thick at the point
where it was being cut. The boss held the part of the trunk she was tied to by
wrapping his arms around her and the tree and crushing her face against his crotch.
The trunk separated with a crack and she was lowered unceremoniously to the ground
ending up on her stomach with the trunk now a 7-foot log on her back.
The two men picked her up by the log and carried her to the bed of the truck. They
dumped her on the bed. Both then climbed into the back and hoisted her up into a
horizontal position about three feet above the bed onto the metal rack that framed the
bed of the truck. She was placed kitty-corner on the rack; her head was towards the
back and her ankles at the driver's side.
The boss told his helper to strap her ankles and the log to the frame upright and cross
members. He did the same at the back, firmly tying the log end to the frame. Her body
had not moved much given the tight ropes although she now hung from the underside
of the log, suspended above the truck bed. Her head hung down at a painful angle and
she didn't have the strength to hold it up.
"Help me here, will you? Hold her head up!" The two men converged at the back of
the truck. One lifted her head up until the back of her skull hit the log. The other
began wrapping some kind of tape around her head, covering her eyes and forehead
and then her gagged mouth. When they were done, only the nose was visible on her
mummified head.
They pulled and shook the frame to make sure she was firmly attached. Satisfied that
she was, they jumped down off the truck.
Anne had crawled back into that space in her head where she just existed in a state of
suspended animation. She barely heard them as the men talked about taking her to the
The truck, hauling its strange cargo, fired up and began to move.

Part Four
The ride only took 15 or 20 minutes, but it was devastating to Anne. Even though they
tried to secure the log and her, she bounced around viciously on the rack as they sped
over the rough terrain. By the time the vehicle stopped at its destination, she was
barely conscious and battered.
She vaguely heard a voice berating the men who had brought her. She thought it was a
female voice, but she was fading in and out of awareness and couldn't be sure. She did
know that someone quickly moved her off the truck and untied her. She knew that she
was so tired and dehydrated and beat up that she couldn't stand or walk.
And she remembered being lifted and carried and then it was all a blank.
When she awoke, she had no idea where she was. She was naked in a bed in a room,
wearing nothing except her collar, but that was all she knew. She went to get up and
felt the effects of her captivity everywhere. Her muscles and joints were sore, her jaw

ached and she had an aching head. She examined herself and though there were still
fading signs of the ropes; she didn't seem to be permanently marked by her bondage.
She saw the remains of some food on a tray, so she must have eaten, but when? She
felt sort of rested, so she must have slept, but for how long? She was cleaned up and
reasonably presentable, but how had that happened?
But where was she? She ran to the one door in the room and trying the knob, found it
was locked. She shook the door and then turned and leaned against it, her gaze taking
in the rest of the room. It was probably 20 feet by 20 feet with high ceilings. There
were long narrow windows way up high on two walls that let in light, a bed and a
dresser and in one corner, a small walled off area. She went to that area and found a
small bathroom, which included a shower, toilet and sink. There were lights set into
the ceiling that were operated by a switch next to the door. There was nothing else in
the room
She returned to the bed and sat and tried to figure what this was about. She assumed
that she was with whoever had set her kidnapping up. That person wanted her for
some reason and was keeping her here. She couldn't figure out why, though. She
couldn't think of anyone in her life or past that would do this.
She was cycling and cycling through old ground, spiraling down into despair, when
the door opened. She jumped to her feet and raised her hand to her mouth. In the open
door, silhouetted against the light, was what appeared to be a woman. She was tall and
shapely and that was all Anne could tell. The woman paused a moment before
entering, carefully shutting the door and locking it.
She turned to face Anne. Anne did not recognize her. She was taller than Anne, maybe
almost six feet. She had dark hair held into a ponytail, average looks with regular
features. Her most striking feature were her eyes, piercing and startlingly green. She
wore cargo pants and a sweater and cowboy boots, all in black.
"Let me first apologize for my men. I wanted them to bring you unharmed and they
failed. They have been dealt with!" She had a strong, rich voice without a hint of
Anne charged at the woman and raised her arms to strike her. The woman, in a series
of quick movements, deflected the charge and knocked Anne to the floor. Handcuffs
appeared from somewhere and the woman cuffed Anne's hands behind her back. She
stepped back and told Anne to get up.
"Fuck you!" Anne spit out. "Who are you? Why are you holding me, like this?"
The woman reached out and grabbed Anne by the upper arm and lifted her to her feet.
She was surprisingly strong. She propelled Anne towards the bed and pushed her
down. A second set of cuffs appeared and they were tightly clamped onto Anne's
"Do you see a pattern here, Anne? Every time you disobey me, you will be further
bound! I'm sure you will test me on this, but be assured, it will happen!"

"You fucking bitch! Who are you, damn it? Let me go! Youyoujust can't do this
to someone! LET ME GO!"
Anne tried to scramble away on the bed as the woman advanced on her. She failed to
move far enough and the woman flipped her onto her back and cuffed her elbows
together, ratcheting the cuffs down tightly.
Anne incensed at this treatment and at the woman righted herself and began
screaming at the woman, swearing, pleading, insulting and begging. The woman
stood watching, one hip cocked to the side, her arms folded, no expression on her
face. Anne, red faced and panting paused in her tirade and spit in the woman's
The woman reacted quickly, slapping Anne on the face and then forcing an opaque
fabric hood down over Anne's face. Having her vision cut off just served to increase
Anne's rage. She continued screaming and swearing until the woman after clamping
her hand over Anne's mouth, forced her to accept a ball gag that was tightly fastened
behind her neck.
Anne sagged back on the bed, out of breath and finally intimidated by this hard
Several minutes passed in silence, the only sound in the room being Anne's labored
The woman broke the silence.
"You are a spirited woman, Anne! Not very smart, I'd have to say, but plucky and not
easily intimidated! I will enjoy instructing you! When I came to see you, I was going
to explain why you are here and what I expect from you! However, your unacceptable
behavior just now has made me change my mind. You have not earned the right to
know what you face, except that I will tell you this for you to think about. You write
your little stories well, but I know you are lacking in real experience! I will give you
that experience!"
With that, she chained Anne's ankle cuffs to the foot of the bed and left, locking the
door behind her.
Anne lay on the bed, bewildered and no closer to understanding what was happening
than before. All she had managed to do was to get herself bound and gagged again.

Part 5
Maybe an hour passed, maybe two, Anne wasn't sure. She moved restlessly around on
the bed as best she could, trying to piece together what she knew.
The bitch woman knew she wrote bondage fiction. That argued that she was maybe a
client? She had said that Anne had lacked experience, so maybe she was a pissed off
client. The part that Anne didn't like was that she claimed that she would give Anne
experience! That sounded ominous, but also kind of hopeful, really.

If you count the past day or so, Anne's hands on experience with bondage had
increased immensely!
Additional experience she didn't want or need, but here she was; held against her will
again! She had developed an idea that although she might suffer, this woman wasn't
going to really harm her. It sounded like she wanted Anne to receive training so as to
improve her writing. She felt a bit better after developing that theory, butshe was
still a captive.
She heard the key in the lock and then the door bang open. The sounds of oneno,
two people moving in the room came to her. She felt a hand on her ankle and heard
the chain rattle. She was roughly shifted on the bed, her feet placed on the floor and
the ankle cuffs removed.
With one person's hand under one armpit and the other's under the other armpit, she
was hoisted to her feet. Disoriented by the hood, she almost toppled over. One of the
people, a woman, cursed and jostled her hard.
"Damn it! Stay on your goddamn feet!" She had a deep, almost mannish voice.
"The mistress wants you up at the big house. Let's go!" They began to walk her. She
stumbled a bit and then got into synch with her escorts. The big house! That sounded
kind of sinister, she thought. Whatever that woman had in store for her, she would
soon find out.
They walked on pavement and grass and gravel on the way to the house. She could
hear and smell the ocean. It was wonderful! It felt good to Anne just to be out of that
room regardless of what was ahead. At least that was what she thought now
They guided her up some steps and across a porch or foyer and then into a building.
Anne could sense the change in atmosphere and sound as soon as she entered the
house. They walked for a good distance on plush carpeting until they all three
stopped. Someone knocked on a door and a muffled voice inside said, "Come in."
The door was opened and Anne was left just inside the room. Her escorts departed
without a word, quietly closing the door behind them. She tried to stay upright, but
without her escorts to support her, she felt herself losing balance and falling. An arm
went round her waist and steadied her.
She was guided to a chair and assisted into the seat. A manacle was attached to her
ankle anchoring her to the chair. She felt the gag strap being released and the gag
removed and then the hood being pulled off. She blinked against the bright light
flooding the room and turned away from it.
When her eyes had adjusted, she looked around. The room was large with a glass wall
that overlooked the water. It was ultra modern in design and furnishings. One wall
was covered with floor to ceiling mirrors.

Her "hostess" stood to one side allowing Anne time to look around. After several
minutes, she spoke, "I hope you remember the lessons of earlier today. Disobey me
again and suffer the consequences!"
Anne shifted in her chair to look at the woman. She was still dressed in the same
clothes and had the same no nonsense expression.
"As you might have guessed, I am a client of yours. Which one is immaterial! I have
paid you well to put to words my story ideas and I have become dismayed by a certain
naivet I have read in your work!"
"Please be quiet or I shall gag you again!"
Anne defeated an urge to blurt out an obscenity and decided to sit quietly.
"Good! You seem to have the capacity to learn. Over the next hours, you will be put
through several bondage experiences that you have written inaccurately about. I
believe that this type of experience will serve you well in the future! Yes, you will
have a future! I do not intend to harm you and you will be released. Eventually."
Anne felt her spirits soar. There was no reason why she should believe this humorless
bitch, but she found herself doing just that. Maybe a defense mechanism, maybe not,
but it was bringing her relief!
Anne also discovered a new feeling hiding behind the anxiety and fear that had just
been relieved. It was just a hint of excitement at what this woman might do to her!
Bring it on, you bitch, she thought.
Part 6
"I am going to release you from your manacles now. I hope you will behave
Anne turned so that the woman could remove the cuffs. For the first time in many
hours she was free of restraints.
She had no intention of acting out. Anne believed the woman when she said she
wasn't going to kill or harm her. Anne was also intrigued by the "experience" the
woman claimed she was going to give her.
A lot of what Anne wrote was the product of her own fertile imagination. While it had
hurt a bit to be told she was nave, she knew she had limited experience in bondage
and discipline. She got into the business of writing about bondage because she had a
strong interest in it and desire for it. To be able to expand her involvement and
experience the things she wrote about was very inviting. Besides, what choice did she

She turned back to the woman. "What should I call you?"

The woman laughed. "My dear, you won't be doing much talking at all, but you may
think of me as Mistress!"
Huh, thought Anne, my first real mistress! How exciting!
"Come with me." Mistress swung her arm in an arc to indicate the direction for Anne
to head in. Anne, naked for many hours in front of strangers, was no longer bothered
by her lack of clothes. It feltwell, almost natural. She stood up, a tingle of
excitement building inside her, and walked the length of the room toward the wall of
mirrors. Mistress followed and when Anne reached the wall, she turned and stood
nervously shifting from foot to foot, her arms folded over her breasts.
"Your first lesson will be in gags. In your writing, you give them short shrift. Gags are
essential for people to understand that they are no longer in control. The gags you
write of are similar to those you see in popular media, fake and ineffectual."
Mistress walked to an armoire placed against the adjacent wall and withdrew several
items. She returned to Anne with several rolls of fabric and tape.
"Open your mouth please, Anne". Anne did as she was told and Mistress unrolled one
of the fabric rolls and began to fill Anne's mouth with it, packing it into the corners of
her mouth. She took a second roll and did the same. Anne's mouth was soon stuffed
with cloth. Mistress picked up the tape and unrolling a strip placed it over the cloth
and began to wind the rest around Anne's head. She made several passes and when
she was done, Anne mouth was held wide open by the tape and cloth. The tape, which
she pulled tight, had forced the cloth deeper into Anne mouth. Anne fought back her
gag reflex and tried to adjust to the strange sensation of having so much stuff in her
mouth. She had experimented with cleave gags and putting balls into her mouth, but
this was a whole different experience. Mistress smoothed the tape and turned Anne so
that she could see herself. Wow, she thought, now that is a gag!
"You will find that you cannot utter a word that is intelligible, however you will be
able to communicate. If as we proceed here, you suffer distress, please make three
grunting sounds as a signal. I will, upon hearing that, release you. Please try it."
Anne tried to talk and found she couldn't, so she began to make sounds. The best she
could do was "Unngh, unngh, unngh."
Mistress seemed pleased. "Good, very good!"
She then reached for Anne's hand and slipped a leather harness onto it. It was wide
and had a sling like attachment. She slipped a similar thing onto each wrist and ankle.
She dug a key chain from one of her pockets and pushed a button. A whining sound
could be heard and Anne looked up to see cables descending from the ceiling.
Mistress told Anne to raise her arms and, when she did, hooked a cable to each wrist
sling. She told Anne to spread her legs apart. Using small lengths of chain, she
attached the ankle slings to rings she lifted out of the floor.

Anne was facing the mirror and far enough away from it that she could see all of
herself. A surge of arousal shot through as she saw herself in standing spread eagle.
Oh my God, she thought, I can't believe this!
Mistress activated the hoist and Anne's arms were drawn up and out to the side.
Slowly her arms rose higher and higher until she was on the tip of her toes. The
pulling stopped and Mistress spoke to her.
"In your last writing effort you wrote of a person in just such a situation as you find
yourself now. I want you to understand exactly what she should have felt and you
should have written!" The whining commenced again and Anne was drawn up and off
her feet. The hoisting continued until the ankle chains were drawn tight.
Anne was stretched in a hanging spread eagle. The strain on her shoulders was severe
and her eyes were tearing up. She grabbed the sling part of the strap with her hands to
try and relieve some of the strain. It didn't help and with all of her weight hung on her
arms and her arms stretched out at an angle, the strain was excruciating.
"Unngh, unngh, unngh!"
She found the woman in the mirror and pleaded with her eyes. For several moments
the woman didn't react, then held the remote up for Anne to see and pushed the
button. Anne was lowered back to the floor. Her shoulders ached and felt horribly
stretched. The woman removed the cables and helped Anne to lower her arms. She let
Anne move her arms around and slowly the pain subsided and Anne calmed down.
"The lesson here is that what you wrote about was unsustainable. As you now know,
your arms cannot support your body when they are at that angle. If you are going to
write these things you must be realistic." She paused. Anne slowly nodded her head,
but she was thinking, Oh my God, what else have I written that she doesn't like? She
was suddenly not as eager to learn more about what she writes.
Mistress told Anne to raise her arms over head. Anne did without any protest form her
shoulder or elbow joints and Mistress gathered her arms together above Anne's head.
A third cable descended from directly above and Mistress attached both wrist slings to
the hook.
A push of the bottom and Anne began to ascend again. She wanted to protest, but
stopped herself. There was apparently a lesson in this and she wanted to see what it
was. She was pulled off her feet and stretched slightly as before. This time the strain
on her arms was bearable. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was amazed
andyes, aroused by what she saw. Her muscles were stretched and accentuated. Her
body had a sheen of perspiration that made her glow. As she hung there the strain of
the weight on her body increased some, but it was manageable. Mistress spoke.
"Now you see that with your arms overhead and parallel with your body, the strain on
your arms and shoulders is lessened and you will be able to remain like this for a
longer time!"

It was true! Although not at all comfortable, Anne knew that it was not unbearable and
she thrilled to think that she would be kept like this for a period of time. She felt so
helpless and vulnerable!
"In that same story, you wrote of flogging and the use of vibrators on the subject. For
the most part, you wrote it correctly, however, I believe you need some hands-on
training, as it were, to flesh out the details!"
Anne began to shiver in dread and anticipation as she absorbed Mistress' words.
Flogged and vibrated! Oh my god!

Part 7
Anne studied herself in the mirror. It was like watching those bondage videos on the
websites except she was the star in this one. She absolutely loved being helpless like
this. She watched as she tried to move and just managed to swing and shift a very
little. The strain on her arms was not too bad yet and she thought she could stay like
this awhile. She wanted to stay like this for a while.
Mistress appeared in front of her, a nasty looking flogger in her hand.
"Anne, you had a fairly accurate description of a flogging in the account I referred to.
I thought you would benefit from experiencing one yourself. This is a medium weight
flogger that will sting a bit and make a noise upon contact with your skin, but
shouldn't be too abusive. As you wrote, there are areas that shouldn't be flogged and,
of course, I will stay away from them."
Anne, yanked out of her reverie, was somewhat apprehensive about being beaten. She
wasn't a pain freak!
Mistress started with a series of quick, light blows to her buttocks and then slipped in
a sharp blow. When the first hard blow slapped off her buttocks, she shrieked. It stung
and caused her to sway in her suspension. Mistress continued flogged her lightly on
both cheeks several times and then slapped her hard again. After the first hard blow,
Anne remained quiet and endured the impact without verbal comment, but her body
and mind were responding. Mistress continued the tempo and timing of the flogging
for several minutes.
It was such a strange feeling to be bound into immobility and than beaten. Everything
that would happen was out of her control. She could only wait and experience it. It
was all about the loss of control. She was realizing that having someone control her
totally and beat her or do whatever he or she wanted to her was a surprising turn-on.
Each blow emphasized how out of her control this situation was and she began to
anticipate each slap of the flogger. Her buttocks were hot from the flow of blood to
the surface of her skin. Mistress also slapped at her thighs and brushed across her
breasts. She began to gasp and moan at each impact and lost herself in the anticipation
of the next one. She clenched and unclenched her fists and stretched and pointed her
toes and grimaced at each blow and that was about all she could move. It was a
revelation and a surprisingly erotic experience; much more so than she would have

Mistress stopped the flogging and appeared in front of her. Anne was wet now with
perspiration and was breathing heavily from arousal and exertion.
Mistress operated the remote and lowered Anne so that her feet were back on the floor
and the strain was off her arms. Anne sighed in relief, but in a corner of her mind,
rued the loss of total restraint and the relative freedom she had been granted.
Mistress pushed another button on the remote and a door opened across the room. In
the mirror, Anne could see a tall female clad in hose and bustier enter the room. She
had a lush body emphasized by her style of dress and her stiletto heels. The hood she
wore hid her features except for her eyes and mouth, but did not hide the pile of rich
auburn hair that spilled from beneath the hood.
As the woman drew near, Anne could see that she carried a dildo and a pole like
object. Anne shivered as she began to understand what was going to happen next! The
woman walked up to Mistress and stood silently by her side. Experiencing her up
close, Anne could feel the sensuality radiating from her.
Mistress said, "Anne, this is "K". She is a sometimes guest and instructor here. "K"
will provide your next training."
Anne looked from Mistress to "K" and back, clearly apprehensive about this
"K" said nothing and then with an almost imperceptible signal from Mistress moved
forward and arranged herself on her knees between Anne's spread legs. She placed her
hands on the fronts of Anne's thigh. Anne flinched slightly at the touch of her warm,
soft hands.
"K" lightly trailed the fingers of her hands along the inside of Anne's thighs. Her nails
just grazed the delicate skin and Anne squirmed at the sensation. "K" gently traced
the outer edges of Anne's vagina with one finger and then ran her hands around Anne's
thighs and cupped her buttocks, squeezing her cheeks. "K" rose up on her haunches
and spread Anne's outer lips with her thumbs, exposing the clean pink flesh within.
She placed her tongue at Anne's vaginal opening and probing lightly, running her
tongue around the periphery of the opening. She pushed her tongue further in and
probed gently and slowly. She heard Anne suck in a breath when she touched upon a
particularly sensitive spot. "K" ran her tongue up and gently flicked at Anne's
clitoris. She circled the clit with her tongue and flicked at it several times, eliciting
another sharp intake of breathe from Anne. Anne's excitement was evident in her
increased rate of breathing and heaving chest and in the far away look in her eyes.
"K" placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to Anne's opening and held it there for
several seconds with just the slightest amount of pressure. She applied more pressure
and began to move the dildo into Anne's opening very slowly. Anne's vaginal muscles
yielded easily to the advance of the dildo. "K" advanced it until it was in several
inches and then withdrew it slowly. She worked the dildo in and out with an easy,
slow motion. Anne began to move at least as much as she could with the motion of
the dildo, thrusting her hips forward and side-to-side.

"K" reached for the pole and attached it to the bottom of the dildo. She extended the
pole until it reached the floor directly under Anne's body. At this point, the dildo was
fully engulfed within Anne and firmly braced to the floor. With her body restrained
and the dildo buried within her, there was no way it would come out unless it was
taken out.
"K" got the small vibrator and attached it to the clamps on the pole. She slid it up
and adjusted it until the tip was in contact with the clit area of Anne's vagina. "K"
turned the device on to test it. Anne jerked at the sensation and "K" was satisfied that
the vibe was in the right place. She set it for random operation and rose and left the
With her pussy filled with the dildo and the vibrator humming softly against her clit,
Anne began to slip away into that space in her reserved for exceptional sexual
experiences. Her whole body tingled and she moved and moaned with increasing
Her eyes were closed and she was intent on bringing herself to orgasm, when Mistress
laid the first stroke from the flogger across her buttocks. Snapping out of her reverie,
she yelped in surprise. The flogging continued as before, soft almost whispery contact
and then a hard blow, the vibrator hummed on and Anne suddenly saw clearly what
she had been searching for in her life. She let herself slip back into her zone and
accepted the stimulation of the lash and the vibrator and dildo and slipped over the
edge into an intense orgasm. Straining against her bonds and moaning and pleading,
she thrashed about and then sagged in weak-kneed surrender to the afterglow of
orgasm. But the flogging didn't stop and the buzzing vibrator didn't stop and Anne
found herself carried on a new wave of passion to a second orgasm equally as intense
as the first.
She wanted it to stop and she didn't want it to stop. One more orgasm wracked her and
then it did stop. Mistress slowly withdrew the dildo and lowered Anne's arms. She
stood, legs spread and hands tied front of her breathing heavily and floating in a
mental haze.
Mistress, ever the cold administrator, spoke, "You have one more training experience
to undergo and then I believe we can release you, Anne. At least for the time being!"

Part 8
Mistress removed the wrist and ankle slings. Anne was free of any restraints and when
she thought about that she felt a pang of disappointment and then thought it was
strange to think that!
Mistress directed Anne to a door in the corner of the room. Anne was exhausted and
sore. But she managed to pull herself together and walk towards the room under her
power. Mistress opened the door and extended her arm to indicate that Anne should
enter. The room was similar to the one Anne had awakened in, just a bed and dresser
and not much else. Piled on the bed were some clothes.
"Put those on please!"

Anne walked to the bed and picked up a pair of panties and slipped them on. There
was no bra. There was also a long-sleeved top, a pair of jeans and what appeared to be
her running shoes. She put it all on and turned to face Mistress. She had decided it
was not smart to ask questions of Mistress and waited until she spoke.
"This will be a hands-on role-playing exercise during which you will learn what it is
like to be victimized. Do not worry about excessive forcing. All my trainers are health
screened and tested regularly. Please wait here."
After Mistress left, Anne began to hyperventilate. She didn't like the sound of this
little exercise! Victimized? Excessive forcing? Learn what it is like to be victimized?
Hah! What the hell have I been lately if not victimized?
She paced the room, casting her eyes about the barren room and worrying what and
when something would happen. She finally wore the edge off her anxiety and sat
down on the bed. Still nervous, but calmed a bit, she shifted on the bed and stretched
out, her head resting on the headboard. She was still tense and had her arms wrapped
tightly around her chest, but she was feeling the effects of her captivity. After a few
minutes and despite her tension or maybe because of it, she found herself nodding off.
The door crashing open startled her out of a nod-off!
She shot up, heart pounding, and started to scramble off the bed, but the masked man
who had entered pounced on her before she could gain her feet. He lifted her bodily
and threw her back down on the bed on her stomach. Anne was screaming for help
and kicking and fighting. The man climbed onto her back and pressed his weight
down trying to subdue her. She connected with a kick to his back as she flailed her
legs and heard the man grunt. She tried to buck him off, but she was not moving him
at all. He countered her every move and gradually wore her down. He was grabbing
for her hands and finally managed to get them twisted behind her back and bound.
She was panting now, as was he, the room filled with the smell of fear and sweat!
A large hand, wet from exertion clamped over her mouth, shutting off a cry for help.
"Shut up, bitch, or I'll hurt you!" To emphasize his threat the man pinched her nose
shut and clamped down harder on her mouth. Anne fought to twist her head free, but
succeeded only in exhausting the oxygen in her system. He held on until her head
began to swim and her vision began to darken. When he let go, he said, "I can do that
again or you can keep quiet! Which is it, bitch!"
Anne sagged in surrendered. She whispered, "OK, OK, I'll be quiet! What do you
He let loose a cruel, cold laugh.
"What do you think I want, honey?" He laughed again and pulled her to a sitting
position by her hair and then forced her to kneel on the floor next to the bed.
He pulled down his zipper. His erect penis sprang free.

"What do I want? You must be joking!"

Anne recoiled at the sight of his erection. This can't be happening, she thought. She
attempted to rise and screamed, "Get away from me!"
He pushed her back down and grabbed her head in his hands. "You're going to suck
me off, bitch! Now!"
Anne, tried to get her head free. She managed to squeeze out, "Fuck you! Leave me
alone!" from between her gritted teeth. The man bent her head painfully back and
tried to squeeze her jaws open.
Anne resisted, fighting his brutal strength.
They were both startled by the door banging open and a rush of shouting filling the
room. The man loosened his grip just as two white coat clad men grabbed him and
slammed him to the floor. In short order, he was restrained and carried kicking and
screaming from the room.
Mistress appeared at her side and assisted Anne to a sitting position on the bed.
She appeared to be greatly distressed. She took Anne in her arms and held her close,
speaking gently to her. "I am so sorry this happened! I had no idea he was dangerous!
Oh my dear Anne, I am so sorry!"
Anne was sobbing and totally confused by what had just transpired. She had bought
the story that she was safe here and then it was all taken away! She wasn't safe at all!
She wanted to go home! Anne blurted that out to Mistress.
Mistress hugged her more closely and stroked her back and smoothed her hair,
whispering reassurances to her. Anne began to calm down. Mistress pulled back and
held Anne at arms length.
'My dear, I will see to your release immediately!" Anne felt a rush of gratitude for
Mistress, tinged by a healthy dose of distrust. After all, this was the woman that had
said she would just be gaining some experience and would eventually be freed! This
was some experience, all right!
Mistress pulled her close and kissed Anne softly on the lips. She stared into Anne's
eyes and then kissed her again, this time more passionately. Her hand moved to the
back of Anne's head as her tongue gently probed against Anne's closed lips. Anne felt
a flash of arousal and responded to Mistress, accepting her tongue. The kiss continued
while Mistress' hand strayed to Anne's breasts. Anne's excitement mounted as
Mistress caressed her breasts and began to kiss her gently on the neck. Mistress
slowly slid Anne's top up exposing her breasts and bent to take a nipple in her mouth.
Anne arched her back at the touch of Mistress' lips on her and sighed. She realized
then that her hands were still bound and she found herself twisting her wrists in her
bonds as Mistress gently pulled on her nipples.
Abruptly, Mistress stopped and pulled Anne's top back into place.

"All right, then! Let's prepare you for your return!" She rose and left the room and
Anne. Anne was dismayed at the sudden loss of intimacy and arousal. She called out
for Mistress to return, but she was gone. Anne began to cry again, this time shedding
tears of loss. She collapsed on the bed and sobbed, not understanding at all what was
happening to her.
Two women came into the room and helped her to her feet. One of them placed a
cloth bag over her head and they led her, hands bound and still crying, from the room.
It was a short walk to a vehicle. She was helped into the vehicle and placed face down
on a seat. Several hands quickly worked on her, securing her in a tight hogtie. Anne
wasn't sure what was going on and was still trying to sort out her reaction to Mistress
and how the thing had ended. She hoped she was going home, but part of her wanted
to stay. Part of her wanted more of the Mistress and more of the bondage and training.
She was gagged with a ball gag that pushed some of the cloth of the hood into her
mouth. A blanket or tarp was thrown over her. Doors slammed and the vehicle tipped
as someone climbed in. The motor started and the vehicle began to move.
She lay lost in thought, hardly noticing her bondage. It had become almost natural for
her to be bound in some way. And Mistress! What of Mistress?
After dark she was deposited in the alley behind her apartment and let out with just
the hood on her head. By the time she got the hood off, the vehicle was gone.
She noticed that her car was in its parking spot. She walked over to it in a daze and
saw that her bag and papers were piled neatly on the seat.
She found that her keys were in the pocket of her jeans. She let herself into the foyer
and trudged up the stairs to her apartment. The place felt and looked alien to her as if
a stranger lived here. She walked idly from room to room through the darkened
apartment, ending up in her bedroom.
She flipped the light on and immediately saw the picture on the wall. Her hand flew to
her mouth as she gaped at the huge photograph of her bound and hanging in Mistress'
room. She slowly walked over to it and noticed the note tucked into the frame. With
trembling hands she sat on the edge of the bed and opened the small envelope.
"We shall meet again! Soon! 'M'"
Anne raised her eyes to the photograph and stared, a smile forming on her face.