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NewsWatch Americas: Strategic Communications

and Human Rights at National Defense University

The September 21, 1976 car bombing by Captain General Augusto Pinochet's DINA in
Washington, D.C., which claimed two lives (including that of an American), was the
worst foreign terrorist attack in the nation's capital until 9/11/2001.

Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law
flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close
our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too
frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow
against freedom and decency and justice.
Robert F. Kennedy

"For years, Pentagon paid professor despite revoked
visa and accusations of torture in Chile"

"Officials with the U.S. military school the William J. Perry Center for
Hemispheric Defense Studies knew by at least 2008 that Jaime Garcia
Covarrubias had been accused of being part of Chiles brutal secret police and
stood accused of torture and murder.
"Yet after the State Department revoked his Defense Department-sponsored visa
on June 18, 2011, and a special U.S. human rights violator unit notified defense

officials afterward, Garcia Covarrubias was paid sick leave and collected an
annual salary in excess of $100,000 until February 2014.
"The compensation was paid despite recommendations from the U.S. Embassy
in Chile that Garcia Covarrubias face deportation proceedings and potential
removal from the United States because of the allegations.
"The handling of the matter, some critics say, casts doubt on the U.S.
commitment to human rights. Multiple government sources, who insisted on
anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, confirmed that once the State
Department revoked his visa, no one else moved aggressively against Garcia
Covarrubias, partly in deference to the Defense Department. ...
'The Department of Defense should know better than to invite in and continue to
employ a foreign military officer for a position of authority at a prestigious U.S.
institution even after he was credibly implicated in serious crimes,' Sen. Patrick
Leahy, D-Vt., told McClatchy. 'We criticize other countries for failing to hold
accountable officers who violate the law. Yet, in this case, we reward him in our
own country? It sends a terrible message.' ...
"The Garcia Covarrubias affair also raises questions about why it did not appear
in the annual human rights report published by the State Department. This report
is done country by country and details allegations, old and new, that remain in
the public eye." (Italics added.) ...
"Garcia Covarrubias alleged role in the murders and torture had been known by
the school since at least 2008 and was the subject of tense internal emails.
Martin Edwin Andersen, then the centers communication director, raised them
with the schools leaders and now claims in a complaint that he was retaliated
against for raising the issue.
"At the time, school officials told Andersen that the U.S. government had nothing
on Garcia Covarrubias.
'I have been involved in situations involving unproven allegations before and
the potential of harming the reputation of a person who may be wrongfully
accused is also a major consideration that weighs heavily with me,' Richard
Downie, then the director of the school, wrote to Andersen in a Nov. 12, 2008,
"He then ordered Andersen to back off.
'I remind you that you are our chief of strategic communications and were not
hired to be an investigative journalist,' Downie added.

"Andersen also asked about allegations that Garcia Covarrubias belonged to

Chiles maligned National Intelligence Directorate, known as DINA. His name
was on a list of agents provided by the Chilean military to a judge in 2008.
"The DINA was disbanded in 1977 by the dictatorship after a series of
assassinations of regime opponents across the globe, including a car bombing in
Washington that killed Orlando Letelier, Chiles former foreign minister, and his
American aide. ..."

"Chilean accused of murder, torture taught 13 years for


"A member of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochets brutal secret police
whos been accused of murder taught for more than a decade at the Pentagons
premier university, despite repeated complaints by his colleagues about his past.
Jaime Garcia Covarrubias is charged in criminal court in Santiago with being the
mastermind in the execution-style slayings of seven people in 1973, according to
court documents. McClatchy also interviewed an accuser who identified Garcia
Covarrubias as the person who sexually tortured him."
"[Margaret Daly Hayes, the centers first director], who hired Garcia Covarrubias,
stressed that he would have been too young to be in any kind of command
position in DINA. Asked whether it was a disqualifier, she said it depended 'on
what he might have been doing at the time.'
'Someone who has previously worked with the CIA might not have been
excluded from hiring,' she offered.
"McClatchy asked the CIA whether Garcia Covarrubias had ever worked with the
'No comment,' said Kali Caldwell, a CIA spokeswoman."

"Former Pinochet Officer, Investigated for Torture and

Murder, Taught at Pentagon"

"At Firedoglake, investigative journalist Kevin Gosztola writes: Attention to

Covarrubias' employment at the National Defense University (NDU) comes just
after State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki maintained during a press
briefing the US has a 'long-standing policy' to not support coups. She suggested
the U.S. 'does not support political transitions by nonconstitutional means.' They

must be 'peaceful and legal.'"

Flagship military university hired foreign officers linked

to human rights abuses in Latin America

"The NDU Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies ... has itself been rocked by
controversy in recent years. A nonpublic report in 2012 by a U.S. Army colonel,
appointed by the Centers director in response to persistent staff complaints,
concluded that 'a hostile work environment exists'; that its staff had displayed 'a
lack of sensitivity towards the use of derogatory language'; and many employees
felt its leaders routinely retaliated against those who questioned them.
"The report, obtained by CPI under the Freedom of Information Act, depicted a
sort of frat-house atmosphere at the Center. It stated that staff had exchanged
'racially charged emails' including one directed at President Barack Obama;
used offensive language such as 'faggot,' 'buttboy' and 'homo'; and that 'women
employees feel that they are treated inappropriately.' Even senior leaders used
'inappropriate hand gestures,' it said, and mentioned simulations of

Outcry grows after Pentagon hires Colombian lecturer

accused of running death squad

How Did Two Military Officers Accused of Human Rights

Abuses in South America End up Teaching at the
Pentagons National Defense University?

"A military school operated by the Department of Defense has come under
criticism for hiring military officers from Latin America accused of human rights
atrocities. National Defense University (NDU) employed at least two controversial
commanders, one from Colombia and another from Chile, who allegedly oversaw
or personally ordered heinous crimes against civilians."

AR 15-6 version of 'Better Call Saul'?

"In October, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
issued the '2015-2018 Chairmans Joint Training Guidance,' in which he

underscored the importance of 'fostering a climate that reinforces

professionalism, respect, core values and trust. We will stay committed to
maintaining our honor and integrity through courage and selfless service in
performing our duties. as emphasized in the Chairmans Desired Leader
Attributes, trust is the foundation of our profession.'
"It is hard to see how use of Army Reg. 15-6 in civilian DoD institutions fosters
foundational trust, much less respect, honor and integrity."


Looking Back (1)

From: Martin Edwin Andersen
To: Tex Harris, Joe Eldridge, Pamela Constable, Christopher Hitchens,, Jennifer Windsor
Subject: Urgent (from Mick)
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 05:52:44 -0700 (PDT)
Good morning.
Italian Judge Giancarlo Capaldo will be in the United States next week as part of
his investigation into human rights crimes against citizens of his country
committed by Capt. Gen. Augusto Pinochet's regime in various South American
nations. (See below)
Judge Capaldo and his assistant, Giulia Barrera, will be coming for dinner at our
home next Thursday and we would love you (and your spouses, significant
others, or both ;] ) to join us. As it is a Thursday is a work day, we would begin
around 6:30 or 7:30, depending on their schedule. Please let us know if you will
be able to make it.
Basia and Mick
(301) 889-0030

Italy to try South American generals

Special report: Pinochet on trial
Philip Willan in Rome
Saturday March 17, 2001
The Guardian

An Italian magistrate investigating the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

in connection with the disappearance in the 70s of 20 leftwing political activists of
Italian origin has extended his inquiry to another 50 Latin American political and
military leaders.
They include the Argentine generals Jorge Videla, Roberto Viola, Emilio
Massera, Leopoldo Galtieri, Guillermo Suarez Mason, the reports said. All are
suspected of multiple murder.
The Rome public prosecutor, Giancarlo Capaldo, confirmed the existence of the
investigation in a radio interview yesterday, saying he expected to be in a
position within the next few months to decide who should be tried.
His office was seeking to clarify which of various political and military levels were
responsible for the disappearance of the Italian citizens, Mr Capaldo said.
He is reported to have based his investigation, at least in part, on the "Horror
Archives" found near the Paraguayan capital Asuncion in 1992.
The documents detail kidnapping, torture and killing of thousands of Latin
American leftwingers under the auspices of Operation Condor, a pact which
enabled the secret services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and
Uruguay to pursue their political enemies abroad.
Italian magistrates have opened four investigations into the activities of Latin
American death squads.
In December a Rome assize court sentenced General Suarez Mason in absentia
to life imprisonment for his role in the disappearance of seven Italian citizens.
The Italian president, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, on a state visit to Argentina, has met
human rights campaigners.
He told them: "These are atrocities that dishonour the human race and everything
possible must be done to arrive at the truth."
Cristina Mihura, an Italian whose husband, Bernardo Arnone, was kidnapped in
Buenos Aires by the Uruguayan security services and subsequently killed, said:
"A lot of people think that a sentence in absentia has no value.
"I don't consider it has only symbolic value. It is useful and important, because it
may provoke the magistrates in Latin America into action. It has enormous
importance for the families of the victims.

"We have been very impressed by the thoroughness of Mr Capaldo's

investigation. I now have a much clearer idea of what happened to my husband
25 years ago."

Looking Back (2)
TO: Ken LaPlante
FROM: Mick Andersen
RE: Allegations of human rights abuse against CHDS professor
DATE: February 25, 2008
Attached please find two more articles in which Jaime Garcia Covarrubias is
mentioned in connection with human rights cases in Chile. The June 27, 2007
article, Ministro Madrid ordeno interrogar a Fernandez Larios en Estados
Unidos is of particular due to the fact it was published only eight months ago.
The story says that Chilean authorities are investigating the murders of Eugenio
Barrios, Carmelo Soria and the ex-DINA agent Manuel Leyton and that the exDINA [secret police] agent Jaime Garcia Covarrubias will be sought for
questioning, together with the person accused of their murder.
The second article is a history of the creation of the DINA, produced by the
Chilean human rights group Memoria Viva. The relevant two paragraphs say
the following:
Morales Salgado, apparently a Garcia Covarrubias subordinate, was directly
implicated in the assassination of Gen. Carlos Prats and his wife in Buenos Aires
I bring this to your attention because the story about how Chilean authorities are
still investigating crimes in which Jaime may be a person of interest means that
CHDS, and by association, NDU, may at some point not too distance from now
find one of our members in the headlines of newspapers in Washington and
As you know, the DINA was Capt. General Augusto Pinochets secret police and
carried out a lions share of the illegal repression during the military regime. (The
DINAs victims included two people, including one America, who were blown up

in a car bomb in Washington, D.C. in 1976.)

And, as I mentioned earlier there is no statute of limitations on murder charges.
In fact, just last week an 83-year-old Canadian man who was convicted of
brutally torturing and killing nine people at a Nazi prison camp more than 60
years ago was extradited to stand trial in Italy.
I know no more than you do having read the several published complaints about
Jaimes alleged participation in the torture and murder of at least six unarmed
detainees in Chile. However, I think it is clear that Jaime was a ranking member
of the DINA at a time when these crimes were going on. It will be very hard to
square the CHDS mission of promoting democracy and human rights if people
from the outside begin to connect the dots.
That could be done by U.S. reporters or human rights lawyers, by anti-U.S.
solidarity groups or even by a CHDS student enthused by Dr. Garcia
Covarrubias and, wanting to know more, who Googles him on the Internet. (As
you can see from another of the attached pages, three of the first 10 Google hits
refer to human rights cases alleged against him; three others refer to his
relationship with CHDS.)
All of this is causing me quite a bit of anguish, because I am anxious for the
process by which Jaime was hired to be reviewed as expeditiously as possible.
As you know from a Washington Post article that appeared only a few weeks
ago, convenient journalistic shorthand has any possible link between those
accused of human rights violations in the region and U.S. military education and
training institutions given sure display.
What is more, I know from having worked for the Posts foreign desk that interest
in Chile was and is a cottage industry among a group of reporters and editors
who have made a good deal of their reputations reporting from there or about
events there during more dismal times.
I know you take this issue very seriously and I am pleased that your training in
the IG field allows it to be handled in the most responsible manner possible. At
the same time, I worry about what any public discussion of the points raised
means to the Center and the reputations of the people who work here.
Below I have written the first seven paragraphs of a fictional story one could
imagine the Post or another U.S. newspaper writing about this case. I offer it to
you as evidence of the public relations nightmare we could face if we dont get
ahead of the story. As you know, all of the points dont have to be exactly right to
make for a damning read. ...

Now Teaching at Pentagons University

By Ernie Pile
A former senior official in Chiles notorious secret police, himself accused of
participating in the torture and death of at least six unarmed detainees, is today a
distinguished professor at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.,
the Washington Bugle has learned.
Human rights groups in Chile have identified Jaime Garcia Covarrubias, a
strategy and defense policy teacher at the NDU satellite organization responsible
for promoting democracy and human rights in Latin America, as one of those
they claim brutally murdered at least six unarmed activists in the wake of the
1973 military coup.
At the time Garcia Covarrubias is alleged to have worked for the DINA, the
Chilean secret police responsible for the car-bomb murders of an exiled Chilean
diplomat and his young woman assistance in downtown Washington, D.C. in
September 1976.
Garcia Covarrubias was admitted to the United States at a time when his legal
status in Chile was coming under a cloud due to the publication of two official
government studies of the illegal repression in the Andean nation, human rights
groups in that country say.
While Pentagon officials have assured this newspaper that all relevant vetting
procedures took place in the Chileans case, they were at press time unable to
come up with any documents to show that the man underwent a thorough
process meant to keep human rights violators and other lawbreakers from
entering the country.
He is one of a number of administrators, professors and even a chief of
contractors who worked for military institutions in the United States and Latin
America accused by human rights groups, and now by several members of
Congress, of turning a blind eye to illegal repression.
According to Pedro Olmo, the head of the activist group Human Rights Carajo!
said the discovery of Garcia Covarrubias employment at the Center for
Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS) is another in a long line

Looking Back (3)

Las presiones que desat el encarcelamiento del hermano del

jefe del Ejrcito por DD. HH.

"Como autores de los crmenes y tambin de las torturas, fueron encargados

reos los siguientes militares: Jaime Garca Covarrubias (fue jefe de
Contrainteligencia de la DINA, en 1988 fue nombrado por Pinochet subsecretario
general de Gobierno y entre 1995 y 1997 fue director de la Academia de Guerra

Looking Back (4)
From: LaPlante, Kenneth
Sent: Tue 5/27/2008 12:54 PM
To: Andersen, Martin Edwin
Subject: P4
Mick -- I believe that I told you already this is currently a CHIMERA; it remains an
allegation and rule of law bends to the person not the accuser; NDU records
reflect nothing unusual; Bruce Burslie collaborates the NDU position;
MILGP/AMEMB informed - the action is theirs and to-date - nothing of interest to
Mick -- if you have reason to believe otherwise then write it donw and submit it to
Dir, CHDS thru me; otherwise assume that our JCG is not the same and/or that
the allegations are wanting
VR Ken
1. Did fast track hiring at CHDS, which appears to have contravened personnel
rules at the time, also involve short cuts in the vetting process? No fast track; 8
applicants (incl Dennis Caffrey) in this action
Was the candidate vetted at all? Yes per AMEMB process a the time Do we
have reason now to believe that the vetting was carried out correctly? YES Was
Jaime, a consultant with the IDB, already in the country Not to anyone's
knowldge and thus was able to avoid being vetted at all?
2. There are two separate human rights questions relating to someone named
Jaime Garcia Covarrubias. As related - still an allegation; and the 'someone'
is still not ascertained

a) One involved a young lieutenant by that name in Temuco who was accused of
participating in the torture and murder of at least eight people, including an Italian
b) The other, whether the Jaime Garcia Covarrubias mentioned as being an
official of the Chilean secret police (DINA) is the same person employed at
Are the two Jaime Garcia Covarrubias mentioned in each episode the same
person? As related - still an allegation; and the 'someone' is still not
3. In the case of the eight people tortured and murdered in Temuco, in which a
Jaime Garcia Covarrubias was allegedly involved, there are several evidentiary
issues that should be looked at:
a) The Jaime Garcia Covarrubias employed by CHDS might have had a
lieutenant rank at that time, given his age at the time the crimes were committed.
Inconsequential and conjecture on your part
b) There were two peopleCarrasco and Buholzerwho survived and may or
may not be alive today and might be able to confirm whether or not the CHDS
Garcia Covarrubias was involved in the crimes.
c) In the case of the Italian priest, the Italian court hasaccording to press
reportstestimonies from survivors from the period and witnesses linked to the
case. This evidence is likely to be available to the public. Inconsequential and
conjecture on your part
d) This is important because it is my understanding that information uncovered by
the official Chilean investigating committees is under lock and key for 50 years
and cannot be introduced as material for a court. That does not mean someone
somewhere does not have a copy. Inconsequential and conjecture on your
e) Also, although there is some confusion about the name Jaime Garcia
Covarrubias in the DINA case, given that the information obtained from the
magazine Analisis refers to a JULIO Jaime Garcia Covarrubias (although there
were other points suggesting that they are the same person), in the Italian case,
the middle initial G. is used, just like the name used by the CHDS professor.
Inconsequential and conjecture on your part
4. In the case of the person having an important role in the DINA in addition to
the Julio Jaime question addressed in 3 e] the Analisis article talks of a

retirement in 1981 from the War Academy. However, the Web bio of the Jaime
Garcia Covarrubias employed at CHDS suggests he retired in 1997.
At the same time, there is another set of data which points to commonalities
between the secret police official and CHDS Garcia Covarrubias:

Looking Back (5)
To: LaPlante, Kenneth
BCC: Frank McGurk
On Tuesday, December 14, 2010 10:48 AM, Martin Edwin Andersen
<martinedwinandersen@ > wrote:
Yes, you did. Obviously you forgot because it is right there in the
contemporaneous e-mail of 11/11/08. I have been very professional about this.
I only backed away after the Director, after snide comments by Tomas Costa and
Craig Deare, told me to stop being an investigative journalist and get back to my
strategic communications duties.
This despite my memos clearly stating that I was looking into all this on my own
time, and of course, the image of the Center is a strategic communications duty,
as the articles in the Chilean press this past week clearly show.
On Tuesday, December 14,
<> wrote:






Mick -- will you freaki'get your facts straight -- when did we discuss the Italian
justice system? I have no opinion nor have I ever stated an opinion on the
Italians -- so let's start over:
1 -- you and I initated the CHDS overview; you found the info initally on Jaime -we both looked into it a few years back and found nothing substantiated; I then
asked USG (MILGP-Chile/AMEMB) -- and they reproted nothing negative from
GOC or USG (and the USG issued the visas)....
2 -- I expect you to continue to do what you've been doing - in a matter of fact,
professional manner as always.



From: Martin Edwin Andersen [mailto:martinedwinandersen@]

Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 10:12 AM
To: LaPlante, Kenneth
Subject: Fw: Lots more on Italian case against Chilean military's disappearance
of Catholic priest
From: Martin Edwin Andersen <martinedwinandersen@>
Subject: Lots more on Italian case against Chilean military's disappearance of
Catholic priest
To: "Ken LaPlante" <>
Cc: "Martin Edwin Andersen" <>,
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 11:24 PM
As you read this, please remember that Judge Capaldo, who was a guest of
honor at my house in 2005, is one of the most famous anti-organized crime
magistrates in Italy.
When we discussed the Italian justice system several months ago, you seemed
to toss them off to being not very professional.
My ethnic pride aside (one of my personal heroes was the late Judge Giovanni
Falcone, who was a friend and associate of Capaldo), I suspect we will see that
this is a mistake.
Not only was I questioned by Capaldo, but I had several hours' conversation with
him about his investigative strategy and his sense of mission. He is no one's
I have now spent more than 10 hours researching this on my vacation day; I am
doing this to protect the Center and to assist you.
If you want me to butt out, I am happy to do so, but I think after reading this it
might be better to see what additional taskings of outside agencies need to be
done in order to get to the bottom of something that could be as inocuous as a
case of mistaken identity.
Or something so bad (my nightmare headline: DoD center landing place of
(unlucky) war criminals) that our mission, our reputations and our paychecks are

at risk if we do not get out in front on this.

(This one is very important because it is one of the Web sites that links the
disappearance of the priest, as well as the torture and death of six others, to a
Jamie Garcia Covarrubias, an infantry lieutenant from Valparaiso. One assumes
that Judge Capaldo has that Jaime Garcia's name already. The fact he hasn't
indicted or sought extradition may be good news as it may mean there is
evidence to exculpate Garcia Covarrubias. Or maybe, the judge is lining up his
ducks and plans to break or negotiate the Chilean he already has in his
possession and follow up with other indictments.)
(This might help explain how, if and only if CHDS' Jaime Garcia is the same
Jaime Garcia mentioned in the denunciations by human rights groups [which still
doesn't mean that he is guilty], he could conceivably slipped through the cracks
during vetting. ...)
Por otra parte, Capaldo lament que los pases latinoamericanos, a excepcin
de Argentina, no colaboren en las tareas de bsqueda y captura de los
El canciller Alejandro Foxley explic que siguen los acontecimientos con
atencin en Italia y que hay que esperar que la justicia de dicho pas "haga su
De paso confirm que su cartera est estudiando una solicitud de la defensa de
Podlech para que el gobierno chileno intervenga al ms alto nivel en la situacin
del ex fiscal militar.
"Se ha presentado un recurso en cancillera de parte de ellos y se est
estudiando antes de contestarlo adecuadamente. Es un recurso de proteccin
diplomtico, recin lleg, una presentacin del abogado de Podlech y daremos
una respuesta en el momento que corresponde", apunt Foxley.
En todo caso dijo que est recibiendo todo el apoyo consular que requiere un

chileno en el extranjero. "Comunicacin con su familia, si hay que hacer trmites

hay que ayudarle, papeles que hay que conseguir, el apoyo del consulado a
cualquier chileno que tiene problemas en el extranjero", agreg.
(This shows that the most important newspaper in Italy is following the case and
that the priest's family is determined to get justice. Nothing like a family to keep a
case alive.)
(This extensive article says the Capaldo has determined that at least one and
maybe two of those denounced by human rights groups, along with a Garcia
Covarrubias, are guilty of being involved in the killings ... Nelson Ubilla and
Moren [Moreno?] It might be good news for that Garcia Covarrubias that he was
not mentioned; may be an oversight by the judge during an interview, or may be
an indication that the prosecution strategy is to go one-by-one until they scoop up
everybody involved.)
El fiscal Capaldo, al menos en el caso Venturelli, ha determinado que estaran
involucrados adems de Podlech el coronel (r) Marcelo Moren Brito y los civiles
Mximo Vivanco, Pablo Mrquez, Pedro Caldern y Nelson Ubilla. Sobre todos
ellos pesan tambin rdenes de captura a nivel europeo. Y la lista se extiende en
otros casos. Son ms de 30 los chilenos respecto de los que existe orden
internacional de captura por procesos abiertos en su contra en pases que
ejercen Jurisdiccin Universal, la que pretenden materializar llevando a los
inculpados a responder ante sus propios tribunales por delitos contra los
derechos humanos, seala Leonardo Aravena, profesor de Derecho de la
Universidad Central y coordinador Justicia Internacional y CPI Amnista
[This article says that the accused, Podlech, told Capaldo that he was already
found not guilty of the crime in Chile. However, Capaldo has publicly said that he
has physical evidence related to the case to show that Podlech is lying. Would
Capaldo lie? Prosecutors sometimes do, but this guy has a full plate and if the
judge is lying, he is pretty good at keeping a lot of spinning plates in the air.)
25 de septiembre 2008: Tres horas y media dur el interrogatorio a Alfonso
Podlech Michaud, ante el fiscal italiano Giancarlo Capaldo.

Podlech reiter su inocencia, explicando que su designacin como fiscal militar

en Temuco fue a principios de 1974, por lo tanto mal podra haber firmado la
orden de libertad del seor Omar Venturelli, en octubre de 1973. Reconoci, sin
embargo, que hasta su designacin oficial se desempeaba como fiscal ad hoc,
para poner orden en la fiscala militar y design a cuatro tcnicos expertos en
Derecho para que realizaran los interrogatorios de manera absolutamente legal.
Asimismo, Podlech inform al fiscal Capaldo que por este mismo delito, es decir,
su responsabilidad en la desaparicin de Omar Venturelli, ya haba sido
procesado en Chile y que la magistratura de nuestro pas haba archivado el
caso, declarndolo inocente al no encontrar pruebas que lo culparan.
(Another, recent, article in Italy's most important newspaper. Doesn't look like
this case is going away any time soon.
BTW, there are 647 hits on Google for the words "Capaldo" and "Temuco." This
is a sample of the information that is out there, and the available sources to
examine to see whether a Jaime Garcia Covarrubias is still believed to be
involved by people in the know, and if so, if that JGC is the same person
employed by CHDS.)

Looking Back (6)
From: Martin Edwin Andersen martinedwinandersen@
Date: Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 9:09 AM
Subject: E-mail to me from former Ambassador Cris Arcos ...
Cris was, at the time, the CHDS political advisor and was encouraging me to
have an IG investigation launched ...
---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Cris Arcos arcoscs@
Date: Mon, May 30, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: FW: Frank McGurk
To: "Martin E. Andersen martinedwinandersen@

Thanks..I kind enjoy your keen preparation of our collective suicide...I am afraid
that your avalanche of memos and similar notes and bagatelles have made many
peoples' sphincters snap shut...let us see what state of warpath they are
tomorrow....they will seek blood

Looking Back (7)
From: David Spencer
Date: Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 10:37 PM
Subject: FYI
To: James Zackrison, Hugo Acha, "Martin E. Andersen"
Guys this was sent to me today. As you can see we are in the clear
since we did our due diligence beforehand, but it is not preventing
people from trying to find ways to get to us.
From: Heaton, John, Lt Col, DSCA/OGC []
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 4:41 PM
To: LaPlante, Kenneth; Murphy, Mollie
Cc: Downie, Richard; Thompson, John; Bitencourt, Luis; Lora, Manuel;
Gold-Biss, Michael; Earle, Walter, CIV, OSD-POLICY
Subject: RE: Request for Advice/Assistance Hi Sir,
I didn't see anything on the website to indicate any prima facie violation of
the Joint Ethics Regulation or other law. ...
From: LaPlante, Kenneth []
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 2:35 PM
To: Heaton, John, Lt Col, DSCA/OGC; Murphy, Mollie
Cc: Downie, Richard; Thompson, John; Bitencourt, Luis; Lora, Manuel;
Gold-Biss, Michael; Earle, Walter, CIV, OSD-POLICY
Subject: Request for Advice/Assistance One of my employees brought me in an interesting "LinkedIn" profile that led
me to this site . ...
Could you please look at the web site and tell me if this activity is okay or
possibly in violation of specific laws, regs (JER, NDU TX) and or what. ...