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Detox and Effluent Treatment Chemist/Supervisor Job Description

The Mengapur Project tenement contains heavy metal sulphides and the proposed process
facility when it treats same, has the potential to create negative environmental impacts if
not mitigated appropriately.
By investigating the source, transport, and consequences of chemicals released into the
natural environment, the chemist chemists help create programs and equipment that
conserve, repair, and protect the environment from further damage.
The MMSB labour budget calls for a qualified and experienced person, Detox and Effluent
Treatment Chemist starting in September 2014, to take on the responsibility of developing
processes to reduce to acceptable and compliant levels, the contamination of air and water
discharged from the CASB tenement. Recent communications with the Department of
Minerals and Geoscience (JMG), Department of Environment (DOE) and Drainage and
Irrigation Department (DID) strongly indicate that more scrutiny from these government
bodies regarding MMSBs compliance to the Environmental Impact Statement and
Environmental Management Plan can be anticipated. Once development of the Detox and
Effluent Treatment is put into operations this position will include the supervision of its
operations and training of personnel to run and maintain it.
For these reasons MMSB requires to bring forward by the recruitment of the Detox and
Effluent Treatment Chemist/Supervisor to the present date.

This position reports to The Chief Metallurgist, Research and Processing

Collect and analyze air, soil, and water samples, designing and revamping production

systems that are more environmentally friendly, and developing strategies for
efficient effluent disposal and provide remedy and clean-up plans.
Perform laboratory research and analysis to identify and reduce the environmental
effects of chemicals used in MMSB process plants.
Utilize latest technologies and techniques in conducting laboratory experiments.
Deal with and follow government regulations and ensure compliance.
Work with management to develop action plans for environmental issues.
Assist in environmental risk assessment and mitigation activities.
Work with cross-functional teams in executing environmental safety procedures.
Overall supervision of operations of the Detox and Effluent Treatment Plant

Develop instrumental methods to analyze various environmental media.

Develop strategies to reduce sources of pollution and treat waste that cannot be
Develop remediation programs and improve production processes.
Develop new methods for analyzing chemicals and contaminants.
Ensure that oxide and sulphide processing plants procedures are in accordance with
environmental safety standards.
Develop pollution and corrosion control programs.
Maintain laboratory equipment and tools and perform inventory control activities
Maintain complete laboratory test documentations for reference purposes.

Detox and Effluent Treatment Chemist/Supervisor Job Description

Analyze environmental results and generate reports on laboratory test results with
appropriate recommendations to management.
Manage operations of the Detox and Effluent Treatment Plant as direct report to the
Chief Metallurgist, Research, and Processing, providing daily, weekly and monthly
operations reports.
Annalise operating costs and report on variances with budget.