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TEACHER: Nicola Maria

SCHOOL: Scoala gimnaziala Potcoava- Sinesti
Date: 5th March 2015
Class: Vth
Level: Beginners
Number of students: 16
Textbook: WOW! Window on the world
Lesson: Extra! Revising : Questions words , Ordinal, cardinal numbers and months of the
Skills: reading , speaking, writing, listeninig,
Lesson aims: By the end of the lesson students will be able to :
-solve some exercises related to the topic
- make additions, substracts , multiplications and devisions
- to discriminate between ordinal and cardinal numbers
Teaching aids: Workbook, Textbook, Laptop Computer, Longman Dictionary Cd,
Teaching teachniques: Explanation, Conversation, Exercise, Dialogue
Time: 50 minutes
Stages of the lesson:
Activity 1 Warm up
Aims: - to break the ice
- to create a pleasant atmosphere
The teacher asks Ss to indroduce themselves and say their favourite number and day of
the week passing one ball from one student to another .
Example: Im Elena. My favaourite day is Sunday and I like number 2.
Interaction: T-Ss , Ss-Ss
Timing: 3 minutes
Activity 2 Checking the prevoius Knowledge and homework
Teacher asks them about their homework and checks their notebooks.
The pupils read their homework while the other classmates pay attention in order to
correct them if necessary .
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss- Ss
Timing : 5 minutes

Activity 3 Revising some grammar items

Aim: - to consolidate Ss knowlege about Wh questions and adverbs of frequency
Teacher with the whole class revise the Question words : Who, Where, What, How ,Why
and Which. Teacher shows Ss a cube with question words on all of its face .
One student comes in front of the class throws the cube and has to make a question
starting with that question word and after that he chooses a classmate to answer his/her
For a further understanding next T asks Ss to solve from the Textbook exercise Aand B
on page 39.
Ss solve the teachers task.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss
Timing: 7 minutes
Activity 4 Introducing and practice ordinal numbers
Teacher gives Ss cards with the months of the year written on them and asks one student
to come at the front of the class and mix them .
Ss have to put the months of the year in the correct order and make sentences using the
ordinal numbers . After Ss understand the meaing of these words , the teacher uses
number flashcards and choral repetition for pronunciation practice.
Ss are asked questions about the order of the months .
Interaction: T- Ss, Ss - T
Timing: 5 minutes
Activity 5 Practice numbers 100 - 1,000,000
Procedure :
Teacher revises with the Ss the numbers from 1 to 100 and then teaches the numbers
100-1,000,000 .
Ss repeat the numbers after the teacher in order to learn their pronunciation.
Ss solve an exercise telling numbers from one hundred to one million.
Interaction: T- SS; Pair-Work, Whole- Class
Timing: 5 minutes
Activity 6 Production numbers
Procedure :
Teacher teaches Ss the Mathematics sign and the name of their operations respectively :
add, substract, multiply, divide and equals.
Ss solve some simple additions, substractions, multiplications and divisions.
Interaction: T- Ss ,
Timing: 5 minutes

Assigning homework
The teacher gives the Ss their homework on the worksheets.
Interaction : T- Ss
Timing: 2 minutes
The teacher assures it at the end of the lesson and makes remarks regarding the pupils
activity during the lesson . All the Ss will be rewarded and praised.
Timing : 2 minutes