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Packing, Storage, & Preservation

Packing of spare parts

All spare parts are packed in a suitable packing to meet the conditions of sea/air shipment and to
protect goods after anticorrosive protection against any damage during transport.
Spare parts are wrapped in preservation paper TAPATEN to avoid anti-corrosion agent saturation and
can be packed in sealed PE plastic bags and/or paper boxes. Number of items in one packing depends
on the customer request.
Packed Spare parts are boxed in suitable wooden cases (fitted with Phytosanitary certificate and FCL
packing declaration).

Marking of spare parts

Each wooden case is provided with Packing List containing all items pecked in the case (one copy
placed inside the case). Marking of boxes and wooden cases is according to the customer request and
company standards. Each spare part marked with ether identification label on the plastic bag and/or
identification tag containing the following information:

Part number
Packed quantity
Date of packing

Storage conditions for spare parts

The storehouses have to secure a full protection of stored spare parts against direct weather influences
(i.e. storehouses must have a waterproof roof and must be closed to protect spare parts against dust,
wind, draught, direct sunshine, etc.). Other influences, which may increase the corrosivity of the ambient
air, such as exhalations, increased salinity etc., must be also excluded during storage.
The ambient air temperature inside the storehouse may range from 0 C to +40 C at the average
relative air humidity up to 70 %. At the same time it must hold that the temperature is always higher than
the dew point value related to the actual relative air humidity inside the storehouse

Preservation of spare parts

Metal parts
For the outside preservation of metal spare parts without surface treatment the protective agent
CORROSION X AVIATION is used. After applying the protective agent the spare parts is to be wrapped
in the preservative paper TAPATEN. The protection period of 5 years applies to a part wrapped in this
way. The preservation protects the product during all the guarantee period. Material safety data sheet of
protective agent in enclosure No.1
Should you need the spare parts to be protected for a longer period of time, you can order a spare parts
being wrapped in PE bags, which are sealed. The protection period for the spare part being wrapped
in this way is 10 years. Inspect whether the cover has not suffered damage every two years. The
preservation protects the product during all the guarantee period.

Plastic and rubber parts

For the preservation of plastic and rubber parts the protective agent KLOUZEK MLETY I/A (talcum
powder) is used. The protection period is 3 years. Storage period of some plastic and rubber part is
prescribed directly by the manufacturer according to the used material, manufacturing technology, etc.
For these reasons the protection period for these parts cannot be stated generally.

Short-term conservation for engines designated as spare part is for the storage time of max. 6 months.
After 6 months for further storage it is necessary the conservation restore. It is necessary to do the
following steps:

1. Fill up the engine with a specified amount of engine oil.

2. Remove the servo pump and to cover the hole in the front cover of the engine or to connect
the servo pump on the engine by means of hoses with a small tank filled with hydraulic oil.

3. Start the engine (if starting on the brake of engines is not possible, then starts the engine
on a suitable stand in the open air due to escape of exhaust fumes); leave running for max.
5 minutes at the range from 600 to 1200 revs/min. In the case of solid control of injection
pump freely move with lever of control of injection pump.

4. As a fuel to use a mixture of diesel oil with the KONKOR 103 conservation oil in the ratio
10:1; mix the solution well before using.

5. The engine put to the original condition mount the servo pump if it is dismount. The engine
oil leaves in the engine or let out.

6. The reconserve engine provide with label /with date of conservation, notice if is oil there and
with signature/.
By the above steps in 1 to 6 the conservation will be extended for the maximum of another 6 months.

Removal of spare parts preservation

Apply by sponge, brush and or by spraying machine the degreasing agent SIMPLE GREEN to the areas
which should be depreserved and let the agent affect for about 2-4 minutes. Removal of preservation
can be effected by submerging of part into agent SIMPLE GREEN.
Then wash the parts preferably by high-pressure spraying machine using hot water (75-85C) of 6
MPa. Rest af agent wash by sponge or brush and parts dry out.
Protective aids: rubber apron, rubber gloves and goggles.
SIMPLE GREEN is made in USA and certified in the Czech Republic. This industrial cleaner and
degreaser can be used for removal of spilt oil and diesel oil. It does not react with water and oxidizing
agents, is fire stable and not explosive. It is ecological, biologically degrades is immediately
decomposed by micro-organisms, that occurred in nature.
Distributor of protective agent CORROSION X AVIATION and degreasing agent SIMPLE GREEN is the

ABC American Bohemian Corporation,s.r.o.

Pompova 29
617 00 Brno
tel.: +420 5 45234444-5

Transportation of spare
Spare parts are packed in wooden cases suitable for sea, road and or air transportation and/or as a colli
shipment according to the customer request. Transportation by ISO containers is available. The packing
materials will become the property of the buyer. The rights and obligations of each of the purchaser and
the seller should be determined according to the International Trade Terms (INCOTERMS 2010).

TATRA, a. s.
Arel Tatry 1450/1, 742 21 Kopivnice, esk Republika

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