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To: Municipal Planning

Meeting Date:
March 19, 2015

Prepared By: Ronald M. Traub, Director

Economic & Community Development

James Jones for BL Companies and Edward Davis for Miller Brother Construction Inc.

Status of Applicant: Applicant and Property Owner

Requested Action: Preliminary Site Plan (Revised)

To construct a Dollar General store.

Existing Zoning:

B-2, General Business

Parcel ID Number:

16-D-113-C-00-017 & -027-0


9229 Lake Shore Boulevard


9,202 sq. ft. building on 1.5 +/- acre site

Existing Land Use: Undeveloped land

Surrounding Land Use and Zoning:
North: Undeveloped land; zoned B-2, General Business and single-family homes; zoned
R-4, Single Family Residential
East: Single-family homes; zoned R-4, Single Family Residential
South: Undeveloped land; zoned R-4, Single Family Residential and multi-tenant shopping
center; zoned B-2 General Business
West: Undeveloped land; zoned B-2, General Business.
Zoning History:
The site is a portion of the former Paisley Farms property which originated in 1945. A
52,000 sq. ft. industrial/office building previously occupied the site. The building was
constructed for Paisley Farms, and most recently used for a day care center and
warehousing. The property was designated as B-2, General Business in 1982. A request
to rezone the property to MIP, Industrial Park was denied by the Planning Commission
in January of 1991. A CUP was issued in January of 1992 for warehousing and
wholesaling of automotive products for Domar Distributing who would share the
building with Paisley Farms. In April of 2000, a CUP was issued to Kiddie Academy
Child Care to use a portion of the office space. The building was demolished in June of
2011 after being deemed unsafe by the City. The Commission tabled the preliminary site
plan at the February 5, 2015 meeting due to concerns regarding the buildings
orientation relative to an adjacent residentially-zoned property.

1133 Site Development Plans

1162 Landscaping, Screening and Buffering
1169 Outdoor Lighting
1171 Signs
Design Guidelines

Public Utilities: Site plans indicate existing utilities and proposed utility connections to the building.
Engineering Comments:
1. A Building Permit is required for new buildings. Plans shall be submitted for permit review by the Chief
Building Official for conformance with the Ohio Building Code and necessary permits obtained.
2. Provide a fine sign for the handicap parking spaces.
3. The side slopes of the curb ramp appear too steep.


4. Stormwater detention required per City Ordinance. Calculations for drainage and detention required for
City review and approval. Drainage Design Standards are available on City website under Stormwater
5. Site subject to NPDES Stormwater Permit requirements. Copy of permit or permit application required
prior to start of construction.
6. Proposed storm sewer outfall for detention basin appears to be crossing onto the property to the north.
Identify outfall location and access/easement rights for proposed storm sewer.
7. Site subject to City stormwater quality requirements. Site plan shall detail the installation and long term
maintenance plan of post-construction best management practices to manage stormwater quality per City
8. Erosion control plan including schedule for installation to be included in construction plans. (Refer to
Chapter 1353 of the Mentor Code of Ordinances).
9. BMP Maintenance Agreement for stormwater management practices shall be submitted with permit
application. Typical agreement form can be found at
10. Final site plan to conform to City standards (available upon request) as part of next submittal.
11. Drive aprons shall be 8 (minimum) concrete or asphalt with 4 aggregate sub base. Show apron limits on
plan and provide apron typical section.
Applicant shall provide written confirmation and plan modifications with next submittal as to the disposition
of each of the above comments.
Fire Department Comments:
A 5" Storz connection is shown on the drawings, is this structure going to have sprinkler protection?
FD is requesting an easement for the fire line to allow the fire line to be extended at a future date for the
parcel to the north of this location.
The proposed hydrant shall have a 5" Storz outlet.
Proposed fire line shall be 8" not 6", and locate waterline along west side of the property and turn 90degrees
and locate hydrant at SW corner of the building in striped area with vehicle protection.
Police Department Comments:
Is a traffic study needed?

The preliminary site plan was tabled at the February 5, 2015 Commission meeting due to concerns
regarding the orientation of the building. Specifically, the overhead service door for unloading of
merchandise and the trash enclosure were located on the east side of the building near existing
residences. The revised site plan locates the building along the side property line and shifts the
service areas to the west side of the building along with the parking lot. With this orientation, the
building mass should serve as a buffer from noise associated with unloading of merchandise and
refuse trucks and snowplowing of the parking lot.
The proposed building is set back approximately 108 ft. from the Lake Shore Boulevard right-ofway, 70 ft. from west side property line, 32 ft. from the east side line abutting residentially-zoned
property and in excess of 75 ft. from the rear property line. All of the building setbacks exceed the
minimum setback requirements established for the B-2, General Business district. The site plan
indicates the existing concrete building pad located on the 1.4-acre site will be removed. The
applicant will need to file a minor subdivision application for the proposed lot split. The remaining
parcels will need to be consolidated so as not to create a parcel without street frontage and/or a
flag lot.
Access to the site is by means of two-way 36-ft. wide access drives off of Lake Shore Boulevard.
Parking areas are located at the front and along the west side of the building. The east end of the
front parking lot is set back the minimum 20 ft. as required per Chapter 1162.11 Buffer
Requirements. A single-story retail store less than 40,000 sq. ft. requires a Buffer Type C and a



solid eight (8)-ft. wood fence or masonry wall. The site plan indicates a solid eight (8)-ft. fence
located along the east side property line and possible canopy trees. The proposed fence tapers
down to a three (3)-ft. high decorative-style fence within the thirty (30)-ft. front building setback.
It may be appropriate to terminate the fence at the leading edge of the parking lot. The final
landscape plan will need to include the required number of canopy and understory trees, shrubs and
evergreen/confers to be planted in the 20-ft. buffer depth per 100 lineal feet. The applicant is
advised that a Conditional Use Permit is required for any reduction in the quantity of plantings or
width of the buffer.
The front parking lot is set back approximately 20 ft. from the street right-of-way exceeding the
minimum 10-ft. parking setback. The minimum number of parking spaces required for a retail
store is 3.75 spaces per 1,000 gross sq. ft., or 35 spaces, while the maximum is four (4) spaces per
1,000 sq. ft., or 46 spaces. The site plan provides for 35 spaces with 19 spaces in front of the
building and 16 along the east side. The Administration is recommending a floating cross-access
easement to be provided along the west property line to allow for access to commercial
development to the west.
A loading area and delivery entrance is proposed at the rear of the building on the west elevation.
The final site plan shall provide the on-site turning radius movement for truck delivers. Per
Chapter 1173.10 Loading Spaces and Docks, loading spaces shall not be designed to allow for the
backing of vehicles onto the public right-of-way. The applicant is advised that loading and
unloading of trucks is not permitted between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. per Chapter
531.02 Noise Disturbances Prohibited (D). Signage shall be installed indicating the loading and
unloading of truck deliveries is not permitted between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.
The applicant indicates an estimated 45 P.M. peak trips entering and exiting the site; 23 entering
and 22 exiting. The results of the trip generation study do not indicate traffic impacts significant
enough to warrant a traffic impact study. The site plan does not provide for a conforming five (5)ft. wide sidewalk along Lakeshore Boulevard. It may be appropriate to waive the sidewalk
requirement due to existing bike/pedestrian paths located on both side of Lakeshore Boulevard.
The final site plan shall provide details for installation of a bike rack.
Preliminary provisions for drainage and stormwater detention indicate sheet flow of the parking lot
to drainage swales along the property side lines and outleting detention basin at the rear of the site.
The City Engineer has commented that the proposed storm sewer outfall for detention basin
appears to be crossing onto the property to the north. The applicant will need to identify the outfall
location and access/easement rights for proposed the storm sewer. Calculations for drainage and
stormwater detention are required for review and approval by the City Engineer. The applicant
should contact the City Engineer regarding the stormwater detention design.
The revised building elevations indicate the use of utility brick on the front building elevation and
split face block with an accent band of soldier course brick above the doors and window on the
side and rear elevations. A parapet wall is indicated along the front and west side building
elevation to provide screening of the roof-top HVAC units. Per Chapter 1162.06 Screening; the
screening shall fully shield service structures and loading docks from view of neighboring
properties and the public right-of-way. The parapet wall will need to be extended to the east side
and rear building elevations to fully screen the HVAC units from off-site views. The Commission
may wish to explore the use of utility brick on all the building elevations and include a decorative
cornice at the top of the building.
A landscape plan is required to be submitted as part of the final site plan and shall be in
conformance with Chapter 1162 Landscaping, Screening and Buffering. The plan shall include
foundation plantings along the front wall of the building and street trees 40 ft. on center with a
detailed plant material list. The applicant is advised the final landscape plan shall include an
underground irrigation system and that a landscape bond in the amount of 100 percent of the cost
of the plant material and cost of installation is required prior to the issuance of a building permit.


Trash enclosure has been indicated for refuse containers/dumpsters. The enclosure shall be
constructed of matching masonry walls compatible with the principal structure. An opaque gate is
required and shall remain closed at all times when not being accessed.
A revised photometric plan has been provided indicate the level of lighting at the property line
which shall not exceed 11 lux and/or one (1) foot candle. The level of lighting shall be adjusted for
the pole-mounted light fixtures on the west side of the access drive, which slightly exceed one (1)
foot candle. The heights of the proposed light poles are indicated at 25 feet. The pole fixtures will
need to be lowered so not to be taller than the building.
The site utility plan provides the proposed locations and connections to existing utilities in the
street right-of-way. A fire hydrant is proposed to be located within the front setback area in front
of the parking lot. The Fire Department is requesting the hydrant be relocated to the southwest
corner of the building in the cross hatched area with vehicle protection. The six (6) inch water line
needs to be enlarged to an eight (8) inch line and relocated to the west property line. The Fire
Department is requesting an easement be granted for the water line in order to extend it to the
vacant commercial property to the north of the site. Electrical and phone service will be
underground extended from the south side of the street right-of-way.
1. The applicant shall provide written confirmation as to the disposition of each of the City Engineer's and Fire
Departments comments and shall be included as parts of any final site plan application.
2. A floating cross-access easement shall be provided along the west side property line to allow for potential
access to the commercially-zoned property to the west.
3. Conforming sidewalks may be waived pending Commission approval.
4. Signage shall be installed indicating the loading and unloading of truck deliveries is not permitted between the
hours of 9:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.
5. All ground- and roof-mounted mechanical units shall be fully screen from off-site views from neighboring
properties and the street right-of-way.
6. The final site plan shall provide for a matching masonry trash enclosure with spring-loaded, self-closing solid
7. A landscape plan in conformance with Chapter 1162: Landscaping, Screening and Buffering shall be
submitted as part of the final site plan per the Administrators comments. The plan shall include the required
planting in the 20-ft. buffer area and/or an application for a conditional use permit shall be submitted to waive
the planting requirements.
8. The outdooring lighting plan shall be revised so that the level of lighting does not exceed one (1) foot candle
at the property line and the height of the outdoor light poles shall not exceed the height of the building.

Site Plan, Building Elevations, Landscape Plan, GIS Map