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March 18, 2015

Dear Members of the University Community:

As I wrote to you in early March, the NCAA Committee on Infractions issued a report on March 6 finding
that various violations of NCAA rules occurred at Syracuse University. We take the report and the
violations it identifies very seriously, particularly those that involve academic integrity and the overall
well-being of student-athletes. Some of these issues have already been addressed by changes made years
ago, but we are working to do even more. This was the topic of conversation at a special meeting with
faculty leaders held on Monday.
Today, I want to provide you an update on the Universitys plans moving forward.
The University does not agree with all of the conclusions reached by the Committee on Infractions and
does not agree that the full set of penalties imposed by the Committee are appropriate or equitable. We
remain disturbed by the severity of certain penalties and the characterization by the NCAA of certain facts
surrounding the case. After a full discussion with the Board of Trustees Athletics Committee, the
University accepts some of the penalties imposed by the Committee, but will appeal the vacation of
certain wins for the mens basketball program and the reduction in mens basketball scholarships.
The decision to appeal is not taken lightly. However, based on the facts and a review of previous NCAA
infractions decisions, the University believes the impact of these specific penalties is excessive and
disproportionate. The University also will support Coach Boeheim should he choose to appeal penalties
that affect him personally.
As we work hard to make sure these past mistakes never happen again, it is also an opportunity to look
toward the future. In recent weeks, I have had discussions with Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross and
Head Coach Jim Boeheim about the best way to move forward.
Dr. Gross cares deeply about our University, our students-athletes, and the Athletics Department. Under
his leadership, Syracuse Athletics has had strong and broad success. He led the University into the ACC, a
stellar conference renowned for both its athletics competition and academic success. He hired an
outstanding set of coaches, increased Athletics fundraising to its highest levels, and invested in an
exceptional array of new student-athlete facilities. His branding efforts were an important component of
the invitation to join the ACC and have raised the Universitys profile in New York City and other key
national regions. Overall, under his leadership, thousands of student-athletes have succeeded in
competition, in the classroom, and in the world as proud Syracuse alumni.
As part of my discussions with him, Dr. Gross has asked to conclude his tenure as Director of Athletics
and transition to a new role at the University that can benefit from his background and experience in the
areas of marketing and advancement. He believes this transition will allow SU Athletics to move forward

and position itself for continued future success. Effective today, Dr. Gross will serve as Vice President and
Special Assistant to the Chancellor, and adjunct professor in the David B. Falk College of Sport and
Human Dynamics. Dr. Gross has embraced this opportunity and we look forward to his continued
I have appointed Peter Sala, Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Facilities and the Managing
Director of the Carrier Dome, to serve as Interim Director of Athletics. I am grateful that Floyd Little,
Special Assistant to the Athletics Director, has agreed to counsel and assist Peter through this term as
Interim Director.
Steve Ballentine, who is a Board of Trustees member and serves on the Boards Athletics Committee, will
chair a small committee to assist the University in the search for a new Director of Athletics. This
committee will include: Trustee Robert Miron, Chairman of the Boards Athletics Committee; Lavonda
Reed, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs; Interim Athletics Director Sala; Barry Wells, Special
Assistant to the Chancellor; a representative head coach; faculty and student representatives; and a
representative from the Office of University Counsel, which oversees Athletic Compliance. I will also be
asking the committee to review and recommend organizational and structural changes with a focus on
further enhancing the overall student-athlete experience including the possible creation of a new seniorlevel position to manage all department operations.
Coach Jim Boeheim has been a mainstay at Syracuse University for more than one-third of our entire
144-year history. He enrolled as a student here in 1962 and has never left. Among the many roles he has
held at Syracuse are student-athlete, graduate assistant, teacher, assistant coach, head coach, community
stalwart, philanthropist, U.S. Olympian coach, and Hall of Fame member. In these roles, he has been the
embodiment of Orange Pride.
I have also had recent discussions with Coach Boeheim about the Infractions Committee Report, and the
future of his team and program. Coach Boeheim has assured me that he will respond thoughtfully and
appropriately to the serious findings of the Infractions Committee Report. Coach Boeheim has also told
me that he intends to retire as Head Coach in three years. His goal in making this decision and
announcement now is to bring certainty to the team and program in the coming years, and enable and plan
for a successful, longer-term transition in coaching leadership. Coach Boeheims commitment to ensuring
that the mens basketball program remains strong even after his tenure is just one more example of his
deep loyalty to our University.
Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the extraordinary support, counsel, and hard work of
many of you as our University works through these issues. Syracuse University is a great institution with
a proud history, and this has been a tough time. Thanks for the manifold contributions of many people
including Athletics Director Daryl Gross and Coach Jim Boeheimso much good has been accomplished
here, and will be accomplished in the years ahead. Thank you for your faith and support.

Chancellor Kent Syverud