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Guidelines for The Research

Proposal for Advanced Program

- Pursuant to Decree 75/QD KTQD of January 14, 2008 of the President of
National Economics University on Regulations for Bachelor Degree at
National Economics University.
- Pursuant to Goals and Curriculum for Bachelor Degree in Enterprise
Management major of Business Management Department, National
Economics University.
At the proposal of The Dean of Business Management Department of the
research proposal,
1. Research proposal is a special section students are individually required to do
based on secondary data in order to show their ability to apply what students have
acquired from the courses. This is an initial step to enhance researching skills not
only for students but also for lecturers.
2. It is a section required for students in all types of learning in NEU. Students
can use a variety of knowledge in any courses of learning. However, scope of the
proposal should be narrowed down in a analyzing a business problem(s) and then
provide problem-solving solutions for the problem(s) or an emerging theoretical
3. The research proposal is named Proposal of Enterprise Management,
exclusively for Enterprise Management major.
4. The proposal will be implemented annually, starting from the first semester
(after 5 weeks of learning) of the third year student and implementation timeline
will be in 11 weeks (within a semester)
5. Presenting proposal:
Proposal should be more than 15 pages using Times New Roman, font size 13, line
spacing 1.3; Unicode font, left indentation 3.5 cm, right indentation 2.0 cm, top
margin 3.5 cm, bottom margin 3.0 cm; page alignment at the center, on the top of
the page. The structure of the research proposal is flexible and consists of 2-3
chapters based on research methodology used.
6. Writing process: The research proposal will be in the following steps: (1)

Collecting secondary date to identify a research problem (2) Submitting topic to

the supervisor (3) Writing theoretical framework in brief (4) Writing
theoretical framework in details (5) Drafting the research proposal Finalizing
the research proposal. The main research methodologies are descriptive
methodology and/or reporting methodology implemented by colleting secondary
data. Thus, it is needed to formulate evidence-based arguments. Therefore, you
will need data to support your analysis. It required skills to collect both (or either
of) secondary and primary data sources.
7. Based on the list of students in the class, the department will gather students in
groups and assign a supervisor for each group. The following steps would be
used: (1) announce guidelines for the research proposal in a big group and then
assign students to supervisors; (2) divide students into groups and assign
supervisors for those groups for guiding. Although researching is mainly done by
a student individually, working in a teamwork (2-3 students in each team) is also
encouraged to enhance quality of the research proposal.
8. To enhance quality of the researching proposal, it is required a combination of
skills, effort, and experience of supervisors. During implementation of the
research proposal, if there is any unexpected stuffs, feedback from supervisors
and students will be welcomed.
9. Timeline for the research proposal for K52 from September 10 th, 2012 to
November 25th, 2012 (11 weeks).
Dean of Business Management

Prof. Dr. Le Cong Hoa