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Did you know that Christianity started with Paul and it will end with the Man Christ Jesus?

Acts 11:26 says that Paul’s disciples where called “Christians” for the first time in Antioch.

By this time the apostles of Jesus had already preached, baptized, performed miracles, but they
were NEVER called Christians. Why? This makes us think.

It says in Galatians 2:4 that Paul called the APOSTLES “false brethren”. He was not referring to
the bad seed, but men that have incorrect teachings of grace and they enslave, preaching about
Jesus of Nazareth who lived under the law; and that is NOT Christianity, because Jesus was not
a Christian, he was a Jew who practiced Judaism: the law.

EVERY CHRISTIAN GROUP that today utilizes as an example of Christianity the life of Jesus of
Nazareth; they are groups of FALSE BRETHREN. Peter, the first Pope, was a false brother;
therefore, Christianity does not come from ROME. They are evil doers…

A Christian is someone that reads and understands the Bible from Romans to Hebrews, since
everything else expired (ended) on the cross, and according to Paul’s gospel, the only one that
identifies this is Jesus Christ (Romans 2:16). After Paul’s death, Christianity disappeared (Acts
20:28-30). It was re-established again in 1973 when the mind of Christ was manifested in the life
of Jose Luis de Jesus, teaching us that we are blessed, that we should cry out Abba Father, we
are predestined, that Christ died for many…

Also, he teaches us that celibacy is a doctrine of demons, that the devil was destroyed, that there
are two gospels, not four. One expired on the cross, and one is still valid today, which is the
gospel given to the apostle Paul (Galatians 2:7). He also teaches us that we must belong to the
other (Romans 2:7). These are some of the evidences that the Man Christ Jesus Man has for his

Many ask: What if the Man Christ Jesus dies? What happens next? Those that don’t believe in
what he preaches have a veil, they cannot see the Lord; the science that the Man Christ Jesus
teaches explains that a chosen one for salvation does not die, but sleeps (the spirit goes to the
cloud of witnesses) to learn.

We declare that the eyes of your understanding are enlightened to conclude that Paul calls the
apostles of Jesus “fraudulent workers”, because they disguise themselves as apostles of Christ
(2nd letter to the Corinthians 11:13-15), yet their labor ended on the cross.

Beloved blessed one: Only the Man Christ Jesus can put an end to the book of Acts, explaining
the gospel of uncircumcision. Blessed!

God is on Earth. Investigate: