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88 numerical series BASED TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS Grigory

(For further explanation invite interested in your lecture in Ban
Mladenov 9/2 every Friday from 18th30 - 20-30)
71381921 - the geometric center, the geometric center of the man
who performs management. To be in time management found here
and now, we can prior to the start managing this set of numbers out
loud and then we automatically centered and concentrated.
+ 17 938 91 893 - point fixing beginning of management, in order to
control standpoint. The first series of the space, the second task.
189317514 - solves all the problems of 10 years in advance.
91738919 - this numeric series of fixed result (Notar) and
disseminates information on the result in all the systems of the
8193719831 - this numerical sequence is divided into 10 parts of a
problem. Any number of working with one part.
8931719 + 519 381 - the two numerical series illuminate the
problem / task with two sides and solve it.
193751891 - meets the problem of knowledge / knowledge that can
be solved.
81319719 - vertical / vertical numeric series solves all problems /
tasks; vertical position allows the variability of results.
817219738 - a set of numbers has the effect of personal instrument,
like a talisman, always and everywhere.
3197289718 - regulates the shape / form of Space. Management in
the opposite direction from clockwise from opinions in mind.
391728519 - increases the structure of solutions to the problem, is a
problem to light, identifies it and immediately resolved.
91371895 - guarantees of non-repetition of the problem, if the
numbers are scattered in space and time.
9372185319 - everything to make these number sequences will be
properly and harmoniously.
97513181 - the most powerful diagnostic numeric series, watches
and illuminates the problem from all sides, finds the cause and seek
a solution in order to establish Standards.

7391891 + 198 - a training package; 198 - the ability to impart

specific knowledge.
9718318 - acceptance tested knowledge that everything will be fine.
97189179 - problems are solved in medjuprocesima.
398 - br. series simultaneously solves a lot of problems. Projected
along the inner edge of 5m Spheres, lights and turning with high
speed compressed in order to solve a particular problem.
975198931 - br. series for the homeless and those who are looking
for an apartment; series is compressed; suppresses the problem
related to a living space.
Here and now treats and releases of toxins.
97185319 - br. shows a series of problems and solves them
918 - continuation of the upper row; it can indicate problems of man
since the beginning of its development.
97319819 - this no. series is like a boomerang, I project in a series
of space and get back collected concrete experiences of problem
3917518941 - multiplies my experience, full of the experience of
other typical problems (in terms of solving them - translator's note)
and returns me back.
918197185 - this no. is a series of absolute accuracy, so that it is
100% breaking.
81739519, 81739814, 7139189641 - these numeric sequences are
available in the sphere; it is an instrument / tool management,
responsible for transmitting knowledge and outcome of actions.
The following three no. series are the same as above, but with the
addition of number 1, which are obtained uvrenost, stability.
81739519 1
81739814 1
7139189641 1
788819719 - top to bottom - series represents the Pillar of Light;
sets exactly in the target, the numbers are converted to light, the
problem is solved, is acting.

9738197 - this no. series is temporary and is introduced in the

absence of time.
97518319 - contains scientific foundations, benefits, news;
strengthens and accelerates troubleshooting.
9731817541 - from top to bottom, here is contained Form infinite
human development according to appearance, figure, similarities
and sameness with God, Macro-salvation, eternal development and
eternal life.
813 791 - The ideal future
519,719 - The transformation in now
718 981 - Effect and implementation in now
915777918934198 - this numeric series creates a collective
consciousness, which is Eternity Norma, synchronize time and
space, where the weather is always as much as needed.
978914512791 - numerical series extends from me to the finish line,
air-filled experience solutions similar tasks / problems; The time is
here as an engine of progress.
Next 7 no. series acting in concert:
7189 - the first no. a series of acts through transient transfer
structure, affects the problem in a single number and a single point.
51918 - second series of touches (the problem) once more and go
further, increasing the speed of execution of the object.
71981 + next three numerical series are formed. Here we run into
the problem through several numbers, temporarily connecting
numerical sequences.
891 + this series thoroughly "mixed" problem from within, freeing
71,918 - is inadequate time series
13 (1 + 3) - add up the top three numerical series and you will get
13, you add up 1 + 3, get 4
4 - on all 4 sides - the result of expanding on all four sides.

The next two numerical series reflect one another (reflecting the
poor in the second):
97183179 - all the macro level is reflected in my work / is reflected
in my work.
9738151 - all my actions reflect on the macro level / mirrored at the
macro level; br. series harmonizes interaction only.
931751891 - this series improves water resources. In order to
improve the quality of water, add 1 and 3 and also north - 5, Eastern
- 1, south - 3, west - 2nd
97317819 - for all future will only be happy.
97318541218 - ecological safety in any place.
971391817 - prophylaxis / prevention / prevention of global and
local disaster and any scandal.
91753217819719 - transforms opinion in eternal development and
accelerating action technology.
713218519 - help system, regardless of where you live.
917 318 - Social action / creation
821421751 - Political activity
9175854171 - this no. series solves the task on a spiritual level. He
teaches technology from the standpoint of action of God, Divine
Technology. A number of forms / shapes surrender thoughts on the
Eternal development.
731854217 - this no. we introduce a series of management in the
physical expanse. Here ask the opinion as a basis, I introduce to the
external, creating a dynamic level; creates the external control
Sphere diagnostics, which allow holding system under control. It is
desirable to keep this concentration control at all times inside. This
string contains the onset of action of the task and its completion.
9718319575148179 - this numeric range, starting with multiple
action, as soon as look at him, harmonizes all.
317518412 - increases the intensity of already performed; addition
to the management.
93178151 - formed in positive any external information. 1:03 by
adding a positive, a number has any task

and solves it.

148 999 - Eternal Life
972154218 - resurrection of all
2145421 - resurrection and eternal life
88888588888 - Immediate recovery of the physical body
7193185143218 - Ecological safety in any place
9187758981818 - The numerical series for the protection of the
entire body
4748132148 - Immediate reversal of the negative effects
721348192 - level connectivity with positive information; by means
of this number. series can achieve "a piece" Eternity.
25122004 - Troubleshoot errors and problems
212309909 - Stability business / economy
514 - rejuvenation for eternal development
Although these methods are already so far in the world attained a
fascinating results in some people who have them applied, it is only
the result of development of consciousness, and can not guarantee
that everyone will succeed with this work. The aim of every
individual should be developing their own awareness as much as
possible, because only then can successfully act of divine creation