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NARRATOR: After the fall of Troy, the Greeks sailed again to go back home after ten
years of fighting for victory. Poseidon and Athena, the Greeks greatest allies became
their greatest enemies because of their deceit using the Trojan horse in which Odysseus
was the master mind.
The Greeks experienced Poseidons wrath with a dangerous storm which
shattered their ships. Menelaus was blown to Egypt and Ajax, the great warrior shouldve
survived if only he did not cried out that the sea can not drown him. Odysseus meanwhile
did not lose his life but suffered longer than any other Greek. Twenty years had passed
since he sailed for Troy.
On his home Ithaca, things had gone from bad to worse
MAID: Lady Penelope, there are 108 men from different lands present here to woo you.
Will you not going to choose from them and marry again?
PENELOPE: I will not. For my hope that my husband Odysseus is alive and will come
back for me will never fade.
TELEMACHUS: And I will not have any of them as a father. They are rude, greedy and
overbearing men, who treated me like I am a mere boy. Mother, you are not yet a widow.
Father is still alive and will come back for us.
PENELOPE: I know the chances of the return of Odysseus are faint but we will not lose
hope. I will not marry any man who disrespects the home of my husband.
MAID: But my Lady, your suitors will not leave unless you marry one of them. What
should you tell them?
PENELOPE: I will tire them out.
TELEMACHUS: How mother?
PENELOPE: Youll see my son. Come and Im going to have a conversation with the
men we detest.
(Penelope and Telemachus go to the suitors)
SUITOR1: Our dear Penelope, havent you still choose one of us as your husband?
SUITOR2: You should remarry for Odysseus is surely dead.
PENELOPE: I will soon choose one of you to marry. (Telemachus looked shocked)
SUITOR1: Good! And when will that be?
PENELOPE: After I have woven a very fine and exquisite wrought shroud for Odysseus
father, Laertes, I will announce then who am I going to marry.
SUITOR3: We will wait. After you have finished weaving you must choose immediately.
NARRATOR: And so, Penelope started to weave the shroud, which will never be
finished. After the day, she will unweave what she had woven during the day.
(Handmaiden saw Penelope unweaving the shroud)
MAIDEN: My Lady! Why are you unweaving what you have woven?
PENELOPE: I did not plan to remarry. This shroud will never be finished until Odysseus
is home.
MAIDEN: You mean, this is a trick? What if it fails?
PENELOPE: I hope it will not.

NARRATOR: But Penelope was wrong indeed. One of her handmaidens told the suitors
about her trick and they became unmanageable and more insistent than ever. Penelope
only hoped that her husband will come home soon.
Athena, who was sorry for punishing Odysseus for so long, persuaded the
other gods stop Odysseus suffering with the absence of Poseidon. She disguised herself
as a seafaring man and went to Telemachus.
TELEMACHUS: What does a seafarer like you doing here my friend?
ATHENA: No one gives me instant welcome for I am a stranger.
TELEMACHUS: Come. I am the son of Penelope. You are welcome at our home.
ATHENA: Am I correct that you the son of Odysseus?
TELEMACHUS: Yes, you are. (Looking glum)
ATHENA: Is something about your father disturbing you?
TELEMACHUS: I know that the chance of his return is faint. Maybe he is dead now, I
dont know. And now, rude men from different lands are here to woo my mother. They
are ruining the home of my father.
ATHENA: It is a shameful tale. But you do not believe that your father is gone forever?
TELEMACHUS: No. My father will come back for me and my mother.
ATHENA: Then you must try to find something about your fathers fate. If you believe
he is alive, you must question men who were with your father then. I must leave you now
Telemachus. Thank you for your hospitality.
NARRATOR: This left Telemachus the decision to find something about his fathers fate.
He sailed to Sparta to talk to Menelaus about his father with Athena disguised as Mentor.
Menelaus welcomed him warmly and gave him a courteous greeting.
MENELAUS: Welcome my friend! It is good to see.
TELEMACHUS: Thank you for the warm welcome.
MENELAUS: It is not everyday that a fellow Greek visits me. What can I do for you my
dear Telemachus? How is your mother?
TELEMACHUS: Not good. Rude men from different lands are there to woo my mother.
They are ruining the home of my father.
MENELAUS: Ah. You are hoping your father will return?
TELEMACHUS: Yes. My mother and I are not losing hope. What do you know about my
fathers fate?
MENELAUS: It is a long story. But I did learn something about him when I was in
Egypt. I was in Pharos and I was in despair when a sea goddess took pity on me. She told
me that her father Proteus can tell me how to leave the island and get me home safely. I
must first catch and hold him until I have learned from him what I wanted. We planned to
catch him, and we managed. He told us how to leave and go home safely. Of your father
he said that he was in an island with a nymph called Calypso. Except that, I know nothing
of your father.
NARRATOR: Everyone wept after hearing the story, for they remember the fall of Troy
and the deaths caused by the war.Throughout their stay at Sparta, they are served with
hospitality and lived in comfort.
On the other hand, Zeus commanded Hermes to deliver his message to
Calypso. Hermes found the divine nymph alone when he reached the lovely island.

CALYPSO: Hermes, messenger god, what is the message that you should deliver?
HERMES: Its from Lord Zeus. I think you already know what the message meant.
CALYPSO: It is but indeed unfair to me.
HERMES: Ah, Calypso. You do not expect Odysseus to stay here forever do you? It is
not his fate to live forever with a nymph like you. You should let him go.
CALYPSO: I saved him when his ship was wrecked and I cared for him ever since. Do
you think that it is fair for me to just follow Zeus orders and let him go?
HERMES: This is not my affair my dear Calypso. Just take care not to make Zeus angry.
Goodbye now and remember the message. Let him go.
NARRATOR: Calypso has no choice but to let Odysseus go. She took Zeus order in very
ill part. She wandered around the island, looking for Odysseus and found him on the
sandy shore letting his salt tears flow while he gazed at the empty sea as usual.
CALYPSO: Hermes the messenger god had come here.
ODYSSEUS: And what did he deliver?
CALYPSO: A message from Zeus. An order for me to let you go.\
ODYSSEUS: Is this true? (Standing up) I can go home now?
CALYPSO: Do you want to go and leave me Odysseus? You can stay here with me,
forever. I promise you immortality. Just do not leave me here on a lonely island, with no
company but the empty sea.
ODYSSEUS: I had stayed here for so long and you had care for me well. But I can no
longer abuse your hospitality and stay with you here.
CALYPSO: You are not a burden to me. You give me happiness that I had not felt for a
very long time. I have learned to love you.
ODYSSEUS: Calypso, my wife and my son are waiting for me. I have to go.
(Calypso crying, wiping tears)
CALYPSO: I understand. We shall prepare everything for your departure.
ODYSSEUS: Thank youThank you.
NARRATOR: Calypso gloomily set all the necessary preparations. She helped him build
a very strong raft made of 20 trees furnished woods with a very joyful Odysseus. She
even put food and drinks in abundance on the raft. Within five days Odysseus is set and
ready to leave the lovely island and the divine wood nymph.
ODYSSEUS: I guess I should leave now.
CALYPSO: Take care my dear Odysseus.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you, for the care, comfort, love. For everything.
CALYPSO: Youll always be a part of me. May the gods be with you.
NARRATOR: He journeyed in the sea without change of the good weather. He believed
that he was saved. But at that moment, Poseidon saw him and soon realized that the gods
had let Odysseus go home. However, he wished to punish him even longer because of the
trickery he had mad to his son Polyphemus.
Poseidon summoned the violent winds and let them loose, causing the raft
of Odysseus to be tossed. Odysseus saw death before him but a kindly goddess, Ino
helped him. But still, he have to swim for two days to reach an island where no man or
any living creature is visible at night.
He had reached the COUNTRY OF PHAEACIANS, a kind people with
the good hearted king, Alcinuos, his wife Acrete and their daughter Nausicaa. Nausicaa
and her maid were washing clothes when they saw Odysseus, naked and wild-looking.

NAUSICAA: Who are you? How did you come here?

ODYSSEUS: I am a suppliant at your knees, O Queen. Be gracious to your suppliant, a
shipwrecked man, friendless and helpless, without a rag to cover him.
NAUSICAA: You are at the Land of Phaeacians, and we are king to luckless wanderers
like you. Bathe and dress and we will set forth for the city.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you my queen.
NARRATOR: Nausicaa and her maids waited for Odysseus. They set forth for the city
but before they reach Nausicaas home, she directed Odysseus to fall back and let her and
her maids to go without him.
ODYSSEUS: But I thought you will accompany me to your home.
NAUSICAA: Peoples tongues are so ill-natured. If they saw me with a handsome man
like you, they would be hinting at all sorts of things.
ODYSSEUS: Of course. But how will I get to your home?
NAUSICAA: You can easily find my home, since it is the most splendid. Go straight to
my mother because what my mother says my father will do.
ODYSSEUS: Yes my Queen. I admire your good sense. I shall see you at your fathers
(When Odysseus arrived at Alcinuos palace)
ODYSSEUS: (kneeling at the Queens feet) My Queen, help me. I am a luckless person
with no where to go, with no rags to cover me.
ALCINUOS: Rise, my friend. You are welcome here.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you king, for your hospitality.
ALCINOUS: Who are you friend? Where did you come from? Why had you come here?
ACRETE: Do not strain him my husband. Let him rest and sleep. We shall talk to him in
the morning.
ALCINOUS: Ah, of course.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you, my king and queen.
ACRETE: You can rest now friend. You can tell us everything tomorrow.
NARRATOR: The next day, in the presence of all the Phaeacians chiefs, Odysseus told
the story of his wanderings. He began with their departure from Troy and their ships
destroyed by the storm and he and his men lands on the Land of the Lotus-eaters.
MEN1: Lord, where are we?
ODYSSEUS: I dont know, but be careful. There might be wild animals and monsters
MEN2: We are hungry. Is there anything in here that we can eat?
MEN3: These plants are looking good to me. Do you think this is safe to it?
MEN1: I guess not. Lets try them. (Some men ate and began to forget)
ODYSSEUS: Men, lets go back and sail again. (But no one answered him) Men!
MEN1: Odysseus, lets stay here forever. Where do you want to go?
ODYSSEUS: To Ithaca, our home. Dont you remember?
MEN3: Ithawhat? No. What are you talking about?
MEN2: Lets stay here forever. We should do that, shouldnt we?
MEN3: Yes, we should. Come on Odysseus, eat some.
ODYSSEUS: What are you talking about? Lets go.

MEN1: No. Go on by yourself.

ODYSSEUS: You left me no choice. I have to drag you back to the ship. (Dragging his
MEN3: Let go of me!!
MEN2: What are you doing? Let go!
MEN1: We want to stay!!
ODYSSEUS: You fools, you shouldnt have ate those plants. Now, wake up!!
NARRATOR: Odysseus and his men continued their journey and reached the land of the
Cyclops. Here, they were trapped in a cave of Polyphemus because of Odysseus
curiosity of the one-eyed giants way of life.
ODYSSEUS: We will not die.
MEN3: How? The Cyclops already ate several of your men. How will we escape?
ODYSSEUS: We cant move the boulder. We have to use the giant.
MEN1: You dont expect the giant to let us go do you?
ODYSSEUS: No, we have to trick him. We have to think of a clever plan.
MEN2: A plan? A plan to kill him?
ODYSSEUS: If we are fortunate, we will kill him. But we have to target his eyes.
NARRATOR: And so, the Greeks planned to kill and blind the Cyclops, Polyphemus.
First, Odysseus intended to drunk the Cyclops by giving a bag of wine, Maron.
ODYSSEUS: Polyphemus! Accept our offering to you.
POLYPHEMUS: Do you expect me to give you hospitality and let you go? I will not,
however, I will take that offering of yours.
ODYSSEUS: Drink it. It is wine of Maron.
POLYPHEMUS: (drinks) ah, it is, as I may say, delicious even from a hero like you. I
shall drink it for pleasure.
ODYSSEUS: You may. I will give you all wine of Maron that I have, until you are
satisfied with it.
POLYPHEMUS: (continues to drink) Ah, I am now in a merrier mood to talk to you.
What is your name mortal?
POLYPHEMUS: Nobody, I shall devour you at last for the fine wine that you gave me.
ODYSSEUS: And when will that be my one-eyed giant friend?
POLYPHEMUS: After I wake up from my sleep. (Lies down and began to snore)
MEN1: What shall we do now Odysseus?
ODYSSEUS: Find a stick quick, before the Cyclops wakes.
MEN2: What kind of stick?
ODYSSEUS: A pointed stick may do.
MEN3: A stick like this? (Shows a pointed stick)
ODYSSEUS: Yes, lets heat it so it can be as effective as possible.
MEN2: But what will we do with it?
ODYSSEUS: We will stab the Cyclops in the eye. We will blind him.
NARRATOR: When Odysseus and his surviving companions had found a pointed stick,
they heated it in the fire to make it as effective as possible. In the middle of the sleep of

the one-eyed giant, they plunged the stick into its one and only eye. The giant howled and
shouted for pain that awakened the other Cyclops.
CYCLOPS1: Why are you shouting Polyphemus, as if youre in pain?
CYCLOPS2: Who is hurting you?
POLYPHEMUS: Nobody is trying to kill me!
CYCLOPS2: What do you mean nobody?
POLYPHEMUS: Nobody has blinded me! Help me.
CYCLOPS1: He must be out of his mind. He said nobodys hurting him.
CYCLOPS2: Lets go home. Polyphemus is insane. (Went home)
NARRATOR: And the other giants left Polyphemus just as Odysseus had planned.
Odysseus and his men escaped from the cave by clinging to the thick wool on the bellies
of the sheep of Polyphemus flock. When they reached their ship, Odysseus called out
that his name is Odysseus, the spoiler of the cities, and in Polyphemus rage, he threw
boulders at the ship. He prayed to his father, Poseidon to punish Odysseus.
Sailing on now as the winds take them, they reached the country of the
winds yuled over by King Aeolus.
AEOLUS: Ah, Odysseus! Welcome! Welcome to my country!
ODYSSEUS: Who are you Lord?
AEOLUS: It is I, Aeolus, god and keeper of the winds and you are here in my country,
where you and your men are welcome.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you King Aeolus, but we can not stay for long.
AEOLUS: I know. You will depart from my land today, and as a parting gift, I shall give
you this. (Gives a leather sack)
ODYSSEUS: Whats inside it? Wine? Water?
AEOLUS: I had put all the Storm Winds in it. I had left only the West Wind for in nine
days, you will arrive at your home Ithaca.
ODYSSEUS: Why are you helping me?
AEOLUS: Because you are a mortal who uses his intelligence to succeed. Use it well and
do not open it no matter what.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you King Aeolus.
AEOLUS: Good luck Odysseus and may the gods be with you.
(Odysseus leaves and arrives at his ship)
MEN1: What do you think that leather sack of Master contains?
MEN2: I say, it is gold, treasure.
MEN3: I want to see it! Lets take a look.
MEN1: I think we should not open it. Like master has ordered.
MEN3: Well whether it is gold or not, I just want to see it.
MEN2: Yes, we will not tell master about it. Lets just take a peek.
MEN1: Whatever you do, I tried to warn you. I have a feeling Master Odysseus wouldnt
be happy if you disobey him.
MEN3: Thats why we wont tell him! (Trying to open the sack)
The sack opened and the storm winds had rushed out of the sack resulting to a storm of

NARRATOR: The Storm Winds swept them away in a terrific tempest. After days of
traveling in danger, they found land. But they better had stayed in the sea for they
reached the LAND OF THE LAESTRYGONS, the giant cannibals. Some of Odysseus
men had been eaten but his very ship didnt reach the place when the attack was made.
The next island that they reached was the realm of the most beautiful and powerful witch,
MEN2: We will look for food for you Master.
ODYSSEUS: Be careful. And let your brothers come with you.
MEN1: We will Master. Just wait for us.
(Three men started to go and leave Odysseus)
(After hours)
MEN3: Master! Master!
ODYSSEUS: What is it? And where are your brothers?
MEN3: They are there! At the palace
ODYSSEUS: What palace?
MEN3: The palace of a beautiful sorceress!
ODYSSEUS: A sorceress?
MEN3: Yes. And my brothers! She turned my brothers into beasts!
MEN3: Believe me Master. I saw it with my own eyes.
ODYSSEUS: I do believe you. I must go for them and bring them back.
MEN3: Be careful Master! I will wait for you.
(Odysseus started to go)
(On his way)
HERMES: Be careful!
ODYSSEUS: (shocked) Hermes! Messenger of the gods!
HERMES: Odysseus how is your journey?
ODYSSEUS: Did you come here to help me?
HERMES: Just to give you an herb.
ODYSSEUS: Herb? What kind of herb?
HERMES: It will make you immune to the witches power. When she offered you foods
to eat and wine to drink, you can take them safely. Your immunity will caught her off
guard and you shall threaten her with your sword to free your men. (Offering Odysseus to
take a bite of the herb)
ODYSSEUS: (Took a bite) Why are you helping me?
HERMES: Why, you shouldnt question my helpfulness. Good luck Odysseus!
ODYSSEUS: Wait! Dont you have any message to deliver for me?
HERMES: No. Farewell! (Left)
(Odysseus reached the palace of Circe)
CIRCE: Ah! Odysseus! Welcome!
ODYSSEUS: You know me?
CIRCE: Of course I know you! Who doesnt?
ODYSSEUS: So, you are Circe?

CIRCE: Yes, and o, how rude of me. I must show you hospitality. Come, come and have
wine, food. (Offers a glass of wine. Odysseus willingly accepts it and drained the glass)
ODYSSEUS: Your power will not have any effect on me.
CIRCE: Blast Hermes and his herbs!
ODYSSEUS: (Drew his sword towards Circe) Free my men!
CIRCE: Or what? What will you do?
ODYSSEUS: I will give you death and end your life!
CIRCE: And who shall free your men from my power?
ODYSSEUS: (Silence)
CIRCE: (Laughs) Stay with me and I shall free your men.
ODYSSEUS: For how long?
CIRCE: No matter, I will not keep you forever.
ODYSSEUS: If I stay with you tonight, will you free my men?
NARRATOR: Odysseus and his men stayed in Circes realm for 7 years believing it was
only 7 days. Circe loved Odysseus and was ready to do whatever he asked. When at last,
they felt that it was time to go, Circe used her magical knowledge for them. She told
them that they must go to the realm of Hades and look for the prophet Teireisias. He will
tell him how to get back home. Odysseus must offer the blood of the ram to escape the
ghosts that will come to him.
And so, Odysseus and his men started to sail again towards the realm of
Hades. When they reached the kingdom, Odysseus decided to go alone for he might
never be back.
MEN1: Be back Master! We will wait for you.
ODYSSEUS: You must promise me that if ever I can not go back, you will go to Ithaca.
Go home.
MEN2: But you will return! For us! For Ithaca!
ODYSSEUS: I will try my brothers. Farewell. (Leaves)
(Ghosts started to come to Odysseus but he filled the pit with ram blood and waited for
Teireisias to speak to him)
TEIREISIAS: You had risked a lot to speak to an old prophet.
ODYSSEUS: I need your help. Tell me.
TEIREISIAS: You will face the monters, Scylla, the six headed Hydra and Charybdis, the
whirl pool. You will lose men throughout your journey and shall experience great
suffering. Beware and do not slay any oxen from the island of the sun, for the sun god
will punish you. And you, Odysseus, shall return home alone.
ODYSSEUS: I will not leave my men. Is there no other way?
TEIREISIAS: Return now. You are not safe here. Go!
(Odysseus hurriedly went back to the ship and they sailed until the Realm of Hades was
out of sight)
NARRATOR: From Circe, they learned that they must pass the island of the singing
sirens. These were marvelous singers whose voices would make a man forget all else, and
at last their song would steal his life away. Odysseus and his men sailed and when they
are near, they know how to pass such creatures.


ODYSSEUS: Men, stop your ears with wax so that you will not hear the sirens song.
MEN2: What do you think will they sing Master?
ODYSSEUS: I will soon find out.
MEN1: But will you not stop your ears too?
ODYSSEUS: No, you must tie me to the mast so strongly that I could not get away and
attempt to go to the sirens.
MEN3: But Master, its dangerous!
ODYSSEUS: Remember, no matter how much I plead, do not untie me from the mast.
NARRATOR: Odysseus heard the words of the sirens and his heart ached with longing.
He tried to swim towards them but the rope was able to hold him back. When the danger
of the voices of the singing sirens passed, the men unstopped their ears and untied
Odysseus but little did they know that a sea peril awaits them the passage between
Scylla and Charybdis.
MEN2: Where shall we get pass though master?
ODYSSEUS: We will sail nearer Scylla.
MEN1: But, it is the six headed Hydra!
ODYSSEUS: Exactly, and it can not kill all of us. As of Charybdis, the whirl pool, she
can even eat the whole crew and ship.
MEN2: Near Scylla it is.
ODYSSEUS: Brace yourselves men!
NARRATOR: Some of men of Odysseus were eaten by the monster but with Athena
looking after them, they succeeded in passing.
ODYSSEUS: Six of my men lost their lives at the passage between Scylla and Charybdis
however, the remaining men will not live much longer. When we reached the island of
the sun, my warriors acted with incredible folly. They were hungry and killed and roasted
some oxen. The Sun gods vengeance was swift. As soon as we are living the island, a
thunderbolt shattered our ship, where I am the only survivor. I reached Ogygia where the
nymph Calypso is living. I stayed there for weeks and finally I started home but a tempest
wrecked my ship and then I succeeded in reaching this island as a helpless and destitute
NARRATOR: And Odysseus ended the story but his audience remained silent, entranced
by the tale. The adventures of Odysseus had been unreal for many of them but now, such
a man survived after everything. Finally, the king spoke.
ALCINOUS: Great man Odysseus, your troubles are over and assure you that you will
get home safely. I shall summon the Phaeacians to build you a ship and accompany you
ODYSSEUS: Thank you King Alcinous, Queen Acrete and my Queen Nausicaa. May the
Land of Phaeacians prosper and the gods be with you.
NAUSICAA: May the gods be with YOU Odysseus. Take care.

NARRATOR: Odysseus started sailing, and a sweet sleep closed his eyes. When he
woke, he was on dry land. He stared around him. He did not recognize his own country.
ODYSSEUS: (Looking around him) Where am I?
ATHENA: (Appeared and started walking towards Odysseus) You are home. You have
reached Ithaca.
ATHENA: Welcome home my Odysseus.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you for your help my goddess.
ATHENA: Oh, but your adventure is not yet finish. You have to kill all the men that tried
to steal you wife and your life.
ODYSSEUS: How? No one knows me here. Even my own son will not recognize me.
ATHENA: No matter. Athena always, always has a plan. Look at you now. Do you look
like your self?
ODYSSEUS: (Stared at himself--beggar) What does this mean?
ATHENA: You shall enter your home but you shouldnt be recognized by anybody. Go to
Eumeaus, he will welcome you with hospitality. Be careful my Odysseus, Ill stay with
(Odysseus goes to Eumaeus)
EUMAEUS: O, friend. Welcome to my home.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you for helping an old beggar like me.
EUMAEUS: No matter. I do not choose who to help.
ODYSSEUS: Thank you.
(Eumaeus left and Telemachus arrived)
TELEMACHUS: Eumaeus! Eumaeus!
ODYSSEUS: Euamaeus is not here my boy. He just left.
TELEMACHUS: Oh. Who are you?
ODYSSEUS: (hesitated first but..) I am your father Telemachus. I am Odysseus.
TELEMACHUS: (angry) Who are you and why are you using the name of my father?
You have no right to insult him especially to my face!
ODYSSEUS: But I really am your father. (Changed to his true form) See? Cant you feel
your fathers presence?
TELEMACHUS: (Starting to believe) What? Are you really my father?
ODYSSEUS: Yes, my son. It is me.
(Hugs and cries)
TELEMACHUS: Why didnt you go to me or my mother? Why did you disguised as a
ODYSSEUS: It is to protect you my son. I have a plan to kill all the men that tried to
steal everything from me.
TELEMACHUS: How father? There are so many of them.
ODYSSEUS: I shall tell you when it is time. But now, we have to get home. Talk to your
mother; tell her that you believe I am still alive.
TELEMACHUS: Yes father. You will be a beggar again?

NARRATOR: The father and son went home together. Telemachus left Odysseus to
Eurycleia as a beggar and went to his mother to talk to her.
TELEMACHUS: Mother, what are planning to do now?
PENELOPE: I have no choice my son. I can not get rid of them.
TELEMACHUS: Do not remarry mother. I know father is still live and will soon return
for us.
PENELOPE: How do you know?
TELEMACHUS: Cant you feel it mother? Cant you feel that father is near us? Just trust
me mother. Trust me.
(Other scene)
EURYCLEIA: You are lucky Telemachus found you.
ODYSSEUS: Well, he is a good man.
(Eurycleia is washing Odysseus feet and found the scar)
EURYCLEIA: (Shocked) That scar! I know that scar! Master!
ODYSSEUS: Not a word to anyone my dear.
EURYCLEIA: You returned!
ODYSSEUS: Yes I returned. And I will get rid of these men. I have a plan. Just keep this
to yourself Eurycleia.
EURYCLEIA: Yes Master. Just look for me if you need anything.
(Other scene)
PENELOPE: I have decided.
SUITOR1: Who will you marry?
PENELOPE: The man that will shoot an arrow straight through twelve rings in a line will
be my husband.
SUITOR3: What? But it is impossible!
TELEMACHUS: It is not. My father did it.
SUITOR2: But I never shoot an arrow before!
PENELOPE: Go on and start. Tell me if someone already succeeded.
NARRATOR: Certain that no one would be successful, Odysseus and Telemachus left the
men and started their plan. Odysseus asked Eumaeus to shot all the doors when he
entered it. Telemachus on the other hand, hid all the weapons of the suitors. When the
last suitor failed, Odysseus got the bow and arrow and shoots it straight through the rings.
The suitors were shocked that they didnt even notice that the doors were locked.
SUITOR1: Who are you?
ODYSSEUS: (In his true form) recognize me now?
SUITOR2: Odysseus!
(Odysseus started shooting all men)
SUITOR3: Wait! What is our crime? We did not kill anyone.
ODYSSEUS: Trying to steal my wife and my life is enough for me to get all of your
NARRATOR: Odysseus was shooting steadily and Telemachus was on guard, with his
long spear killing many men as he can. At last only two men remained a priest and a bard.
Odysseus killed the priest but spared the life of the bard. After the chaos, Eurycleia called
Penelope for his husband is waiting for her.
EURYCLEIA: Awake my dear for your husband Odysseus is here and all the suitors are

PENELOPE: You are disturbing my sleep with a joke Eurycleia. Go and leave me to rest.
EURYCLEIA: It is him my dear. Your husband had returned.
NARRATOR: Penelope rushed down the hall to see if it is true. She saw a handsome man
sitting by the hearth where the firelight fell full on him. Penelope hurriedly run towards
him and embraced her husband which she hadnt seen for 20 years so dearly. And the
whole of Ithaca rejoiced.