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Sun Aspect

Sun signifies self esteem, ego, father, authoritative. (More than mars & Saturn).
Aspects will bring the authority about that house. Authoritative figure in society.
Sun in 3rd house aspects 9th house >> authoritative towards spirituality.
Sun in 11th house aspects 5h house >> authority on children. Sun represents
father , the aspect signifies that father has lot of say on your education, expenses.
Sun in 3rd house aspects 9th house >> father influences religious belief
Sun in 4th house >> aspects 10th house >> person will have authority on career and
work environment, good at political activity. Sun without direction in 4 th house >>
realize self-esteem after 28 yrs.
Moon Aspect
Moon signifies mother, ability to nourish something, karak of parent
Moon rules 7th house and aspects the planet under whose MD/AD/PD, one may get
Throws emotional energy. Moon in 3rd house>> emotional attachment towards
siblings. Mind in collecting information, journalism, media. Aspects 9 th house >>
through 3rd house stuffs you emotionally nourish the 9 th house. (9th house
publishing, higher teachings, teachings of gurus, teachers). Through the things you
are learning in the 3rd house you are emotionally connected to publish your work.
3rd house- collecting information, 9th house distributing information.
3rd house teaching, 9th house- learning
Moon controls 6th house , moon in 3 rd house in aries, when aspects 9 th house >>
attachment bring some obstacles. Not able to grasp 9 th house. Higher learning may
lead to debt.
Moon in 1st house >> concerns about their look. Aspects 7 th house >> emotionally
connected to spouse, emotionally connect to other people
Moon In scorpio in ascendant >> intensely involve with the better half, paranoid
Moon rules 9th house and sits in ascendant >. Aspects 7 th house >> people will
preach the spouse.
Mercury Aspect
Mercury signifies languages, communicator, advisors, logical thinking. marketing,
siblings, friends, curious about signs in Pisces curios in imagination, in Scorpio
curious about occult, hidden stuffs.
Mercury, if happens to be lord of 7 th house when aspects other planets in 8 th house,
may get married during the time period of 8th house.
Brings curiosity about the house which mercury aspects. mercury wants to engage
in communication with the other house.
In 5th house creative self-expression, astrologers from mercury in 5 th house.
For Gemini ascendant, mercury in 5 th house aspects 11th house >>> 1st & 4th
house quality in 5th house.
Want to find friends/network circles/people from large organization who are actually
interested in creative writings, astrology, history, ancient texts. To find Similar
friends to build his self esteem

Mercury in 9th house for cancer ascendant, in the sign of Pisces, mercury rules 3 rd
and 12th house.
Ability to communicate collect information. Hidden talents, imagination through
writing, travel to long distance places. No mathematical calculations. Travel
bolggers. Engage in communication with different ethnic groups.
Aspects 3rd house >> mercury whatever has learned from different ethnic groups,
experiencing different culture, chemicals/chemistry(mercury is in water sign) will be
curious to teach his learnings. In creative way the teachings will be delivered.
Mercury looking his own house>> love to communicate with siblings. Will find
teachers/counsellors in foreign places. Mercury mathematics teacher, Jupiter
Spiritual Guru
Venus Aspect
Venus signification of marriage and spouse.
Cash money,
Anywhere venus aspects, we are very creative in relationship If Venus aspects
Saturn, you might get married in the time period of Saturn.
In 3rd house good relationship with siblings, skill set in doing creative things.
creative writings.
Aspects 9th aspect you feel your creativity will enhance if you create relationship
with people from different culture, different ethnic background, curious about
travelling, dating outside culture. passionate about philosophy. In 3 rd house, Venus is
Gemini passionate about language, travelling, pilgrimage. Attracted Trading
foreign currency. theme of novel will be on spirituality,pilgrimage
Venus in 5th house passionate energy within you,
Creative person, loves
performing arts, passionate to learn ancient texts, Bible, vedas, Gita, etc. Aspects
11th house create relationship with people. Romantic relationship from
entertainment side or doing ancient studies. 5 th house house of astrology friends
with magician, artists, understand Vedas, Gitas, expand network circles who are
interested in ancient histories, vedas, gitas,
In 1st house passionate about having relationships in life, part of their identity,
aspects 7th house brings passionate about masses. Exalted Venus in ascendant
interested in philanthropy.
Mars Aspect
Conquered land, brothers, siblings, soldiers, sharp objects, wants to conquer, go
directly, overpower those houses and conquer. Sign that mats is placed in will
determine the aggressiveness.
Mars in Aires , leo, sagi, cancer ( agitated because of debilitation), Capricorn, Pisces
is aggressiveness.
Peace maker and Solve the dispute in Taurus and libra.
In kappa sign mars is calm.
4th aspect represents 4th house fights for the homeland, protects the homeland
8th house 8th house is like a black hole. Mars want to deal with the emergency of
life. Mars is curious about the 8th house. Physically action oriented.

Mars in 1st house action oriented, physically action oriented, active, engaged in
weapons, collect weapons(mars in 3rd hosue alos gives)
Aspects the 4th house protects the home, mother, dwellings
Aspects 7th house - Dominate everybody comes in the life, dominate/control spouse,
Aspects 8th house- not afraid to go and face emergency in life, if u challenge them
they will go after you, athletes, fighters, boxer
Surgeries blood, use weapons if
Mars in 3rd house younger brother, competitive with younger brother, power
struggle with them
Aspects 9th house mars want to conquer the 9 th house teachings of father/gurus.
Want to be the teacher/guru. Not belief in spirituality/religion unless exalted. Person
is extremely disciplined , want to be better than his father/guru.
Aspects 10th house not afraid of society, workplace, bosses, coworkers. Conquer
them. If needed they will shed blood to conquer them, do not care in hurting your
emotions. Sales marketing, investigative journalists.
Saturn Aspect
Saturn represents old, wise man, hardwork, karma. Helps to get out of illusion.
Represents boundary, limits you to what you can achieve. You have to work hard, it
teaches a lesson. Achieve goals you have to work hard, stay disciplined. Saturn is
calm, beautiful, mysteriously working at the backyard.
3rd aspect effort, put effort to achieve anything to its maximum strength. You have
to put effort too get the results.
In 1st house, aspects 3rd house >> you have to put efforts in organized, disciplined
manner to have good relationships with siblings, communications, writing, collecting
information, travel.
7th aspect >> put effort in engaging people.
From 4th house, aspects 10th house >> work hard to be recognized in society.
From 1st house , aspects 7th house >> effort in marriage. If married early.
Frustrations crip in because of responsibilities, practical spouse >> shows reality of
10th aspect >> 10th house represents work environment, reputation, dealings with
govt, authority.
It shows discipline, effort to have reputation in society, find discipline between you
and your bosses. You will be dealing with higher authorities.
From 3rd house >> aspects 12th house >> work hard and disciplined for higher
reputation with spiritual gurus, what results in foreign lands, foreign places.
Strategize to minimize losses.
Saturn is a karaka of status and reputation in society, because it rules Capricorn.
Saturn in 4th house >> take care of your health, exercise to be in good health,
reputation and fame will depend upon how you are organized about your parents.