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Dealing with Inquiries
Taking Reservations
Welcoming Guests / Checking In
Helping Guests with Hotel Facilities
Arranging a Wake-Up Call
Dealing with Complaints about a Room
Recommending Tourist Attractions
Taking Orders for Room Service
Dealing with a Mishap
Selling Tickets
Communicating with Guests (Housekeeping)
Recommending Restaurants
Serving Breakfast
Taking Orders at a Restaurant
Dealing with Complaints about Meals
Settling the Bill
Engaging in Small Talk: Wine
Engaging in Small Talk: Traffic, Weather
Engaging in Small Talk: Local Cuisine

Dealing with inquiries

You learn:

providing booking information

clarifying terms and conditions
describing hotel amenities


Hotels verbs

General verbs


Single room
Fully booked

Check in another

Find out
Arange = organize smth.
Take time to
Give a call

Check right away


Das Schloss an Eisenstrasse. Here is Sarah Brown, good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Smith, how can I help you?
With pleasure. Just a moment, I will check right away, if we have any vacancies.
Mr. Smith, this period I can offer you ten single rooms. Besides we are fully booked. If you want, I can check in
another hotel, if they have vacancies, this way it will ?? work out. (find out?)
Ok, perfect, with pleasure, I will arrange it for you.
May I have your addrEss und exAct (g'zkt) name, please? Mr. Smith Peter, 25, Country road, London.
May I have your E-Mail- address, please? I will send you an own buying ??? Offer. Ok, perfect.
I have all information I need, I will send you the offer, just take your time to go over it and give us a call.
I hope that seminar will take place, maybe we will meet soon. Have a nice evening! Good bye!

Taking Reservations bad video
- Good morning, this is ACLC Business Hotel, how can I help you?
- Id like to make a reservation, please
- For what day, Madam?
- Tuesday, 23 August
- How many rooms do you like to reserve Madam?
- One standard and executive suit.
- Perfect. This Tuesday is available. How many days would you like to stay Madam?
- Just only a night.
- What time would you like to check in?
- We will arrive at three p.m.
- Your complete name Madam?
- Norylin Ramos.
- Madam can you please spell it out?
- Ok
- May I have your phone number?
- Could you please repeat it again?
- Perfect Madam. You have a reservation for two, standard and executive suit, at 3 p.m. on Tuesday; this is your
confirmation number Madam.
-Great, thank you.
- My pleasure Madame. = Gern geschehen!
The first of July
On the first of July
From the first of July to the twenty-second of July
Arrive at 8.00 a.m on the second of July
The reservation FOR what day?
Arrival-check in

Hotels verbs

General verbs


Arrive AT .p.m.

1. You are (very)welcome
Not at all
My pleasure
2. Could you please repeat it again?
Can I help you?
Would you like tohave a seat?
How many days would you like to.
I would like to
May I have..?
We are looking forward to welcoming you

Welcoming Guests / Checking In
At the Hotel
Reception Desk
- Good evening, Sir!
- Evening. Id like to check in, please.
. Certainly, Sir. Do you have a reservation?
-Yes, yes. My name is Martin Andrew White.
- Thats right. Youve booked the room with the view of the harbour. Can you please sign your name in the
registration book?
Here is your key card. You are in the room number 1004. Its on the third ??? floor. You have a great view of the
harbour from there.
- Where can I get something to eat?
- Our restaurant is located on the third floor. Dinner is served from seven.
- Good. What time is breakfast served in the morning?
- Breakfast is served between six and ten.
- Ok, thank you for your help.
- You are very welcome, Sir. call us bell boy to show you to your room. I hope you enjoy your stay.
- Good morning! Welcome to the Transnational Hotel! What can I do for you?
- Good morning ,my name is Tom Sandler, I have a reservation for a single room for three nights.
-All right, Mr. Sandler, let me pool up your reservation. I cant seem to find a record of your booking. Did you
book the room directly through us or did you use the hotel reservation service or a travel agent?
-Ive booked directly through you. Ive also paid a deposit on the first night. I have a reservation number if it
-Yes, sure. Can I see that, please? Thank you. Oh, I see. Maybe there is a glitch with the booking system.
-Well, we dont have any more single rooms available with the exception of one adjoined room, but you would
then be right next door to the family with children, which might get noisy. But thats not a problem. I can upgrade
you to one of our business suites. They all come with jacuzzis!
-Oh, thats sounds nice. But how much more it that going to cost?
- What would of course be at no extra charge to you.
- Oh, thank you.
- My pleasure.
-What about the wireless internet?
- Oh, its really easy. This is your access code and instruction how to use it. If you have any problems, feel free to
call the front desk. And this is the list of all hotel amenities like the gym and the indoor pool.
-Ah, thank you very much.
-You are welcome. Has the valet already taken your car or will you be needing a parking pass?
-Oh, I dont have a car. I took a taxi directly from the airport.
-Oh, all right. Could I have some form of ID, please? And could you just fill out this registration form?
-Sure. Here is my driver licence ['las()n(t)s].
-Thank you. Oh, youre from San Francisco.
-Yes, I am. All the way from the west coast.
- I hope you had a good trip.
- Yes, I did, thank you. The flight was long, but it was smooth and I slept almost the whole way.
- And this is your first time in the Big Apple?
-Yes, it is. I have a business conference to attend, but


Hotels verbs General verbs

Have a good trip!
How was your trip?
Enjoy your stay!
WHAT time is the dinner served?
BETWEEN six and ten
How much is that going to cost?
How much does it cost? ?

Helping Guests with Hotel Facilities

The types of the rooms ?in my e-mail post?
The room
In the bedroom:
Hotels names\terms
The wardrobe
Plenty of coat hangers
A desk
A TV with remote control
Suitcase stand
Bed sheets
Duvets - ?
Trouser press
A laundry bag:
? Chemise?
, ?

Hotels verbs

General verbs

Are there any
coat hangers in
the room?

The food in the restaurant

Interview with the employer = Job interview

Employee ()
Job candidate

Hire = employ
Fire (out)


Present current job

Last job
Cover four topics:
1. Tell me about yourself.
early years, education, work history, and recent career experience

2. What do you know about our organization?

Azur Hotels and Resorts () are a collection of the most beautiful destinations on the
coastal Riviera of the Red Sea, Marsa Allam and the Mediterranean boasting 4 star and 5 star
properties. all inclusive resorts, city and luxury hotels in some of the most breathtaking
destinations in Egypts coastal cities.
The Azur chain caters as tourists as also business travellers.
Hurgada: Arabella, Arabia, Bell Air, AMC, Giftun
Other cities: Alexandria, Sal Hashish, Makadi Bay, El Cusare, Berenice
3. What do you know about the position of GR? Your experience in that branch? Please give me your
definition of [the position for which you are being interviewed]

look after special requests and VIP-guests

e-mails writing (back office job)
helping at the reception by check in, check out
Translations for the guests and hotel staff
Listening to the complaints and helping guests to resolve it
Communicate with guests and give feedback to the management
- E-Mail- Korrespondenz mit zuknftigen/ ehemaligen Gsten und Reisebros
- Tglich Geburtstagsbriefe schreiben
- Check In bei Anknften/ Organisation vorab wo, da man sich bei 2 Hotel nicht teilen kann
- Helfen beim Check Out
- bersetzen fr das Management(Beschwerden, Dankesbriefe, Holidaycheck, Gstekommentare etc.)
- bersetzen beim Arzt
- Allgemeiner Gstekontakt mit Feedback an das Management
4. Your strength. Why do you want to work for us? Why do you want to take this position?

My experience says for me:

Cause I have already done such duties! I work with the professional Austrian diplomats!
I was at the front desk of Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow, while the Austrin president and the
delegation at about 50 members were in Moscow to visit Russian president.
I helped by check in and before departure I checked the rooms

I had to communicate with the Austrian members of the delegation and answer theirs questions,
resolve the problems.
I am very stress resistant, very calm.
I can communicate quietly with any people, I usually make on the people an impression of calm
and confidence.
5. Why do you want to leave in Egypt? Why are you leaving (did you leave) your present (last) job?

Because of the climate, its too cold in winter, this winter was especially.
No normal summer and environmentally not well.
I know already all now in my position. Nothing new.
Besides I would like to learn Arabic. The languages are never too much.

6. How long would you stay with us?