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1. Under R.A. 9292, can a Register Electronic Engineer design services?

2. Newscast is a distinct unit of a program with minimum news content of ___ excluding intro,
extro, headline and commercial load. 1 minute
3. Under R.A. 9292, who are authorized to take charge or supervise electronic construction and
installation? Professional Electronic Engineers and Registered Electronic Engineers
4. What NTC memorandum circular regulates the Public Repeater Network Service? MC 10-1890
5. What is the prime block for FM radio in Metro Manila? 6 AM to 8 PM
6. When was the effectively of Professional Decree No. 223? June 22, 1973
7. In Metro Manila, commercial load shall not exceed ___ minutes for one hour program. 15
8. The powers and functions of the Board are provided in ___ of the R.A. 9292. Section 7
9. Which of the following is the lowest resistance grounding on Earth? Surface loam soil
10. What refers to a fundamental obligation under the contract which goes to the root of the
contract? Condition
11. Cable TV operator can lease or sub-lease its capacity if: he has capacity
12. What is the main principle used by ITU in determining the distribution of the orbit/ spectrum
resources? Efficient use and equitable access
13. MTRCB Board is composed of a chairman, a vice chairman & ___members. 30
14. in a cable facilities for a building communications service, ___ is referred to as the physical
cable within building or series of buildings which may include both main cable pairs and but not
station wiring cable. Building cable
15. Under R.A. 9292, the Professional Electronic Engineer shall ___ the electronics plan
designed by a Registered Electronic Engineer? Review, sign and seal
16. What consists of the responsibilities and rights that ought to be endorsed by those engaged
in engineering, and also of desirable ideals and personal commitments in engineering?
Engineering Ethics
17. Authorized gateway operators shall provide at least one rural exchange line for every ___
urban local exchange. 10
18. The certificate of Authority issued by National Telecommunications Commission to a CATV
operator shall have a maximum term of how many years? 15
19. Working main lines refers to the: main telephone lines

20. When was the Electronic Commerce Act of the Philippines approved? June 14, 2000
21. A person or entity intending to register as VoIP service provider is required to post a
performance bond of ___. 3 million
22. The international carrier shall also comply with its obligation to provide the local exchange in
unserved or underserved areas within ___ years from the grant of the authority required by
existing regulation. 3
23. Which law vested the jurisdiction, control and regulation over the Philippine Communications
Satellite Corporation with the national Telecommunications Commission? E.O. 196
24. Which position does a maritime ship main antenna have, when it is connected to the reserve
transmitter and receiver? Emergency Transmitter
25. Program interruption for the airing of commercial in Metro Manila shall not exceed ___
breaks per program hour. 6
26. Professional Regulations Commission was created under. P.D. 223
27. Which conference in the ITU structure does the Telecommunications Development Bureau
report? WTDC
28. According to the medium frequency broadcast standards, the term nighttime refers to the
period of time between ___ UTC. 1000 to 2200
29. When was the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the R.A. 9292 approved?
August 31, 2007
30. What refers to the different sources of radiation have different effects which are related to Xrays by a number? RBE
31. What are the two legislative functions of the International telecommunications Union in its
international conference issues on orbital resources? Allocates frequency bands for the
services and determine the principle of the orbit/ spectrum resources
32. The International Radio Consultative Committee is referred to in international
communications as ____. CCIR
33. What government agency was designated as the Chairman of the Electronic Commerce
Promotion Control? DTI
34. What is the term of the Chairman of the professional Regulation Commission? 7 years
35. What law created Videogram Regulatory Board (VRB)? P.D. 1987
36. The electronic designer will furnish ___ sets of drawing specification and other contract
documents to the client. 5
37. What is another term for punitive damages? Exemplary damages

38. All stations must promote the Filipino music by playing ___ OPM every hour. 4
39. An entity providing transmission and switching of telecommunication services, primarily but
not limited to voice, in a geographical area anywhere in the country is called ____.
Local exchange operator
40. What refers to the availability of reliable and affordable telecommunications service both
urban and rural areas of the Philippines? Universal Access
41. It is non-combustible tubing which encases the riser cable between enclosed type metallic
terminal cabinets or boxes. Riser conduit
42. What is the major advantage of a standard contract? All of these
43. What is the standard IF Sound Carrier for a cable TV system? 41.25 MHz
44. In a CATV system, head end processor as RF input/output terminal match should a
minimum loss of ___ dB. 16
45. One of the following is NOT the major components required on board ship under the global
maritime distress and safety system. Which one? Radio Operator telegraphy onboard
46. What is known as The maritime Communications Law? R.A. 3396
47. What is otherwise known as PRC modernization law? R.A. 8981
48. What refers to a terminal where riser cable pairs are terminated to serve a portion or an
entire floor of a building? Riser terminal
49. What is defined as a legally binding agreement or promise to exchange goods or services?
50. When a project involves alterations, repairs, additions, modifications, etc., which does not
involve a whole project, what method is used for computing the professional fee?
Unit Cost Method
51. Outside Metro Manila, commercial load shall not exceed ____ minutes for one hour
program. 17
52. Which of the following determines the total dose of radiation? The total dose of is
determined by multiplying the dosage rate by the number of hours of exposure
53. Under R.A. 9292, the standards on minimum compensation are based on ____. All of these
54. What is the basic law that provides for the regulation of radio station, communications in the
Philippines and other purposes? R.A. 3846
55. A series of closets connected by slots or short conduit sleeves between floors or open shaft
of the building is called _____. Riser Shaft

56. According to safety standards, what is the maximum allowable radiation from electronic
equipment? Must not exceed 100 mr per week
57. When was Republic Act No. 7925 approved? March 1, 1995
58. Which of the following does not constitute the foundation of ethics? Integrity
59. What contract document is part of the construction contracts? All of these
60. What is the basic monthly salary scale for salaried ECE practitioner with 5 to 10 years of
active service? P5000 to P8000
61. What law regulates the operation of CATV systems in the country? E.O. 205
62. What refers to an NTC permit authorizing the holder thereof to process transmitter/s or
transceiver/s as described therein? Permit to process
63. When Is Electronics and Communications Engineer supervision required under Department
Order No. 88? Standard AM broadcast with a carrier power of 5 kW.
64. What refers to a satellite system providing telecommunications services directly to endusers anywhere in the globe from a constellation of satellites? GMPCS
65. Which law provides for a national policy on the operation and use of international satellite
communications in the country? E.O. 467
66. When was Republic Act No. 9292 approved by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?
April 17, 2004
67. Which one is NOT the basic electrical operation measure in the Philippine Electronic
Codes? Undergrounding
68. According to the TV broadcast standards, what is the maximum effective radiated power in
Metro Manila and Metro Cebu channels 7-13? 1000 kW
69. Radio programs not suitable for children must be aired after what time? 9 PM
70. What is the rbe of alpha particles and fast neurons? 10
71. When was the effectivity of Executive Order No. 59? February 24, 1993
72. Which of the following penalties is provided under the existing telecommunication law,
should an international carrier unable to comply with its obligation to provide local exchange
service in un-served and under-served areas within years from grant of authority?
Cancellation of its authority
73. What refers to an undertaking the object of which is to transmit audio, video, text, images or
other signals or messages for reception of a broad audience in a geographical area via wired or
wireless means? Broadcasting

74. For court appearance, electronics engineer must charge a minimum fee to the client of not
less than ___ per hour per appearance regardless whether the hearing is postponed or not.
75. What government regulation in telecommunication provides the policy to improve the
provision of local exchange carrier service? E.O. 109
76. What is the minimum fine for unauthorized copying of copyrighted works as provided in the
E-commerce Act of the Philippines? P 100 000
77. What is the set of attitudes, which implies a motivational orientation, concerning the value of
work? Work Ethics
78. What telecommunications law deregulates the paging services in the country? R.A. 7925
79. The authorized transmit frequency range for cordless telephone sets operating in the UHF
band is ____ MHz. 1.725 to 1.79
80. What is the rbe of any radiation produced by a radio transmitter? 1
81. An entity, relying on the transmission, switching and local distribution facilities of local
exchange and inter-exchange operators, and overseas carriers, offers enhanced services
beyond those ordinarily provided by such carries is known as ____.
Value added service provider
82. In Metro Manila, AM radio with airtime from 9 PM to 12 Midnight is ______. Class C
83. Under R.A. 9292, the rate of retainers fee to be charged by the consulting electronics
engineer for routine or ordinary consultation will not be less than ____ per month. 1500
84. What agency of the United Nations formulates standards and recommended practices for all
civil aviation? ICAO
85. Program interruption for the airing of commercial outside Metro Manila shall not exceed ___
breaks per programs hour. 7
86. A canon is defined as: a fundamental belief that usually encompasses several rules
87. A contract can be terminated with which of the following reasons? All of these
88. What method of computing fees is where the electronic facilities are divided into
classifications which have corresponding unit design rate? Unit Cost Method
89. What refers to the listing of the date and time events, programs, equipment, test,
malfunctions and corrections in communication system? Log
90. What is the minimum penalty for unauthorized copying of copyrighted works as provided in
the E-commerce Act of the Philippines? 6 months
91. The VRB Board is composed of a chairman, a vice chairman and ___ members. 18.

92. What is the act of giving advice and information to client in the area of electronics
engineering and its related fields in line with current internationally accepted standards and
practices? Engineering consultation
93. A secret code which secures and defends sensitive information that crosses over public
channels into a form decipherable only with a matching electronic key is referred to as ____.
Electronic key
94. What is the basic monthly salary scale for salaried ECE practitioner with more than 10 years
of active service? P 8000 up
95. Which part of housing of a building cable system has the same function as the slot but
circular in shape? Sleeve
96. When was the effectivity of Republic Act No. 7925? March 21, 1995
97. What is the basic qualification of an applicant for public carrier network before a Certificate
of Public Convenience or a Provisional Authority is issued? Franchise
98. What refers to the act of putting together parts of a whole in order to build-up; to erect or to
form and/or to set or establish electronics equipment, systems or facilities?
Construction and/or installation
99. A code is defined as: an oath taken by an individual in a ceremony
100. All the methods of determining the fees to electronic engineers except:
Constant Percentage Method
101. The National Telecommunications Commission can grant an authority to operate a cable
television system within the same franchise area covered by any Provisional Authority or
certificate of Authority previously granted by the Commission within a minimum number of ____
years upon determination of cause pursuant to E.O. 436. 2
102. An entity sometimes referred to as carriers or national backbone network operator,
authorized to install, own and operate facilities which connect local exchanges within the
Philippines and to engage in the business of inter-exchange national long distance services is
known as _____. Inter-exchange carrier
103. What unit is used to measure the accumulative effects of radiation that can cause
generative and somatic effects? Roentgens
104. Which of the following shall be complied by an international ship pursuant to the global
maritime distress and safety system implemented last 1999? A radio telegraph operator
105. When was the effectivity of Executive Order No. 436? September 9, 1997
106. What law created Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)?
P.D. 1986

107. According to the manual of professional practice of electronics engineers, the minimum
rate of retainers fee to be charged by the consulting electronics engineer is _______.
P 1500 per month
108. What is the minimum carrier power output of a standard AM broadcast where effective and
direct supervision of an Electronics and Communications Engineer is required? 1 kW
109. Testing and quality control of electronic products is under what field of ECE practice?
110. A series whose episodes have had no national network television exhibitions in the
Philippines and no regional network exhibition in the relevant market is known in CATV system
as ____. First run series
111. For professional services rendered by the electronics engineer as consultant for project
with definite duration, the minimum recommended hourly rate is ____ for salaried ECEs.
0.01 of basic monthly salary scale
112. What is the standard IF Video Carrier for a cable TV system? 45.75
113. What is the maximum power allocation for AM broadcast in Metro Manila? 50 kW
114. What states the moral responsibilities of engineers as seen by the profession, and as
represented by a professional society? Code of Ethics
115. All applicants for application of 3G radio frequency bands shall post a performance of
______. P300M
116. What unit expresses the rbe dose? Both rems and rebs
117. One of the major components required under the global maritime distress and safety
system is the: provision of radiotelegraph operator
118. To provide technical specifications for electronics equipment any systems is under what
field of ECE practice? Engineering Consultation
119. In CATV system, video signal to noise ratio of modulator must be better than ____ dB. 36
120. When was the effectivity of Executive Order No. 205? June 30, 1987
121. What is a device that diverts high transient voltage to the ground and away from the
equipment thus protected? Arrester
122. What unit measures the dosage rate of radiation? Milliroentgens per hour (mr per hr)
123. What is the basic requirement in order for a contract to be binding? All of these
124. What is the basic monthly salary scale for salried ECE practitioners with less than 5 years
of active service? P 2000 to P 5000

125. What refers to local exchange residence and business telephone service and telegraph
service without additional features? Basic Telecommunication Service
126. What is the new regulation issued by NTC providing the guideline for mobile personal
communication having a global coverage using satellite? GMPCS
127. Authorized gateway operators shall provide a minimum of ____ switch termination.
300 local exchange lines per international
128. What refers to radiation other X-rays which will cause absorption equal to 1 roentgen? Rep
129. Some contracts may be dissolved by which valid reason? All of these
130. All station must have a minimum of _____ of news/day from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
45 minutes
131. Where does the secretary general in the organizational structure of present IITU report?
132. If the ECE consultants present is required in another place away from his office, additional
compensation of ____ for every hour he is away from his office or if the place more than 50 km
away from his office. P 100
133. What refers to a statement or oath, often religious on nature, agreed by an individual in
ceremonies? Creed
134. What is otherwise known as Electronics Engineering Law of 2004? R.A. 9292
135. What refers to a permit issued by the NTC authorizing the holder thereof to engage to the
acquisition, servicing, maintenance, purchase or sale of transmitters and/ or transceivers, parts
and accessories thereof? Radio Communication Equipment dealer Permit
136. What law created the national council for the promotion of E-Commerce in the country?
E.O. 468
137. What law specifically requires the services of a duly registered Electronics and
Communications Engineer in the designing, installation and construction, operation and
maintenance of radio stations? D.O. 88
138. What refers to a renumeration paid to a carrier by the interconnecting carriers for
accessing the facilities of such carrier which is needed by the interconnecting carriers for the
origination and/or termincation of all types of traffic derived from the interconnection?
Access Charge
139. What position of maritime ship main antenna, when the radio watch is secured is when the
ship is in electrical storm? Grounded
140. Radio station shall allocate at least ____ as a program or programs rendering public
service. 2 hours per day

141. What formula gives the maximum accumulated permissible dose (MPD) in rems to the
whole body, with N = persons age? MPD = 5(N-18)
142. What refers to a non-exclusive facility which the public may, by the payment of appropriate
fees, place as well as receive telephone calls and/or telegrams or other messages?
Public toll calling station
143. In Metro Manila, program interruption for the airing of commercial shall not exceed how
many breaks in 1 hour? 6
144. Which of the following is designated as the international distress, safety and calling
frequency for radio telephony for stations of the maritime mobile service when using frequencies
in the authorized bands between 156 MHz and 174 MHz? 156.8 MHz
145. What type of damages is awarded, usually for fraud cases, to punish and make an
example of the defendant to deter other from doing the same thing? Punitive damages
146. What is an executive order signed by former President Fidel Ramos in March 1998
Providing the national policy in the operation and use of international satellite communications in
the Philippines? E.O. 467
147. Which body in the present ITU structure took the place of CCITT? ITU-T
148. In Metro Manila, Class D airtime classification for FM radio is from ________.
12 MN to 5 AM
149. What law provides regulation of the ownership and operation of radio and television
stations and for other purposes? P.D No. 576-A
150. What refers to a privilege conferred upon a telecommunications entity by Congress,
authorizing an entity to engage in a certain type of telecommunications service? Franchise
151. International switch termination refers to a port in the switching international gateway
system equivalent to ___ kbps (digital) where international circuit terminates. 64
152. When can telecommunications entity provide value added service in its area? Upon
approval of NTC, when other VAS operators are not discriminated in rate and access, and
has separated books of account.
153. What authority does NTC issue to a public telecommunications carrier applicant after it was
issued Congressional Franchises? Certificate of public convenience and necessity
154. KBP Radio Code requires each radio station a minimum ___ of news per day. 45 minutes
155. What is defined as a non-performance that results in the injured party receiving something
substantially less than or different from what the contract is intended? Material Breach
156. The general contractor who hires different subcontractors is known as ___ contractor.

157. Which part of the housing system in ECE code is a circular opening through the floor
structure to allow the passage of a cable and wire? Sleeve
158. What is the prime block for FM radio for provisional stations? 6 AM to 8 PM
159. NTC cannot grant one of the following, an authority to operate a cable television system
within the same franchise area covered by any provisional Authority or Certificate of Authority
previously granted by the Commission. New entrant has more financial support
160. All are AM radio prime time block for provincial stations except one. Which one?
11 AM to 3 PM
161. What refers to the rendition of service by a duly licensed professional by virtue of his
technical education, training, experience and competence? Professional Practice
162. The installation or construction of a cable TV head-end station shall be directly supervised
by a registered ECE. The statement above is: True
163. What refers to situations in which moral reasons come into conflict, or in which the
application of moral values is problematic? Moral dilemmas
164. When is coordination with the telephone company needed when an underground service
entrance will be used as the most feasible and economical way?
Decision of depth of conduit at interconnection point
165. What unit expresses the amount of radiation actually absorbed in the tissue? Rad
166. What is the prime block for AM radio in Metro Manila? 5 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM
167. What government agency is the principal administrator of Republic Act No. 7925?
National Telecommunications Commission
168. For CATV system, prime time refers to the five-hour period _____ local time. 6 AM to 8 PM
169. TV station is required at least ___ newscast (aggregate total including advisories) per day
during weekdays. 30 minutes
170. Which band is allocated to Short Range Radio Service in the country? UHF
171. What is the maximum number of lines for any building other than a one or two story
residential building to be required a service entrance facility under ECE building code?
Three lines
172. What is the maximum power suggested by KBP on 919-1312 AM broadcast station in
Metro Manila? 20 kW
173. What is the study of the decisions, policies, and values that are morally desirable in
engineering practice and research? Engineering ethics

174. Aside from compensation, the client will pay for the cost of at least business class
transportation and accommodation if the meetings are conducted in a place more than ___ km
away from the established office if electronic engineer consultant. 50
175. A rule is defined as: a guide for conduct and action in a certain situation
176. For conference, electronics engineer must not charge fee to the client more than ___ per
hour per attendance regardless whether the meeting is postponed or not. 500
177. What is the executive branch of government in charge of policy making in the
telecommunication? Department of Transportation and Communications
178. What is one possible cause for an abrupt frequency variation in one self-excited transmitter
oscillator circuits resulting to poor frequency stability to hold a constant oscillation?
Poor soldered connections
179. A telephone companys cable entering a building from telephone cable feeder to the main
cross-connecting a point within the building is called _____. Entrance cable
180. What is a civil wrong committed by one person causing damage to another person of his
property, emotional well-being, or reputation? Tort
181. The potential difference between any exposed structure to ground in any electrical
installation should exceed ____ volts RMS. 45
182. High speed networks are ICT networks that have a capacity of at least ____ Mbps. 2.048
183. What refers to a statement of fact made by one party to the before the contract is made?
A representation
184. Under R.A. 9292, who are authorized to render engineering consultation services?
Professional Electronic Engineers
185. R.A. 9292, Section 17 states that the result of the board examination shall be released
within ____ days after the examination. 15
186. What is the minimal punishment imposed to any person who shall give any false or
fraudulent statement to the Board to obtain a Certificate of Registration and/or Professional ID
Card as Electronic Engineer? P 100,000 or imprisonment of 6 months
187. At what position does a maritime ship main antenna have, when it is open circuited and
that any auxiliary antenna is/are connected to the main receiver? Direction Finder
188. What law governs the operations of cable television in the Philippines? E.O. 436
189. What NTC memorandum circular sets the rules and regulations governing the
manufacture, acquisition, sale and service of radio communication equipment? MC No. 2-05-88
190. MTRCB law defines an Adult as a person ____ years of age and above. 18
191. The tort law is concerned with _____. Compensation for the injury

192. Which law refers to the Electronic Commerce Act of 2007? R.A. 8782
193. What refers to the act of conceptualizing, planning and projecting a scheme, system and
facility using the arts and science of electronics along with social, economic, financial and
technical consideration? Design service
194. What refers to as linkage by wire, radio, satellite or other means, of two or more
telecommunications carrier or operators with one another for the purpose of allowing or enabling
the subscriber of one carrier or operator to access or reach the subscribers of the other carrier
or operator? Interconnection
195. What refers to the process of producing, forming, or fabricating electronic equipment
and/or related components, parts, devices and accessories? Manufacturing
196. Republic Act No. 6849 is otherwise known as Municipal Telephone Act of 2000
197. What refers to the condition that in a contract between two parties, only the parties to a
contract may sue under it and that any third party names in that contract or who benefit from
that contract cannot sue or be sued under that contract? Privity of Contract 198.
188. When was the effectivity of Executive Order No. 109? July 12, 1993
199. Ethics is synonymous to _______. Morality
200. What was the designated year for the full implementation of the Global Maritime Distress
and Safety System? 1999