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This story was inspired by the following conversation between me and my slave.

Please can you tell me what in my stories that make you really hot. I want to write something that really makes you boil. Is it the thought of pain? of control? or of sex? or something else. I really want to know so I can write something to really get you going.

teaching me to behave/

so how bad have you been?

worse than you will ever imagine

*sticks out tongue and runs away



Now that sort of insolence deserve some hard punishment. I think I can think of something appropriate. Mind you I have to catch you first! Come back here you little minx!


running away again*

never catch me

*sticks out tongue, as I shake by bum at you, teasingly, before

When I do catch you, and I will, you will be standing for a week because you will not be able to sit down! Not that you will be able to stand when I am finished. *evil grin* "increases speed"

*eeks, running away a little faster, giggling*

You will be laughing on the other side your face in a minute you sexy minx. There is nowhere for you to go to so I will get you. My belt is nice and supple so should put some nice welts on your arse. I am sure that is what you really want!

*eeks* *is starting to get tired from running though


*pants, though keeps running


of course after the belt, comes being tied up and beaten with a paddle at least 20 times on each arse cheek. I think then a riding crop on your nipples and clit so takes us a little way into your punishment. Now I know you like your clit being stimulated, don't you?

You are really going to regret this (or really enjoy it *grin*)!

gotta catch me!

I dive at your knees knocking you down and the wind out of you. I quickly pull off my belt and put you across my knees. Down come your panties. SMACK, SMACK. Two nice welts across your arse! I get up and take you to the 'play room' for some more punishment! *very evil grin*


We had just finished playing a game of tennis on my tennis court. You were wearing a white blouse, which in bright sunlight was see through, a very short white pleated skirt and underneath some white panties which just about covered the vital areas. This did not help my game one bit, being distracted by glimpses of your breasts. You had won every single game. I did not mind as I am a useless tennis player and anybody could have beaten me. Like I said, I did not mind your beating me until you started to mock me.

"I'm the winner, I'm the winner." You chant. To make matters worse you are bending over with your back to me with your skirt flipped up and wiggling your bum at me.

"I think you should reconsider what you are doing." I say back but it is to no avail, you keep waggling your arse and carry on chanting.

"If you do not stop then I am coming over there to spank you." I can feel my anger building as your taunts get to me.

You turn and stick your tongue out at me and start giggling.

"You have got to catch me first!" You say as you make a dash for the gate in the fence at your end of the tennis court.

That caught me be surprise and it took a while for me to get going after you.

"Come back here you minx. The longer it takes me to catch you, the longer your punishment is going to be."

You slam the gate shut as you head towards the woods that surround my property. By the time I get to gate, you had just entered the woods. You turn to see where I am, stick your tongue out once more, and disappear into the woods.

"You will not get away from me you sexy minx. There is nowhere to hide in there. When I find you the first thing you are going to get are a few slashes from my belt. That will be just a warm up."

I follow you to the woods and see your trail ahead of me. In the distance, I hear branches breaking as you crash your way through the woods. You let out a yelp as one of the branches swings back and catches your backside.

"Serves you right!" I yell.

I follow the trail of broken branches until I come to a clearing. You are standing on the other side waiting for me. Your blouse is undone and you have your breasts cupped in your hands pointing at me.

"Catch me if you can!" You say and then you stick your tongue out. You turn and crash back into the woods, giggling as you go.

"Why you cheeky bitch! That has just earned you a riding crop on your breasts. Twenty smacks on each should teach you not to flaunt your breasts without my say so."

It suddenly goes quiet. There are no more branches breaking. I guess you have stopped running and were now hiding somewhere. I carry on following your trail. I come to another clearing and your trail goes cold. I cannot see where you have gone. I walk around the edge of the clearing trying to determine where you had gone. As I get opposite where I had come into the clearing, I hear a quiet snigger just where I had come in. There up in a tree I spot your skirt in amongst the leaves. I dash back to the tree.

"Ha! Got you, there is no escape now!" However, when I get to the tree all I see is your skirt. You had taken it off and thrown it up into the tree.

"So you think you are clever, Ah! Well it saves me ripping it off you. It now makes it easier for me to get at your arse for the spanking you now deserve."

From the woods back the way we had come you yell,

"You still got to catch me first!" and you burst out laughing.

Following the sound of your voice, I plunge into the woods in the hope of catching you unawares. However, you were waiting on the other side of a clearing, wagging your arse at me as I break through.

"Come here you little vixen and take your punishment."

"Only if you catch me!" And you disappear into the woods again.


increase my speed and go after you. I catch up to you just as you a running across

the lawn heading back to the house. I grab hold of your blouse by the neck but that happens is that you slip out of the blouse, having undone it earlier to flaunt your breasts.

"Damm!" I say as I stumble holding just your blouse and seeing your arse disappear into the house. "You can run but there is nowhere to hide in there!"

I dash into my study and fire up my computer. I had wired my house so that every

room had a moveable surveillance camera. Each camera also had motion detectors associated with them. It was a simple task to find which room you were in. I watched as you looked around trying to find somewhere to hide. You finally decide on the walk-in wardrobe in the guest bedroom. You go in and position yourself deep in side and behind the entrance door. There is no way out of there. I quickly and quietly come up stairs to the guest bedroom and I silently approach the wardrobe door. I then ever

so quietly turn the key in the lock and lock the door. There is no way you can get out.

I go back down stairs.

"Where are you?" I call out, "I will find you soon. There is no where in here for you to hide."

You remain silent, not wanting to give your hiding place away.

"I am going to get myself a drink. Do you want one?" I say as I go to the kitchen.

You of course do not reply but your are thirsty though.

I get myself a drink and sit down.

"I have had enough chasing around. I have better things to do than chase insolent slaves. When you are ready for your punishment come and find me."

You hear the anger in my voice and wonder whether you have gone too far. You decide to wait to see if I had truly given up the chase or whether it was a ruse to get you to show yourself. After about ten minutes of waiting, you guessed I had truly given up and was now waiting for you to come to me. After waiting another five minutes, you decide that you had better face your punishment or else the punishment may get even harsher. You try to open the door and find that it is now locked. How had that happened you wonder. You start banging on the door.

"Master I am in the guest bedroom wardrobe and I am locked in. Please let me out Master. I am sorry for taunting you. I will accept my punishment."

I do not reply and I just carry on sitting there.

"Master, please let me out. I am sorry." As you bang on the door.

"You can stay there until I am ready to punish you. That could be a long time, so I suggest that you stay quiet and wait for me. Whilst you are waiting, you are NOT to play with yourself. I have a camera in there and I can see what you are doing."

You start to cry.

"Master, I am truly sorry. I did not mean anything by it. I was just playing."

"It was not the taunts so much as the actual nerve you had in being insolent. I will not tolerate it. You are mine and you will be respectful. You WILL do as you are told without argument. You are for my pleasure. If I want to let you have a little pleasure then it is for me to decide, not you."

"Yes Master, I understand." Moreover, you sit down on the floor to wait for me to get ready for your punishment.

Meanwhile I go down to my playroom and get things ready. I find my collection of riding crops and paddles and put them out ready to use. I also lay out a bullwhip but that was for show only. They damage a slave too much. I make sure that I have many nipple and clit clamps handy too. Getting all the apparatus together and making sure that it is all working properly takes me over an hour.

"Master, Master, please let me out, I need to pee." You call out.

I run upstairs and stand outside the door.

"You will have to wait awhile longer. I am still not ready for you."

On the guest bed, I lay a plastic sheet to protect it from what is to come later. I then fetch from the playroom a leather strap about six inches long, three inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick. I also bring a pair of handcuffs and a spreader bar with ankle cuffs attached. I was now ready to let you out of the wardrobe.

Not quite, I had forgotten to bring you a drink. You will need one after being shut up for so long. Therefore, I go to the fridge and get a 600ml bottle of Coke-Cola. I just love the shape of the Coke bottle; it just looks like it is made for insertion, with its curved shape. The bottle is about three inches wide and about nine inches long. I return to the guest room, now fully prepared to let you out. I unlock the wardrobe door.

"Get out here now and stand in front of me."

You timidly open the door and walk out, your head bowed down. You stop just in front of me.

"Hands behind your back. Legs wide apart and stand still."

You do as requested and I put the handcuffs on you, to keep your arms behind your back. I come to your front and lift your head so that I can look you in the eyes.

"You have been an extremely naughty slave and now you are going to be punished. I will not tolerate a disrespectful slave. You may have thought you were playing but I did not see it that way. I was quite willing to accept you winning at tennis; you were after all a lot better than I was. What I did not like was your arrogance and your taunts."

I take hold of your nipples and really squeeze and turn them. Your eyes water with the pain but you do not say anything. You bite your lip to stop yourself from making a sound.

"You now will face the consequence of your actions and the pain I am about to inflict."

I stop twisting your nipples and I run my hands down your body towards your pussy.

"Do you like me touching you?"

"Yes Master, I like it a lot."

I slid a hand into your panties and caress your pussy. You stifle a moan of pleasure.

"Do you like me touching you there?"

"Yes Master, it is yours to do as you wish. Master, I need to pee badly. It is hurting. Please can I go and pee."

"No, not yet. I know it hurts but that is part of your punishment. You will wait until I say you can go. You better not let any go before then or it will mean more punishment."

I slide a finger into your cunt and waggle it around, feeling how moist you are. Before

you can stop your self, you let out a moan of delight. I withdraw my finger and then lick the juices from it. I pull down your panties and you step out of them. I take off your tennis shoes all the while staring at your hairless pussy. The sight of your pussy is too tempting and I give it a couple of hard licks. I put the spreader bar on you, to keep your legs wide apart.

Picking up the Coke-Cola bottle, I remove the cap.

"Here, drink all of this. I need the bottle emptied."

"Master, I need to pee. Drinking that will make it worse!"

"Do not argue. Drink it or face the consequence."

I hold the bottle to your lips and slowly pour the liquid into you mouth. Slowly but

surely, you consume the cola. The pressure in your bladder is increasing and getting more painful. Finally, the bottle is emptied. I sit down on the edge of the bed.

"Come and kneel beside me so that I can lay you across my lap, then your punishment can begin. I will let you pee after I have administered the first part of your punishment. Now move!"

You shuffle over as the spreader bar makes walking hard. You stand beside me and kneel down. I bend you over my lap lifting your bottom in the air. I look down at your beautiful round arse cheeks, all pale waiting to be turned cherry red. I pick up the leather strap.

"You are to count and thank me for every slap."

"Yes Master."

SLAP! The first slap of the strap lands on your arse. It is painful."

"Ouch! One Master. Thank you Master.

SLAP! The second slap lands on your other arse cheek. The pain is building.

"Owh! Two Master. Thank you Master.

SLAP! SLAP! I deliver the next two in quick succession, on each cheek, landing where the other slaps had landed, causing the welts to sting more as the blood rushes in to repair the damage.

"Three and four Master. Thank you Master." You say as the tears well up in your eyes.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The slaps reign down, every one harder than the previous. Your arse is now stinging and the welts are cherry red.

"Five, six, ooow, seven, eight Master. Thank you Master. No more please Master."

SLAP! SLAP! Two more slaps lands on your arse.

"Argh! Nine, ten Master. Thank you." You sob. Tears are running down your cheeks.

I hold my hand over your arse, feeling the heat coming from the welts. I slide my hand down between your arse cheeks onto your cunt. I push a couple of fingers into your cunt. Your cunt is sopping wet. You were enjoying being smacked even though it hurt like blazes.

"That will do for the moment; more to come later, my arm is aching."

"Master please let me pee, it is extremely painful now."

"Wait a little longer; I have to fetch a funnel."

"Yes Master."

go and fetch the funnel and put it into the empty coke bottle. I put the bottle and funnel under your pussy.


"I want you to fill the bottle with your pee. Do not spill any or more punishment will ensue."

I watch the beautiful sight of you peeing very carefully into the bottle. You let out a

sigh of relief as the pressure easiest. Soon the bottle is full and you stop peeing. You wish you could pee some more but that was all I was going to allow you to do at this time. I take the funnel out and put the cap back on.

"Sit back on your haunches and push this bottle into your cunt as far as it will go."

I hold the bottle so that the cap is over your cunt. You sit back and push the bottle into

your cunt. It slowly enters you gradually forcing your cunt to open wider as the neck slides in. Inch by inch the bottle disappears into your cunt and your cunt gets wider. Suddenly there is a plop as you get over the widest part of the bottle; your cunt sucking the bottle in as the 'waist' of the bottle enters you. Your cunt closes in around the bottle's 'waist' and holds the bottle tightly.

"You can now make me happy by sucking my cock. All this spanking and watching you pee has made me hard. Undo my shorts with your teeth then suck me."

"Yes Master."

You shuffle closer and get your mouth near the waistband of my shorts. You can see my prick making a tent in them. Taking hold of the waistband with your teeth, you slowly manoeuvre the waistband down over my prick. Once my prick is free, you start licking it all the way down to my balls. You suck in my balls on at a time, and then lick back up to the head. You gently push back the foreskin with your teeth as you take me into your mouth. You suck on the head drawing it deeper into your mouth. I grab hold of your head and hold you still as I commence to fuck your mouth. I thrust in and out going deeper each time until I am pushing it all the way down your throat. I cannot keep this up for too long, as the sensation is so fantastic. Soon I am coming, shooting my load in bursts down your throat. I withdraw slightly to let you get your breath back. You keep licking until I go soft and then I withdraw completely.

I help you to stand up.

"OK. We are now going down to the playroom. Be sure to keep that bottle in your cunt. I need it later. Oh by the way you can take this down for me."

I take the funnel and put it in your mouth and you clench your teeth around it to hang

onto it. I leave you to follow me down to the playroom. You make your way to the door with a shuffle, struggling to keep the heavy bottle of piss in your cunt. Slowly but surely, you make it to the stairs. To get down the stairs easily you turn around and go down feet first on your stomach, as you cannot use your arms to help keep your balance as they are handcuffed behind your back. Your breasts scrape on the stair carpet as you descend. Eventually you reach the bottom of the stairs. The bottle is still in your cunt but only just. You squat down and push the bottle back in. You do not

want it falling out as it will displease me and earn yourself some more punishment. You get up and continue wobbling until you get to stairs leading down into my playroom. You go down the stairs as you did before. I am at the bottom waiting for you. I watch your arse wiggle as you descend and the piss slouch around in the bottle. You reach the bottom of the stairs and I help you up. I lead you into the playroom and take you over to the cross on the wall.

I take the funnel from your mouth and the coke bottle from your cunt. There is a

satisfying plop sound as I pull it out. It is covered in your juices. I lick the juices off savouring every drop. I take the handcuffs off and let you move your arms to get the

kinks out of them.

"Bend over and touch your toes, keep your legs straight."

"Yes Master," and you bend over exposing your arse to me.

I pull your arse cheek apart, feeling the heat in the welts on your arse, looking at your neat puckered arse hole. I push the funnel into your arse hole. I drop my shorts and commence to piss into the funnel filling up your arse with my pee. After what seems a long time, I finish and then pick up the coke bottle. I unscrew the cap and pour your

pee into the funnel too, mixing your pee with mine in your arse. Once it is all in I find

a large three-inch wide butt plug, which I use to replace the funnel. The butt plug pushes the pee deeper into you as I push it in. You moan as you feel some stomach cramps.

"Stand up."

"Yes Master."

I take the spreader bar off you, allowing you to close your legs for a little while. I get some rope and proceed to bind your breasts. I bind them so that the blood can flow into them but has difficulty getting out. This results in your breasts becoming engorged with blood. I suck on each nipple making them stand up. Once they are erect, I put on thick rubber rings that keep the nipples erect.

"Stand by the cross, facing me. Put your arms up and spread your legs."

I fix your wrists to some chains on each top corner of the cross. I fix your ankles to

some restraints on the bottom corners of the cross. I pull the top chains tight, pulling

you into a tight spread-eagled position. I pick up a riding crop and I bring it down hard on a nipple. SLAP!

"Oooww!" You scream as the intense pain shoots through your nipple. "Thank you Master." You add, hoping to please me.

"Good, you are learning."

SLAP! Your other nipple receives a similarly hard slap.

"Eiyow! Thank you Master."

hold the riding crop to your lips. You can smell the leather on the end of the crop, the part that does the work.


"Lick your friend the riding crop. Make him all wet. Come on do it now!"

You tentatively stick out your tongue and lick the end of the crop, tasting the oiliness of the leather. I move the crop about so that you can lick all the leather.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I hit your nipples again in quick succession. The pain is intense and you scream in agony. Tears are flowing down your cheeks. I put the crop on your face and wipe the tears onto the crop. I put the crop on your lips. You knew what to do and start licking the crop again. You taste the saltiness of your tears mingled with oiliness of the leather. I take the crop away and wait.

"Thank you Master." You sob.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Again, I hit your nipples in quick succession. The pain increases to an unbearable level. Your nipples are extremely red and swollen, partly by the rubber bands and mainly from the trauma.

"No more please Master," you sob, "I will behave in the future, I promise."

"Oh I am sure you mean it now with the pain to remind you. But, I am sure as soon as the pain goes you will misbehave again."

I put down the crop and put my hand on your pussy. I nearly take it away again as I

feel how hot you are. As I rub your pussy, my hand gets slick from the juices that are dribbling from your cunt. I take my hand away and lick my fingers.

"My, how wet you are! This punishment is making you horny. You wanted to be punished didn’t you? Well you better not orgasm without my say so or you will be punished even more, unless of course that is what you want?"

"No Master, I did not want this punishment. Please no more. My nipples are very sore."

"They are meant to be!" and I pick up the riding crop and give your nipples a slap each.

"Oweow … Thank you Master for reminding me."

I put the crop down again and I undo the restraints on your ankles. From the top

corners of the cross, I pull out two chains with restraints and attach them to your ankles. I then go to the wall and start winding in the chains attached to your ankles. Soon your ankles are touching your wrists. Your back is now parallel to the ground,

you are hanging from your wrists, and ankles, with your legs spread wide. I have a wonderful view of your pussy, which is fully exposed. I can see the butt-plug in your arse. This not a very comfortable position for you and you moan with the strain. Having got you in this extremely vulnerable position, I cannot resist the urge to eat

your pussy and lick up all the juices you have produced. I lick your clit long and hard, moving down to your cunt where I push my tongue in deep to get the maximum juice extraction. You moan with delight, the pain in your nipples temporarily forgotten. I am careful not to make you orgasm, just enough stimulation to keep you on heat but not enough to send you in raptures. As I lick, you try to push your pussy harder into my mouth but I just move with it and only keep a light pressure on. You moan with frustration.

I let you hang there and calm down a bit. Your nipples start to throb and sting, reminding you of the punishment they received. I pick up the riding crop again and I gently rub your clit with it. You tense up waiting for the slap which you are sure is about to come. The crop becomes wet from your juices as I gently slide it over your clit and cunt. I bring the crop to your lips again.

"Taste how horny you are. Lick the crop. You really want me to hit you on the clit don’t you?"

"Yes Master." You say, as you taste your juices on the crop.

"Lick it clean."

You do so. As soon as I think it is clean enough I take it away from your tongue and bring it hard down on your clit. SLAP! You scream in agony as the stinging in your clit sends waves of pain through your body. SLAP! Another one on your clit. SLAP! And another. The pain is intense and your body is shaking as you scream with the pain. SLAP! Your clit is extremely red and engorged as blood flows in to help alleviate the pain. Your clit is now very tender and throbbing.

"No more please Master, no more."

Looking at your exposed pussy and applying the riding crop has made me hard. I drop my shorts. You are in just the right position for me to stand and penetrate you easily.

"I am going to use you for my pleasure. If you happen to orgasm whilst I am doing it, that is okay but I am not going out of my way to make it happen to you."

Having said that I plunge my rampant prick into your juicy cunt. I thrust long and deep with a steady rhythm, gradually building my orgasm. You moan with delight and pain as I bang against your swollen clit. My orgasm builds slowly. As I reach my climax, you sense that I am about to come so you start orgasming, screaming with delight despite the pain. This sends me into orgasm and I ejaculate deep inside you, sending pulse after pulse of spunk into your cunt. I withdraw and I hold my prick on your clit and wipe the last remaining drops of spunk onto it. I pull up my shorts and go fetch a dildo and a bottle of water with a flexible tube attached to it. I lower your legs back down and reattach your ankles to the cross.

"I want you now to practice your oral techniques. I have modified this dildo so that when you suck it hard enough you will get a shot of water from the bottle. To get you sucking better, I want you to suck on the dildo until you have drunk all of the water in the bottle. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." And you also nod your head.

I connect the bottle to the dildo and I hang the bottle from the ceiling. I put the dildo into your mouth. You start sucking as if you were sucking my prick and nothing happened. You tighten your lips harder around the dildo and suck again. A little trickle of water comes out.

"You will have to do better than that. Now suck harder, I do not want to be here holding this dildo longer than I have to. If I see any teeth marks on the dildo then a punishment is in order. Just treat it like my prick and be very careful. Now suck!"

With my other hand, I reach and tweak one of your swollen nipples.

"Oowe! Yes Master I'll try harder." You murmur over the dildo.

You again tighten your lips around the dildo and suck very hard and you are rewarded with a mouthful of water.

"Good you are getting the idea. Keep going, you still have to empty the bottle."

To make things more difficult I commence moving the dildo in and out of your mouth. You struggle to keep a good suction going. You soon learn how to keep the water flowing. Towards the end of the bottle, the sucking has to be harder still and your mouth was getting tired from all the effort of sucking and holding onto the dildo. You eventually empty the bottle.

"Good you have practiced well. Just remember what you did here and apply the lesson to the real thing in the future. Maybe later on I will let you practice on me, so I can really see how well you have learnt this lesson."

I go a fetch some clamps which I then affix to your clit and pussy lips. The clamps

add a bit more pain to your abused pussy. From the clamps, I hang some small chain. On the chains, I hang some four-ounce weights, twelve ounces in all. The weights pull hard on your clit and pussy lips, pulling the clamps deep into your flesh, causing you much pain. To make things worse I start them swinging causing the pain to shift about as they pulled in different directions. I pick up the riding crop again.

SLAP! SLAP! I land two hard slaps to your nipples again.

"That is to keep your mind off the pain in your clit."

"Thank you Master." You reply with tears running down your cheeks.

I leave you to hang there whilst I prepared the next part of your punishment. I move a

trestle into the middle of the floor just below some chains hanging from the ceiling on pulleys. The trestle is unusual in that it has a vertical plank on the top and the top edge was triangular. Along each side of the triangular bit, coarse sandpaper was glued. The legs of the trestle have restraints fastened to the bottom of them.


come back to you and take off the weights from your pussy. You let out a sigh of

relief as the pressure on your pussy comes off. I remove the clamps and you scream as the blood comes rushing back into your pussy lips and clit, making them throb with agony. I undo your ankles and release your arms. I let you move your arms and legs to get the kinks out. I release your breasts from their bondage. They had turned slightly purple. I leave the rubber bands on your nipples, as I love seeing your nipples so erect, so suckable. I massaged them to help the circulation come back. You moan in agony as your body reacts to all the pain stimuli.

I take you over to the toilet/shower area. Standing you over the toilet, I sharply pull

out the butt-plug. There is a satisfying plop and then you expel all the piss I had put in there. Leaving you standing over the toilet, I kneel in front of your pussy and I pull open your pussy lips.

"Right. Now I want you to pee standing up. I want to watch the pee coming out of your pussy. Do it NOW!"

You let forth a golden stream that arcs down into the toilet bowl. I stick my tongue into the stream to taste your golden nectar. It tastes so good. After you finish peeing, I take you to the shower area where I tie your hands to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Picking up what looks like a firefighter's hose, I turn it on and direct a blast of freezing cold water at your body. The force of the water is so strong that it knocks you off your feet and you are left hanging from the ceiling chain. Your scream as the water hits you, its coldness astounding you. I make sure the full force of the water hits your pussy. The coldness eases the pain. The jets of water stimulate your clit. Just as you are about to orgasm, I direct the water at your breasts and stomach, knocking you off balance and off your orgasm. I leave you hanging there, shivering with the cold for ten minutes or so whilst I went and got myself a cup of coffee.

I return and untie your shivering body from the ceiling and take you over to the

trestle. I get you to straddle the vertical plank. The plank is just touching your pussy as you stand upright.

"Sit down onto the plank!" I say as I spread your legs to tie them to the restraints on the bottom of the trestle legs.

"Yes Master."

You gingerly lower yourself onto the sandpapered edge, feeling the sandpaper bite into your flesh. As I pull your legs out, your whole weight comes down on the edge, pushing it hard up into your pussy. It feels like the plank is going to slice you in half.

"Lie along the plank. Do it NOW!

"Yes Master."

You move very slowly, feeling the sandpaper painfully biting into your pussy as you lie down on the sharp edge. The sandpaper pricks your skin as you lie there. I lower the chains from the ceiling and tie them around your wrists using wrist restraints. I pull the chains up, pulling your arms high into the air. I only pull you up enough to

take your body off the plank edge. Your body is now arched backwards and your pussy is pushing hard against the sandpapered edge, causing you extreme pain. Any little movement you make causes more pain as the sandpaper rubs against your pussy.

I fetch a paddle and taking hold of your head, I force you to kiss it.

"Kiss your friend, the paddle, for it is about to kiss you back."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master." You were learning well.

I stand beside your arse. SMACK! I drive the paddle down, hard on to one of your arse cheeks, forcing your pussy harder onto the sandpaper.

"Owww! Thank you Master."

SMACK! Your other arse cheek gets it, again forcing your pussy onto the sandpaper.

"Owwwww! Thaaank yoou Masster." You tremble as the pain becomes unbearable.

SMACK! SMACK! Two more blows to your arse.

"Ooowwww! No moore please Masster. It hurts too much." You sob with tears running down your cheeks. "Please no more."

"I am afraid not, my sweet. You have to learn not to be disobedient. I want to make sure that you remember this punishment."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I quickly land four more blows to your arse. Your arse is now cherry red and hot to touch. Your pussy is extremely sore and all you do is scream with the pain.

SMACK! SMACK! I land the final two as hard as I can. The pain is too much for you and you pass out.

I leave you unconscious for a little while, letting your body do its job of repairing the

damage to your body. You slowly recover but the pain is still there, an intense throbbing in your pussy and arse. I pull the chains to lift you off the trestle and then I

undo your ankles. I move the trestle out of the way and lower the ceiling chains so that I can release you. I pick you up and throw you over my shoulders, holding your legs tight against my body with one arm whilst fondling your arse with my other hand. I take you upstairs to the main bedroom. There I lay you gently on the bed face up. I go to the bathroom and return with some liniment. I take off the rubber bands on your nipples. You moan with pain, as your nipples are still sensitive after being slapped with the riding crop.

I get the liniment and proceed to rub it all over your body. I apply liberal amounts to your breasts and pussy. I turn you over and do the same with your back, applying liberal amounts to your flaming arse. As I rub the liniment in you relax and your breathing changes. I can tell that my ministrations are turning you on immensely as you moan quietly. I get undressed and lay down beside you.

"OK my little minx; let us see how well you have learnt your lessons. Start by giving me a blow job."

You turn around and approach my prick. I have a wonderful view of your arse and pussy as you start to lick my prick. You pull back the foreskin and slide my prick into your mouth. You commence sucking, with a force that I had not felt before. You had learnt your lesson well. Soon I am moan with pleasure as your newfound suction brings me delight. I stop you well short of my orgasm.

"Right now sit on my prick. Take it up your arse. I want to see your pussy as you ride."

You get up, stand over me, and face me. You squat down easing my prick into your arse hole. I reach up and grab your breasts, rolling your sore nipples between my fingers. You moan with the pain but it is a moan of pleasure. You lean back and expose your pussy to me. You begin to slide up and down on my prick, forcing it deep into your arse. Your orgasm builds and your moans get louder. You speed up your thrusts. You finally reach your orgasm. Just as you do so, your cunt squirts. A torrent of your juices squirt out of your pussy onto my stomach and around my prick. You scream in delight as your orgasm rocks your body. The sight of your pussy squirting sends me over the edge and I start ejaculating in time with your squirts. My spunk fills your arse and I shake with pleasure as my orgasm continues. You collapse onto me and we lay there breathing heavy as our orgasms subside. I go soft and I slide out of your arse. We curl up in each other's arms and promptly fall asleep.

In the morning, I awake to find you sucking on my cock. I am soon hard as your head bobs up and down. Suddenly you get up, go to the door, turn and face me, stick out your tongue.

"Catch me if you can!" You say as you disappear out of the door.

"Here we go again." I thought.

Copyright 2005 Victor Ian Pringle, All rights reserved.