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What's New in Avidemux

Windows : Fixed mp4 muxer
Windows : Patched x264 to use utf8
Mov : Fixed PCM/LPCM audio track management
Bumped x264 preset to v2 to make sure invalid qmax/qmin presets were not used any longer
Languages support for audio tracks

Re-enabled 64bits windows build using octave
libva hardware decoding
xvba hardware decoding, ported from xbmc, experimental
Only lock job database when adding a job
Fixed the doubled fps bug on mpeg ts
Fixed positive and negative audio shift having the same effect
Windows : Better drag n drop support
Added back save/load video filter set
Dv encoding
Fast, superfast and ultrafast x264 preset by bernd_b
Support for 10bits h264 decoding
Much improved speed for downmixing
Updated libav*

Switched to mxe-octave for win32 build, that fixes most of the crashes on win32
Better compatibility with AAC in mpeg TS
Translations re-enabled
Fixed a bug in x264 which could make encoding abort right at the beginning
Fixed msharpen when width was not a multiple of 8
Added camtasia codec support
Fixed VC1 in TS indexing
Properly clear things when loading a new video
Report proper audio duration for mpeg PS/TS
Report proper audio duration for mpeg PS/TS

Fix audio encoding through libavcodec

x264 dialog improved (KoolAidMan, steginger)
Fix project save/load when locales use , are decimal separator
mp4v2: Better management of constant framerate (jfx)
Fix editing when cutting on keyframes (jfx)
Added "Undo" function (jfx)
Better compatibility of h264 in avi
Updated libav* to 1.1.2
Fix dropped frames when copying
Partial management of non ascii filename for x264 stat file
Better A/V sync when creating avi


Various improvements to MP4, FLV and MPEG-PS/TS demuxers

Improved handling of input PTS and DTS
Improved external audio file support
Improved video seeking in editor
Fixed numerous memory leaks
Updated FFmpeg libraries (version 1.0.1)
Restored several x264 options
Restored non-blocking drag-and-drop support for Qt interface
Restored Fade to Black video filter plugin
SSA subtitle video filter plugin is available again on MS Windows

Avidemux is now time-based instead of frame-based to provide better accuracy when dealing with
variable frame rate sources
Demuxers, muxers, video decoders, FFmpeg encoders and scripting engines are now plugins
Updated FFmpeg libraries (version 0.11.1)
Improved threading when decoding and encoding video
Job queue functionality has been moved to a separate application
Removed VOB to VobSub, VobSub to srt, and TS to srt subtitle tools
Removed language translations
The same video renderer is now used when editing and playing video for consistency
Accelerated video decoding on Linux when using NVIDIA GeForce 8 series or later GPU
Support for Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 video decoding
Support for E-AC3 audio decoding
New AAC audio encoder (avcodec)
Increased the maximum number of supported input/output audio tracks from 2 to 4 for applicable video
Audio filters can now be applied to all audio tracks (not just the primary track)
AAC LATM/LOAS audio support for the MPEG-TS demuxer
MPEG-4 AVC and AAC support for the Flash Video demuxer
Improved OpenDML support for the AVI muxer
New MP4 muxer (MP4v2)
Removed the Ogg muxer
New Python scripting engine (TinyPy)
New ECMAScript scripting engine (QtScript) including debugger and reference guide
New Transform video filters: Resize (swscale), Greyscale, Add Logo, Horizontal Flip
New Colour video filter: Remove Plane
New Miscellaneous video filter: PrintInfo
New OpenGL video filters for Apple and Linux operating systems
Removed Transform video filters: Reverse, Resize, Fade, MPlayer Resize
Removed Interlacing video filters: Deinterlace, Drop, Keep Even Fields, Keep Odd Fields, mcDeinterlace,
PAL Field Shift, Pulldown, PAL Smart, Smart Swap Fields, Swap Fields, TDeint
Removed Colour video filters: Blend Removal, Colour Curve Editor, Luma Delta, Luma Only, Chroma U,
Chroma V
Removed Noise video filters: Cnr2, Denoise, Forced Postprocessing, Median (5x5), Light Denoiser,
TIsophote, Temporal Cleaner
Removed Sharpness video filter: Soften
Removed Subtitle video filters: VobSub, DVB Sub, ASS, Subtitler
Removed Miscellaneous video filters: Add Framenumber, Mosaic, Whirl

Restored AC3 and MP2 encoding (regression introduced 2.5.5)
Added support for latest x264 core
Updated FFmpeg libraries (version 0.9)
Drag-and-drop no longer blocks source application for Qt interface
Resolved Windows XP 32-bit stability issues (regression introduced 2.5.5)

Windows 7 taskbar now displays encoding progress

Improved crash reporting on Windows especially Win64
Compilation fixes for OS X Snow Leopard and Lion
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Improved FLV, MKV and MOV/MP4 reading capabilities
Added support for latest x264 core
Updated FFmpeg libraries
GCC 4.6 support
Win64 support
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Added support for VP8 video decoding
Improved decoding of VC-1 video in the MPEG-TS container
Fixed decoding of UYVY video
Support for DIB video that requires flipping
Support for additional DV fourCCs (DVSD, CDVC, cdvc)
Added support for latest x264 core and updated Qt interface
Updated FFmpeg libraries
Added support for compressed headers, MPEG-2 audio and VP8 video in MKV container
New AvsFilter for Linux (written by Fahr)
New OpenGL video renderer for the Qt interface (SDL has been deprecated)
New Plugin Manager for the Qt interface
Restored most of the internationalisation support that existed in 2.4
Compatibility improvements to auto wizards
Improvements to Unicode support for JavaScript files on MS Windows
GCC 4.5 support
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Added support for I420 video decoding
H.263 video encoder now supports more profiles
mpeg2enc video encoder no longer drops the last few frames and now works on Win32 with SIMD
instructions enabled
The majority of video encoders are now plugins
Improved partial filter support
Updated FFmpeg libraries
Updated libass
Avsproxy now supports audio
All auto wizards are now scripted and available in both interfaces
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Re-enabled Vorbis decoder (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Improved channel mapping of multichannel DTS & Vorbis audio
Fixed decoding of 5.1 channel Vorbis audio in MKV files
Updated FFmpeg libraries
Added support for latest x264 core and updated Qt interface
Added support for H264 video, VP6A video and AAC audio in FLV container
Added support for SEDG and WMVA four CCs
Various fixes related to Xvid settings
Fixed Xvid stat files remaining locked after encoding (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Improved MKV demuxer

New Colour Curve Editor plugin for Qt interface

Fixed partial filter support (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Fixed FluxSmooth filter plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Fixed saving of filter parameters for Rotate and Equaliser plugins (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Added extra bitrate settings for LAME audio encoder
Enabled JACK audio device plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
Various GUI fixes for GTK+ and Qt interface
Fixed command-line interface support for various video filters
Changed "save-jpg" parameter of command-line interface to honour "begin" parameter
Fixed saving of crash file when Avidemux unexpectedly quits (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
Fixed GUI quirks when using Copy mode and AVI un/packing
Further improvements to Unicode support for filenames on MS Windows
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Re-enabled several video and audio encoders (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
Updated FFmpeg libraries
More video encoders are now plugins
DV video encoder now supports more profiles
Fixed loading and saving issues with LAME, x264 and Xvid options (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
Removed support for libamrnb and replaced with opencore-amrnb
Removed support for libdca and replaced with libavcodec's DCA decoder
AMR-WB audio decoding support using opencore-amrwb
Fraps video decoding support
Lowpass-5 mode added to libavcodec deinterlacer filter plugin
Fixed formatting of parameters for various filters on 64-bit platforms
Updated libass
Fixed sizing of the bitrate control on various video encoder configure windows (regression introduced in
Improved filter dialog for GTK+ interface
New navigation icons for GTK+ interface
Fixed the behaviour of several GTK+ open/save dialogs (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
asharp filter's Block Adaptive mode can now be disabled using the Qt interface
Re-enabled the colour chooser dialog using the Qt interface (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
GCC 4.4 support
Fixed issues with CMake build scripts when using multiple make jobs (regression introduced in 2.5.0)

Audio Codecs, Audio Devices and Video Filters are now plugins
x264 and Xvid encoders are now also plugins with an updated Qt interface
Auto wizards are now scripted and easier to extend
Updated FFmpeg libraries
Various minor fixes and enhancements

Fixed crash when opening some MOV files (regression introduced in 2.4.3)
Improved support for H.264 in MPEG-TS and M2TS containers
Improved support for H.264 in MP4 container (including constant frame rate fix)
Fixed bug where muxers could drop the first few B-frames (most containers were affected)
Fixed FAAC support so bitrate is correctly honoured
The same settings are now used for the first and second pass of an x264 encode
Improved JPEG file support
Improved PNG decoding (now uses libavcodec rather than a custom wrapper around libpng)
Improved BMP/DIB decoding (now uses libavcodec rather than using own decoder)
Improved colourspace handling for raw video, bitmaps and DIBs
Fixed Previous Black Frame functionality

Qt interface has been significantly upgraded and now fully functional (compared with its GTK counterpart)
Saving of video is now prevented if the A marker is greater than the B marker
Improvements made to ECMAscript including a new GetFilePath() function for the DirectorySearch class
and fixes to the exec() function
Added support for AAC audio to the command line interface
Qt interface is now the default interface for MS Windows
x264 and Xvid stat files with Unicode characters are now handled on MS Windows
The application log file is no longer buffered on MS Windows to ensure sequential logging
Added support for ppc64 to the CMake build scripts
Updated the following translations: Catalan, Czech, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Improved support for MP4 files including support for 64-bit files
Support for Y800 codec
libavcodec is now the default MPEG-2 decoder (instead of mpeg2dec)
Fixed memory leak when indexing DVR-MS files
Fixed calculation of width and height for High Profile H.264 video in TS files
Fixed dropping of frames using x264 2-pass encoding (regression introduced in 2.4.2)
Restored missing code pages to the Subtitler filter (regression introduced in 2.4.2)
Fixed crashing on MS Windows when opening multiple instances of Avidemux (regression introduced in
Remove unneeded delay when using x264 with mkv or mp4

Improved input and output of audio streams in MKV files
Support for MJPEG-A in MOV/MP4 files
Fixed saving header information of AVI files with PCM/LPCM audio
Fixed opening FLV files that don't contain audio
Fixed corruption when decoding MP4 files
Fixed crashing when using MPEG-4 ASP (lavc) and two pass average bitrate mode
Flush the x264 encoder upon completion so the last few frames aren't dropped
Fixed incorrect colour conversion of 24/32 bit BMP and DIB files
Re-enabled AMR-NB decoder (regression introduced in 2.4.0)
Support for additional VP6 fourCCs
Xvid custom matrices are now activated correctly
Fixed caching issue with Qt4 interface which would corrupt translated strings
Fixed zooming when using SDL (regression introduced in 2.4.1)
Windows are now centred correctly on multi-monitor setups
Use alternate button ordering for GTK+ interface when GNOME HIG isn't appropriate, e.g. MS Windows
and KDE
Various additions to the Qt4 interface including a new calculator tool, drag and drop support, improved
joblist support and an about window
SRT subtitle support for Arabic, Baltic, Greek, Hebrew and Turkish
Fixed iPod profile where audio encoding options weren't always set correctly
Fixed Film to PAL audio filter so frames are removed and added correctly
Batch importing of image files is no longer restricted by the file handle limit set by the C runtime
Video filter for outputting the frame number
PulseAudio support (Linux only)
GCC 4.3 support
Updated the following translations: Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish
Fixed drag and drop support on MS Windows
Improved Unicode support for filenames on MS Windows
Prevent source files from being overwritten accidentally by the user on MS Windows
MS Windows logging and settings are now stored under the Application Data folder instead of the User
Profile folder
Native file dialogs are now used for the Qt4 interface on Mac

Various minor fixes and enhancements

Support for x264's new Hadamard Exhaustive Search method of motion estimation
Decoder for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)
Re-enabled H.263 decoder (regression introduced in 2.4.0)
Avoid corruption when encoding from MP4/MOV/3GP files
Fixed loss of audio when saving large OpenDML AVI files
Fixed various colour conversion issues with RGB codecs including BMP, Huffyuv, JPEG and PNG
Updated the following translations: Catalan, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
MS Windows logging is now stored in an Avidemux folder under the user's profile. This allows Avidemux to
operate under a non-administrator account.
MS Windows CLI version now outputs to console
Quartz version for Mac
Better SDL support for Mac Quartz and Qt4 versions (SDL windows are now embedded and acceleration is
enabled for Qt4)
Various video decoding fixes for PowerPC-based Macs
Fixed freezing when opening files on Mac

Input and output support for MKV and FLV containers
Rewrote MP4/MOV/3GP reader
Support for Nellymoser codec
DV video output support
MPEG-TS support including H.264 Elementary Stream
OCR support for MPEG-TS subtitles
Video bitstream unpacker (improved compatibility)
Capability to pack video bitstreams
Yadif filter (ported from Avisynth)
Video filters can be loaded as external plug-ins (sample plug-in included)
Three interfaces now offered: command line, GTK+ and Qt4 (Qt4 is still incomplete)
Several key dialogs have been revamped (GTK+ user interface only)
Preview system refactored
Priority control added for encoding and video playback (MS Windows only)
Jog Shuttle control (GTK+ user interface only)
Support for Jog Shuttle hardware (Linux & GTK+ only)
iPod and PlayStation Portable profiles
Glyph Editor
Improved Bitrate Histogram
JACK support (Linux only)
DirectX support (MS Windows only)
Avisynth Proxy GUI (MS Windows only)
Improved crash recovery - session settings are saved and reloaded upon application start
Various minor bug fixes