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Sakari A Different Perspective By Robert J Hodosi 11/7/2011

A Different Perspective

By Robert J Hodosi


About The Cover

During the day, the Sun is the source of all life. When the night comes, the Sun goes away and it cannot be seen. Though it may be cold, dark, and unseen, from our vantage point, its presence is still felt in the reflection of itself by way of the moon. Therefore, it touches each and every one of us, even if ever so slightly through its soft night reflection.


I’d like to thank, Dr Harry Oldfield of Oldfield Systems Ltd. for his continued efforts into the research of electro-crystal therapy. For without his continued efforts, I believe a major void would be left in the place where the material and spirit worlds meet. His research shows without a doubt a true connection between the planes of the material and spirit.

More information on Harry Oldfield can be found at Additional information on the work of Harry Oldfield can be obtained by reading The Dark Side of the Brain by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill as well as by reading Harry Oldfields Invisible Universe by Jane and Grant Soloman. At the time of writing this book, Harry Oldfield had a few videos out on YouTube. This includes but is not limited to my personal favorite, Harry Oldfield’s Energy Fields Revealed.

I’d also like to thank all those in my life, past, present, and future as they have helped to shape who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. Everyone has contributed something, even if it’s a remote idea in the back of my head. You are all loved! Thank you for reading this book.


As far back as I can remember, from the first time I felt his presence, the name Sakari came to mind. It seemed to me to be natural reaction to his presence. I never thought much of it. The meaning of the name Sakari is Finnish for “God has remembered”. The name Sakari is also synonymous with a deep driven desire to inspire or help others to a higher cause as well as to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters. Looking back, the pieces were all there synchronized as if put together by a 14 th century renaissance painter. However, in my then state of awareness, I wasn’t impassioned enough to hear it.

I’ve come to know Sakari as one of my spiritual guides. Sakari once told me that these experiences were meant to be shared with those who will listen. As sharing them will not only help me, but it will also help to uplift those in need of this information. There are times in which, we all think of life outside the common established box of structured religion. What you will find in this book is maybe you’re not so far off. Maybe you needed to hear someone else’s coming of age story to bring some kind of truth to your own. The thoughts and ideas represented in this book are inherent in each and every one of us through our past life experiences. We are the sum of these experiences. Once we are fully awakened, we are allowed the entirety of this knowledge both past and present. However, as a universal rule, the future of self cannot be known except in cases of information that does not change the outcome of future events or harmless future knowledge.

Here is my story.

I’m sure as before some of my research and efforts to verify the

things I’ve been told or experienced by Sakari will lead me off on tangents as they often do. These tangents as awesome as they may be are sometimes a journey or story of their own which I could write a book about. But I’ll just touch on them from time to time. Some of the things I'll talk about in this book can never be verified by the average everyday human being, for the fact that thinking outside the box is a major paradigm to understanding a lot of the things Sakari has taught me. As well, there seems to be a major gap between spirituality and what science can actually prove at this point in time. The fact is, the realms dealt with within spirituality are far beyond the commonplace understanding of this space and time. That is unless your consciousness has evolved enough to understand it. To put it into the best words, would be to say, if seeing is believing, then you must take the drive and see for yourself. All I ask is that you judge for yourself whether or not it makes sense to your own rationality, logic and reason. Then, feel free to keep what you want and discard what you don't want. There's no better way to go through life than that of your own personal reality. It's free will!

The true fact of the matter is most people are not at all aware of what's going on all

around them as they go on day to day with their seemingly busy lives.

aware of ones surroundings, and all the little odd ins and outs that don't quite make

But in being

sense to the normal rationale. This is often the key to what’s really true. At the very least, it gives rise to the questions some of the greatest minds that have ever lived have long since questioned. Some call it an awakening, others, a synchronization of sorts to point one in the right direction of one’s own ultimate destiny. You may have heard it said, life is an illusion. If you’re current level of understanding is anything close to what mine used to be before I delved into the occult and esoteric, then this will definitely help you and change your perspective into a deeper understanding of spirituality and proportion.

It’s evident that the thoughts dealing with both life and it's progression require an open mind. From the times of long ago, it was once thought that the world was flat, that the Sun revolved around Earth, and that Columbus discovered America. Man has always been long defined by what he doesn’t know. Hence, Thoughts and beliefs change with every new understanding. As a society we grow and learn along our evolutionary path. Everything is a matter of perception. So as you continue to read this, please keep an open mind and when you’re done ask yourself, “Is this all possible? That is ultimately up for you to decide. You are what you eat! We all have had different upbringings and experiences that make us who we are today. But as we go along in life and become more and more perceptive to the events of the day, I’m sure we will all see maybe there is some substance in the form of natural process for those things we currently do not understand.

As much as I have tried to keep it to myself, I’m often at wits end in a need to spread the avenues that have led to my own personal growth and predestined theme. In

today’s society, everyone’s a critic. I know firsthand of the efforts some will go through

to upset the balance of truth.

of what I’ve been taught and brought up with is not necessarily true.

meditation and my own awakening, the thoughts of yesterday and today have remained clear and the patterns have been highlighted. This literally throws off the balance of who I once was and who I am today. I too have since realized through meditation, non- judgment and calm emotions, that life really is, an illusion.

Through the teachings of Sakari, I’ve realized that much


This in itself, the drastic change in me, has sometimes been a hard subject for me to grab a hold of. But at the same time, I cannot deny that this change in me has definitely occurred, and is most definitely for the better. Now that I have awakened to certain truths, life is a glorious, and wonderful fortitude of synchronous events that blend in to create a life of happiness, peace, and love. To put into words what happens when one awakes would not be a fair assessment of all possibility for I am a work in progress. Everyday, I learn more.

When I look back to the events that led me to write this book, I’m reminded of a slowly

dripping faucet of thoughts and ideas. At first it just dripped slowly, throwing in little bits of information here and there like the zeros and ones of binary digital information. Through the days and years, I’ve tried to ignore this to no avail. The ideas presented themselves over and over in my daily life, as if someone or something was trying to get

a point across.

It was only through my own research into these events and their

meaning that things actually started to make logical sense. I'd be lying, if I said it all made sense but in time I'm sure it will.

These days the faucet is always dripping. The events of the day may overcome the sound of the dripping faucet. However, in the still of the night when everything is asleep and the crickets are the only thing I hear, I realize the drip is much louder than anything

in the surrounding background. Matter of fact, it’s all I hear. Not only is it all I hear but it consumes me drip after drip and now I know, through much acceptance and understanding, there’s much more to life then the mere sum of my learned philosophy and minimal life experiences.

In writing this, I didn’t want to write your stereotypical, learning to meditate book as there are plenty of those out there. As well, I wanted to show a true connection to both, the world we all know and live in and the other simultaneous higher densities occurring at the same time. I wanted to show and illustrate true and proven ways that the energies of these densities can literally change your life! There are many books on it in

existence today. But none of them go so far as to truly for lack of a better term, “Break

Open the Head”.

extinguisher, you have to break the glass. And much like that, there’s a thirst for hidden knowledge. This hidden knowledge is so often hidden behind puzzles and riddles scattered upon ancient cities, yet it's often right in front of our faces. Most of us have to spend years upon years to come up with the basic simple knowledge of the triad of mind, body and soul, often referred to as the father, the son, and the holy spirit. When matched up with it's counterpart and put into correct terms as mind being the Father, body being the son, and spirit of course being that of the holy spirit, the physical and spiritual literally collide. I can’t stress this enough, when the three worlds collide, that of mind body and soul in perfect balance, life has a way of opening doors that literally transcend human limitation. For we truly are our own worst enemies shrouded in our own definitions of what we can and cannot do. And though the keys to this transformation are hidden and not easily available, they are indeed there waiting to be found. But there is a catch. It’s not just given to everybody and anybody. This goes without saying, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s solely given to those who put in a serious effort to know ones self. One can find many old and ancient esoteric books through various channels. Some of these books are very rare and can be very pricey. I’ve read some of these long ago and most of them, I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails out of. Through the efforts of meditation, service to others, moral and ethical responsibility, the mind can awaken to infinite possibility. After years of meditation, and service to others, one can evolve into certain universal understandings. One of these is the comprehension of such valued esoteric and occult writings of ancient times. These types of books and or lessons will seem to flawlessly fall into your hands at just the right time. My only explanation at this time is that this happens through the manipulation of space.

By this, it’s like seeing a fire that needs to be put out. But to get the

Space? There’s space all around. The tiniest of tiny, the atom is literally 99.999999% space. What we experience is .0000001% of that space. What exactly is this space? I believe this not only to be an intelligent space but a quantum matrix of information at our disposal if we’re only willing to be open minded, tune in, and listen. The space between us is global consciousness. This is also referred to as, God, or other terms, The Void, The Vortex, The Ether, The Vacuum, The Unknown, Infinite Source, The Cause, The One, The Akasha and many other terms all meaning tone and the same thing. The most obvious question should be, is this accepted as such in general scientific circles? One of the greatest physicists of our time, Nassim Haramein talks about this space in his Rogue Valley seminar along with many other fascinating subjects and coincidences that encircle the same realms of thought. Though science is getting there and will get there, it has quite reached this level of understanding at this point in time.

We’ve been teaching the same thing in all of our schools and universities for over a hundred years. While at the same time we literally ignore common bonds that affect us

all, like dreaming and the primal overwhelming feeling that something is missing. So when it comes to general scientific circles should one be surprised when someone with a new thought, proof or theory, is thought of as a fraud? Probably not. We will always be blinded by our ego and ignorance. I find this especially true when such information comes out in respected journals and publications. However, there are those that know this common truth and use it to their advantage.

We have entered a major conscious expansion in this Golden Age. What we will ultimately find is that in string theory and quantum theory there is most always an unknown variable that will make the equations of quantum theory work. This unknown is linear graphically, but spiral and pulsating in actuality. Only those that have accepted wholeheartedly the relationship between that of physical and spiritual can truly understand what’s at work here and go far beyond that of human limitation. This is evident in the paintings of Michelangelo, specifically The Creation of Adam. Also in the many quotes of Albert Einstein who said, “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.”

Nikola Tesla said, “Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of

the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature.

on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena. My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest importance. As I have searched the entire scientific records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth, which can be expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.

All literature

This is global consciousness! For hundreds of years, it has been known! Anyone with

any kind of time on their hands can search for those big names throughout history via your local library and now, even so easy, on the Internet. If you’re lucky enough to find something on their thoughts and philosophy, I’m sure you’ll come up with the same thing I have. Everything is contained in the space between us! Anything that ever is or was,

past present or future exists here. All the answers to all your problems.

is or ever will be exists here. The men above, when you really read into their lives and backgrounds, you will find one thing they all have in common. This one thing they all have in common is the link between that of the physical and spiritual. They knew that the secrets to the physical world in which we live in can only be understood and explained when you truly understand that of the spiritual. In the words of Einstein, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” I personally closely guard the truth of that statement.

Everything that

How would your life change if you could access this information? Would this free you of your limitations? If you knew you could walk the earth as Jesus did, would it befit you as such? Can this even be done? According to Baird T. Spalding, in his book, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, this isn’t so uncommon as most of us might tend

to think. So how do we access this? Where does one start? Here I say. You can start here.

Some of the things talked about in this book may be at this time rejected by modern science. And that, I am okay with as I did not in any way write this for their review or thoughts as they were not and are not my intended audience. Science as we all know has a way of keeping what it wants and throwing away subjects it knows nothing about by not being able to repeat the same results others may have come up with. This is simple in truth as the mind wills the space around it. We will talk about this later.

Furthermore, the process of evolution or awakening through meditation or any other avenue takes years of arduous work. All paths and experiences though generally the same, are quite different in personal experience. Achieving the same results is easier said than done. This is often regarded as the observer effect, the change that the act of observation will make on the happenings being observed. Not only must the results be able to be replicated but to gain any ground they have to be written by those of doctorate back grounds and appear in reputable journals. I cannot give you that in this book. I can however, validate, on my own behalf, my own experiences as well as those laid down to me from my guide. I also believe I can explain some of these topics in a way as to be easily understood by the average everyday human being. Welcome to my story. Let’s get started.

Chapter 1

The Beginnings

I often times look back to when I was a kid on the West side, in Colorado Springs. There are certain things I can remember all so well, like my address: 10 N. 17 th . I remember clearly the school that I went to at the time, Buena Vista Elementary and of course, El Pomar Boys Club.

I was raised in a family of four. My mother, being from Puerto Rico was Catholic and my father was born in Austria. My father never talked much about religion. He was a Vietnam Veteran and suffered from post dramatic stress disorder. He was diagnosed as paranoid-schizophrenic by the U.S. Army. Not to make light of the subject, but I’m sure he had many other things on his mind besides that of religion. As far as what his beliefs were, well, we never had that discussion. So I guess on December 23 rd , 2005 the discussion of his thoughts on God and Creation went with him and thus, shall remain a mystery.

As a kid, through dreams and visions, I had a knowing that there was a lot more to life than what I had been taught to believe. I was born and raised Catholic, but often was sent to church with my babysitter Ms. Collins. Ms. Collins as well as her daughters watched over my brother and I while my parents were at work, out playing bingo, or just needed a break. The Collins family were and to the best of my knowledge still are business owners. They owned and still own Collins Christmas Trees and Collins Fireworks

in Colorado Springs. They would take my brother and I to The First Assembly of God. I don’t remember getting much out of it. I found it very hard to understand a lot of the wording that the preachers would use; as well when they read from the Bible, they might as well have been speaking Russian because I didn’t have a clue. I did however enjoy the youth activities they had, such as baseball and camping.

It wasn't until I was about nine years old that my mother had said I should really be going to a Catholic church. Every Sunday, my mother and I walked to Sacred Heart Catholic Church which was a mere three blocks from our house. At a much younger age, I had been baptized as well as had my catechism through the Catholic church. I didn't remember any of it. So as far as I was concerned, I had never been to a Catholic church before. This, I found quite different from what I was used to. I found it extremely hard to stay awake. I didn’t care much for the priest in his white gown and mono tone voice telling me how to live based on his own thoughts and beliefs. Furthermore, I thought the constant getting up and kneeling down only served to disturb my nap. In times like these, my mother, however, was famous for the swift slap to the back of the head. This was her wake up call. I do remember one good thing, donuts. Yes, the donuts they served after mass made it all worth it. What can I say, I was nine years old.

This is not to say there is anything wrong with religion. Religion has its place. And for many, this is a means to keep in line with the thoughts and attitudes of a particular faith. Religious faiths make people feel good and provide insight as to a purpose and direction in life. I myself just had a really hard time with someone or something putting limits on me. From a young age, there was something inside of me, a knowing of sorts that told me narrowing down life to a set of rules and staying inside the box only helped to create ignorance. This furthermore seemed to me to only create a duality for those outside the box in which judgment starts and can possibly lead to many other scenarios both good and bad.

When I was nine, I had a life changing experience. I went to sleep struggling as usual to fight the night as all youngsters do. But this was no ordinary night. This was a night of extraordinary dream. This was an extraordinary dream of full color and sound. Colors so live that it’s hard to express in words. I can somewhat go with fine pixels of glitter shined on by the hand of God, if there is such a thing. These fine pixels formed a live vivid symphony of color, sound and emotion. True sound, even the thoughts of those around me could easily be understood. An HD experience of sight and sound far beyond our current technological capability. The wind chimes clanging on the porch swaying in the dusk breeze. The crackling of the fire, as well and the loud cracking of the wood before it gave way. I remember it clearly to this day. The odd thing is that even in dream, the true emotion by my observing this event of the Collin’s home burning down wasn’t one of despair as one might expect. But rather it was a feeling of calm and easy feeling, as if to say in some quiet way, it's supposed to be this way. To this day, I’m not sure why that was put to me that way. Though the as above, so below principle comes to mind as to something I needed to observe for my own awakening as a power within.

This was indeed my first lucid dream that I can remember.

I woke from that dream,

sweating profusely. I immediately looked out the window across the street and down two houses to get my first glimpse of the Collin’s house. It was still there. Again, my mind was put as ease. Though I was awake and knew I was awake, something in me knew this was no ordinary dream. The emotions, sounds and events to me seemed real and live. I recall thinking after wards I must be some kind of narcissist or something as to why was I

put as ease by this. Then again, it was just a dream right? They’ve never really made sense to begin with. Life went on, of course, I long forgot that dream after a few days which always has seemed to be the case.

A few months had passed.

I was walking home from school one evening after hanging

out with friends after school on the basketball courts. The tall sandstone brick, three story rustic Buena Vista Elementary School on the top of the hill casted it’s evening shadow upon the basketball courts letting me know, it was time to go home. Walking home, I was talking with friends not paying too much attention to the things going on around me. I then looked up to see the Collins house burning down, engulfed in flames. Their Victorian sat on the corner of 17th and Pikes Peak on what would be the south side of Pikes Peak. It was the classic two story white wood slat home with a wraparound porch on a corner lot. They had a guest house in the rear that was a simple thirty by forty gable roof structure that at that time was used solely for storage. They also had a few pine trees spread out about every eight feet or so. The sun shine down and the pink sky closed in the background to almost create what I would call a work of art identical to the dream I had some time before. I was lost for words. I had seen my dream. And it was just as I had seen it. Down to the last siren. This not only stunned me greatly, but it changed my whole reality. I knew to keep my mouth shut as to what I had saw and the dream. I didn’t want my friends to think I was crazy or anything. This would prove to be the first of many, many lucid dreams that have come to pass.

Immediately afterwards, in the weeks following, I’d go to the library. I would check out many books on dreams from the Old Colorado City Library. But their books were limited. Once in a while my mother or father would take my brother and I to Penrose Library. Penrose Library was the biggest and most resourceful library back in 1982. Penrose had what appeared to me to be a plethora of books on the metaphysical. I would check out the maximum of six books at a time. This proved to be sufficient for the time being. I’ve read many a book on dream interpretation and the one thing I can truly say even back then is, most of them are not worth the paper they’re written on.

Being nine years old, I’m sure authors did some research into why they thought such things meant this or that, but in all, to my nine year old brain, they didn’t seem to have a logic flow but rather just added to the confusion of meaning. I know now that everyone dreams differently. Furthermore, I know that with practice we can, in time, set or create our own symbols. Back then in 1982, there was no internet. Information didn’t come easily. Most families had a set of encyclopedias but that was pretty much it. I was strictly limited to the information I could obtain from our public libraries. And this to be honest, wasn’t much in the overall scheme of things.

In trying to refine my dream interpretation and psychic ability I did find one thing in common with most of the books I read. This would be later defined to what I know now as meditation. Meditation, to still the mind. But to still the mind of a nine year old is impossible with thoughts of cookies, pudding, soda and hanging with friends. I must admit though, I tried it several times. I truly believe that when the mind doesn’t truly understand a concept or doesn’t have the guidance of a teacher, this is given up upon quite easily. I mean, I had to sit with my head on my desk every time I got in trouble in my third grade class and it didn’t create any visionary outcome besides that of hoping Ms. Christopher didn’t send me home with a letter to give my mother. Obviously, I wasn’t ready for it at that time.

Looking for answers and any kind of reasonable validation for my lack of understanding of what was occurring to me at the time, I found myself exhausted of viable resources. That was until a nice man delivered The Yellow Pages on our front porch. They did this usually in January of every year. The Yellow Pages had within them the addresses and phone numbers of five or six different meditation centers in Colorado Springs. One in particular was close by, The Zen Meditation Center. My father would drop my brother and I off at Skate Land on Saturdays from time to time whenever he felt the need for freedom to tend to his own private affairs. While looking at the map, also located in the phone book, I noticed that The Zen Meditation Center was very close to Skate Land being only a block or two away.

This worked out just fine to make the escape to go see what this was all about. I went there. And I must admit, something about the calm look on the face of someone meditating made me feel like I should be doing this. But he wanted a lot of money. I believe it was around $100.00 U.S. dollars for a week long course, which I in no way had or perceived of having any time soon. Pretty steep for a kid making 5.00 a week allowance.

Soon thereafter, what I came to know as lucid dreams were common place. I did have one issue and still do till this day. This issue would be the time space in which things would happen. The simple solution is simply to ask, “What is todays date,” during the lucid dream. However, these are so real if you think of it in terms of everyday reality, when was the last time you seen an accident, fire, or event and asked what’s todays date? We, as humans just don’t do that. Typically we only ask for the date when we’re filling out paperwork that has a signature line and date. This is some minute way gives rise as to how we interpret time, at least to me.

To this day, I can finish sentences in common everyday conversation. Or maybe someone will have a question for me and I’ll already know what they’re going to ask before they open their mouth, I’ll say sure, or maybe next week. They might reply with how do you know what I was going to ask? I know because we already had this conversation. That last sentence is often followed up with, what do you mean? So now I simply reply with “lucky guess” to avoid the questions and long talks about supposed psychic phenomenon. I myself do not believe in phenomena. I believe in knowledge. I myself, even as I'm writing this book, don't have all the answers I'm in search of but I know I'm definitely on the right path.

As I grew older, the next four years, served to deflate the frequency of these dreams. The dreams I did have were faint and after being awake for five minutes I couldn’t remember them anyhow. We’re all born into a rather simple world. The innate behavior in infants is simply, grasping, crying, sucking and slight responses to outside stimuli. This outside stimuli also extends to the upper realms as the chakras are open to their fullest as you will see later in this book. The outside world to all of us eventually grows more complex. As we grow older and become more complex into the ways of the world, innocence disappears. I wouldn’t say that innocence so much disappears in so much that our focus transforms from that of the observer to laying the game. Being the star of our own show. As a youngster, there is no greed, racism, materialism jealousy or hatred. Those are all taught behaviors. There’s only love. There is scientific evidence to the fact that dimensions exist beyond the spectrum of normal perception, but we remain

unaware of their existence simply because our minds are not able to tune into these higher realms. Furthermore, with the exception of religion, we are not fundamentally taught from a young age as to the importance of the higher realms and their implications. Our normal level of consciousness by infinite design seems restricted in some way, preventing us from being able to naturally tune in to these realms. Newborns and infants often look up into dead space in wonderment, smiles and giggles. A parent may not and in most cases, will not see anything. But conscious forces are all around at all times communicating through the quantum, a subject we will dive into later in this book. Young children can sometimes see into these realms, but they lose the ability as they grow older.

Think about it. If there are two toddlers ages 2-6 in a doctor’s waiting room, they will naturally gravitate towards each other, parent permitting, and be playing with one another within a few minutes. It doesn’t matter their race, social status or anything like that. These separations are taught as our mind develops. As we grow older we separate from a lot of things due to both what our parents teach us and what society teaches us.

Any of us that have been into meditation for any length of time know that there’s something odd about the way an unknown person or persons will come up to you out of the blue in a grocery store or when you’re out and about and start a conversation. This shouldn’t seem odd at all as meditation brings about a state of open mindedness and acceptance of all sentient beings. This flows throughout your chakras emanating in your aura. I for one can attest to the fact that somewhere along the line, I have progressed to a point where a lot of things that used to bother me as an adult have all but disappeared. For instance, loud gangster rap music, pants sagging, foul language in public places, and a countless array of other things. Being as how, I live in Billings, MT now, I don’t come across this much. The last time I went home to see my mother, I visited my uncle and was literally immersed into this type of environment. I stopped and visited with the neighborhood thugs loitering around and actually had some good conversation. When I got home later that night, I was thinking as to why this didn’t bother me as it did before.

The universe, after all, has a way of reflecting back to you a reflection of your own perception of the world in which you live. This is to say if you’re calm and quiet, with a positive outlook on life, the world around you should reflect the same. This is not to say bad things don’t exist, because they do. But again, what is bad? That’s only for the person involved in the experience to determine. This is not to say that curve balls aren’t thrown at you from time to time. Because that’s evident, everything changes. In this realm of experiences, it’s all about how you handle these experiences along with the morality and compassion given in trying times. The shadows, those that seem to appear, in times of turmoil in our peripheral bring about great experiences in learning. These bring about growth on a spiritual level if one can get past them. This is something not talked about in open circles yet it does exist.

I notice that in life, though there are exceptions, we all are pretty much the products of our environment. While my interpretation may be out of line with many this is only for

illustration. Let’s say North Dakota life is one of community and farming.

California life

is one of capitalism, health, and politics. Detroit life is one of high unemployment and depression. So, within the social consciousness of the environment exists the traits of

those living within the group. This is what is meant by social consciousness.

exceptions are the people that awaken to this and make a change. This is also why it can be said that any change is a total change. If a person from Detroit moves to North

Dakota. Everything from the way they talk to what they eat and how they dress will also


of cigarettes are just two examples. Anything that’s not voluntary as to the total group consciousness is going to be met with some kind of resistance.


There’s also forced social change. Gun control laws and the increased pricing

Along with group consciousness comes natural psychic ability. This is something we all have great experience with. In Michael Newton's Book, Journey of Souls, he talks about the path we all must take in one way or another as well as the experiences we can expect to be put through before coming back to this material plane of existence. Though there are those adepts among us, like anything else in order to succeed in the cultivation of this ability we must develop and form this ability. But how? When some of us think about meditation, we're often reminded of those monks in red or golden robes living their lives out in monasteries such as is in Tibet and Burma. But if you follow the principles of environmental consciousness, on this side of the world, sitting out on your back patio drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette can have the very same effect. This too would be a quiet introspective form of contemplation. The key term here being introspective. Why look outward? If we are truly part of the creator and he created us, then within us exists too, the creator. Now it's this inward reflection of self that leads to the realization of all that is. Remember the Father the son, and the holy spirit? Remember mind, body, and soul? Father is the mind. Mind is the father.

This reflection, meditation or thought is a live creative force. By that, I mean this thought has the ability to look within, be acknowledged by the creator within and then be sent out in creative material form. If we really examine this openly, we will see this is indeed true, as each and every one of us has experienced this on some level.

But how exactly does this all work? If we start with the common definition as often taught by physics, a thought is a vibration, a frequency. Some may even call it a thought form. Because it is very much alive and does physically exist. Because of it's frequency, much like that of radio waves, as seen in figure 4-1 later in this book, the average person cannot perceive it in the visual light spectrum. The superbness of its frequency is outside that of most human perception, so we cannot see it. This in no way means that it does not exist. A thought is a real life thing. Along with it, it is accompanied by the emotion which created it. Ever wonder where the saying misery loves company comes from? With all of us on so many paths it's important to remember this truth. Many of us go through life thinking of how life would be different if we only, fill in the blank. We sit and we visualize this over and over, yet nothing ever comes of it. If only it were that easy. Depending on the sincerity and commitment put into a thought form, the difference between it's manifestation and it non-manifest is put into the emotion, sound and picture

you put along with it, and whether it s relevant to your current path as seen by external forces. You may have to read and mull that over a few times to fully grasp the concept.

Are there disagreements with this depiction? Well, no not technically. But it does lead to some practical issues for many of us. In this hustle and bustle busy world how do we spend 15 minutes to an hour a day focusing on one thing without all these other thoughts coming to mind. I for one, found this to be the greatest challenge at first. But it did subside. As well, it will for you too.

at first. But it did subside. As well, it will for you too. FIG 1-1 We

FIG 1-1

We all have had these psychic creative moments. We have all had that time when a moment of clarity comes through, an inspiration, seemingly out of nowhere. But knowingly, it was something that crossed your mind while in some meditative state. You pictured it. Maybe it was just a simple thought that seeped in when your mind was truly clear at rest while the thoughts of the day were not present. A little thought which put a smile on your face in a time when you were alone in a deep contemplation and you thought no one else was there. These types of thoughts, if you’re really aware, are not common at all, but yet they are. They are indeed the spirit world communicating to you

from within in these moments. You might also notice that sometimes, a few days later this seemingly wishful thinking comes to fruition. Many of us have had that odd moment when we were thinking of someone we haven't seen in a long time, and somehow they, call, send an email or even appear. This isn't by chance. On this material plane, we can be thousands of miles apart physically. But on the unconscious level, we are but one. These are all examples of thought manifest in motion.

This is not just common to me. I'll say it again, we all have this ability. For if you didn’t believe you had this ability or at least weren’t at least curious about it, in some predestined manner, you wouldn’t be reading this book. Nor would you be reading any of the many other books you may have already read. You do this because you know there’s something more, something unknown and you’d like to get to the bottom of it. Be careful of what you wish for. Everything comes to the forefront in due time. It is only fair to say also that this experience is different for all of us. Each of us make make our own interpretation of what will come to us through meditation. We must not not accept that of what others think it means. Accept your own intuition as truth. Each and every one of us has a different mind set as well as different translations of perspective. These experiences expand our consciousness at different levels and are specific to the individual in which they are experienced. An opinionated meaning of such a vision is of little value and can be more of an obstacle than it can be of help.

Chapter 2

Grandma’s Wisdom

I met my grandmother on my mother’s side for the first time in the summer 1986. She was a woman full of laughter and kindness. At least to my brother and I. My mother might say differently as we all do of our parents, but she was an angel. She stood 5’-1” or so on a good day and always wore some kind of flower printed long sun dress. She would always come from Puerto Rico to Colorado Springs baring gifts. She brought cookies, shirts, and various fruits not native to Colorado. Not only were they not native to Colorado, I had never seen them in my life. She would often say proudly, “these are the fruits of my country”. She worked in textiles and it showed. She made all my school

clothes and I could not go shopping around her for clothes because she always said, I could make that but much nicer. And she often did.

My grandmother, I would come to find out was really into Buddhist ritual, witchcraft, shaman-ism, and the metaphysical. Finally I had someone I could talk shop with so to speak, though I hadn’t had any visions in some time. One of the many conversations I had with her on the lawn while in jr. high school was on the topic of future predictions. Everything she said was either true or later came through to be true. She told me I would have two daughters and get married to a woman she didn’t favor. She told me the reasons why but I was only twelve years old. What was she talking about? This conversation was outside of my comprehension at the time. However, looking back, everything she said to me, down to the smallest detail would turn out to be true. She then insisted that I had the gift, as well my youngest daughter would too. I never really thought much about it. In fact it all but disappeared in time as most things do only to be uncovered at a later date. My mother had told me stories of house cleansing and soul cleansing my grandmother would do in Puerto Rico in which furniture would vibrate and books would literally fly off shelves. This intrigued me a lot. I never did see such things as black or white but as coexisting. Without the term negative, how would positive exist? This would stick with me in the back of my mind throughout time and still does. My grandmother would stay with us that summer, cooking whatever we wanted. She would often talk about how she’d foil my grandfather’s attempts to seduce women. She also would be a teacher of sorts for me to see that the things we often call phenomenon could somehow always be explained. One could say the words “phenomenon” and “ignorance” can be interchanged. One could also say, there is no such thing as phenomenon. There’s only ignorance. I believe this to be true. Knowledge is power.

I would see my grandmother three other times after this. In my early twenties, I took a job in Atlanta. My grandmother had lived nearby in the town of Gainsville, FL. This was a short 4 hour drive. Often times my wife and I, along with the kids would go there for the weekend. She would often play psychic games with my younger daughter Jasmine who was 12 months old at the time and just started walking. You might ask, what’s a psychic game? Jasmine couldn’t talk at that time with the exception of small words like, dad, momma, and bottle. My grandmother explained that the human soul isn’t seated until anywhere from 12-48 months. She explained that the soul can come and go in this time period until it permanently seated. And there was a sure way to tell if the soul was there. She would line up four dolls on a wall and ask which is the first one she will grab? We did this like ten or fifteen times. Each time my daughter would have to leave the room while my grandmother did something to one of the dolls. I couldn’t see what she was doing as she shielded it from my vision. My grandmother was always right. Come to find out later it was a hidden amulet in the dolls pocket. This will also work with certain crystals I’m told. However, this will only work on younger children between the ages of 1-5 sometimes 6. Come to find out through conversation with my grandmother that the soul of an infant or toddler is fresh off the 5 th density until it seats and is erased of information. This 5 th density, through the very open chakras of a toddler gives a toddler an extraordinary intuitive ability. My grandmother would go on to explain a few

more details to me of various mystery, but none was better than the knowing I could be like her someday. Up to this point in my life, I've more often than not, considered myself a seeker. One that runs randomly about trying to find out the same age old question all seekers ask themselves at one time or another. Why are we here? The answers to this question, I have learned, is often many fold. As well, its right in front of our faces. Things seem to appear oftentimes, out of nowhere. As if a higher power, handed them down. If this has ever happened to you, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I astray, lets get back to the story.

I'm talking about. I astray, lets get back to the story. Newborns third eye chakra pic

Newborns third eye chakra pic using Harry Oldfield’s PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography)

I bought my first house in 1997. This was at 4317 Hampton Circle, in Colorado Springs, CO. It was a fixer upper. To me, being the humble man am, I saw potential. It was a HUD repo. I was working for a lumber company as a truss designer. I got both, lumber and materials, at cost plus ten percent. My mother-in-law actually cried when she saw the house. The two-story 1800 sqft home with a 2-1/2 car garage on a ¼ acre lot was rough. The driveway was cracked beyond repair and needed to be replaced. The inside was a spray paint testing ground for those practicing their art techniques or simply just simply wanting to feel the exhilaration of vandalizing a home. While working on the house my mother had stopped by on a surprise visit to show my grandmother the house. She didn’t much seem interested in the house. She did say, however, remember the conversation we had long ago? And for some reason at that time, though we had the conversation when I was 12 years old, I remembered everything. I said, I remember grandma, why? She replied, It’s happening. But no matter what I tell you, your current frame of mind isn’t going to listen. I knew immediately what she was talking about almost telepathically. I can’t help but remember the “stink eye focus” she had on my wife at the time and she said, “There she is.” I said, who grandma?” I remember the stare. I remember the rush feeling of blood rushing through me as if to cleanse the WTF factor. No hello, no nothing, no cheap conversation, or how’s the weather? I remember thinking there’s nothing like just dropping a bomb first hand into a conversation. My grandmother, to my experience had never been wrong. Unlike my grandmother, I couldn’t control and still yet haven’t been able to control who I see or what I see. I only see visions of close personal friends or those I’ve had some kind of personal conflict with as to give me insight as to the karmic relations. I think it would be challenging to see my own fate as I would constantly strive to change it. This probably explains why I can’t see such things. Nor do I know of any clairvoyant that can. Though I have learned that most times, the lessons learned all depend on perspective. There’s a reason for everything. And everything makes sense in due time. Even if that time is the afterlife. Whichever one that may be, it’s sure to make sense sooner or later. The conversation I had with my grandmother when I was 12 would turn out to be true. This begged a question. If past, present and future exist now, even if in the minds eye, what’s the point? I mean

seriously, she seen, as I see, the events far in the future. Which means, it’s in the making now. Could I have changed the outcome? My answer today would be, no. Though the pre- determined path is set, we can make slight differences in the outcome through thought. All thought and the ability to change that of the predestined theme is of course, your

free will.

I’ll explain this as Sakari has explained it to me.

Let’s say you’re predestined to have a house, a tree and a lawn surrounding that house. Whether or not that house, tree, and lawn are beautiful or rundown is up to your own free will. You can take pride in the house, tree, and lawn by up keeping and painting the house, watering the tree and lawn every day watching the colors change as seasons do, or you can ignore them all having a rundown oasis for your enjoyment. The principals of Feng Shui say the more brilliant the house, tree and lawn are, the better off you will be as this brings a caring about something other than yourself. This is antiquated to inner peace and the survival principal within us all. As an illustration, let examine this a little closer. Any one of us at some point in our lives has been in someones house, which was,

shall I say hygienically challenged. A home in so much disorder as to have so many clothes on the floor, you can not see the floor. The feeling this gives off is one of internal chaos. This chaos because it is of the immediate consciousness of all those living within the home usually gives this feeling to all who dwell in the home as well as to those that visit. Likewise much the same, when you enter into a clean and organized home, the feelings associated with it emerge also. This is not always the case one hundred percent of the time in either situation but is valid in an attempt to figure that of current mindset.

Chapter 3


My grandmother’s prophecy about my marriage did come true. The events and facts I’ll

keep to myself, as to deter any future issues that might arise.

combined with the death of my dear uncle “Froggy” tempted me to search for the true meaning of life. I tried Victory Chapel in Colorado Springs. I tried the Pentecostal Church on Hancock Expressway and Academy Blvd, and again tried the Catholic Church. I tried strip clubs. I tried drugs. Nothing really worked. I still had this “void” in life that nothing could fill. Music was always my time machine. By listening to certain songs while walking around town and reminiscing, I could return to better place, a better time.

In the mist of my divorce

One evening while walking by a downtown park, I noticed a small group practicing meditation. I just sat across the street watching. I took note of the time and day. To me, it seemed more than peaceful. There was a gentle, warming look on their faces and I knew right away that’s where I’d like to be. I went back to that park a week later, same day, same time. But this time, there was no one there. I then went to a local Chinese restaurant I like. While sitting there eating, I seen a Chinese fellow who had walked in and went straight to the back with purpose. I had seen this same guy at the park the week before. Upon his next passing I asked about the park meditation and what that was all about but most of all, I had to ask, how do I get involved? He told me it was Falun Dafa and that they usually practiced at the park every morning at 7AM. I must say as much as I wanted to attend, it was much like working out. I often set the alarm clock and actually got up but the thought of sitting there trying to focus for two hours was more than I could take. That lasted about a week. In the beginning, this was too much like work in my opinion. But harder because there wasn’t an immediate payoff that I could

see. I had expected some immediate gratification from time to time which seems to elude me as I write this, but nonetheless, glimpses of life were there in the void.

I had all but forgotten about meditation, about Dafa. That was until I had a life changing injury to my lower back in 2005 that required surgery. The pain was so severe that suicide was, at the time, the best option. I never knew physical pain. Up until that time, I’ve never fractured or broken a single bone in my body. To top it off, my father had also passed on Dec 23 rd , 2005 causing an emotional breakdown to complement my physical deterioration. This for me would ultimately lead me to my very own “Dark

Night of the Soul.” The dark night of the soul is something I feel we will all go through at some point in time. Its the point in everyones life where we must question the true meaning of life. It's the culmination of all the things we've ever been told about in life such as those of God and existence. It's the point, in which, you think about them in their most deepest state that you can and yet, it doesn't make sense. There's too many pieces missing. Too many inconsistencies to make clear call as to the true meaning of life. Only then you have it. Your search then changes to become this thing called truth. It is within this search that I personally believe in the saying, seek and you shall find. I believe we have everything we need at our disposal in order to fin the truth. I've read many books and writings in many forms on ancient philosophy in the beginning of my cultivation only to tell myself I do not understand. I don not have the slightest clue of what they are trying to convey in these books. Because it beyond my understanding. It was beyond my level of conscious understanding. It's also fair to say the search for truth at different levels of consciousness is also something that should remain an enigma in our minds for all time. The level for which I understand life to be at this moment is

directly proportionate to my conscious level of understanding at this point. Please don't take anything I say as the ultimate literal truth as this is only how it is as I see it today as I write this. As my consciousness expands, so does my understanding. Today I look back to those particular writings I tried to read and understand in the beginning and they make perfect sense. But if you recall, at first they did not. The biggest issue to arise from this as cultivators we have to stay away from defending the truth. There's always someone, somewhere that will question your truths if you're open enough to explain them to them. The truth needs no explanation, as such it was given to you. For instance, I read post on Facebook and Twitter all the time in which someone posts

something like, The Bible says

expands, you will have conversations with spirits, with loved ones, as well with angels even. How would one even begin to explain this experience to someone who has no thoughts of their own but to recite from whats probably the only spiritual book they've been introduced to from a young age as well as the only spiritual book they've ever read. You can't. As well, why would you want to. The truth that you experience while in meditative state, is your truth. It doesn't need anyones approval. That's a very important thing to remember. We're not all here on the same path. That's all you can do is to cultivate your own self spiritually and morally to bring yourself to higher levels of understanding. Naturally those that need to hear the message or see a drastic change

Well in meditative experience as your consciousness

in you will naturally flock to you and ask for direction. You should never have to go door to door trying to force your beliefs on anyone. The true forms of ascension and enlightenment have and always will stand the test of time through meditation and goodness.

So in getting back to my story. In a call for desperation to end my life, something had to

give, so I sat. I sat legs crossed in full lotus position. I closed my eyes ever so gently, cleared my mind of all the flutter. I focused unlike ever before. My mind stood clear as I had no reason to go on. All I wanted was a sign as to what this life was for. Whats the purpose? Why go on? If the universe was to give me a sign, it would have to be today I

thought. Because there will be no tomorrow. I sat, mind clear…

could see focused light through the swirl of the smoky movement of light. Time stood still, lightening flashed ever so bright in the tunnel. I could see a bright daytime pin hole of a sun towards the end of the tunnel. I wanted to get to the light. But the faster I went it just seemed to keep its distance. Somehow, not only did I hit the light, I went through the light and this opened a round mental window in red lined by a startling sun light. This force knocked me backward in my meditation stance, and rocked me with unbelievable energy. My hair stood high as if it was saturated with a type of static electricity. Every cell in my body pulsed with great intensity almost as if a tornado of sorts was swirling around my body. The whole session though timeless in mind lasted a little over two hours. And best of all, any thought of suicide had vanished from my comprehension. As well, so did the depression. To be honest, it hasn't returned since. This was all I could take for the day. Though I tried to get back into the meditation session, the extreme energy did not allow me to sit peacefully. I was definitely intrigued as to what had happened. I only knew it was a good thing as I now looked out into the world with a new found vision of grandeur. I actually found myself looking forward to the new day full of life and love. I immediately stopped looking to fulfill my own needs as I knew that they were more than met. What I knew now was that I only needed to fulfill the lives of others. And in so much, such is what I’ve set out to do.


time spiral came. I

In my next meditation session a few days later, it did seem to take a while to get to where I left off. I think the key to it all was not to expect or try to control what was going to happen. But instead like water flowing down a river, I just let it flow. This did prove to be right and did lead me to where I had left off. This opened a window in what would be my third eye. Beyond the window sat a huge endless void so to speak. This void was essentially a universe of unknown possibility. Nonetheless, it was clear to me that this was a limitless world, that was shaped by love and not anything like what I was accustomed to here in physical reality. I saw a lot of things that day. I saw the falun in golden glitter within an awesome sun shine golden tiger watching over me with a careful eye. I saw my kids grown. I saw my father in his prime smiling down on me. I saw what was to come of my brother and it came as sown to me. As well, I saw a woman I had never met making me dinner. She is now my wife.

In my very own “Dark Nigh of the Soul,” my life had become an entanglement of the stories my grandmother had told me of my own power within and the limitations that had been bestowed upon me since birth. There was no doubt anymore. An awakening for me had taken place. I have not had any experience quite like that before. Nor have I to this day have I received quite a response quite like the one I did that day. The way I see it, I called out to the universe and demanded something. I needed it. I needed anything to know there was something more than this life of physical and emotional pain. And for that time period, those two hours of meditative bliss, my pain went away. I was in euphoria. Believe me, there is such a place.

So there it was. I had in some way opened a new chapter in my life. Because of my experience, there is no other way. Dafa meditation was the path I would take. This is not to say that any one of the eighty thousand or so cultivation ways of the Buddha school will not work. As well, I am not knocking any religion as to the good or demise of society. Anything in the world can be painted as good or bad depending on perspective and how one spins it when relating to others. I think Director, David Lynch summed it up best. If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, when you read a book, you’ll have a golf ball size understanding. When you look out, a golf ball size awareness. And when you wake up in the morning, a golf ball sized wakefulness. But if you could expand that consciousness, then you read the book, more understanding. You look out, more awareness, and when you wake up, more wakefulness. I can not stress this enough. This is not an overnight remedy to all your problems. It's a careful celebration of cultivation in meditation and morality. Not everyone who takes this path will find it fulfilling, especially if they go about it in some haphazardly manner. Cultivation is a serious thing, that requires your full attention.

With that in mind, should it matter what route one takes to expand ones consciousness? There are cultivation ways outside the Buddha School. Since my awakening, I have read many nooks on Practical Magik, Paganism, Shamanism, Egyptian Initiation, The Cabala, as well as both esoteric and occult mysticism of all kinds. From the dollar bill to the ancient temples all around the world, the symbols that appear come to understanding only through inward inspection. At a mere glance, they mean nothing. This is a topic that can not be argued by those who have not experienced it. It is beyond that of comprehension by those who have yet to experience such matters. Yet time and time again you will see these types arguing against it in ignorance calling these groups cults, bandits or even witches. Most of these groups maintain even today a certain ancient wisdom unknown to the masses yet passed down from generation to generation. If you remember even the Bible was forbidden from The Roman Catholic church in the middle ages. It wasn't until the Council of Nicea that the council picked and chose what shall be, as well as what should get thrown out. In that time The Bible was written in Latin form, although its earliest trace was 200 years after the death of Christ, and was actually written in Hebrew on a scroll. It's hard to say through the years, translations and re- writes of the original 26 versions which are true. Yet it doesn't seem to take away from it's hidden knowledge. Life was simple back then. A lot of issues that have arisen in todays society, did not exist back then. Issues such as climate change, pollution,

technology, and population control, were not so much an issue as they are today. Yet people still stick to the Bible for answers quoting straight from it without introspection.

An expanded consciousness will allow one to read between the lines.

Although these

things are often twisted by preachers and priests alike, anyone of any faith once they awaken can be open to interpretation of such texts at a much higher level of

understanding than most. Through my daily meditation, I can see vast changes not only in myself, but also to my overall outlook unto the world. Meditation has taught me to

think outside the box of common perception and knowledge. Meditation teaches to be limitless. Meditation teaches not only to be open to whatever comes, but to welcome it with love and acceptance whether it is considered good or detrimental to ones own being

at any particular time. Everything is as it should be.

a total non-judgmental acceptance of those around. Meditation also makes life seem easier, as if one has an extra push helping one along in everything he or she does. It is only in this, in my own change and openness to acceptance with integrity and love that I can say the events in this book took place as they did.

Meditation creates happiness and

I have had my share of both friends and family ask me to teach them meditation as they experience my humble disposition. I’m convinced that my journeys have come to due to a predestined relationship. I can’t honestly say anyone can get the same out of it should they try, as you get out of it, as with anything, what you put in. We all experience things quite differently. Example: Some of those reading this book have been married more than once. Look at how much your own definition of “Love” has changed from one relationship to the other, because the experience is different. You can't in anyway, whatsoever, group all relationships around the world as being the same. This is because we all come from different cultures, laws and belief systems. In addition to this, once again, comes the subject of consciousness.

The best way to put it is, I took calculus in my senior year of high school. I failed at it miserably. I tried to understand it whole heartedly. I studied and grasped a few concepts from time to time but not enough to pass. In fact, I failed the class. Looking back, I had no business being in that class to begin with. But at the same time, at least to this point

in my life, I've never had to use it. Anyway, the next year, while in college, I had to take calculus as a pre-requisite. Not only did I have to take it, but I was given the exact same book. I knew I had an ill fate when it came to calculus so I prepared for the worse. To my surprise, the concepts not only came easily to me but I hardly ever studied. I didn’t do any homework because I only needed a 70% to pass and the final was 70% of the grade. That’s the way I planned it. That’s the way I wrote it. My mind was clear, without the riffraff of high school drama. I knew I had to pass because I knew this was my new life. MY life away from that of tedious high school drama. As well, my father had paid for this class. I didn’t want to let him down. This was my future. So I did what I had to, I wrote

my own history. And it was so.

right place. If a person thinks he's simply going to sit, meditate and get the super human powers of the third eye, clairvoyance, remote view, or telekinesis overnight, that person, in most cases, is sadly mistaken. I’m not saying that’s not possible as there are

In short, for meditation, one’s mind has to be in the

those adepts among us that this will just come naturally. In order for such things to occur there has to be a fundamental change to the very essence of who we are and search for self. It's almost as if you have to forget everything you have ever been taught about spirituality and religion and start off with a blank slate. This is simply because if you hold on to these while cultivating, traditional spirituality teaches of both heaven and hell in a singular modality. When in actually, they are coexisting only in one mind as a state of mind when related to the observer and his/her perception of their surroundings. And in this way exists only as self created. I don't know if I wrote that the best way possible. I remember not to long ago reading an article released by the catholic church which also stated the same however, worded differently. This was in the December 23 rd , 2013, Man of The Year, Time Magazine, in which Pope Francis States:

“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas. The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.”

To some people, this was shocking news. To those that cultivate consciously, it was no real surprise. For thousands of years, the East has taught this. Hence the ying/yang. Dark and light co-existing. Life is literally whatever you project it to be. Misery loves company. We've all heard that before. My favorite quote from my father is, it's hard to fly like an eagle when you hang around a bunch of turkeys. I couldn't agree more. In retrospect, lets look at the things some us chase after in life. The television teaches us that you can't be cool unless you drive this or that car by using such terminology as the obsession of perfection. Or in order to look like a model you have to use this hair care products or makeup. As well, you should eat this or that to be gorgeous like those models portrayed on the commercials. The fact of the matter is, only two percent of the total population roughly has a model type body. It's not the norm.

The ordinary material things we all chase only add a fog of the true meaning of life. When I look back to the best times of my life thus far, it has nothing to do with money, greed, jealousy or hatred. But they were indeed times of love, like the birth of a child, walking in the snow or through a field on a summers day. Some of the best things to me are the smell of fresh cut grass or the smell in the air before the rain in Colorado. As well, knowing you made your parents proud. Any material possessions are just borrowed for use during this life here on earth. Why so many of us extend or stress ourselves out over endless payments in debt of material items should be beyond those of an awakened nature.

For those looking to pursue meditation on a deeper level you can do a search on Google and find local groups. Like wise of you live in the Los Angeles or New York City areas, you might want to try the local parks in the more Asian populated areas. There are often many different groups practicing meditation, tai chi, yoga and many other forms of

qigong exercise. Feel free to choose any at your own free will. However, one such group

Falun Dafa is often practiced in parks, in groups or

alone, and is free of charge. The teachings of Mr. Li Hongzhi and movements can be

downloaded from the above website.

fact, his following is in the millions. As an observer, I ask if one million people become enlightened or raise the collective consciousness, who stands to gain and who stands lose out? Why is Tibet always under the watchful eye of the Chinese government? A threat to power will always be dealt with by death, propaganda or laws prohibiting such practice. In fact, whole civilizations have been wiped out because of this knowledge. I now see the reasons both materially and spiritually for this which eluded me before. However, after this contemplation, I am unable to choose sides over the conflict, as both have valid points I can identify with if I remain open to those that seek spiritual weal as

can be found at:

Mr. Hongzhi has had a rather large following. In

well as those that chase material wealth. We will touch up upon this later. We’ve all heard the saying that, the truth shall set you free. This is true, but it doesn’t stop there. In meditation, great teachers will bestow upon you the greatest truths you’ve ever known. So whether it’s Falun Dafa, Zen, Vapassana, Transcendental Meditation, or one of

the 80,000 or so other routes one can take, be steadfast and focus.

as when the time is right, the time is right. One thing I’d like to add is that some groups charge a vast amount of money to learn certain types of meditation. This is often because there is a single full time teacher or maybe there are grounds and amenities to be kept for those studying at the time. It doesn't make it any less relevant. Other times it is common acceptance amongst teachers to charge for the fact that if one pays for the services one is more apt to pay attention to lessons and take the class that much more serious. This is not to say they are any better than any of the others. We all carry the sixth sense of intuition. Do what feels right to you.

One need not fear

There are also many facets of this occult movement that lean towards Shamanism. I love reading the books put out by such writers as Daniel Pinchbeck, Alberto Villoldo, and Phil Hine. The adventures written by all three writers are fascinating in themselves. I honestly do not know too much about Shamanism besides that of what I’ve read. It's my contention that in order to be talked about knowingly, it should be experienced first hand. That is just not the case on my end. However, I will say this. Shamanism, has a

ritualistic form of initiation.

is often necessary but worth it. Shamans are guides and teachers where masters of Shamanism are called Avatars and can live for hundreds of years as some stories elude to. Avatars have the ability to come into and out of this world at their choosing. I‘m sure anyone willing to take this course would have due diligence in the research of their journey and as well as to the why before embarking on it.

Travel to far away places to seek the true Shaman teaching

In my studies, I've also come across the hidden wisdom within the Cabala. The wisdom of the Cabala predates Christian belief. The study of the Cabala is multifaceted. Multifaceted in the way in which it relates to the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters, or the 22 paths of the Cabala. Which also is in some resemblance to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana in Tarot. Though this may seem as if a random pour of coincidence, Ive come to this through careful study of the relationships between the three. The study of Cabala at

a very base level looks at the relationship within the spheres of existence from the

Lowest being that of Malkuth to the highest being that of Kether. As well it looks at the

relationships between certain trinities shown in the Cabala and the powers associated within each trinity. This study can become quite involved and deep in it's entirety. Likewise, it can easily become quite confusing if care is not taken to understand each level at its most basic understanding. Though I believe this to be beyond the scope of this book, I still feel it to be, at same time, worth a look.

I remember when I first started on my quest for truth. Some would call it, being a seeker which I hold no quarrels with. I've heard it time and time again that we should stick to one form of cultivation. How else would you know the true power of a cultivation

system without giving it your full attention to study. However, I've found it beneficial as

a sign of synchronization, to at least study whatever your heart desires, at its most basic

level. If not for anything else, it is to see if it resonates well with you. You might just find that some things resonate better than others. For instance, I practice Falun Dafa which is a form of the Dao. As well, I'm very much so a diviner of tarot. This was something I picked up on quite easily and it resonated well with me from day one. It's clear to me whatever magical systems resonate well with you that you should be able to pick and choose what works for you. It doesn't have to be the complete system either. Maybe its just a block of something within it that suit you well. This is a good thing. There will come a time when the thoughts of others as to your own cultivation really don't matter. Only you know the lengths you have gone through to obtain such knowledge.

I would also like to extend to all of you one of the reasons why I decided to write this book in its entirety. Though I did write the first 30 pages or so in 2011, this has since sat as an unfinished project. Is wasn't until I had a personal consultation with Sha on spiritual issues that I decided to finish it. In cooperation with my guides, this came up in my own personal reading as something that had to be completed. She is by far one of the most gifted psychics I have come across. For those that would like a personal reading, she can be reached at which was a valid link at the time of writing this book. I realize that there might be some hesitation in thought as to why would a seeker use an intuitive. The skill set I possess through cultivation is minimal at this point. There are intuitives among us that were born with certain gifts that can help to point us in the right direction as they too, perform service to others. I've never asked for any guidance outside that of spiritual matters. This has been of great help to me, so likewise, I'm relatively certain this can help you too should you get stuck in cultivation and do not seem to be breaking any new ground after a tedious effort. As well, these avenues should be used sparingly. The quest for meaning and truth is one of your own, and if you should use other channels to obtain that information The quest becomes not one of experience, but of a second hand nature. For instance, the visions I receive while in dream or in meditation are just that. They are scenes that form a story to be interpreted to the best of my ability. Now, much like reading a novel, you form certain pictures within your own mind as to what the story line might be conveying. Likewise, someone else reading the very same novel, will see a totally different line of imagery as this tends to follow the life experience of the person reading it. Essentially what I'm

saying is, its good to get another persons point of view on your spiritual issues every now and then. A lot of times, they can see something you can't or might have missed. This can only benefit you, of course. Use it wisely.

Chapter 4

Sakari’s Essence

One of the steps we’ll all go through in raising frequency involves not only seeing the veil but seeing through the veil within the region of the third eye. To try to explain the true beauty of such a thing can’t be done. It is beyond words. To be truly understood, it must be experienced. This can be experienced within the subconscious mind while in meditation. The best time to meditate is either right before going to bed or right after waking in the morning. It is at these times that I feel I have the ability to have a successful telepathic experience. I can tell stories all day long of what it feels like but that’s an experience that’s different to all of us as we all experience it differently. For most, this is said to come after 10,000 hours of meditation, though we all get glimpses from time to time to keep us on track. It's also safe to say that the things we chase after here on the earth plane are meaningless. The appearance of certain things you may have thought only existed only as a child in fairy tales do indeed on some level exist. These would be things such as fairies, gnomes, mermaids and such. There is a reason why many children believe in such things. This is because through their youth and innocence, their mind is untouched. What a child tends to put out in the universe is pure, untouched by limitation. Therefore, they are bound to do a lot of things that as adults, we wouldn't necessarily do. It isn't until much later in life after both experience and some trial and error, that a child learns of the limitation set forth from the past generations. These patterns of limitation as time goes on and on become rigidly set as a limitation solely though their belief system and nothing more. To a child, there is no limitation. A child's imaginative side runs wild, but due to to most adults focus on what they are limited by, they can not break the reigns of limitation. Thus this remains dormant in most adults.

In his book, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding, gives several witnessed examples of men traveling great distances in a matter of minutes through conscious exploration. These types that have reached this higher consciousness

known as enlightenment are oftentimes called Avatars. For most people, who have not witnessed this or experienced this, they would say it is impossible solely because it outside their belief system or realm of understanding. This does not, in any way mean, that this is not possible. It is possible if one were to jump outside the realm of normal conscious thought. Thus a child unfrayed by such limitations would be far more open to such dialogue. This is the reason a child can easily learn meditation and make quick gains as well as astral travel without much effort. It is indeed your own personal belief systems that hold you back from obtaining all that you want.

The veil or that of the astral world is a beautiful luminescent curtain of colorful orbs of light and lines in very fine pixels of light that touch the very soul of a human being in an unfathomable loving way. Although at time it can be quite the opposite. I have had the overwhelming sense that this is a rather familiar place that I’ve been to before in a déjà vu manner. Some of the orbs that come about are just rotating patterns similar to a snowflake pattern or mandala carrying a message or idea. One can simply look at them and understand the message or idea. No words are spoken here. Everything is symbolic and immediately understood upon perception in some sort of telepathic transmission. Truth is monumental here. There are no secrets. As well, there are no judgments. Your body doesn’t exist here. The body is merely a costume for your physical being. Looking back down at the body at its’ lethargic mass just laying there in some sort of slump in

need of exercise becomes quite clear from this vantage point.

light have within them a face or multiple faces looking down as if through a window from another dimension. Some, in fact, are spirits of loved ones but it’s not as common as one might think. Some have a most curious manner. I have noticed more often than not, most of them do not appear to be of human nature. This does not in any way take away from their benevolent and helping nature. Much like we watch TV, they watch us. We, more than you know, are oftentimes, their entertainment. Our very own spirit guides have been with us for quite some time. They've been with us through many, many reincarnations helping to intuitively guide us toward our higher selves. Guides for some reason or another have graduated to a point in time where they no longer have to reincarnate as the lessons have been learned. Though like anything, there are exceptions to every rule. Angels on the other hand, have never lived on the earth plane in physical form. Their evolutionary path doesn't follow that of human nature and remains an enigma to most. Angels carry with them a divine nature often thought of as being that much closer to the ultimate source. In the Cabala as well you will see the archangels in the higher celestial realms of existence.

Other times, the orbs of

At this time most people can see orbs in digital photography or through the third eye should it be opened. As we move on through the end of 2012 and beyond more and more will be able to see beginning workings of the astral planes. However, spiritually advanced people can not only see the veil but can see objects within the veil with the naked eye. Often times, communication with these entities is also possible should they wish to make themselves known. Often times they simply hide behind the orbs of light anonymously following individuals or toying around with the intuition fields of a person through such things as random thoughts or moments of clarity. Have you ever been

sitting at a crossroads and all of a sudden an answer comes out of nowhere so to speak. Not only does an answer come but it’s an answer that wasn’t even on the plate of your comprehension? I think we all have. Notice your surroundings when this occurs. You’re typically in sync with one of my favorite songs from the Eagles in a peaceful, easy feeling, type of mood. These types of answers to your problems never come in total chaos. Break away from the chaos and the answers will come. One of the best things we can do is spend time with ourselves. Any answer you will ever need is within. Theres no need to look outside yourself. For this reason, I have to ask you please don't give your power away to other people. Inside Edition did a story at the time of writing this book about the opulent living of T.V. preachers such as Paula White, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland. You can find the story at:

A lot of people look for answers through the opinion of friends and gossip. Likewise, a lot

of people also look for answers through the church and give a lot of money.

own. However, as much as I'd hate to say it, if you'd only quiet down for a moment, go for a walk without any sensory input such as an mp3 player the answers will appear. A long walk (1hr+) with yourself and your thoughts will lead you to know the answer to any struggle you may be going through. Not only that, if you do this every day as a meditative practice, your life will literally change in ways you couldn’t fathom at this point in your life. There’s a saying I really like. It goes something like this, when you pray, you speak to God. When you meditate, God speaks to you. There's a big difference here in which most people say, I want, I want, without regards to their own life’s lesson when praying. But when you meditate with an open mind, though you may not always get the answer you want, you will get the runner or plausible solution needed to solve a problem. I wouldn’t necessarily say the answer comes from God, but I will most definitely say it comes from a higher source. And remember, subconscious is truth.

To each his

Sakari came into my life in 2006 during a meditation session. Sometimes after meditation, I could see a large baby blue orb of light through my peripheral. But when I focused on it, it would disappear. In time, this became a common occurrence. Not too long after that a dialogue of sorts began. This is, if you can call it a dialogue as it doesn’t occur as most might think. Before this could begin, there was much I needed to learn.

It’s only fair to tell you that spirit entities do not communicate as we do on the material

plane, as their frequency is much higher.

symbols and imagery implanted in the area of the third eye. These symbols, through my experience, I’ve come to clearly understand. I like to refer to them as a form of hieroglyphics that somehow make clear sense to me. The scenery to me is as if I'm staring into vortex which leads to a pond and it’s in the reflection of the waves in the pond that the scenery comes. When the third eye is first opened for an individual it is a triangular, oval, or circular opening between the eyebrows which creates a vortex so to speak into another dimension. As one becomes more accustomed to these frequencies, the opening becomes more round. As well, extraordinary human abilities can also come about. That is to say, even though my third eye is open, I may see totally different

They communicate telepathically through

scenes than that of another who’s third eye is also open and possess a totally different extraordinary skill set than that of another simply because it’s a matter of what I like to call soul level understanding due to the many possible worlds. In his book, The Theory of Nothing, Russel K. Standish goes into great detail of The Many Worlds Theory as it relates to quantum physics. Talking about it isn’t enough. For this to be truly understood, again, it has to be experienced. This is easily experienced within the realms of meditation. But this is not to say it comes easily. I do not get visions in every meditation session. Through talking with others, I would say this is common. Though I may experience glimpses of passed loves ones coming through, their energy is often not strong enough to get a complete transmission. However, the gist of the message is there. This comes through gargled and full of static as if on a slightly different frequency. As well, my energy my be depleted as well, so any communication is sometimes spotty at best. Maybe one out of every 10 sessions, I will have a clear, complete vision. The other sessions are essentially a buildup of energy to get me to the other dimensions. This energy is felt pulsating through the various forms initiated within the hand movements of my particular practice, Falun Dafa. As well energy is transferred in healing light that replaces the thoughts and issues of the day. I typically meditate at night in a dark room with three candles lit. I also meditate just before going to bed or as soon as I awake. However, within my mind, the light shows of energy and unconditional love can be so

strong and bright at times, they can literally bring tears to my eyes in spiritual bliss. I’ve never been a Bible pusher. Anything that’s been revised 26 times by different people across time tends to lose it original message. But there is some truth you may come to

realize in the saying, God said,

the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness." With that said, no matter how dark the room you meditate in is, when the presence of the higher realms come, within your mind, there will be the light. Starting in the peripheral and then moving to the center of the third eye. Sometimes this light can be quite blinding.

Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw

FIG 4-1 When it comes to the visual light spectrum, no scientist has ever been

FIG 4-1

When it comes to the visual light spectrum, no scientist has ever been as forthcoming as Harry Oldfield. As a cultivator (someone who meditates and participates in occult practices) I have been looking for a way to explain to others exactly what auric fields are, what they look like, and what they mean. However, at this point in time there’s no way to take a picture of the minds vision. After all, how awesome would that be? The auric field in most cases is only that three to six feet or so of unseen light that surrounds living organisms. This is also commonly known as the etheric body. This light is said to contain within it the spiritual essence of the organism it surrounds. This bioelectric field has everything to do with the chakra system as well as the primary and secondary meridians as referred to in Eastern holistics.

For the purposes of this book however, I will use auric fields in general with regards to

both auric, bioelectric, and other energy fields combined. With that being said, at times

of serenity and extreme calmness, I can see these fields.

anyone can. By practice, I must say these are qualities that have to be developed through years of occult study. These cannot in any way be developed overnight or by reading this book or any book as some may claim. I’ve been practicing cultivation for over 9 years now and to see auric fields, my attitudes and beliefs have to be in a place of serenity and peace. As well, my focus has to be on point without the monkey mind. On point meaning the riff raff of the day must not be present. Depending on how much focus and effort is applied on my side can create a bit of a headache at times. Although as I practice more and more, the headaches are occurring less and less.

In fact, given enough practice,

Unless ones level within cultivation is high, these things are better left unsaid. Becasue they can not be experienced. A lot of us, at least in the western world are very skeptical of the things we cannot see. Furthermore, to readily know that these things we cannot see play an active part in the daily lives of each and every one of us is surreal to say the

least. I recall, my teacher, Li Hongzhi often has explained such things as the weasel, snake, and the fox as entities from another dimension that can attach to the human form and feed off the addictions of individuals. Their hunger is so strong that thought transference can lead those that they’re attached to utter death as some sacrifice self to feed the addiction. The “addiction” is actually an entity or entities from another dimension.

This is exactly where the work of Harry Oldfield comes in. I was watching YouTube some years back and came across one of his recordings entitled, Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe - Energy Fields Revealed. In this video Harry Oldfield shows us the Phantom Leaf Effect with Kirlian Photography as well with his own invention of 1987 (PIP) Polycontrast Interference Photography. With these two methods, Harry was actually able to capture the energy fields of living organisms. Not only that, he was able to also show a true difference between organic vs inorganic foods. Organic foods are said to give off a full phantom energy field while inorganic foods only give off partial energy fields. Those of you out there that need a little more convincing when it come to organic food can learn a lot from watching one of his videos. When brought into the realm of cancer, healthy people have a rather steady auric field within their thumb print vs those with cancer having a chaotic auric field within their thumb print. With this in mind, one would have to question the high costs of current medical diagnostics as the findings of that of Harry Oldfields years of study can easily detect subtle indifferences while at the same time, be much more cost efficient.

Harry also goes on to explain many of his other inventions such as his 1978 invention (ESM) Electro Scanning method as well as some of the details of his 1979 invention, Electro Crystal Therapy, which uses light, crystals, and saline to cure some of the more common conditions a lot of us face day to day.

It wasn’t until I saw this video and read his books that there was a solid truth within my own being that these things I was beginning to have experience with were indeed true. As well, there was a need to make the public aware of such things so that they can have some insight into the cause and effect of finding cost effective strategies to dealing with any ailments that may arise. There is no doubt in my mind, there is a connection between the frequencies of light, sound, and frequency. If you bend or filter light, outside that of our ordinary human perception, you can see through stone. If you can manipulate the electromagnetic field around a subject, you can see beyond the visual light spectrum into other worlds.

Stonehenge as seen with the Harry Oldfield Filter Photograph using Harry Oldfields – (PIP) Polycontrast

Stonehenge as seen with the Harry Oldfield Filter

Stonehenge as seen with the Harry Oldfield Filter Photograph using Harry Oldfields – (PIP) Polycontrast Interference

Photograph using Harry Oldfields – (PIP) Polycontrast Interference Photography

In reference to the picture above, through my own practice in cultivation, I’ve seen the weasel attached to some people. But I‘ve never seen it photographed. I doubt many of us have if at all. Furthermore, I’ve never seen two of them on one person. In addition, if you look to both the left and the right you will see two other entities. There were no other physical persons in the room at the time this was taken, so you can draw your own

conclusions. All I can say is our addictions aren’t always what they seem. Until you have

a full grasp of both the spiritual and physical worlds, you literally have no idea what a person is going through.

The images of Harry Oldfield’s (PIP) is the closest recorded experience of higher realms that I have seen thus far. This is to say that the experience of it as well as the entities are real, however, the frequencies are off, so it gives it a cartoonist surreal look.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that entity attachment isn’t just aimed at those that are addicted to drugs. In our reality we put labels on everything saying this is good and that is bad. When you really examine it, is there really such thing as good and bad? Newton said every force has an equal and opposite reaction. For the world to exist, there has to be good and bad, positive and negative. There’s a saying that too much of anything is a bad thing. Remember that, too much of anything is a bad thing. My goal in writing this is to point out what is obvious to me, not to instill fear. However, I’ve seen entities attached to a lot of what we would call good people in this reality.

Have you ever been to a party, work gathering, night club or event in which something

about a person you were around made you feel really uneasy, yet you couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Remember your auric field extends three to six feet beyond your body.

If your auric field can feel it, you will get the message, call it intuition. In all things there

is good and bad. Let examine the ancient symbol of the Yin-Yang. The colors of black and white represent good and bad; forces of light and darkness. Within the black half

there is a center dot which is white. As well, within the white half there is also a center dot of which is black. Nothing exists in it totality as good or bad. In all darkness, there is

a symbolism of light. In all light there too exists a symbolism of darkness. These

teachings have been around for over 4000 years. Therefor, it shouldn't come as a surprise when we find those of a higher moral nature such as clerics or popular evangelical ministers on the bad side of town doing God knows what. To remember that there is a hint of darkness in all light beings as well as a hint of light in all dark beings will help to curb some of our discriminate thoughts when it comes to judging others for their actions.

In regards to FIG 4-1, I would like to add some commentary to parts of this section that I feel necessary to obtain a full understanding and knowledge of the visual light spectrum.

In the writings of Leonardo da Vinci in Section 24 on the variability of the eye he writes, 1st the pupil of the eye contracts, in proportion to the increase of light which is reflected in it. 2nd. The pupil of the eye expands and proportion to the diminution of the day light, or any other light that is reflected in it. 3rd. [Foot-note: 8. The subject of this third proposition we find fully discussed in MS. G. 44]. The eye perceives and recognizes the objects of its vision with greater intensity and proportion as the pupil is more widely dilated; and this can be proved by the case of the nocturnal animals, such as cats, and certain birds-- as the owl and others-- in which the pupil varies in a high degree from large to small, &c., when in the dark or in the light. The eye [out of doors] in an illuminated atmosphere sees darkness behind the windows of houses which

[nevertheless] are light. 5th. All colors when placed in the shade appear of the equal degree of darkness among themselves. 6 th . But all colors when placed in full light, never very from their true and essential hue.

Section 25, OF THE EYE, Focus of sight, Leonardo da Vinci writes if the eye is required to look at an object placed too near to it, it cannot judge of it well-- as happens to a man who tries to see the tip of his nose. Hence, as a general rule, nature teaches us that an object can never be seen perfectly unless the space between it and the eye is equal, at least, to the length of the face. Differences of perception by one eye and by both eyes


This is just a small collection of writings by Leonardo da Vinci in regards to understandings of the eye. Leonardo da Vinci lived from 1452 to 1519. But even before that, the world has known much more than what truly meets the eye. I’ve heard it said before that the things that are best hidden are the things that are right in front of us. In the writings of Plato who lived from 427 BC to 347 BC as well as one of his students Aristotle who lived from 384 BC to 322 BC, they often wrote of what today would be considered occult knowledge in the name of philosophy in a time when the technology needed to verify such things did not exist. And from what we see today a lot of these things they talked about back then in their speeches, philosophy, and their thoughts of modal are indeed true. Now, one could ask the question how could this be? When in fact, the answer is rather simple. Today in the world, we have the technology to do a lot of great and awe inspiring things. Every year we see new advancements in electronics as well as in systems designed for ease-of-use for daily life both for normal human beings as well as for those that may be ability impaired. In fact, it seems pretty limitless right now. The downside to all this technology is that we have become engulfed in things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, computers, the Internet in general, cell phones, texting, working, commuting, Xbox, PS3, and an endless array of other technological and non-technological objects that we find no room whatsoever for, the one true necessity, which can be referred to as spirit. Without it we're lost in modality; searching for answers in a cesspool of chaos.

Back in the days of Plato and Aristotle, what they had was a lot of time just to sit, think, and to contemplate oneself. The basis for life was just that. A point in contemplation. I have found it true in my time that while sitting in meditation, that’s when most of my great ideas and solutions to problems within my daily life come to me through my own personal guide Sakari. These never come in times of distraction and self-indulgence. Furthermore, it is my belief that we will, as a species only get so far technologically before hitting a wall. This wall will be one that will not be able to be crossed due to the spirituality not being there. I have seen it time and time again in my life as well as in the visions of others that guides are willing to help and to answer any questions that their students may need to get them to their next level of evolution or ascension. However, in most cases when these questions are not answered, or solutions are not given, it is only because one is not ready developmentally to receive the information. It also may be the

case that a said person just doesn’t know how to receive this information. Which is one of the very reasons I write this book.

A clear indication of this spiritual evolution, which has been talked about only recently, is that of recent reports given by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. The reports were of UFO’s in the area monitoring activities while doing lunar missions. What they do not discuss or seem to hold back on is that the UFO’s in general, while being very open to space travel and technology, were not at all open to our intention of what we were trying

to use the moon base for. Not only were we trying to use it for objective purposes, we didn’t and still don’t have a full understanding of all the implications of taking from lost civilizations. Until we stop savagely killing our people in war, and feed everyone upon this planet and change our whole way of thinking, we will not be permitted to travel

beyond the moon.

the benefit of all people and sentient beings, we will not be allowed to step foot on the moon or any other planet. Yes, we have been to the moon, but those visits were cut short because of our objectives. We as humans are very violent race. While most of us

are decent, we can’t deny there are ugly parts of us better left unsaid. The evolution of UFO’s or aliens as we might call them is at a minimum 1000 to 10,000 years and beyond that of ours. With evolution comes technology. And they know all too well our limitations when it comes to the visual light spectrum. They often present themselves in the ultraviolet or infrared frequency, although they can travel and exist within visible light also. What you may find is once you get a few years into devoted meditation, they

The presence here of life other than that of human

will make themselves known to you.

form is much greater than most of us would care to imagine. Ever wonder why there are more than 10 companies in the private sector space race? Whats in it for them? Gold maybe?

Unless we use our exploration for attainment of knowledge and to

Some of you may have heard the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria. The lands of long ago here on Earth, back then known as Mu. Also some may have heard that the Atlanteans used an energy crystal of sorts not only as a spiritual tool, but to help in healing the hu- man body. Oddly enough thats the same type of technology Harry Oldfield has invented. Later these same crystals were used to transmit energy throughout the land amongst other things. These “firestones” as they were called were huge in size and could gener- ate vast amounts of energy. It is said, one of these crystals was in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. This crystal, overloaded and exploded leading to a massive release of electromagnetic energy. This release of electromagnetic energy was so grand, its mem- oirs still exist to this day. Which explains the Bermuda Triangle. Obviously though the crystal has exploded what may be hundreds of centuries ago, such an energy remains

that, like that energy of the Philadelphia Experiment, it has the possibility to teleport and dematerialize objects upon entering its field. Also it should be said that time and mem- ory are greatly affected within fields of high electromagnetic energy. This was proven by

those sailors lucky enough to survive the Philadelphia Experiment circa 1943.

to say that history teaches us that we can never be too overzealous of our attainments in technology. These attainments without regards to a clear understanding of the possible consequences has always led to the demise of man. As well, to the demise of whole civi- lizations.

I say this

Yet man searches on for this very same technology at the mere expense of others and

anything in its wake. There were those seers of that ancient time that did see a possible end and did what they could to preserve some of the technologies. These technologies some believe were hidden in deep underground caves and or tunnels in what today is Ti- bet. This is precisely why Tibet has been invaded over and over again only to come up empty handed. There’s a book written by one Dr T. Lobsang Rampa entitled, Cave of the Ancients that goes into a somewhat vague detail of one such cave. The Tibetans have vowed to protect these instruments of technology even at the expense of their lives to

not divulge such technology until the world is ready.

This remains true to this day.

On the Earth plane or 3rd dimension, we are visible light beings. What we can see is the rainbow and all mixtures and off tints of said colors. If we take white light and pass it

through a prism or crystal it will break the white light into the visible light spectrum. This is what most of us are limited to in our current state of awareness. The chart previously seen in FIG 4-1, represents our current level of understanding as far as energy and wavelength. If we were to take just the visible light spectrum and fit it into our current level of knowledge as far as wavelength and energy, we would see that “visible light” when compared to the whole is less than 1%. Or, another way to see it is if the whole chart were 6ft in length, the spectrum in which we are aware of is less than 1/32 of an inch. There’s a common truth between those who are familiar with meditation that everything, every situation, every notion, life, and chance exists now, hence the term, living in the “NOW”. So, if everything exists at the same place and at the same time, is

it possible that there are other forms of life, on our planet right now which are at such a

different frequency as to be outside of our 1% of total wavelength or perception? These

dimensions, can they co-exist with ours and be just as real? Real meaning, these worlds

have animals, seas, oceans, valleys, mountains, and canyons? It’s only fair to say, if the mind can picture it, it has to exist somewhere; otherwise the mind would not have the capacity to perceive it. And because of its vast difference in wavelength and frequency,

it can move and pass freely through our own reality without one reality being aware of

the conscious of the existence of the other reality. This has been argued in scientific circles by the likes of Neils Bohr and Hugh Everett III as The Many World’s Theory for quite some time. Once you hit a certain level within meditation, this is obvious. As seen in the previous photo of Stonehenge as seen through the Oldfield Filter, a slight change in the bending of light or frequency change from that of the norm, can allow someone to literally see through a solid object. It's all about frequency!

Such is the case when I met Sakari. When I first met Sakari, I was pretty naïve. There’s

a great urge within each human being to see things of a tangible nature. We as humans

need to use the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound, to know if something exists. I could no doubt, definitely feel his presence. I could see the faint outline of his bodily vehicle if he so permitted. But I wanted to see him in his entirety, as I would another human being. This was impossible at that time as he then explained that he is of a very high frequency in the fifth dimension. And though he could materialize, the radiation from his energy and wavelength would cause major issues of disruption within my molecular structure. He went on to explain that energy and wavelength are the basis for all life. It is the basis for all life in that they must be synced in tune. A change in

energy or wavelength can literally break down the molecular structure of any object. A simple case in point would be that when a wine glass is exposed to a high enough frequency of sound, it will break. Likewise you can increase that same frequency outside that of human sound frequency and break the glass just as well. It doesn't mean that theres a ghost in the house, it just means there a frequency present that is beyond that of human perception.

Another true, yet hard to believe example is that of the Philadelphia Experiment, which took place in October of 1943, in which the US Navy Ship, The USS Eldridge was somehow bombarded intentionally with a high frequency magnetic energy field far outside that of human perception to make the ship disappear. When it reappeared, some sailors were literally embedded within the metal structure of the ship. Not to mention those that did survive were found to have major issues with their nervous systems. Not only did they have troubles with their nervous systems, but upon severe changes in emotion such as during a physical altercation they were known to disappear and reappear as some witnesses have reported.

I realize that to those not familiar with meditation, that last paragraph may seem to be over the top. And to those I say keep an open mind and read on. The key to knowledge is to listen to all points of view and then keep what seems relevant to you. My goal here is to, at a minimum, at least open your mind to the understandings of principles herein. But in order to do this there are some fundamental base principles we must understand.

The first is that of (Fig 4-1). We must first understand that there is indeed a bountiful amount of both wavelengths and frequencies existing at the same place and at the same time. These frequencies are intelligent. Intelligent meaning they do have the ability to affect change in their environment, as well as the ability to affect change of anything and everything within the environment. This includes the human body. As an example, let’s take the effects of long term exposure to ultraviolet rays, x-rays, or gamma rays. Most people are not of the frequency where their bodies will not suffer some kind of cellular breakdown when it comes to being exposed to the wavelengths and energies above that of visible light. Almost any energy above that of visible light will cause some kind of mutation in the human genetic form. Too much ultraviolet will give one skin cancer. Being exposed to too much x-ray can be destructive to living tissue and it can cause DNA mutation. DNA damage can bring about cell suicide and random cell splitting, cell dormancy and can possibly even form a cancerous tumor. Gamma Rays, can also produce DNA mutation by interfering with the genetic structure a cell. In fact, an explosion of an atomic nature has the ability to effect change in many densities above and below that of third density. This is precisely why the UFO phenomenon has (no pun intended) exploded since the mid 1940’s. The detonation, on July 16, 1945 of Trinity brought about the atomic age. Though entities from other dimensions have always been around, the need to step up individual programs due to the atomic age was a necessity. It was a necessity in that throughout the times from, Mars, Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis such technology in the hands of those who have not grown proficient in the Law of One has only served to destroy whole civilizations and even planetary spheres. Nonetheless,

it also affects those entities living in the neutral, within Earth, and within our waters, whose technology is far beyond that of ours.

Because of this, Though we may come across threats of a nuclear war, I believe, is not possible. The other entities will step up, as if to say, what the hell are you idiots up to now? In turn, they can shut down whole nuclear systems as they have been known to do to prove a point. You can research these activities yourself if you so wish.

It is also important to note that within the visible light spectrum, there is an indefinite number of sub wavelengths and energies. These sub-frequencies are what separate us as individuals. This is much the same as how we all might have our own phone number. No two people on the planet are of the same frequency or phone number even if off ever so slightly. These minute differences can be picked up by those closest to an individual provided they interact with said frequency on a regular basis. There are times in which we may feel changes in the auric field of those around us. These changes can be as wide as the whole emotional array of human understanding. Each of us can perceive a friend or family members overall disposition without looking at them so long as we are within three feet or so of their auric field or frequency if you will. Many of us do not know this because we simply don’t try it. Try it the next time you’re around your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or good friend. Picture in your mind what it is they are thinking about. There’s a consensus that you will get this right because you’re so close and you know them so well. But another way to look at it is that you are so in tune or so synced with their energies that you can read them.

Through the quantum, that being the molecules of space between two points made of atoms; the quantum field, which contains fast moving particles of electrons that create a magnetic field recording and transferring thoughts in a 360 degree chain reaction. The quantum is where anything is possible! The quantum is full of information. Just think of the amount of cell phone calls going on right now! Think of the amount of prayers, hate- ful thoughts towards others, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Think about the radio waves, satellite radio, satellite TV, satellite imagery, remote controls, wireless phones and head- phones, wifi, text messages and countless other signals that bombard the quantum. Any thought that has ever existed, or will exist, exists in the quantum now. As well, any and all information that you will ever need as well as any information that has ever existed, exists in the quantum now. You cannot see any of this because it is outside that of hu- man perception. Yet you cannot by any means deny its existence. You see it time and time again, television shows, blogs, and articles denying this. There’s always a force try- ing indeed to separate the spiritual from the physical as myth or nonexistent. But as long as there is separation between the two, a true understanding will never take place. Hence the mass ignorance running about such issues. As long as there is a separation between the spiritual and the physical, I believe we shall indeed forever remain within the confines of our own ignorance until all of us awaken to this fundamental truth.

It is important to note that there isn’t in my opinion, a vast difference in the quantum versus the void. The void is simply the quantum while in a meditative state where everything is seen and felt within oneself. Whereas in the quantum, things aren’t necessarily seen unless the third eye is open. But nonetheless, they both exist. We'll examine the third eye in depth in a future chapter.

With most people, the question would be, if it all exists now, why can’t I access any of this? While there may be many possible answers to this question, the most simplistic one I can give is that one has to be ready and open to receive. As much as I’d also hate to say it, it must also be somewhat of a pre-destined relationship. It’s not all of us that are so engulfed in the material life around us that we can sit and meditate for hours on end. The process of awakening through meditation is a long and arduous one. Results do not come fast. Visions come slow, if at all. It will seem as if everyone and everything is against you at first. One not need say that it’s all in meditation. There’s also the approach to life that anything and everything should be conducted with honesty and integrity, as well as in service to others. One of the most passionate and well known psychics of our time, Sylvia Browne protested meditation as a waste of time. Though maybe not in those exact words. She seen service to others as the purpose for existence. In that she was correct. But without meditation, we cannot get in touch with the God aspect that exists within each and every one of us. This God aspect within each of us is the key to unconditional love and compassion that is much needed in the world today. The church has long said, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This Equates to Mind, Body, and Soul trinity. Where Mind is the father, Body is the son, and Spirit is the soul. There are esoteric schools that go as far as to say we indeed have two souls. The free soul and the bodily soul. The free soul, which leaves this plane upon death, and the bodily soul which remains for some time after death and very much so attached to the human body. Hence, the phenomenon of ghosts. Those that remain so attached to the human form even after death.

We spend most of our time as humans playing the part of the observer. Life in this day of age is very complex. We wake up every day, brush our teeth, shave, shower, and get dressed while listening to the radio or TV in the background. Some of us check the weather to see what the day will bring and what to wear. If it’s cold outside, we may need to pre-start the car and wait for it to warm up. Alongside all that, check e-mails and Facebook status to see what’s going on with friends while totally missing what’s going on introspectively. What’s going on inside of you? What’s going on emotionally, biologically, and spiritually? We have come to an age where technically, there seems no end to where we can go. But it is fact, technology and spirituality, go hand in hand when it comes to responsible evolution. Throughout history, technology without spirituality has well, as you’ve read, almost always created destruction. This destruction, of course, sets us back in evolution. There are those among this plane that are very familiar with this concept. By creating moments of world chaos, the perception of the whole changes in such a way as to manifest accordingly. We create our own thoughts. This dimension, is a “FREE WILL” zone. The space around us has no option but to conform to a particular belief system. This happens no matter whether the situation or outcome is good or bad. The universe doesn't discriminate. It is most impartial and unemotional to our wants and needs. It has no way of knowing what it is you want. Think of it as driving up to a drive thru at you local favorite fast food restaurant. You place your order at the speaker and they, the restaurant workers get it ready for you. They don't care much whether its good or bad for you. Nor do they care that you may be by yourself or have three people in the car with you. You roll up to the window and it's ready for you to pick up. That is, after

you pay for it. Hence cultivation. The world we live in along with the laws of attraction work in the same way. Once you put the trinity together and practice it day by day, things will flow in synchronization to create the life you want. The Universe doesn't seem to care if it's right or wrong by moral standards. The moral standard is something that we on this earthly plane created as a control to human limitation. This needs to be be taken into consideration, in both our personal lives and especially during chaotic world events.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on inside of you. Figure (4-1), the visual light

spectrum, also reflects the colors of the Chakras within the human body. The colors are the same as those indistinguishable from those of our aura or bio-electric field that surrounds all of us. The Chakras are the major energy centers for health, vitality, and spirituality within the human body. The Chakras provide the bio-electric energy to both the primary and secondary meridians, which are the lay lines for energy flow like veins through the body, though not as intricate for the etheric body. Both the meridians and chakras cannot be seen with the human eye in most cases. They can be seen by those

either who have their third eye open or as well as by Kirlian photography.

interested, again, Dr. Harry Oldfield has a video entitled Energy Fields Revealed, currently on YouTube at the time of this writing that greatly illustrates the chakras and

meridians in illustration.

mechanisms which can most definitely be felt during meditation in most advanced persons. These rotations distribute spiritual etheric energy throughout the meridians to keep the human form in check. Oftentimes, it is though a blockage of these meridian systems and/or chakras that the overall health of a person can be affected. Hence, Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture is an age old study of meridians and using needles

inserted to exact points as to open blocked meridians, therefore, letting spiritual etheric energy to flow more freely. It's important to remember the trinity of Mind, Body, and Soul which equates to The Faher, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The chakras are the subtle energy mechanism of the spiritual plane. If there is a disruption in this flow, physical ailments will insist. Seeing a doctor for this will be of no use as the central cause of the issue is on a spirit level. The chakras to me, are time spirals much like that of a small galaxy turning in a Fibonacci sequence. These rotations depending on the system taught can be Lotus flowers, law wheels, and many possible others that I am not aware of. Also when it comes to defining the chakras, it must also be said that there are those systems of belief that go beyond the seventh chakra. Some of these systems go as high as twelve chakras and beyond. But for the purposes of this book and bodily contained health, I will only talk about the seven most common in use by most systems of today. Please keep in mind that beginning meditation typically starts in black color for the beginner. As you may have heard, in the beginning there was darkness, and God

said let there be light. We all have to start somewhere.

your monkey mind. (the random thoughts that flood the mind during meditation) The chakra locations are shown below in FIG 4-2. This is shown reverse from right to left, lowest to highest on the visual light spectrum. One of the things I liked to use in my initial quest to remember these is the name ROY G BIV. This relates to the colors of the chakra from bottom to top. R being red, O being Orange, Y being yellow and so forth.

For those

Chakras bring in and release energy through rotating

But this is only after you clear

This essentially equates to but is not limited to whats below: (but can come in any order during meditation).

(1 Red) or Root Chakra – This chakra is located at the base of the spine. This chakra responsible for those things as related to the physical world such material drive and financial freedom and human presence.

(2 Orange) or Sacral Chakra – This chakra is located between the groin and belly button. It is directly responsible for sexual drive, pleasure, desire, and reproduction.

(3 Yellow) or Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra is located just above the belly button. This is responsible for self-worth, will power, and digestion. Theres a connection here to the higher self in terms of, “I have a gut feeling.” Or that sinking feeling some may get in getting some bad news. It's definitely a sign from your higher self to mind whats being said.

(4 Green) or Heart Chakra – This chakra is located in the area of the heart and represents the upper echelon of the chakra system taking us into the spiritual realms of our existence. This is a rather simple chakra to understand in terms of spirituality. This chakra is responsible for love, joy and compassion.

(5 Blue) or Throat Chakra – As it's name suggests, this chakra is in the area of the throat. As in Tarot and in reading auras, blue is common to those that are truly spiritual in nature. As well, it represents the drive for knowledge towards all things spiritual.

(6 Indigo) or Third Eye Chakra – This chakra is located between the eyebrows and is more often than not referred to as the third eye. This is the eye into the hidden worlds. This is responsible for intuition, knowledge, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions for oneself.

(7 Violet) or Crown Chakra – This chakra is located at the top of the head. This chakra represents true conscious awareness and connection to all things divine. This chakra is responsible for inner and outer love and beauty; as well as to our connection to become one with the infinite source. Total bliss.

It is fair to say in most any meditation book you will come across the chakra system. The chakra system is well know between that of the Buddha School as well as the traditional Vedic Schools of thought. Though the definitions and responsibilities may vary slightly from one school to the other it is only important that you know where they are as well as have a basic knowledge of what they do in order to correlate to some of the information that you will given later in this book. Please see the picture illustrated in 4-2 located on the next page for more information on the precise locations of these chakras.

The locations for these chakras are seen below in figure 4-2.

The locations for these chakras are seen below in figure 4-2. FIG 4-2 The second fundamental

FIG 4-2

The second fundamental I’d like to talk about here is quite involved. We have all come to know the typical atom. The typical atom has in its center both neutrons and protons. The nucleus of the atom contains its’ neutrons and protons while the electrons revolve around the nucleus. Within the atom, the movement of the electrons around the nucleus make it a small universe constantly moving, therefor giving it vibration. The atom itself, as small as it is, is indeed 99.999999% empty space. The movements of the electrons also give the atom its’ magnetic field. It’s this magnetic field that fills the space within the atom itself. Not only does it fill the space but it also creates the physical difference in materials on this plane of existence. These vibrations cause the vast differences in matter on this plane. As well, in the art of alchemy, the alchemist has a long standing goal. This goal has been to effect change upon the frequency of matter to turn it into gold. I believe there are those upon this plane that have the ability to do this.

This magnetic field or vibration can essentially absorb any and all intelligent information around it. I realize that some may say the atom is balanced between protons and electrons but this is simply not the case. This is not the case simply because the electrons within each atom do not maintain the same space in their rotation. There has to be times when because of their rotation that they are indeed slightly more positive than negative and vice versa. Therefor creating a fluctuating magnetic field. This fundamental itself is larger than life, literally! I say this because your thoughts do

project onto others. Not only do they project onto others but they have the ability to change the social consciousness of the Earth sphere. There are times in which we are around people in conversation and while pondering a situation, two people with that same group can be thinking the exact same thing. We say things like, you read my mind. Or maybe while eating at a restaurant all of a sudden you have a flash memory of someone, just to see that five minutes later they walk in. This is not coincidence as we may be led to think.

The third fundamental is to remember that all molecular structures have the ability to be intelligent; Everything in some form was created in the mind of God. Therefor being that this is an energy vibration, t has the ability to mutate and gain intelligence along the way. So yes, believe all things have the ability to evolve. However, in reality, most things seem to degenerate and fall apart. This isn't without cause though. An old house has forces acting upon it to cause this breakdown of matter. Now, those new to meditation have to take my word for this. But those whose third eye is open may or may have not

been preview to this fundamental.

A second density being is that of a family pet, a plant, or a tree. This would also include some rocks or crystalline structures in very rare instances. The process of evolution occurs when these types of entities contemplate themselves during their lives. They then, die off, are inspirited, and then reincarnated into third density, human form. What this means is that an endangered species is sometimes endangered for a reason. Such was the design. What we also learn in this is that sometimes human involvement in trying to save an animal and trying to do the right thing is actually preventing an entity from moving on in its evolutionary path. I’m not saying that this is the case for all endangered species. However, it has been the case for some. The evolutionary path can be described as follows:

An example of this would be a second density being.

First Density – Matter – Anything Lacking Consciousness

Second Density – Pets, Trees, Rocks – Capable of Love

Third Density – Human Form – Full Emotional Spectrum

Fourth Density – Transitional Human Form – Loving Forms

Fifth Density – The World Between Incarnations

Sixth Density – Entities Beyond Reincarnation – Angelic

Seventh Density – All Knowingness State – Godlike

There are those too that may be asking the question, How does a rock die? The answer is very slowly. Outside forces like wind and rain act upon these, slowly breaking them down. In some circles, it's said there is a cycle of about 26,000 years in which the viable entities will be picked and taken to fifth density, sorted, inspirited and re-put to the Earth

plane. And yes the 26,000 year process is the same of that as stated by the Mayan Calendar. This merely tells of a time in which a spiritual awakening is to take place, and in no way whatsoever was it meant to serve as any indication for an apocalyptic state. However the news media had twisted the meaning of the Mayan Calendar around so much that its’ wisdom was totally blown out of proportion and thus made into more of a mockery than anything. Any other translation was only made for ratings by those with no other moral value than to serve self. It must also be said that in any and all intuitive predictions that anyone makes, is only a reading or viewing of a particular situation at that time. We are handed down our destiny and even help to plan it while between lives in fifth density. The main thing to remember is that we all possess free will. We possess free will as individuals and as a global Earth consciousness. Don’t ever take anything that an intuitive says for granted. I like to think of it as a life in a series of TV shows. Right now, one might be on channel 3. And according to the reading at that time, on channel three, this is what is going to happen. But all it takes is one small change in free will. This small, unplanned change can essentially change the channel. Now anything the intuitive said is wrong because one has changed the channel. However, it doesn’t mean that they were wrong at that time. To really mess things up a bit, it is also the duty of those at fourth density and above to help in one’s evolutionary path. The life lessons that have to be learned here on the Earth plane will be learned either through reincarnation or through an awareness of one to pick up on the signs of their guides. Let’s face it, some people, in times of anxiety and stress do not at all focus on what’s going on around them. Dr. Michael Newton in his books Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls writes of experiences in past life regression through hypnosis. If you’ve read any of these books you would learn that entities are mostly trying to comfort one in times of need but can’t because of personal blockages and traumas.

Through meditation, which is stilling the mind, I believe I’ve become aware of signs more so than ever from my own personal guide Sakari. These sights and sounds bring a cool sigh of relief in times of struggle as it reminds me that Sakari is there. Once it is

known to me that he is there, I think of it as a leap of faith of sorts that a particular event

is or was supposed to happen for my own life’s lesson.

communication with a higher entity such as Sakari that electronics can malfunction. This is especially true when it comes to computers, RF frequency interference such as static on wireless headphones and Bluetooth devices. I also find that the streaming of information is such that a lot of information can be downloaded and understood in an entirely different time space. This meaning that a whole idea or class that would normally take hours to explain in this Earth time frame is literally given in a few seconds with full understanding and remembrance. Matter of fact, we all have been known to literally enter into these realms during our dream state. When we sleep we enter into what is referred to as theta (4-7.9Hz) or alpha (8.0-13.9Hz) sleep, in which were are just drifting off to sleep. Then for some reason or another we are awoken by some unknown force to see that maybe only a few minutes have passed. But you just had a full dream of showering, shaving, dressing up, going out dancing and coming home. This is very specific to fourth, fifth, and sixth level density communication. In fact, some may also have what are referred to as lucid dreams. These can be as real as real gets. When

I have often found that when in

meditation is common practice, one will find that lucid dreams become a very common everyday occurrence. I found that when I was younger, these dreams would often bring

a pain after awakening to the lower part of the back of my head, to what is referred to as

the, primary visual cortex.

after intense experiences I often have pain or a slight swelling in the prefrontal cortex.

This area is responsible for the Executive Function. Executive function allows one the ability to differentiate conflicting thoughts, determine good and bad, better and best, same and different, future consequences of current activities, working toward a defined goal, prediction of outcomes, expectation based on actions, and social "control" (the ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially unacceptable outcomes).

This area is also responsible for visual association. I find now

I guess this makes sense when these parts are being used excessively. I’ve often found that throughout my years of meditation that this is a cycle that comes and goes. It almost seems to me to be a period of adjustment. The pain and/or swelling last a few days. I find that most of the dreams and visions in meditation I have do pertain to my

current life’s situation. I have also found that before going to bed I can ask aloud to see scenes from a past life or scenes of my father or brother who have passed. These are often innocent enough and are answered so long as they are not interfering with normal

life process or interfering with another person’s free will.

talking to those who have passed along the way that the form they will come to me in is

in the form and time in which they recall as being when their life was the most vital. This

is to say, my father passed when he was 56 years of age. He often comes to me in a

much younger age. Though I’ve never asked, I would have to guess he appears to be in his mid 20’s.

I have noticed also that when

There are essentially two times in which all of us, you included, are in a state to receive spiritual downloads. To receive, you have to be able to turn off the five senses. One of those times is, of course, in meditation. The other is while sleeping. In reference to meditation, quieting the “monkey mind” is easier said than done. Monkey mind is when

you try to just clear your mind and not think of anything at all. It’s kind of like just being

a canvas for the incoming spiritual light to paint. Don’t get frustrated, it will in due time. The other time we are blank is when we are asleep. Not many of us actually think about that. But we will indeed discuss it here and now.

There are three things that literally connect all of us. Anyone reading this book exists in some form on a physical level. We all share the same space and air. And we all dream. Yet, throughout or lives, some of us may look into dreams from time to time as to their meaning only after having a dream that has perplexed itself somehow into our reality. Good luck with that one on finding out any real information. Though dream interpretation books are easy to come by, finding any sacred or ancient information is surely hidden. For most of us our dream life is one of confusion. Scenes from dreams seem to jump randomly from one backdrop to the next not making much sense. What you will find is that the introspective view that comes from meditation awakens the

spiritual state.

As above so below. When we start to look inward we find that dreams

will actually come into a true life of their own and make more and more sense. Their layout is no longer random and they will start to make a fluid transfer much like that of

physical reality. Why is this important?

side awakening within us. For most of us our dreams do not make any sense because we

are simply not in touch whatsoever with our spiritual selves.

developed the spiritual organs to process light data, so it tends come in random bits and is converted to understanding in a far less than perfect way. This spiritual awakening can literally take you to other worlds. We all live this physical life, we know that. As well we all live a spiritual life. Believe it or not we impress these reflections into our daily lives. This seems to come to fruition especially as we get older. The moon, the sun and the stars are always there. It takes certain conditions to see them. To see the moon and stars, there can be no sun. Because the sun will simply overpower our perception of what we see. However, when the sun sets, the moon and stars come out to play. This change, reflects upon our emotional feeling. As well, when we shut off our senses, in sleep, this brings about another manifestation of a life derived from another world. The more one meditates the more balance comes into knowing the ultimate source of cause and effect. I cannot put into words the experience of knowing that it is actually the spiritual higher self that regulates the physical experience. Until you get to that very point in meditation this is but an elusive circle of cat and mouse.

It’s important because dreams are the spiritual

We as a race, have not

There are a lot of times which most of us can attest to in which we are dreaming and the honking of a car outside in physical reality makes its’ way into our dream. The same can go with a knock at the door, a doorbell, a barking dog, or even hitting a window and your hand is in pain to wake up and find you’ve been hitting the headboard. The same can be in the sense of touch. When possibly falling off a cliffs edge and grabbing on to the corner of the cliffside to find you’re literally grasping on to the end of the bed mattress. While most of us would ponder the question what was that all about. It might only last as long as the dream has a conscious connection with your memory. Which is not very long at all. However, a few of us out there might actually put the pieces together and see there is a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. But at

this point, it’s just an indication. A hint as to a call to service. It is when this starts to

happen on a regular basis that an awakening begins within an individual.

of the quick conscious loss of information between worlds we must learn to keep a notebook or recorder close at hand to take notes of lucid dreams as if we were awake. There are a lot of thought forms, inventions and perceptional changes that can take

place. For instance, I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 or 11 years old. I often find myself while in lucid dreams at renaissance parties with odd forms of music not heard on this planet. I’ve even managed to write a few down and get them pretty close to the dream. There are many musicians that claim to have had this happen also. Basically what can happen is if one can take in the remembrance of a lucid dream, while in physical reality, one can recall spiritual impressions at any time when needed, and change his reality in this world. Einstein, Edison, and Tesla all came up with some wonderful ideas. And every idea of the time, and even today, at least in that which has

And because

been recorded only shows their scientific belief.

spiritual beliefs there would be a connection as to the whole. Darryl Anka, the channel

I’m sure if one were to dwell into their

for Bashar is said to have worked on the special effects for not only Star Trek, but many other sci-fi movies. Where did he come up with such ideas? I’m sure without a doubt also that, lighting, transportation, forms of energy, musical instruments, and an array of other useful things can be studied and brought about to this physical reality. This would be why it is literally possible for two people on opposite sides of the world, unknown to each other, to come up with the same invention. For in some point in dream or meditation, they visited the same world and came back to create their vision. I believe this to be within the realm of conceivable execution.

So we have established that meditation will definitely raise ones vibration. The other side to meditation is in the physical world, our actions exist out of one of two constructs. Those two constructs are love and fear. Anything done out of love of course can raise

frequency and the overall consciousness of the world.

truthfulness, compassion and kindness stand in the forefront of all meditative practices for the true ascension process to occur.

This stands to be why

From the doubtable point of December 2012, an awakening has started to take place.

Some wanted it to be a lot more than that to push their own agendas. But that’s all it was. More and more, we will see these stories come out and revealed in ways as never

seen before.

actors that have long hid their esoteric and occult views out the public eye will start to come forward without persecution. I believe 2013 served to bring a great change in the overall human disposition toward oneness and peace. One can’t deny from looking at Facebook, Twitter, and other technological social networks that a change has come about. This is simply because three things will always make themselves known. Life, death, and the truth. These are the things we all have to deal with at some time.

Even those highly respected people within science and politics as well as