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Adolf Hitler

Will you

Amanda Fraley
Pd. 7

On December the 7th of 1941, they came through the

air, they came through the fog. The zoomed and
they glided- they let the bombs fall.

For years we had tried to stay silent from all. The

US people didnt want war at all.

But know they knew, oh yes they knew, exactly what

they had to do.

The Allies, they cried. We fight for the Allies, we

fight with a cause, we fight to protect us, we fight for

So off to the Atlantic Conference they went- and

agreed, yes they did, that the peace could not
happen with only one power. Although the Japanese
were here, the Germans were a greater fear.

But- to the west coast they went, those brave US

men, off to fight in the cold and wet post.

Island hopping, was the strategy planned, they

wanted to have the upper hand.

First came the battle, the battle in air, Coral Sea and
then Midway- the US did go, and pushed back the
men of the sun, with a blow.


The admiral Chester Nimitz, we thank, for giving the

Allies the water boost that we needed.


One safe in the seas, to Rommel they flew, where he

stood with the Germans in a small rocky country
called Africa, North.


The first attack was a bust, and Patton did see, that
those US men were pathetically weak.


After training them better, he joined up the troops,

and told them the news. US go forward and please
have no fear. Just look up in the skies and off in the
seas, and your Great Britain brethren will be just
right there.


With help from the others, the Nazis went backunlike in that unlucky Kasserine Pass attack.


Operation Husky began on the dusty 1-th of July.

Bernard Montgomery ran next to Italy, hoping to
stop that commi Mussolini.


It didnt take long, though, for him to surrender.

But it did take two years for those crazy old Nazis to
flee from that boat looking country.


Surrender seemed to follow the Allies wherever they

went, but then came that fateful and saddening day.
On June the 6th, they silently crept up the Beaches
of Normandy, finding more men waiting quite
silently. D-Day, it was called, Doomsday for those
brave Allie men.


By now the Great Second war had dragged on for

many-a-years; and even the Nazis were getting quite


Thankfully, V - E Day did come. The 7th of May, and

every cheered, for now the Nazis were no longer a


But they had done damage, far from repair, and

killed millions of people without even a care. The
Holocaust was a terrible nightmare.


Back to the Japanese they did go, who were strong

and unwilling to go. So the US made two bombs
that did all the damage- Fat Boy and Little Boy went
off with a boom in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the
cities were doomed.


At a terrible cost, the war was now over. Millions of

people were now in their graves but the world was
now safe, from those in the way.



So, please learn from the past, and do understand,

that some wars never go as planned.