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Make Wine at Home: Easy and Cheap

Home Made Red Wine Recipe
I always had the desire to enjoy drinking something I made myself. Did a lot of
researching on how to make wine at home and all I got was wine making methods
which was meant to be executed in the USA which uses things like wine fermenter
kit, hydro meters, capdem tablets and those kind of stuff which you dont get here in
I wanted to prepare wine using just materials available in any standard Indian kitchen
and not spending too much money. This search for the indianized wine making
technique did not yield any results and I kept trying asking friends and relatives.
At last, I got the opportunity to talk to one pattima (old lady), mother of a good friend,
whos been making wine for years, got the recipe of ingredients, and proportions from
her and she ran me through telephone the methodology, tips and tricks of the process.
Within 2 hours of talking to her, I was all set to go!
This guide is for all you people out there, who like me, at least once, brew what you
This guide will yield a minimum of 4 litres of wine. Caution: You need a lot of
patience, You need to wait up to 42 days to get the wine ready and you will have to
dedicate at least 2 minutes everyday till then to this process of making wine.
Black Grapes: 1.5 Kgs
The grapes can be seedless, but definitely need to be black. There is a variety of
grapes in which the inside is also black/dark brown, if you get that its good, if not the
black grapes variety with dark green inside is also good
Sugar: 1.5 Kgs
Needs to be clean white sugar, try to get a good brand like parrys sugar which does
not have any dirt or discoloration
Yeast: 15 grams
This you get in any spencers daily or any supermarket for that matter. Usually you
would find it in the section where they stock essences, food colouring etc. Its called

Activated dry yeast , any brand and a small 25 gm packed would do (you need just
15 grams)
Whole wheat: 50 grams
Had a tough time , all the supermarkets stock only 5 kggetting this packets. Went to
a normal palasarakku kadai (general provisions) and got it packed off.
Egg (just the white): 1
Veggies dont get dejected. This is not really necessary. I was told this is just to create
a good flavour. This can be skipped.
Water: 2.6 ltrs
purified water.
Materials / Tools Required:
Ceramic jar:
Big enough to hold 1.5 kgs of grapes + 2.6 lts of water + 1.5 kgs of sugar. Should
have 20% free space after adding all this. Preferably must have a lid. Best bet is to use
the oorga jaadi (ceramic pickle jar) or if you dont have any ceramic jars, plastic or
metal also would do. Should have a narrow opening because during fermentation, the
vessel has to be airtight. So smaller the mouth, easier to seal
Wooden pestle / masher:
This is nothing but the lowly wooden tool your mom makes to smash potatoes or
paalak / keerai. We will use to smash grapes
Long wooden spoon:
should be long enough to reach the bottom of your wine jar.
Love and Support: Any quantity
Along with all this interest and support from other family members to make the wine
making experience a memorable one

All the ingredients and tools required

The basic ground rule in wine making is keeping things clean and sterile. This to
ensure that the brew does not get contaminated with bacteria which may spoil
the brew instead of allowing it to ferment. If the brew gets spoiled only thing you
can do is to flush it down the drain.
Ready, Get Set:
1. Boil the water: Boil the water for at least 3-4 mins to make it as pure as
possible and kill any bacteria or germs in it. After boiling let it cool. The water
has to be back to room temperature before you can use it
2. Sterilize the ceramic Jar: Simply pour boiling water in the jar till the brim and
leave it for 5 mins to sterilize the inner of the jar. Remember, the jar I used
was ceramic, so it could stand the heat. Dont try this if you are using plastic
3. Clean the grapes: Remove the stem of the grapes. Wash at least 3-4 times in
water to ensure all the dirt/dust/chemical sediments from fertilizers and
insecticides are removed. Drain the water; if possible spread the grapes on a
wide tray to allow it to dry off the excess water.
4. Clean the wheat: Clean the 50 gms of wheat with water, rinse 3-4 times and
ensure they are dry again.

Cleaned and dried grapes

Rock and Roll Part 1
1. Put the grapes in the jar
2. Use the wooden smasher to smash the grapes. The motive is to rupture the
grapes NOT to juice them. So need not crush them so hard to juice them out,
but ensure each grape is ruptured
3. Pour in the cooled water
4. Prepare the yeast: Preparing the yeast is simple. Just follow the instructions in
the carton to activate the yeast. Take some lukewarm water (40-50 C), say 100
ml water, add 2 tsp of sugar (you can take some off sugar you have set aside

already), and add the 15 gms of yeast into it (usually around 3 tea spoons) and
mix them well.
5. Pour the prepared yeast into the jar
6. Add the wheat into the jar
7. Beat the egg white and add it into the jar
8. Add HALF the sugar into the jar.
9. Use the wooden spoon to mix the contents. You need not try to dissolve the
sugar. Just a couple of stirs so that the contents are evenly mixed.
10. Close the jar with its lid and then wrap plastic covers on top of the jar to make
the jar 100% air tight.

Pestle used to rupture the grapes

Wheat added

Closeup shot of the ruptured grapes

Covered and sealed jar

Stored in a cool dry place

Once you have done this, keep the jar in a cool, dark & dry place. But ensure the jar is
accessible. Why accessible? Read on
Daily Duties:
1. From Day 1 to Day 21, even if you forget to brush your teeth, you shouldnt
forget to do the things below
2. Daily, at a set time, you need to carefully open up the jar
3. Use the wooden spoon to stir the contents, just enough that the contents are
evenly mixed. Ensure the spoon is 100% clean and dry every time
4. Close the jar back, make it airtight and put it back in the cool, dark, dry place
where it belongs
This process has to be repeated for the next 21 days, Everyday.
Rock & Roll Part 2
Here comes the important and little bit difficult part, where again, keeping it clean is
the key. This needs to be done around the 22nd day.
Materials / Tools needed
1. Large, fine holed filter. The ones usually found in juice shops
2. Disposable Surgical gloves
3. Somebody to help
Steps Involved
1. Open up the jar
2. Slowly pour out the contents of the jar into the filter.
3. The filtered liquid has to be caught with another clean, sterilized vessel

4. Glove one hand and squeeze out the soggy half-ruptured grapes, the grape
skins and seeds through the filter
5. Finally after emptying the jar, the clear filtered liquid will be caught in the
vessel below
6. Used the gloved hand to scoop put any sediments left out in the ceramic jar
7. Then pour the contents of the vessel back into the ceramic jar
8. Then add the second half (remaining) sugar into the jar and stir lightly
9. Close the jar, make it air tight as before and put it back into the cool, dry, dark

Filtering the brew

Squashing the grapes with a gloved sterile hand

Filtered Brew
Patience!! Wait for another 21 days. The good news is that now no more or opening
of jar is required. 21 days is the bare minimum. The older the wine gets, the better.
Better means, its tastes better and more importantly it gets stronger!!
Taste it . Finally!!
1. After a total of 42 days, you can open up the jar and gently take out the clear
wine on top and fill it up in a sterilized glass bottle.
2. Usually, the sediments are in the bottom and the clear wine on top. So its
important you dont shake the container too much and just use a small glass to
scoop out the clear wine on top. Alternatively you can use a pipette or a siphon
mechanism to do so
3. You neednt empty the jar. Just take out the clear wine from the top and close
the jar airtight and put it right back.
4. Keep repeating the process, till the wine lasts! Just ensure the jar is airtight
everytime you put it back
5. Thats it, you have officially made wine at home!!!!!

Absolut Wine just used the solid glass bottle of absolut vodka to hold the wine. The
wine disappeared (gobbled up) within 20 mins of taking this shot!

Try Variations
In theory any acidic fruit can be used to make wine. Everything from gooseberries,
pineapples, strawberries can be used to make wine. The basic fermentation process is
as mentioned. So its up to you to try variations. You might be lucky to get a good
wine sometimes, and other times it might get spoilt. But what the heck, trying is the
fun. So please try variations and share the results so that others can try too. I am
planning to try the same with white grapes next
Send me a bottle
Share the booze! They say joy spreads when you share it. Send me a bottle once its
done. Will raise a toast for you when I drink it !!
Why you should make wine at home
1. At less than Rs.200 for the ingredients, you get around 4 litres of wine. Thats
the cheapest alcohol. Clean, pure, unadulterated liquor. And this wine IS
STRONG and 600 ml or 2 glasses guarantees a nice high.
2. Home made wine, is certainly MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the
Golconda wine which you get at TASMAC, which actually is not wine at all.
3. Making Wine at home is really a wonderful experience and should be taken up
at least once with the family.
4. Wine is always a part of a celebration, plan ahead and make wine just in time
for Christmas, birthday or anniversary
5. Wine making is one of the oldest skills recorded in history and i suppose wine
is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man. So be proud that you know how to
make it
6. Wine making is one of 75 things a man must do at least once in his life time
(see slide 55).
Let me know your testimony of success and failures trying this. Also let me know if
there are any ways to improve or tweak this recipie. Will be very happy to hear if
there are any other recipies you may know. Cheers!

Tags: booze, home wine recipe, wine

Tags: booze, home wine recipe, wine
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209 Responses to Make Wine at Home: Easy and Cheap Home Made
Red Wine Recipe

April 11, 2009
Time 10:41 am
I came across your recipe the other night by accident. Now, Ive got a jar of
what will soon be wine sitting in my closet. I had to convert the measurements
to imperial. I hope i did so correctly. It seemed that I used very little wheat,
about a handful and a half. I am hoping that this wine is not too sweet. I know
that the Indian palette is different from that of more western countries. I
certainly appreciate the flavorful and spicey food, however I would suspect
that the standard Indian wine might be sweeter than the standard Californian
or Italian wine. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means so I will be happy if
it gives me a decent buzz. Its amazing that I can legally buy all of these
ingredients, but if I mix them in a jar and keep it closed for a month Im not
legally allowed to possess it. Dont worry, Ill be responsible. Drunk driving is
for highschool kids. I dropped out over a year ago. Thanks for the recipe.

April 11, 2009
Time 4:56 pm
hey! good luck! and let me know how it comes out. The sugar
eventually turns in to alchohol during fermentation. The longer you
keep it, more sugar converts into alcohol until there is no sugar left and
more stronger and less sweeter your wine gets

April 21, 2009
Time 11:59 pm
Hey One of the best posts for wine preparation I caught up with the fever
of home-made wine from one of my friends and have been surfing like mad
for so many days Today, you made my day!!!! Thanks a ton for the fantastic

write-up (and the lovely pictures). I cannot wait till the week-end before I start
preparing my own bottle Your contribution is great As you rightly said,
there are thousands of videos and content on wine preparation and they only
make you lose interest in our interest. Your narration and method of
preparation is so superb and simple I wish I could taste a little bit of your
expert wine output well anyways, let me try my stuff and if at all I
succeed, will write back to you and share the great experience
Thanks a ton!!!

April 29, 2009
Time 1:21 pm
Thanks for such a informative and useful artical I have not seen on web so far.
Infact I wanted to made wine in home, hence serching the net since couple of
weeks, specialy in India. I got what exactly I was looking, from your artical.
Many manythanks for all your trouble and time you have spent to share this
information with us. I sicerly oblised.
Have a nice day, and be continue to share your further expirences,
Thanks and regards,

May 27, 2009
Time 7:59 pm
Fantastic but simple explanation to treasure i have been searching.., I cant wait
any longer to make my wine at home. Absolutely superb.. Thanks a lot for
sharing.. God Bless


June 13, 2009
Time 2:58 pm
Hey There!
Just the recipe I have been looking for! And I got the exact same ceramic
vessel at home and have been showing the images around to my parents. We
are all very excited and hope to be having some good wine in a couple of

July 6, 2009
Time 7:25 pm
Hey did u used the baking yeast or the did u ger the wine yeast

July 11, 2009
Time 12:18 am
Hi!!! i had picked up loads of black grapes. now ur recipe has given me the
idea of trying my hand in making wine 4rm them would keep u posted on
the outcome.
thanks a lot for the simple and easy method.
cheers in advance

July 11, 2009
Time 8:11 pm

hi friend
million thanx for ur Home Made Red Wine Recipe, i have one doubt . how to
make high concentrate alcohol wine

July 12, 2009
Time 6:47 pm
Million thanks for ur Home Made Red Wine Recipe
how to make wine with above 10% alcohol

July 15, 2009
Time 6:10 pm
hey, excellent explanation.. simple n informative
Can i still make this without the wheat? y are we adding the wheat?
Cheers !!

July 28, 2009
Time 8:51 pm

hey , whr r u ??? i didnt wait for ur reply n made the wine anyhow.. i wnt to
ask if anyone else has tried it the same way? nd yea aftr the initial 21 days can
i refrigerate my wine ? is it okie to consume thereafter?
thank you

July 28, 2009
Time 10:54 pm
Hey Anna,
I guess you need to leave it at least another 20 days after the initial 21 days.
End of the initial 21st day, filter it as explained and let it stand for at least
another 20 days. This is because, the yeast in the brew wouldnt have settled
and might give an unpleasant taste.
Also wheat is just to stabilize the fermentation process. No harm if you leave

August 8, 2009
Time 12:26 am
Hi there ! ,
Thank you so much for the recipe which i was searching for. I am starting to
make it this week end.
Question: When should we add the egg white.
Suggestion: During fermentation i feel it would be better to allow carbon
dioxide to escape at the same time without allowing oxygen to to enter the jar.
This can be done by putting a tube(air tight lid for the jar with a small hole for
the tube to enter the Jar) from the jar to a bottle which has water.When the
tube is inside the water oxygen can not enter.


February 12, 2012
Time 7:22 pm
Dear brother,
I have visited so many sites to know about wine making. I think it can
be used your idea as a sbstitute for airlock which I was enquiring
where I can get it
Thank u

August 19, 2009
Time 11:27 am
hey man waata recipe. was scrolling for this for more than a year wondering
and waiting to get the so called kit. u made it simple. wella am gonna try it
today and plz wait for my next post 42 days from now.

August 26, 2009
Time 3:13 pm

This is for all the people who tried making wine using the above method. FYI
1) I followed the procedure step by step
2) I left out the egg white
3) I recieved valuable advice from the website owner
Result :
I coudnt wait for the last 20 days to finish. It was almost impossible to belive I
had made the best wine i ever tasted.. Awesome !!!!!! It was even better than
the bottled chardony i had bought the other day.. YIPEEEEEE.. Thank you
so very much:))

September 1, 2009
Time 5:52 pm
hey i was just waiting for preparing a home made wine but i have a doubt
when to add a Egg(White)

Helan Chellaiah
September 18, 2009
Time 3:03 pm
Hello Mr. Joseph,
You need to add egg white in the first process ie( when you add grapes, water,
yeast, sugar and egg white)

October 1, 2009
Time 1:12 pm
Hi KosuKadi, Thanks for ur neat and clear cut explanations. I have to try it. I
will tell my experience after 2 months. Continue ur Job
regards Mani

October 1, 2009
Time 1:15 pm
I think u r a jovial peson. Excellent website name kosukadi. NANDRI

navnit patel
November 7, 2009
Time 6:53 am
hi, i am from gujarat, dry state,, so it is difficult to taste alcohol, but once on
christmash i watching tv, then i knew how to enjoy home made wine, then i
got recipe from internet 7 try to make wine home, i did not know taste of wine
& never seen wine in my life,,, but when i distribute wine to my friend who
know about wine say it is really same as get in market,,, last week i went to
mumbai, from there i get red wine bottle, i taste ,, surprise ,,,it is same as i
have made,,, i really happy, to day i visit your website & get more knowlege,,,,
thanks ,,,, i

Babu Navin
November 24, 2009
Time 12:11 pm
Thanks a Million, Kosu, I really appreciate your efforts to post this wonderful
info. My wine is half way through, its really coming out so great, smells
yummmmy, wow, u made our Christmas and New year taste ever better. Thank
you from me, my family & friends. Bless you.

November 24, 2009
Time 9:38 pm
Hi KosuKadi ,Thanks a lot for ur information.
I followed ur steps and prepared. Next day when i opened it to mix it
further(As per the procedure) ,there was some foam like thing here and there
on the top.Is it usual ??
Thanks in advance.

Kiran Joshua Daniel
November 26, 2009
Time 10:43 am
Thanks a million for this recipe, I will start right away so that I can celebrate a
happy New Year 2010! Still I have a small doubt, is there any need to
refrigerate the wine?? Perhaps before or after consumiing?? Anyway thanks
and wonder if you know how to make vodka?! Bye and Advanced Happy
Christmas wishes!

December 16, 2009
Time 5:42 pm
Is there a license needed to sell homemade wine? If so can someone shed
some light on it

Alex Mathew
December 19, 2009
Time 6:45 pm
hi kosukadi,
thanks for ur receipe.
i read some where that \egg shells\ are using the begining stage along with
yeast,eggwhite and sugar. egg shells are needed or not. ? is it harmful?
I shall be much obliged if u give me suitable reply to my question .,

govindan raghu
December 27, 2009
Time 1:14 pm
In case I use egg for the sake of taste in the prepatration of red wine, what
preservative to be used ?

govindan raghu
December 27, 2009
Time 1:16 pm
in case I use egg for the sake of good taste and flavour, in the preparation of
red wise , what preservative to be used? Please advise me.

January 3, 2010
Time 9:18 am
The wine I made last time turned out just fine. Actually, after the first 10-12
days, I tried the wine and it tasted really bad. I gave up on it and just let it be.
My mom tried the wine out after about 2 months and she said it turned out
I am now going to try it again properly.
I have bought about 10 kilos of grapes and am making it in one of those 50
litre water bottles

January 20, 2010
Time 10:55 pm
hi there,
checked in ur recipeit was very mom makes wine ver y much
closer to ur recipe.the difference is she adds two lemon instead of egg white!
thanks pal

January 28, 2010
Time 7:12 pm
Just read what i am looking for past 6 months. A big thanks for the receipe.
Now I have purely indian rceipe for making wine with incredigents easily
available at local store in Tamil Nadu
More over make me clear that \what are the symptoms that denotes the wine
made is of good quality or it is spoilt one. i.e, how to find out that the process
is on a right way ? Pls let me know how it will smell, or it will appear when
opening the lid.
Thanking you / 28.01.2010

March 3, 2010
Time 9:09 pm
exactly what i have been looking for but a few questions
we stir the first fermentation process for 21 dayz.this is done to let oxygen
in for fermentation.what wil happen if we do not do this and just let the
carbon di oxide out using a thissle funnel.
how long can we keep the liquid in the jar in the second second stage till the
alcohol starts turning into vineger.
can we store the liquid in wooden barrel or bucket and make it airtight to give
it a woody flavour.
fermentation process will still continue in the bottles after transfer to some do i make the yeast dis-functional if i want to store the wine at
room temprature.

March 4, 2010
Time 1:29 pm
Tried the recipe as such, but added a 100g of caramalized sugar to give it some
different tase as well as a bit of water boiled with one tea bag in it to add color.
Worked out well.

March 9, 2010
Time 3:48 pm
You should use only egg white. This is added to clear the wine of all
suspended particles to give you a completely transparent liquid. However it
takes several weeks for the sediment to settle down. Temperature also matters.
If its colder it settles faster. However grape wine does clear by itself
completely if you give it time. Here you could skip the egg. Age the wine AT
LEAST 6 months before drinking it. Matured wine tastes FAR better than
young wine. Keep one bottle SEALED for a year and compare it with what
you have drunk earlier !

March 9, 2010
Time 4:08 pm
Wine that still contains suspended dead yeast cells ( an opaque liquid ) tastes
terrible ! Thats how it is before it clears. The lime thats added by some
people is to increase the acidity of the wine. All wines are acidic . The acidity
also helps the yeast to function more vigorously. Typically the acidity ( pH ) is
around 3.4 to 3.6. This gives it an edge to the wine. Without some acidity the
wine tastes flat.

The first stage of fermentation required daily stirring and it must be covered
with a thick cloth to prevent flies , dust etc from getting in. After that it is
tranferred to a closed container with a one way air vent. That is air can go out
but not enter. If at this stage air gets in , over time the wine might become
vinegar . To seal the bottle you can use an alternative..a deflated rubber
balloon or other similar rubber material thats available freely in the market !
This will expand as the gas forms but you can deflate it every now and then. It
prevents entry of material from outside that could convert the wine to vinegar.
Store in this container till fermentation ceases. Wait anothet two weeks and
siphon carefully into another bottle and wait for it to clear. Its always better to
make at least 6 liters at a time . By the time you get a clear liquid after maybe
three or four shiponing operations you will have only 5 liters left. Always store
wine in a topped up bottle.

March 21, 2010
Time 6:42 am
Thanks a million, it was a wonderful experience making the wine, and
ofcourse a lot of excitement also. I followed the steps except the egg
part.the end result.. what a treat, the wine was superb!!!! Thanks a

March 22, 2010
Time 11:11 am
Though I am a teetotaller, I rate this presentation as neat and clear. Anyone
could read this and prepare. Well, would not the fermentation smell make the
neighbours doubt and complain? The same smell that we catch while passing
by a brewery is similar. Am I right? We generally refrigerate the squash and
juice syrups, why have you not mentioned this wine like that? Due to Chennai
temperature, would not the prepared wine go extremely sour and get spoiled
for consumption?
Please dont laugh at my doubts. I read so many articles and blogs to gain


November 25, 2011
Time 11:27 pm
Hey, i have tried making white wine n red wine both, also tried plum
wine..both turned superb, but I did not add whole wheat and egg in itThanks
ill try this recipe of yours and see how different it tastesthank you so much
to share about this..even my recipe was handed down to me by my Aunt

November 30, 2011
Time 4:15 pm
I was searching for a wine receipe for such a long time , i had vague
recollections of how my mother used to make but the quantities were
Thanx a lot for the same it sounds exactly as my mother used to make. will try

December 3, 2011
Time 1:34 pm
hai finally i got simple method . thanks and great can somebody suggest can
we add more yeast and sugar.what will happen..

December 8, 2011
Time 7:07 pm
Well. I tried this. Theoretically more sugar , more alcohol, more high.
Yes. But sadly, yeast has a limit of alcohol tolerance. So when the
amount of alcohol in the wine reaches a certain limit the yeast stops
working i.e stops fermenting and the rest of the sugar remains sugar
and does not turn into alcohol. So you just end up with very sweet
sugary wine. Adding additional yeast also does not help either. They all

December 6, 2011
Time 10:21 pm
I followed the recipe and made some nice tasting gooseberry wine. After
decanting the fermented juice and sealing it in a container I added the
following brew to get a nice color and possibly precipitate the yeast cells. To
make the brew I boiled normal tea powder and grated ginger with some
cinnamon and add it to the fermented juice. In a few days all the suspended
cells, and other colloidal particles just settled down at the bottom of the
container. the color of the wine is a pleasant golden brown. I could have added
more tea. I think the tannin in the tea precipitated the proteins in the
fermenting liquid. I also used a large plastic mineral water container with a
large opening which comes with a tap to make the wine. I find that it is a very
convenient container. i can easily transfer the wine to bottles when I want to.
Thanks again for a very easy to use recipe to make wine. Next time I would
use a mixie to cut up the gooseberry a little without damaging the seeds. After
21 days I felt like I had to throw out a lot of sweet smelling fermented whole
gooseberries. unlike grapes the gooseberries are hard and need some help in
releasing the juices from the flesh. I am going to try the recipe with grapes

December 8, 2011
Time 6:51 pm
Gooseberry wine is excellent !! It has lot of medicinal / Health Benefits
as well (Vit C, Anti-oxidants etc.) . You actually neednt cut the
gooseberry at all. Just use it whole, it will get soaked up and during
fermentation let out the juice.

December 14, 2011
Time 7:09 pm
thank u a lottttttttttttttttttttttt

December 18, 2011
Time 2:01 pm
hi there..
thanks for the step by step photographs
we usually add a little spice to itlike cinnamon & have got a
nice color ours is slightly light..
merry christmas!!


Prince Joseph
December 18, 2011
Time 8:29 pm
Hey bro, followed ur recipe with the eg white. Started on 03/12/2011 around
the 14/12/11 which is 11 days all the grape layer on top started settling down
and for the pat three days there is no more gas production. Is everything
normal? Pls help

December 19, 2011
Time 5:34 pm
Yes, @prince Joseph. If there is no CO2 generation, it means
fermentation has slowed down. Nothing wrong

December 19, 2011
Time 5:25 pm
While searching for wine making tips, yours is definitely the simplest. As you
have commented, that the yeast has a tolerance to how much alcohol it can
withstand, is true. I had particiapted in a winemaking session a long time ago,
and the quantity of grapes got changed without our knowledge, someone
actually ate them, so when we added the sugar (equivalent qty) the end result,
the wine turned out to be too sweet. Anyway, I intend to try out you method
after my next stint at sea. Lets hope 2012 is a good year.

December 24, 2011
Time 12:43 pm
Thanks for the recipe.I am going to bookmark your page.I have another
question.What are other 54 things apart from making wine a gentleman is
supposed to know?

December 24, 2011
Time 7:09 pm
Hey you recipe was so help full. I would like to deliver your cut. Please let
me know where could i drop it.. my email is **Removed** and my phone is
Tomorrow is Christmas. Try to see if you can contact me before that and i will
make make your Christmas better with some wine. Cheers.

red wine
December 25, 2011
Time 7:10 pm
Well explained in a homely way. i am going to try this..
thanks a lot. i browsed for an hour for making red wine and found ur receipe
as the best,


December 30, 2011
Time 1:21 pm
, !

December 31, 2011
Time 6:45 pm
, ! is
Russian. When translated it is If wine is ready to freeze. and as a
result of freezing water will remove half of the volume, we get an
exclusive brandy! according to google translate
Thanks @planton

December 30, 2011
Time 7:33 pm
i didnt use fresh grapes.bought 3kgs grapes 5 days ago kept in fridge and used
on 6th day. dont know if its going to come out well.there is also no fruit
smell.let see

Shankar Sengupta
January 6, 2012
Time 8:18 pm

Great effort. Thanks a million. Ill give it a try tomorrow morning.

Can we use peach also?

Jeyavel Aravindan
January 11, 2012
Time 1:14 pm
Hi Kosukadi
thanks for the great reciepe. I had started mine with pineapples added raisins ,
cinnamon and cloves. let me see the results after 40 days

January 13, 2012
Time 6:08 am
Great. I always wanted to make Pineapple wine. But they say for
Pineapple the process is slightly different. Since Pineapple isnt as soft
as grapes, you either need to blend it into juice before you let it
ferment or boil pineapple chunks in water before you start the

Jeyavel Aravindan
January 11, 2012
Time 1:15 pm
And also i had preparation going on for my grape wine

January 12, 2012
Time 2:31 pm
good recipe, but is it compulsory to add yeast,which im not finding ?

January 13, 2012
Time 6:07 am
Yes, Yeast is a must. Only with yeast does fermentation start.
Fermentation makes the juice wine Yeast is very easy to find. You
can get it in any supermarket. Just ask for baking yeast / bread

January 14, 2012
Time 8:29 pm
This recipe is working really well. I cheated though. After day 9 I removed all
the grapes and squeezed out the remaining juices. Tasted the wine and it taste
drinkable hahaha I have another recipe but a wine barrel is needed. Its with
only grapes and sugar. Nothing more. Let me no if u interested

January 26, 2012
Time 4:28 pm
@Chris , please share the recipe with me. I will be interested (very

March 23, 2012
Time 1:14 am
Yes please share your recipe.Im also trying out me own

January 17, 2012
Time 1:14 pm
Hai kosu
thanks a lot .Iknow some basic knowledge.But on seeing ur receipe it is

January 17, 2012
Time 1:19 pm
hai kosu
it is advised to use black grapes.But the picture shows pink grapes
why this kolaveri. kolaveri..Of course pink one is sweeter than


January 26, 2012
Time 4:27 pm
@Soman. Yes you are absolutely right. The true black grapes has the
insides black as well. Unfortunately, its become very hard to find

January 19, 2012
Time 1:08 am
hello admin.
We all are very thankfull to you..for giving us the easy method of wine
I just started making wine yesterdaybuti used only little yeast (about 1
teaspoon)therefore is it possible to add some more yeast the next day.???
Pls reply me soon

January 26, 2012
Time 4:26 pm
@saif , yes add it asap

January 20, 2012
Time 8:53 pm
hi bro
Pls tell me how your wine taste like ?? is it bitter or sweet or sour ??
How can i say that my wine turned great or failed ?
Pls reply

January 26, 2012
Time 4:25 pm
@saif , your question is like a blind man asking someone, how does
the color red look Just a joke!! Proper, commercial red wine (Shiraz)
is a mix of say 40% bitter , 25% sour, 25% sweet & 10% woody

January 24, 2012
Time 12:10 pm
Dear Kosukadi, You have got an excellent presentation skill, Im impressed
with your steps and procedures. So I have stated the red wine fermentation at
home, today is the 3rd day, so far all looks fine. I followed all your
MATERIAL except Ceramic Jar
I did not get Ceramic Jar (in Bangalore, I have searched for that in most of big
and small shopping malls). Many have suggested not using plastic bottle as it
gives a different smell.
Finally I got a CLAY POT (10 litter)!!! ,
If not, can I transfer the grape pulp to a sterilized plastic pot after few days of

Expecting your reply ASAP, Thanks in advance.

January 26, 2012
Time 4:22 pm
@Joby, I suggest you stick to food grade plastic container, say a water
can (food grade water cans are usually white/translucent) or a standard
food grade plastic container if you cant find a ceramic jar. Clay pots
are porous so I dont know how it will hold good for several weeks .
But if you do try with a clay pot, please let me know how it comes up.

February 14, 2012
Time 8:06 pm
Dear KosuKadi,
On the fourth day I have transferred the wine pulp from clay
pot to a good quality plastic pot, as the clay pot look wet
always and the smell was spreading across the rooms.
I experienced never try make wine in clay pot.
Good news is on the 22nd day successfully I have filtered wine
with the help of cotton (long towel), I poured little portion of
wine on to sterilized cotton and squeezed it off to remove the
waste, repeated it for 10 to 15 times. That looks easy and better
compare to other filters.
So far was no collapse as I was using glows and sterilized
materials, also wine smelled good.
Now my phase-2 of wine preparation is in progress, (I have to
wait for another long 22 days )
Ill keep you posted, Thanks.

February 17, 2012
Time 11:09 am
@Joby Patience pays

The wait will be fruitful !


March 14, 2012
Time 10:30 pm
At last im a excellent and tasty
wine. I will give u 100 out 100 rating.

January 28, 2012
Time 1:32 pm
What should i do if wine fermantation seems slow after initial 6 days??
please reply

January 31, 2012
Time 8:44 am
@Chirag , how do you say that the fermentation has slowed down?

Prince Joseph
January 28, 2012
Time 1:56 pm
Hey brother. May I know how I can make gooseberry wine.

January 31, 2012
Time 8:44 am
@Prince , I am still trying to get my hand on a proper recipe, try it out
myself before I post it here. Give me another month or two, will post it
here for sure.

Prince Joseph
January 31, 2012
Time 1:08 pm

Ashwin Baptista
February 1, 2012
Time 12:32 pm
Use of egg white has been forgotten to mention, in the excitement of the
recepie. Please give correct guidelines before publishing.


February 1, 2012
Time 3:44 pm
@Ashwin thanks for the valuable find. Post updated. Adding of egg
comes in part 1 just after wheat.

Fatima Povo
February 1, 2012
Time 6:07 pm
Hi Kosukadi, thanks for this recipe. Yesterday have kept to ferment in two 3l
jars. Excellent presentation of the recipe. Had prepared grape wine, apple wine
and ginger wine some years ago. Renewed enthusiasm. cant wait to taste and
share the result., 2 QUESTIONS:: 1) Is citric acid required for this wine and
can it be added at any stage? 2) Can I incorporate 2 oranges or lemons now on
the 1st day of the stirring? Thanks.

February 1, 2012
Time 6:58 pm
@Fatima. Thanks for your comment. If you a recipe (even rough) for
apple wine preparation, please send it to me. I will try it out and
probably perfect it and post it here.
1) Is citric acid required for this wine and can it be added at any stage?
=> Definite no. Grapes are acidic by themselves.

2) Can I incorporate 2 oranges or lemons now on the 1st day of the

stirring? => I have no idea why why you need to add these oranges or
lemon. Again its going to increase the acidity. I dont think this is
required either, unless you have a specific purpose.

Fatima Povo
February 1, 2012
Time 6:23 pm
Isnt 15 g yeast a little too much? or maybe not since you have made this

February 1, 2012
Time 6:59 pm
@Fatima, the calculation is 5g of yeast for every 500 gms for grapes. It
works for me. I guess you can stick to this ..

Fatima Povo
February 3, 2012
Time 4:27 pm
thanks your replies. Apple wine: trying to find that recipe,,,will post it here as
soon as I find it.

February 4, 2012
Time 9:33 am
its been 15 days till now

February 4, 2012
Time 9:45 am
@shaifal WOW!! This looks like its coming up really nice. Rich

February 4, 2012
Time 4:16 pm
Tnks this was helpfull,,i ve made once before but i did not open or shake the
grapes by opening each day,..which came out well and very strong,,.(also
added cedemon cloves etc for more flovor) and made 2 lts,
now im doing exactly like yu said with egg but with 5kg grapes on 25lts
biselery water can,..if turns out well im not sharing,.,else im coming back to
you buddy

February 5, 2012
Time 9:29 pm
@UJJU, the opening and stirring is basically to let out the CO2
produced during fermentation and let some fresh air inside.

February 8, 2012
Time 2:02 pm
i heard fresh air contains bacteria which are harmfull to
yeast,which converts into vinegar instead of wine so keeping
air contact to its minimum..thats why im using virtual s
tube(pipe with 1 end to can and other inside water) to let carbon
dioxide out, try to upload its pic if any way possible

February 8, 2012
Time 2:39 pm
ok this is my making,,i covered with cloth because i thought
wine is made in room temperature and dark place,.,correct me
if wrong

February 8, 2012
Time 10:34 pm

@UJJU you are right with your idea of keeping it

airtight and the water+pipe idea. I use a 3 piece air lock
which I got out of ebay (USA) which works on the
same principle. Its fun to watch the air bubbles coming
out as fermentation happens. However, for home use, it
is not really necessary provided you keep the container
in a clean, healthy place. I have done several batches
without the airlock and they all came out perfectly fine.

February 5, 2012
Time 7:18 pm
hi thank u for the recipe. i found the real black grapes with the black inside in
hydearbad. i boufht a basket of it (roughly 10 kgs).i followed ur recipe .i
started the wine on dec 20th . today i tasted the wine itis kind of sour and a bit
acidic on the concerned is it ok. i want it more sweet. PLEASE

February 5, 2012
Time 9:27 pm
@Malar , acidic on the throat , if you feel it on the throat , I am sure
its alcohol (burning) and not acidic. With our Indian grapes, unless its
super sour grapes (which you dont get nowadays, everything is hybrid
and sweet), you shouldnt have problem of acidity. I am sure your wine
should be okay.


February 5, 2012
Time 7:45 pm
thanx a lot bro.!!
This is my first time making wine at ma home.!!.just wanna ask u
that.why we are adding sugar half and half later??
this is the latest pic.all grapes are setting down..

February 5, 2012
Time 9:28 pm
@shaifal, dude,when the wine is done, send me a sample if you are
somewhere nearby Your wine looks like its going to be amazing
when its ready.

February 5, 2012
Time 9:31 pm
@shaifal, wine making is usually in 2 stages. Primary and
Secondary.You feed the yeast with sugar in parts. Sugar is an excellent
preservative. So if you add too much sugar in one shot, it will stop
fermentation and kill the yeast. Thats why

shanmuga rajesh
February 8, 2012
Time 12:15 am
hi sir i did everything exactly as u said.i have a problem now i
am leaving out of town with my family so i would not able to
stir it as per your first part for 5 days is it okay or it will spoil
the wine.Please advice sir

February 8, 2012
Time 10:34 pm
@rajesh . 5 days wouldnt cause any damage. Dont

February 5, 2012
Time 10:34 pm
@kosukadi..offcourse i doem here in kerala..where r u staying..??

February 7, 2012
Time 1:28 pm
@shaifal , I am here at CHennai. Just raise a toast for kosukadi, thats
good enough

February 5, 2012
Time 11:41 pm
Hi Kosukadi,
Firstly,thanks for this awesome presentation ur recipe looks very simple and
do able .Was searching for yeast for abt one week now and got it today just an
hour ago I still have one question.. Black grapes earlier used to be the ones
with seeds and also tasted a little sour .. but now a days we find the tastes of
both black and green grapes as same as green.. and are seedless so wat do u
suggest to do in this case 1. To go with the blacks available in market or add
sumthing extra to increase the acidity ??

February 6, 2012
Time 4:46 pm
Can u suggest a lil bit of variations that we can add in different batches to alter
the flavour??

February 7, 2012
Time 1:35 pm
@Rony. You can try adding these. They add a subtle flavor and does
not affect the fermentation of aging process anyway. Ensure whatever
you add is pretty clean and as dry as possible. How much you add
depends on the amount of flavoring you desire. Let me know how it
1) Orange Peels (Orange, Not Sweet lime)
2) Cinamon
3) Cardomom

4) Cloves
4.5) Dried ginger root. This gives great flavor
5) For the color, caramel works great and does wonders. It also has its
own flavoring. Caramel is burnt sugar. Just search on the internet on
how to make it. While making caramel, just ensure that you dont add
lime (like how in some guides they may suggest)
6) One other person adds dark rum after fermentation, before bottling.
This she adds, because it increase the kick also adds a bit of color.
For one batch of wine, you may add 180 ml of dark rum
7) In the US, in wine making supply stores, you get ready made flavors
of different varieties and flavors. This advantage we dont have here

February 7, 2012
Time 11:35 pm
hi bro.
Today i filtered my wineand i tasted about less than half a glassthe taste is
great but its like acidic feeling while swallowing..(feels like small burning) that okay.??can i keep at down row of my fridgeto make it

February 8, 2012
Time 10:35 pm
@shaifal , haha, that burning feeling is alcohol
will have a buzzy feeling in your head


Drink 2 glasses, you

February 10, 2012
Time 1:59 am
hi bro.
I added the other half of sugar yesterday and after mixing it tastes sweeter..

Fatima Povo
February 10, 2012
Time 4:42 pm
@shaifal, your wine looks really goodmy wine color is the same but is
missing the white frothy bubbles..
@kosukadi.has the yeast become dormant? there is not much bubbling
happening. It is Day 10. I tasted a drop its not sweet, its tasting alcoholic.
when the next lot of sugar is added, the second fermentation takes place, is it?
Will it leave a little sweetness?

February 14, 2012
Time 9:23 am
@fatima povo ..try to upload ur wine photos.

February 10, 2012
Time 5:44 pm
6kg grapes that are ripe, even if they starting to rot and 500g to 1kg sugar.
Squeeze all the juice out the grapes. Make sure to squeeze every last drop
from the skins. Pour some into a container with the suger and most into the

wine barrel. Then leave it for a few days. It will begin to ferment. After its
done(about 6 days) pour the sugar and juice mix into the barrel and leave ot
for a day. Then and onlt then seal the barrel tight. After 40 days u can start
drinking. Remember,.. The longer its in the barrel the stronger it gets. Can sit
up to 10 years as long as barrel is sealed. And to your recipe on here, try add
chunks ofe pineapple durinf fermenting and leave it even after ur grapes come
out. Makes the wine stronger. And add less water peace

February 11, 2012
Time 3:34 pm
I have used up this recipe on the 3rd of Jan and its currently more difficult
part the patience..
Just cant see the container and just wait.. I plan to have another set of wine
starting today, I was hoping to do white Wine this time. Is the recipe the same?
do we just use the Green grapes instead of red?
All this said, this is the best chapter I have read in all my life, a 5 star rated
recipe. Thanks a Ton Kasukodi..
Looking forward for more such recipes

February 12, 2012
Time 12:28 pm
After secondary fermentation is over, how do we remove the turbidity and get
crystal clear wine? I heard there is some chemical you could add, which would
remove the turbidity. What is this chemical? Where do you get it in India? Any

February 13, 2012
Time 2:29 pm
@Leks. Removing turbidity is quite simple. Let the wine stand for say
4-5 hours. All the sediments will settle down and crystal clear wine
will be on top. Using a good/clean tube, siphon out the clear wine from
the top and ensure you dont go till the bottom. Dispose off the
sediments (bottom part). You can do this once a day everyday after say
40 days and within 4-5 sessions, you would have crystal clear wine
with no sediments.
Yes, there are chemicals which clears out the sediments and make them
easy to remove. But I havent tried that. The process I have mentioned
works like a charm with some patience.

Green Goddess
February 16, 2012
Time 8:18 pm
I am 2 days away from my first batch of 21 day stirring then I strain. Its going
so well!! Thank you so much for posting this amazing, amazing recipe!!!
with love from South Africa!
(please send me an email so I can keep you posted!

February 17, 2012
Time 11:08 am
@Green. Great to hear that this recipie has reached RSA!!! keep us
posted. You can write in directly to me at Cheers!


February 18, 2012
Time 6:29 pm
Hi, I followed your recipe but there is a bit deviation. I crushed around 1 kg
grapes, added 500 gms sugar , 15 gms yeast, 700 ml water and have lef it for
fermentation. Now after 4 days, I see the yeast sedimented at the bottom and I
do not see much bubbles while stirring daily. Will this work out?? please
reply..thanks for the amazing recipe

February 21, 2012
Time 6:31 pm
@Avishek , it neednt necessarily bubble or froth. The sediments in the
bottom are not yeast, but grape pulp, skin, sugar and since they have a
tendency to settle is why we are required to keep stirring it daily. So
dont worry, all should be well

February 18, 2012
Time 10:11 pm
Dear Friend,
The process of the wine is very wonderful. Also it is very useful tome. I am
going to try this method tomorrow onwards.
Thank you verymuch for your tips.


February 20, 2012
Time 4:51 pm
i tasted my wine its nice but it is very sweet.

February 21, 2012
Time 6:30 pm
@selva . When compared to the commercial red wine, you may find it
a tad sweeter. But sweeter is subjective to ones independent tastes.

February 20, 2012
Time 11:00 pm
hi kosu machi,
i am from chennai followed u r wine making, i get 15 bottle good wine from ,
my honourble friends tasted my wine, all are appreciated all thanks to u

February 21, 2012
Time 6:29 pm
@Balaji. Wow!!! 15 bottles thats quite a lot. Enjoy!!

February 22, 2012
Time 5:09 pm
preparing wine as the procedure you have shown, but had made a mistake,
have added whole sugar at the start
pls show the way to overcome my mistake, by adding lime juice will work out
im adde 1.5kg of black grapes and 1.5 kg sugar

February 24, 2012
Time 11:42 am
@hari sorry for the delay in reply. Theoretically excess sugar slows
down or kills the yeast. I suggest that you keep your fingers crossed
and wait. Hopefully it should be okay. Just keep stirring everyday.


Fatima Povo
February 23, 2012
Time 5:23 pm
Just strained my batch of wine yesterday and have kept it for the second
fermentation. I tell you my house was reeking like a winery..but whos
complaining? hahaha.

February 24, 2012
Time 11:41 am
@Fatima I know what you mean. The smell will stick on atleast for a
day or two

February 24, 2012
Time 10:57 am
Heylo kadi,
Thankx a ton for d recipe . Am all set for da go. And its really nice of you that
u took so much care n patience to post dis, And the best part is, the time u
spare to answer the queries thatz really kinda u And Can you Please mail
me some north indian cuisine,,, wishes Prajna Coorg.. karnataka,,

February 24, 2012
Time 11:40 am

@Prjna Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!!! However I

dont know any North Indian cuisines LOL

February 24, 2012
Time 1:05 pm
Its better late than never. Thanks a ton for your recipe.., i followed your
recipe and made red-wine last christmas and it was a HIT! I am now all set to
try making some white wine with green grapes.. and the first thing i could
think of was to come back right here on Kosukadi to check

February 24, 2012
Time 3:35 pm
@Nisha what a coincidence , with the green grapes in season, I was
about to start a batch with green grapes too. Let us know how you

February 24, 2012
Time 3:31 pm
Hi KK, thanks for a good recipe. I grow black wine grapes (black skin and
black flesh) in my garden, so will try your recipe asap. My grapes are not the
seedless variety, so will the seeds affect the quality or taste of the wine?

February 24, 2012
Time 3:36 pm
@gmc what a lucky guy you are to have grapes in your own garden!!
Actually the ones with the seeds are the best. The seeds add to the
body of the wine and again, black fleshed grapes are the best. When
you are done with the wine, send me a photo to see the color of the

Fatima Povo
February 25, 2012
Time 9:50 pm
i read somewhere that during the second fermentation, there must not be
empty space, needs to topped with water, or some older wine.

Aprajita Rana
February 26, 2012
Time 3:09 pm
We made wine using a similar recipe, minus the yeast and lesser quantity of
water. Wine tasted good but was too sweet. Now better informed from all the
comments and experiences of so many people, I look forward to making some
great wine! Thanks!


February 27, 2012
Time 7:44 pm
Affordable and easy. wonderful reciepe.

Nandkumar Deshpande
February 29, 2012
Time 8:15 pm
Great ! This is really the easiest way of making wine. I am from Nasik (MS)
which produces finest grapes. Earlier I tried 2/3 times but finally had to throw
it. May be because of bacterial infection. This time I will try with your method
at early grape season and if successful, prepare one year quota ( 12 bottles). If
it tastes good I will send one bottle to you as appreciation. Bye

March 2, 2012
Time 6:01 pm
is there any chance of methanol formation during fragmentation, because in
this case wine will be toxic. pls help me because i have home made wine but i
am scared of methanol formation,

March 8, 2012
Time 3:45 pm
@Abhishek no and even if there is methanol formation, it becomes an
issue only if during distillation like say distilling the mash (while
making hard liquor). Distillation tries to extract the alcohol i.e ethanol

and along with it there can be traces of Methanol that has to be

removed. While making of wine, there is no distillation, so no
Methanol and therefore no chances of getting blind

March 3, 2012
Time 6:01 pm
terribly sweet mate can this be fixed?????

March 4, 2012
Time 7:16 pm
Just check @ my facebook.. Our Homemade Jambul Wine details listed

March 6, 2012
Time 1:46 am
Awesome reading, thanks so much for your easy to understand recipe!!! I have
me grapes in my backyard and today is the day I will start me wine!!! Happy
Wine Making Everybody!!! I reside in Ruatorea NZ Aotearoa!!!

March 11, 2012
Time 4:54 am
Hi May V. How is your wine making going? I want to make some in
Auckland and I too have black grapes in my yard which I will use.
Please give me some tips for NZ conditions

March 16, 2012
Time 3:23 am
Hi grandmasterc. The wine is looking good so far, its only been
a couple of weeks, got another 4 to go, so wont know what the
final product will turn out like!!! It is my first try, so i guess Ill
have to wait!!! Im sure our NZ conditions are ok, as we do
have a lot of wineries in the country that succeed!!!
Good luck with your wine making and let us know how well
you get on!!! Im also freezing a lot of me grapes. They taste
awesome in a nice glass of wine!!!

March 6, 2012
Time 3:44 pm
Even though I am not regular in taking wine, I was always curious to prepare
wine at home and drink it very sparingly. I was adopting my own method of
preparing wine.Some how, I wanted to know the correct procedure to prepare
good wine.Now, I have the procedure of preparing good wine, I will try at the
earliest and let you know the result. So long.
Sreenivasan N.S.


March 7, 2012
Time 3:14 pm
I will apreciate if somebody open a shope for wine making equipments and
related chemicals

March 7, 2012
Time 3:51 pm
KOSUKADI I have done a small mistake as per your formula that for 10 Kg
grapes I added only 50 gms of yeast and it is the 8th day in a 25 litter
bharani.Is 50 gms yeast O K ? What will happen if some boild water is added
to the secondery. My previous batch the S G of my wine (one year old) is
higher than 1.000 Is there any solution to reduse it.

March 8, 2012
Time 3:43 pm
@Rajan, What is barani also what is higher than 100, can you please

March 8, 2012
Time 4:31 pm
KK, Bharani means container. I am sure that is what Rajan
means It is a Kannada term (same as Jaadi in Tamil).

March 8, 2012
Time 5:38 pm
@Rajan , Yes, you can add later too. Shouldnt be a problem. Just mix
it with luke-warm water (say 20 ml) and add it. But remember, adding
yeast does not necessarily mean getting the fermentation started. If
there is no sugar left to ferment, it is not going to work.
Sorry, I did not read your comment properly earlier. If you have a
hydremeter, then you can clearly calculate alcohol levels in your batch
if you had measured the specific gravity before and after fermentation.
I always follow this index for my calculation. There is no harm with
SG below 1.000
I will create another post with my self learned scientific methods of
making wine using Hydrometer, Airlock etc in the near future.

March 8, 2012
Time 5:44 pm
@Rajan, where did you get your hydrometer? Mine is the aquarium
use one and not that accurate

March 10, 2012
Time 11:21 am
Hi Kosukadi
I got the hydrometer at cochin but it is Indian make .Imported
is also available but costly.bharani means it is a clay pot.
specific gravity I mentiond is not 100.It is 1.000

March 8, 2012
Time 2:50 pm
Dear KK,
Amazingly simple method!! Thanks for the post.
Is it possible to prepare without adding any sugar at all? Isnt the sugar that is
already there in the grapes not sufficent?
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!!

March 8, 2012
Time 3:43 pm
@Pradeep , a very good question actually. Traditionally , atleast during
olden times, this was the case. No yeast, no sugar. But the problem is
our Indian grapes is not as sweet as the internaional ones (atleast the
grapes which we get in Chennai) and the sugar level is quite less in

these grapes and do we have enough sugar to turn to alcohol is a big

question. However, I have tried with just 1/2 the sugar mentioned in
this recipie and it came out quite well, but kind of dry and not sweet
(more like the commercial red wines like sula , grover, 4 seasons
(shiraz)) . You can definitely try with 1/2 or less sugar.

March 8, 2012
Time 4:28 pm
That was faster than I expected!!! Sincere thanks KK, mate!!
I am in Bangalore and I have taken up a liking to wine. And I am anxious to
make my own. I like my wine dry though.
Mail me if you are coming to Bangalore sometime, we will meet over a glass
of wine. I was on the lookout for someone as interested as you in wines closer
to home A bit tired of Bangalore beer-bellied friends know what I mean?
Thanks again. I will use just 750 grams of sugar 375 grams int he primary
fermentation stage and 375 grams during the secondary Will post the

March 8, 2012
Time 5:29 pm
@Preadeep, Sure will let you know when I come to Bangalore. I envy
Bangalore because of the variety of alcohol and wines you get out
there most of which we dont get here

March 8, 2012
Time 5:20 pm
One more question KK: What about the buzz factor when we use 1/2 the
sugar? Commercial dry wines have around 7-8% alcohol as far as I know
Can we match that?

March 8, 2012
Time 5:28 pm
@pradeep , Yes. definitely. I have compared home made wine with less
sugar , head on head (In consecutive sittings) with commercial red
wine (non fortified one) and they seem the same. I will take your view
when you try too.

March 8, 2012
Time 5:35 pm
Awesome!!! Just what I wanted.
Thanks mate!

March 9, 2012
Time 4:24 pm
my mom tried out your wine recipe, it is come out fantastic, now she wants to
try the same recipe, but with pineapple, will it do?

March 15, 2012
Time 10:00 am
@cecelia with pineapple its slightly different. I havent tried it out yet,
but I learn you have to boil the pineapple with water and then the rest
of the process is almost similar. I just you need to do a bit of reading
and then do trial and error. Please let me know if it works for you

March 10, 2012
Time 11:27 am
hey thanks for a very nice recipe. I tried it successfully

March 10, 2012
Time 12:11 pm

Please inform where I can get ailock.Iam from cochin where it is not
available.At present I am doing drilling a hole on the cap and insert sligtlly
bigger than a plastic tube so that it will be air tight and putting the other end in
a boottle contaning water. One main problem is with the secondery
container.When we transfer from primary sometimes the level in the
secondery may not be full. If we top up with boiled and cooled water there are
two things your wine will get diluted and in the long run there is a chance of
funcus formation which happend to me once and I had thrown out the wine.I
think if we add pottassium metabisulfite we can overcome it .This time I am
going to try it

March 15, 2012
Time 10:03 am
@Rajan, please dont add any preservatives, because doing so is going
to kill the yeast and stop fermentation. You can try a simple air lock
with tube and small bottle of water, just check on the internet or you
can just leave with the air space you are talking about. If everything is
clear and the surroundings are clean too, there is very little chance of
the wine going bad.

March 22, 2012
Time 5:21 pm
Hi ranjan,
I make Grape wine at home but on a slightly larger scale. i make about
50 to 70 liters in a single batch. I use a Cello company Plastic drum
with a Lid on top. I get the use of the grapes using a Juicer or i grind
my grapes in my sumeet mixee.
Now.. if you are good at chemicals. you can Sterilize your jars, spoons,
or anything else for that matter with Potassium meta bisulphate.
If you top up with water then your wine becomes diluted so add
required quantity of sugar,

After the whole process of making wine. before bottling its better you
Add Dark rum into the mix just to make sure that yeast get killed
completly. See the yeast that you get in the department store has a
tolerance for about 20% alchol. so since dark rum contains about 45+
% its better. Moreover you get a better colour and more high when you
drink it.

March 11, 2012
Time 5:29 am
Hi KK, after the first phase of 21 days when we seal the container for another
21 days without opening or stirring, how will the CO2 escape or is there no
gas formed at this stage?

March 15, 2012
Time 10:05 am
@grandmasterc , this is a good question. This recipe considers that
there is some space left in the container itself to hold the CO2 and also
the container is not 100% air tight. If you want it to be the perfect way,
try an airlock. This recipe is making wine with household stuff so an
air lock is not used. Rest assured, doing the fermentation in the method
illustrated here works very nicely as well.

March 11, 2012
Time 10:49 am

well i have been looking 4 wine making recipe and this is the first time i
ventured & it is amaising. i made 3 lots grapes/pine apple & goose
berry.Today is the 42nd day & all the three wine are clear & fabulus in
taste.But i have some clarification i still feel that the grape & pine apple still
needs some more days of fermantaion as i can see the lid
is swollen & can see some upward movements in the containers.Pl note i have
made the same inm trasnperant food grade plastic container,
pl advice if i have to leave it for some more days or bottle note i checked
the wide with a alchohol meter 7 found no alchohol in it,but a small shot gives
a kind of advice

March 15, 2012
Time 10:07 am
@shankar, sure you can leave it for longer. 40 odd days is the
minimum. But after around 80-90 days, I see that the fermentation
stops completely. Also please share your recipe for pine apple and
goose berry wine.

March 13, 2012
Time 2:56 pm
Hi KK,
What is the longest duration for which you have stored the home made wines?
Do you have suggestions about adding sulfites or is the sulfite content that is
already available in the grape enough?
What is the procedure for adding sulfites if needed?


March 15, 2012
Time 10:09 am
@Pradeep, you can leave the wine in the secondary fermentation stage
for as long as you wish. But just like mentioned in another comment,
in around 90 days, I notice that fermentation stops. What is this sulfites

March 22, 2012
Time 5:48 pm
Dunno about KK , but i stored mine for 3 years. was superb.
Sulpites are used to kill bacteria. so dont add after you add yeast! You
will screw up ur wine!

Umesh Gulati
March 13, 2012
Time 4:52 pm
Hi Koshukadi,
Its wonderful and feeling great that we can make at home which I was really
looking for a long and tried a lot with hill solution of making wine but taste
was not good at all just for the shots only.
Today I will collect all these stuff and from tomorrow onward I will start the
process according to your guidance let see and I am sure that I will give you
the news about it,

One important question can we use sugar free wine ( Instead of Sugar can
Sugar free drops or Powder or Tablets can be use ) if yes than please let me
know. Because some people cant use sugar added stuff because of the sugar
level high in blood.
A superb Thanks to you and cheers in advance.

March 15, 2012
Time 10:10 am
@Umesh how I wish all wines were sugar free and less calories But
unfortunately, sugar is needed for yeast to work on and create alcohol.
You cannot substitute sugar with sugar free etc

March 14, 2012
Time 7:21 am
Hi KK, just finished day 1, very excited. One question how would I know if
the mixture is going bad? Is there any visible evidence?

March 15, 2012
Time 10:15 am
@Caetano thats a tricky question because, for a first time wine maker,
you will not know if the odour and turdiness / muddiness is actually
the wine fermenting or wine gone bad. For me it has never gone bad
and thats because I assure everything (ingredients) and the

surroundings are kept as clean as possible. I hear that if the wine goes
bad, around the 20th day it supposedly gives a very pungent smell
again, wine fermenting also is sometimes pungent.So keep your fingers
crossed and hope its fine. When you filter the wine after 3 weeks , you
can taste a bit and see to confirm.

Soham Mukherjee
March 15, 2012
Time 4:58 pm
Sir, aftr following your process i am trying it for the very first time. But sir i
need a bit help. How can i understand that the process is going well. today is
the 3rd day but i am a little bit scare. Please sir tell me how can i understan
that the process is going well. Please rply ASAP.

Fatima Povo
March 16, 2012
Time 10:35 am
Ah!! the first and second fermentation done with and have just bottled the
wine yesterday and might I say, it is very strong, fruity and a rich colour. I am
so pleased with the wine. Thanks, Kosukadi.
I am not a drinker. I dont like alcohol all that much. I am going to keep just a
bottle for me and give the rest to my family.
Now getting ready for the next batch since there are grapes in the market. And
I want to try with the green grapes also. Kosukadi, same ingredients, same
procedure? or do you +/- anything.

March 19, 2012
Time 4:58 pm

@Fatima , its the same with the green grapes. Send pics of your end
product (wine) made out of the green grapes please (when its done)

March 16, 2012
Time 12:06 pm
Finally, today was 22nd day and I did the stage 2 process. Couldnt help
tasting a little bit during the filtering. Appears to be on track, the smell as well
as the taste and the high factor! Thanks a ton KK! If this turn out as per my
liking, I am going to at least double the quantity next time!.
Cheers !

March 16, 2012
Time 12:21 pm
its 2 day now since i made the wine
everything is going good
but my jar is not 100%airtight
i stir it daily ,i want to know does fermentation will stop if its not airtight

March 19, 2012
Time 5:03 pm
@amit If its not 100% air tight its okay. Dont worry. Just ensure
there is no way excess outside air can enter and also ensure the area

around the jar is clean , not damp and cool otherwise infection will
enter your brew and spoil it.

March 21, 2012
Time 3:37 pm
hey thanks a lot
its 8 days since beginning every thing is fine.

Sharmishtha Dey
March 17, 2012
Time 3:48 pm
Hi KK, you have developed a beautiful recipie. Wine making sounds soo easy
now. I am in a country where any sort of alcohol is restricted/not permitted.
But i heard from a lot of ppl,that they make homemade wine or sadiki(no clue
what it is). My 1st wedding aniversary is in 2 months, and I wanted to do
something special making wine!!
I couldnt find the ceramic pot, so used my water can(5ltr). Did everything you
have said. Unfortunately,since the water can has a small mouth, it was difficult
to stir. So i had to cut the mouth to accomadate stiring process. I closed it with
various layers of cling flim and aluminum foil.Place it in a big plastic bag and
seal it properly. I close it using tapes etc. Its the 8th day today..i tasted it and
its alcoholic,with no bubbles(though the color looks fantastic). Do i need to
worry??? is it because of the use of cling film and foil? Advice me if i can
close it with something else. Is there a way of knowing if the wine is going
Awaiting your response!
Also, I run a food blog, and if the wine I made is successful,i will put it up
there..but i will give all the attributes to you. Do let me know if its allright
with you.

March 19, 2012
Time 5:08 pm
@Sharmistha, The idea is not making it 100% airtight, but allowing air
from inside the pot to escape and not allow exessive air from outside.
So please allow SOME breathing gaps. In the 1st stage , since you are
going to opening the jar to stir it daily, its not going to be an issue
since the brew will breathe. In the second stage, use a waterman with
its original mouth itself and come up with a clever simple air lock to
let the air (CO2) from in to go out. You can try this. => . Just make a small hole in the can
cover to do this. This kind of airlock is perfect for a water can.
Also please go ahead use this recipe with an attribution to this blog and
a link. Thanks!!

March 18, 2012
Time 7:52 pm
Waited patiently for the 42nd day then. excitedly opened my wine
and on top was like when you make Jam and you have to scoop off the
scum on top! Anyway, I scooped it off then strained some wine into a jug and
bottled it! The wine is slightly cloudy, but the taste is divine! BUT is it safe to
drink??? and can I maybe filter it thru a cloth? Hope I dont have to throw

March 19, 2012
Time 5:14 pm

@Colleen, did you filter the wine after the first stage? Your description
looks like you did not filter the wine at all. If you havent yet, its not
too late, please see the article and do it

March 19, 2012
Time 8:29 pm
Thanks for your reply I actually strained it with a normal
kitchen seive, but perhaps it was not fine enough?! Can I strain
it thru some clean linen cloth which I purchased for the purpose
but never used as the picture looked like a sieve! I would be so
pleased if it works! I tastes so delicious! Almost like a Honey

Dinesh Patel
March 19, 2012
Time 6:54 pm
Dear Kousu,
I have prepared the wine exactly as per your recepe and now it is second stage,
so after 21 days I had filtered it and kept it in a Jar without openning it & its
air tight, 42 days will be complete after another 7 days, but my question is
after 21 one days after filtering it I have not opened a single time and it is Air
tight in Jar, so there wont be any problem when I open it after another 7 days,
that is completion of second half.

March 21, 2012
Time 1:49 pm

ahh!! too much work.. will buy one instead.. will u do home delivery???

March 22, 2012
Time 2:53 pm
Hi , I tried your recipe but the wine turned out too sour and there was no
burning sensation (i think theres very little alcohol in it). it s already 87 days
old so im planning to put a new batch . what changes should i make? should i
add more sugar or should i get sweeter grapes?

March 23, 2012
Time 2:40 pm
Hi KK, I appreciate the methodical representation of yr wine recipe. the
discussion over it also has matured like tr wine I hv tried making wine from
the usual green grapes. I ve just added sugar (equal quantity) and nothing else
and let it ferment without crushing it. The wine took a long time to get done,
almost 5 months. I had not added any water, preservative, yeast, etc. Neither
did i sieve it I had just left it tightly capped. After about 5 months, I tasted
the clear liquid that was collected on top. The quantity of the wine was less but
it tasted simply heavenly: neither sharp nor bitter So, do you think it was
edible as it was made this way? Or could it be toxic? please do let me know.

March 30, 2012
Time 8:49 am

@Prasty, if you dont crush your grapes, the juice wont come out as
much as you want. So there will be a lot of wastage. Otherwise I see no
problem. Nothing toxic, its safe to drink

Umesh Gulati
March 23, 2012
Time 11:29 pm
Hi Kosukadi,
I have one query what will happen if we mix sugar at a time. I mean 1.5grapes
and 1.5 kg sugar along with ingredient mentioned by you. I am trying by both
please also let me know can we use apple pulp instead of grapes.
Kindly reply at the earliest.
best regards