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I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam Correct answers what i think are marked with a #\ YOu can rely on me on these sections. Routing - 100% Bridging & Switching - 100 % Cisco IOS basics & configurations - 100%

1.What is the requirement of OSI ?

#a. interoperatability between vendors.

b. defines a standard for how a pc works.

c. & d. were junk.

2.They will give a question which contains some of the functions of the OSI layers like physical - does decisions on physical , mechanical chara . etc. the functions are marked 1,2 3. we have to arrange in order which all layers will map to which all functions.

3. An enterprise server. is there. 2 domains sales & management are

accesssing this server

will u use. a & b were junk #c. use a router d. use a switch with access-lists applied. ( i think this is wrong- any how i marked c which i think got correct.).

we want to have security between these 2 domains. what

4. What is the term used , when a packet using one protocol is encapsulated

using another protocol Tunneling

( such as IP)

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

5. 8 PCs are connected to a switch each have 10 Mbps BW. what will be the

individual bandwidth available to each.





6. What r the 2 layers of the Data Link Layer?


7. What r the three basic switch functions among the following.

a & b were junk

#c address learning #d broadcast filtering ( i marked this since it is possible with


e packet forwarding / filtering #f loop avoidance

8 . falls into which group


9 what r the 2 parts of a IPX address.? network and node( mac ) address,

10 ICMP & RFC 1700 is implemented in all tcp/ip hosts. a. true #b.false i marked false bcos what i thought was that rfc 1700 defines well known ports. &

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

icmp uses no ports

11. Advantages of Lan segmentation ( key to answering these type of questions is to be through with broadcast & collision domains

Device Used

Broadcast Domain

Collision Domain

\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\pard\intbl\b Device used \b0\cell\b Broadcast Domain\b0\cell\b Collision Domain\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Repeater\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Hub\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Bridge\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Switch\b0\cell\b Single\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Switches with VLAN\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\row \b\trowd\trgaph150\cellx3369\cellx6364\cellx9359\intbl Router\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\b Multiple\b0\cell\row

Bridges & Switches create a single broadcast domain but increases no: of collision domains, or decreases collisions, decreases size of collision domains.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

12 Assuming no subnetting, given the ip address, what all can u

learn from this, #a) class = B

b) class = C

#c) host address =


network address =


network address=


advantages of segmenting with a bridge


Function of a bridge


What is the broadcast addr. in a 802.3 Ethernet LAN


#b) ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff

c) ff-00-ff-00-ff-00

16)What r the advantages of UDP ans: less overhead due to lack of acknowledgements

17) what r the operational phases of a connection oriented protocol call setup, data transfer, and call disconnection\b0\par

18) how to configure rip routing? router rip network <addr>

19)how can u establish inter-vlan communication ?

a) a cisco router can be used.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

#b) a cisco router with ISL running can be used. c) junk

20) What is the protocol used in switches & bridges to avoid loops? Spanning Tree Protocol

21) Two methods of switching used are cut through and store&forward

modified version is available

switching a) junk b)it waits 4 50% of the frame to arrive and then forward #c) it waits till the data field arrives and then forwards it. 22) How to enable rip routing 23) When does hold down timer resets ? #a) hold down timer naturally expires. #b) when an update is received telling that the n/w that was down is up now. #c) when an update is received telling a route to the n/w with a better metric.

d) when a processing task proportional to link to the n/w is obtained. ( this

is given i n Todd Lammle- which i didnt get what he was meaning the other three were right and i got it correc t.)


what is the speciality bout this

i thought

24)Where r the buffers, ARP caches and routing tables stored? RAM 25) when u get %incomplete command what 'll u do? retype the command and press ? 26)which of the following will help u come to know that u have executed the

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

shutdown command in the serial interface. serial 1 administratively down, line protocol is down 27) u wanna set "cisco " as ur line console password . what commands will ya use. a)line console 0 login password CISCO b) & c) junks & craps #d) line console 0 login password cisco password is case sensitive eventhough commands r not

28) when u type "show startup-config" where do ya see the ip or ipx addressses configured in the interfaces section ( under each interface)

29) How will ya upgrade to a new version of IOS copy tftp flash

30) For efficient routing what do u need destination address of the incoming packet.( this was the only choice sensible in that )

31)how do ya know that u r in the privileged mode seeing the #\

32) how do ya backup flash copy flash tftp

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

33)which key fills the command 4 u? tab key

34) isdn uses which of the following encaps.

a) ppp & ip

#b)ppp & hdlc

c) ppp & sdlc

d) junk

35) how to implement accesslists on an interface


create them


apply them on an interface.

36) What does the command show access-lists 101 list? lists the contents of extended accesslist 101

37) which command from the following shows ur access-lists?

a) sh ip interface

#b) sh access-lists #c) sh ip access-lists

d) junk

38)The number of collisions in Full Duplex Fast Ethernet ? zero.

39) an exhibit \pard\keepn\sb100\sa100\b\fs16 interface ethernet 0\par

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

network 4a ip access-group 800 interface ethernet 1 network 3d interface ethernet 2 network 5c what is the effect of having the following access-list on interface e0? access-list 800 permit 3d 4a #a) it is applied on an outbound interface #b) it will permit traffic from 3d to 4a c) it will deny traffic from 4a to 5c and 3d

40)what does the "base" in 10baseT stand 4? signalling type.

41) What is back-off? it is time delay between collision and retransmission

42) Compare between 10BaseT and Fast Ethernet ? all choices given were factors in common for both

except 4 one

43)how can u know bout the router ios hardware platform, size of ios image file, nvram, flash size etc. show version

44)What r the functions of ICMP ? to give and receive echo messages, destination unreachable messages etc. be thorough with icmp messages.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

45) given amd a s/n mask of find the subnet in which this falls.

46) can ipx traffic coexist in the same data link layer. true

47) in ipx addresssing how is the node part specified. it is implied. ( MAC addr. itself.)

48)How to configure IGRP on a router with AS number of 100 router igrp 100

49) In a frame relay cloud, one router on one end does not support IARP. so what ll u do to connect to that create a static mapping of the next hop addr. with the dlci.

50) Given what is the subnet no:

51) How can u configure subinterfaces in a point-2-point link in frame relay 1) remove any ip addr. of the interface. 2) add local dlci

( actually the process contains more steps . but these were the sensible choices)

52) A company XYZ has an employee who wants to transfer large files for his client server based applications

( some junk) what can he use 4 that use ISDN connection

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

53) 3 advantages of ISDN #a) call setup is faster. #b) data, voice, video

#c) faster than ordinary modems

d) e) f) g) junk & crap

54) What is the definition of CIR ?

a) it is the rate at which the FR switch agrees to transfer the data

#b) it is maximum rate that is possible measured in the COmmited Measurement Rate Interval. ( i think b is correct , eventhough i think i got this question wrong. check whether a or b is correct)

55) Two routers communicate through FR. if one is not possible to connect to the other, what r the possible commands that could be used to verify whether the other router is reachable or not>>>>>> #a) sh frame-relay map b) debug frame-relay map #c) sh ip route

d) junk

56) 3 or 4 questions from OSI

study it with utmost care

57) i got one exhibit which i took some time to resolve it but i finally got it correct. Look out 4 the messages that the router displays while booting 1)Bootstrap messages

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

2)Cisco IOS bootup messages ( Cisco Internetworking Operating SYtems + etc ) 3)The initial configuration dialog ( like " NVRAM invalid due to write erase . do u want to enter intial config. dialog ?"). etc


Which two of the following is true for store & forward switching:

a. latency varies with the frame length

b. works at wire speed

c. entire frame is copied & checked for errors.

d. checks only the first 64 bytes.

e. default mode of switching for 1900 switch


Which are the two primary operating modes of switching :


cut through


store & forward.






To enable RIP which two tasks have to be performed:


specify routing protocol


configure static RIP routing.

c . specify directly connected subnet


specify directly connected network


Enter the command to enable RIP V1 on a router(typing)

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam


What r the 2 most common request with ICMP message when using PING ?


echo request


echo reply.


ping unsuccessful




What is the result of using hierarchical addressing framework?


increased available address


decreased distance b/w the routers


increased router memory


no need to maintain routing information.


Which 3 statements about frame relay config using sub interfaces r true.


sub interfaces are denoted by 0.1 & 0.2


frame relay uses IP addressing scheme


it uses split horizon to reduce the no. of routing loops.


default is NBMA


ICMP is used by which of the foll. protocols






trace route




Which 3 of the following statements r true about frame tagging.


Uses USL method


uses 803.1d


VLAN ID is added.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

d. Uses ISL method.

e. Functions at layer 3

f. attaches a unique ID on the header

10.What are the typical operational phases in a connection oriented network

a. Call setup

b. data transfer

c. call contact

d. call release

e. recombination

f. data relocation

11.Given IP address & S.M. calculate the broadcast address.

12. Which of the following is layer 2 device?

a: switch

b. router

c. bridge

d. hub

13. What r the 4 characteristics of OSI network layer?

a. maintains routing table

b. split addressing scheme

c. separate collision domains

d. single broadcast domain

e. routed protocols work here

f. uses MAC addressing.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

14. What are 3 basic switch functions.

a. increase bandwidth on the n/w.

b. loop avoidance

c. addressing

d. hop count limiting

e. broadcast filtering

f. packet forwarding.

15. If a

show spantree command is executed, which line indicate that VLAN is functioning


16. What are the benefits of using OSI layer.

a. standardization of terminologies.

b. Multi-vendor interoperable network devices.

c. Increased layered approach

d. Each layer has an independent approach.

17 Which two of the following statements are true about bridge

a. Floods multicast

b. Floods broadcast

c. Does not flood multicast

d. Does not flood broadcast

18. What are the three steps to configure DDR on BRI connection\par

a. Dialer info

b. Interesting traffic

c. Define DDR password to exchange when loop comes up

d. Static route.

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

e. spid

f. ISDN status

19. In a LAN network that uses IPX address, what do you use along with the

network number

a. IP address

b. Default gateway

c. Default route

d.MAC address of the NIC

20. Which command should you use to configure a router so that it can

become a tftp server

a. copy flash tftp

b. copy tftp server

c. hook network (router name)

d. tftp server <filename>

21. which router component stores routing buffer, ARP cache and packet


a. ROM

b. RAM



22. Which command displays all commands in the history buffer

a. Show history

b. Show nvram

c. Show terminal history

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

d. Show buffer

23 which of the following ping are correct.

a. ping 192.B.C.0

b. ping valid address

c. A.B.256

d. ping 192.B.C.255

24. Range of addresses is as follows: what does this denote ? a.MAC addresses b.IP address c.DDR address d.Private address

25.How do you configure IGRP on a router with an AS of 100

a. Router IGRP 100

b. Router IGRP 10

c. IGRP router 100

d. IGRP is enabled by default

26.What is the distance of a 100BaseT a. 100 m

b. 200 m

c. 300 m

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

d. 500 m

27. Which command gives a list of all configured DLCIs

a. Show frame-relay

b. Show frame-relay

c. Show frame relay

d. Show svc

28. Addressing in a frame relay is done through

a. LMI


c. PVC

d. SVC

29. what is the access list command that has to be entered in the router to

prevent the user from from using FTP to

a. access-list 101 deny tcp eq ftp

b. access-list 101 deny tcp eq ftp\par

c. access-list 101 deny tcp 0. 0.0.255 eq FTP access list 102 permit any any

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

d. access-list 101 deny tcp eq ftp access-list 101 permit any any\par

30. What are the commands to see access-lists configured on your

interface(choose all that apply)

a. Show access-list

b. Show access-lists

c. Show ipx access-list

d. Show run\par

31. To prevent loops and ensure that there is only one path, which protocol do

you use

a. STG

b. Split Horizon

c. STA

d. STP

32. Which two statements are true regarding configuration of


a. Remove all IP addresses

b. Give a default gateway

c. Configure DLCI on each interface

d. Configure LMI on each interface

33. what are the steps in data encapsulation

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

a. data-segment-frame-packet-bits

b. data-segment-packet-frame-bits

c. data-packet-segment-frame-bits

d. data-bits-segment-frame-packet

34. What is true about connection oriented and reliable packet transfer

a. It has less overhead than a connection-less


b. It follows a 3-way handshake

c. Example is TCP

d. Example is UDP

35.Jane has accidentally telnetted into various sessions on different routers.She wants to suspend different sessions immediately. How can she achieve this

a. Suspend

b. Quit

c. Ctrl+shift+6

d. Ctrl+shift+6 then

36. Tom runs a software company which is into appln development, programming,

inventory etc.,

to maintain security & wants to minimize costs. How does he achieve this ?

a. A hub

b. A switch

c. A switch along with access-list to each port

d. A router

He wants to divide these depts


and at the same time wants

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam Ethernet is 100 times faster than std., Ethernet True/False

38. ICMP(rfc 1700) is enabled on all TCP/IP hosts by default


39. To transfer data at high speed ,prefferd technology










There is a LAN with a lot of collision taking place using a Hub, how do u

reduce the collision

a. Switch

b. add one more Hub

c. router

d. bridge

41. what is the error message displayed for the command CL ?

a. ambigious command

b. invalid command

c. shows clock and clear

d. gives all the options

42. How do you copy an IOS image into a router

a. copy ftp flash

b. copy tftp flash

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

c. copy flash tftp

d. copy flash ftp

43. which is the link-state protocol that is present in TCP/IP stack

a. RIP




44. VLSM is supported by(Choose all that apply)

a.\tab OSPF

b.\tab EIGRP

c.\tab RIPv2

d.\tab IGRP

45. In a 100 base T std., what does base stand for

a. spectrum

b. signal

c. device

d. speed


46. You want to connect to a frame relay network that does not support inverse

ARP.what do u do

a. give a dynamic entry

b. give a static entry

c. use static map to a local DLCI

d. use gateway

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

47. How do you find LMI is enabled in an interface or not

a. show frame-relay LMI-type ansi

b. show frame-relay LMI

c. show frame-relay frame-relay

48. Given IP address, required 2 subnets and 35

hosts/subnet. Find the subnet mask.





49. What is the use of a VLAN

a. creates more broadcast domains

b. creates more multicast domains

c. creates more unicast domains

d. all of the above

50. What is CIR

a.the rate at which the DTE can send data for an individual circuit for which the provider has already committed.

b. the rate at which the DCE can send data for an individual circuit for

which the provider has already committed.

c. It is a link between DTE and DCE

d. All of the above

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

51. Which series of ISDN recommendations specifys Switching and Signalling

a. I

b. Q

c. E

d. F

e. S

52. Which of the following will allow you to view nvram contents

a. show config

b. show protocols

c. show version

d. show running config

e. show start-up config

53. what does show CDP neighbors command not show

a. Device ID

b.Hardware platform

c. Ios verson

d. Port type and number

54. Which command does not show two devices are not routing packets between them


a. ping

b. trace

c. show interface

d. telnet

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

55. what helps mitigate problems with link state protocols (any two)

a. minimize router resource usage

b. co-ordinate updates

c. minimum hop-counts

d.distance vectoring

56. which frame type use DSAP and SSAP to identify upper layer protocol

a. 802.3

b. 802.5

c. 802.2


57. IPX can have different encapsulation on the same data link layer


58. WAN data link protocols that can support multiple protocols are (choose


a. ppp

b. slip

c. sdlc

d. hdlc

59. Based on address what is the protocol and type of


a. MAC and Multicast

b. IP and Muticast

c. IP and Broadcast

I have tried to write all the 65 questions I got in my exam

d. None of the above