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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Because of strong organizational culture Southwest Airline is making profit in point-to-
point service. Their organizational culture makes them more attractive and successful.
It is a culture that has helped make southwest the only constantly profitable company in
the airline industry of U.S.A. They dedicate the highest quality of customer service
delivered with logic of love, sociability, individual pride, and company’s spirit. Leaders
of Southwest have unusual but effective style of leadership and participate in contests.
They are committed to provide a secure work environment with equal opportunity for
learning, job security and personal growth to their employees. They give emphasis to the
selection of employees who are good-looking, compassionate and pleasing personalities
to the job and make better labor relationship. Creativity and innovation are encouraged,
employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the
organization that they are expected to share externally with every Southwest customer.
Love theme is the culture and in-flight contests were conducted so they make fun for
employees and travelers. They make use of regional form of speech in their
announcements. They achieved a desirable financial performance. Through their culture
they create a blue ocean in the Airline Industry and generate demand within contest with
a decent manner rather then wrestled over it and make it (Blue Ocean) the engine of
Culture differentiate Southwest with others and people prefer it due to its culture. Leaders
of southwest created a strong culture and set some rules which make simplicity for the
employees while working. They appreciate the employees while working or some
contests by employees, team work and provide stable work environment that encourage
the employees that create more commitment to work in employees.
Employees also do well and provide better services and environment to customer. They
show their culture before the customer which other airlines not. Customers like the
change and participate in contests while flying and make fun their flight. Due to culture
customers become happy and prefer southwest. Due to culture Southwest was boarding
more passengers after the Sep. 11 and show commitment with them and they are making
profit, strengthen their balance sheet and raised their market share so they never layoff a
single person in response to 9/11. This strong culture makes better aircraft utilization
while other companies failed even on this point-to-point service because their culture not
met with Southwest. Southwest never enter into competition but create demand within
the rivalry and use Blue Ocean strategy.
Sum up:
Southwest strong culture makes it the more successful in the airline industry in point-to-
point service. Southwest’s culture of hard work, high-energy, fun, and creativity
make it best.
Southwest Airlines


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