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Final evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and
conventions of real media products?
The three products that I have created use develop and challenge many forms and
conventions of real media products as I researched into what has been popular over
time within the R&B/Hip Hop genre. I wanted to create a successful trio of products
that would work well together and convey a final product that could be seen as a
professional piece in the real media industry.
During the pre-production stage of the whole process, Brad and I researched into
what pre-existing videos were already out there and would convey the same style
and attributes we had in mind and therefore could mirror these conventions on our
own video. At the beginning of our project, we posted videos that had inspired us and
given something worthy to work on. These actually became a big influence to our
final piece because we could go back and refer to what we had already seen and
take some ideas and tweak them slightly. From the music videos that we had posted
on our blog, we took a various amount of ideas to use in our own product. The videos
that we posted included: Arctic Monkeys Cornerstone, Jessie J Wild, Clear
Soul Forces Solar Heat, Azealia Banks 212 and Childish Gambino Freaks
and Geeks. Although some of these arent of the same genre, they were still able to
give us similar ideas. By having a variety we could analyse each one to get the best
shots, setting etc. for our own final music video. Using my research effectively was
the key as this enabled me to develop my understanding and clear ideas of what I
wanted to create in our own music product. All but one of the examples had a plain
white setting which I used in my product as it matched the style of our genre and
provided us with a setting we could work with. Originally the video that we were recreating required a setting much too fancy and flash to where we lived therefore we
have developed this area of the media product to something more fitting and
available to our nature. Childish Gambino Freaks and Geeks was the only
example that didnt involve the white setting however what I was able to extract from
this video was that the artist dances around using more space, this was another
example that we used and conveyed when filming Alexo. We were advised that we
should include more singing in our video for the final piece, however as in the Freaks
and Geeks video, we dont actually see Childish Gambino singing until the final
stage when the camera has properly zoomed in. Furthermore what I have taken from
this is that the shots we have used where you cant see his face, he could very much
still be singing.
The content of the next couple of paragraphs will discuss most of Goodwins theories
and how they link in with the three music products I have produced.

Sweet Life has a distinctive link between its lyrics/music and visuals. The music is
very calm with a piano used as the main instrument to set the scene throughout, the
visuals definitely match this as Frank Ocean is surrounded by expensive villas and
tree lined walkways, which connotes a relaxed sort of scenery. During the original
music video there are selective amounts of stages where the lyrics also match the
visuals, this isnt to be said all the way through the music video however. Because
there is such a distinctive link between lyrics/music and visuals it was more difficult to
replicate this in an area in which we live. Using the plain white infinity screen in our
own video abled us to concentrate more on the mise en scene as I knew I couldnt
produce the same extravagant visuals that the original Sweet Life video has
featured within it. I believe that we challenged this as we were still able to link the
music with the visuals in places even if we didnt achieve the same effect as in the
original video.
Genre characteristics are those associated to the certain traits of a particular music
genre. R&B being the genre that I chose, the characteristics that it holds is varied. A
narrative music video, good looking artists, fashion/urban clothing etc. Our video did
include some of the stereotypes however not all, it followed more along the basics of
the original Sweet Life video. The only characteristic we were unable to follow was
the narrative of the video itself as we only had one blank setting. We developed the
original characteristics and made our own to use them to our own advantage.
Alexo needed to be represented in the perfect manner throughout our whole music
video because we wanted to attract our target audience and wanted them to receive
a direct insight into our fictitious artists life. The term that I am referring to is
voyeurism, the direct gaze of people looking at our artist. Tyrant is a new artist in this
industry therefore we needed to show people who is and what he does as he is our
star image.
Choosing a certain record label was very important as our artist, Tyrant was seen to
be new to the business therefore needed to be represented in the R&B industry well.
The record label that I chose individually was TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment).
Although this label isnt known really well it would still put our artists in the hands of
R&B professionals who work with artists that should be bigger than they really are.
Its up to the record label to represent each artist that they sign with their own
intentions and ideas.

My other media products, the digipak and my advert mostly used existing media
products as I researched many digipaks to see what style and ideas I could annotate
and use. I wanted to create the physical pieces of my media product with many
similarities as then it connotes bondage between the two. Because I knew what I
wanted to do and this became impossible due to not being able to use pictures on
the internet, I was unable to challenge the already existing media products because
my ideas werent fully developed. The style of my digipak uses many features from
other examples that I found on the internet and my advert was created by simply
copying the styles on my digipak. Because my advertisement is very plain and

simple, I feel as though it gets to the point quickly and therefore promotes my digipak
in a better way than most. Everything that is mentioned is all the target audience
needs to know about the release of the digipak.
The fact that the artist we chose had to look similar and convincing to the real artists
wasnt a challenge. We actually challenged this convention as we found someone
who was able to fit the position perfectly. Alexo looked convincing to most people and
would definitely catch the eye of our target audience. The R&B genre characteristics
allowed us to style and do what we wanted with our artist using the characteristics
that we knew about from our research and knowledge of the genre. Therefore our
star image was the best he could be in the finishing product e.g. style, looks and
attitude towards the filming of the video and the final product.