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DATE : 11/10/2012




With the hundred years of world cinema, the Indian motion picture industry has
today assumed gigantic dimensions. It is the worlds largest producer of motion
pictures. Movies are being produced in Hindi and 14 other regional languages.
The reason behind the flourishing film industry in India is the fact that it is the
cheapest form of entertainment available for the population. It is the
entertainment with the biggest mass appeal. It is the new art-form and has almost
replaced music, dancing and dramatic art.
A deep interest in technical part of motion pictures combined with
the proficiency in photography lead me to choose FILM CITY as my thesis
topic ,which seems glamorous at once but more of it is highly technical.
The idea of FILM CITY as envisaged ,is to provide comprehensive
facilities for film making and associated aspect in a core area for purposes of
outdoor filming .The film city is to serve as a one stop shop not only for the
shooting but also for processing ,dubbing , and editing subsequently. This would
create a new focus in film making with the appropriate technology thrust.

Film is probably the broadcast and most varied creative opportunity in mass
media. Films , a blend of creativity and technically are an important media ,
not only for entertainment and information, but also for communication. Films
, the most international medium , have developed into universal art forms that
transcend cultural differences. Film making includes feature films,
documentaries, newsreels, promotional films, TV commercials , music videos
The proposal for a film city was framed on the basis of a brief survey carried
out to gauge the need for film centre catering to the needs and interests of film
makers, technicians, students and film buffs. This centre would act as a place
for meetings , lectures , seminars , workshops, appreciation courses and even
trade enquiries.

The centre will act as a cine club for information, education, as well as
entertainment. The centre hopes to fill the void of inadequate technology,
facilities, equipment as well as the lack of studio experts, professionals,
financial experts etc. At the larger level it aims at making cinema a part of day
life and removing the halo of mystery that shrouds the film and their making.
Film city is the place where you can learn the fundamentals about movie
making. It teaches you the
dynamics of storey telling , production and
editing. Not only there is a theoretical perspective but a practical approach is
also associated in an ideal film city.
It is institutes that will provoke encourage and bring out the locked potential of
It takes many people working collaboratively in a variety of specialized fields to
produce the films and programs we see on the screen and TV.

The purposed multimedia cum film city project will have following components:
The Film City will have world class features like digital studios (for film
and television productions) , post production facilities for digital films
,high tech animation facility , high tech gaming facility and a cafeteria.
The Multimedia Park will provide ready built space for technology
companies working in the multimedia industry , to facilitate setting up of
own software/ multimedia development centres.
The Multimedia Entertainment Centre will consist of a minimum four
screen multiplex , commercial space for food parlours , games centre,
internet caf exhibition centre etc. A basement parking for the multiplex is
also being considered.
Its a live project ,work has not been commenced yet. Site is free from contours.


The objects for which the Film City will be set up are:
To promote the study of films as an art and medium of education.
To promote the development of film appreciation among the public in
To expand and thereby utilize the otherwise useless piece of land and
improve landscaping for outdoor locations now.
To influence the film industry produce films of greater art value.
Editing ,dubbing and sound recording studios as well as film processing
laboratories be built for ease of film makers.
To hold seminars to which foreign experts , belonging to all departments of
film industry will be invited.

A film is hundreds of moments photographed and joined together to create
an illusion of something which I did not take place.
FILM AND ARCHITECTURE are parallel art forms. They have a lot of
similarities in terms of special experience. They are an urge to look into the
interrelation in terms of special character and their influence on one
another. Also Architectures role is changing with the changing times and
needs of the people. More stress is laid on the experience, the metaphor
and identity of spaces. The most important role of architecture is to serve
people by creating conductive environment.

Cinema is closer to Architecture not solely

'coz of its temporal & spatial structure but fundamentally 'coz both
articulate lived space. The Architecture used should be MultiTalented, Multi- Faceted & Multi-Situational &Design so that the
Architecture of buildings can be easily altered according to need.


To study in detail the various technicalities and the beforehand preparations done
in the production of a film . Considering the point that whether the construction
of a new film city is necessary. I would say that the ever increasing area of the
films all over India, the neck to neck competition in between producers and
directors in acquiring areas for shooting, makes it if not necessary ,then at least
conveinient to build a new film city especially if it comprises of all the new
methods of filming and processing.
Film City will give me total scope to go out of my way in
design form wise and function wise not only in structures ,but landscapes too.
This is one topic in which there is equal importance to buildings and landscapes.
In most design the landscaping is done either for passive or active recreation. But
in this case. I shall have scope in properly designing the laws, parks, parking
areas, garden shelters etc. with a view to convenience in shooting of a film.
Film , drama , music and architecture are generally considered to
be the time arts which can be experienced, only through the duration. Summing
up, I have taken this subject because it is an entertaining topic as well as a
demanding one.

Design requirements of the project will be formulated by the following methods:
Primary data: Client brief
Interviews with managerial staff of existing facilities.
Site visits
Visual survey and observations.
Secondary Data:

Extensive literature.
Case Studies in India
International case studies will also be conducted via internet.
Research papers
Books, Web


BHOPAL is one of the most popular tourist destination and an increasing cultural hub in
India. The film city is planned in the prestigious BHOPAL. It is a live project
undertaken by M.P GOVT. The project is coming up on 1000 acres of land, on