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-Massive flag overhaul implemented

-Optional rectangular flag frames mod added (temporary until less fuzzy versions
can be created)
-Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Andalusian, and Cajun cultures added (others?)
-Primary culture of Sonora is now Dixie, Yankee, Texan, and Mexican are accepted
cultures (first step in implementing William Walker event chains)
-Albania is union tag for Pan-Albanian culture group, Czechoslovakia is union ta
g for Czechoslovak group
As of 11/30/2014
-Fixed all the bugs that came about from merging North and South America in Vick
ymod 1.06. They are now two seperate continents again btw.
-Events to reduce militancy and conciousness in fascist and Communist nations if
the people's needs are being met unde the new regime. Also changes POP's ideolo
gy some
-Allowed anybody to take part in the Scramble for Africa, not just Europeans
-Created new, stronger policies for fascist parties, Autarky and Dirigisme
-Added several nations as cultural unions (Yugoslavia, Russia, United Baltic Sta
tes, Indochina, Central African Republic)

Below is the changelog for /gsg/VickyMod, which this mod is an extension of. DO
/gsg/VickyMod 1.06
By Hisuibro with credit to Finnbro and Rylok
If you want to borrow anything from this mod for your own, feel free
Installation instructions:
Extract this directly into your victoria 2/mod folder.
Use the launcher to select the mod
To install map mods, just copy them into the main mod folder and delete the curr
ent GSGVickyMod folder in mydocuments/paradox/vicky2
Or just select it in the mod launcher
If you are having bugs, clear both your map caches and verify file integrity bef
ore asking for help
More irredentist decisions
Genocide decisions
New border changes, decisions and events to help model historical accuracy
Pop changes to improve historical accuracy from vanilla and NNM by referencing c
ensus data and available information from the era

TO DO LIST: (NOTE: Chances are most of these will never get implemented. This is
just here to preserve the integrity of the /gsg/ changelog)
if you change to an extreme ideology in game adding an event for your puppet sta
tes also
to peacefully have a government of the same time installed in their coun
but have a very small chance of the AI refusing and declaring Indepdence
giving you the choice to either let them go or take the option to bring
them back by starring a make puppet war
Import HPM slave pops
If a decision is made to ban slavery in-game, then there should also be a series
of apartheid events that increase militancy,
but also promote capitalist investment in the economy.
an event for Vickymod so that if Turkey doesn't own a land link to their Arab ho
ldings they rebel.
events concerning the British and Dutch East Indies Companies
A way for a Mexican empire to annex central american minors
Fix Turkestan not being released properly post russian dismantlement
make events for FRCA/Nica inheriting Misikito
a decision for Ukraine to incorporate the Cossack Hetmanate
Fix Kamchatka not being given as a puppet to China, USA or Japan first
Make a decision for organising Siberia
Event for Japan or Germany to buy the Phillipines
French intervention in Mexico events if Napoopan is in power
Events for Chinese dismantlement
rework the events for the Fall of Napoleon from NNM
Rework starting German cores to model German Confederation
Events for Austria if it beats Prussia and dominates Germany
event for becoming a democracy if you are a hm government and are over 50% liber
make event for asir becoming a puppet of Egypt if they still hold Jordan+Palesti
ne after the war with Turkey and Hedjaz is still a puppet
make qing westernize slower
netherlands annex south africa thing?
Russian's conquer outer manchuria bugged, sphered manchuria stuff?
check french napoleon stuff to see if he still gets extradited and stuff
find a way to make on add display correctly
incorporate austrian germany
Luxemburg crisis
republic of ezo event tree and tag
put timer on bankrupcy events
event for South American nations that puts rubber in the Amazonian basin and inc
reases immigration and migration attraction for those provinces.
bug with usa buying northern mexican states?
More flavour events
have US join 1837 canadian rebellion
The treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo event should really have an option to annex all
of Mexico, since it was an actual thing that was proposed in congress http://en.
Make sure this effects the ACW
Buffs/Events for Portugal that mean Portugal usually ends up controlling Mozambi
que and Angola if they are in the British SOI, punishments if they colonise Zamb
ia and Zimbabwe as well, and that they sell the Angolan coast if the interior is
colonised by another power.
quebec rebellions
January uprising
Rework communism, conservative/socialist/communist parties only for voting, make
an anarchist party?
Follow up events for mountains of madness event

make uncivs less shit

change the political leader events to give a choice between two/three leaders?
Sudanese revolts
(A)Culture conversion decisions/events
(A)Event to abolish slavery if commies take over
(A)American Slave revolt making an independant nation based on john brown's raid
in the USA
Mosley related events to increase chance of Fascists in UK.
Redo caucasian war to move caucasian pops to turkey instead of just killing them
(A)Event to abolish slavery if commies take over
Emperor Norton event chain for a free California starting in 1859
Event for the assassination of Queen Victoria in 1840, increasing conservative i
deology and decreasing militancy, has a small chance to get her killed resulting
in hanover becoming a british puppet and sphere
(A)Irish Civil War
New inventions for non-invention techs. (I'm going to steal these from PDM and r
ebalance them.)
Balkan pop exchanges
October revolution stuff
Red Clydeside events
(A)Colombian Civil war
(A)Revolution of the park in Argentina
(A) communist 5 year plans
industry, literacy, infra(RGO modernization), technology, military, part
y loyalty
I figure industry should be a global promotion of laborers with a negati
ve pop growth as well as some factory throughput bonuses.
Education should be a clergy promotion rate increase, clerk rate increas
e and a buff to education efficiency but I can't figure out a downside for this
Infrastructure will deal with RGO efficiency and I'll see if I can make
it reduce the costs of railroads, again I can't think of a specific downside for
this one.
Technology is pretty straight forward, an increase in tech rate, maybe w
ith an increased pop awareness?
military a blanket slight increases in bonuses as well as soldier and of
ficer promotion chance with a militancy and consciousness growth with the negati
ve being in military and industry tech growth, negative education efficiency and
slight pop growth drop?
party loyalty plan that allows events to fire that make people more comm
unist while purging the reactionaries.
Maybe it makes a state 20% more communist but kills 10% of all the react
ionaries, fascists and anarcho-liberals, and increases their CON and MIL.
Flesh out the Soviet factions and parties to better simulate the in-fighting at
the time. (please someone else do this I don't have the autism)
Hungarian Aster Revolution of 1918.
Tsar of all slavs(Slavic irredentism?)
Reclaiming Crimea for ottomans
Decision for great powers who have Greece in their sphere to encourage them to a
ttack Turkey for the Coast of Anatolia.
(A) indicates additions first suggested, reported or even made by a bro as fuck
/gsg/Vickymod 2.0a
>Removed Pommeralia
>Changed French Algeria to historical borders
>Fixed a bug in cb generation speeds

/gsg/Vickymod 2.0
>fixed numerous bugs
>Communist 5 year plans
>Added events for the Californian gold rush and the bear flag revolt
>Improved starting stats of Tanks and Aircraft and made them scale better into l
ate game
>Guard are now more attack orientated and scale better than regulars into late g
>Initial Birth of a Nation event modified to give more resources and leadership
to boost survival chances
>Added the Mosquito Coast kingdom
>Reduced Dubrovnik's Italian population
>Incorporated the alternate flag pack
>Reworked Syrian cores, other middle eastern nations in the Levant now appear af
ter Turkish dismantlement in a great war
>Decisions to organise Siberia and Kamchatka
>Yucatan irredentism
>Removed White Russian core from Suwalki
/gsg/Vickymod 1.06
>Some minor changes to US parties
>Numerous bug fixes
>Savoy has a 25% chance to join Switzerland when France is Dismantled
>Made Switzerland start with Neutrality modifier
>Fixed a bug in the annexation of spheres event that allowed Germany to annex Sw
>Brought back historically accurate African nations and introduced a handful of
new ones
>Tahiti and Fiji start as independent nations
>Changed Sri Lankan Mashriqi to Maghrebi
>Added the Maldives as an independent country
>Changed the culture of the Maldives to Maldivian
>Bahawalpur added as a separate nation
>Increased CB discovery chance slightly
>Made non-military unciv reforms reduce liberal militancy
>Made Papal Italy capable of inheriting Italian spherelings
>Changed Papal Italy party policies
>Austria/AH can't use the restore empire CB if Hungary exists and Austria/AH isn
't a GP
>Made uncivs techs require slightly more research
>Incorporated the canal mod, canals now take a significant amount of time to pro
duce and cost a pile of money
>Added Yemeni minors with decisions to unite them as a GP and as one of them
>Added a Willow Palisade modifier to Manchurian provinces that reduces the amoun
t of immigrants the region gets and decreases pop militancy slightly
>Added the Warsangali Sultanate
>Zeyla starts under Egyptian control
/gsg/Vickymod 1.05b
>Fixed a bug with republican flags
>Changed Interventionism back due to massive demand for machine tools breaking t
he economy
>Made Finland start as an independent puppet of Russia
>Changed the collapse of Yugoslavia decision for Serbia so that it requires them
to not own Bosnia
/gsg/Vickymod 1.05a
>Reworked China
>Fixed a bug with Jacobin rebels

>Added a .mod file for the map mods folder

>Fixed numerous small bugs
>removed a few ahistorical tags
>Added more fish provinces
>Changed colonial migration slightly
/gsg/Vickymod 1.05
>Added an Indonesian core to Madura when Indonesia forms
>Divided Java into 3 regions
>Nerfed statue of liberty modifier
>Revoked Hohenzollern's puppet status
>Made events around Prussia inheriting Hohenzollern less simplistic
>Reduced Timimoun and Ilizi's life rating to 10
>Renamed a few regions to be more historically accurate
>Added Arvanites (Greek Albanians) in Greece
>reduced non-accepted militancy on residency
>Added slaves to Wallachia and Moldavia
>Changed interventionism to allow the construction of factories, but took away t
he ability to expand them
>Reworked pops in Kotor
>Made the Meiji era event more likely to fire
>Papal Italy tag
>Banatan irredentism
>Changed trade goods of 3 provinces in Africa to gold
>Reworked 1.03 rebels and brought them back
>Added an event that gives Osterreich back to Austria in exchange for Croatia in
the event that they take Vienna trying to get their core in Eisenstadt
>Added in Chadian Arabic pops in Kufe, Zinder and Abeche
>Added colonial recruitment modifiers to Japanese decisions on renaming Hokkaido
and Taiwan
>Made China start with Mongol as an accepted culture, they revoke it to add nanf
aren and beifaren as accepted
>Nanfaren added as an accepted culture the same time Beifaren is
/gsg/Vickymod 1.04
>reduced siege attrition
>Added Aromanians into Greece, Albania and Macedonia
>events for Moldavia becoming free or joining Romania if Russia loses its connec
>Changed Clergy to Intellectuals
>Change the names of New Britain and New Ireland to earlier names
>reworked culture conversion and religious conversion
>Event for Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to change Istanbul's name
>Changed rebel mechanics to NNM base
>Moved Montenegro into friendly status with Russia and changed their monarchy fl
>Made Serbia a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire at the start of the game
>Made Hungary's Conservative party activate at the start of the game
>Reworked congress of Berlin when the balkans are favoured
>Quebecois Irredentism for that one guy, Canadian as well
>Events to annex Cambodia if you own Cochinchina
>Ability to form a united Lao nation for Lao states
>Ability for SEA nations to form a Indochina tag, and for Colonial masters to us
e it in the same manner that Indonesia spreads
>Tuned down liberal revolution by increasing time to fire for almost all events
>Reduced CB fabrication time even though it took me forever
>Fixed 1861
>reduced the assimilation effects of education reforms slightly
>Changed weighted voting to be more bias towards the rich
>Geonese tag

>Changed names of prussian and hms governments

>Made more leading parties available to presidential dictatorships
/gsg/VickyMod 1.03
>reworked Assyrian pops and other pops in that region
>reworked most irredentist decisions to be usable by a fascist government if the
y have significant military power
>Divided the Swiss along linguistic lines, made almost all Swiss parties limited
>Events for the Armenian genocide
>Probably more stuff I've forgotten
/gsg/VickyMod 1.02a 4/02/14
>Bug fixes errywhere
>Reduced Arab rebellion event spam
>Events for Louis Napoleon's coup of 1836
>Some minor bug fixes
>Events for the Savoyard plebiscite
>reworked some western russian regions to fit russian empire administration
>redid pops for Wilno and change the sized of the province in the map mod folder
>Changed Gladstone to produce coal
>Moved Troppau to the South Silesia region
>Force your people to war
/gsg/VickyMod 1.02 29/01/14
>Added Musandam to Sohar for the mapmod folder
>Added Cythera to Zante for the mapmod folder
>Did a bit more work on policies, made several policies reduce militancy slightl
>Added impassable provinces along the Alps and Carpathians
>When Germans form UBD they make it north german and can inherit it at a much la
ter date, north german is also an accepted culture of the UBD
>Tried to reduce rebels somewhat
>Jacobins should calm the fuck down when you have universal voting
>Reworked general rebel AI somewhat, militancy now impacts their chances of risi
>Danish own Accra at the start of the game and get an event to sell it later
>Indirectly nerfed Chinese tech growth
>Decision for Russia to get cores on Ruthenia
>Event for Germany to gain cores on all of Bohemia if they own it already or own
the majority german provinces
>Added a decision for Vietnam to annex Cambodia if they have civilized and still
own all their cores
>Reduced chance of CB fabrication discovery per day from 15/1000 to 10/1000 and
increased CB generation speed
>Increased length of time between crises
>Fixed Berlin Congress so that Northern Macedonia does not belong to the Turks i
f the Balkans is supported
>Event if Pljevlja is cut off from the rest of the Turk holdings to secede to BO
S or MON
/gsg/VickyMod 1.01 26.8 MB 11/01/14
>Fixed a bug with the Farrapos war
>Added events for Rio Grande
>Removed Serbian cores from Macedonia but made the Greater Serbia decision easie
r to use and added them as part of that
>Reworked African nations and cores, in particular the Congo and Ethiopia
>Made irredentist decision give jingoism and reworked a bunch of them
>Did more work on Balkan pops based on available census data
>Made fascism less likely

>Added the possibility for Charles Louis to keep control of Lucca

>Fixed some bugs in Boer war events
>Made Immigration national focus usable, also attracts immigrations globally now
>Reworked pop migration, if it's shit I'll remove it pretty quick, America less
>Changed party policies around a bit, removed the effects of religious policies
and made their effects immigration based
>gave GPs the ability to increase tension anywhere and secondaries in nearby lan
>Event for dominica to secede to the usa or spain
>Made Native American culture colours stand out better against Yankee culture
/gsg/VickyMod 1.0 26.8 MB 04/01/14
>Remodeled baltic germans to be more historically accurate
>Changed around some pops in Austria
>Stripped Occitan cores from Savoy and Lyon, changed occitan pops to french sinc
e the language is closer to french than occitan
>Fixed some bugs with Hohenzollern
>Added a decision for France to accept wallonians
>Added a Hungarian core to Eisenstadt
>Added in Lombardy-Venice as a releasable nation via decision for Austria only,
not Austria-Hungary
>Added a core for Fiume since it was independent for 4 years during the game's t
>Event to conquer Montenegro for less infamy if you completely surround them
>Event for Austria to gain cores on Silesia and remove Prussian cores if they co
ntrol the whole region for a significant amount of time
>Added Armenia, Pontus and Cicilia to the list of nations that can remove kebab
>Added an extensive event tree for Austria of they release nations and aim to fo
rm Germany
>Added an event to force a peace with Turkey if Tripoli annexes the coast for se
veral years
>Removed Siamese cores from Laos since most of it was only annexed into Siam in
the previous 20 years
>Fixed cores around Laos to model the three kingdom split
>Gave Aden to Yemen at the start of the game, made a small event tree for GB buy
ing it
>Added pictures to irredentist decisions finally
>Added decision for Greater Syria
>Rebalanced genocide decisions
>Increased amount of occitan pops in southern France
>Fixed bugged pops in Ethiopia
>Added Champassak
v0.27 13 MB
>Split hohenzollern off as a puppet of prussia to be inherited in 1850 so prussi
a doesn't start with accepted south germans
>Changes to pops in Persia, specifically the kurds and turkmen
>Changed around Afghanistan and how it forms the Durrani Empire
>Changes in African uncivs, removed the less plausible ones for starters
>Added an event tree for diplomacy with Egypt about the control of Northern Egyp
>Added a central andean culture to move chile back into the south andean culture
>Added a greater finland decision
>Added the Cham people in Vietnam+Cambodia
>Galician pops
v0.26 12.7 MB
>More irredentist claims and a few modifications to current ones

>Started adding pictures to everything I missed before

>Some presents for Greece
>A new event for Austria
>Changes to Italian Irredentism
v0.25 12.7 MB
>Updated to NNM 2.3 and HoD 3.03
>Included parts of the greater new england mod and rebalanced them
>Complete rework of the CSA minimod
>Handful of new fun events
>Some minor pop changes
>Mod torn apart, alot of old features removed since NNM did the job better, or i
n a neater way
v0.24 12.7 MB
>Updated to NNM 2.1 and HoD 3.02 beta
>Changed Oman to not always lose their African holdings, added an event for them
to change their capital
>Minor bug fixes
>A few new decisions and events added and touched up
>Cut back on bloat
>Small modifications to a few ACW events
>Decision for russia to release moldovia if its not connected by land to their h
>Changed some culture colours to stand out better
>Added French and Afo-Antillean pops for Luissiana based on the best records I c
ould find but balanced them to be minorities
>Texas no longer accepts dirty mexicans
>Picard areas added to belgium post great war if they have a truce with france
>Put a Bohemian core on Tesin
>(A)Fixed the bugged outside formation of italy decision
>Removed the ability to make the baltic states german if formed by a german nati
on, working on a fix for them that means they aren't inherited
>revoked unciv reform changes for now, need to spend more time looking at their
balance in HoD
>(A)Now packaging in some map mods
>Changed some German pops to Dutch to simulate Frisians
v0.23 1.14 MB
>Incorporated a minimod for the CSA and slave states in general, this'll give sl
ave states themselves a bit of a buff and give the CSA quite a bit more to do
>Pop changes in Belgium and Savoy
>(A)Sale of caribou changed to not remove canadian cores, made the UK less likel
y to give it over
>(A)NNM 2.0/HoD compatability
>Leonese irredentism
>Venician irredentism
>Assyrian irredentism
>Civilization levels of Punjab and Egypt to reflect history
>When released before 1860 Dalmatia will now have a primary culture of Italian
>Rebalanced remove kabab/remove undesirables decisions
>Rebuilt caucasian war events
>Russia now releases moldovia as a puppet if they have no land connection
>Made France start at war with Algeria for Oran, rather than for annexation
>Accept baluchis decision for punjab
>Dicked around in the defines to reduce some of HoD's crazier changes
>Added more Guajiro pops because there were nowhere near enough to represent rea
0.22 never got an official release : (

v0.21 1.3 MB
>More decisions for Turkey revolving around removing greek and annexing their No
rth African puppets
>Remoddled ottoman, greek, serbian pops, primarily in Europe to be more historic
ally accurate to the start date based on Ottoman Population in Europe in the 19t
h century by engin deniz akarli
>Bonus money at game start to fill your trade goods stockpile with and maybe hav
e enough for a factory
>(A)Hudson Bay Company together with events and decisions for them and reworked
British pops in Canada and Columbia, thanks to poopan for these things that don'
t work and have now been REDACTED
>(A)Fixed assimilation
>Redid Ethopian nations, made the union more likely to form
>France now starts at war with Algiers in a war of conquest suggested by poopan
>Decision for the Ainu to settle the islands to their north if civilized
>(A)reworked unciv techs to be a little kinder towards westernizing nations, res
ulting in them being less volatile
>Added an event for an italian nation with italy in sphere or italy puppeted to
inherit italy and then reform it
>Australia decision to claim unoccupied interior if GB hasn't by the time they a
re freed.
>prestige buff for CSA post war and a debuff for america
>(a)change the usa to display as full name, same with CSA but it doesn't work so
all I can say is fucking paradox
>Made the United Baltic Duchies decision add a German Primary culture if formed
by Germany
>Added an event for a monarchist california
>(A)Fixed form arabia decision
>(A)The Hansa by a germanophile - good luck forming it though
>(A)Redone Hungarian revolution by someone who likes hungary and wanted to be he
>Dalmatia (now irrelevant because of NNM 1.6)
>redid pops more
>Reworked White Russian cores
>Lots of little things
v0.20 1.01 MB
>More irredentist decisions
>Pop changes across a few areas, most notably the Franco-Provencal language lang
uage speakers and increased italian pops in dalmatia
>Muslim world literacy upped to reflect the fact that mudslimes love their holy
>Redone regions in spain, added portuguese pops in galicia to simulate the galic
ian culture, extended galician cores to northern portugal
>Fixed enslave albanian decision, now requires ownership of albania
>Rebalanced political policies and civilized reforms as well as pop immigration
and assimilation (Expect to actually see minorities in America!)
>Fixed a bug in NNM's JAPflavour, resulted in 6 major notifications that are not
that major being slapped on your screen at the same time
>reworked greek nationalism decisions
>limiters on the AI to stop them doing irredentist decisions when the infamy wou
ld put them over limit
>(A)decison for netherlands if they've sphered belgium and luxemburg to annex be
lgium and release a walloon puppet.
>Bohemia no longer accepts Slovaks
>Made pops of American democracies capable of leaving
>(A)Fixed japan getting its dick wet in the chinese civil war
>Aragon now exists!

>Bug fixes!
v0.192 - 3/17/2013 - 988 KB
>Irredentism decisions update, including more nations than NNM this time, a few
more to come in the future
>Region changes in Spain to better simulate both pretty borders and historical r
>Senj moved to the Dalmatia region to give Italy better borders when they go Irr
>More minor bug fixes
>Added Basque core to Logrono (because historical claims and pretty borders, I w
ould have made it an irredentist decision but its not worth it for one province)
v0.191 - 3/15/2013 - 980KB
>Various bug fixes with culture and a few other things
>Events for USA and CSA to export their niggers post Civil War
>Changed pop conversion to make pops in america convert to the native cultures s
lower and made jews convert twice as slowly
>Changed some western slavic pops around
v0.19 - 982KB - 24 September 2012
Fixed the fascist dictatorship options for the easter egg. (A)
Added in the Soviet Union as a country. (A)
Russia->USSR/USSR->Russia basic decisions. (A)
"Translated" previous communist RUS events/decisions to SOV.
Same deal as above, but for NNM.
Tweaked the Enslave Capitalists decision and modifier a bit.
Fixed slavery pop growth so the USA/CSA isn't 90% slaves by 1880.
Stole Lucky Nations from Napoopmod, made a few changes.
Added in new graphics for every MiniMod decision.
Added an alternative USSR flag for those who use large flag frames. (A)
Split up the localisation files into more compartmentalized versions.
Made a few other minor changes that are undocumented.
v0.18 - 750KB - 5 September 2012
Fixed a major issue with the MTTH modifiers.
"Localized" the Caucasian War events for NNM.
Compatibility with NNM 1.6/Hotfix B/whatever.
Added a bit of Viking Magic.
v0.17.1 - 731KB - 8 August 2012
Compatibility with NNM 1.5+Hotfix A
Fixes for UPCA unification decisions.
A Mystery of Some Sort.
v0.17 - 730KB - 28 July 2012
Rise of fascism event chain.
Fixed the fascist/communist events - upper house and reforms. (A)
Brazilian abdication, Vargas. - From the work of a brave Anon.
Added fascist flags for GER, DEN, SWE, SCA, NOR, FIN, ICL, RUS, and ENG.
What am I even doing with my life.
v0.16.1 - 157KB - 22 July 2012
defines.lua changes for rebels and other misc things. (A)
Fascistic/communistic takeover if elected parties. (A)
-Added a few improvements to these by a brave Napoops.

Compatibility with NNM 1.4. (A)

v0.16 - 151KB - 17 July 2012
Added the possibility to unite the UPCA and Greater Arabia. (A)
Added the possibility to unite the UPCA, Italy, Greater Arabia, Yugoslavia, and
Romania if you have their constituencies sphered. (A)
Periodic 8-10 year events to increase slave populations in countries with slaver
y. (A)
Slavery of useless cultures as an alternative to genocide. (A)
A bit of a secret.
Removed the Lazy Piece of Shit event modifier from FinnBro.
v0.15.1 - 24KB - 10 July 2012
Possibility to blow up the Statue of Liberty. (A)
Added a decision for Communists to enslave/remove capitalists. (A)
Reunification of nations - Only UPCA for now. (A)
Added the Lazy Piece of Shit event modifier to FinnBro.
v0.15 - 22KB - 4 July 2012
Added the Taras Shevchenko event chain for more flavour and a bit of a ruckus in
the Ukraine. (A)
Added genocide events for totalitarian nations.
Removed possibility of being on the Paradox Forums. (FUCK YEAH)
Fixed a bunch of things with the Caucasian War chains.
Re-Enslavement decision for totalitarian USA. (A)
v0.14.1 - 20KB - 1 July 2012
Nerfed and fixed a lot of the decisions and modifiers to accomodate for a lying
wiki. (A)
Made REMOVE KEBAB and ENSLAVE ALBANIANS make a bit more sense. (A)
v0.14 - 20KB - 29 June 2012
Compatibility with NNM without the need for a patch! (Thanks to Rylock for help)
Caucasian War flavor events for Russia (A)
Event firing fixes for the Riel Rebellion events.
Balancing fixes here and there.
v0.13 - 17KB - 25 June 2012
Compatibility with NNM 1.3 Hotfix A (1.4)
Better compartmentalization for the mod.
Minimized the files that overlap with NNM. Not fully.
Fleshed out REMOVE KEBAB and ENSLAVE ALBANIANS decisions.
Added a new modifier to nerf the above decisions.
Allowed non-TUR nations to remove the Assimilation Program in case they got rele
ased while the Program was still active.
Cleaned up most decisions to make them a bit more readable.
Fixed typos. Typos everywhere.
v0.12 - 16KB - 25 June 2012
Compatibility (hopefully) with NNM Full 1.3 (A)
v0.11 - 14KB - 24 June 2012
Riel Rebellions event chain for CAN (A)
Quebec/Columbia Independence Chain for CAN
Historic Norwegian Independence - Abstract (A)
v0.10 - 10KB - 24 June 2012
Balkan Assimilation Decision (A)
Mexican Refutation-Reclamation Chain
Historic UK Independence of Australia/Canada/New Zealand

Localization files thereof.

Included REMOVE KEBAB and ENSLAVE ALBANIANS decisions from previous mod.
Other things:
Want to help mod? Pick something from the backburner planned list,
make events/decisions/localisation files/whatever for it, put it all into a neat
little archive,
and post it on the thread with the word MiniMod somewhere in your post.
If your additions aren't a 'complete pile' of shit (I'll fix most bugs, if there
are any),
expect them in the next release! If you want attributation, just say under what
name you want your changes attributed to.
If you don't have a preferred name, I'll just name you [whateveryoudid]Bro.
Credits and legal shit:
FinnBro (amongst many aliases that the creator uses) created this minimod for th
e GSG community.
The only true tripcode you will ever see FinnBro use is FinnBro!!UIw63MjXv78.
If you see a different tripcode without a major announcement and transition peri
od, it is an impostor.
If he ever uses this trip regularly and outside of release posts, then put him o
ut of his misery for the good of the world.
Hisuibro is currently updating minimod now, I'll do my best!
I wont use a tripcode ever if I'm lucky, you can find me posting Hisui images or
space marine cups, although other people like to post the space marine cups
Also, thank you anons, you guys provide ideas, localization and mountains of res
earch help. Love you guys.
Thank you to Rylock and his fine people for making NNM so I can bust my ass maki
ng my mod compatible with it. I hope they don't get mad.
Full NNM credits are found here:
A big thank you to Napoops (the guy making the Napoleon's Legacy mod for /gsg/)
for the Lucky Nations decisions as well as a few other bits of errata.
Personal modifications are accepted and encouraged (it'll make you learn somethi
ng about modding, which is always good),
just don't redistribute your version of the mod without properly attributing me.
If you go full Ubik and try to make a profit off this, I'm going to laugh in you
r face.
I don't give a shit if you do or don't try to fork this into a major mod,
just don't claim this work entirely as your own. Give credit where credit is due
, bro.
If you find this mod on the Paradox Forums, inform me immediately. This mod was
never meant to be on the Paradox Forums, nor will I ever put it there because fi
nnbro said the forums are bad.
Reasonable suggestions, balancing issues, bug reports, etc are appreciated and w
elcomed. Just post on /gsg/ and I'll respond to you.
If you don't know where /gsg/ is, don't worry yourself about it. Just know that
the target audience is not you.