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Objectives of the Study

The major objective of the research is to find out the market potential of TNPL
industries product line. This will help to know that what are the prospective of
TNPL as a whole & will also give an idea about its credibility, customers point of
view & stability, apart from all these it will help me to analyze the upcoming future
of the company.
To study & analyze the buying behavior of consumers, dealers, retailers towards
TNPL brand as compared with similar product of some other companies, thus
understanding the consumer acceptance of the products.
To know about the demand & consumption of the products manufactured in the
Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited and there by getting an idea about
market forecast. The paper market is huge & variety of product mix has been found
which serve the purpose industrial users & the ordinary customers like us as well.
Through this knowledge about the verities of products & their demand in the
scenario can be identified.
To study the various promotional offers which are offered by the Tamil Nadu
Newsprint and Papers Limited to its various dealers and industrial buyers so that
much effort towards the promotion of their product is done.

1.3 Scope of the Study

The scope of market study of Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited.
It has helped to provide a knowledge about the market trend, demands &
consumption patterns, future prospects in terms of potential growth, consumer taste
& buying behavior for the TNPL product & other aspects related to channel &
network i.e. -distribution, at the same time some bottlenecks & loopholes in the
entire process could also be taken into consideration for the solutions as well as
Also the following few aspects could be taken care off through this research
study:To study & adjudge the relationships & association among the dealer &
company: This is mainly related to the inter relationships on which the company
has a bond with the various buyers so that a smooth and co-ordial relationship
exists between them.
Identifying those attributes on the basis of which the dealer selects the
products of TNPL: This is mainly concerned with the preferences which the
company offers to its buyers in terms of discount or attractive hampers which they
receive on the fulfillment of its targets that it has to cater.
Popularity of company products among customers: This refers to the image
which the company has been able to create among its esteemed customers and
buyers through its enormous quality services that they are able to provide.
Customer satisfaction is one of the most important priorities as it is the foundation
for the growth of a strong industrial unit. It also helps to build up its brand image
among its competitors that operates in the market.
To analyze the order quoted by the dealer & its fulfillment made by the
company: This refers to the features which are required by the dealers in the
products which they purchase from the company. They also see whether the
requirements quoted by them to the company have been fulfilled or not. This helps
to sort out problems that might occur later due to non-fulfillment of its
To find out the response of the dealers towards the brand: This refers to the
study that is carried out later through the findings and analysis which helps them to
incorporate the changes that are required.

Research Limitations
1. The responses may be biased, as some of the respondents may not have revealed
the true pictures.
2. The Company officials also too tend to give biased answers, as they always want
to give a rosy picture of their company product.
3. The company workers were reluctant to give information about the product.
4. The sample was restricted to the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited.
5. There were time and money constraints.
6. This project was limited to a span of two and a half months and so had to restrict
it to certain areas of Chennai
7. Due to money constraints the study was restricted to a sample of 50 dealers and
8. Transportation and viability of staying there was also a major constraint.


Consumer behavior plays a major role for the growth of the company in the
modern market scenario. The basic idea of this study is to find the consumer
behavior towards TNPL. The needs have to be recognized and necessary steps
have to be taken to make the changes.
India is growing rapidly and changes are dynamic. People are changing, the
preference and the demand is changing. The market also has to change accordingly.
The purpose of consumer behavior is not only for retaining the customers
but also attracting new customers and increasing the sales also creating and
maintenance of brand awareness.
In this competitive market the level of consumer satisfaction decides the
success of any product and any company. The night consumers have to be targeted
and the right strategy should be implemented at the right time. This will give the
desired results.

The survey technique is intended to secure one or more items of information
from a sample of respondents who are representatives of a larger group. The
information is recorded on a form known as questionnaire. As data are gathered by
asking questions from persons who are believed to have desired information, the
method is known as questionnaire technique.
It can secure both quantitative and qualitative information directly from the
It is the only method of directly measuring attitudes and motivations.
It is quite flexible in terms of the types of data to be assembled, the method
of collection or the timing of research.
Meaning of Research
According to D. Slessinger and M. Stephenson in the Encyclopedia of social
sciences define research as the manipulation of things, concepts or symbols for
the purpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that
knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art.

Exploratory Research,
Descriptive Research.

Exploratory Research:
Exploratory research studies are also termed as formulate research studies.
The main purpose of such studies in that of formulating a problem for more precise
investigation or of developing the working hypothesis forms an operational point
of view.

Descriptive Research:
Diagnostic Research studies determine the frequency with something occurs
or its association with something else.
In this project, information pertaining to customer needs satisfaction and
their demographic profile was collected; hence it is a descriptive research.

1) Primary data:
Meaning: Primary sources of data are the data which needs the
personal efforts of collect it and which are not readily available.Primary source of
data are the other type of source through which the data was collected.
Following are few ways in the data was collected:
1. Questionnaires: It is the set of questions on a sheet of paper was being given
to the of fill it, bases on which the data was interpreted.
2. Direct interviewing: Direct interviewing involved the process where I asked
the questions directly to the customers and I got the feedback.

2) Secondary data:
Secondary sources are the other important sources through which the data
was collected.
These are the readily available sources of the data where one had need not
put much effort to collected, because it is already been collected and part in an
elderly manner by some researcher, experts and special.
The secondary sources helpful for the study were
1) Text books like marketing management research methodology
Advertisement and sales promotion etc.
2) Internet was made use for the collection of the data.
3) News papers were also referred.
4) Business magazines were referred.
3) Sample size:
By using judgment random sampling technique 50 respondents are
selected for the purpose of the study.
4) Period of study:
The study is undertaken in the duration of 34 days.
5) Research approach:
The survey method was adopted for collected the primary data. Survey
research is systematic gathering of data from respondent through
6) Research instrument:
The data for this research study was collected by survey technic using
interview method guided by questionnaire.

7) Collection of Data:
Questionnaire and personal interviews are the methods that I have used
for collecting the data.

Dear Respondents,
I am working on the project of A Study on the market analysis and the buying
behavior of the buyers of the TNPL Paper Industry (A Special Case of Tamil Nadu
Newsprint and Papers Limited). You are requested to fill the questionnaire to
enable me to undertake the study on this project.


1) Age Group:
A) 20 - 30 yrs.
C) 41 50 yrs.

B) 31 40 yrs.
D) Above 50 yrs.

2) Sex:
A) Male B) Female
3) Educational Qualification:
A) School Level B) Graduate
C) Post Graduate D) Others
4) Occupation:
A) Business B) Service
C) Students D) Home Maker
E) Others
5) Type of function you are performing?
A) Retailer B) Dealer C) Both
6) Since how long are you associated with the dealers of TNPL Industries?
A) >4 Years B) >8 Years C) >12 Years D) >16 Years.
7) How many go-downs do you have?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) More than 4
8) Whether the go-downs are?
A) Hired B) Personal.
9) What type of products do you deal in?
A) Paper Products B) Stationery C) Books and Stationery

10) What market do you operate in?

A) Local Market B) Local and Outside Market
11) What number of staff do you have in your store?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) More than 3
12) Which of the quality attributes for writing & printing paper you prefer most in
terms of customer preferences?
A) Smoothness B) Brightness C) Bulk D) Opacity.
13) Which problem have you generally faced with TNPL papers?
A) See thoroughness B) Poor Ink Absorbency C) Creasing D) Other.
14) How do you place the order and how frequently?
A) Weekly B) fortnightly C) monthly D) once (in a whole year)
15) From where do you purchase the paper?
A) Supply Channel B) Directly from the mill.
16) Are advertisements required to serve the purpose better?
A) Yes B) No
17) Do you feel like that hiring a brand Ambassador & then advertising for the
paper products would be helpful in generating more volume of sales for the
A) Yes B) No
18) Who are your frequent consumers?
A) Corporate Professionals B) Govt. officers C) Schools institutions D) Students.
19) Is the current packaging of TNPL products attractive & safe?
A) Yes B) No
20) Which type of consumer responses forwards the products of TNPL?
A) Highly positive B) Positive C) Moderate D) Negative.
21) What method of sales do you approach?
A) Phone B) E-Commerce C) Direct Sales

22) During which period of year you register maximum sales?

A) 1st qtr. B) 2nd qtr. C) 3rd qtr. D) 4th qtr.
23) What is your expectation from TNPL?
A) Incentive B) Discounts C) Credit D) Others.
24) What according to you are the possible threats to TNPL from competitors?
A) New entrants B) sales & distribution network C) Price D) Others
25) What is your means of shipment?
A) Train B) Road transport C) Others
26) Do you receive motivational sales scheme from TNPL dealers?
A) Yes B) No
27) What is the mode of company solving your queries & receiving feedback?
A) Via-telephone B) Direct visit C) Others.
28) Which paper you prefer most?