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.::The Strange Twins::..

In Sabah, there was once a young man who sought for wife. He searched for his
bride in his own village. He could not find a suitable one. He went to other
villages and could not find anyone of his choice. This worried him and he decided
to see a witch doctor.
I am looking for a wife but I am unable to find one. Perhaps the gods do not
want me to get married, he said.
The witch doctor told him, It is indeed the wish of the gods that you should get
married. However, your wife is in Papar. She is awaiting you there.
The young man went to Papar. There he saw a young lady washing clothes by the
well. She was beautiful and he immediately fell in love with her. He followed her
to the village and went straight to her house.
The young girl on reaching the house told her father that a stranger had followed
her to the house.
The father came out of the house and saw him standing there.
Why are you following my daughter and what do you want? asked the girls
The man answered, I have come here because I was told that this is the place
where I shall meet my wife. When I arrived, I saw your daughter by the well. I fell
in love with her and have followed her here in the hope that I may be able to
marry her. Now I am seeking your permission to marry her.
The father was surprised when he heard this.
He told the man, Come inside and we will talk about this matter further.
The young man was handsome and he was also honest. The old man gave his
consent and the young lady was happy too.
You may marry my daughter. Take good care of her and make sure no harm
comes to her, said the girls father.
The young man promised to look after her. The wedding was held in Papar itself.
After staying there for about two months he returned home with his wife.

When he reached his house he had a celebration in his village. The people in the
village were surprised to see how beautiful his wife was. They congratulated the
man on his choice.
The man and his wife lived happily. Unfortnately he had no children. They were
very sad and dishearted. The man went to many witch doctors but they all said
the time was not right for his wife to have a child.

One day the wife met a friend who gave her some herbs. She took the herbs and
soon she was expecting her first child.

During this time the man had a strange dream. In his dream he saw two stars.
One star was big and bright and the other was small and dim. The man
wondered what the dream could probably mean. He was very upset about it and
spoke to his wife.
She said, Why dont you go and see the witch doctor? Perhaps she will be able
to help us.
The next day the man went to see the witch doctor. He told the doctor about his
The dream is a bad omen. Your wife is going to bear you twins. One of them will
be much stronger than the other. The stronger one will always control the weaker
The husband was very sad. He did not know how to tell his wife. He decided not
to tell anyone about this. In those days when a woman gave birth to twins it was
considered to be evil.
The twins, one was normal and the other had a long neck and claws instead of
fingers. The normal child was weak. The other walked sideways like a crab and
all the children kept away from him.
The parents loved the children very much. Over the years the boy grew up.
Meanwhile the mother became very weak. One day as she was washing clothes
the mother fell down and died. Her husband and the children were very sad.
Now, it was the custom of the place that when the mother dies, the twins should
be taken to an isolated spot in the forest and left to die. The father refused to do
this. He loved his sons very much.
When the villagers heard about this they came to the father.
They asked, Why have you kept the twins in the house? They are a curse to
your family. You must follow the custom. Send the twins away before some harm
comes to the village.
The father was very sad. He took the sons to the forest. The sons asked the
father not to leave them. The father then agreed to stay with them. They walked

on until they came to a cave. Old people say that this cave is somewhere near
the railway tunnel at Papar. However, it has not been found. The father and sons
stayed in that cave. They ate wild fruit and killed wild animals for food. The
stronger twin looked after the weaker one.
After some years, the father became old. He called the stronger twin and told
him, You are stronger than your brother. I am getting old. You must always look
after your brother.
After saying this the old man died. The two sons wept for a long time. The
stronger twin took very good care of the weaker twin. He went out hunting. He
returned to the cave and prepared meals for his brother.
One day, while the stronger twin went out hunting a tiger entered the cave. The
tiger attacked the weaker twin and killed him.
When the stronger twin came back he saw his brother lying dead. He was very
angry. He went in search of the tiger and killed it. Then he buried his brother in
the cave itself. The stronger twin was very sad. He wept for days. He lived in the
cave alone until his dying day.

..::The Origin of Rice in Sabah::..

Each year, every Dusun or Kadazan celebrates a festival called the Modrusung
which is the Harvest Festival. The festival is celebrated in memory of the Great
Goddes of Mercy, Bambarazon. Rice is offered as a special offering once a year.
The other offerings may change according to the yield for that year but rice
never changes. It is always the same. This is because rice is the most important
diet of the Dusun and Kadazan people. It is believed that Bambarazon gave rice
to the world.
Before Bambarazon gave rice to the world, man led quite a difficult life.
For food, he had to go and hunt for wild animals. This was dangerous, because
wild animals often attacked man and killed quite a lot of people. Therefore man
hunted for animals that were easy to catch like the rabbit or wild boar.
However, man could not just live on meat alone. He also needed to eat
fruits. These fruits grew in the wild and deep parts of the forests. It could not be
said for sure that fruits were good to eat because some of these fruits were
poisonous. If man accidentally eat some of these poisonous fruits then he would
suffer from sickness or even die.
So, every morning, man used to hunt for food and go deep into the
forests to pick fruits that are edible. When the fruits in a certain place finished or
the animals ran away into other parts, then man had to shift. This was very

The great Goddess of Mercy saw how difficult mens lives were. They
were always hungry and suffering. They always cried to her for help. Her
compassionate heart was touched and she decided to help man. The question
was how? How was she to help man so that man would not suffer so much? She
asked around. One of the gods told her, That is a simple problem. Increase the
variety of animals whose flesh could be taken for meat. Make sure they are tame
animals! Another god suggested, Why not increase the different kinds of fruit?
Man would then have an easier time. Still yet another god said, Why increase
Bambarazon sat in deep thought, pondering over the matter. Cries of hunger and
voices begging for mercy could he heard in the heavens. She must do something
and do quickly too.
The great Goddess then said, Increasing the variety of animals or fruits would
not be much of help. Man would still have to search for food every morning.
Perhaps I should fly around the Earth and see for myself.
Bambarazon was very happy. Then a new problem arose. What type of
plant can it be? She looked around and came across a plant which had ears, but
the ears were empty. The Goddess quickly called for one of the heavenly beings.
What plant is this, and what is it used for? she asked. The heavenly being
replied, This plant is called padi, Oh Great Goddess, it is no use since its ears
are empty.
Bambarazon thought for a while. What could she do? Yes, she would fill
the ears with milk from her breasts. When the ears are ready for harvesting,
man would have good, nourishing food to eat.

So, one night, Bambarazon quietly slipped down to Earth. She pressed
her breasts with one hand until her milk flowed into the ears of rice. She kept on
squeezing until there was no milk left. Still, not all the ears were filled.
The Great Goddess then squeezed with all her might and a mixture of
milk and blood came out. Now, all the ears of the padi were filled and her task
was completed. Man had rice to eat and would therefore never be hungry again.
Adapted from: Legends From Sabah&Sarawak,
The Origin Of Rica In Sabah (By Patrick Samuel Sebastian)
Page: 3 - 11

.::A Tale of Two Little Birds::..

In a deep valley surrounded by thick jungle, there was a little house in which a
lonely orphan lived. In time, he grew up to be a strong and handsome young
man. However, he was always sad for he had no friends to talk to. He felt as if he
was the only person living in the whole wide world. Sine his parents died, he had
not seen any living being other than wild animals in the jungle. He longed for his
parents whom he missed and loved very much.
One night, an old woman appeared to him in a dream. She asked him to
fell a certain coconut tree not far from his home. So the next morning, he woke
up early, took his parang and went to look for the coconut tree. When he found
it, he saw that there was a birds nest perching on top of the tree. It took him a
long time to fell the tree but he finally succeeded, he quickly took the nest.
Inside were two beautiful nestlings. He took them home and made a very nice
cage for them. He also fed them with little insects.

As the days went by, the birds grew bigger and began to learn how to fly.
One morning, the young man heard them talking. They asked him to go fishing in
a small stream behind his house. In the afternoon, he went fishing and returned
with two big fish. Upon seeing the fish, the birds volunteered to take them to a
chieftain living not far from the house. But the young man refused to let them go
for he feared they would not return. The birds promised not to fly away. In the
evening, they returned with golden rings and earrings, as well as beautiful
clothes presented to them by the chieftains wife. The young man was very

Sometime later, the young man caught another two very big fish. The
birds were so pleased that they took them to the chieftains house immediately.
Again, his wife gave them more presents. This time however, she asked them to
have a bath in a small stream behind their house before they went back to the
young man. So on their way home, the birds went for a little dip in the stream. As
they came out of the water, they were changed into two beautiful young ladies.
But they were very shy and did not know what to do. They went up the house
and hid behind the door. The young man who was waiting at home did not hear
them come in, for he was fast asleep. When he woke up and realized they had
not returned, he was very sad. Taking his parang, he decided to go out and look
for them. However, just as he was about to close the door, he saw the two young
ladies hiding behind it. He was surprised and asked who they were. When he
heard their fascinating story, he was so delighted that he invited them to stay
with him. He also showered them with the presents he received from the
chieftains wife.
A few weeks later, a message was found on the door. It said that a young
chief from a nearby village was coming to marry one of the ladies. In the
meantime, the young man had asked the girl he loved most for her hand in
marriage. Not long after their marriage, the chief came and took the other young
lady away. But before they left, the chief used his magical power to change the
little house into a big and beautiful mansion. The young man and his wife lived
happily for the rest of their lives.

..::The White Crocodile of the Pegalan::..

Once there was a very dry period in Sabah which lasted for three years. People
could hardly find food or grow crops because the soil was too dry. All the streams
had dried up, except for the Pegalan River which was also very low. Some people
had built little huts on the river bank so that they could get water easily. They
also fished in the river for food.
Among those who came to live on the river bank was a poor old couple.
Each day they went to the river to fish. Sometimes they had a good catch. Other
times luck was just not with them. And when this happened, they had to go
hungry for the day. One very hot day, they went fishing in the river as usual.
They fished for several hours, but did not catch anything. Instead, on the river
bank they found an egg which looked like a goose egg. They took it home,
cooked and ate it. A few minutes later, their bodies began to itch. After a few
days, white spots began to appear on their bodies. Their skin became very
coarse and then they changed into crocodiles. But they had no tails! And they
were white in colour!

When this happened, they refused to leave their hut as they did not want
the villagers to see them. After a week of not seeing them, their neighbors began
to be suspicious. Thinking that something might have happened to them, the
neighbors went to their hut to look for them. When they found the two crocodiles
inside, they were shocked and wanted to run away. But the crocodiles assured
them they would not be harmed and told the story about the strange egg. Still
uneasy for their safety, the villagers suggested that the crocodiles should move
into the Pegalan River.
The two crocodiles realized they had no other choice but to leave.
However, they wanted everyone to know that they were still their friends and
they promised to protect the villagers from other crocodiles. In return, the
villagers must promise not to kill crocodiles without good reason.

..::The Legend of Bajau::..

When a person visits Kampong Solibog in Tambunan, he or she will hear about a
man called Bajau. The say that Bajau was a very tall and powerful man who
helped the villagers. His wife was called Pangkung and she too was tall as Bajau.

No one really can tell how tall Bajau was or even how strong he was. From his
achievements it can be said that Bajau must have been an unusually tall man

There is a stone in Kampung Solibog. It is about 2.5 metres high and 0.6
metres wide. It was said that Bajau once carried this huge stone under his arm.
The stone is called Batu Bajau. From here, it seems that Bajau was a very strong
man indeed.
Bajaus feet were so wide that when he walked in the river, the fish would
die. They would have been trodden by him. The people would follow Bajau and
collect the fish. One can imagine how easy it must have been for the people.
Sometimes the people would say Bajau, Could you please lie down in the
Pegalan River? We need some fish Bajau would lie down in the river and the fish
would be washed to the banks of the river. The people would then collect the
Everyone loved Bajau very much. He was not only tall and strong, he was
humble and friendly. He would often visit the people and ask them, do you need
any help? If so please let me know.
The next day when the people went to the forest, they were shocked.
They saw that the forest had already been cleared and was ready for planting.
They knew that Bajau had uprooted all the trees and cleared the place. They
were grateful.
One day, Bajau went away. He went to see a friend who was living far
awere killed.ay. During this time, a tiger came into the village and disturbed the
people. The tiger was wounded and was looking for an easy way to find food to
eat. Goats and even cows w
The chief became anxious and sent a messenger to Bajau. There is a
tiger attacking us and we are in great danger. As soon as Bajau heard this, he
rushed back to the village. He caught the tiger and threw it across the hills. The
tiger was never seen again.
The village became peaceful and happy with the presence of Bajau. It
was also prosperous as the neigbouring villages had heard about Bajau and kept
away from the place. There were no wild animals and everything was wonderful.
Across the hills, there lived a tribe called Tasapang. These people were
also prosperous. The attacked the neighbouring villages and took everything
away. Every day, the chief would send his followers to find out about villages

which were rich and prosperous. They would then attack these places without
any warning.
A messenger came and told the chief. There is a kampung across the
hills called Kampong Salibog. It is a prosperous community.
The chief replied, We should attack the place. Prepare for it. We will
leave tomorrow.
The following day, the chief took his best warriors and left for Kampung Salibog.
He sent one of his spies ahead. Go and check the place. See how they defend
their place and report back.
The man went ahead. He pretended to be friendly with the villagers of
Kampung Salibog. He came to know about Bajau and his great strength. He
rushed back to his chief and said, There is the story of the great man. He is said
to be very tall and has the power of a hundred men.

The chief replied, Our men are strong and powerful too. We have
poisonous darts. We shall increase the amount of poison in the darts. They
should kill the man. With this they marched towards Kampung Salibog.
Meanwhile, the chief had heard about a suspicious man who was asking a
lot of questions. He knew from experience that someone was going to attack the
village. He called Bajau and said, Someone is going to attack our village. We
must be careful. Bajau replied. Dont be afraid. Do not tell the others or they
will be frightened.
The Tasapang tribe attacked at night. When they reached the village,
they saw Bajau. They were so shocked that they stood rooted to the ground.
Soon, all their warriors were running around in a state of confusion and panic.
The battle lost, they returned home.
Some of the warriors took the poisonous darts and placed them in
blowpipes. They then attacked Bajau, but it was in vain for Bajau considered the
darts that hit him a little mosquito bites. When they saw the darts having no
effect on Bajau, they said, Let us run away from here, or else we will all die.
From that moment onwards, the Tasapang tribe stopped attacking Kampung
Bajaus stone or Batu Bajau therefore is well respected by the people.
Whenever people pass that way, they stand there for a while as a mark of

respect for Bajau. Their love for Bajau is very great. As we can see from all the
incidents, Bajau was a great warrior. This great man died at a very old age.

Adapted from : Myths From Borneo, The Magic Pot and The Squirrel
(Patrick Samuel Sebastian)
Page: 33 - 44