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Automatic form, fill and seal machine for tubular
sachets, in conjunction with the corresponding
dosing sytems, this packaging machine is designed
according to the building block system and suited for
the packaging of:
1. Powdered products (even with heavy dust
products development): sucha as milk, baby food,
ground coffee, ground spices, chocolate powder,
dehydrated soups, flour, plaster, insecticides and
2. Granular products: such as rice, peas, beans,
raisins, peanuts, hazelnuts, short cut pastry,
crystal sugar, salt and semolina.
3. Small piece goods such as nuts, animal
food, cornflakes, sweets, biscuits, deep frozen
4. Liquids and semi liquid products (up to a limited
extent) such as milk, soap paste and oil.
The machine can be equipped with the necessary
accessories to produce all types of tubular, gusseted
and flat bottom sachets. All current types of
heatsealable and thermoplastec wrapping materials
can be handled.

Operating Principle
From the wrappin material reel the machine forms,
the sachet, fills it by means of the corresponding
dosing unit, closes it and cuts it off. A photocell unit
centers the print.

Feeding and Dosing Systems

Different types of feeding and dosing sytems are
available. Please enquire about auger dosing units,
volumetric cup feeders, weighers, pumps and
bucket elevators.


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phone +6231 3538438 - 3536853 - 3521811 fax +6231 3532797
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Technical Features
Indefinitely variable electromechanical drive as slide in
unit, silent running, economical in use of energy and
easy to mantain. Further advantages are:
1. Wrapping material for reels up to 500 mm in
diameter. Mounting rails for printing unit are
standard equipment.
2. Uniform low overall height of forming shoulders
for all types of wrapping materials (if necessary
on air cushion basis, protected design,
DGBm Nr. 76 08 036).
3. Compact and completely adjusted quick
change forming parts.
4. Sealing station with safety device for the
protection of hands and tools (protected design,
DGBm Nr. 78 24 313.7).
5. Quick change inserts for impulse welding jaws.
6. Separate or direct drive for dosing units.
7. Machine provided for problem free (even
subsequent) fitting of dosing units and auxiliary
8. Machine suited for linking to other machines (e.g.
cartoning machines).

Technical Data
Sachet Sizes : min. width 50mm - min. length 60m,
max. width 240mm - max length 300mm. In case
of flat bottom sachets the forming parts are of
rectangular shape.
Filling volume : approx. 2,5 litres
Sealing and welding system :
1. Heatsealing
2. Pulsed resistance welding
All current materials can be handled
Output : up to 105 sachets/min.
Power connection : 3 x 380 V (or upon request),
3 to 4,5 kW
Compressed air connection : 6 bar
Cooling water requirements: For pulsed resistant
welding only, approx. 2 Litres/min.
Weight : 800 - 1000 gs, depending on auxiliary
Dimension: see layout drawing

Accessories for the Basic Machine

Code dating devices, printing unit, perforating device, vibrating shaft, gas flushing, gussetting device, attachment
for producing flat bottom sachets and other auxiliary equipment.

Dimensions (in mm, not binding)