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4th year Politics student, Sports President 14/15, President of the Boat Club 14/15

Successfully campaigned for a freeze in Sports Card fees while increasing TL funding by

Worked with the University to introduce Disability Sports, making sure everyone is involved in
Team Leicester.

Introduced the Sports Charter, committing the Union to promote equality in sports through
projects such as a Disability Sports day, encouraging more women to join sports teams and
working alongside the LGBT officer in tackling homophobia in sport.

Worked on the planning of Freshers and Refreshers fair and got feedback on both while also
speaking to hundreds of students as they moved in to halls to encourage them to join a sports

Attended each council meeting and spoke on any issue that affected sports, making sure the
Team Leicester reputation was protected.

Expanded the Team Leicester brand to include Facebook, Twitter and increased SU website
presence to create greater awareness and attract more sponsors.

Following the success of the Womens, Post-graduate and LGBT+ associations, Ill create a disabled
students association to look after and protect the interests of those who need it.

Giving students a say on the biggest issues that effect them.

No funding cut surprises.

More, cheaper options for travel, the

costs are too high for some clubs and
societies to maintain.

One society a week will feature prominently

around the Union, on the SU website and
through social media. All to show others the
great stuff you are doing.

Under a more collaborative brand of Union Media,

LUST, LUSH and The Ripple would have a louder voice in
the Union and a greater pool of resources to draw

A 3-tier award that recognises your extra-curricular hard

work and proves it to employers.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold categories will

reflect the work and time youve put in.

Sports Fair

Queens hall (too warm, too crowded, too loud,

intimidating etc.) is not fit for purpose and everyone knows it. An alternative must be found.
SA General Meeting
At the beginning and end of each year, a meeting
should be held in which all Sports Clubs attend and
raise problems while receiving a full breakdown of
finances, a full report on the previous year and any
planned changes. Large issues will be motioned and
this means they will have to be investigated and
reported on at the next Club Captains Meeting.

Awarded to people in their final year, it will show

potential employers that youve benefitted from
extra curricular opportunities.

University isnt all about getting a great career afterwards,

but the inevitable will happen and Thursday mornings will be
spent working rather than recovering . The Union should be
helping you every step of the way in making sure you have
the best chance of getting a job you want to do!

Stronger ARC Relations

To build a stronger relationship with the ARC
I will spend at least one day a week in the ARC
working on the development of Clubs and

Almost every department has opportunities for you to study abroad or spend a
year in industry. Ill make sure you know
about these as early as possible in your
degree and that the Union is assisting in
any way it can with your application.

The careers service does great work

but is too focused on Undergraduates.
Ill make sure that Post-graduates
arent forgotten about.

More employer visits. More advice on Internships. More ways to develop new societies. If
you can prove you have a functioning
committee and a sustainable model, you
deserve to be recognised as a society.

The Team Leicester Brand

A website, merchandise, social media and greater
Union and campus presence will build the TL brand
and attract more sponsors.

Sick of the running track debate? Sick of hearing
rumours of a 4G pitch every year? Me too! The
Union is already very close to securing promises
and timings on both, someone experienced needs to
continue to lobby for this.

The Union should empower dedicated students to

take up coaching qualifications in their chosen
sport or to establish volunteering opportunities
they are passionate about.

Want to learn to coach your sport to others? Want to

help community relations in Clarendon? Help in local
schools? Ill establish a fund that helps you do just this.

This will improve Union outreach,

employability and helps those in
sports have greater opportunities to