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Unlock for GPS/PNA devices running Windows CE

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Current: Release 68 - Dec 6, 2010(Changelog)

Old Releases
Old Skins Add-on (adds the old shell and skins from 3.0):MultiUpload
Old Games Add-on (adds Doom, DOSBox, MorphGear, Pocket UFO/XCOM and ScummVM):MultiUpload
Sample Videos:MediaFire
Icon Templates + Extra Icons:MultiUpload

What is MioPocket?
MioPocket (MEE-oh-pok-it) is an "unlock" for GPS devices (aka PNAs) running Windows CE. Such devices almost always boot into the
manufacturer's software with no way to exit it, meaning that you cannot run any other software; i.e. the device is "locked." Unlocking your
device allows you to use it for far more than the manufacturer intended (ex. for music, movies, appointments, other navigation apps, etc.)
and more like a PDA. MioPocket is the most-packed and most-fully-featured unlock for PNAs available and is free and legal to use, as it
consists 100% of freely-distributable content. What MioPocket isnotis a replacement for MioMap, Mobile Navigator or any other OEM
navigation software. It is just a frontend from which you may launch the navigation software that came with your device or that you purchase
What types of programs does MioPocket come with?
MioPocket comes with just about everything that you might want: three media players (video and audio, nearly all popular formats, including
MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, MP4, H.264/AVC, WMV, MOV, DivX, XviD and more), four e-book readers, multiple dictionaries (including English to 5
languages), dozens of games, two image viewers, two paint programs, MS Office document viewers, text editors, handwritten note-taking
apps, four general GPS plotting/mapping apps (good for geocaching), three different appointments/tasks apps, internet apps, registry editors,
task managers/switchers, file managers, a contacts app, a calculator, a unit converter, an alarm clock and more (all free/shareware). See
theReadmefile for a full list. Note: MioPocket does not come with MioMap, iGo, Garmin, TomTom or any other commercial navigation
software. Icons are included for them, but not the programs, themselves (since they are not free).
What devices does MioPocket run on?
Technically, MioPocket should run on any Windows CE-based device. Despite the name (a nod to the Mio brand), it's evolved to become
flexible and not hard-coded to any particular brand or configuration. Every device is slightly different, though, and due to the great many
brands and configurations that are out there, the ease of installation and the number of apps and features that actually work will vary. Most
major Windows CE-based GPS brands, such as Mio, Magellan, Navigon, Navman, Sanyo and Asus (as well as many other lesser brands, like
Becker, Rightway, Insignia, Binatone, Medion, Nextar, Route 66 and Wayteq) have installation instructions in MioPocket'sReadmefile. For
brands that MioPocket does not include specific instructions for, there are also some general instructions for SD-free installation on just about
any device, but it's always a good idea to check around online (especially in the forums) to see if and how others have done
it. Note that TomTom and Garmin devices are Linux-based and, hence, MioPocket (which is Windows CE-based) cannot run on them.
Does MioPocket install to SD or to flash disk (SD-free)?
Both. You have the option of either. See theReadmefile for instructions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Which features make MioPocket unique compared to other unlocks?
* Resolution independence. Will work with any resolution, from 320x240 to 800x480 and larger.
* Touch scrolling. Scroll through icons and pages of icons by swiping your finger, like with high-end smartphones (ex. the iPhone).
* Add/edit icons in seconds by tapping and holding on the screen.
* Fully customizable shell. Use your own image as wallpaper and change many other elements.
* Install to SD card or to internal flash drive (SD-free).
* Close or minimize any open application, even those without any way to do either.
* Bring up the keyboard (and do many other tasks) without closing or minimizing an application.
* Input text via many different keyboards or handwriting recognition.
* Rotate the screen on-the-fly for apps that work better in portrait mode.
* Remote control your device from your Windows desktop.
* Access your device while connected to USB (no connection screen in the way).
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 pre-installed.
* Assign any app (ex. MioMap, any other navigation app or the device's original menu) to a quick launch button found on every page.
* Access the start menu without displaying the taskbar.


Skin the taskbar to look like XP (Silver or Royale) or Windows 7.

Automatic registry importing. Just add your own .reg file to the Registry folder and it will be imported during installation.
All of MioPocket's settings can be configured directly from a menu within MioPocket.
More included applications and games than any other unlock.
Many more things...

For more information and answers to other questions, please read the wholeReadmefile.
Visual Guide to Key Features:

Video Guide
The Look:

Note #1: Ignore the screenshot resolution. These scale to any resolution (320x240, 480x272, 800x480, anything).
Note #2: These are just some of the presets available in MioPocket using the included backgrounds and elements. You may use any combination that you wish, including supplying
your own backgrounds and tweaking other settings.

"Pro Glass" and "Aluminum Glass":

"Navy Glass" and "Pro Wood":

"Gold Wood" and "Industrial":

"Aluminum" and "Neon Grid:

"Earth" and "Earth Map":

"Aurora" and "Ultimate":

"Aluminum Black" and "Wood Black":


Again, these are just presets (or examples) of some of what you can do. If you don't like any of the above graphics, you can supply your own to create a skin that looks just about
however you want it.

Other Screens:
The skin changer and lock screen (scaled down in size):

Older Skins (available in the Old Skins Add-on):

Note #1: These skins use the older, less-capable shell, do not have icons for all of the apps/games and don't come in all resolutions.
Note #2: These screenshots have been scaled down.

Enjoy! Feedback is most welcome. If you have any problems or questions not answered in the Readme, feel free to ask here. If you need to
upload a screenshot, usethis linkand the URL for the image will be<filename>
If you'd like some video to test the media player with, see the "Optional" section near the top of this post for a few videos that I encoded at
480 pixels wide (on smaller displays, Media Player will scale) and in MP4 and DivX formats. FYI, I usedPrism(an excellent, free converter for
Windows) to convert them. Another good, free converter isHandbrake, which works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
If you'd like to create your own icons or add more already-made ones, see the "Optional" section near the top of this post for my icon
templates and the full iReflect 600+ icon set (tweaked to match the rest of MioPocket's icon style).
Credit and links for some of MioPocket's included apps:

Mort: MortScript (used for all scripting),

TroNik/tronikos & MiToNiOeS: iPhoneToday (used for the 4.0 GUI shell),
bimbam69: skinnable TCPMP build,
Daniel Schumann: SystemInformation (used for the older, pre-4.0 GUI shell),
Dennis Grning: SirfTech,
Paludour: GPS2Blue,