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Do the ascended masters feel frustrated?

TOPICS: Ascended masters know the Law of Free Will - masters have no standard fo
r judging human behavior - the earth outpictures people s consciousness - the imma
culate concept has no judgment - the Christ is always where you are - the Christ
helps people reach the next step - taking the long view - set yourself free fro
m judgment - a standard and time Question: The ascended masters must have seen golden opportunity after golden op
portunity for the earth to transcend into higher spheres of energy slip away ove
r the course of the past 2000 years. How is it they can refrain from losing pati
ence with earth, or from hating the dark forces that keep foiling these golden o
pportunities that the ascended masters set up for us? I realise that the masters
are too loyal to Free Will to allow themselves to feel frustrated, but do they
not find themselves wondering with exasperated disbelief how people can spend li
fetime after lifetime without growing?
Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (Aug 22, 2011)
Your question is understandable, but it is also based on a popular assumption th
at is out of touch with the reality of who we are.
We clearly see the reality that the purpose of the world of form is to facilitat
e the growth in self-awareness for all self-aware beings. And the way chosen by
the Creator for this to happen is go give self-aware beings free will and allow
them to outplay it, until they learn to make choices that raise the All.
Thus, when we look at earth, we do not look with the consciousness that there is
a supreme standard against which life on earth must be evaluated. In other word
s, we do not have a standard of right and wrong, according to which we say that
things are currently wrong.
On the contrary. What is it that facilitates the growth in self-awareness? It is
upon the M
that beings project the totality of their consciousness their selves
a-ter light and experience the reflection. They keep doing this until they have
had enough of a particular experience and decide: "I want to be more than my cur
rent sense of self."
So what are current conditions on earth? They are simply the outpicturing of the
current self-awareness of humanity. Thus, current conditions are the perfect op
portunity for people to transcend their sense of self. It has always been so, an
d it will always be so.
Obviously, our role is to hold the immaculate concept for people, and this means
we have a blueprint for the highest potential humanity has, based on where the
collective consciousness is at right now. Yet what does it mean to hold the imma
culate concept? It means we hold the vision without any form of judgment.
Do you see the importance? Holding the immaculate concept does NOT mean that you
have a predefined standard for how people should exercise their FREE will. A st
andard is ALWAYS created from the duality consciousness, as we explain in Healin
g Mother earth. We do not look at humanity and say, "Oh, this or that should hav
e happened, and thus it is frustrating that people once again chose the low road
." Instead, we only look at what is, and then we hold the vision for how people
can take the very next step.
It is a common misunderstanding among ascended master students that the Christ c
onsciousness means a superior standard according to which we judge people. In re
ality, the Christ consciousness means no standard at least not as it can be unders
tood by people trapped in duality.

What is the significance of my embodiment 2,000 years ago? It is that the Christ
is ALWAYS where you are. Which truly means that you can never descend to a leve
l of consciousness, where the Christ is not found. Without him was not anything
made that was made. Which truly means that even the seemingly lowest conditions
or forms have the seed of the Christ consciousness within them. Meaning that any
condition in the world of form carries within it the key to the transcendence o
f the level of consciousness from which the form was created. It could never be
any other way.
The Christ does not approach people with a superior standard that requires them
to come up many steps all at once. The Christ does not look at people and say: "
Well, when you have made yourself worthy, then I will help you transcend that st
ate of consciousness." Instead, the Christ approaches them with a frame of refer
ence that can empower them to take one step higher on their personal path. The C
hrist is ALWAYS willing to help anyone transcend their current level of consciou
sness and come closer to oneness. (Take note that a particular master can indeed
refuse to work with students below a certain level of consciousness, yet the un
iversal Christ mind will find ways to work with anyone, which is illustrated by
me descending to hell.)
When a person does take one step, we see that as a victory. When a person does n
ot take the next step, we know that according to the law, that person will only
increase the pressure that will compel the person to transcend his or her curren
t sense of self. So even that is a step closer to progress. The same holds true
for groups of people and humankind as a whole. When you are an ascended master,
you learn to take the long view and see that the road to progress often takes tw
ists and turns, but in the end it will indeed lead to the goal of raising self-a
wareness. If you do not learn this, you will "fall" back into embodiment and onc
e again engage in the dualistic struggle to "force others for their own good." Y
ou see, any choice will have consequences. And the more unpleasant the consequen
ces, the more quickly it will bring people to the point, where they are willing
to transcend their current sense of self.
Once you let go of the lie that you have to judge how other beings exercise thei
r free will, you will set yourself free from feeling the frustration that throug
hout history has caused so many people to think they have to correct others thro
ugh force. And this will actually do more to further the progress of this planet
than just about anything else you can do as an individual.
In terms of whether we wonder how people can spend lifetime after lifetime witho
ut growing, we do sometimes ask the question in order to get people to think. Ye
t in our own minds, we do not wonder, because we remember with humility that we
too have been in embodiment, and we did not always take the straightest road tow
ards our ascensions.
When you give up the need to judge others, there are a lot of questions that sim
ply evaporate. And that is a great sense of liberation. Yet truly, you have to t
ry it, to know how it works. Of course, if you decide to continue in the sense o
f self that can only lead to frustration, I will respect your choice. And I will
stand ready to offer you a higher choice any time you want it.
You see, I have time on my side, for I know that time is not. In fact, it is the
sense that there is a standard and that something is not living up to it that k
eeps the illusion of time alive in the minds of people on earth. And that explai
ns why some people can spend lifetime after lifetime without growing because they
are instead focused on forcing other people to conform to their standard.