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Monday, February 9, 2015


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University releases
sanctions on all sexual
assault cases since
creation of IOA

Police officers stand guard outside of a house on the 1600 block of 19th Terrace after a shooting Sunday evening.

Two suspects remain at

large following shooting
Two suspects are still at large
after a shooting on the 1600
block of 19th Terrace on Sunday night. Lawrence Police are
looking for the two suspects
after they fled the scene, which
is about two blocks south of the
As of 10:45 p.m., the investigation was progressing, according
to Sgt. Trent McKinley of Lawrence Police, but the suspects
were still at large.
At about 4:40 p.m., officers
were called to the 1600 block of
19th Terrace on reports of at least
one person shot with a handgun
or pellet gun. Officers, assisted
by University police, were searching for at least one suspect in the
19th Terrace area and on campus.
At 5:30 p.m., the University released an alert.
Police are searching for an in-

dividual suspected in a shooting

in the 1600 block of 19th Terrace.
Police are searching the neighborhoods south and southeast
of campus, including neighborhoods near Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, but do not
believe the suspect is on campus. The suspect is a white male
wearing a dark colored T-shirt,
carrying a gray sweatshirt, and is
believed to be armed.
Stay alert, and if you have
information or believe you have
seen the suspect, please call 911
The University then released
several updates to the alert. At
5:50 p.m. University officials said
they were looking for a second
male suspect. At 6:25 p.m. they
said both suspects were in dark
colored hoodies. At 9:03 p.m. they
said they did not have suspect
descriptions confirmed by police
yet. The campus was still open,
according to the alert webpage.
Further suspect descriptions

have appeared on at least one

media site. We will post descriptions here when they are directly
confirmed to us by the Lawrence
Police Department, the release



A LifeStar helicopter was

staged at Lawrence High School
to transport at least one victim
with a gunshot wound to a Kansas City-area hospital.
According to the KU Police Department, campus police officers
are aiding the Lawrence Police in
tracking the suspect.
The Crime Scene Unit was at the
scene throughout the night, and
police dogs were brought in from

neighboring counties to assist in

tracking the path of the suspects.
McKinley said the three victims of
yesterdays shooting are all hospitalized with life-threatening
injuries. Two victims were taken
by ambulance to Kansas City-area traumas centers, and one was
life-flighted to another hospital.
McKinley said he could not release the names of the hospitals.
Their injuries were such (that)
they had to be taken to trauma
centers instead of Lawrence Memorial, McKinley said.
After the first reports of the
shooting, McKinley said there
were conflicting reports of where
the shooters were headed.
We believe they left home on
foot, he said. There were reports of one running towards
campus so we contacted KU.
The problem was that people
were seeing different things but
werent sure if they were related
to the incident or not.
Kansan Staff

The Universitys Office of Student

Affairs has created an online list of
all of the sanctions imposed on University students found in violation of
University policies regarding sexual
assault and sexual harassment
from May 2012 to December 2014.
The list shows the 32 sanctions
imposed on different students and
includes eight expulsions, seven
suspensions, 13 probations, two
education/training and two warnings.
The list is a tabulation of all those
complaints that resulted in sanctions from the Office of Student
Affairs. It does not include cases
where no sanction was given.
The sanctions date from IOAs
creation in May 2012 to Dec. 29,
2014 and only includes violations of
the Universitys Sexual Harassment
The list was originally part of a
Kansas Open Records request by
the Kansan last November.

Man accused of
aggravated sexual
battery withdraws from
A former University student set to
stand trial in sexual battery case
has withdrawn from the University,
according to an email from spokeswoman Erinn Barcomb-Peterson.
The 22-year-old withdrew from the
University on Feb. 3, Barcomb-Peterson said.
The man is accused of aggravated sexual battery and criminal
restraint stemming from a Nov. 10
incident. He invited another University student to his apartment
for a vocal lesson, handcuffed her


Candidates for the upcoming Lawrence City Commission

elections were solidified last
week, with 14 candidates submitting their intent to run. The
general elections will take place
April 7 with advance voting beginning March 18.
The candidates shared their
history, most important electoral
issue and favorite thing about
Lawrence with The Kansan.

Proposed Kansas Senate bill

negates concealed carry permit

Kansans would be able to carry a concealed weapon without

a permit, background check
or training if a new senate bill
passes. The bill is backed by
the majority of senators and is
expected to pass through the
legislature quickly, according
to Senator Steve Fitzgerald, a
Republican representing parts
of Wyandotte and Leavenworth
I think it is important to have
the right to self defense, he said.


A&F 5

That right is guaranteed in the

U.S. constitution, and that right
should not be infringed upon,
and there are those that believe
that a permit is an infringement
of that right.
The bill was introduced in the
Senate on Jan. 21, introduced to
committee the next day and is
scheduled for a hearing Feb. 12.
Kansas would be the fifth state
to allow concealed carry without a permit, according to a Reuters article. The state already
allows open carry without a
Larry Minkler, the owner of

Free State Guns and Tactical

Weapons in Eudora, said he is
surprised education wasnt a
component in the bill.
I think the bill would be better if they stipulate some education with it, he said. There are
several statutes in Kansas, and I
think if they attached some education component to the bill,
thatd be better.
Fitzgerald said he thought the
requirement for training was
reasonable, but found fault with
other components that comprise the current law in place
for concealed carry.


All contents, unless stated otherwise, 2015 The University Daily Kansan


The fees that we were

charging were onerous, he
said. I dont think that the
training was onerous. The argument is that people have the
right to carry naturally, guaranteed in the constitution, and all
were doing is putting ourselves
in to make them pay to take
that test.
However, Dalton Willey, a
sophomore from Salina, said
he thinks the proposed bill isnt
sufficient in ensuring peoples

Time spent in Lawrence: Ive
lived in Lawrence for 10 years.
Most important issue: I really feel
that the city of Lawrence needs to
focus better on entrepreneurship

Riley Mortensen

and small business growth.

Favorite thing about Lawrence:
I love Lawrences diversity: Weve
got KU, Haskell, people who grew
up here, people who just moved
here. Were just such a diverse
community and run into them all
on Massachusetts Street, and you
just cant find that kind of diversity in any other small town community.

Time spent in Lawrence: I went
to KU and graduated in 1977,
then left and moved back here in
Most important issue: Id like to
help restore confidence in city government and I think my financial











To eat a bagel today because

its National Bagel Day.

and proceeded to lift the victims

shirt, touch her breasts and kiss
her chest, the alleged victim said
in court, according to the Lawrence-Journal World.
The man was arrested Nov. 11,
but released the following day after
posting a $40,000 bond.
On Jan. 30, Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny decided
the man would stand trial after
hearing what she considered probable cause of the crime from the
alleged victim and Lawrence Police
Officer Tim Froese.
His next court appearance
May 1 and his trial is scheduled for
May 11.

Meet the Lawrence

City Commission


In an email to the Kansan, Andy

Foat, the records custodian for the
University, said the University has
decided to publish the records for
In the interests of transparency,
the University has tabulated and
now reports the results of cases
involving violations of KUs Sexual Assault Policy and disciplinary
sanctions imposed on students on
the Student Affairs webpage, Foat
Foat also said this information
was not only in the interest of the
Kansan, but the University community. When the Kansan originally
requested this, the University said it
would cost upwards of $600.
Because the posting of this information on the Student Affairs
website in fulfillment of your request
is considered to be in the interests
of the University and the KU community, the University is providing
this information to the UDK at no
charge, Foat said.
According to the IOA website, the
data listed doesnt include sanctions in cases against University
Miranda Davis




Mostly sunny with a 0

percent chance of rain.
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University takes steps to

avert measles outbreak

The recent measles outbreak across the country has

prompted the University to
take action against the disease. On Friday, Feb. 6, University officials met to create
a plan that would help prevent the disease from reaching campus.
Student Health Services
Director Douglas Dechairo,
who was present at the meeting, said the University is
doing all it can to make sure
that students are out of harms
We would quarantine the
infected students and would
then create a list of students
who could have been exposed, Dechairo said. The
infected students would then
be sent home for 21 days,
and they would have to miss
Dechairo said cooperation
from students and faculty
is also necessary if the University wants to prevent the
There are about 1,000 students who have not been

compliant with the University so far, Dechairo said. We

have attempted to reach out
to these students multiple
The 1,000 incompliant students who Dechario is referring to are students who have
not given their immunization records to the University.
Dechairo said it is important
to have these records because
it can help the University determine who has not received
a measles vaccination.
In a University news release, William Picking, director of the University Vaccine
Institute, said two doses of
the measles vaccine is 97 percent effective in preventing
the disease. He also said the
main reason for the spread of
measles is because of a lack of
the population that is vaccinated.
According to the Centers
for Disease Control, measles
is a highly contagious virus
that causes a high fever, a
cough and a rash. The symptoms typically do not become
apparent until 14 days after
exposure to the disease, and
they can last for an additional


As far as this bill goes, it just
goes too far, he said. It allows
for individuals to carry a gun
openly with no training. With
no training and a gun, things
can get hairy.
Fitzgerald said the bill may
act as a deterrent for criminals
and those wishing to do harm
to others, more so than being
able to openly carry without a
Open carry makes sense if
youre out hunting, when those
that see your weapon are of
the bear or cougar type so its
no problem, Fitzgerald said.
Concealed carry gives you
immediate advantage over other folks because if you carry it
openly, youre like the first victim. When you have a certain
amount of the population who
are carrying concealed, people
who would do harm have a degree of uncertainty of whether
their intended victim has a concealed weapon.
At the same time this bill
is being pushed through the
Senate, Gov. Sam Brownback
is attempting to lure more gun
and gun-part manufacturers to
move to Kansas.
The bill says were gun
friendly, Fitzgerald said. Were
saying doors are open, and if
you want to come manufacture
guns and gun parts, come to

seven days. There is no cure

for measles, but the majority
of the time it is treatable.
Dechairo said it is a difficult
process to control measles
because of how contagious
the disease is. However, Student Health Services would
work with other University
departments, as well as the
Lawrence-Douglas County
Health Department, in order
to control an outbreak.
Dechairo said the University does have past experience
in dealing with disease outbreaks. In 2006 there were
reported cases of mumps on
campus, and in 2011 there
were some students who
were infected with measles.
It is important that the
University is being proactive, Dechairo said. We are
doing all we can to make sure
no one here gets measles.
University officials will be
sending out a campus-wide
letter addressing the potential for a measles outbreak
and urging unvaccinated
students to receive their vaccinations.
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The University Daily Kansan is the

student newspaper of the University of
Kansas. The first copy is paid through
the student activity fee. Additional
copies of The Kansan are 50 cents.
Subscriptions can be purchased at the
Kansan business office, 2051A Dole
Human Development Center, 1000
Sunnyside Avenue, Lawrence, KS, 66045.

The University Daily Kansan (ISSN

0746-4967) is published daily during
the school year except Friday, Saturday,
Sunday, fall break, spring break and
exams and weekly during the summer
session excluding holidays. Annual
subscriptions by mail are $250 plus
tax. Send address changes to The
University Daily Kansan, 2051A Dole
Human Development Center, 1000
Sunnyside Avenue.


Check out KUJH-TV on Wow! of Kansas

Channel 31 in Lawrence. See KUJHs
website at

KJHK 90.7 is the student voice in radio.


background will be an asset for
City Commission. I want to represent all of the people of Lawrence
and listen to everybody to make
Time spent in Lawrence: My dad
brought us here in 1954. We lived
at Sunnyside Apartments [while]
Wilt Chamberlain played here at
KU. He was transferred and moved
us away, but I always returned.
Lawrence is my home.
Most important issue: The most
important issue in my City Commission campaign is the interconnection between neighborhoods
and strong local businesses. One
cant survive without the other.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
My favorite thing about Lawrence
is the diversity in neighborhoods,
businesses, and people. We have
a very rich and liveable city.
Time spent in Lawrence: This is
my 20th year living in Lawrence,
Kan. I moved here starting in 7th
grade and thanks to the University
of Kansas being a few blocks from
my house, I never left.
Most important issue: The single most important issue in this
campaign for me is changing the
citys attitude toward property tax
abatements. If you want to develop, I say go for it, but go for
it understanding that the expectation will be that private development is funded using private
investors and private capital, not
the public footing the bill.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
My favorite thing about Lawrence
is the unique culture we are exposed to and get to interact with.
Events like Buskerfest and Art in
the Park provide an amazing way
to grow social capital within our
Time spent in Lawrence: I guess

Ive lived in Lawrence, well about

35 years.
Most important issue: I have a
lot of issues that are important,
but I guess strengthening the
communities trust in the decision
making process, since its not that
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Theres a lot of great things I really like about Lawrence. Well if I
can only pick one it would be the
unique, diverse and independent
population. Lawrence always has
so many people coming through
here with the University, so its always a changing population.
Time spent in Lawrence: Well, if
I do the math, Ive lived here for on
and off for about 18 years now.
Most important issue: Bringing
trust back between taxpayers and
city commission. There has been
a rift between the taxpayers and
the city commission, but I want to
show them that we can bridge it
and are here for the taxpayers.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Probably the vibrancy of the
town. Lawrence is always getting
an influx of new ideas and it stays
Lived in Lawrence: 14 years.
Most important issues: The
broadband gigabyte internet service in Lawrence is not just for a
couple residential neighborhoods.
Its an important thing to have
in the downtown area for all the
businesses. I do support the new
police facility, but before we get to
the police facility, weve got to find
a better way for it to work. I dont
think a sales tax increase is the
most effective way to pay for it.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Mass. Street in winter, the parades. The history is amazing. The
history of Lawrence is the history
of Kansas. Its part of our culture.

17, when I was a freshman at KU:

51 years.
Most important issues: To try
and find some kind of consensus
on a modern police facility, for
our police officers to function at
100% capacity and efficiency
9th Street Arts Corridor, it has the
potential to become one of Lawrences greatest assets.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Its just a kick-ass town when
you get to know as many people as
we have, my wife and I, and get to
be involved in so many events and
projects. Its a great social town.
Its a great sports town. Its just
a great city to live in, very functional.
Lived in Lawrence: 16 years.
Most important issues: I think
we need to talk about public safety and emergency services, and I
think we need to kind of broaden that conversation to include
our mental health needs that we
arent covering now Social
services seems to be getting defunded and its a little scary, so I
think we need to work harder at
preventing that and taking care
of the people here in our community.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Lawrence just has the best people. Theres that Midwestern respect and charm that people have
that just comes naturally.
Lived in Lawrence: 6 years.
Most important issues: The most
important issue to me, also the
one that inspired me to run, is
dealing with certain ordinances
passed by the city that govern the
municipal court. Those ordinances allow the municipal court to


2000 Dole Human Development Center
1000 Sunnyside Avenue
Lawrence, Kan., 66045

Time spent in Lawrence: 9 years
and 1 month.
Most important issue: Budget
tax cuts and reduced property taxes. The budget cuts and property
taxes are actually tied together.
There has been a serious problem with communication between
city leaders and the community. I
want to implement an interactive
website for the community at my
own expense named The Peoples
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
The diversity of its people and
the open minded community belief of equality by many. When my
family and I first arrived from Texas the first thing we noticed with
our children will be the different
cultures in play. Our children have
learned a great deal from the diversity of the community. This is
something that is hardly seen in
many towns within Texas. It has
been a very positive experience for
the entire family.
Candidates Mike Anderson, Terry
Riordan and Justin Priest were unavailable for comment at the time
of press.
Edited by Samantha Darling

the right choice

Lived in Lawrence: Since I was

Our graduates are

Newsroom: (785) 766-1491
Advertising: (785) 864-4358

collect $72 a day for jail fees. Repealing those ordinances is going
to facilitate peoples payments.
Its really important to me that the
Lawrence government recognizes
the power it has on populations
that dont necessarily have a voice
in city government right now.
Favorite thing about Lawrence:
I love everything about Lawrence.
I love Clinton Lake. I love the atmosphere downtown, but really
the thing that I love the most is
the sense of grassroots and community.

Washburn Law, 14

Washburn Law prepared

Taylor for her career at
a large Kansas City
Spring and Fall Start
Scholarships Available



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Sunny with a 0 percent chance of

rain. Wind NNE at 15 mph.

The question of whether

the legislature is working for
the people or for a business
is something Willey said concerns him.
I dont find individual backing of businesses to be a good
thing, Willey said. I dont
think their concerns are being
directed to their citizens and
the issues with the budget and
the recent cuts to education. To
be frank, I dont think I want
my senator proposing something like this. Kansas already
has lax gun laws.
Thirty-six states recognize
Kansas concealed carry permits, according to the Kansas
Attorney Generals website.
Fitzgerald said since this bill
would require no permits, other states might not be receptive.
Either way, he said hes confident the bill will pass.
Minkler said he doubts hell
notice a significant increase in
gun sales if the permit is no longer required because Kansans
will want to be able to carry
their weapons across state lines.
Can we expect problems with
people carrying weapons, Fitzgerald said. We already have
that. The bad people are already
carrying the weapons. For the
most part, we cant legislate
against stupid. We depend on
people to be responsible, and if
theyre not, theyre going to pay
the price.

Edited by Kayla Schartz




KU offers passport services for students, faculty, staff and community members. You can apply for a passport and have
visa photos taken in Strong Hall, Room 300.

Liberty Hall to host Lawrence TED talk in March


version of TED talks, will be
held on March 23 at Liberty
Hall. The theme will be
innovative, collaborative and
dynamic ideas.
We chose that because
thats sort of how we feel
about Lawrence and about
the energy and the ideas
that exist in Lawrence now,
said Beth Pine, the official
spokesperson and member
of the steering committee for

TEDxLawrence. So were
wanting to celebrate that. Im
just really tickled to hear what
people are going to have to say
and share.
Because of limited tickets,
those wanting to attend must
submit an online application
explaining why they should
attend. Tickets will cost $25.
People can also apply to be
speakers at TEDxLawrence;
the application will be
available online until Feb. 16
You just have to have
a good idea that is worth
sharing, Pine said. Its really

exciting to be able to see all

these ideas that are generating
from Lawrencians.
Pine applied for Lawrence
to host TEDx back in 2013,
and received the acceptance
in April 2014. She said she
believes individual organizers
who value good ideas, like
herself, are stepping up and
spreading ideas by organizing
events like TEDx.
committee is looking for
and individuals. As a
community-organized event,

TEDxLawrence relies on
partners and ticket costs to
fund the event, Pine said.

Its really exciting to be

able to see all these ideas
that are generating from

Current partners include

Revolutions Systems, The
Brewhaus, New York Life

Insurance Company and RE/

MAX Excel.
volunteering their time, and
Pine said she has gotten an
enthusiastic response.
A lot of people are very
excited about this and we
have had a lot of requests
for volunteers, she said. Its
really awesome.
One of the volunteers
is Mary Joyce, a freshman
from Leawood. As an
outreach coordinator for
TEDxLawrence, she said she
will contact potential speakers

and be in charge of social

media near the time of the
Joyce got involved after a
fellow engineering student
told her about the event. Joyce
wanted to help after hearing
about the success TEDx
had in Kansas City this past
I am excited to see how
the event comes together,
she said. We have seen the
hype and excitement for the
program, and its awesome.

Edited by Yu Kyung Lee

City Commission candidates talk priorities


With the Lawrence City

approaching, candidates are
preparing to win votes. The
elections will be decided
in March, the culmination
of several debates and
In 2015, there are an
unprecedented number of
candidates, 14, running for
three city commissioner
I am very excited to have
14 people competing for the
commissioners positions this
year, which is the highest
number in several years,
Lawrence Mayor Mike Amyx
said. It shows that there is a
lot of interest and excitement
around the elections this
For Amyx, the biggest
issues for the commission
were the potential building

of a new police facility, tax

changes and incentives and
economic development.
The University will be
affected by these changes, but
according to Amyx, not more
so than the community it fits
in to.

Those in the University

are obviously part of the
community and these
decisions affect the commerce of the community.
Lawrence mayor

The University is definitely

a large part of the city
commissions discussions,
Amyx said. First of all, the
Universitys faculty, students
and staff account for a large
part of the population in
Lawrence. Those in the
University are obviously part

of the community and these

decisions affect the commerce
of the community.
entrepreneurship are talking
points among candidates.
a candidate planning to
grocery store to Lawrence,
community involvement is
the most important change to
make to the city commission.
At planning meetings,
you would be lucky to see
even one person from the
community, Crawford said.
There is a genuine interest
in those planning sessions.
The problem is that there
hasnt been enough thought
given to other ways to involve
the community so there will
be adequate involvement
when the community is
For Matthew Herbert,
taxes on investments from

businesses are another big

issue relating to this election.
The single most important
issue in this campaign for
me is changing the citys
attitude towards property
tax abatements. Currently,
the city hands these out to
virtually any business that
asks, Herbert said. If its
not a public infrastructure
project, the public should not
be footing the bill.
business or administrative
backgrounds, like Kristie
Adair, a candidate who is
the co-owner of Wicked
Broadband, or incumbent
commissioner Bob Schumm,
a landlord.
As for the community
representation concerns that
Crawford has expressed,
Dever, whose term expires in
2015, do not share the same
I think everybodys voice is

Its time
for the

heard, Amyx said. Anyone

from the community is
welcome in our meetings,
whether it is from the
University or elsewhere in
the community.
Dever agreed with Amyxs
I dont know if theres
been a problem with
said. Clearly, commissioners
are elected at large in the
community so you are
charged with listening to
people from all over the
community, and so you may
have people in one part of
town that think one way and
people in another part of
town think in another.
Most things that occur at
the Commission level impact
the community as a whole,
not just those who are closest
to an issue, Dever said.

on Twitter

Edited by Lane Cofas

KU Engineering February 12, 2015

& Computing Kansas Union
Career Fair 5th & 6th floors


Text your FFA

submissions to
(785) 2898351 or
Maybe its just the theater kid
in me, but every time Im in
Anschutz, I want everyone to
burst into a musical number
about how grades wont define
us ... or something like that.
You know its nice out when our
world class quidditch team is
practicing. #coatregretz
Do you like fish sticks?
Cats are assholes sometimes.
Or all the time.

Fifty Shades release date blurs lines

Maddy Mikinski

alentines Day is a celebration of romance,

togetherness and
horrifying domestic abuse.
At least thats what the movie
adaptation of E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey is telling
us. When I found out James
deformed Twilight-inspired
baby was set to be released
on Valentines Day, I wasnt
shocked, but I was still taken
Based on what is considered by one Goodreads
commenter to be the most
sensual romance I think you
can possibly get your hands
on, it only figures that Fifty
Shades would be released to
play into all of the Valentines
Day hype. On the other hand,
as a terrifyingly misconstrued
tale of violence and abuse,
Halloween would seem like a
better release date.
Since its 2011 release, Fifty
Shades of Grey has been
the cause of a heated debate.
Fans of the trilogy, as well

If you think the elevators in

Wescoe are scary, I challenge you
to brave the ones in Summerfield.
Ive been trapped once before.

Where my Directioners at? OTRA

is starting soon! Whoop whoop!
Dear stuck up grad students,
we are in the same class.
Please get over yourselves.
Lets get the Hashinger printer
fixed! All in favor-cause-we-payover-$28,000-a-year say aye!!!
Dear person concerned with my
sick fish, I have a betta and hes
going on 2 weeks not eating!
People are so dumb. I almost saw
a guy get ran over at a crosswalk
P&L has the weirdest
demographic...ages range
from 21-90.
Police stop a guy in the middle of
intersection, bus of students gets
hung up for 10 minutes, nbd.
Dont get mad at the bus drivers
for taking a break ... they have
to pee sometime!
Ive got an associates degree, my
CNA, and I transferred to KU. Now
Im about to have two degrees.
Having homework on the
weekends is THE WORST!
First night alone in a long time
and I can hear myself think.
The weekend is for taking naps
and not wondering what century
it is when you wake up.

as E.L. James, maintain that

it is merely a dark romance
depicting the type of brooding
hero seen in Bront novels.
The other side of the debate,
which I agree with, believes
the relationship depicted in
the novels is abusive, violent
and glorifies the abuse thousands experience every day.
The Fifty Shades of Grey
release date only perpetuates the idea that this kind
of violence should be taken
as romance. Valentines Day
weekend releases are typically
of the romantic sort. Nicholas

Kanika Kshirsagar

How do I tell my roommate/friend

that Im not planning on living
with them next year?
Anissa Fritz

his is probably
one of the most
conversations you will ever
have to have with your
friends in college. There is a
lot at stake when it comes to
breaking this news to your
current roommate because,
lets face it, things could go
south, and life could turn
ugly fast.
The reason why it is such a
difficult discussion is because
you most likely care about
your current roommate.
Whether they are your best
friend or someone you met
at the beginning of the year,
its hard to live with someone
and not form a bond with
them. Its crucial that when
you sit down to have the
talk with them that you
emphasize how important
they are to you as a friend.
Afterward, you must find a
way to explain why it would
be best to live separately next
year. And after this, they will
most likely ask you why. This
is the time to be honest with
them, but let them know that
you value their friendship.
Ultimately, its crucial to
your friendship that you
dont live together next year.
Something along the lines
of, Because our friendship
means so much, I dont think
it would be wise for us to
live together again because I
feel like it could damage our
Im not sure why you are
choosing not to live with your
friend again, but let me just
say this: Living with friends
is hard. One of the first rules

about being a roommate is

being roommates first and
friends second. The dishes
are piling up, the trash
is overflowing and your
apartment suddenly has an
unwelcoming stench. But
you hold your breath and
say nothing because it is
uncomfortable to ask friends
to do something they havent
been doing. Living with
friends builds resentment and
tension, which is not healthy
for any friendship. I have seen
several friendships burn out
because of this issue.
Sit your friend/roommate


Text 785-289-8351
and use #askanissa

down and be direct. The

sooner you tell them, the
better. They may even respect
you more because now they
will have an ample amount of
time to find a new roommate
and/or living quarters. Do not
start listing off all the reasons
why you no longer want
to live with them because,
remember, you still have
to live with them until the
end of your lease. It may be
awkward and uncomfortable,
but it has to be done. Once
it is over you can reel in the
semester with some peace of
mind and excitement for your
new living situation.
Anissa Fritz is a sophomore from
Dallas studying journalism
and sociology

The submission should include the authors name,

grade and hometown. Find our full letter to the editor
policy online at

In reality, Fifty Shades

of Grey is as romantic as
Othello murdering Desdemona in their marriage bed.
The relationship portrayed in
Fifty Shades of Grey is one
of emotional, physical and
mental abuse. Its a relationship that doesnt recognize
boundaries or individuality.
Instead of focusing on the
negative repercussions of their
relationship, the story twists
the violent Christian Grey as
a lonely soul with bleak and
tortured eyes. Hes portrayed
as someone we should all run

to and lovingly hug, rather

than run from and report to
The release date of this
movie is pulling the Valentines Day wool over moviegoers eyes in a shameful way.
The Feb. 13 release is further
perpetuating the widespread
belief that the relationship in
the novel is something that
should be seen as romantic, rather than creepy or
Maddy Mikinski is a sophomore
from Linwood studying journalism

n issue with
American society
is the lack of
sensitivity for individuals
living with a mental illness. I
grew up knowing someone
who lives with schizophrenia
and bipolar disorder. From
an early age, I witnessed the
challenges someone with a
mental illness experienced
quite frequently. Stigma
should not have been one of
The most basic day-to-day
activities for this individual
became a hurdle for anyone
involved. Medication made
them drowsy, and this
made social relationships
difficult to maintain. In the
slightest chance that I was
able to carry some type of
slight conversation with
this individual, I found they
werent really speaking to
me at all. Their attention and
thoughts were too focused on
the voices inside their own
head. I will never forget the
confusion, embarrassment
and sadness I felt at the
time, all due to my lack of
understanding. However, as
I got older, I began to learn
and understand that what was
happening was not their fault.

Serious Mental Illness in the past year among Persons Aged

18 or Older, by State: Percentages, Annual Averages Based
on 2011 and 2012 National Survey on Drug and Health


been in my situation know

there is no one to blame here.
It is difficult to understand
what might offend someone
who lives with a mental
disorder, but we must
remember that most of the
time, their reactions are out of
their control.
We should refrain
from using phrases in our
conversations like, youre
acting insane, stop being
crazy, youre acting so
bipolar, etc. These types of


Something I remember
vividly is how delicate this
person was. The slightest and
most innocent gesture, like
suggesting an idea or concept
they werent familiar with,
could trigger an emotional
frenzy of tears and frustration.
I had to choose my words
carefully, as well as the tone
I was speaking to them in.
During an argument, simply
lowering the tone of my
voice could positively change
the way this person reacted
toward me. Many who have

phrases are used in a negative

context all the time. I know
this because I was once
guilty of using them, too.
We must work toward being
more sensitive in the way
we choose to converse and
not only around someone
who may live with a mental
illness. It seems innocent at
first, and someone might
say its not that big of a deal.
But to someone who knows
firsthand, it might be.
Many people live with
mental disorders, but their



Send letters to Write LETTER
TO THE EDITOR in the email subject line. Length:
300 words

Sparks adaptations of Safe

Haven and Message in a
Bottle were both released
around this time, as well as
the Channing Tatum tearjerker The Vow. Movie theaters
might as well put up a sign
that says Nicholas Sparks
adaptations only. Clearly Valentines Day moviegoers want
something they can cry into
their chocolate boxes about
later. With its Valentines
Day weekend release, Fifty
Shades is mismarketing itself
as a fluffy, crying-into-a-chocolate-box romance.

Society must be sensitive

toward mental illnesses


Schmidt (sp?) from New Girl

literally the funniest character

Music majors have by far the

biggest gap between credit hours
and work. I have a required
class thats zero credits. And
several that meet three hours
a week for only one credit.



Full fledged caffeine addiction.

The only good thing about

cold weather is that I can
use hat hair as an excuse
for my bed head.




Brian Hillix, editor-in-chief

Cecilia Cho, opinion editor

Jordan Mentzer, print sales manager

Paige Lytle, managing editor

Cole Anneberg, art director

Kristen Hays digital media manager

Stephanie Bickel, digital editor

Sharlene Xu, advertising director

Jon Schlitt, sales and marketing adviser

SAMHSA, Center for

Behaviorial Health Statistics
and Quality

illnesses should not define

them. About 42.5 million
American adults reported
living with some type of
mental illness in the past year,
according to the Substance
Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administrations
2011-2012 survey. These
people may be our teachers,
friends, siblings, co-workers,
etc. By having mental
illness sensitivity, we can
create a more comfortable
environment for those around
Mental illnesses can be
treatable through medication
and psychosocial therapies,
allowing those who live with
them the opportunity to lead
full and productive lives. We
should not make people feel
inferior just because they are
struggling with something we
do not understand.
America needs to make a
conscious effort to become
educated and respect those
living with mental illness to
stop the growth of the stigma
that surrounds it. It wont
be easy, but it is important
in order for our society to

Kanika Kshirsagar is a junior

from Overland Park studying
chemical engineering

Members of the Kansan
Editorial Board are Brian
Hillix, Paige Lytle, Cecilia
Cho, Stephanie Bickel and
Sharlene Xu.




arts & features


Pop-rock band Jukebox the Ghost

to perform at the Granada tonight

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Today is a 9
Spend time with your crew today,
close to home. Play with friends
and family. Take care of something
you said youd do. Check to be sure
your message gets through. Keep it
simple and to the point.
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Today is a 9
Do simple work now. Productivity
reaps extra reward today. Focus on
providing excellence. Short-term
priorities hold your focus. Take one
step at a time, with attention to detail. Winning is fun, and possible.
Do the homework.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Today is an 8
Studying and practicing something
you love goes well today. Changes
are apt to work out in your favor.
Results are positive. Your discipline
is impressive, too. Avoid a controversial topic. Play for a good cause.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Today is a 7
Take care of urgent matters first.
Conditions seem unsettled. Dont
overlook an important task. Let
family help you streamline your
routine. Allow extra time for unexpected circumstances. Choose an
astute partner. Learn from a child.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Today is an 8
Youve got the gift of words today.
Use them with someone close to
you. Deepen friendships. Create
better sales talk. Talk to your team,
and listen. Consult with a respected mentor. Choose the message.
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Today is a 9
Focus on immediate objectives,
and rake in the dough. The
situation could seem delicately balanced. Be careful not to stumble.
Hold your head up. Never let them
see you sweat. Put in the effort and




Pop-rock band Jukebox the

Ghost will be performing in
Lawrence tonight, Feb. 9. The
show will start at 8 p.m. at
The Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St.
The band, which recently performed on Conan, is
composed of Tommy Siegel
from Richmond, Va., Ben
Thornewill from Louisville,
Ky., and Jesse Kristin from
The members met at
George Washington University in 2004 and have now
been playing together for 10
years. The band has released
four albums, including its
self-titled album released in
October of last year.
It didnt start as anything
serious, Siegel said. Gradually it developed into something.
Siegel describes the groups
sound as urban piano pop
with a twist of rock. The
Jukebox the Ghost Tour began in November and will
continue through March,
with shows all across the U.S.
Siegel said the bands music
has evolved along with the
band members.

Our music tends to reflect

whats going on in our own
life, he said. Our earlier records were more spastic, and
guitar and piano centric. Our
writing style has changed.
We have become open to all
kinds of different instrumentation.

Our music tends to reflect

whats going on in our own
Jukebox the Ghost
band member

Siegel said his favorite show

of the tour so far was its L.A.
show, after playing on Conan.
He said they had just signed
to a new label, CherryTree,
and it felt like a really joyous
Opening for Jukebox are
the bands Little Daylight and
Secret Someones. Tickets are
$15. The show is open to all
ages and the doors will open
at 7:30 p.m.
Edited by Samantha Darling

Most memorable moments from the Grammys

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Today is a 9
You can get whatever you need. Be
very careful now. Dont get cocky, or
you could miss an opportunity. Go
ahead and play the hero... someone
appreciates the help. Enjoy a little
friendly competition.
Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Today is a 7
Recharge your batteries while you
review the plan. Finesse the details.
Think things through to their logical
consequences. Maintain some
mystery. Broaden your horizons and
push boundaries. Prepare but dont
go yet. Peaceful rest rejuvenates.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Today is an 8
Talk to your friends for greatest
impact today. Make and receive
promises. Work together to handle
a job thats coming due. Get social,
either in person or online. Connect
with your circles.


From left, William Phillips, James Napier and Sam Smith accept the award for song of the year for Stay With Me at the 57th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Today is an 8
Take charge, but be nice about it.
Assume authority, and schedule
commitments rigorously. Delegate
what you can. Use what youve got.
Lively music sets the tone. Focus on
one action at a time, and profit.

Katy Perrys Super Bowl

follow-up performance
Only one week ago
Katy Perry was entering
stadium on a robotic Lion
for her Super Bowl halftime
show performance. After a
performance so large, people
might not have expected
much from Perry but she
actually gave one of the most
memorable performances of
the night. Great performances
are expected out of artists of
Perrys stature but its pretty
astonishing to have backto-back great performances
on two of the biggest nights
in entertainment. After a
message about domestic
violence, Perry performed
By the Grace of God which
shared her own experience
about an abusive relationship.
A performance like this
wasnt expected of Perry, but
it was a nice change of pace

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Today is an 8
Explore a lesser-known part of your
own backyard or neighborhood. Discover new flavors and sensations.
Try on new ideas. It doesnt need
to be expensive in time or money.
Savor a short excursion. Learn new
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Today is an 8
Handle insurance or financial paperwork. Make repairs to valuable
equipment. Save spare parts. Put
on some good music and get into
organizational productivity mode.
Invite your partner to join in. Your
relationship grows stronger with


The Grammys are often
considered one of the biggest
nights in music. Each year,
the show promises amazing
live performances filled
with surprising moments.
Here are (some) of the most
notable moments of the 57th
Annual Grammy Awards.
Could be time for a new host
For the past few years,
LL Cool J has hosted the
Grammys and while hes
done a pretty good job, it
may be time for a new host.
Itd be nice to bring some
much needed variety to the
show. Hes a good host and
CBS may not want to risk
bringing in someone new but
having the same guy host the
show for four years in a row
seems like overkill.
Opening performance
by AC/DC
Theres no question about
it AC/DC is a legendary
recognized as such, but its

opening performance at this

years Grammys was pretty
weak. The performance
as a whole was such an
anticlimactic way to begin
the show. AC/DC has been
around for decades but the
bands glory days are well
behind it. It would have been
nice to see a younger band
get the chance to open the
Kanyes performance of
Only One
Kanye West had his
first performance at the
Grammys since 2008 and
he made his triumphant
return by performing his
incredibly heartfelt single
Only One. The song is
from the perspective of his
late mother as she looks
upon the life of her son and
his new family. The stage
which was perfect as it
matched the mood of the
song. Kanyes mother meant
a lot to him, and the last
time he performed, she had
recently passed. At that
performance, he performed

his 2005 song Hey Mama,

which was dedicated to her.
With all of that in mind, this
performance was absolutely

after her high-energy Super

Bowl performance.
Slow paced
At this years show, many of
the performances involved
slow-paced songs. There
was very little variety and
many of the songs had
somber, depressing themes.
This worked well for some
performances, but for others
it was incredibly boring.
Rihanna, Paul McCartney and
Kanye West FourFiveSeconds
of the Beatles Sir Paul
will be featured on Rihannas
upcoming album. The stage
design was simple, similar to
the music video for the song.
The song features Rihanna
and Kanye on vocals with
McCartney on guitar. Its
such an amazing thing to
see a member of the Beatles
collaborate with two modern
artists, especially live. It
was definitely one of the
highlights of the night.

Sam Smith won big

Every year, there seems to
be an artist who dominates
the awards. This year that
artist was Sam Smith. Smith
had a great 2014 due to his
breakout single Stay With
Me. Smith has carried
his momentum into the
Grammys, taking home
awards for Song of the Year,
Best Pop Vocal Album, Best
New Artist and Record of the

The Grammys continued

disrespect of rap music
Its no secret that rap and
the Grammys have had an
estranged relationship. Rap
is one of the most popular
genres in the world but
you wouldnt know that by
watching the Grammys. This
year, every rap award was
awarded before the actual
award show. This was strange
because other genres had its
awards given out during the
actual show time and last
year Best Rap Album was
awarded during the show.
Edited by Samantha Darling






Fifty Shades of Grey could join

ranks of Harry Potter, Twilight
Lane Colfas

or decades, films have

merged with bestselling
novels to create famous
images to go with our favorite
stories, and consequently,
produced images that stick in
our memory forever.
The novel-film combo
has been done successfully
with many novels and series
including The Godfather,
The Lord of the Rings,
Harry Potter, Twilight and
countless others.
A specific series of novels,
Fifty Shades of Grey, written
by British novelist E.L. James,
is the most popular erotic-romance novel of the 21st century and will, like many other
novels, become a favorite
film following its release this
Friday, Feb. 13.
After the release of the first
Fifty Shades of Grey film,
it is rumored there will be
two sequels that will cover
the other two books, Fifty
Shades Darker and Fifty
Shades Freed.
But is the release date a
coincidence or the icing on
the cake to your Valentines
Day weekend? Since the novel
hit shelves across America
in 2011, a vast variety of
opinions popped up on social
media sites regarding the
books content.
According to Forbes,
100 million copies of the




first book sold faster than

any adult novel in history,
evidence that many loved
the book. There was even a
special screening Feb. 5 in
New York City open to 100
viewers, and the feedback was
positive when talking about
not just the movie, but also
the more violent sex scenes.
The viewers said it was a
positive experience.
On the other hand, many
are taking a different stance
on this book and the soon-tobe-released film. Some believe
the book makes women look
feeble-minded and weak and
that the book is essentially
about domestic violence
when parts of the story are
taken out. Many people have
taken to Twitter to express
their disdain for the book and
soon-to-be movie through the
hashtag #fiftydollarsnotfiftyshades.
Tweets containing this tag
have touched on the fact that,
though the film premieres
on Valentines Day weekend,


there is nothing romantic

about it.
For many fans, this is more
than just a film; its a new subculture. The notion of a book
or film sparking a subculture
is nothing new. Twilight
forced viewers to side with
Edward or Jacob and Harry
Potter encouraged fans to
figure out which house they
would be in if they attended

While there are no teams
per se with Fifty Shades of
Grey, the new sex culture
that seems to have been created is generating controversy
over less fictional predicaments and is encouraging
conversations about hotly-debated topics that truly matter.

Edited by Kayla Schartz

u feel about

on Twitter
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1. aTake
a of
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Choosing to love yourself this Valentines Day? Pamper yourself

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$100 in beauty products and services, cooking classes, chocolate

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Jayhawks lose 15-point lead, fall 65-57 to Cowgirls


On Jayhawks for a Cure

night, Kansas (13-11, 4-7)
hosted Oklahoma State.
Kansas, which has not
defeated Oklahoma State
since Jan. 18, 2012, had a
lead, but could not hold
on late, losing 65-57 to the
The Cowgirls have won six
straight against the Jayhawks
in the past three seasons.
The Jayhawks got off to a
hot start, making their first
five shots of the game, which
sparked a 7-0 run after a
4-all tie to lead 11-4 early on
against the Cowgirls.
Senior forward Chelsea
Gardner scored her first eight
points of the game in the first
six minutes of the game.
Kansas made eight of its
first 10 field goals in the first
eight minutes of the first half.
The Jayhawks saw their
lead of 15 evaporate midway
through the first half as
Oklahoma State sophomore
guard Roshunda Johnson hit
a three-pointer at the end of
the first half to cut Kansas
lead to two.
We thought we made
adjustments when we went to

the zone late in the first half,

which makes the game more
interesting, Oklahoma State
coach Jim Littell said.
In the second half, Kansas
fell into a shooting slump,
making only 7-of-25 from
the field. Kansas went
16-of-30 from the field in the
first half.
We knew coming in they
were going to be aggressive
and we had to match that,
Oklahoma State junior guard
Brittney Martin said.
The teams traded buckets,
with neither developing
a lead of more than three
points throughout most
of the half. But with 1:59
remaining, the Cowgirls
took control, holding the
Jayhawks to just one point to
end the game. Back-to-back
buckets by the Cowgirls gave
them a five-point lead with
33 seconds remaining.
Kansas went the last 6:25
without a field goal scored,
following a three-pointer by
senior guard Asia Boyd.
We were good early and
they put the zone on, coach
Bonnie Henrickson said. We
have to chase the ball and be
able to rebound.
Kansas shot 23-of-55 for
the game for 42 percent,


Kansas freshman Terriell Bradley rests during Saturdays game against Oklahoma State. The Cowgirls have now won six straight games against the Jayhawks.

5-of-20 from three and 6-of10 from the free-throw line.

The Cowgirls outrebounded
the Jayhawks 45-31.
We were a little bit better
in the zone tonight, but we
still need to improve on

it, freshman guard Lauren

Aldridge said.
Gardner led Kansas with
18 points. Aldridge added
14 and Boyd had a doubledouble with 11 points and 12

Kansas will travel to

Tuesday for a rematch
with West Virginia. Kansas
defeated the Mountaineers
on Jan. 24, 65-59. Kansas
is now in a four-way tie for

seventh with West Virginia,

Kansas State and Oklahoma
Edited by Kayla Schartz

Tennis picks up first two spring season wins in Las Vegas


Kansas tennis picked up

its first and second wins of
the spring season during its
weekend trip to Las Vegas.
The Jayhawks dropped their
first match of the weekend
Friday against UNLV in a tight
contest, 4-3.
Kansas was unable to secure

the doubles point despite

picking up a win from the pair
of junior Maria Jose Cardona
and senior Maria Belen
Luduea to lead off doubles
play. Luduea followed up her
doubles victory with a singles
win against senior Anett
Ferenczi-Bako of UNLV (1-6,
6-3, 6-1).
Kansas also got singles wins
from freshmen Madison

Harrison 6-2, 2-6, 6-2, and

Summer Collins 2-6, 6-7, 6-7,
to keep the deficit to one point.
Coach Todd Chapman liked
his teams energy but credited
UNLV for its maturity.
The effort was definitely
there, Chapman said in a
press release. A big point here
and there I thought UNLV
played more maturely and
that was the difference in the

Have you heard? Garmin, the worldwide leader in
satellite navigation for consumer electronics, is hiring
product support specialists and summer seasonal
associates in Kansas City.

Kansas followed up the
losing, performance Friday
with its first spring win in
commanding fashion against
New Mexico State on Saturday.
The Jayhawks dominated the
afternoon, winning 4-0.
The Jayhawks swept doubles
play to start the day. Collins
and freshman Alexis Czapinski
notched a convincing 6-1
victory in the first match.
Another pair of freshmen
sealed the doubles point, as
Harrison and Smith Hinton
won 6-2.
Hinton followed up her
point-capturing win in doubles
play by securing Kansas first
singles point of the afternoon
winning in a tidy two sets
(6-1, 6-1).

Luduea then defeated

freshman Rimpledeep Kaur
(6-0, 6-3) to claim a 3-0 Kansas
Harrison completed the
sweep with another two-set
victory against senior Susana
Alcaraz (6-2, 6-2).
It feels good to get our first
win, Chapman said. We came
out with great energy at two
and three doubles and played
really, really good tennis there.
Kansas capped its weekend
with a 6-1 victory against
Pacific on Sunday.
The Jayhawks got another
quick start in doubles play
with wins from Harrison
and Hinton, 6-0, and the
Luduea and Cardona, 6-2, to
seal the doubles point.
Both Harrison and Hinton

win with singles victories.
Harrison won 6-2, 6-3 while
Hinton won 6-2, 6-2.
Freshman Rachel McNeely
handily secured the win for
Kansas (6-2, 6-0), capping off a
winning day and weekend for
the Jayhawks.
With three matches in
three days we had soreness,
but we couldnt turn that into
an excuse, Chapman said.
That was our focus and I feel
like the girls did a great job
responding to that and playing
tough tennis.
Kansas improved to 2-3
on the season and will be
in action again Thursday,
Feb. 12, against Wichita State
in Wichita.
Edited by Yu Kyung Lee

If youve got a knack for troubleshooting and making

technical issues sound easy to solve, Garmin wants to hear
from you. Bring your resume to the on-campus job fair
at the Kansas Union anytime from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on
February 11. Or, go to to apply online.
Its no secret

Garmin is a great place to work!

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Spectrum, Surge, and the Peer Health Educators

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Community Organization


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Kansas Jayhawks swim past Iowa State Cyclones in two-day matchup

ABOVE: Freshman Lydia Pocisk comes off the turn during the breaststroke leg
of the 200-yard individual medley. Pocisk finished fourth overall in the event
Saturday at Robinson Gym. Pocisk helped the Jayhawks defeat the Iowa State
Cyclones 169-131. TOP LEFT: Junior Chelsie Miller takes a breath during the
breaststroke leg of the 200-yard individual medley Saturday. Miller took the
event and was one of three Jayhawks to place in the top six. TOP RIGHT: Sophomore Graylyn Jones takes a moment to think about her upcoming dive. Jones
was one of three Jayhawks competing in the 1m dive finals Saturday morning.
She took second overall. BOTTOM RIGHT: Swimmers in the 200-yard individual
medley streamline into the water. The medley consists of the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Miller won the event, helping the Jayhawks
defeat Iowa State 169-131 in their dual Saturday at Robinson Gym.


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NCAA basketball coaching legend Dean Smith dies


stillness swept through college
basketball arenas around the
country a vigil for one of the
games classiest innovators.
Saturday, the basketball world
lost a father, a role model and a
Saturday, Dean Smith died.
After a long struggle with
advanced dementia, Dean
Carolina basketball coach
the ninth winningest college
coach of all time died at age
Sunday, as scoreboards flashed
his likeness, players bowed their
heads and the world offered up
oral tribute, college basketball
played the swan song of a life
on the basketball court and off
it in which a man gave more
to this world than he took.
Smith was the gold standard,
former Duke player and current
ESPN analyst Jay Bilas told
ESPN. Bilas had four run-ins
with Smith as an opponent on
one of the games biggest stages.
Even though he coached the
blood rival of my school, every
time I had an interaction with
Smith, he was very kind to me
and always a gentleman. In a

game full of characters, Smith

was a great character.
A great character reaped in
the hills of North Carolina, but
sowed in the plains of Kansas.
Born in nearby Emporia on
Feb. 28, 1931, Smith attended
Topeka High where he played
Basketball was his true love.
He played varsity basketball
at Kansas from 1949-1953 on
academic scholarship in quest
of a mathematics degree. Smith,
coached by Phog Allen, was a
major part of the 1952 national
championship team his junior
After graduation, he hung
around Lawrence as an assistant
coach for the Jayhawks from
1953-1954 and then moved to
the Air Force from 1954-1958
in a similar role before landing
at what would become his final
destination: North Carolina.
Smith spent the 1958-1961
seasons as Tarheel assistant
coach under Frank McGuire.
He was then promoted to the
head coaching position in 1961
following the revelation of a
McGuire recruiting scandal.
Smith would remain on the
sidelines for 36 seasons.
It was a clean enterprise that
put doing things the right way

ahead of winning games. When

it was all said and done, 96.6
percent of the athletes Smith
was responsible for graduated
with degrees. He also made
progressive race-relation moves
for the time, recruiting North
Carolinas first black scholarship
basketball player, Charlie Scott,
in 1967.
Soon after Scotts recruitment,
Smiths winning ways off the
court began to translate into
winning on the court. Threestraight ACC Championships
to close out the 60s gave the
program some steam.
He would finish with an
overall head coaching record of
879-254 (.776).
champion with North Carolina
(1982, 1993), his team made the
Final Four 11 times at least
twice in every decade that he
coached in Chapel Hill, N.C.
But unless you knew
beforehand, an encounter with
Smith wouldnt lead you to
that information. Not about
the National Coach of the Year
award (four times), not about
the championships, nor the
For Smith, a tenet of basketball
and a tenet for his life: A lion
never roars after a kill.
There have been a lot of

pillars in our profession over

time, Kansas coach Bill Self
said in a Kansas Athletics press
release. But one of the most
classy and innovative coaches
that our sport has ever known
was coach Dean Smith.
He ran a fast-break and a
trapping defense. His players
would point to each other on
assisted baskets. You shook the
hand of your opponent win or
lose. You let your game do the
Smith is survived by four
daughters, a son and countless
adoring coaches, players, fans
and friends.
Today, if youd like to catch a
Tarheels game in Chapel Hill,
youll be doing so inside the
Dean E. Smith Center.
Other than my parents, no
one had a bigger influence on
my life than Coach Smith,
former Tarheel and NBA legend
Michael Jordan told ESPN. He
was more than a coach he
was my mentor, my teacher, my
second father.
On Saturday, the Lion left
quietly. Humbly.
The legend of Dean Smith,
though, lives on.
It does so honorably.
And it roars.

Former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith smiles during a news
conference in Chapel Hill, N.C.,where he announced his retirement. Smith won
two national championships, died peacefully at his home Saturday night,
Feb. 7, the school said in a statement Sunday from Smiths family. He was 83.

Edited by Kayla Schartz

Track and field

grabs four event
victories in Lincoln


Cubas Yulieski Gourriel hits the ball during a Caribbean Series baseball game against Mexico, in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Monday.

Cuba defeats Mexico

3-2 to win 1st Caribbean
Series since 1960
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Cuba
won its first Caribbean Series championship since 1960 with a 3-2 victory
over Mexico on Sunday, highlighted
by Yulieski Gourriels eighth inning
The victory marked a return for Cuba
to its winning ways in the regional
baseball series it used to dominate
before Cuban stars were barred by its

government in 1961 from playing professionally overseas. Cuba returned to

the round-robin tournament last year
but made a quick exit.
Cuba out-hit Mexico 11-4 on the way
to this years title, a day after dominating Venezuela 8-4 for a shot at the
championship played this year in the
U.S. Caribbean territory of Puerto Rico.
It was the first time that top Cuban
players got a chance to compete on
the U.S. island since Cuba and the
United States moved to normalize
relations. Dozens of major league
scouts traveled to the Caribbean

Series almost exclusively to assess

Cuban talent.
Cuban starter Yosvani Torres was
dominant for six innings on Sunday
night, striking out five. Frederich
Cepeda had a two-out RBI single,
scoring Gourriel, in the first to give
Cuba the early lead.
They went up 2-0 in the second inning when Luis Yander singled in a
Mexico pulled within a run in the
fifth after Joey Meneses led off the
inning with a double. He scored on a
single by Walter Ibarra.




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Cuba scored again in the eighth

inning when Gourriel led off with a
homer to left.
But Mexico, looking for its third consecutive title in the regional series,
wasnt done yet.
In the bottom of the eighth, Eric Farris hit a two-out RBI single to right to
make it 3-2 but Meneses flied out to
right to end the inning.
The Cuban team gave themselves
more opportunities than we did offensively, Mexico Manager Benjamin Gil
Associated Press

The Kansas track and field

team traveled to Lincoln,
Neb., to compete in the Frank
Sevigne Husker Invitational
Friday and Saturday, where the
Jayhawks brought home four
event victories.
The first win came on
the womens side, where
sophomore Nashia Baker
notched the first spot in the
mile. She was followed by two
other Jayhawks, junior Kelli
McKenna and freshman Alaina
Schroeder, to complete the top
three sweep of the event.
On the mens side, Kansas
grabbed the first place in the
3,000 meters for the third
straight meet, this time junior
Jacob Morgan finishing top
The final two wins came in the
4-x-400 meter relay, with both
the mens and womens teams
finishing first. The womens
relay team of junior Rhavean
King and sophomores Adriana
Newell, Whitney Adams and
Zainab Sanni ended with a
time of 3:45.20, finishing just
five-tenths of a second ahead of

The relay team of seniors
Michael Stigler, Kenneth
McCuin and Jaime Wilson and
freshman Tre Daniels finished
in 3:12.90, just edging Iowa for
the win.
Junior pole vaulter Casey
Bowen capped a successful
showing with a second place
finish, jumping to a personalbest height of 17 feet 11 inches.
Coach Stanley Redwine said
the teams showing was one
of the best of the season, and
hopes to add to the Jayhawks
success in the next meet.
It was a much better team
effort and that has been
something that the coaches
and I have been really trying to
emphasize a lot more, Redwine
said in the Universitys press
Kansas will split into two
separate teams in the coming
weekend, as one team will
compete in the ISU Classic
in Ames, Iowa and the other
will head down to Fayetteville,
Ark., to compete in the
Tyson Invitational hosted by

@kansansports @kansannews





LeBryan Nash charged on Devonte Graham with 10:52 to play in the first half.
Following a Brannen Greene three-pointer, Nash drove to the lane and was
called for a charge on Devonte Graham. This sparked a 10-3 run for Kansas
into the third media timeout. After a 6-0 Cowboy run, Frank Mason III hit
a three to silence the crowd with 3:27 left to play in the first half. Kansas
reclaimed a nine-point lead but more importantly slowed down the Cowboys
Wayne Selden Jr. tried to extend the second-half lead to 14 points on a breakaway, but was caught from behind and fouled. Coach Bill Self said Selden
converting the layup was a turning point in the game. Nash had a wide-open
dunk that sparked the crowd and brought the deficit to eight. The proceeding
Kansas in-bounds pass was stolen by Anthony Hickey, which was converted
into a layup and Oklahoma State brought the game within six. That sequence
was the start of the 14-0 OSU run.

According to coach Bill Self, no one on the Kansas team had a
good game. Perry Ellis put up the best numbers with 10 points
and 10 rebounds. Ellis didnt shoot the ball well, shooting 4-for12 from the field, but he stayed aggressive on the glass and
recorded his second double-double in the past three games.

Kansas foward Perry Ellis jumps for two while an OSU defender attempts to block. The Kansas Jayhawks traveled to
Stillwater, Okla., to play against Oklahoma State. The Jayhawks lost 67-62 against the Cowboys in
Gallagher-Iba Arena on Saturday, Feb. 7.

This was a toss up between Kelly Oubre Jr. and Devonte
Graham. Oubre wasnt effective at all and ended up playing
only 14 minutes. He scored one point and had three rebounds
but also missed two wide open three-pointers and all three
field-goal attempts.

The sophomore was an underlying reason Kansas was
ahead in the game. Wayne Selden Jr. started the game
making both three-point attempts and finished with 15
points, shooting 4-for-6 from three. When Kansas was having trouble finding its offense in the second half, Selden hit
two contested three-pointers to keep Kansas in the game

Kansas guard Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk walks off the floor after the Jayhawks lost to Oklahoma State 67-62 on Saturday.






62 67



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Jayhawks play each week is a

for more info.

Volume 128 Issue 74

Monday, February 9, 2015



Alexander should
be starting over


Catch up on the bright spots from Kansas road loss to Oklahoma State | PAGE 11

Kansas struggles for second-half shots in 67-62 loss to Oklahoma State

Scott Chasen

t Oklahoma State
this past Saturday,
Kansas held a 41-30
halftime lead and appeared to
be headed toward a sixthstraight win. Sophomore guard
Frank Mason III, sophomore
guard Brannen Greene and
freshman forward Cliff
Alexander dominated the first
half, combining for 27 points
and 10-of-11 shooting.
As usual, coach Bill Self
opted to go with his first half
starters to start the second.
With that lineup, Kansas
allowed an 8-1 Oklahoma
State run before Self decided to
reinsert Alexander.
After things settled down, the
Jayhawks got a couple of good
looks at the rim, but on the
other end, the Cowboys hit a
pair of heavily contested threes.
Self called a timeout where
he replaced Alexander with
sophomore forward Landen
Lucas. Alexander was a little
slow on his hedge of Oklahoma
State junior guard Phil Forte,
who scored 13 points for the
night. Despite that, Kansas
guarded Oklahoma State pretty
well overall.
In the first half, Alexander
played 12 minutes in which
Kansas outrebounded
Oklahoma State 20-9 and
outscored them by 11. In
the second half, Alexander
played just four minutes. With
him absent, Oklahoma State
outrebounded Kansas 26-15
and outscored them by 16.
Junior forward Jamari
Traylor had another shaky
outing. He scored only
eight points and gave up six
turnovers. Alexander scored
the same amount of points
while only turning the ball
over once. Traylor played
23 minutes while Alexander
totaled 16.
After the game, Self said
he was unhappy with his
teams rebounding. That is
somewhat comical given that
he handcuffed Alexander, one
of his best rebounders, to the
bench for much of the night.
Now, despite the loss, Kansas
is still first in the Big 12. Self
is still a fantastic coach with a
tremendous track record, but
that doesnt mean hes perfect.
In its past seven games,
Kansas has lost twice.
Alexander played a total of
30 minutes while Traylor
played 38. Alexander shot
7-of-8 (87.5 percent) from the
field and Traylor is 3-of-12
(25 percent). Alexander had
10 rebounds to two turnovers.
Traylor had eight and six,
Across the board, Alexander
has been playing better than
Traylor. It isnt close.
Cliff Alexander per 40
minutes: 17.2 points; 12.5
rebounds; 2.9 blocks; 24.7 PER;
60.9 percent true shooting.
Jamari Traylor per 40
minutes: 9.4 points; 7.4
rebounds; 2.5 blocks; 13.6 PER;
49.4 percent true shooting.
Its time for something to
be done. Its time for Self to
change the lineup. Its time to
start Cliff Alexander.
Edited by Samantha Darling

Sophomore foward Landen Lucas jumps to score over Oklahoma State defenders. The Jayhawks traveled to Stillwater, Okla., to play against OSU on Saturday. The Jayhawks lost 67-62 against the
Cowboys in Gallagher-Iba Arena.


For the second season in a

row, No. 8 Kansas fought its
way off Eddie Sutton Court
through a mob of Oklahoma
State students, only shaking
the coaching staff s hands.
OSUs players were busy
celebrating a 67-62 upset
victory against the Jayhawks
at center court.
With three players shooting
60 percent or better from
the three-point line, Kansas
failed to get a shot up when it
mattered most. Down three,
with under a minute to play,
a Brannen Greene two-point
attempt was the only shot the
Jayhawks could get off.
We ran an elevator-door
to Brannen [Greene] for a
three, coach Bill Self said.
They ran through it and
stopped it. We didnt execute
all game.
The sloppy play continued
after a missed Oklahoma
State free throw with seconds
to play. Greene hurried up
the floor, looking to decrease
the Cowboys lead, but lost

the ball out of bounds with

2.3 seconds to play, ending all
Kansas hopes of a comeback.
The Jayhawks struggled
to get shots up due to
Oklahoma States full-court
pressure in the second half of
the game. Kansas committed
18 turnovers against the
Cowboys and was unable to
set itself up for easy baskets.
Eighteen turnovers are far
too many, Self said. Their
pressure really got us out of
our rhythm.
converting on offense all
afternoon. Midway through
the first half, LeBryan Nash
and Michael Cobbins were
on the bench with two
fouls,watching as Kansas had
gotten out to a 10-point lead.
struggled with burying teams
all season, and it finally came
back to hurt them. While
dominating most of the first
half, Kansas was never able to
extend its lead to more than
Historically, the Jayhawks
have not been as dominant in
Stillwater as in most places,

now holding a slim 35-33

edge in the all-time series,
with Oklahoma State having
won four of the past six. This
has been as competitive of a
series as Kansas has had in
recent memory. In the past
seven meetings between
the two teams, Kansas leads
Oklahoma State 499-496 on
the scoreboard.
The Cowboys played harder
and faster than the Jayhawks,
looking to prove their home
court advantage is just as
influential as that of Allen
Fieldhouse. OSU is now 11-2
at home this season.
State coach Travis Ford said.
We really appreciate all
the fans and their support,
and it was loud. It was very,
very loud and that made a
difference for us.
After heading into halftime
with an 11-point deficit, the
Cowboys emerged out of the
locker room ready to play.
OSU started the half on a
14-1 run, eventually taking
the lead from Kansas for the
first time since early in the

first half.
Nash was the Cowboys
motor in the second half,
recording 12 points and being
nearly automatic from the
free-throw line. Nash played
bigger than Kansas forwards
all game and it showed in the
eventual box score.
[LeBryan] Nash was the
best player on the floor, Self
said. He outplayed whoever
of our bigs were out there all
Nash finished the game with
18 points and five rebounds
while shooting 8-9 from
the free-throw line. Junior
forwards Perry Ellis and
Jamari Traylor combined for
18 points on 7-19 shooting
from the field.
Selden Jr. stayed hot in the
second half of the contest,
converting on 3-4 from
beyond the arc. Selden is now
9-11 from behind the arc in
his last two games.
Seldens efforts fell shy, due
to the lack of help received
from his teammates. Aside
from Seldens 4-6 from the
field, the rest of the team shot

36 percent from the floor,

including a 4-12 night from
We never got Perry [Ellis]
going at all, Self said. We
need to get him going and be
a numbers guy. Hes our best
offensive player.
On an off-night from
sophomore Frank Mason
III managed to extend his
streak of double-digit scoring
and two or more assists to
20 straight games. Mason
finished the first half 3-3 from
deep with nine points, but
like most of his teammates,
his second-half efforts fell
short, finishing with only 10
points total.
Up next, the Jayhawks will
travel to Lubbock, Texas, to
take on the Texas Tech Red
Raiders. Kansas defeated
Texas Tech 86-54 at home
earlier this season.
We have to regroup and
get ready to go to practice
tomorrow and get better,
Ellis said. This hurts, but we
have to regroup.

Edited by Kayla Schartz

Softball completes weekend sweep in Florida


For the Kansas softball

team, the Florida Atlantic
Tournament ended almost
exactly like it began on
Friday: with an 8-0 fifth
inning blowout victory
against an overmatched
team. Kansas dismantled the
Penn State Nittany Lions,
capping off an incredibly
encouraging 5-0 start for the
Senior pitcher Alicia Pille
was the star of Sundays
victory, throwing a perfect
game and shutting out Penn
State. Pille only allowed one
walk to the second batter of
the game. Pille struck out
six Nittany Lions in what
could be the first of many

dominant performances for

the senior.
Kansas coach Megan Smith
gave some perspective on
her teams performance this
Were going to enjoy todays
win and this weekends
performance for the rest of
the day, Smith said in a press
release. Im really proud of
our girls for coming out early
this morning, having energy
and being ready to attack.
Im proud of Pille for her
performance in the circle.
On offense, the Jayhawks
scored runs in four of the five
innings played, including
three each in the second
and third innings. Senior
infielder Chanin Naudin led
all players with three hits
and two RBIs. Sophomore
Taylor McElhaney continued
her strong start to the season
with one hit on two at-bats
and one RBI. Senior Maddie

Stein reached base four times

in the game.
We think (our hitters)
have been too aggressive in
the last few games, so we
really wanted them to focus
on getting their pitch and
not just swing at the first one
thats close, Smith said in a
press release. We challenged
them to be aggressive, but be
smart and aggressive, and
they did that very well today.
The Jayhawks had a strong
start to the 2015 season.
Through a combination of
blowouts and come-frombehind victories, Kansas has
a 5-0 record. In wins against
Arkansas and Georgia Tech,
the Jayhawks showed a lot of
toughness and grit to come
back and get the victory
against tough teams.

performances came from

Stein, McElhaney and senior
Chaley Brickey. On the new
season, Stein is tied for the
lead in hits for the Jayhawks
with five and has the best
batting average on the team
Brickey, who led the
Jayhawks in almost all
2014, continued her strong
showing as the teams best
power hitter, coming up with
several big hits in the Georgia
Tech and Arkansas wins. She
is also tied for the lead with
four runs scored and one
home run. In addition to
these stats, Brickey also leads
the team with two stolen
McElhaney has been one
of the biggest surprises of
the season. She came up
with one of the biggest hits
of the weekend, hitting a
clutch RBI in the seventh

inning against Arkansas to

give the Jayhawks a walk-off
win. McElhaney has shown
she could be one of the big
breakout stars this season.
Kansas performance in the
Florida Atlantic Tournament
showed the Jayhawks are
more than ready for the
challenging nonconference
schedule ahead of them.
This 5-0 start should give
the Jayhawks confidence
that they have the ability to
compete and win against
teams like Florida, Oklahoma
and Texas, as well as to
make it back to the NCAA
The Jayhawks will be back
in action next weekend when
they travel to Las Cruces,
N.M., to compete in the Troy
Cox Classic to play Bradley,
New Mexico State and Weber
Edited by Kayla Schartz