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Step Two B1.


at Coyote Canyon
Gina D. B. Clemen




Chapter One
Page 11 activity 1
1D 2C 3A 4D 5B 6D
Page 12 activity 2
Michelle: pretty girl of sixteen, red
hair, blue eyes, plays volleyball on
the school team, wants to become
a journalist.
Bill: tall, handsome boy of seventeen,
brown hair, blue eyes, plays
basketball on the school team,
loves science and wants to become
a biologist.
Nick: a Chinese-American boy of
seventeen, good basketball player,
loves animals and wants to
become a vet.
A3 B2 C1 D2 E3 F1 G3
H1 I3
Page 12 activity 3
Open answer.




Page 14 activity 1
1 float 2 fireworks 3 cattle ranch
4 headdress 5 marching band
6 majorettes 7 flags 8 warrior
9 saddle

Chapter Two
Page 21 activity 1
1B 2A 3B 4C 5A 6C 7B 8D
9 B 10 C
Page 22 activity 2
A6 B5 C1 D4 E2 F3 G4 H2
Page 22 activity 3
1 when 2 did not hear 3 difficult
4 were built
Page 22 activity 4
Open answer.
Page 23 activity 5
1 F His company was the first to
respect safety rules in California.
2 F The rock star Brutal Bob is a
difficult client.

3 F He has homes in four different

4 T
5 F His company is building a mall
near Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
6 T
Elizabeth: Good morning, Mr Persich.
You have one of the biggest and
most important construction
companies in Hollywood. Tell me
about your work.
Mr Persich: Were a big company with
three hundred and fifty employees
and we were the first company in
California to respect all the safety
rules of the state. We care about
our construction workers. We build
luxury homes and big buildings in
Hollywood, Santa Monica and
Beverly Hills. Weve just finished
building a twenty-two room home
with an Olympic swimming pool
for the rock star Brutal Bob. It was
quite a job and it took us over a
year to complete it. Hes a difficult
client because he changes his mind
all the time. Sometimes he called
me at midnight to talk about the
shape of the swimming pool!
Elizabeth: What a huge home!
Mr Persich: Well, its his fifth home!
He has one in New York, San
Francisco, New Orleans and
He travels a lot with his band THE
BRUTES and he needs homes all
over the United States.
Elizabeth: How much did this one
Mr Persich: Im sorry, Im not allowed
to discuss prices, but I can tell you
it wasnt cheap. Now the actress
Violet Pink wants to build an even
bigger home near Brutal Bobs!

Elizabeth: Have you built any big

buildings in the downtown area
Mr Persich: Were building the
Beverly Hills Magnificent Mall
near Rodeo Drive. Its going to be
the citys biggest shopping center.
Just think, twenty-four floors of
designer shops and boutiques! And
on the twenty-fifth floor there will
be a five-star restaurant for
hungry shoppers.
Elizabeth: When will the Magnificent
Mall be ready?
Mr Persich: In three years.
Elizabeth: Do you ever have problems
buying land for your homes and
Mr Persich: Oh, yes, we often do. The
area around Hollywood and Santa
Monica has a lot of history. We
never build on land that is
important or sacred to a
community. We always respect
that land because we respect
people and their traditions.
Elizabeth: Thank you for your time,
Mr Persich.
Mr Persich: It was a pleasure, Miss
Page 23 activity 6
Open answer.

Independence Day
Page 26 activity 1
1 F The first colonists were the
British who arrived in Jamestown,
Virginia, in 1607.
2 F The Puritans set up successful
3 T
4 T
5 T

6 F The American Army won the

revolution in 1781, in Yorktown,

Chapter Three


Page 27 activity 1
1 F The barbeque is at Blue River
2 T
3 F Jacob Richardson and his wife
live at Coyote Canyon.
4 T
5 T
6 T
7 F Wild Wolf is the chief of the
tribe at the Chumash reservation.
8 F Jacob Richardson is the
mayors good friend.
Page 27 activity 2
Open answer.
Page 27 activity 3
1 They are at a rodeo.
2 He is trying to stay on the horse.
3 Because it is the Fourth of July and
red, white and blue are the colors
of the American flag.
1 It is night and there is a big moon
in Jacob Richardsons garden. An
American Indian warrior is
pointing a spear at him.
2 The warrior seems angry and
wants to throw his spear at Jacob


and he isnt selling any of his new

homes because people prefer to
buy at Coyote Canyon.
He has a riding stable and gives
horseback riding lessons.
The ancestors of the Chumash
people are buried there.
They went to protest because
Richardson wanted to buy the land
at Coyote Canyon to build new
They rode bucking broncos and
Stop building there!
He has long black hair and his face
and body have war paint. He is
riding a black horse and holds a
spear in his hand.
He threw a spear and hit him in
the heart.

Page 34 activity 2
Open answer.
Page 34 activity 3
1C 2A 3C 4A 5B 6D 7C 8B
9 B 10 A
Page 36 activity 4
A4 B3 C2 D1
Page 36 activity 1
Professor Massey has gloves on and
he is looking at an American Indian
spear. Meg Richardson and the
sheriff are looking at him. The spear
has three black feathers on top and
red and white lines and circles on it.

Page 34 activity 1
1 The people at Coyote Canyon say
that on nights when theres a full
moon they see an American Indian
warrior galloping through the
canyon. They think he is a ghost.
2 Luke Langley is Jacob Richardsons
competitor. He, too, is a builder

Chapter Four
Page 41 activity 1
1B 2C 3D 4A 5C 6 C
Page 42 activity 2
1A 2B 3C 4B 5 B 6 A

Susan: Hello, my name is Susan Lee.
Im a new reporter from the Los
Angeles Gazette. I just started
working for the paper last week. I
worked for the Los Angeles News
for five years, but then they closed
the newspaper offices.
Wild Wolf: Good morning, Ms Lee.
Susan: Im writing an article about
the Chumash Indian Reservation.
Can I ask you a few questions?
Wild Wolf: Yes, please sit down. My
Indian name is Wild Wolf and Im
the chief of the reservation.
Susan: How long have you lived here?
Wild Wolf: Ive lived here all my life
seventy-five years. I was born on
this reservation, and my father
was born here too.
Susan: Thats a long time! Then you
know all about the reservation.
This land belonged to your
ancestors, didnt it?
Wild Wolf: Yes, it did for hundreds of
years. At the end of the nineteenth
century we lost all our land and
the American government gave us
this reservation in February 1901.
Susan: How many people live here?
Wild Wolf: Only five hundred twenty
men, women and children live here
today. But many years ago more
than a thousand people lived here.
Susan: Did they go away?
Wild Wolf: Yes, they went to live in
the big city because there was
little work on the reservation. At
first they had many big
problemsthey couldnt find a
place to live and they couldnt find
work. It was very difficult for them
to make friends outside the
reservation. Now most of them
have a home and a job.

Susan: What business do you have on

the reservation today?
Wild Wolf: Our only business today is
the riding stable.
Susan: Do you ever go to Los
Wild Wolf: I only go to Los Angeles
once a year in April for the big
meeting of all the California tribes:
the powwow.
Susan: How interesting! Do you still
Wild Wolf: Of course I do! I work at
the museum and the gift shop
every day of the week except
Monday, from 10 to 4. Then I go to
the riding stable and help George
with the horses and the riding
lessons. A lot of people from
Portola Point and other towns
come to our stables to learn how
to ride. I like helping George, hes a
good man.
Susan: Youre a very busy man!
Thank you for the interview, Wild
Wild Wolf: Youre welcome! Please
stay for lunch, Susan. Were having
fish and salad today. After lunch
you can take pictures of the
reservation and visit the stables.
Page 43 activity 1
1B 2A 3A 4B 5B 6B

Chapter Five
Page 50 activity 1
1G 2C 3B 4D 5F 6I 7A 8J
9 H 10 E
Page 50 activity 2
1 She is an American Indian teenager
and a friend of the Martins. She
has long black hair and wears

glasses. She lives with her parents

who have a bookshop in Portola
Point. George Rivers is her uncle.
She likes horses.
He is the chief and shaman of the
Chumash tribe. He is old and wise,
and he is very angry with Jacob
He is a short man with grey hair
and blue eyes, and he is rich. He
has a successful construction
company and he is building new,
expensive homes on the ancient
Chumash cemetery which makes
the Chumash people very angry.
He doesnt care about traditions.
He is a tall man of about thirty,
and he is a friend of Professor
Massey and George Rivers. He is
the sheriff of Portola Point.
He is a handsome, well-dressed
man of about forty and he teaches
at Ventura University. He is an
expert on Californian Native
He is a big, friendly man of about
forty with long black hair. He is
Pams uncle and has a riding stable
at the reservation.

Page 51 activity 3
1 was 2 fought 3 became 4 made
5 lived 6 began 7 knew 8 settled
9 robbed 10 killed 11 elected
12 chose 13 asked 14 arrested
15 wore 16 came 17 received
18 were
Page 52 activity 1
1 Wild Wolf, Bill, Nick, Michelle and
Pam are in the picture, and they
are in the forest.
2 Wild Wolf is performing an
American Indian ritual and the
four friends are watching.

3 The word Y U K A T appear in the

bowl of water. It could be a name
Wild Wolf was looking for.

Chapter Six
Page 59 activity 1
1B 2A 3B 4B 5B 6A 7B 8A
9 B 10 B 11 A 12 B 13 B 14 A
Page 60 activity 2
1 more than 2 no one
3 old enough 4 because it was
5 was searched



Mrs Yukat started crying and left

the courtroom, while her son said
that Richardson was responsible
for his fathers death.
They printed the two articles.
He did not find any.
There were hot dogs, potato
chips, potato salad and two apple
They played beach volley.

Page 70 activity 2
Open answer.
Page 71 activity 3

Because the Ventura University

site gave them useful information
about Professor Massey.
1 She is saying something he does
not like hearing, from the
expression of his eyes.
2 They are curious because they are
wondering if Michelle is able to
find out something more from the
Page 82 activity 2
1A 2B 3A 4B 5B 6A 7A

Page 60 activity 3

Answers on page 111.

Chapter Nine

1B 2C 3C 4B

Page 72 activity 1

Page 90 activity 1

Page 62 activity 4
Open answer.

Perhaps an anagram will be a useful

clue in solving the case.

Page 63 activity 1

Chapter Eight

1 He got his degree at the

University of California, Berkeley.
2 He was the best student of his
class, got a scholarship and
played football.
3 He had a lot of black hair, dark
eyes and he did not wear glasses.
4 He did not have blue eyes.
5 He wears blue contact lenses.
6 Because of all the evidence and
dates she and her friends
7 They went to the sheriffs office
to tell him what they discovered
on the web and they brought him
the two newspaper articles.
8 He discovered that Daniel Massey
and Daniel Yukat are the same
9 He said that he wanted to study
the case in depth because there
were some things he did not
understand, and he needed more
10 She went back to the reservation
to help the people at the riding

1C 2A 3C 4A 5B 6A

Chapter Seven
Page 70 activity 1
1 Because the four friends wanted
to go to the newspaper library of
The Los Angeles Gazette.
2 He said it was too big and that it
took hours to cross it by car since
there was a lot of traffic.
3 It was on the fifteenth floor of a
big building in downtown Los
4 He was a construction worker
who was working on the Acme
Business Tower. He hurt his foot
while he was on the twenty-first
floor and fell to his death.
5 She said Richardson was not

Page 79 activity 1
1D 2C 3A 4D 5B 6C 7A 8D
9 A 10 B
Page 80 activity 2
Open answer.
Page 80 activity 3
1 sink 2 pool 3 stone 4 race
5 elbow 6 tire 7 time
Page 80 activity 4
1 suspect 2 murderers 3 clue
4 solved, detectives 5 investigate
6 fingerprints 7 evidence
Page 82 activity 1
1 They are sitting in front of a
computer in Bills room.
2 They are looking for information
on Professor Massey.
3 They see the face of Daniel Massey
when he was a student.

11 They went there to find out more

about Professor Massey since he
works there.
12 They met Professor Massey.
Page 90 activity 2
1 not to make 2 gave 3 name of
4 likes 5 took
Page 91 activity 3

eyes they are verbs

interested they are all adverbs
arrest they are all adjectives
boat they are means of
transportation on land
steak they are objects used
when eating
song they are musical
shaman they are jobs
dog they are kinds of horses

1 steak 2 dog 3 eyes 4 shaman

5 interested 6 song 7 arrest 8 boat
Page 91 activity 4
Open answer.
Page 92 activity 5
1A 2B 3A 4B 5C 6B
Hello! My name is Brian Colby and Im
your California tour guide. Before we
drive north to San Francisco, let me
tell you a little about the state of
Gaspar de Portol, a Spanish soldier,
explored the California coast in 1769.
In the late 1700s and early 1800s
there were many Spanish settlements
along the coast.
California suddenly became very
famous when gold was discovered at
Sutters mill on the American River in
1848. In 1849 thousands of people
from all over the world traveled to

California to look for gold and some

found it and became rich! This period
was called the Gold Rush. San
Francisco became an important
seaport during the Gold Rush.
In 1850 California became the thirtyfirst state of the United States, and it
is now one of the most important
states with a population of about
thirty-six million people. California
has a rich economy because it has
many natural resources, industries
and businesses. Its climate is always
The capital of the state is
Sacramento and the state animal is
the grizzly bear. The state tree is the
beautiful California Redwood, one of
the worlds tallest treesbetween
200 and 275 feet tall. Californias
colors are blue and gold.
The highest mountain in the state is
Mt Whitney which is 14,496 feet
above sea level. On the southeast
border with Nevada we have Death
Valley. It is the lowest point in United
States its 282 feet below sea level.
Its also the hottest place in North
Thanks for your attention!

Chapter ten

Page 108 activity 3

Page 107 activity 1

Page 108 activity 4

1B 2A 3B 4A 5A 6A 7B 8A
9 B 10 A 11 B 12 A 13 B 14 B

Open answer.

Page 108 activity 2

Open answer.

Open answer.

Page 109 activity 5

A8 B7 C6 D2 E9 F1 G3
H4 I5

American Indians
Page 97 activity 1
1 T
2 F The first explorers came from
3 T
4 F The Indian Removal Bill made
the American Indians angry.
5 T
6 T
7 T
8 F Pow-wows are big meetings of
different peoples.

2008 Black Cat Publishing,

an imprint of Cideb Editrice, Genoa, Canterbury




3 Ask and answer these questions with a partner.

Activity 1


Activity 2




Photocopiable 2008 Black Cat Publishing



F Jacob Richardson built

expensive homes in Coyote
F Sheriff Pedro Lopez
suspected George Rivers and
Luke Langley of Richardsons
F They find some interesting
information at the newspaper
F Professor Massey changed
his identity many years ago.
F In the end Massey escaped
on his horse, fell off and broke his

Photocopiable 2008 Black Cat Publishing


Activity 3

Open answer.

2 Are the following sentences true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.

Did you like the story? Why or why not?

Who was your favorite character?
What was your favorite part of the story?
Did you learn anything from the story? If so, what?


What is the authors name?

Where does the story take place?
What time of year is it?
What was the American Revolution?
When did it start and end?
Why do Americans celebrate the Fourth of July?
When did the first American Indians come to North America?
Where did they come from?
Why did the American Indians lose all their land in the nineteenth
10 Name two important American Indian tribes and two famous
American Indian chiefs.




1 Answer the following questions.

1 Luke Langley built expensive homes in Coyote Canyon.

2 Jacob Richardson was murdered on the night of the Fourth
of July.
3 Sheriff Pedro Lopez suspected Professor Massey of
Richardsons murder.
4 Scrying was an ancient American Indian custom.
5 Bill, Michelle, Nick and Pam went to the newspaper library
in Los Angeles.
6 They did not find any information at the newspaper library.
7 They suspect Professor Daniel Massey and start
investigating his past.
8 Professor Massey changed his identity a year ago.
9 Sheriff Lopez and his men went to Masseys house with
a Search Warrant.
10 In the end Massey escaped on his horse and went to Mexico.


Gina D. B. Clemen
It takes place in southern
California, at Portola Point.
It is summer.
The American Revolution was a
war between the American
colonies and Great Britain for
It started in 1775 and ended in
Because on July 4, 1776 the
Declaration of Independence was
The first American Indians came
to North America about 20,000
years ago.
They came from Asia.
Because the American settlers
took all their land from them.
Tribes: Cherokee, Apache, Sioux,
Navajo, Mohicans, Seminole;
Chiefs: Geronimo, Sitting Bull,
Cochise, Chief Joseph