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Case Summary US tier 1 Telco needed an IT services partner to help streamline their

Case Summary

US tier 1 Telco needed an IT services partner to help streamline their IT operations, reduce operating costs and establish a secure offshore support environment to manage their IT infrastructure. Tech Mahindra offered 24x7 Monitoring and Incident Management services to client’s ROCC (Regional Operations Control Center).

Business Needs

Business Benefits

Single Point of contact for all Data Center

Single point of contact to manage all kind of

Infrastructure issues

incidents & alerts

Large amount of alerts & traps

Reduction in total monthly alerts by 20%

Round the clock monitoring

24x7 monitoring and incident resolution

Improve BCP/DR Plan

BCP/DR: Service delivery from two offshore

Redefine support processes



Monitoring and Incident Management for large US Telco

The client is the largest telecommunications company in the United States and one of the largest in the world. It delivers an unsurpassed portfolio of traditional and IP-based voice, broadband Internet, data transport, wireless and video services including 1500 managed MPLS nodes in 80 countries, 75000 MPLS customer ports and 28 data centres across the globe. It is also the largest broadband DSL provider and long

distance & local voice service provider. It provides international voice services with network assets in 50 countries and 850 cities around the globe.


The client has grown through organic and inorganic routes, acquiring disparate IT assets and

systems over the years. The client’s long-standing reputation for quality, reliability and

operational excellence is closely tied to the efficiency of the company’s IT solutions and IT











The client’s recent merger created one of the largest Telcos in the world. Aiming to become a

premier, global provider with capabilities to succeed in the new era of communications and

transforming to IP based communications; the client faced a number of business challenges,


Managing huge IT estate comprising 18000+ servers at two different locations in US

Large amount of traps and alerts to be processed round the clock

Frequent outages causing revenue loss due to unavailability of critical applications

Different process followed in different organisations that had come under one roof

Committing cost reductions in IT operations

Rationalising support processes using ITIL framework

Tech Mahindra Solution

The client selected Tech Mahindra as a business partner to outsource its IT operations. Tech

Mahindra built an offshore operations centre in Pune and Noida to support client’s

infrastructure remotely providing unmatched business continuity. Following are the salient

features of Tech Mahindra solution:

18000+ UNIX, Windows, HPUX, AIX servers monitored 24x7 from two offshore locations

User administration and 1 st IT line support

30000+ alerts monitored and processed every month

Reconfigured alerts thresholds depending on utilization trends rather that fixed rules for all servers

Streamlined support process based on ITIL framework

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Monitoring and Incident Mana gement for large US Telco Client Speak "So it has always

Monitoring and Incident Management for large US Telco

Client Speak

"So it has always amazed me how the ROCC TechM team pulls together and works so hard to accomplish whatever is thrown your way. But I have to tell you, this week-end you guys BLEW me away!! As if this wouldn't have been bad enough, this is such a busy time of the year and every day (especially week-ends) are full with family plans - holiday parties, putting up Christmas trees, etc. But around noon or so on Sunday, we started calling people to come in to cover STL during the power up until STL ROCC team could get up and running again. Within 60-90 minutes later I had 8 more people onsite that dropped everything they were doing to rush into work. It blew me away!!

All week-end the ROCC team in STL and SD were working overtime to help get things restored. You guys worked together as a team, everyone helping where they could and totally focused on the job at hand. Tech Mahindra Onshore was working right there with us and coordinated the Offshore to take care of the "normal" monitoring, allowing us to concentrate on the restoral.

Really you are guys are amazing - all of you. Thank you so much!"


Senior Technical

Team Lead,

US Tier 1 Telco

Use of tools like Vantive, Netcool, and HP OVO to facilitate 24x7 monitoring

Flexible resource plan to deal with sudden surge in workload

50% reduction in resource induction and training process duration

Proactive performance monitoring to reduce downtime

“Single Point of Contact” for all types of incidents, changes, updates, validations,


Client Benefit

The process implemented and supported by Tech Mahindra has enabled the client to:

30% reduction in overall team size and further reduced the offshore team size by 5% over

span of 1 year

45% reduction in overall IT operation costs, while improving reliability and system


20% reduction in total fault volumes

Redefined support processes which were redundant and obsolete

Reduction in unplanned outages by 99.99%

100% SLA compliance and schedule adherence

Completed entire transition and handover in half the proposed time line

Provided extend support to facilitate operations during major service disruptions and


About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization focused on the communications industry. With the convergence of media and telecom, the changing landscape of the telecom industry is becoming extremely competitive. As companies rapidly strive to gain a competitive advantage, Tech Mahindra helps them innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and flexible partnering models. This has helped our customers reduce operating costs and generate new revenue streams.

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