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6 Filipino Journal The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987 January 5 - 20, 2010

green onions, coriander, and other side. It was dark anyway. of our many activities, especially
bagoong (‘shrimp paste’). After Ten years ago, when we were church activities. Aling Leonor
the rosary at their home, we usually organizing the Filipino Knights even joined us Christmas caroling
had a good meal and group singing of Columbus Council in Regina, during the first few years.
with Mang Mario at the piano. we had our first meeting at the Mang Mario was kind-
Papang, or Pang as he was Christ the King Parish Hall. Mang hearted; a truly devoted Christian;
by Dr. Eusebio Koh dearly called, had a deep love and Mario was one of the twelve men a loving husband, father, and lolo;
devotion for the Blessed Mother who came to that first meeting on generous to a fault; and had a keen
Mary. His knowledge of her was January 17, 1999. In a subsequent sense of humor.
Eulogy for a Beloved Friend, Bro. quite extensive, I would say. In
his living room, Pang had an altar
meeting, he brought along his
youngest son, Bonifacio. When
Mario, we miss you very
dearly; but we no longer worry
Mario Sison or shrine honoring the Blessed the Santo Niño Council was much, for we know that you are
Mother. He and Aling Leonor formed on March 29, he and Boni now in a much better place, where
and daughter Violeta Panis and made thousands of rosaries became charter members. Father you rightfully belong.
her family from Houston, Texas. which they donated to needy and son had been very supportive
The Sisons have two other grown countries requesting these through
daughters—Erlinda Dean and the Rosary Makers located in
Cecilia Isla—17 grandchildren,
and six great-grandchildren.
Kentucky, USA. He even had a
class of members of the Rosary Appeal For Compassion
We got to know the Sisons Group teaching them how to make
better when the Regina Rosary wire and cord rosaries which in Emilia Valdez, a 73-year old tourist from Lupao Nueva,
Group was formed in the late turn propagated the prayers of the
rosary. Ecija, Philippines, is now confined at the Intensive Care
1980s and when we started the
novena to Our Lady of Perpetual He told me once that when Unit of St. Boniface General Hospital.
Help. They came to the novena he was courting Aling Leonor, She underwent a triple bypass operation. Her predicament
regularly and participated in the he and his buddy had to cross
a shallow river to visit her in is compounded by the fact that she has no insurance
rosary. We also had block rosaries,
and coming to their home for the next barangay. To serenade to cover the expenses incurred for her operation and
prayers was something we looked Aling Leonor, they carried their hospitalization. Also her daughter, Rowena Valdez Memita,
forward to. guitars above their heads while
they waded waist-deep through and son-in-law are new immigrants and as such they
Mang Mario was a very
talented person. He knew the the river. Aling Leonor would be do not have the means or capacity to shoulder all the
Catholic catechism and liturgy giggling because she knew that financial requirements for
T h e r e well. He played the piano and the poor guys, despite being wet
comes a time when we have from the waist down, would still this unfortunate event.
the guitar and had a good voice.
to pack up and leave, a time when He and Aling Leonor were also be seriously singing and playing In view of this, the Lupao Nueva Ecija Association of
we put an end to what we are excellent cooks. One dish that my the guitar. If I remember correctly, Winnipeg (LUNEAW) headed by its President, Mr. Allan
doing whether it’s a work of art or wife really liked was their inihaw they would take their pants off,
a work of love. On December 15, wade through the river, and put the dela Cruz, is appealing to all loving and kindhearted
na tilapia (‘roasted tilapia’) with
2009, our dearest friend Mario a special sauce of fresh tomatoes, pants back on when they got to the Filipinos and Canadians for voluntary donations to help
Sison took leave of us. When I defray the cost of the operation and hospitalization.
heard the news, I was filled with
sadness but also with calmness Ding’s celebrates her 60th
and acceptance—sadness, Donations can be coursed through
because I’ll be losing a friend Mr. Allan dela Cruz @ 204-291-2066 or
whose company I enjoyed so
much and with whom I enjoyed
Rowena Valdez Memita @ 204-221-2829
joking around; calmness, because
I know he is going to a much, The LUNEAW will organize a social and all the proceeds
much better place.
I have known Mario and
will be used to help pay for the hospitalization expenses.
Leonor Sison for almost three The social will be held on
decades. They immigrated to January 16, 2010 at Blessed Virgin Mary Parish Hall at
Canada in October 1980 to join
their sons Mark and Boni, who
932 College Avenue.
came earlier. Mario was 60 Tickets are now on sale.
years old at the time and had a Let us support this noble endeavor.
carinderia (‘small restaurant’)
back home, in Agoo, La Union. In
Regina, Saskatchewan, he worked Lupao Nueva Ecija Association of Winnipeg
for a while as a commissionaire.
Devout Catholics and had bought
a house on Sinton Avenue, the
Sisons had been parishioners of
the Christ the King Church. I am
glad to renew friendships with
their daughter Ging Cardona
and her family from Winnipeg On December 12, Melquides (Ding) Baldonado celebrated her 60th birthday with family
and friends; on the pictures are Marco Avila-Anthony and Wrien Anthony-del Rosario

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