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Cevio Art Haus, No. 60 San Isidro St.

Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Oct 3, 2014

Press Release
Contacts : Philip Paraan, 0915 205 33 82

Raymond Kawataki Go and Jessie Mondares back to back

shows at Cevio Art House this Oct

In his second solo show and comeback exhibition, Of Gods and Patriots, artist Raymond
Katawaki Go delves into the question of power and its immanent contradictions by projecting
ancient and contemporary images, of the religious and the secular in an attempt to call and

respond to myth and reality. These arresting images turn into a social introspection to review the
historical past and institutional ideas that are so intrinsic to intervention and inquiry but with a
pulse on the present based on the artists understanding and impressions of these realities.
After years of hiatus, Kawataki Go comebacks with a major show at Cevio that re-registers his
remarkable artistic skills and passion for art and instigation of critical thoughts.

Meanwhile for his fourth solo exhibition, Messengers, Jessie Mondares personifies his work as
messengers, acting as a metaphor and as a material carrier of his intentions and ongoing aesthetic
actions. Mondares mixed media paintings have are rendered with palpable exploit on pen and
ink and acrylic. His collocation of elements that are often layers of discernible--- figures and
anatomical fragments of humans and animals with expanded limbs and exaggerated forms
meshed with patterns, lines and o ther assigned elements and certain motifs morphing in shapes
and reappearing liberally in his paintings.
Both exhibitions will run from Oct 18 to Nov 1. Reception is on Oct 18 and starts at 6pm. The
gallery is open from Monday to Saturday with gallery hours from 12nn to 8:00pm.

About the Artists

Raymond Katawaki Go attended FEU College of Fine Arts. Years ago, he has been one of the most
active and noticeable names among his contemporary of artists until taking a long hiatus from the scene
but remained to steadily paint under the radar. This comeback show is his second solo exhibition. He
has been painting for 21 years now and this show is a testament of his ripe skills and sensibilities

Jessie Mondaries since graduating from the College of Fine Arts degree in Far Eastern University in
2007 has since been a fulltime artist. Mondares had his first solo exhibition, Freedom Wall of Myself at
the Big and Small Art Gallery in 2010 and has since been one of the considerably visible artists around.
He has been part of many group exhibitions in various venues including the Cultural Center of the
Philippines and prominent art spaces in Metro Manila.