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“It’s not WHAT backs our money, it’s WHO controls the QUANTITY!

- Bill Still

Freedom’s Vision – On a Mission…

Fortunately, along with every crisis comes opportunity, and there is now a historic window of
opportunity presenting itself to implement much needed change to the way our country conducts
its business.

Any business or organization that wishes to become successful is well served to ask itself a
simple, but oh so important question… What is our mission?

Creating a mission statement lifts your head up to focus your eyes squarely on the future and on
the ultimate objective of the organization. With that objective in sight, an organization can then
create goals and take steps to support and achieve the mission.

Anytime you have many people involved, getting all the various self-interests and egos headed in
the same direction is a challenge, to say the least. Just look at all the “grass-roots” campaigns
that are springing up all over America. There are a lot of American citizens who rightly are
concerned to the point of becoming vocal. But they are generally unfocused, mostly operating
without a fundamental understanding of the root causes much less a clear objective. This lack of
objective and focus allows various agendas and points-of-view to pull the groups off target and
allows the opposition the opportunity to practice divide-and-conquer.

Does America seem divided right now?

“You just want a handout, that’s ____ism, you _____ist!” Says Jane.

Angry, John retorts, “Well, I’m a _____ (religion), and I don’t care who supports
common sense economic reform, if they are for ______ (the state of Israel, gay
rights, abortion, running in the park naked, etc.), I will NEVER vote for them!
Oh, and by the way, your brand of ____ism comes straight from the myths of

“Okay, well I’m just going to go start the left-wing, anti-____ libertarian 3rd party
faction of the pro-____ movement! You right-wing, red state, freedom sucking
so-and so!”

Is your eye off the ball yet?

This is exactly the type of distraction and “debate” that central bankers and other special interests
finance (and the media propagates) when they provide funding for politicians who frame in these
types issues.

Meanwhile our entire nation is suffering the effects of ever increasing debt loads… 11% of our
entire nation is currently on food stamps (half the nation’s children will be fed at some point by
them), shrinking retirements, debts that cannot ever be repaid, a banking system surviving only
by marking their “assets” (debt instruments) to “model,” losses of freedom, and all but the
bankers are being squeezed by the higher costs created by acts far outside the rule of law and any
sense of morality (not to worry about them, they are still receiving their six to eight figure

Come on, we are all American citizens and we are all in the same sinking ship together, none of
us are immune. It is time for all of us to get focused on the key issues that will dramatically
impact everyone’s lives, including the future of our children if we don’t act soon, and act

Can you recite the mission statement of the United States of America? No?

What are our goals in America, to “get credit flowing to the consumer again?” Hmmm… is it
safe to say that perhaps we are serving someone else’s mission statement?

Let’s all join forces and work together to get our nation back on track! We can start by clearly
defining our own mission.

Who are we? We are officially the American Party PAC. Our suggested reforms are found
within the pages of the “American Party Papers,” otherwise known as Freedom's Vision. Our
method of implementing reform is called “Swarm Politics.” Our organization’s Immediate
Action and long term Mission Statements follow:

Immediate Action Mission Statement

Enact monetary and political reform capable of transitioning our economy from its current debt
and derivative entangled state to a prosperous & sustainable system that works to keep the
quantity of money under control for the very long term.

Reform must:

1. Maintain the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.
2. Provide a common and debt-free dollar currency for the nation that is controlled by the
people through our elected representatives in Congress, yet contains checks and balances
working to ensure that the quantity of money remains under control for the very long
3. Provide meaningful, fair, and equitable relief for people, businesses, local, state, and
federal governments.
4. Work to keep people’s experience with money as close as possible to what they know,
believe, and expect.
5. Work to limit the influence of special interest money on politics, yet not discourage
business nor unnecessarily interfere with the ability of capital to concentrate here in the
United States.
6. Be capable of transitioning without creating severe inflation or deflation.
7. Maintain stable prices over time, yet allow for underlying growth or contraction in
economic variables.
8. Be able to withstand severe shock.
9. Provide complete monetary transparency.
10. Create transparent, meaningful, timely, and historically relevant government economic
11. Be able to withstand attempts at manipulation or subterfuge.
12. Not allow the buildup of excessive debts or leverage.
13. Promote free enterprise and competition to build a robust and dynamic economy.
14. Cleanse and maintain a healthy and prosperous financial and banking system.
15. Contend with international ramifications.
16. Not create ongoing moral hazard.
17. Provide incentives and the means to encourage timely implementation.

Reforms must be enacted in a timely manner if we are to avoid the events that history proves
follows excessive accumulations of debt, leverage, and money quantity.

Is it possible to create a monetary system that accomplishes all this? Yes! Is there anything on
that list that one would not consider a worthy quality? If someone suggests reform that does not
accomplish all of the above, then you must ask yourself what is their special interest? Reform
must strive to benefit everyone equally.

Long Term Mission Statement

The Survival and Prosperity of the United States of American and the entire Human Race into

My, that’s a lofty goal! Yes it is, but please think about this… is there any American who could
not agree that to be a worthy objective?

If survival and prosperity are your forever objective, then what steps must be taken to achieve
that objective? Those steps become your goals.

Would it not behoove us to create a stable, dynamic, and lasting money system that can survive
the test of time?

Would it not behoove us to prioritize education? Should developing abundant and clean energy
be a national priority?

Go right on down the list of things that our government spends money on, and all at once the
priorities begin to fall into place.

Take a good look at this – “In the latest quarter, the interest paid on the debt in December was
$104.6 billion -- 34% of federal outlays for the month (December deficit nearly doubles)!”

More than one third of our expenditures went to pay interest on the national debt? And that does
not include the carrying costs of all our unfunded future liabilities, not even close. Is that an
expenditure that supports the survival and prosperity of the United States into perpetuity? Didn’t
think so, but most people don’t realize that it simply does not have to be this way. Please
support Freedom's Vision, thank you.
*Cover art by AZ Rainman