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Activity: Encode your answers in a short bond paper. The font to be used shall be Bookman Old
style size 11 and the spacing shall be 1.
I. Identify the word or term being described, defines or referred to by the statements by filling the
blanks provided before each statement.
1. __________________________ is a chemical substance used as medicine or in the making of
medicines, which affects the body and mind and have potential for abuse.
2. __________________________ is any substance taken into the body that alters the way and the mind
and the bodywork.
3. __________________________ is an instance when the use of chemical has produced negative or
harmful consequences.
4. __________________________ refers to illegally used drugs or dangerous drugs which are either
prohibited or regulated drugs.
5. __________________________ is the illegal, wrongful or improper use of any.
6. __________________________ refers to the state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the
repeated consumption of a drug.
7. __________________________ refers to the state of psychic or physical dependence or both on
dangerous drugs following the administration or use of that drug. WHO defines it as the periodic,
continuous, repeated administration of a drug.
8. __________________________ an adaptive state caused by repeated drug use that reveals it self by
development of intense physical symptoms when the drug is stopped (withdrawal syndrome).
9. __________________________ an attachment to drug used which arises from a drug ability to satisfy
some emotional or personality needs of an individual
10. __________________________ is the increasing dosage of drugs to maintain the same effect in the
II. Matching Type A Match column X with column Y. Pick the letter of the correct answer from
column Y.
1. Opiate
2. On-the-Nod/Nodding
3. Mainline/to shoot
4. A Hit
5. Work
6. A Fix
7. Juni
8. Junkie
9. Skin popping
10. Flashback
Matching Type B same instruction with A

A. Heroin
B. term for drug injection
C. drug apparatus
D. Narcotic
E. Drug addict
F. Drug under the skin
G. Suspended to sleep
H. Injection of drug to vein
I. One injection of opiate
J. Drug use after stoppage

1. A Bag
2. Cold Turkey
3. Track
4. Overdose
5. Speed
6. Speed Freaks
7. Uppers
8. Rush
9. High
10. Coke

K. Under drug influence

L. Beginning of a high
M. Amphetamines
N. Withdrawal effect
O. Death due to drugs
P. Drug under the skin
Q. Scars
R. Amphetamines users
S. Slang for cocaine
T. Slang for amphetamines

III. Enumeration. Enumerate or list what is being asked by the questions below:
1. Drug works in the human system in different doses depending on the required amount of the
drug that will produce the effect. What are the stages of drug doses? 5 points
2. Drug users adopted many means of using drugs. What are the common methods of drug
administration? 5 points
IV. True or False. Analyze the following statements then determine if they are true or not. Write
TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE it is wrong.
1. The street slang for depressants is uppers
2. Only a medical doctor can prescribe medicinal drugs.
3. OTC drugs are non-prescriptive drugs.
4. The term juni refers to the drug cocaine.
5. A dose of a drug is the amount taken at one time.
6. Drugs that counteract the effects of poisons are called antidotes.
7. If a person is stoned, he is under the influence of drugs.
8. When the drug user is on high, he is dying.
9. Junkie means an addict.
10. The marijuana resin is a synthetic drug produced in clandestine laboratories.
V. Discussion. Briefly discuss your answers on the question below:
1. Distinguish Drug Addiction from Drug Dependency.
2. What is drug abuse?
3. What does mainlining in the lingo of drug abusers mean?
4. Give the significance of knowing the drug slang terms in drug law enforcement.
5. Differentiate prescriptive drugs from the non-prescriptive drugs.
6. Enumerate some possible outcomes of self-medication.
7. Explain how drug works and how they are administered.
8. What is the concept of toxicology? Explain its importance in understanding drug abuse.
9. Enumerate some medical uses of drugs.
10. Who is a drug experimenter?

Prepared By:
Maria Victoria L. Andaya, MAN