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236 MY WAY Original French Words by GILES THIBAULT ‘Moderately stow c Em Dm? and so 1 face but then a - gain, r FR RLF TT say it clear, what I had to do, Tl state my case, and saw it through May Way 4 English Words by PAUL ANKA Music by JACQUES REVAUX and CLAUDE FRANCOIS. or of which 'm cer - tain, with-out ex - emp- tion. ‘a ife that’s full, 1 traveled each and ev-"ry high - way. each chart-ered course, each care-ful step ‘along the by - way. ‘much more than this, 1 did it my ‘much more than this, 1 da it F re I'm sure you knew, d ‘more than I could chew, Bot through it al, d t d sy Woy 4-2 and spit it out, Fve loved, T'velaughed and cried, an i aed my share of los - ing. fs tears sub ~ side, tor it P To think 1 did ail that, Ma Way 43 say. “Not in ashy way.” ‘Oh, 0, ‘oh no,not me, 1 did it rFr Fh 1 2 Fier LY RE if not him ~ self, d fo say the things Am Dm7 or Do kneels, The rec-ord shows Took the blows, and did it my re My ny