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R: Hello partner! You look gorgeous to night.

M: Thank you partner, and so you do. You look handsome


Mr. Joebert R. Flora, School guard, and to be followed by the

singing of the National Anthem, Madam Grace B. Isidro,
conducting. This is with the accompaniment of organ to be
played by Alycia Ylaenor A. Jose, SJAMS Alumnae.

R: Christmas is a day of joy and charity. The way you spend

Christmas is far more important than how much, this is
according to Henry David Thoreau.

M: Be seated. Ladies and gentlemen, may we give a round of

applause the ever beautiful and young looking Madam Erlinda
B. Barajas, our School Directress, as she gives her Welcome

M: This happens everywhere, every time someone reaches out

to touch another life with love.
R: It is also a time when everybody wants his past forgotten and
his present remembered.
M:The means to gain happiness is to throw out from oneself,like
a spider,in all directions an adhesive web of love, and to catch in
it all that comes.
R: I am not alone at all. I was never alone at all. And that, of
course, is the message of Christmas. WE ARE NEVER ALONE.
Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the word
seemingly most indifferent. For this is still the time God have
M: Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a
truly merry Christmas. So I have here Christmas gift

R:Thank you madam for that very symbolical message. This

time, let us also hear Madam Luzviminda Magbaleta our
Guidance Counselor for her opening remarks. A big big hand
M: Wow! I am now really welcomed at this momentous
occasion. Now, take a deep breath, seat back and relax as the
Grade 6 pupils showcase their talent for the Opening Salvo.
R: Wow! Exquisite performance! Lets now have an intermission
number coming from the Nursery, K1, K2 and selected pupils.
M: So bombastic number! Do you want some more? I cant here
you. I repeat, Do you want some more? Ok then. Lets us rock
and roll! May I call on the SJAMS Band for another intermission
drummer: Kent Harvey Quiben

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.
R: To formally start this tonights affair, may we rise/ as we
invoke our presence with our Almighty God, to be lead to us by

Guitarist: Sir John Ray Ladia

Pianist: Leejana Chrishelle Buduan
Singers: Frances Dyne E. Caranguian
Rickson Dayto
Janine Nicole E. Ventic

Ma. Alliyah Isabelle C. Ordonez

R: Hooooh! Naexpose na naman ang maganda kong boses!
Isnt it amazing? isnt it surprising? Isnt it???
M: May we call once more Our dearest mother. Goddess of
goddesses, Madam Erlinda B. Barajas for the introduction of the
Guess Speaker.
R: Thank you so much Madam Edina for moving us with your
very inspiring message. May we call on Madam Erlinda Barajas
and Madam Luzviminda Magbaleta to award the certificate of
appreciation. Allow me to read the content
M: Thank you. Partner, baka gusto mo naman akong
R: oo ba!!! ano bang gusto mo?

R: Kaya nga partner.

M:This time, Let us watch another dance intermission of the
grades 1-3 pupils. lets give them a round of applause. On deck,
Verse Choir.
R: Napapasayaw ako partner. Tara sayaw tayo.
M: Wait ka lang partner. Huwag kang excited. Surprise nga
R: Ay oo nga pala partner. Going back to business, may we
hear the grades 4-6 in their verse choir.
M: Ahem! Isa ata ako sa nagturo jan. Kaya ang masasabi ko?
for the dance intermission coming from the grades 4 and 5, Let
us watch your sons and daughters in their filmed play entitled,
Christmas Carol.

M: Bahala ka naman na ah.

R: Wow naman. nakakaiyak partner.
R: O sige eto na, I remember the daysssssssss
M: hmmp! kakabitin naman partner. SJAMS band na nga lang
ang haharana sa akin.Lets welcome, SJAMS Band. Get ready
Nursery, K1, K2 for your modeling. Again, SJAMS Band in their
intermission number.
R: Grabe na to! This time, let us be stunned as we witness the
different costumes of per grade level in their modeling. To be
introduced by their adviser. On deck, dance intermission coming
from the grades 1-3 pupils.
(next band)
M: Oh myy gooosh. Wala akong masabi partner. sobrang
gaganda at gagwapo nilang lahat. Ay ,mali. NATING LAHAT
PALA. We are all beautiful and Handsome.

M: oo nga partner. Di bale, mabait naman tayo eh diba????

kaya walang problema. hahahha
R: Atin naming tunghayan ang isang intermission number ng
grades 4 and 5. On deck, SJAMS Chorale in their presentation.
Again, Grades 4 and 5.
M: Thank you Grades 4 and 5 pupils for that marvelous number.
At this juncture, let us be serenaded by the SJAMS Chorale, Mr.
Rickson Dayto, conducting. Lets give them a round of applause.
M: Wow partner, may talent ka ha. para ka lang nagbubugaw
ng langaw. Pero seryoso, ang galling galling! Huwag ka, tingin
ko may mas gagaling pa sa mga ito partner..
R: huh? talaga partner? Sino?

M: Oo partner. Sino pa edi tayo? tayo nga ang nagturo sa kanila


M: Aba partner, mukang may kumakabog sa atin ha. Kita mo

naman. Di bale, basta maganda ako. hahahaha

R: Tama! O parents, handa na ba kayo? Let us all welcome! I,

my partner together with the SJAMS Faculty in their surprise
number. Palakpakan!!!!!!!

R: Anjan na si Yolanda! tago!!!!!

M: Evil laugh!!!! hahahahaha. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

performance!!!!. In short, AMAZING!!! ANG GALING GALING!
HoooH!!!! binuhat ang sariling bangko. hahahaha
R: Kaya nga naman partner baka humangin ng malakas.
M: Di naman siguro partner. Anyway, Let us again watch
another performance coming from the ever loyal Alumni of batch
2012. Let us welcome Lance Christian J. Buduan and Alycia
Ylaenor A. Jose in their intermission number. on deck, Parents
presentation. Be ready.

M: Grabe ka naman partner. Dapat partners tayo. walang

R: Ay? Ganon??
M: Oo ah! Sabay ganun eh. hahahah. at this moment, let us feel
the true essence of Christmas, on how Jesus came to earth as
we witness the selected pupils in their nativity.
R: Partner, ramdam mo ba?
M: Ang ano partner?
R: Ang pagpapaalamanan natin? Malapit ng matapos ang
gabing ito. palapit na ng palapit ang bawat sandali.

R: Wow naman. Pinatunayan nilang, sila ay mga karapat dapat

sa instruments nay an. Nakakamangha!

M: oo nga partner.

M: Kaya nga partner.

R: hmp! Dumako na nga tayo sa Awarding of the winners.

R: Are you ready??? Ating panuorin ang performance n gating

pinakamamahal na magulang Palakpakan! On deck, Nativity,
please prepare yourselves.

M: Sige partner.