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(From 08.10.2008 to 18.11.2008)

The following Branches have responded further and remitted donations to CHQ @ Rs.20/-
per membership & more than the prescribed amount. Our Sincere thanks to all of them.
27 Chennai City North (Tamilnadu) 5000 73 Tirupattur (Tamilnadu) 1000
28 Una (Himachal Pradesh) 1800 74 Tiruvallur (Tamilnadu) 600
29 Tamluk (West Bengal) 2000 75 Arni (Tamilnadu) 500
30 Karur (Tamilnadu) 1500 76 Parbhani (Maharastra) 1000
31 Bardoli (Maharastra) 2000 77 Dharmshala (Himachal Pradesh) 1400
32 Chapra/Saran (Bihar) 500 78 Idukki (Kerala) 1800
33 Patan (Gujarat) 1200 79 Pudukottai (Tamilnadu) 1000
34 Mandsour (Madhya Pradesh) 1000 80 Ambattur (Tamilnadu) 2000
35 Karimganj (Assam) 600 81 Com. Varedraj (Mangalore, Karnataka) 1500
36 Tura (North East) 1000 82 Sub Postmaster & Starff,
37 Bhubaneswar (Orissa) 400 (Nangal P.O. Punjab) 2100
38 Ajmer (Rajasthan) 3500 83 Com. Manavalan
39 Jagtial (Andhra Pradesh) 500 (Avadi Camp, Tamilnadu) 1001
40 Nuzvid (Andhra Pradesh) 400 84 Com. S. Purohit 20
41 Vizianagram (Andhra Pradesh) 1500 85 Com. Ram Lal Juneja 20
42 Karimnagar (Andhra Pradesh) 500 86 Jeethendradas 40
43 Bhathinda (Punjab) 700 87 Niranajan Chatterjee 20
44 Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) 500 88 Tiruchirapalli (Tamilnadu) 4000
45 Palani (Tamilnadu) 800 89 Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) 2000
46 Palayamkottai (Tamilnadu) 1000 90 Dhubri (Assam) 1005
47 Udumalpet (Tamilnadu) 200 91 Thellessary (Kerala) 1836
48 Tirunelveli (Tamilnadu) 1000 92 Akola (Maharastra) 2000
49 Latur (Maharastra) 1640 93 Chamoli (Uttarakhand) 5000
50 Rajkot (Gujarat) 6000 94 Trissur (Kerala 4000
51 Amravati (Maharastra) 3000 95 Gondal (Gujarat) 3000
52 Sitamarhi (Bihar) 1000 96 Hyderabad South (Andhra Pradesh) 3000
53 Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh) 1100 97 Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) 1000
54 Puttur (Karnataka) 6000 98 Arunachal (North East) 5000
55 Warangal (Andhra Pradesh) 5000 99 Chariali (Assam) 440
56 Nanjangud (Karnataka) 2000 100 Agartala (North East) 1360
57 Palakkad (Kerala) 3800 101 Bongaigaon (Assam) 1250
58 Goa (Maharastra) 3000 102 Sagar (M. P) 2100
59 Salem West (Tamilnadu) 3000 103 Bilaspur (Chattisgarh) 1000
60 Mandya (Karnataka) 1200 104 Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) 1000
61 Manjeri (Kerala) 2000 105 Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) 700
62 Koppal (Karnataka) 1500 106 Secunderabad H.O (Andhra Pradesh) 1800
63 Raichur (Karnataka) 1500 107 Secunderabad Dn. (Andhra Pradesh) 1000
64 Mushirabad (West Bengal) 1000 108 Rajahmundry (Andhra Padesh) 1800
65 Adilabad (Andhra Pradesh) 600 109 Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) 1000
66 Kavali (Andhra Pradesh) 500 110 Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) 500
67 Proddatur (Andhra Pradesh) 2000 111 Kheri (Uttar Pradesh) 520
68 PSD Rajamundary (Andhra Pradesh) 1100 112 Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) 1200
69 Kannur (Kerala) 3000 Kudos to the office bearers & members
70 Bhilwara (Rajasthan) 1400 who contributed to CHQ. All other branches re
71 Sikar (Rajasthan) 1500 also requested to remit the donation at the
72 Varanasi West (Uttar Pradesh) 2000 earliest.
General Secretary’s Desk
As scheduled, the 27th AIC will be held at for future functioning.
Acharya Nagarjuna University Campus, Guntur from All Delegates are invited and they are
30.11.08 to 02.12.08 with the notified Agenda. requested to reach the Conference venue in time and
The efforts to conduct a Seminar on “Changing submit the credentials from 29.11.08 evening so that
Face of Global Postal services under the Globalization we can compose the house on 30.11.08 morning itself.
era and its impact on Staff and Customers” become The Quota, Bhartiya Post dues & also the donations
futile due to the non availability of dates from the should be cleared in the Conference hall.
eminent professors & Departmental officers. Now, we The Reception Committee has fixed Rs. 450/
are going to deliberate our subject Committee for whole - as delegate fee, a nominal and decided to present
three days without wasting any time. compliments worth about Rs.200/- They strictly
Draft Resolutions will be supplied on informed that all visitors should pay the delegate fee;
important agendas alongwith the Biennial report which otherwise they will not be allowed inside the campus.
will be the basis for discussions. Separate Sub Please maintain discipline in this regard.
Committee meetings will also be held during the break The Conference invitation will be despatched
hours of the Conference by the Conveners of the sub soon. All are requested to attend and cooperate to
committees. We desire that this conference shall make the Guntur Conference a historical success
discuss all our issues threadbare and guide the CHQ one.
The NFPE Federal Secretariat meeting was and submitted to the Department on behalf of Postal
held on 08.11.08 and discussed about the GDS JCA soon.
committee recommendations and our role. The The programme of action called for by the
Secretariat felt that there are several retrograde, cruel GDS union for protest demonstrations on 11.11.08
recommendations in the committee’s report and and Pada Yatra mass compaign from 20.11.08 to
decided to launch joint struggle under the banner of 26.11.08 has been unanimously endorsed by the
JCA and with Confederation. A detailed note seeking Secretariat. All are requested to extend support to
the modification of recommendation will be prepared these programmes.
The NFPE calls ‘A leaders convention’ in any consultation of Staff side etc will be discussed
Guntur on 29.11.08 consisting of all Circle in the convention. Similarly, the retrograde
Secretaries, CHQ office bearers of all the affiliated recommendations on GDS will take prominent
unions and also the GDS union. The issues like Need debates in the convention. The convention will decide
based minimum wage, Fitment Formula discriminative proper agitational decisions by formulating charter of
and biased against Employees, and also in grade demands for effective struggles to wrest the demands.
pay enhanced only for officers, Government This will be an historic event in the milestone of the
unilaterally implemented the modifications with out history of Federation and its unions.
The Hon’ble Minister of State for (iii) Shortage of staff; keeping full staff in project
communications & IT has invited staff side to his office arrow identified POs; increase the leave reserve
on 11.11.2008 to give a briefing on the subject of strength etc.
‘Project Arrow’, According the Secretary General of (iv) Training to staff on technology before
NFPE & FNPO along with the General Secretaries introduction of new services.
attended the meeting at 11.00 hours. The following (v) Demotivating the supervisory staff by
problems developed due to implementation of ‘Project identifying as regular & FTP. Training & Retraining will
Arrow’ were appraised to the Minister through be the best solution for better efficiency.
representation. During the discussions with the Hon’ble
(i) Absence of transparency in implementation. Minister, It is pointed out that the scheme may not be
(ii) Curtailment of delivery and no proper successful if the Department is not granted with
scheduling of mail vans. exemption from screening committee and fill up all
vacant posts including the residual vacancies. The Hon’ble Minister conveyed that his doors are
Secretary (P) immediately reacted that the exemption always open and he wants to make the postal
to Postal department from the screening committee services an efficient service. He is very much
will be received shortly. Hon’ble Minister also assured concerned with GDS. Minister & Secretary conveyed
that he will take immediate steps with FM & PM. After that they are studying the report of the
the meeting, Secretary (P) conveyed that she is Natarajamoorthy committee.
expecting orders before the end of this month as all After very many years, the Hon’ble Minster
other formalities were over in granting exemption to invited the staff side and discussed the issues for
Postal Department. about 25 minutes.
The project Arrow is the brain child of Hon’ble Minster Mckenze is a MNC which is solely functioning on
of State (C & IT) Sri Jyotiraditya Scindia. Basically consultancy pattern. Mckenze offers consultancy to
the project arrow is intended for two aspects: many loss making companies, organizations in
(i) Making the core right (mail delivery is a core identifying the areas of loss and suggest to build up
business and making it right is the main motto) as a profitable organization. This concern is a
(ii) Look & Feel good of the Post offices (i.e.) the successful one in that arena. The game plan is now
ambience of the Post offices (It is believed that a better being executed through this Project Arrow. The
and pleasant working environment can bring a change department is having a plan to identify further 4500
in the mindset of employees as well as customers) offices under the Project Arrow scheme.
This innovative idea has been derived in Let us analyse further its out comes and its
consultation with a company named Mckenze. performance after some time.
GDS Committee headed by Sri R. S. Natarajamurti GDS and treat them as second rated citizens of the
has submitted its recommendations on 29.10.08. Postal department. The report did not contain any
Indeed, it is one of the report containing various cruel justifications to deny the dues but merely treating them
decisions and more retrograde recommendations as part time employees having other avocation and
equating the GDS with part-time employees like income. Thus Sri Natarajamurti did the job effectively to
Anganwadi workers. Whatever be the loopholes bury the justice Talwar Committee with his bureaucratic
already existing in favour of GDS employees like time language. Our comments were already exhibited in the
factor, point systems etc, they have been properly website. Launching struggle unitedly is the only option
searched and blocked. Almost the entire report is with for rejecting the retrograde and negative aspects of the
pre conceived motivation to deny all legitimate right to report and save the GDS from further slavery.
The leaders of NFPE & FNPO observed hunger fast arrears bonus to GDS seeking unwarranted
from 16.10.08 to 17.10.08 demanding to delete the clarifications from Directorate. What kind of orders was
discrimination in the bonus ceiling endorsement orders issued during 1995, the similar kind of endorsement
denying the ceiling revision to GDS on 21.10.08. Due is made now by the revised order with the mention of
to our effective negotiations, the Secretary (P) was superceding the order dt. 15.10.08. As such there is
pleased and directed to release fresh orders in no need for any clarification and if any thing is made it
supersession of 15th and the orders were issued is due to the lobby of the Establishment section of the
accordingly. Directorate which created the problem unwarrantedly
However in many circles, they have not drawn on 15.10.08 by causing such a discriminatory orders.
(i) Modified ACP promotion orders are not yet called for. We will pursue the issue further for early
issued by the DOPT. Only on receipt of the same, we consideration of our proposals.
can effectively pursue the case further for the extension (ii) Revision of wages as per the revised pay
of the ACP promotion to Postal employees. structure based on Sixth CPC for RRR candidates,
(ii) Cadre restructuring proposal was sent by our paid substitutes, casual labourers, contingent paid etc
CHQ earlier to the Department. So far no meeting is are being processed by the Directorate.
Let us meet at Guntur on 30.11.08 in the historic AIC. Till then, with greetings
(Letter No. PF/15/2008 dated 17.11.2008 of NFPE to Secretary Department of Post.)
Sub: Modifications sought over the of one HO and another HO or other SOs. The fact is
recommendations of the Report of that the nature of those work performed by
Nataraja Murti GDS Committee - Request departmental or a Branch Post Office are one and the
for discussion with the Staff Side - reg. same and the attempt of GDS Committee to
Sir, distinguish the nature of job of a regular and a GDS is
This Federation seek the following unscientific and unjustified observation. The Rules and
modifications and improvements in the GDS Manuals applicable to departmental offices are
Committee Report without prejudice to the demand applicable to BOs in respect of all the transactions
for grant of Status and Statutory Pension etc and would being carried out. The comparisons earlier arrived at
highly appreciate if a discussion with the Staff Side is by Madan Kishore, R.R.Savoor and Justice Talwar
held by you. Our submission is divided into three Committee equating BPMs with Mail Overseers;
segments viz., Conceptual issues; Wages and Delivery Agents with Postmen and other categories
Allowances; and other issues including Trade Union with the Group D is based on scientific approach. That
related issues has not been denied with valid arguments by the
1. CONCEPTUAL ISSUES: present GDS Committee. Therefore this concept of
(i) Concept of Part Time: The concept of the contrasting the GDS job profile with that of the regular
GDS Committee mentioned in several places in the is to be totally rejected.
Report that the GDS is like a part time is unjustified (iii). Franchisee outlets in rural areas: The GDS
and contrary to facts. We record our strong resentment Committee has recommended under Para 3.23 in
over the comparison of GDS to Anganwadi Helpers Chapter III - Systems in vogue in other countries that
and Vetti, thalaiyari type of workers under local bodies in case the Post offices do not generate the minimum
by the GDS Committee. In fact the GDS were called income but there is need to improve access, the
as extraneous departmental agents with departmental department needs to look into franchisee/Out reach
status since 1858 and they were brought under arrangements. The franchisee arrangement is not a
provisions of FR&SR up to 1959. Less than 8 hour viable alternative to the GDS System due to so many
employment could not be the justification for terming reasons. We are totally opposed to the expansion of
them as Part Time. They are permanent workers Franchisee System. We therefore request that this
employed for less than 8 hours of work recruited under recommendation should not be accepted.
relevant rules for rendering service up to their reaching (iv). GDS Stamp Vendors: The GDS Committee
65 years of age. The Supreme Court gave judgment recommends for abolition of GDS SV categories. GDS
that EDAs are holders of civil posts. Several Court SVs are more economical than PAs which was the
judgments are there denying categorising GDS/ED as reason for expansion of GDS SV system. To avoid
part timers. The Department also had accepted this congestion in counters the GDS SV stamp selling
judgment at least to the level of extending the protection counters were separately opened. The time factor for
of law for disciplinary cases. Justice Talwar Committee selling stamps for GDS SV is more stringent than for
also elaborately concluded with the decision that they the PAs. Abolition or non-filling up of GDS SV posts
are holders of civil posts. Therefore terming the GDS based on the tightened and impracticable time factor
as part timers is an erroreneous understanding of the will adversely affect the services. Therefore
GDS Committee. recommending abolition or non-filling up of GDS SV
(ii) Concept of comparison with regular category is not a justified step and so we request that
employees: The GDS Committee time and again this recommendation should not be accepted.
repeats in its report that the nature of job performed (v). GDS MM: The GDS Committee in its report
by the GDS is unlike the regular postal employees. under Para 5.21.4 last line has misrepresented our
The reason that certain type of work performed by HOs request. We only requested to implement the
or Departmental SOs are not performed in BOs cannot recommendations of R.R.Savoor Committee about non-
be the reason to reach a conclusion that the job of employment of GDS MM in metro and larger railway
GDS is not the same to that of the regular staff. Even stations and regularise them as Group D by clubbing
certain type of work performed by earmarked HOs/ the vacant posts of Group D and casual and GDS
SOs is not done by other HOs or departmental SOs. MM. The Department of Posts already ordered during
We do not therefore differentiate the Postal Assistants July 1989 to regularize the GDS MM in Metro Cities


and larger platforms by converting all GDS MM posts PSSK Scheme should not be accepted.
into regular Group D posts. Despite our bringing this (ix). Time factor: [1] The GDS Committee has
fact during our oral evidence, the GDS Committee recommended application of treasury time factors
omitted the whole point. We request that all GDS MM applied for Treasurer exclusively dealing cash
should be observed either by combination or by transaction is departmental HOs and bigger SOs
upgradation to regularise them as multi-skilled Group where lakhs of rupees are being handled. In respect of
C. BOs even 1/20th of the cash handled could not be
(vi). ED SPM: The recommendation to abolish the ensured and most of the currency notes are in smaller
ED SOs in urban areas is not acceptable to us. denominations including coins. The comparison is not
Upgradation of ED SOs into Departmental SOs is a fair one and it is pertinent to note that the treasury
welcome in urban areas as and when the incumbents revised norms formulated are not been insisted for
are absorbed in regular stream. But abolition of EDSOs implementation due to its impracticality. [2] Moreover
resulting in withdrawal of postal services will be a the recommendation to continue with the time factor
negative step and not acceptable to us. Similarly of 14 points fixed at the time of C.V.Rajan Committee
conversion of EDSOs into EDBOs in rural areas is a when limited transactions only were available with BOs
retrograde step recommended by the GDS Committee for preparation of accounts including closing of account
resulting in reduction of existing services to the bag and remittances require revision. The accounting
customers. We oppose this and request to reject this work is ever increasing due to introduction of
recommendation. multifarious work in BOs and more time factor should
(vii). Opening of new BOs: The recommendation be granted for this work. In addition the
reiterating Savoor Committee for radial distance instead recommendation under Para 9.16 - 5 stating that the
of road distance for existence of BOs is unscientific. cash received and remitted to account office should
The public are not going to jump the distance by air be excluded for computing work load since this will
but travel by road only for reaching the offices. We cover within the 14 points granted for accounting work
oppose this concept of radial distance and request is arbitrary and unacceptable to us. This is a time
the Department of Posts to continue to reject the same consuming work which should be included in the cash
as was done before. The Government also did not handled while computing the work load. [3] We
accept the above recommendation of Savoor welcome the approach of the GDS Committee for grant
Committee consciously but vested the powers to relax of time factor for all work like RPLI, PLI, NREGS, OAP
conditions for opening BOs in Heads of Circles on through SB Account etc under Para 9.16 and request
public demand or by Peoples representatives. The that such time factor should be included for calculating
suggestion for closure of BOs in one place to relocate the actual work hours for grant of higher TRCA on
in another place to meet the direction of the Planning Prorata basis. The time factor for GDS Mail Deliverer
Commission for opening 3000 BOs is also to be shall continue to be compared with the time factor of
therefore rejected. The GDS Committee has pointed Postmen.
out that a total of 27326 out of 54652 BOs reportedly (x). GDS Mail Deliverer: The introduction of new
located within 3 KMs radial distance are to be services in rural areas to be performed by GDS Mail
relocated. Such a step would tantamount to dislocation Deliverer would cover any shortfall in quantum of work
of thousands of families of GDS from the village they and therefore there is no need for introduction of a
have settled down on their employment as per the new 3 Hours element for GDS Mail Deliverer. It is
conditions. Huge financial strain would be befalling on apprehended that though not now; such an introduction
them. We are opposed to any such move and request might in future be extended to the existing GDS also
non-acceptance of this recommendation by the causing reduction of TRCA. We request that the
Government. status-quo to continue and the recommendation under
(viii). PSSK: The GDS Committee itself observes Para 10.17 should not be accepted.
that only 6.5% of PSSKs could generate the prescribed 2. WAGES AND ALLOWANCES:
booking of RLs which was as low as one or two RLs a (a) Annual Increase: GDS Committee has
day. The Scheme was given up due to the stiff recommended annual increase ranging from 1.74% to
opposition from the Staff Side after the initial launch of 1.96%. This is too low. The percentage of annual
the Scheme. The performance of the Scheme is also increase shall be at least 3% of TRCA as like regular
proved to be dismal. This fact has already been employees. The quantum of DA will be any way less
acknowledged by the Government which abandoned than the regular employees but the percentage of DA
any expansion of this scheme in the recent past. The should not be different. We request that this
recommendation therefore for further expansion of recommendation of GDS Committee under Para
No.10.19 should be modified accordingly. upgraded Group C [old Group D] has been made. This
(b) Benefit of 5% TRCA: The GDS Committee is unacceptable. The upgraded Group C is a new
has stated under Para 10.20 (c) that the 5% TRCA concept recommended by Pay Commission for
granted in lieu of 50% DA Merger to regular employees elevating the Group D into a Group C scale and
may be absorbed / adjusted in future after 1.1.2006 in extending that scale to the GDS MD/SV who is always
the new TRCA structure. This is most retrograde. As compared with the Postmen is not correct. We request
the 50% merged quantum been taken into account by that the historical comparison of computing Prorata of
the Government for Government Employees, We GDS MD/SV with the corresponding Postmen Scale
request that the GDS also should be given a 1.86 times should continue and accordingly the TRCA shall be
fixation benefit in lieu of the 5% additional TRCA granted computed based on the Pay Band 5200-20200 + Grade
from 1.1.2004. More over there is no recommendation Pay 2000/- on Prorata basis.
from the GDS Committee for granting weightage for Sl No. Category Minimum TRCA proposed
senior GDS resulting in large number of bunching. We 1 up to 3 Hrs 2888/-
request that one increment per two year service as 2 3-3.45 Hrs 3840/-
bunching increment as was made available by the 6th 3 3.45-5 Hrs 4800/-
CPC be granted to GDS to offset this anomaly. (iii). Other GDS categories: The other GDS
(c) Computation of TRCA: The TRCA computed Categories which were compared with the Group D for
for different categories of GDS by the Committee computation of Prorata wages shall be extended the
negates Prorata fixation on par with corresponding benefit of upgraded scale as like their counterpart
regular employees. This comparison evolved regular Group D employees by imparting training as
historically by various ED Committees in the past suggested for the regular Group D by the Pay
including Justice Talwar Committee and implemented Commission. We feel that denial of this upgradation
by the Government has been summarily rejected and and computing on the basis of 1S pay scale that is
modified by the present GDS Committee. This is not going to be obsolete is an injustice. There is not going
acceptable to us. We propose that the existing formula to be any scale in the Government Services below
should be continued and the TRCA accordingly Rs.7000/- and therefore no Prorata can be computed
recomputed as follows: less than 7000/- prescribed as the Minimum Wage
(i). GDS SPM / BPM: Prorata TRCA of GDS SPM/ for Central Service. We propose the following TRCA
BPM should be compared with the pay scales of Mail based on the proportionate pay of upgraded Group D:
Overseers. In the background of large scale Sl. No. Category MinimumTRCa Proposed
computerisation of BOs during the 11th Five Year Plan
1 Up to 3 Hrs 2805/-
period and the recommendation of the GDS Committee
for giving preference to +2 Candidates in the recruitment 2 3-3.45 Hrs 3740/-
of BPMs in future the elevation of TRCA on par with PA 3 3.45-5 Hrs 4675/-
is justified. Even by the standards of comparison with D. Dearness Allowance: It is seen that the GDS
the Mail Overseers the BPMs shall be granted Prorata Committee has suggested computation of a new Rural
with the pre-revised 4000-6000 pay scale only. The COL Index for grant of Dearness Allowance in future.
recommendation of the GDS Committee in This is an attack on the hard won benefit of GDS over
recommending a lower TRCA is unacceptable. Therefore years of negotiations. There cannot be a separate COL
we request that the Prorata be worked on the basis of Index for GDS and regular employees. Both are working
5200-20200 + 2400/- Grade Pay only as follows: in urban as well as rural areas. The vagarities of price
Sl. No. of Hours Points Minimum TRCA Proposed rise and inflation affect both equally. Even the 6th CPC
based on Hourly rate has not recommended any rural and urban COL
Indexes. Therefore we request that the recommendation
1 3 Hrs 75 3045/-
made by the GDS Committee vide Para 11.9 should
2 3 Hrs-3.30Hrs 87.5 3555/-
not be accepted.
3 3.30-4Hrs 100 4060/-
E. Productivity Linked Bonus: The GDS
4 4-4.30Hrs 112.5 4570/-
Committee has recommended that the Incentives for
5 4.30-5Hrs 125 5075/-
GDS should be considered as PRIS as recommended
(ii). GDS MD/SV: The Prorata TRCA of GDS Mail by the 6th CPC which will replace the PLB. The
Deliverer and Stamp Vendors should be fixed in Government has not accepted this recommendation
comparison with the implemented pay band + Grade as the Staff Side JCM is opposed to any such
Pay of Postmen staff. This has been changed by the replacement or PLB with PRIS. The question therefore
GDS Committee and a comparison with that of the doesn't arise at present. Moreover the other
recommendation of the GDS Committee for limiting Office should be met by the Department in addition to the
the average TRCA plus DA to 50% of the ceiling fixed office maintenance allowance of Rs.200/-.
for lowest category of regular employees is an attempt I. Cycle / Foot Beat: The work load calculation
to deny the existing benefit on PLB to GDS. There is shall be on the basis of the agreement between the
no different ceiling for the regular and GDS under PLB. Department and the Staff side reached during 1987.
Moreover the Bonus Act of the Government fixed the This should continue without any distortion.
ceiling as 3500/- and irrespective of actual monthly J. Detention beyond working hours: The
salary or wages, all are restricted to the same ceiling. recommendation for a paltry sum of Rs.6/- but not
Consciously cutting the benefit by fixing another ceiling exceeding Rs.12/- per day for detention beyond duty
as against the Bonus Act will not be acceptable to us. time for exchange of mails etc is unreasonable and
Therefore we request that the recommendation of the therefore unacceptable to us. To deny legitimate dues
GDS Committee vide Para 12.15 should not be accepted. an argument is put in place that there are other
F. Other Allowances: It is most unfortunate that avocations for the GDS to sustain himself. Accepting
the GDS Committee instead of recommending Prorata for argument sake that there are other avocations, the
allowances as recommended by its predecessor detention beyond work hours will jeopardise such of
Justice Talwar, has excluded the GDS from the benefit those other avocations. Therefore the compensation
of all such allowances by just stating that these are beyond work hours shall not be so less but a minimum
denied on the basis that they are only part timers. of Rs.25/- per hour with other conditions relaxed.
The rationale is totally unscientific. When GDS are K. Mode of Payment through SB A/c: The SB
entitled for DA on par with regular employees, what account method suggested by the GDS Committee
justification can there be to deny other allowances is not going to avoid the problem of remittance on the
too on Prorata basis. The whole approach of the GDS last working day of the month. More over the MOF
Committee is untenable. We request that the orders are clear that as far as the lower grade
Government should reject the inhuman and unscientific employees are concerned the mode of payment
approach of the GDS Committee and should grant all through bank need not be insisted upon. We request
allowances on Prorata basis. rejection of this recommendation.
G. Combined Duty Allowance: Resorting to L. Service Discharge Benefit Scheme: The GDS
combination of duty on large scale with the approach Committee has proposed for a Service Discharge Benefit
of granting some allowances but not for converting the Scheme akin to pension payment. We want some
post into a regular post for regularisation of the GDS modifications. The Severance amount of 60,000/- should
is not acceptable to us. This is nothing but exploitation be uniform for all GDS as at present and not according to
of labour and having adverse impact on the efficiency. number of years of service put in to facilitate moderate
More over the logic behind fixing mere 500/- or 1000/- monthly payment under the Benefit Scheme. In addition
for duties combined with one or two other work for a we request that since the minimum pay in Central Services
BPM by the GDS Committee is not justified. When a is 7000/- and the minimum pension will be therefore 3500/
GDS MD or MC if employed will be earning even -, the amount to be paid to GDS as Discharge Benefit
according to GDS Committee a minimum of Rs.888/- Scheme shall not be less than Rs.1750/- per month. The
or 765/- per hour for a month. The combination of the GDS Committee has omitted to mention about the
entire duties of another GDS is equated with only 500/ continuation of Severance Amount to GDS who become
- per month is not acceptable to us. Either combination regularised as Postmen or Group D. We request that the
should result in regularisation or the combined duty status quo on this matter shall continue.
allowance should be matching with full TRCA level of M. Gratuity: The recommendation made in Para
the combined duty since the GDS is expected to perform 14.7 for payment of ex-gratia Gratuity is against the
both the duties one after another to the perfection. Honourable Supreme Court Judgment and against the
H. Office Maintenance Allowance: The Gratuity Act. The Gratuity is to be calculated not only
doubling of office maintenance allowance from Rs.50/ on the basic TRCA but also on the Dearness
- to Rs.100/- per month is unscientific and inadequate. Allowance quantum. The maximum ceiling of 60,000/-
Even the actual electric consumption for running the recommended is unjustified and the ceiling is to be the
office is not meted out by the Government by this same quantum under the Gratuity Act as disposed of by
recommendation. There is other office maintenance the Honourable High Court of Punjab and Haryana and
expenditure for up keeping etc. Justice Talwar subsequently by the Honourable Supreme Court of India.
Committee recommended a sum of Rs.200/- towards this N. Leave: The recommendation falls short of
allowance. It is requested that the on a separate electric grant of adequate paid leave on Prorata basis with the
meter the entire electric charges for the use of the Branch regular employees. The carry forward system is also
discriminatory. Instead of one year the leave recommendation is against the spirit of the Honourable
accumulation shall be permitted without restrictions Supreme Court Judgment already accepted by the
to enable the GDS to get paid leave for continued Government that erstwhile ED Employees are holders
sickness etc. We welcome the recommendation for of civil posts covered by comprehensive recruitment
grant of paid maternity leave for the women GDS but rules. They are recruited against posts under the
would like the modification thereon to remove the Department of Posts and not simply engaged for doing
condition prescribed to exclude medical termination casual work. So the recommendation for change of
of pregnancy since to save the mother medical nomenclature suggested by the GDS committee is
termination may become necessary sometimes and retrograde and unacceptable. Secondly we request
also that the same should be compensated from the that an element of minor penalty for minor lapses be
Welfare Fund. We request that the same be done from introduced in the Conduct Rules. The rejection by the
the Government Exchequer. We also request that GDS Committee to recommend for revision of exgratia
proportionate child care leave as like regular women payment for put off duty GDS requires to be
employees may be considered. reconsidered for increasing the quantum of such put
off duty ex-gratia allowance to help the suspected GDS
3. OTHER ISSUES INCLUDING TRADE UNION survive by moderate earnings.
RIGHTS: (f) Trade Union Rights: The recommendation
(a) Transfer: The transfer entitlement may include of the GDS Committee for reducing the periodicity of
request transfer for all GDS in vacant posts without monthly meetings, bi-monthly meetings, four-monthly
any conditions. Our Honourable Minister of State for meetings etc is negative. The existing facility is being
Communications & IT in his open letter to GDS had reduced. These recommendations are requested to
committed that request transfer to GDS will be liberally be rejected and status-quo with the periodicity of
considered. This commitment should be honoured by meetings should be protected. In addition we request
the Department. For an official working for the for improving the trade union rights. The
department for 40 years or so cannot be denied the recommendation about the periodicity for holding the
opportunity to get a transfer against any vacant posts. All India Conferences of GDS Unions may be best left
(b) Recruitment: There are certain for the decision of the unions concerned.
recommendations made by the GDS Committee which (g) Security: The recommendation of the GDS
are stepping out of jurisdiction of a GDS Committee. Committee for increased Security to be furnished by
These require to be ignored by the Department and the GDS may not be accepted and the status quo
not accepted. They are: [1] Amending the Rule 38 of continued to avoid additional expenditure for the GDS.
Vol. IV to deny transfer to upgraded Group C; [2] (h) Review of Establishment: We oppose the
Increasing the Direct Recruitment quota of Postal recommendation of the GDS Committee for annual
Assistants / Sorting Assistants to 75% and reduction review of establishment but request for the continuation
of promotional quota to 25%; and [3] reducing the of the status quo of triennial review.
promotional quota of Postmen/Mailguard vacancies We request that the Staff Side may be called
available to [Group D] multi skilled Group C by half. for discussions to explain our view points on all the
(c) Examination to upgraded Group D: The aforementioned issues and also before taking a final
GDS Committee has recommended for examination decision for implementation of the GDS Committee
to be selected to the posts of upgraded Group D posts recommendations.
in PB-1 with 1800/- Grade Pay. There is no need for Note: -
any examination and the status quo method of The Draft was finalised after discussion with all the
seniority-cum-fitness through DPC should continue. General Secretaries affliated to the Federation.
After selection they may be imparted with training as
intended for the Group D employees. (Editorial contd. from page 1)
(d) Discharge Age: The retirement age is massive action to secure what is our due. We shall
recommended to be reduced as 62. This is not not vacillate or hesitate, let us a disciplined Army to
acceptable to us. There is no justification for reduction the arena and compel the Government and Postal
of retirement age without regularisation or grant of civil board to accept our demands and resolving the
servant status etc. problems of the staff. We shall take decision on this
(e) Nature of Penalties: We are opposed to direction in the august All India conference to launch
change of nomenclature of GDS Conduct & action programmes culminating to indefinite strike.
Employment Rules into GDS Conduct & Engagement We shall succeed. We must succeed.
Rules as recommended by the GDS Committee. This Success will be ours.
1. Chapter – 2 2.9.1 11. Chapter -5 5.20.5
The Department may approach the Nodal The engagement of GDS packers in larger
Department, Ministry of Labour & Employment for making offices like LSG/HSG be avoided and Department may
suitable amendment in the provisions of the Industrial consider creation of justified multi-skilled Group C posts.
Disputes Act 1947 for removing the anomalous position Creation of new posts will however be subject to existing
of GDS being governed by GDS (Conduct & Employment) instructions and orders on the subject.
Rules 2001, and Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 12. Chapter -5 5.22.1
simultaneously. There is a need to conduct a work study of the
2. Chapter – 3 3.23 Group ‘D’ in Mail offices and Transit Mail offices. It is
India Post may examine the relevance of the possible to lay down standards for the indoor work
experience of different postal administrations in performed in Mail offices and Transit Mail offices. As
maintaining the network. The GDS Committee has regards Mail exchanges, conveying the bags over
suggested various measures to improve the viability of platforms, waiting time for exchange of mail and actual
rural Post offices. In case the Post offices do not generate time of exchange, guide lines could be worked out
the minimum income, but there is need to maintain depending on the number, type of exchanges, number
access, the department needs to look into franchisee/ of bags exchanged and this area of work could be
Out reach arrangements. adjusted as per actual observation in different Mail offices
3. Chapter – 5 5.16.1 and Transit Mail offices. Such a fixation of standards will
The Department should pursue various broadly take into account the Group ‘D’ assistance
technology options to make dispensing of stamps easier required at various times and will reflect the changing
and cost effective. It may also utilise electronic franking traffic needs from time to time.
machines across the counters for reducing the stocking 13. Chapter -5 5.22.2
of stamps. The requirement of Group ‘D’ and part time
4. Chapter -5 5.16.2 engagementto cope with bunching of exchange and train
Stamp sale in Post office could as well be arrival/departure requires to be carefully assessed and
entrusted to counter clerks in the present circumstances part time staff component managed from casual em-
of reduced stamp sales due to computerisation. ployees for limited extra need of manpower at peak hours.
5. Chapter -5 5.16.3 GDS which is intended for operating rural postal system
The committee suggests for reviewing this needs to be phased out from Mail offices which are mostly
scheme of stamp vending through licensed stamp located in urban areas. This work may be managed by
vendors and make it more popular. The Department may normal Group ‘D’ or part time staff as the case may be.
also consider popularising franchised outlets in the urban 14. Chapter -5 5.22.3
areas The GDS Mailman be treated as a wasting
6. Chapter -5 5.16.4 group in RMS
The Committee further suggests that the GDS SVs 15. Chapter -5 5.22.4
not justified statistically may not be filled up and there may The engagement of GDS in unapproved catego-
not be any further recruitment of GDS SVs in their place ries like Sweeping, Gardening, Rest House Attendants,
7. Chapter -5 5.20.1 Call boys, Box boys, Waterman be given up immediately.
The urban Post offices may be reorganised in a There is no justification to have GDS Mailman engaged
manner that public facilities are enhanced and at the same for non operative work in RMS. These GDS Mailmen who
time multi skilled group ‘C’ posts are justified in such offices. are presently engaged in non operative duty should im-
8. Chapter -5 5.20.2 mediately be shifted to operational areas.
The group D nature of duties and duties of 16. Chapter -5 5.22.5
house keeping nature may be managed through The Department may examine the duties that
alternative arrangements can be entrusted to the multi skilled group C and separa-
9. Chapter -5 5.20.3 tion of nature of duties pertaining to group D work. All the
In the semi urban and rural departmental Post future recruitments be made in multi skilled groups ‘C’
offices, the GDS packers have to be continued if the Post posts. The Department may examine managing the house
offices do not justify full time posts keeping functions and duties of the nature of group ’D’
through alternative means. An exception however needs
10. Chapter -5 5.20.4
to be made for absorption of temporary status group ‘D’.
The duty chart and hours of attendance of GDS
17. Chapter -6 6.11.1.
packers be fixed by the Sub Divisional Inspector for strict
There should be no ED Sub offices both in ur-
ban and rural areas
18. Chapter -6 6.11.2. opening of 3000 Branch Post offices and 10,000 Retail
The existing offices in the urban areas should outlets. The opening of the new Branch offices where
either be closed or upgraded to departmental Sub Post justified may be either by relocation or through
offices based on statistical and financial justification. Franchisee / Outreach arrangements.
19. Chapter -6 6.11.3 26. Chapter -7 7.14.3
In case the EDSOs in urban areas are not jus- Digital maps in multi-layer format be got pre-
tified for upgradation, the Department may consider their pared to locate the Post offices with required data base
closure by providing alternate arrangement for provision attached to them, in order to locate areas which are de-
of Postal services. prived of postal facility and need to be provided such
20. Chapter -6 6.11.4 facility. This can lead to a rationalisation of Post offices
Existing ED Sub offices in rural areas should and a more efficient use of resources.
either be converted into EDBOs or upgraded into de- 27. Chapter -7 7.14.4
partmental SOs if justified by norms. Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendras have been
21. Chapter -6 6.11.5 the low cost option for expanding the rural postal net-
On down gradation, the existing incumbent work in rural and remote areas to provide basic facility in
working in the post of EDSPM may be placed in the TRCA Gram Panchayat Head Quarters without a Post office.
corresponding to 5 hours workload of GDS BPM and his There is need to take a comprehensive look into Postal
allowances paid as GDS SPM be protected. Planning including provision of facilities at Panchayat
22. Chapter -6 6.11.6 Sanchar Seva Kendras.
The downgraded EDSPM will earn the future 28. Chapter -7 7.14.5
annual increase if the workload of the downgraded Extension of postal facilities are suggested in
EDSO assessed on revised norms reaches 125 points the following cases. This can be through Franchisee
per month in point system. Outreach arrangements.
23. Chapter -6 6.11.7 (i) Head quarters of village Panchayat where there
The protection will be limited to existing incum- is no postal outlet at present and there is no Post office
bent only. If he relinquishes the post, for any reason, the in the Panchayat area which can be shifted to the GP
TRCA of the new incumbent will be fixed as per workload Headquarters.
of ED BPM in point system. (ii) Locations where PSSKs are now functioning
24. Chapter -7 7.14.1 subject to the condition that there is no Postal facility in
The following services and products need to any of the villages under the Panchayat. If there is already
be covered while defining the Universal Service a Post office in any of the villages under the Panchayat,
Obligation in the rural areas as provision of these the Post office may be shifted to the Headquarters village
services by other players is non existent or not available and there will not be any need for any additional facility
upto the desired level: unless a postal outlet is justified for a village which is
Product/Service not the Headquarters of a Panchayat village separately.
a) Postcard/Letter card/Letter/Packet The area of operation in case of Panchayat can cover
b) Parcel the entire Panchayat area along with villages coming
c) Blind literature under the Panchayat.
d) Newspapers & Periodicals (iii) Villages which fulfil all the three criteria,
e) Registration though not the Headquarters of a Panchayat.
f) Acknowledgement (iv) Villages which fulfil only two criteria of distance
g) Money order upto Rs. 5000/- and population but not the income condition could also
h) Bill Payment facility be considered for providing Postal services.
i) Government services and Insurance services 29. Chapter -8 8.12
The above products and services are The income formula for the BOs can be taken
considered necessary to be provided to enable fulfilment as follows.
of social role of the Post office in rural areas. 1. Stamp Sales - 83% of the stamp sales
25. Chapter -7 7.14.2 2. Unpaid postage realised -75% of revenue
The Committee recommends for review of the 3. Commission on MOsissued -24% of revenue
existing rural Branch post offices, to ensure satisfaction 4. Commission on MOs paid -38% of revenue
of distance condition. The distance should be radial 5. Commission on IPOs sold- 40% of revenue
distance but not distance by road, and such distance 6. Commission on IPOs paid- 40% of revenue
should be based on the digital map or certified by State 7. SB/RD transactions - Rs 41.28 x No. of live accounts/
Government authority and to rationalise identified Branch 12
Post offices (which are opened in contravention of the 8. RPLI premium collections - Rs 3.11 x No. of RPLI
distance norm) to places where justification exists on transactions per month
present norms. The XI Five Year Plan provides for 9. Bills collection - Rs 3.11 x No. of bills collected per
month or sent.
10. Retail Post - 25% of the revenue of the total revenue 37. Chapter -9 9.16.6
1% of the same can be added for other functions which For stamps sale, the norm may be prescribed
cannot be measured and quantified. at Rs. 60/- stamps per month to earn one point purely on
30. Chapter -8 8.13 adhoc basis. The Department may take up work study
The present method of calculating the cost may for fixation of new norms for workload of Branch offices.
continue to be adopted with the following changes. In 38. Chapter -9 9.16.7
the present formula, an amount of Rs.2 is added as The Committee also recommends that the workload of
indirect overhead charges to the cost of the BO. This the Branch Postmaster be reviewed at the end of every
indirect overhead charge was prescribed in 1982 and calendar/financial year. For this purpose a statement be
the Cost index has gone up by 22.82 times during the introduced for submission at the end of every month to
last 26 years. There is a need for revising the indirect the divisional office which should contain statistical
overhead charge taking into account the present over information on all the inputs required for assessment of
head costs. Pending a detailed study, it is suggested the workload except handling of unregistered articles.
that the formula adopted by Shri M. P. Rajan to take 1% of The information received from the Branch Postmasters
the total cost as indirect overhead charges on ad-hoc may be posted in a prescribed register BO wise at the
basis may be adopted and a detailed review taken up Divisional office. At the end of calendar/financial year the
for fixing the over head charges. statistical inputs should be consolidated to arrive at
31. Chapter -8 8.18 monthly average and for assessing workload in respect
Rationalisation of the establishment in the of the accountable articles. In regard to unregd articles
Branch Post office be undertaken in tune with the traffic the information can be either taken from inspection report
needs subject to fulfilment of universal service obligation or be obtained from concerned Account office for 2
in respect of delivery/collection of mails in rural areas. working days in the middle of the week. This entire
Carrying out simultaneous review of establishment of Sub process is to be completed in the month following end
office and its Branch offices for identifying surplus posts of the calendar/financial year and the revision if any is to
and to utilise them in needy areas is recommended. be given effect from the first day of following year.
32. Chapter -9 9.16.1 39. Chapter -9 9.16.8
The workload of GDS BPM may continue to be The workload of GDS Mail Deliverer / Mail Carrier may
assessed by the existing method of Point system with modi- be calculated by Cycle Beat formula wherever the beats
fications suggested for cash handling and stamp sales. are Cycleable. In case of distances which are partly
33. Chapter -9 9.16.2 Cycleable the Cycleable distance be calculated on cycle
The BOs be generally kept open for a minimum beat rate and the foot beat on foot beat rate.
of 3 hours. The working hours of BOs may range from 3 40. Chapter -9 9.16.9
hrs to 5 hrs based on work load. The Branch Postmas- The distance traversed for delivery work in main
ters may be entrusted with delivery/conveyance work or villagewith a population of less than 5000 be fixed at 3
both where the work load of the BPM is less on payment kilometres and in fairly big villages with a population of
of combined duty allowance. Further retention creation more than 5000, the distance in cusba may be fixed at 5
of any additional posts in the BO be subjected to work kilometres. The actual distance between the BO village
load and financial viability of the BO as criterion. and attached villages by shortest route be taken for
34. Chapter -9 9.16.3 workload purpose.
The time factor applicable for PLI can be adopted 41. Chapter -10 10.37.1
for RPLI Premium Collections and Bills collection. The TRCA for various categories of GDS is rec-
35. Chapter – 9 9.16.4 ommended as below:
For NREGS transactions, Old Age Pension Pay- Category of GDS Scale proposed Annual Increase
ments through SB accounts, the present norm for SB
GDS SPM Rs. 4575-85-7125 Rs. 85
Transactions may be adopted.
36. Chapter -9 9.16.5 GDS BPM Rs.2745-50-4245 Rs. 50
For cash handling, handling of Rs.20, 000 per (3hourswork/upto
month may be fixed for earning one point of work load 75 points)
per month. All receipts and payments viz. Money Order,
Rs. 3200-60-5000 Rs. 60
SB/RD/TD deposits/withdrawals, RPLI/PLI premium
collections, bills collection, bills paid may be included (3hrs.30 min/upto
towards cash handling. The cash received and remitted 87.5 points)
to Account office may be excluded since the BPM is given Rs. 3660-70-5760 Rs. 70
a credit of 14 points for accounts and mails work which
includes preparation of accounts, verification of bal-
ances and checking of the contents of BO bag received
for taking an escort, the extra reimbursement of Rs 25
Rs. 4575-85-7125 Rs .85
may be paid and grant of this allowance is subject to
(5 hrs./upto125 conditions prescribed in para 10.20
points) 46. Chapter-10 10.37.6
GDS Mail Rs. 2665-50-4165 Rs. 50 The FSC for GDS SPM/BPM may be revised to
Deliverer / upto3hrs workload Rs 25 per month and for other categories of GDS doing
GDS SV This will be applic- delivery work the FSC may be revised to Rs 10 per month
able for future en- 47. Chapter-10 10.37.7
gagements and For each item of work for the GDS BPM. In cases
where BPM is attending to delivery in the BO village only
present incumbe-
it may be limited to Rs 250 per month. As regards con-
nts will continue veyance, the BPM entrusted with exchange with MMS or
to be paid for a train, such compensation be limited to Rs 250 per month.
minimum of 3 hrs. 48. Chapter-10 10.37.8
45 min. The GDS Mail deliverer or Mail carrier are at times
Rs. 3330-60-5130 Rs. 60 attached the additional duty of another post due to various
reasons. This is generally for a limited number of days. In
(more than 3 hrs.
such cases, they may be paid compensation @ Rs. 25/-
and upto 3 hrs. per working day against the existing Rs. 75/- per month.
45 Min) 49. Chapter-10 10.37.9
GDS Mail Rs. 2295-45-3695 Rs. 45 Constitution of a committee for verification and
Carrier / (upto 3 hrs.workload) checking of TRCA fixed is recommended.
PKR./Mail This will be 50. Chapter-10 10.37.10
The revised TRCA be made effective from 01-
Man applicable for
01-2006 and all other allowances may be made pro-
future engageme- spective from the date of issue of the orders. The ar-
nts and present rears of TRCA may be paid in two instalments of 40%
incumbents will and 60% each spread over two financial years.
continue to be 51. Chapter-10 10.37.11
paid for a minimum There is a need to evolve different wage struc-
ture based on consolidated allowance and incentives to
of 3 hrs.45 min.
generate higher level of transactions in the rural Post
Rs.2870-50-4370 Rs. 50 offices. The Department may consider evolving a sys-
(more than 3hrs tem which will incentivise the person engaged in the
and upto 3 hrs 45 rural network and such a change may be considered for
min of workload) future engagement of GDS.
52. Chapter-10 10.37.12
Rs. 3635-65-5585 Rs. 65
The payment of TRCA may be made through
(more than 3 hrs45 Savings bank accounts.
min of workload) 53. Chapter – 11 11.9
42. Chapter-10 10.37.2 The Government may explore the possibility of a
The office maintenance allowance is recommended specific survey to construct a separate cost index based
to be revised to Rs 100 per month for GDS SPM/BPM. on the consumption basket in rural areas through National
43. Chapter-10 10.37.3 Statistical Commission. Till such time a separate index is
The rate fixed by Finance Ministry for payment constructed for rural areas, the Department may continue
of Cycle Maintenance allowance may be adopted for to use the existing AICPI (IW) for estimating the DA and
GDS. The Committee recommends that the condition of compensate the GDS for increase in cost of living.
minimum requirement of 10 Kms may not be insisted 54. Chapter – 12 12.15.1
upon and all the GDS MD/MC may be paid CMA if the As recommended by the Pay Commission the
track is Cycleable. bonus may be calculated with reference to productivity
44. Chapter-10 10.37.4 as measured by the % of increase in revenues vis-à-vis
The Boat allowance may be fixed by the Circles the staff expenses as compared to the base year with
taking the actual charges paid into account subject to a suitable correction to technology where adopted.
maximum limit of Rs 50 per month 55. Chapter – 12 12.15.2
45. Chapter-10 10.37.5 Till such time a new PLB formula is worked out,
The allowances for BPM for remitting cash may the exgratia for Gramin Dak Sevaks may be calculated by
be prescribed at Rs 50 including transportation cost and limiting the average TRCA plus D.A to 50% of the ceiling
fixed to lowest category of departmental employees. recommendations of a committee constituted for this
56. Chapter – 12 12.15.3 purpose.
The Committee has suggested increase in the 62. Chapter -14 14.10.1
incentives for GDS engaged in BOs and EDSOs. When The Committee recommends that the rate of monthly
the Department decides to put in place increased incen- subscription and amount of insurance cover under the
tives, this will be in the nature of PRIS as recommended Extra Departmental Agents group insurance scheme
by the Sixth Pay Commission in replacement of PLB. 1992 be increased as under:
57. Chapter – 13 13.6.1 Rate of Monthly Subscription Insurance Cover
The Committee recommends the revision of the exist- (for all categories of GDS)
ing rates of commission subject to detailed examina- Rs. 50 Rs.50,000
tion by the Department
63. Chapter – 14 14.10.2
Existing Proposed A detailed review of the current mortality rate
(1) Net Savings 2% No change with a view to revise the apportionment between
Bank Deposits savings and insurance fund needs to be under taken.
(2) Recurring Nil 1% 64. Chapter – 14 14.10.3
Deposit The Department may devise an appropriate
(3) Time Deposit 1% No change machinery for periodical review of the mortality rate and
1-3 years adjustment of apportionment ratio.
(4) Time Deposit 5 2% No change 65. Chapter – 14 14.14.1
years The Severance amount payable at present may
(5) Procurement of Rs. 250/ -per Rs. 250 for be revised to Rs. 1500/- for every completed year of ser-
new RPLI business wholelife polic- vice subject to a maximum of Rs.60,000-
lakh of new es, convertible 66. Chapter – 14 14.14.2
business whole life polic- The eligible period of service for grant of
procured(for es and Rs.400 Severance amount may be brought down to 10 years
Endowment, per lakh of new as against existing 15 years
AEA,Children’s business proc- 67. Chapter – 14 14.14.3
policies only) ured (for The Government may introduce a service dis-
Endowment, charge benefit scheme by making a contribution of Rs.
AEA, Childrens 200 per month for the period the GDS is on duty. The
polices) fund may be managed by PLI Directorate or any other
(6) Renewal RPLI 1% 2% suitable agency to get adequate secure returns. The
Premium eligibility of service for getting benefits under Severance
Collections amount/Service discharge benefit scheme may be pre-
scribed at 10 years of continuous satisfactory service.
58. Chapter -14 14.7.1
68. Chapter – 14 14.14.4
The existing nomenclature of ex-gratia gratuity
The total accumulations payable at the time of
needs no change as the GDS are engaged on a part
discharge (including Severance amount if any) may be
time basis and are not governed by the CCS (Pension)
annuitised and monthly payments made. The monthly
Rules 1972.
payments will be made to the GDS on discharge and in
59. Chapter -14 14.7.2
the case of death of the GDS while in service, to the
Ex-gratia gratuity may be granted at the rate of
surviving spouse of the GDS at 50% of the monthly pay-
half month’s basic allowance for each completed year
of continuous service earned on the basic allowance
69. Chapter – 14 14.14.5
drawn before discharge from service subject to a
A GDS joining the new service discharge ben-
maximum of Rs 60,000/- or 16 ½ months basic TRCA
efit scheme will be eligible for Severance amount at the
calculated at the rate of half a month’s TRCA for each
rate of Rs. 1500 for every completed year of service as
completed year of service whichever is less
on the date of introduction of new scheme in addition to
60. Chapter -14 14.7.3
the new discharge benefit on the contributions made by
The eligible minimum period for entitlement of
the Department.
ex-gratia gratuity may be reduced from 15 years to 10 years
70. Chapter – 14 14.14.6
61. Chapter -14 14.7.4
A GDS opting to continue with Severance
Leave without allowances of 30 days or more
amount scheme will be entitled to receive Severance
at a time be deducted from the total eligible service.
amount @ Rs. 1500/- for every completed year of ser-
However cases of leave availed without allowances for
vice subject to a maximum of Rs. 60,000/-, provided he
30 days or more due to genuine prolonged illness may
has put in more than ten years of continuous satisfac-
be condoned by the Head of circle on the
tory service. the same.
71. Chapter – 14 14.14.7 75. Chapter – 15 15.5.3
The payments under the new scheme may be 50% of the welfare funds may be allocated to
made eligible for Gramin Dak Sevaks who are discharged the welfare grants of Gramin Dak Sevaks in the circle.
on rendering satisfactory continuous service and to the 76. Chapter – 15 15.5.4
spouse of GDS who die while in service. The existing rates of scholarships and book
72. Chapter – 14 14.14.8 awards which were fixed more than 10 years back may
The Gramin Dak Sevaks whose services have be suitably revised.
been dismissed /removed for unsatisfactory work/miscon- 77. Chapter – 15 15.6.1
duct will not be eligible for any payments under this Department may examine introduction of a con-
scheme. The amount that would not be payable under this tributory insurance health scheme for in-patient treat-
scheme either due to the aforesaid reason or due to ineli- ment of Gramin Dak Sevaks through Government Hos-
gibility for any reason will be credited to the Government. pitals/ Private Hospitals. The insurance premium may
73. Chapter – 15 15.5.1 be contributed jointly by the Government and the GDS
After evaluating the present schemes, the GDS Com- as fixed by the Government. The GDS and the spouse
mittee recommends the following proposed assistance may also be covered under the health scheme without
under welfare schemes:- contribution from the discharged GDS.
78. Chapter – 15 15.6.2
Sl. Name of Welfare Present Proposed Presently, discharged Gramin Dak Sevak do not
No Scheme Finanacial Assistance get any assistance for medical treatment. It is recom-
Assistance mended that the Welfare Fund Scheme may also be
1. Immidiate relief Rs.7000 Rs.8000 extended to the discharged GDS for providing financial
on death assistance of inpatient treatment obtained from govern-
2. Relief to the depe- Rs.7000 Rs.8000 ment hospitals as in the case of GDS in service. The
ndent of GDS who financial assistance, however, be limited only to Gramin
die while on duty Dak Sevak and the spouse.
due to any accident 79. Chapter 16 16.14.1
3. Death due to attack Rs.10000 Rs.20000 To help female Gramin Dak Sevak to
by robbers, terrorists fulfill the role of maternity, she may be paid 3 months
riots etc while on TRCA out of the welfare grant for the first two children,
duty which will be limited to two confinements during the
4. Death occuring due Nil Rs.150000 whole service.
to enemy action in 80. Chapter 16 16.14.2
war or border skirm- Financial grant shall not be admissible for
ishes or action medical termination of pregnancy (abortion, miscarriage
againts militants, and still births)
terrorists, extremists 81. Chapter 16 16.14.3
etc. Minimum service of one year be prescribed for
5. Funeral expenses Rs.250 Rs500 being eligible for the financial grant in case of maternity
6. Financial assistance Rs.750 Rs.750 leave.
in natural calamities 82. Chapter 16 16.14.4
7. Nutritional diet to Women GDS Mail Deliverers and Mail Carrier
GDS suffering from may also be considered for lighter and stationary duties
tuberclosis wherever possible before and after maternity.
(a) Indoor treatment Rs.200 PM Rs.400 PM 83. Chapter 16 16.14.5
(b) Outdoor treatm- Rs,100 PM Rs.200 PM The existing powers delegated to Divisional
ent heads for grant of leave without allowance beyond 180
8. Financial assistance Rs.1500 up to Rs.5000 days for GDS for working against departmental vacancy
in case of prolonged of Postman/Group D may be extended to grant leave
and serious illness/ (with financial grant from welfare fund) for three months
major surjeries and for grant of leave without allowances for another
three months during the period of confinement and there-
74. Chapter – 15 15.5.2
after, limited to two confinements only
The existing scholarship and book award
84. Chapter 16 16.14.6
scheme may be liberalised in respect of Gramin Dak
Paid Leave up to maximum of 20 days in a year
Sevaks to cover upto two wards for grant of scholar-
in place of 10 days Paid Leave in a block of Six months
ships and book awards subject to condition for grant of
without accumulation is recommended.
85. Chapter 16 16.14.7 time based on the work load may be framed.
In single handed Branch offices, Gramin Dak 93. Chapter 16 16.14.15
Sevaks will provide his/her substitute on his own Failure to take up residence in the place of duty in re-
responsibility during the Paid Leave period. The GDS spect of GDS SPM/BPM after engagement should be
will provide names of one or two persons who possess treated as violative of conditions of engagement of GDS
required qualifications for engaging during leave and liable for disciplinary action under Rule 10 of the
periods and such list will be approved by the appointing conduct rules requiring removal/dismissal. This clause
authority. The GDS will get prior sanction of leave from should be incorporated in the letter of engagement. This
the competent authority. In the Branch Post offices having should be clearly stipulated by reframing the existing
more than one hand, combination of duties may be instruction No (vii) below note II under Rule 3 of the con-
resorted to for managing the work during the leave period. duct rules.
The person entrusted with the combined duty may be 94. Chapter 16 16.14.16
compensated at Rs 25.00 per day towards combined The transfer facility may be restricted only in the
duty. cases of women GDS getting married, surplus declared
86. Chapter 16 16.14.8 GDS provided alternate engagement at a different place
The Department may consider that all future and wards of deceased Gramin Dak Sevaks provided
engagements in leave vacancies/short term vacancies with engagement in a post away from his place whereby
be managed by combination of duties and if such a he cannot look after the interest of the family of the
course is not feasible, they may be managed by local deceased. The transfer be restricted within the division
arrangement unless it is decided to make a provisional subject to other conditions.
arrangement after following the regular process of en- 95. Chapter-16 16.14.17
gagement and such local arrangement should not ex- The Security for the GDS BPM/SPM may be
ceed 90 days. In long term arrangements, the tempo- revised to Rs. 25000 and for other categories of GDS it
rary engagement will be subject to work load and finan- may be revised to Rs. 10,000. The security may be in the
cial justification of the office. shape of Fidelity Guarantee Bond or National Savings
87. Chapter 16 16.14.9 Certificate. The present periodicity of yearly renewal of
The present ceiling on availing leave without the FGB may be fixed in quinquinniel block (once in five
allowances upto 180 days in a period of one year either years) so that the required premium for five years block
in a stretch or in intermittent intervals may continue. may be recovered and FGB obtained for full block at a
88. Chapter 16 16.14.10 time. In case of any fresh engagements in the middle of
The term appointing authority for GDS SPM/BPM the block the FGB can be taken from the date of joining
may include Deputy Supdt of Post offices of postal divi- to the end of the block. The block can be fixed uniformly
sions which are in charge of Junior Administrative grade for five years for all. This increase in periodicity will reduce
officers. If the post of Deputy Supdt of Post offices is not considerable work in the Head Post office.
available the term Head of the division should include 96. Chapter 17 17.3.1
JAG officer in charge of the division as appointing au- The Committee observed that though
thority. operationally the present qualification of Matriculation
89. Chapter 16 16.14.11 prescribed for the GDS SPM/BPM is adequate, to provide
For all categories of GDS, it may be prescribed for higher administrative efficiency in the context of new
that they possess knowledge of regional language as services that are likely to be introduced in rural offices
evidenced by their having studied the regional language and improvement in educational levels, preference may
as a subject of study in matriculation or 8th standard as be given to the candidates with higher qualification of
the case may be. 10+2. No weightage need be given qualification higher
90. Chapter 16 16.14.12 than 10+2. There is also need to prescribe that the
The existing instructions below note II under candidates should have knowledge in local language,
Rule 3 which deals with terms and conditions of en- as this will be
gagement may be separated and framed as Rule 3A essential for functioning of the BPM.
with caption terms and conditions of engagement. 97. Chapter 17 17.3.2
91. Chapter 16 16.14.13 The Committee suggests that there may not be any
The existing Rule 6 of the conduct rules stating relaxation in the minimum educational qualification for
that the Sevaks are not eligible for pension and their the wife of the deceased GDS while making
eligibility for ex gratia gratuity and other amounts as may compassionate appointment as BPM/EDSPM and
be decided from time to time may be reframed. relaxation of educational qualification may however be
92. Chapter 16 16.14.14 considered for other GDS posts.
A separate conduct rule after existing Rule 5 98. Chapter 17 17.4.6
about the applicability and payment of TRCA to the The existing recruitment procedure requires
Gramin Dak Sevaks as may be decided from time to refinement and it should be clearly indicated in the
notification about the provision of suitable years continuous service may be allowed to take this
accommodation on his own arrangement by the examination.
selected candidate and mandatory condition of taking 1.3 In respect of Casual labourer, they should fulfill
up residence in the place of duty before taking up the educational qualification of matriculation and should
appointment. Similarly in the letter of engagement, the have been recruited initially through employment
appointing authority should clearly intimate that any exchange and governed by the orders of DOPT for
failure to take up residence in the place of duty would be relaxation in this regard. The examination will be based
violative of the conditions of engagement and liable to on requirement for proper discharge of Group ‘C’ duties
be proceeded under Rule 10 of GDS (Conduct and which will be identified by the Department.
Employment) Rules, 2001 and the note II (vii) below Rule 1.4 The duties which are of Group ‘D’ nature may
3 of the Conduct rules may be modified to this effect. be managed by other means.
99. Chapter 17 17.6.1 1.5 In order to maintain to local character of
The Committee suggests that preference may employment, the multi functional Group ‘C’ may not be
be given to the persons who are within 45 years for allowed transfer from the Division or Unit to which they
general category and giving age relaxation to SC/ST/ are recruited. The existing provisions of Rule 38 of Vol.
OBC candidates as applicable. However where the IV be modified to this effect.
candidates within the suggested age group are not 105. Chapter 17 17.26.2
available, relaxation in age condition may be allowed for It is recommended for modifying the present
engaging the GDS subject to his being found fit and recruitment rules for Postman/mail guard categories.
fulfilling all other conditions for engagement as GDS. 25% of the vacancies may be filled up through multi
100. Chapter 17 17.8.1 functional Group ‘C’ candidates with matriculation quali-
Keeping in view the need for efficient discharge fication upto the age limit of 50 years on the basis of
of duties and also that an increase in the benefits/ merit in a common examination. Out of the balance of
payments on discharge of GDS are now being 75% of the vacancies, 50% of the outsider vacancies the
suggested, the age of discharge of GDS be fixed at 62 GDS may be given preference over the outsiders. The
years against present age of 65 years. With this, there Gramin Dak Sevaks with matriculation qualification with
will be one time extra outgo of cash disbursement 50% of marks, and who have put in 5 years of satisfac-
towards ex-gratia gratuity and Severance amount The tory continuous service and upto the age of 45 years
Department may effect this change in a phased manner (retaining the existing age relaxation for SC/ST and OBC
over a period of 3 years. candidates) be permitted to take the examination. The
101. Chapter 17 17.12.2 remaining 25% of the vacancies may be filled up through
A selection committee may be constituted at outsiders with matriculation qualification with 50% of
the Divisional level for recruitment to all the GDS posts marks and upto the age limit of 18-25 years. All these
that are needed to be filled up once in a quarter as candidates should have studied Matriculation with state
detailed in this para. language as one of the subjects.
102. Chapter 17 17.14.1 2.1 The examination should be for testing analytical
Induction training for GDS BPM be made ability, arithmetical ability and data entry on computers.
inclusive and the period increased to two weeks through The minimum qualifying marks for multi-skilled Group
a qualified trainer. Provision also be made for training of C candidates and GDS candidates may be prescribed
any new products introduced and refresher training at at 45% in each paper and for the outsiders the qualifying
suitable intervals. marks
103. Chapter 17 17.14.2 in each paper be prescribed at 50%.
The period of training of GDS MD may be 2.2 The unfilled vacancies if any, in 25% of quota to
increased from 3 to 5 days. The training may include be filled up through multi-skilled Group C through
marketing of services like SB, PLI, RPLI and Bills examination may be added to 50% of GDS quota to be
collection. filled up through GDS on merit. The unfilled vacancies of
104. Chapter 17 17.26 75% quota (of multi skilled Group C & GDS) if any be
rules that recruitment to Group ‘D’ is a direct filled up through meritorious GDS of other Postal
recruitment and GDS are given preference over outsid- Divisions in the place/region. If vacancies still remain
ers in recruitment. unfilled, they may be added to 25% outsider quota for
1.1 The multi skilled Group ‘C’ Posts be filled up the division.
from outsiders through a recruitment examination. How- 2.3 In order to maintain local character of
ever, preference may be given to the extent of 75% to employment recruited from the quota of outsiders and
GDS and 25% to the eligible Casual labourer recruited the postmen selected from multi functional Group ‘C’,
before September 1, 1993. they may not be allowed transfer from the division or unit
1.2 The Gramin Dak Sevaks upto the age of 50 years in which they are recruited. The existing provision of rule
having matriculation qualification and who have put in 5 38 of Vol. IV be modified to this effect.
2.4 For providing transparency, the examination be Department should provide a commensurate
supervised by an officer not connected to the recruitment honorarium to the retired officers working as inquiry
division. Similarly, a committee consisting of Divisional officers, depending on the complexity of the case. The
head and Supdt. of Post offices of neighbouring division Committee feels that such commensurate financial
co-opting ASP Headquarters be constituted for opening incentive will encourage many retired officers to
the answer script bundles, tabulation and announcement undertake the job willingly. The Committee also
of the results. recommends that the circles may draw a list of retired
2.5 The unfilled vacancies of 75% quota (of Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ officers who are willing to
multifunctional Group C & GDS) if any be filled up through function as Inquiry Officers and communicate to the
meritorious GDS of other Postal Divisions in the place/ divisions for effective utilisation of their services. A
region. If vacancies still remain unfilled, they may be Provision also exists for payment of honorarium to the
added to 25% outsider quota. Departmental officials functioning as IO / PO subject to
106. Chapter 17 17.26.4 certain conditions. The Department may consider
The Recruitment to Postal Assistant/Sorting As- revision of the honorarium now currently paid and make
sistant could be 75% by direct recruitment and 25% by it attractive so that the existing Department Officers take
promotion through a Limited Departmental Competitive interest and initiative for quick disposal of the enquiries
Examination. GDS may be allowed to compete for the and submission of the IO reports.
unfilled vacancies of departmental quota in the exami- 110. Chapter 18 18.15.3
nation subject to The present amount of compensation (paid as
(a) Their possessing the minimum educational ex-gratia) in case of put off duty for the First Ninety days
qualification of 10+2 Standard Senior Secondary may be retained in its present form.
(excluding Vocational Streams) and have put in a 111. Chapter 18 18.15.4
minimum service of 5 years. Review may be under taken after three months,
(b) Only those Gramin Dak Sevaks shall be eligible if enquiry is delayed due to reasons attributed to the
for being considered who have secured marks, not below GDS, ex-gratia may be reduced by 50% and if delay is
the marks secured by the last direct recruit selected in not attributable to the GDS, the ex-gratia may be
the previous recruitment of the relevant category as the enhanced by 50%.
case may be for, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes 112. Chapter 18 18.15.5
or Other Backward Classes or OCs. Under Rule 19 of GDS (Conduct & Employment)
(c) They may be allowed up to 30 years of age (35 Rules, 2001, the revisionary power may be exercised by
years for Schedules Castes or Scheduled Tribes CPMG or PMG under whose jurisdiction the petitioner is
communities and 33 years for other Backward Classes engaged.
community) as on the crucial date fixed for the direct 113. Chapter 18 18.15.6
recruitment of the same year. The review powers are with President under
107. Chapter 17 17.26.5 Rule 20 of GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001.
The term “substitute or provisional Time limit for preferring the review petition may be fixed
appointment” be changed as “substitute engagement as two years from the date of issue of appellate order or
or temporary engagement.” for engagement of GDS. revision order sought to be reviewed.
5.1 Temporary engagement should not stretch 114. Chapter 18 18.15.7
beyond 90 days and any extension beyond 90 days A new Conduct Rule 29 (A) may be incorporated
should have prior approval of the Postmaster General. by suitable amendment and modification in the existing
5.2 The temporarily engaged person may be paid GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001 that “The
consolidated allowance of the lowest TRCA applicable GDS will not engage in any activity with any outside
to the vacancy with DA thereon and not eligible for any agency which will be detrimental to the Business of the
other benefits other than the incentives provided for the Post office”.
engagement. 115. Chapter 18 18.15.8
5.3 The period for temporary engagement will not A Conduct Rule prohibiting the GDS from
count for any purpose even if he is regularised contracting another marriage may be framed.
subsequently by due process of selection. 116. Chapter 18 18.15.9
108. Chapter 18 18.15.1 The GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001
In the light of the clarification issued by the Nodal may be renamed as “GDS (Conduct & Engagement)
Ministry, the instruction issued by the DG P&T in letter Rules.”
No 151-7/78-Disc II dated 29-06-1978 about the 117. Chapter 19 19.5.1
quantum of recovery of pecuniary loss requires to be A channel of correspondence to effectively
modified. address the problems of GDS at Divisional, Regional,
109. Chapter 18 18.15.2 Circle & Directorate levels needs to be ensured.
The Committee recommends that the 118. Chapter 19 19.5.2
Formal meetings to discuss unresolved issues suitable Panchayat accommodation is not available, it
through correspondence be held once in 3 months at needs to be ensured that BPM provides suitable
Divisional level, once in 4 months at Regional level and accommodation for the Branch office.
once in 6 months at Circle and Directorate level. 125. Chapter 21 21.4
119. Chapter 19 19.5.3 Infrastructure Facility:
The cost of a substitute wherever it is necessary A table, three chairs, a forms rack, a steel Almirah
to engage be met from the Department upto 2 members (full size) with locker, safe for keeping cash, digital
for periodical meetings subject to the provision that the weighing scale, literature pertaining to various products
combination of the duties is not feasible. and services, book of BO Rules, leather cash bag, BO
120. Chapter 19 19.5.4 bags and forms and stationery for proper functioning of
The present periodicity of holding All India the Post Office need to be provided. Besides the BO
Conference may be revised to 3 years with a grace period needs to be equipped with all necessary literature on
of six months. Mail Services, Banking, Insurance, other financial
121. Chapter 19 19.5.5 services and new service provided in each of the BOs.
Formal regular meetings with Recognised GDS 126. Chapter 21 21.5
unions once in six months at Directorate Level with Direct mail:
Member (P), as Chairman, the participation of concerned The Department may consider having a
Dy. Directors General with Directorate (SR) as the dedicated cell under BD to develop the area of Direct
convener be conducted. The unresolved issues in six Mail. The data base can be utilised for marketing of
monthly meeting with Member (P) if any may be placed various products like RPLI, savings bank, and recurring
before Secretary Posts for perusal and action as deemed deposits internally and for marketing of products of other
necessary. companies.
122. Chapter 19 19.5.6 127. Chapter 21 21.5
The Department may consider amending the Mails:
existing Rule 4(d) (i) of EDAs (RSA) Rules, 1995 for the The Department should constantly monitor mail
purposes of recognising second association. The transmission and ensure delivery of all mail including
existing percentage of 15% of membership may be speed post as per the norms fixed by the Department.
revised to 30,000 verifiable membership. The GDS committee during their visits observed that
123. Chapter 20 20.5.1 1. there is considerable delay to the public mail including
Getting the approval of Reserve Bank of India Money orders. The committee, therefore, feels that the
(RBI) for opening of account with any Branch of mail offices and the Transit Mail Offices (TMOs) should
Nationalized Bank without minimum ceiling of annual be properly staffed and monitored and there should be
turnover for opening of account with the banks. no transfer of mail and consequent delay. In case of
2. Getting transactions of all Nationalized Banks shortage of staff, the work of the Mail Offices and the
in the circle for PO-Bank transactions. Transit Mail Offices (TMOs) may be efficiently managed
3. Computerised reconciliation of information on through alternative incentive systems.
daily basis of Bank transactions at Head Post Office 128. Chapter 21 21.8
level and passing it on to RBI and Nodal Branch of the Measures to improve the service level in payment of
Nationalized Banks. Money orders:
4. Use of vehicles with provision of armed guard 1. Computerisation of BOs wherever there is a
for movement of cash where specially required. minimum level of transactions including MO payments.
5. Authorising Branch Postmasters for obtaining/ 2. Generating of SMS to payees when once the
remitting of cash exceeding the limits, needed with an computerised system is in place.
escort wherever required. 3. Strict monitoring of MOs received for delivery
124. Chapter 21 21.3 from the time of receipt in SOs to payment in BOs.
Location of the BOs : Checking of transit of MOs from date of booking to
It is necessary to provide proper payment.
accommodation for Branch Post office at easily 4. Physical verification of MOs paid along with
accessible place in the village. The Panchayat can be monitoring customer level of satisfaction.
requested to provide accommodation for the Branch 5. Checking of inward complaints received in PG
Post office near their office or in a suitable place where Cell of Divisional office.
the public congregate for their other needs. The 6. Supply of cell phones to the Branch offices to
committee had observed that in some of the circles, the enable customers to be in touch and also enable the
Panchayats had provided proper accommodation where SDIs/SPMs and Divisional Superintendents to constantly
the public congregate. Such an arrangement needs to monitor any deviation in the service level.
be worked out on an All India basis to ensure provision 7. The mobile phones may be operated in a closed
of suitable accommodation by Panchayats. Where group system with Sub Post office, Head office, Sub
Divisional Inspector, Divisional office, Regional office etc. This will considerably bring down the cost of operation
8. The public be enabled to get in touch on mobile in RPLI and also lead to a much higher level of satisfac-
phone with Branch Post office in respect of any query tion for servicing of insurants. There is need to market
relating to service and all these conversations on mobile RPLI in a much better manner. RPLI scores over similar
phone may be recorded in an IP address in the central Insurance products. It is offered by a trusted Depart-
computer at the divisional level for analysis. ment like Department of Posts with a strong presence
9. To ensure payment of money orders in time in rural areas. The premium is lower and bonus is higher.
correctly to the payees, all the postal users in the villages However, the variety and flexibility that is offered by other
can be purpose cards for all postal transactions. Such Insurance companies is lacking. During Public Survey
cards can be funded as co-branded cards with other conducted by the GDS Committee, the Public desired
users like State Government and Banks. This system of unit Linked Insurance Policies and Pension Policies to
introducing such cards will go a long way in providing be introduced by the Department. The Department
efficient services in the rural areas and also cut down should quickly move in the direction of improving the
paper work. This will also reduce the cost of operations service quality and offer a greater variety of products
by reducing the checks at the higher levels in the system. needed by the public.
10. Same biometric card which has been proposed 131. Chapter 21 21.11
for Money order payment could be utilised for all financial Bills collection:
transactions of the Post offices like Savings Bank, Supply of computer to all the Sub Post offices
Recurring Deposits, RPLI, Bills collection and operating and hand held Computers or PCs at Branch Post office
as an ATM card for receiving payments. The delay in the will greatly enhance the present service facilities to the
transmission of Money orders can be overcome by public in collecting a variety of bills.
switching over to the electronic transmission of Money 132. Chapter 21 21.12
Orders. This presupposes that all the delivery Sub Post NREGS:
offices are computerised and the cash arrangement in This scheme has to be seriously pursued in all
the Branch Post office is strengthened adequately. the circles in a manner that leads to greater transparency
129. Chapter 21 21.9 3. in operation and cost effective implementation. The point
Extension of NSC/KVP sales to BOs Savings Bank: of sale terminal has been implemented by the State Bank
With the improvement in the economy ‘Heads of India for its account holders in remote locations
of Circles should examine the desirability of authorising through the rural Post offices. The Department should
issue of certificates in Branch Post office by way of issue quickly move in the direction of computerisation of the
of preliminary receipts and certificate being delivered Branch Post offices wherever there is need for
next day after receipt from the Sub Post office. transactions like NREGS and also integration of all the
4. Revision of SB withdrawal power of BPM: transactions of the BOs adopting technology which has
Presently, the limit of Rs. 2000/- is in operation already been implemented. It is not possible to
for immediate withdrawal by the BPM from a savings implement a scheme like NREGS in manual system.
bank account. Keeping in view the erosion in the value The Department needs to quickly adopt a proper
of money and also the public demand for enhancing the computerised system for implementing NREGS. The
limit of withdrawal, the independent power for Branch problems like shortage of forms and stationery and the
Postmaster may be enhanced to Rs. 5000/- for funds required for printing of the same, cash
withdrawal. management of Post offices, provision of staff support
5. Computerisation of BOs for SB operations: at all levels with computerisation of all Branch offices is
Computerisation of Branch offices needs to be vital to the success of NREGS scheme and theses
taken up on a massive scale to enable better accounting issues need attention at the highest level in the
of transactions and efficient management of Savings Department.
Bank. This coupled with introduction of biometric cards 133. Chapter 21 21.15
which can also function as ATM cards will enhance the The Department has been trying to move to a
public facility in availing Savings Bank transactions. Central Base data management system with a single
130. Chapter 21 21.10 point data entry but has not been able to implement the
RPLI operations: system so far. There is an urgent need for the
The computerisation needs to be expedited in Department to implement this change process. All Sub
order to make the RPLI operations efficient and cost Post offices in the country need to be inter-linked to a
effective. The public also will be able to get a better qual- Central Data Base for generation of all the needed reports
ity of service when once all the departmental post of- to reduce redundancy in so many points in the system.
fices are computerised and networked. In addition to, Implementation of computerisation in all the Branch Post
the computerisation of departmental offices, there is offices which have minimum work load will produce
need to provide point of sale terminals to Branch Post dividends to the Department in as much as it will improve
offices forthe all transactions of the BOs including RPLI. the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the transactions.
134. Chapter 21 21.16 orders for supply of Identity cards to all the GDS in the
Provision of Railway reservation through BOs: country uniformly as one time measure and the Divisional
One of the public demands has been that de- Heads be delegated powers to issue and supply of
partment should provide the facility of railway reserva- laminated Identity cards with provision of a clip. The
tion at the Branch Post offices. The Post office supplied periodicity for renewal of the Identity cards may be
with computers/POS terminals can provide reservation prescribed once in
facility. five years.
135. Chapter 21 21.17 3. The Committee recommends to continue the
Sale of Recharge coupons of all mobile companies: supply pf umbrellas, gum boots and winter warm clothing
Another demand of the public has been that the like coat parkas, snow boots, snow goggles, head gear
BOs undertake recharging of mobile phones of various and water
service providers. Once a mobile phone is supplied to 138. Chapter -24 24.12 1.
Branch Postmaster, arrangements can be had with the The Branch Post office should have good
service providers for authorising the BPM to recharge ambiance and provided with appropriate furniture and
the mobiles through his cell phone. The BPM can also accessories to make the BO presentable. The GDS
facilitate the public to use the mobile phone for making Committee recommends for supply of the infrastructural
calls. The Department can also consider having a tie up facilities detailed in para 24.3 of the report.
with mobile companies to install GSM based coin 2. The Committee recommends for extension of
operated mobile phones as has been done in some orders for supply of Identity cards to all the GDS in the
circles. country uniformly as one time measure and the Divisional
136. Chapter 21 21.18 Heads be delegated powers to issue and supply of
Dissemination of knowledge: laminated Identity cards with provision of a clip. The
The literature regarding dissemination of periodicity for renewal of the Identity cards may be
information relating to Health, Aids Control, National prescribed once in five years.
Literacy Programmes, various Government schemes for 3. The Committee recommends to continue the
generating employment can be displayed free of cost in supply pf umbrellas, gum boots and winter warm clothing
the Branch offices. like coat parkas, snow boots, snow goggles, head gear
137. Chapter -23 23.9 and water proof raincoats besides ensuring supply as
1. Department may prescribe a separate citizen’s per the periodicity. proof raincoats besides ensuring
charter for the Branch Post offices laying standards for supply as per the periodicity.
various transactions done at Branch Post offices. 139. Chapter -24 23.12
2. The Citizen’s Charter and service standards Provision of Books:
have to be refined further after detailed discussions with The provision of the following books to the Post
the stake holders viz., staff, officers and members of the offices needs to be ensured:-
public. 1. Book of BO rules in regional language
3. The Department should provide transparent 2. Instructions for Mail Deliverers (in regional language
mechanism in payments under various services and chapter 13 of volume 6 part III.)
the computerisation of Post offices can bring about 3. Literature on promotion of various small savings
transparency and accountability in rural Post offices. schemes
4. Establishment of call centres with common toll 4. Literature on PLI and RPLI along with brochures
free telephone numbers to enable the public to elicit and tables for calculation of premium
information about all postal products and lodge 5. Book of information along with the latest postal tariffs
complaints on service failures is recommended. Revision of Book of BO Rules:
5. The Department may consider instituting The Committee also recommends that the
consumer watch dog mechanism at National and circle Book of BO rules be reviewed thoroughly and revised
levels to monitor adherence to service standards. An keeping in view the changes in operations.
organisation similar to Ombudsman in Banks can be 140. Chapter -24 24.12.5
thought of to take care of the unresolved grievances of Supply of Stationery:
the public, overseeing the implementation of public The instructions provide for supply of ½ kg of
expectations and maintenance of service standards. black sealing wax for every half year and good quality
138. Chapter -24 24.12 carbon paper by the Postal Stores Depot. These
1. The Branch Post office should have good instructions should be reiterated and enforced. If the
ambiance and provided with appropriate furniture and PSD is unable to supply, the divisional heads should be
accessories to make the BO presentable. The GDS empowered for procuring locally and arrange their
Committee recommends for supply of the infrastructural supply to all the BOs ensuring good quality sealing wax
facilities detailed in para 24.3 of the report. and carbon paper. In the event of computerisation, the
2. The Committee recommends for extension of BOs need to be supplied with quality computer
Postmen will now double up as data collectors
Now, postmen will not only deliver letters and some remuneration to them for the extra work.
money orders but also keep a tab on prices of essential Given the diversity of the country, particularly
commodities in villages. in the rural areas, the data has a wide variety which is
Concerned over the manpower shortage in the why the ministry takes time to compile it. The CPI
statistics department that has hit data collection for has a variety of products representative of the state
consumer price index (CPI), the Government has along with the consumption pattern of the state. The
planned to roped in postmen for the job. CPI is drawn from the state level and then aggregated.
Ministry of statistics has been working "A major challenge while compiling CPI is the continuity
towards shifting to just two indices-consumer price of manpower. The government does not have dedicated
index urban (CPI-U) and real (CPI-R) from a multitude personnel to collect data, as they keep changing all
of indices. But the ministry is facing an acute shortage the time," an official said, emphasising the need to
of data collection personnel, particularly in the villages involve postmen.
and this has delayed the move. Presently, the country has a multitude of
Pronab Sen, Secretary, Ministry of statistics indices for industrial workers, rural workers, urban non-
and programme implementation, has come not with manual employees and agricultural workers. Once two
an innovative idea to deal with the shortage and wrote indices -CPI-R and CPI-U- are operationalised, it can
to the secretary, department of posts, to permit the even replace the present measure for inlfation
use of postmen for collection of data in villages. wholesale price index(WPI) as many experts argue
Sources said the department of posts had agreed to that it does not accurately reflect the prices.
allow postmen to collect data. Collection of Statistics Bill, 2007, approved
A statistics ministry official said the by the Cabinet recently and likely to be introduced in
department would run a short-term training programme the coming session of Parliament, also emphasises
for postmen informing them about the shops that they on proper data collection from not only industries and
have to visit and the rates they have to collect for commercial establishments but even individuals and
specific items. There are over 50,000 postmen in the households.
country and the statistics department has offered [Times of India : 25.09.2008]
Circle President - Com. O.P. Chaudhary P.A. Foreign Post, New Delhi
Kalkaji P.O., N. D.- 110019 - 110002
Circle Vice President - Com. Balwinder Singh, Com. Ranvir Singh, P.A,
PRI (P)., Patel Nager, P.O Hari Nagar Ashram (M)
N.D. -110008 P.O New Delhi- 110064
- Com. Naresh Kumar Circle Treasurer - Com. Suraj Bhan Verma,
Verma, SPM, Subhash P.A., Rohini, Sec-15, P,O,
Nagar P.O N.D.110018 Delhi 110089
- Com. Gita Bhattachari, P.A., Asstt. Circle Treasurer - Com. R. C. Sharma,
N.D GPO, N.Delhi - 01 Treasurer IPHO, ND -
Circle Secretary - Com. Aishvir Singh, SPM, 110002
R.K. Puram, Sec-XII, P.O. Circle Org. Secretaries - Com. Pramod Kumar, P.A,
N.D-110022 Ramesh Nagar P.O New
Asst. Circle Secretaries - Com. Shiv Kumar Vashist, Delhi -110015
APM, Delhi GPO, Delhi - 06 - Com. Sri Ram Yadav, P.A
- Com. Surender Dahiya, Ansari Nagar P.O, New
P.A, Rohini P.O. Delhi - Delhi- 110029
110085 - Com. Mahender Kumar
- Com. Satish Kumar P.A., Sansad Marg, HPO
Mann, P.A. UPSC, P.O, New Delhi- 110001
Rajasthan's feat in Post office accounts Conversion of 2000 Strike Period as
Rajasthan ranks second after Andhra Pradesh Eligible leave.
in opening of post office savings accounts under the
Will there be a chance of implementation of
National Rural Empolyment Guarantee Scheme
(NREGS) in the country. The State has opened 3,116,575 Hon'ble Minister's order?
such accounts out of a total of 14,709,483 all over the Government of India
country. An amount of Rs.2,969 crore has been deposited Ministry of Communication & IT
in these accounts out of which Rajasthan's share is Rs. Department of Posts
417 crore. By August 31, Rs. 2869 crores had been (SR Section)
disbursed as payment of wages through these accounts. Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
Talking to journalists here on the occasion of the National New Delhi-110016
Postal Week, Chief Post Master General (Rajasthan No.10-12/2007-SR Dated : 27-10-2008
Circle) S. Gauriar said the target for the State was to To
open one crore accounts under NREGS. Though the All Heads of Circles,
process had been simplified to the minimum, still for Subject : Strike of Postal employees/GDS w.e.f. 5-12-
each new account at least five entries were to be made 2000 TO 18-12-2000 decided under the principle "No
by the respective post office staff, he noted. work no pay-its conversion in to leave
The stipulation that a minimum of Rs.50 should Sir,
be kept in the post office savings account had been removed The Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT
in the case of these accounts, of ficially referred to "NREGA has decided to treat the period of strike from 05-12-
wage earner's account", Mr. Gauriar said. Similarly such 2000 to 18-12-2000 as E.L. accumulated during the year
accounts allow zero balance as well, he noted. The Postal 2000-2001, which may be worked out and
Department is not charging any commission from the holders communicated to Directorate before giving effect in this
of NREGA accounts though the Union Finance Ministry pays order for making budgetary provision. This will be subject
it a lump sum of Rs.123 for each account.
to the officials making specific request in this regard,
Mr. Gauriar also announced the end of a three
which will be examined in the Directorate in terms of
year old ban on new recruitment in the Rajasthan Postal
provisions contained in FR-17A and the relevent
Circle. Applications are to be invited for the posts of 330
postal assistants and 46 sorting assistants in the guidelines dealing with the subject.
Rajasthan Mail Service, to be filled up by March next The claim being time barred all provisions
year. Another 80 vacancies of postal assistants and 16 relating to the preaudit of bills will need to the taken care
sorting assistants would be filled from the department's of. Necessary action may be taken to comply with the
rural postal workers, he informed. The recruitments were order of the Hon'ble Minister. The Hon'ble Minister has
held up in the past due to a pending court case. taken the above decision as a one-time measure and it
[Hindu : 03-11-08] is not to be quoted at precedent.

JAMMU FROM 06.10.2008 TO 08.10.2008
President : Com. L. R. Kotwal, SPM, : Com. Com. Brij Lal
Vainaik Bazaar Mehra, SPM, Sidhra
Vice Presidents : Com. Com. M. L. Housing Colony JT
Malkotra, SPM PTC : Com. Sukh Dev Sharma,
Udampur SPM, D Chak
: Com. T.K. Sharma, Treasurer : Com. Surinder Sharma,
SPM, Sainik Colony P.A. J. Cantt.
: Com. Kiran Gupta, O/A Asst. Treasurer: Com. P.P. Saini, Managar
Circle Secretary : Com. Kuldip Raj Sharma, Organising Secretaries : Com. Sudesh Pandita,
Mkt. Executive, Jammu P.A, Migrant NSPC
Asstt. Circle Secretaries : Com. M.L. Langeh, SPM : Com. Gh. Jeelani Malik,
OH Road SPM Safakadal, Srinagar
: Com. P.N. Ganjoo, D/A : Com. Kewal Krishan,
CSD JT SPM, Majalta Upr
Letter No.: P/2-5 Delhi south west Dated - 25.10.2008 37-40/2007-SPB I dt. 14.08.08, the hourly rate for
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak payment to SDS fixed as Rs. 16..40 per hour will be
Bhawan New Delhi - 110001 reviewed when the pay scale of PA/SA is revised.
l Petition requesting waiving off market Since the Sixth CPC recommendations have
rent of Rs.14378/- arbitrarily imposed - case of Sri been implemented and revised the pay scales of the
Ajaib Singh, SPM, Green Park P. O. New Delhi PA/SA cadres, it is requested to kindly review the same
South West Division. and refix the hourly rate at the earliest.
The copy of the petition submitted by the Further, the monthly limit of engagement is
above said official to the Director General, Department restricted to 60 hours which is totally insufficient to
of Posts seeking waival of market rent arbitrarily manage the prevailing shortage of staff and it may be
imposed on him by the divisional Superintendent which raised up to 150 hours subject to the requirement of
is approved in appeal is sent herewith for kind the office.
consideration. It is requested to consider both the issues
The letter itself is self explanatory and and cause appropriate orders at the earliest.
exhaustive one. The official has been granted Letter No.: P/2-22/Alipore Dated - 25.10.2008
permission to retain the quarters attached to Kidwai addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
Nagar West Post office up to 19.06.07 after his transfer Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
vide the SSPOs, South West Division letter dated l Replacement of Lift provided at Alipore
29.05.07 and the official has further sought of extension HO, West Bengal Circle.
up to 31.07.07 which was neither approved nor It is brought our notice that the lift provided at
rejected. The official has vacated the quarters on Alipore HO having five floors in the building has been
01.08.07 as he promised. The necessity for keeping declared condemned and beyond repairs.
the Quarters portion beyond 19.06.07 to 31.07.07 was A proposal has also been sent to replace the
due to non availability of accommodation at that time lift which to still pending approval. The staffs are put
as the official is having the larger family consisting of into lot of in conveniences in the absence of lift. The
five members. replacement required is to be attended immediately
Meanwhile, the SSPOs, New Delhi South to alleviate the sufferings of the officials working in the
West Division has endorsed the copy of his letter dt. office.
09.10.07 addressed to circle office seeking waival of It is requested to cause necessary action and
market rent of Rs.14378/- for the entire period which arrange immediate replacement of lift at the earliest.
includes the period approved by him earlier. Letter No.: P/4-1/Staff Dated - 07.11.2008 addressed
But to the dismay, recovery has been started to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan
and the official has represented his cause since then. New Delhi - 110001
The official was allowed to continue in the quarters up l Revised Recruitment Rules for HSG I &
to 19.06.07 and had retained the quarters just a period Extension of Adhoc arrangements in HSG I Cadre
of over one month only. The permission accorded to continue the
As such, it is unjust, unfair and against to the adhoc arrangements in HSG I over one year by the
principle of natural justice to impose market rent for DOPT lapses on 19.11.2008 and this should be
the entire period which includes the approved period extended forthwith.
for retention by the divisional head. The recovery is Action may also be initiated to finalise the
arbitrary and deplorable. revised recruitment Rules for HSG I since the
It is therefore requested to kindly consider the implementation of Sixth CPC is over and the revised
request of the official based on the facts and also on recruitment rules can be submitted to the nodal
humanitarian consideration and render justice by set ministry for approval. If it is finalized, the problem
aside the recovery at the earliest. pertaining to filling up of HSG I & HSG II posts will be
Letter No.: P/4-4/Staff Dated - 25.10.2008 addressed over once for all and the existing officials working on
to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan adhoc basis will be regularized with retrospective
New Delhi - 110001 effect..
l Re-introduction of Short Duty Scheme - It is requested to cause expedite action for
Revision of hourly rate - reg. approval of revised recruitment rules besides according
In accordance with the Directorate letter no. permission to continue the adhoc arrangements in
HSG I cadre till the finalization of recruitment rules. of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Letter No.: P/2-19/Avadi Camp Dated - 07.11.2008 l Arbitrary and unwarranted closure of Post
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak offices unleashed in Chennai city region - reg.
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 The Postmaster General, Chennai City region
l Grant of HRA to the officials working at has caused instructions to all the divisional heads to
Mangadu in Tambaram Division at Par with rate close or merge more number of Post offices irrespective
eligible for Chennai City - reg. of the justifications or not.
Mangadu is situated in the outskirt of Chennai Accordingly several busiest post offices in
city and is with in eight kilometers radius from the Vellore and Tambaram Divisions were closed last
corporation limit of Chennai City. month on the weekend days without notice to the public
It is also paradoxical to note that all the and no information to the office in charge also. All these
officials working in the offices surrounded to this station offices were justified for their retention based on the
viz. Poonamallee, Porur, Kunrathur, are being paid with statistical figures and also as per the financial revenue
HRA/CCA at par with Chennai City and this office alone of these offices.
is left out. It is told that the PMG, Chennai City region,
The proposal submitted earlier for grant of HRA even on flimsy reasons has resorted action to close
at par with Chennai City based on the dependency the post offices and assuring the public to convert the
certificate obtained from the District Collector has not nearby office as a bigger one which is not at all possible
been considered yet. The case is still pending. and not on his hands. There are more agitations from
It is requested to expedite the case and the pubic as well as from the staff unions due to this
accord orders at the earliest duly rendering justice to unjustified spate of closure of post offices which against
the aggrieved officials prevailing over decades. to the spirit of Directorate instructions.
Letter No.: P/21-9/Kovilpatti Dated - 07.11.2008 Suitable instructions may please be issued
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak to the PMG, Chennai City region to avert such arbitrary
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 closure of Post offices as per his whims & fancy and
l Non allotment of adequate funds to clear ensure peace and calm working atmosphere in the
pending ROHSC claims - case of Kovilpatti divisions.
Division. A line in reply about the action taken is highly
It is brought to our notice that due to paucity solicited.
of funds allotment, the ROHSC bills right from 2004 is Letter No.: P/2-19/Tamilnadu circle Dated - 07.11.2008
still pending undisbursed in Kovilpatti division causing addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
resentment amidst the officials. Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
Further, non reimbursement of ROHSC Bills l Non installation of Generators - case of
over four years is causing a serious concern and Tamilnadu Circle
deplorable. It is brought to our notice that the 15 KVs / 10
Necessary funds may please be allotted to KVs Generators supplied directly from Directorate to
the division to wipe out the pending bills at the earliest. many Post Offices during 2005 in Tamilnadu Circle
Letter No.: P/2-19/Tirunelveli PSD Dated - 07.11.2008 have not been installed yet. The Generators are being
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak kept outside the office idle and some of them become
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 out of condition.
l Non filling up the HSG II Post of Asst. Some Generators were supplied to the offices
Manager Tirunelveli PSD in Tamilnadu Circle. functioning in rented building and there is no space to
It is brought to our notice that the HSG II post keep it inside the office. There are many generators
of Asst. Manager in the Tirunelveli PSD is being kept being kept on public road and without any security
vacant and resultantly causing delay in the and they are becoming useless.
arrangement of supply of forms and stocks. It is dismayed to note that the Generator
Despite it was brought to the notice of the provided at Ambattur has not been repaired since the
regional administration, no tangible action has taken company reported that the Generator provided at HPO
so far. is only an assembled one and not belonging to the
It is requested to cause suitable instructions company.
to fill up the Post immediately. It seems that there are serious irregularities
Letter No.: P /2-19 / Tamilnadu circle Dated - in the supply of Generators to all post offices made
07.11.2008 addressed to the Secretary, Department centrally during 2005 & 2006 and its installation. It
requires immediate probe to unearth any financial It is requested to cause necessary orders to
irregularities and also to arrest any such things in future install the lift at the earliest to the HPO.
besides arranging immediate installation of Generators Letter No.: P/2-8/Dharmsala Dated - 07.11.2008
provided to post offices with out any further delay. addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
A line in reply about the action taken is highly Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
solicited. l Withholding of Pay fixation benefits - case
Letter No.: P/2-19/Vellore Dated - 07.11.2008 of suspended officials after 01.01.2006 - reg.
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak As per the Rule 7 of CCS (RP) Rules under
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 note 3 that in case of Government Servant under
l Centralizing the booking of O.A. P. Money suspension, he shall continue to draw subsistence
orders & outsourcing - Arbitrary withdrawal of H.V. allowance based on existing scale of Pay and his pay
M.O. list for MOs above Rs.400/- cases of Chennai in the revised scale of Pay will be subject to final order
City region - reg. on the pending disciplinary proceedings.
Previously, the booking of old age pension This provision is applicable to those who were
Money orders were being distributed to all town sub under suspension prior to 01.01.2006 and are still
offices in order to book the money orders without delay under suspension.
and dispatching them to concerned stations safely by Whereas, in many circles, the Pay
preparing the HVMO lists. Commission benefits have not been extended to those
The PMG, Chennai City region has suddenly placed under suspension after 01.01.2006 and were
ordered to withdraw the practice and centralize the reinstated subsequently and working in the offices.
booking at Head Post offices and also instructed not The reason of non disposal of final orders of the Rule
to prepare HVMO Lists and dispatch them. The orders 14 does not hold any water to those placed under
of the PMG have not been implemented in most of the suspension on or after 01.01.2006. There is a glaring
divisions except Vellore due to the various practical case prevailing in Dharmshala division in H.P. Circle
difficulties and in particular it will pave ways for more and the due fixation has not been extended to the
frauds in the booking and payment points. official.
The SSPOs, Vellore has now centralized the It is requested to pursue these case and
booking of the MOs and entrusted to outsiders. The cause necessary clarificatory orders to all circle heads
outsiders are signing the MOs and authenticated the and ensure payment of fixation benefits to those officials
money orders with M.O. oblong stamp. The enclosed placed under suspension on or after 01.01.2006 and
copies of the MOs will exhibit the corrections made in reinstated subsequently.
the oblong stamp impressions by the outsiders and A line in reply about the action taken is highly
this is against to the Departmental rules & regulations. solicited.
If any frauds taken place, the onus of responsibility Letter No.: P/2-19/Tambaram Dated – 07.11.2008
will lie on the shoulder of poor innocent Postal officials addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
who are not at all subscribed anything to this kind of Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001
innovative unwarranted ideas. This causes a serious l Construction of departmental building at
concern and it should be arrested forthwith. Chitlapakkam P.O. Chennai 600064 under
It is therefore requested to cause appropriate Tambaram Division, Tamilnadu Circle.
orders at once to the Circle administration to withdraw It is brought to our notice that the Chief PMG
the procedure at Vellore H O in booking OAP Mos Tamilnadu Circle has submitted a proposal to
and restore status quo ante. Directorate for the construction of departmental building
A line in reply about the action taken is highly at Chitlapakkam P.O and or the inclusion of eleventh
solicited. five year plan.
Letter No.: P/2-19/Salem HPO Dated - 07.11.2008 It is requested to accord approval and allot
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak funds for the early construction of the departmental
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 building which is the dire need for the P.O.
l Providing Lift facilities to Salem HPO - A line in reply about the action taken is highly
reg. solicited.
Despite making provision to install lift at Salem Letter No.: P/2-19/Salem East Dated - 07.11.2008
HPO in Tamilnadu Circle and also called tenders for addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
the installation, this has not been provided yet due to Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
non purchase of lift. This is pending over years. l Continuous grant of HRA to the Postal
Staff Working at Kannankurichi in Salem East possible help/assistance by providing financial
Division. Tamilnadu Circle. assistance and due advances to those officials at
Ref: - (i) This Union letters of even no. dt. distress.
25.01.07 & 29.12.07. Immediate action is highly solicited.
(ii) Yr. Letter No. 4/45/97 PAP dt. 07.02.07 a / t. Letter No.: p / 4 - 1 / Staff Dated - 10.11.2008 addressed
PMG, Coimbatore to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan,
Apropos reference, it is learnt that the PMG New Delhi - 110001
Western region has submitted the proposal with fresh l Provision of Computers to the Supervisors
Dependency Certificate on 25.10.07 and the same is in Operative offices.
still pending perusal at your end. Despite the online working on computers is
The delay over one year is causing concern. implemented in many Pos, particularly in SB, the
It is requested to pursue the same without any further computers have not been supplied to the Supervisors
delay and accord orders. to cheek the entries then & there.
Letter No.: P/2-9/Jammu Dated - 10.11.2008 They have to go to some other computer and
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak cheek the entries later on. This has defeated the very
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 purpose of effective supervision and led to many
l Non payment of OTA for the duty irregularities. It is the dire need to provide computers
performed for booking of Examination parcel of to all supervisors separately so that they can have
National open school at Gandhinagar in Jammu effective supervision and it is most pertinent that such
Division. computers provided should have the provision of
The OTA bills related to the work performed scanning the specimen signature of the depositors.
by the counter PA for booking of Examination parcel It is therefore requested to cause suitable
after the working hours at Gandhinagar GPO on OTA instructions to all the regional heads to ensure supply
basis since 2004 have not been paid so far due to of computers to the supervisors forth with.
paucity of fund allotment. Letter No.: P / 4 - 1 / Staff Dated - 10.11.2008
The OTA Bills for the year 2004, 2005, 2006 addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
& 2007 are still unpaid to the officials working in this Bhawan, New Delhi - 11001
office which causes a serious concern. l Awarding Punishments by Quoting rules/
The repeated requests of the officials and the authority outside the Departmental manuals - reg.
union yielded with futile results and no reply has so Of late, in number of disciplinary cases, the
far been given about the nonpayment of the OTA bills. Disciplinary authorities are quoting the rules outside
This is deplorable. the departmental manual and punishing on merely
Suitable instructions may please be issued presumption and without citing the violation of
to sanction the bills without any further delay. departmental rules provided in the manuals. This is
Letter No.: P / 2 - 16 / Orissa Dated - 10.11.2008 against to the statutory provisions and bad before law.
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Suitable instructions may please by issued
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 to all disciplinary authorities to adhere the procedure
l Financial Assistance/Natural Calamity and act only as per the departmental manuals while
Advance to the Flood Victims of Orissa Circle. awarding any punishment to the officials.
Letter No.: P / 4 - 5 /Operations Dated - 10.11.2008
The flood in Orissa has recently played a devastating addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak
role affecting to most of districts of the State. Postal Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
employees have also become serious victims in the l Issue of Duplicate RPLI Pass Book -
natural calamity. Many staffs are reported to be Verification of credits - reg.
homeless and some have lost their belongings. At present, when a RPLI policy holder lost
Under such disaster, no action has so far been his RPLI pass book and seeks duplicate pass book,
taken to assist the flood victims of our department the sub offices are being addressed to furnish the credit
either by granting Financial Assistance or granting due details and certificates. In many cases, the certificates
advances to them. The required action to seek financial are to be furnished over twenty to thirty years.
assistance from other states from welfare fund etc. to It is rather not feasible to maintain all these
assist the victims has not so far been initiated by the records at sub offices for such a long period or find out
Circle administration. at later period. These information should be available
It is requested to cause immediate action on at HOs as computerized records so that the credits
this human and sensitive issue for extension of all
may be verified when such action warrants. l Classification of B2 City (now 'Y' class) -
It is therefore requested to cause orders to case of Ajmer City - reg.
verify these entries with the schedules of HPO The MOF vide its letter No. 2 (17)/2008-E II
accounts branch besides maintaining a separate RPLI (B) dt. 01.10.08 communicated to Secretary, Staff Side
computerized records of credit in respect of each sub JCM that the protection of retaining higher classification
offices and keep it as a permanent record. of B2 class city which is equated to Y class city under
A reply about the action taken is highly the revised classification would continue to be
solicited. applicable to Ajmer. The copy of the said letter is
Letter No.: P/2-13/Maharastra Dated - 10.11.2008 enclosed herewith for your reference.
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak It is requested to cause appropriate orders
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 on the basis of the MOF letter at the earliest and
l Non Payment of due arrears to pensioners ensure drawal of 20% HRA to the staff working at Ajmer.
- case of Maharastra Circle Letter No.: P/4-1/Staff Dated - 14.11.2008 addressed
Despite crystal clear communication vide yr to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan,
letter No. 4-6/08/Pen. dt. 23.10.08 that the first New Delhi - 110001
installment of arrears of pension as per the orders on l Posting of FTP official in project Arrow
acceptance of 6th CPC recommendations with in a Post offices - reg.
week from the issue of notifications to all pre 2006 It is rather dismayed to note that the
pensioners/family pensioners, more than 95% of the Directorate has caused instructions vide its letter No.
pensioners are yet to get their dues in Maharashtra 13-42/2008-Trg dt. 01.10.08 to post as many as FTP
Circle. The reason for such delay is stated due to non staff on the project Arrow Post offices phase I & II.
supply of calculation sheets etc to the HPOs by the The discrimination between the regular and
Circle head. FTP in the LSG Supervisory cadre is causing a concern
The delay has caused a serious concern and & deplorable. This will demotivate the senior officials
the Staff side RJCM has decided to sit on indefinite and also bad before law. If these orders are
hunger fast before Circle office form 20.11.08 in case implemented, several officials both FTP and norm
if the arrears are not paid before that. based LSG officials are likely to be shifted abruptly
It is requested to cause appropriate without allowing them to continue in their present posts
instructions and ensure immediate payment of arrears till completion of their tenure.
and restore peace and amity. This will certainly create a demarcating line
A line in reply about the action taken is highly among the FTP official & and regular LSG officials
appreciated. and result in demoralization of the particular LSG cadre.
Letter No.: P/4-4/Computer Advance Dated - The posting of officials to project Arrow post office
22.10.2008 addressed to the Secretary, Department should be on actual performance of individual official
of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 and not on the basis of FTP or regular LSG etc.
l Allotment of More budgetary allotment It is requested to cause withdrawal of the said
for Computer Advance - reg. instructions and post eligible, entitiled officials for such
It is brought to our notice that the amount post offices of importance.
allotted under the head to all Circles is totally A line in reply about the action taken is highly
inadequate and not more than eight to ten officials solicited.
could avail the advance in each circle. Letter No.: P/2-8/H P Circle Dated - 15.11.2008
After the total computerization of the P.O. audits addressed to the Secretary (P), Department of Posts
functioning, the officials who desire to purchase Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001
computers for their own should be encouraged which l Unhelpful and anti worker activities of the
will motivate them further in the computer operations. SPOs, Dharmshala - request to rein in.
There is a resentment prevailing amidst the officials due The copy of the resolution adopted in the Circle
to poor allotment of funds under this head last year. Conference of Himachal Pradesh held on 11, 12.10.08
It is therefore requested to expedite action to on this issue which is more exhaustive is enclosed
allot more funds under this head and enable the herewith for your immediate intervention.
officials to avail the advance for purchase of personal The congenial atmosphere prevailed in the
computers. division has been totally spoiled due to the autocrat
Letter No.: P/2-18/Ajmer Dated - 08.11.2008 and admanant postures of the divisional
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak superintendent. The Circle President has been
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 proceeded under Rule 14 for flimsy reasons and his
son who is also working as PA has also been proceeded Mandua Postal colony is having 16 Quarters
under Rule 14. All these are excessive and vindictive in the four strayed building which were built during
attitude and also an act of vendetta against the 1983. During last 25 years, proper civil maintenance
divisional Secretary/Circle President who questioned work has been carried out and major works left
the misuse of authorities and purely based on frivolous remaining unattended. As a result both the flats (Type
and concocted reasons. I & Type II) have now turned to dilapidated condition
The instructions issued by the Chief PMG have and demolishing state.
not been honored and he is running amuck as an The following works need to be attended on
unbridled horse style. If an open enquiry is constituted, war footing in rest of the Quarters to save the
it will roll out many hidden skeletons about his misuse inhabitants and also the buildings.
of powers and his threatening posture. The staff are 1. Rain water profusely leaking into the rooms through
very much agitated and they are working under panic. chapped cemented plaster of the wall & RCC roof. The
It is therefore requested to intervene and cause occupants are facing a lot of difficulties during rain.
suitable instructions to the Chief PMG to rein in the 2. The walls of the building from top to bottom
SPOs or transfer him out of the division and post to a remaining damp which damaged the wooden fittings
non sensitive post. like doors & windows and electrical wirings.
Immediate action is highly solicited. 3. The RCC graded column of the main structure
Letter No.: P/2-17/Jalandhar Dated - 14.11.2008 of the building has been damaged,. Thereby the
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak strength of the building becoming weak day by day.
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 4. The cemented water tank on the top of the roof
l High handed attitude of the SSPOs, has been damaged which may be collapsed at any time.
Jalandhar causing strike action by all unions from 5. The sanitary fittings, water supply pipes have
12.11.08 been rusted and damaged. In some quarters water
There was a burglary taken place at Jalandhar supply has been totally ceased which needs
HPO in the midnights of 05.11.08/06.11.08 and a sum immediate restoration.
of Rs.40/- lakhs were looted my miscreants and 6. The lavatory portion of each quarter has
excaped the scene. A case was lodged in the police. become dilapidated.
After the introduction of Gold sales at 7. The sewerage system and drainage system
Jalandhar City H.O. one chest was spared exclusively have been damaged causing inhygienic atmospheres
to keep the coil coins since 24.10.08 and remaining inside the campus.
items were kept in the remaining two cash chests. 8. The common latrine tank, its soak pit &
After keeping both the cash chests fully, additional swerage also have been damaged & same are lying
cash was being kept in an ordinary safe which was open through which rain water rushing inside.
also lying in the treasury cage. After breaking the 9. Separate latrine tanks needs to be
treasury door, the burglars looted the amount. Police constructed for each flat for easy discharge of
investigation is going on. excrements.
It is most pertinent to mention that the police 10. The electrical maintenance has not been done
authorities instead of searching the real culprits have since its installation except minor repairing in stair
harassing the women employees working in the HPO case portion. The fittings in almost all quarters has
and causing tortures, Adding fuel to fire, the SSPos, been damaged. The electrical wirings are lying in
Jalandhar division has suspended all the three unsafe position.
treasurers who are in no way responsible for the 11. The wooden doors & windows in all quarters
burglary. This has caused a serious tension in the either broken or damaged which needs immediate
entire division and led to serious agitation. replacement.
It is requested to intervene immediately to 12. The boundary wall of the colony campus has
reinstate all the officials forthwith besides rein in the SSPOs become short height due to increase of ground level
who is misusing his powers in harassing the officials. around it after construction of outside public roads.
Immediate action is requested to put off the The animals, cattles and miscreants easily
flames in the division. trespassing inside the campus jumping over the
Letter No.: P/2-16/Keonjhar Dated - 19.11.2008 existing walls
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak It is urged upon to bestow immediate attention
Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 to this major issues and cause repairs work on war footing.
l Maintenance of Staff Quarter buildings of A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Mandua Postal Colony, Keonjhargarh - reg. appreciated
Consolidated Statement of Income & Expenditure w.e.f. 01-04-2008 to 30-09-2008
(Subject to Audit)
Balances on 31-03-2008 = 4795122.45 Office Assistant = 49723
Receipts Record Clerk = 40752
Apr-08 = 548049.00 Peon = 35402
May-08 = 182741.00 Sweeper = 1600 = 127477.00
Jun-08 = 59014.00 8. TA/DA to Office bearers
Jul-08 = 54744.00 General Secretary = 77540
Aug-08 = 41318.00 Deputy General Secy. = 19117
Sep-08 = 96853.00 Office bearers = 19699 = 116356.00
Total = 982719.00 + = 982719.00 9. C.W.C. (Delhi) Expenses = 244547.30
Interest of SB Accounts (as per pass books) 10.Bhartiya Post = 139885.00
= 20189.63 11.Printing Charges = 2100.00
GrossTotal = 5798031.08 12.Office maintenance = 37724.00
Less Expenditure 13. Conveyance charges
Apr-08 = 436519.30 General Secretary = 20550
May-08 = 194657.00 Deputy General Secy = 3343
Jun-08 = 205329.00 Treasurer = 10500
Jul-08 = 187022.50 Asst. Treasurer = 9000
Aug-08 = 155215.50 Staff = 2636 = 46029.00
Sep-08 = 263521.00 14. Telephone Bills = 14532.00
Total = 1442264.30 = - 1442264.30 15. Mobile Phone Bills
Total = 4355766.78 General Secretary = 16877
Balances on 30-09-2008 Deputy General Secy. = 1815
Details of Balances as on 30-09-2008SB A/C Syndicate Office Staff = 1638 = 20330.00
Bank = 471513.83 16. Electricity & Water Charges = 14256.00
FD A/C Syndicate Bank = 3800000.00 17. Postage Charges = 49668.00
Ticket Purchase = 46000.00 18. Office requirements = 15011.00
Cash in Hand = 21358.95 19. Stationaries = 5874.50
Cheque in Transit = 16894.00 20. Sumptuary = 12340.50
Total 4355766.78 21. Photostat = 26432.00
Rupees Forty Three Lakh Fifty Five Thousand 22. News Papers = 1936.00
Seven Sixty Six & Paisa Seventy Eight Only 23. M. R. Claims
Sd/ Sd/ General Secretary = 10288
Treasurer General Secretary Deputy General Secy. = 349 = 10637.00
Headwise detail of Income 24 Court Expenses = 28825.00
w.e.f. 01.04.2008 to 30.09.2008 25 Gifts = 2128.00
(Subject to Audit) 26 Agitational Expenses = 1840.00
Quota to CHQ = 868278 27 Computer Expenses = 1130.00
Quota to NFPE = 11139 28 Ticket concellation Charges = 1985.00
B.Post = 73393 29 Tarapada Bhawan Maintenance = 17099.00
Donations = 10600 30 Loan to NFPE = 60000.00
Refund of Security of Hutch Phone = 4345 31 DD/Bank Charges = 249.00
Publication Sale = 9964 32 Social Security Contributions to Staff = 4500.00
Advt.Charges Recd. = 5000 33 Fax Charges = 400.00
Total Receipts = 982719 34 Financial Asst to Sumitra
Rs. Nine Lakh Eighty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen Only Goswami for Foreign Tour = 5000.00
Headwise details of Expenditure 35 Financial Asst to Com. K. Ragavendran
w.e.f. 01-04-2008 to 30-09-2008 S/G NFPE for Foreign Tour = 5000.00
(Subject to Audit) 35 Cost of Laptop, software, Maintenance, &
1 Loss of Pay to General Secretary = 156038.00 Broadband Connection = 50701.00
2 HQ Allowance to G.S = 15000.00 36 Cost of one H.P. Printer (Computer) = 9500.00
3 Pay Commission arrears to G.S. = 47216.00 37 Cost of Reference Books = 695.00
4 Loss of Pay to Deputy G.S. = 99192.00 38 Audit fee paid to Auditor = 22472.00
5. H.Q. Allowance to Deputy G.S = 15000.00 Total = 1442264.30
6. Pay Commission arrears to Deputy G.S= 13159.00 Rupees Fourteen Lakh Forty Two Thousand Two
7. Pay & Allowance to Staff Hundred Sixty Four Only.
(Contd. from page 33) Sixth Pay Commission and in supersession of this
to kindly consult the Staff Unions in your Circle and Department's O.M. No. 4/4/97-Estt. (Pay II) dated
offer your valuable suggestions on this proposal. 22.4.98 and OM. No. 4/5/97-Estt. (Pay II) dated 5.5.98
2. There is also a demand about improving the on the subject of Special Allowance and Cash Handling
quality of chappals/umbrellas or simply make cash Allowance respectively, the President is pleased to
payment in lieu of chappals and umbrellas. I request double the existing rates of these Allowances. The
your to kindly offer your valuable suggestions on this rates of these allowances will be increased by 25%
proposal as well. every time the Dearness Allowance payable on revised
3. Further, I request you to kindly send your pay scales goes up by 50%.
views to this office latest by 22 October, 2008 2. These orders shall be effective from 1st
(DG(P) No.2-4/2006-UPE dated 3-10-2008) September, 2008.
l Revision of Special Allowance and Cash 3. Insofar as persons serving in the Indian Audit
Handling Allowance-Recommendations of the & Accounts Department are concerned, these orders
Sixth Central Pay Commission. issue after consultation with the Computroller & Auditor
Consequent upon the decision taken by the General of India.
Government on the recommendations made by the (DoP & T OM No. 4/6/2008-Estt. (Pay-II) dated 1.10.08)


Medical treatment in emergent situation is of 2-2006, under Delhi Government Employees' Health
paramount importance is right to life is guaranteed Scheme. It is accepted that scheme, dated 6-10-2003
under Article 21 of the Constitution. In that view, a is in vogue. Apart from above, certain hospitals were
Government servant who contributes towards medical recognized for general treatment for diagnosis purpose.
by paying a monthly installment has a right to get The Tribunal on the basis of the above facts
reimbursement of medical claim even if he takes held that even in non-emergent situation if the amount
treatment in a recognized hospital irrespective of the charged in the bill is not exceeded as prescribed by
recognition of that hospital for any particular Government as per AIIMS rates, there should be no
treatment. quarrel to reimburse that amount. In the present case,
Facts: This OA contains lot of philosophical views the patient suffering from severe pain if underwent
which may educate the Government to change its attitude medical attention urgently from a nearby recognized
in regard to the reimbursement of medical claim by hospital, his claim for reimbursement cannot be denied.
Government servants. But what is important there is, There appears no Government circular from the Ministry
whether the claim of the Applicant in asking for of Health or Government of NCT, whether a hospital will
reimbursement of the medical bill charged by a recognized be recognized only for hernia operation. Any ailment
Sri Ganga Ram Hospital for performing an operation of pertaining to a part of the body which forms part of
Gastroenterology on his son is to be admitted or refused? gastroenterology shall be reimbursable and for which
The son of the Applicant who had swelling in treatment taken in Sri Ganga Ram Hospital shall have
his genitals and suffering from chronic hernia was to be treated as approved.
admitted in Sri Ganga Ram Hospital on 23-6-2006. He Irrespective of non-recognized and non
was kept in observation and was operated on 7-7-2006. approved hospitals, if treatment is taken in emergent
The Applicant submitted the medical bill for situation, it is reimbursable as held in Suman Rakheja
reimbursement which was refused on the ground that v. State of Haryana and another [2004(13)SCC 563]. In
Sri Ganga Ram Hospital is approved for Renal that view, the rejection of reimbursement bill by a model
Procedure and Gastroenterology procedure and hence employer is not expected. As the employee is also
the bill for treatment given by that hospital cannot be contributing for medical expenses monthly the rejection
reimbursed. Hence this OA is filed impugning the orders, of reimbursement bill is irregular.
dated 29-8-2007 and 1-9-2007 of Government of N.C.T. In the result, the OA is allowed and the
by which his reimbursement claim was referred. impugned orders are set aside. A direction was given to
The above was considered by Tribunal. OM the Respondents to reimburse the claim to the Applicant
issued by Central Government Health Scheme, dated at AIIMS rate within a period of 2 months from the date of
23-1-2001 is adopted by Government of NCT of Delhi. receipt of this order.
By OM, dated 6-10-2003, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital has [Sohanbir Singh v. Government of NCT, Delhi and
been approved by Renal Procedure and others, 8/2008, Principal Bench, Date of judgment 19-
Gastroenterology procedure, etc. In modification of the 12-2007.]
letter, dated 6-10-2003, a notification was issued on 7- Courtesy:- Swamysnews


u Alleged irregular action of SSPOs, Puri of CO. it is proposed by the SSPOs, Puri to engage
Division-reg. hired conveyance to continue mail transaction in that
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2- route till a fresh tender is finalized.
16/Puri dated 09.05.2007 on the above mentioned 5. Shri HK Rath, who is reported to have been
subject. selected as DO(PLI) by showing favouritism by the
2. The matter has been examined in SSPOs, Puri is not DO(PLI) nor was he selected as
consultation with the Circle Office. As reported, Shri DO(PLI) in the year 2007 when the allegation was
H.K. Rath, PA and Shri P.C. Patra, PA were made. He was permitted by the PLI Section of the
transferred out of Puri HO being treated as subsidiary Circle Office to procure PLI business as he had applied
offenders in Puri HO KVP fraud case. But it was not for the same. At present Shri Rath is working as PA at
considered necessary to transfer the other two Khurda HO.
subsidiary offenders namely Shri NC Mishra and 6. The allegation made at SI.NO.4 of the letter
Shri Nilakanth Mishra. If the transfer of Shri NC is not correct. No computer with internet facilities
Mishra is considered, then he will have to be posted were provided to the SDI(P), Balugaon. In fact one
against a norm based LSG SO or APM in other HOs. computer supplied to the Naval Base Chilka SO was
The posts of SPM or APM are more sensitive than kept by the IPOs, Balugaon in his office for official
the post of PRI (P), Puri, the post in which Shri work, However, with the introduction of CAPIO module
Mishra is now working. As the official is facing a software, the system has been shifted to Tangi Sub
Rule-14 inquiry, it was felt unwise to post him in a Post Office.
sensitive post. (DG(P) No.16-48/2007-SR dated 29-10-2008)
3. ShriNilakanth Mishra who is a BCR official u Non holding of Circle Cultural Meet 2008-
now working as PA BCR. Puri HO is also facing a case of Orissa Circle.
Rule 14 enquiry arising out of the aforesaid fraud case I am directed to refer to your letter NO.P/2-
as a subsidiary offender and hence it was not 16/Orissa Circle dated 14.10.2008 on the subject cited
considered for his shifting as he has not completed above and to inform you that allocation of funds to all
his tenure. He has been trained/selected to operate the Circles for Welfare & Sports Activities in the
as Supervisor for IMO. Department is under process in consultation with the
4. The issue of irregular plying of contractual Integrated Finance and funds will be allotted shortly.
MMS in Jatni Gania line is under active consideration (No. 4-2/2008-WL & Sports dated 27-10-2008)
Circle President : Com. B. S. Dhimon : Com. Ravinder Kumar
Accountant, D/Sala H.O. Sharma, Accountant O/o
Vice Presidents : Com. K. D. Kaushal, SPO's Una
SPM, Mehra Treasurer : Com. M. S. Jaswal,
: Com. M. R. Bhardwaj, Accountant, Una H.O.
SPM, Kandrour Asstt. Treasurer : Com. Navneet Sharma,
: Com. Pritipal Singh, P.A., Mandi H.O.
SPM, Bhambla Circle Org. Secretaries : Com. R. R. Sharma,
: Com. P. L. Varma, P.A., SPM, Bilaspur Kty:
Shimla - 4 : Com. R. K. Bhatia, P.A.,
Circle Secretary : Com. H. S. Guleria, Solan H. O.
SPM, Dulehar : Com. Mohinder Ram,
Asstt. Circle Secretaries : Com. Baljit Singh, P.A, P.A., Kangra H.O
Thore : Com. Akshay Kumar,
: Com. Jagat Ram, P.A., P.A., D/sala H.O
REC, Hamirpur
OFFICE MEMORANDUM income from other sources of wealth which will bring
l Admissibility for reimbursement for travel them within the income/wealth criteria mentioned in
within the city. (a) above.
The undersigned is directed to refer para 3 of Explanation :
Annexure to this Dept. OM of even no dated 23/9/ Income from salaries or agricultural land shall
2008 regarding Travelling Allowance Rules- not be clubbed.
Implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission. 2. The provisions of this Office Memorandum
2. It is clarified that the present provision of take effect from the 3rd October, 2008.
Government of India order 7 below of SR-46 3. All the Ministries/Departments are requested
reimbursement of Taxi/Auto Charges from Residence to bring the contents of this Office Memorandum to
to Railway station/Airport, etc., and back headquarter the notice of all concerned.
station as well as for the Railway station/Airport etc., (DoP & T OM No.36033/3/2004-Estt. (Res.) dated :
to the place of stay and back at the station of tour will 14-10-2008)
continue to be applicable in addition to reimbursement OFFICE MEMORANDUM
of taxi/travel charges within the city(refer para 3 of l Cancer Treatment of under CGHS/CS (MA)
Annexure to this Deptt. OM of even no dated 23.9.2008. Rules, 1944.
3. In so far as the persons serving in the Indian The process empanelment of private hospitals
Audit & Accounts Department are concerned, these and diagnostic centres in Delhi, on the basis of
orders issue in consultation with the Comptroller & quotations received during 2004 has been completed.
Auditor General of India. The list of empanelled hospitals, however, does not
(MOF OM.No.19030/3/2008-E.IV dated : 14-10-208) include a single hospital for treatment of cancer
OFFICE MEMORANDUM patients. Earlier there were four hospitals. Viz. Rajiv
l Revision of income criteria to exclude Gandhi Cancer & Research Institute, Dharmshila
socially advanced persons/sections (Creamy Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Batra Hospital &
Layer) from the purview of reservation for Other Medical Research Centre and Indraprastha Apollo
Backward Classes (OBCs). Hospital. The situation in other CGHS cities is almost
The undersigned is directed to invite attention the same.
to this Department's O.M. No. 36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT) 2. As the list of empanelled hospitals under
dated 8th September, 1993 which inter alia provided CGHS, Delhi, did not have any hospital providing
that sons and daughters of persons having gross annual treatment for cancer patients, it was decided as on
income of Rs. 1 lakh or above for a period of three ad-hoc measure, the permit CGHS beneficiaries to
consecutive years would fall within the creamy layer get themselves at these four hospitals subject to the
and would not be entitled to get the benefit of reservation condition that they would have to initially pay for the
available to the Other Backward Classes. The limit of treatment and claim reimbursement later. The
income for determining the creamy layer status was reimbursement will be limited to the rates notified in
raised to Rs. 2.5 lakh vide this Department's OM of 2001. The ad-hoc arrangement is currently valid upto
even number dated 9.3.2004. It has now been decided 31st December, 2008.
to raise the income limit from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4.5 3. The undersigned is directed to invite reference
lakh per annum for determining the creamy layer to the Office memorandum, No. S. 11011/31/2007-
amongst the OBCs. Accordingly the following entry is CGHS-D.II dated the 5th May, 2008, vide which the
hereby substituted for the existing entry against decision of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Category VI in the Schedule to the above referred O.M. was conveyed for permitting beneficiaries under CGHS/
Category : VI CS(MA) Rules, 1944, to get themselves at any of the
Description of Category : Income/Wealth Test under mentioned 25 (twenty five) National Cancer
To whom the rule of exclusion will apply :- Centres recognized by the Ministry of Health & Family
Son(s) and daughter(s) of Welfare under the National Cancer Control
(a) Persons having gross annual income of Rs. Programmes that are funded by the Government of
4.5 lakh or above or : possessing wealth above the India, subject to the condition that the reimbursement
exemption limit as prescribed in the Wealth Tax Act will be as per the rates fixed in regional cancer centres
for period of three consecutive years. under Central Government or actual, whichever is less.
(b) Persons in Categories I, II, III and V A who are (1) Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, Allahabad,
not disentitled to the benefit of reservation but have Uttar Pradesh (NGO);
(2) Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata, been receiving representations about non-availability
West Bengal (State Govt. Institute); of adequate hospitals providing treatment to
(3) Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, beneficiaries under CGHS/CS(MA) Rules, 1944, who
Bangalore, Karnataka (State Govt. Institute); are cancer patients, as the list of hospitals where the
(4) Regional Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai, treatment can be taken is limited to around thirty
Tamil Nadu (NGO) hospitals in the country. After careful examination of
(5) Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre for the representations received, it has been decided with
Cancer Research & Treatment, Cuttack, Orissa the approval of the competent authority that CGHS/
(State Govt. Institute); CS (MA) Rules, 1944, beneficiaries, who are cancer
(6) Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram patients (both old and new) may be permitted to take
(State Govt. Institute); treatment in any multi-speciality general purpose
(7) Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad, hospital that provides treatment in any multi-speciality
Gujarat (NGO); general purpose hospital that provides treatment to
(8) MNJ Institute of Oncology, Hyderabad, Andhra cancer patients, subject to the condition that
Pradesh (State Govt Institute); reimbursement will be limited to actual expenditure or
(9) Pondicherry Regional Cancer Society, JIPMER, the rates notified in 2001, whichever is lower.
Pondicherry (Central Govt. Institute); 5. As the private hospitals are not on the list of
(10) Dr. B.B. Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Assam CGHS empanelled hospitals, these hospitals will not
(State Govt. Institute); extend credit facilities to pensioners and hence the
(11) Regional Cancer Control Society, Shimla, beneficiaries under CGHS will have to claim
Himachal Pradesh (State Govt. Institute); reimbursement, at the rates notified in 2001 or
(12) Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Gwalior, actuals whichever is lower, after getting themselves
Madhya Pradesh (NGO); treated at the hospitals. Similarly, serving employees
(13) Indian Rotary Cencer Institute (AIIMS), New Delhi and their family members, who are beneficiaries under
(Central Government Institute); CGHS/CS(MA) Rules, 1944, may be reimbursed as
(14) RST Hospital & Research Centre, Nagpur, per the rates notified in 2001 or actuals whichever is
Maharashtra (NGO); lower.
(15) Pt. JNM Medical College, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 6. In so far treatment taken in Regional Cancer
(State Govt. Institute); Centres is concerned, the position will remain the same
(16) Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra in so far as reimbursement is concerned, as has been
(NGO); mentioned in para 3 of this Office Memorandum.
(17) Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, 7. These orders will be in force until further orders.
Patna, Bihar (State Govt. Institute); 8. This issues with the concurrence of Integrated
(18) Acharya Tulsi Regional Centre Trust and Finance Division in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Research Institute (RCC), Bikaner, Rajasthan vide Dy. No. 5034/IFD/08 dated the 14th August, 2008.
(State Govt. Institute); (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare OM No.1-13/
(19) Regional Cancer Centre, Pt. B.D. Sharma Post Hospital Cell/R&H/CGHS(Pt.A) dated : 2-9-2008)
Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, l Uniform for Postmen and Group 'D'
Haryana (State Govt. Institute); As you are aware, India Post introduced Blue
(20) Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Uniform for the Postmen and Group 'D' in the year
Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh (Central 2004 during the celebrations of 150 years of the Post
Government Institute); Office in India. Representations from the staff general
(21) Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, as well as some of the Staff Unions, in particular, have
Soura, Srinagar (State Govt. Institute); been received in the last four years about their
(22) Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Manipur, unhappiness over this decision. Some sections of our
Imphal (State Govt. Institute); staff have demanded that India Post should revert to
(23) Civil Hospital, Aizawal, Mizoram (State Govt. the Khaki uniform with improved fabric which would
Institute); meet the requirements of creating a positive brand
(24) Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate institute of image of the Department in the eyes of the public and
Medical Sciences, Lucknow (State Govt. also make our officials comfortable while wearing the
Institute) ; and new uniform. Secretary (P) has desired that this issue
(25) Government Arignar Anna Memorial Cancer Hospital, needs broad consultations with the Heads of Circles
Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu (State Govt. Institute). as well all the Staff Unions. Accordingly, I request you
4. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has (Contd. on page 30)